DDG - WHY/ARGUMENTS PT. 2 (Official Music Video)


  1. Tosho Ghariokwu

    Tosho Ghariokwu8 giờ trước

    lovely jam!!! felt it

  2. April Flowers

    April Flowers10 giờ trước

    Y’all Cute Asf Together I Can’t Even Cap 😍

  3. india dalton

    india dalton11 giờ trước

    This music video is not it.

  4. Skxill

    Skxill11 giờ trước

    honestly bro ur my inspiration 😓🖤

  5. TTA TV

    TTA TV12 giờ trước

    This hit different when you going through something. That’s why my last video was heart touching.

  6. Keyno Into everything

    Keyno Into everything16 giờ trước

    What’s up DDG this Keyno showing love from the yak when ever you got time pop at me fr my kids go to your old school you was up there some weeks ago they ain’t stop talking about it I told them you was from here they ain’t believe me until they seen you in person keep up the good work fam #Pontiac

  7. Keilah Bell

    Keilah Bell17 giờ trước

    The song was so sad and it really touch me to the soul I am a huge fan .

  8. Gabriela Mize

    Gabriela Mize18 giờ trước

    Perfect timing 🖤

  9. Reign Goodwin

    Reign Goodwin18 giờ trước

    DDG with them big ass feet

  10. luv Abel

    luv Abel19 giờ trước

    this fire

  11. Diamonique J

    Diamonique J20 giờ trước



    MOLO UNTAMED20 giờ trước

    You need to put this on world star this needs to blow up

  13. Khiya King

    Khiya King21 giờ trước

    Hook could have been better way better but he knows that so......

  14. lilyrrrose

    lilyrrrose21 giờ trước

    im sorry but when she got hit by the car i laughed so hard

  15. KellZ music Productionz

    KellZ music Productionz22 giờ trước

    This song is ass like if u agree

  16. Wealthy Boyz

    Wealthy Boyz22 giờ trước


  17. Yamhel Turbay

    Yamhel Turbay23 giờ trước

    I really hope this song blow up

  18. Shekinah Gilbert

    Shekinah Gilbert23 giờ trước

    BOUT MFER TIME !!!!!!!!

  19. Aliyah Janay

    Aliyah Janay23 giờ trước

    Tuffiest song he made I Fw this 💯


    MACC DA VEE BURNERNgày trước


  21. Diamond M.

    Diamond M.Ngày trước

    This one hit kinda different... idk why I’m crying

  22. Anmar Yono

    Anmar YonoNgày trước

    Look I play with you fortnight random duos

  23. Stephanie Langston

    Stephanie LangstonNgày trước

    This my shit man ❤️😩

  24. emily

    emilyNgày trước

    i wish them nothing but happiness and hope that one day they start a family ❤️

  25. Bridget Brooke

    Bridget BrookeNgày trước

    Should have put queen on this mfff😩

  26. Itz Lynnz

    Itz LynnzNgày trước

    This brought me to tears ;-;

  27. three hearts

    three heartsNgày trước

    This viedo was amazing it hit my soul :/

  28. J2 Beauty

    J2 BeautyNgày trước

    I loveee this song!

  29. Adore Ray

    Adore RayNgày trước


  30. Uzoma Peterside

    Uzoma PetersideNgày trước


  31. Elvis Otieno

    Elvis OtienoNgày trước

    WY you ugat be like that

  32. Imjaysca

    ImjayscaNgày trước

    Favourite song I keep coming back 🔥🔥🔥🧡

  33. Tricko Treat

    Tricko TreatNgày trước

    This was really really nice. Noticed as you grow so does your work keep pushing it could only get better

  34. team Vanity

    team VanityNgày trước


  35. Jemone Leith

    Jemone LeithNgày trước


  36. Tjmottoisa

    TjmottoisaNgày trước

    i love this song to why you have to be like that and then knock my girl out for good

  37. ShawntreezyBreezy

    ShawntreezyBreezyNgày trước


  38. Silvia Freitas

    Silvia FreitasNgày trước

    I was not expecting this😭

  39. Ed King

    Ed KingNgày trước

    This song is proof ya'll algorithms is all bull shit VIreporter is way off ya'll I almost jacked my phone when I hears this voice box cuz I can't sing bull shit.

  40. Chrishunda Taylor

    Chrishunda TaylorNgày trước

    Ok ddg you did this

  41. Tara B

    Tara BNgày trước

    U the best DDG ❤️❤️

  42. MrACG

    MrACGNgày trước

    woah! first time listening to you properly, let's collab on a music and video bro! @DDG

  43. BIG dawg

    BIG dawgNgày trước

    Should of just stuck with the first one bro now I cant even listen to that one the same since you made this dumb ass shit

  44. Amin Husein

    Amin HuseinNgày trước

    this is so dodo no cap booma

  45. lopot lydia

    lopot lydiaNgày trước

    This shit is good, i have wateched it two all days long

  46. UnCasualT Tv

    UnCasualT TvNgày trước

    I’m addicted to this song, can’t even lie

  47. Isaiah Icy

    Isaiah IcyNgày trước

    I just realized who's grave is that??😐

  48. Zachary Mayhew

    Zachary MayhewNgày trước

    Shii DDG that shii went hard💯, fucks with the message and visuals🤟🏼

  49. Junior Duntin

    Junior DuntinNgày trước

    Bbq sauce on her hand

  50. Reem Sos

    Reem SosNgày trước

    Hurd you drake

  51. It’s pretty Pre 3x

    It’s pretty Pre 3xNgày trước

    He inlove 😍😍😩🤞🏽

  52. It’s pretty Pre 3x

    It’s pretty Pre 3xNgày trước

    Period’T fuck😍😍😍!!!

  53. The Corbin Twins

    The Corbin TwinsNgày trước

    set playback speed to .75 thank me later

  54. Heav & Nisha

    Heav & NishaNgày trước

    DOPE !!

  55. Tyrese Thomas

    Tyrese ThomasNgày trước

    killed it DDG

  56. Taehyung Kirito

    Taehyung KiritoNgày trước

    Your message in this song will be well known💯❤️

  57. Tim Morris

    Tim MorrisNgày trước

    This dope music video and amazing song

  58. LifeAs Eddiee Tyrell

    LifeAs Eddiee TyrellNgày trước

    Hey I’m a Upcoming VIreporterr Subscribe to my channel

  59. Nito Shadow

    Nito ShadowNgày trước

    you gotta do a track wit jay gwaupo I feel like its a good fit

  60. YoungDean tiger

    YoungDean tigerNgày trước

    I wish to see u bro one day and I like your effort and God bless u bro