Deadly Puff Adder!


  1. John Delange

    John Delange3 giờ trước

    P.S....puff adder. ....bitis arietans. berg adder ...bitis atropus atropus

  2. John Delange

    John Delange4 giờ trước

    just saw this clip today .snake is actually a berg adder.they don't get much bigger .puff adders do.I used to live in SOUTH AFRICA and have seen several berg adders and puff adders .also the color of the berg adder is different to the puff adder.berg means mountain in afikaans .a language in south Africa.the berg adder is found in mountain areas hence the name .cool clip anyway

  3. Jurassic Games

    Jurassic Games5 giờ trước

    Baviaanskloof is from my country easy to pronounce😂 (Dutch) Baviaan (is a monkey species) Kloof (gap)

  4. Daniel Ross

    Daniel RossNgày trước

    6:52 what about black mambas?

  5. Nina Catherine

    Nina CatherineNgày trước

    Will you ever do a video on the cape cobra, i know they are very dangerous but it would be cool to learn more about them!

  6. Charna Riley

    Charna Riley4 ngày trước

    And I think I’m brave when I kill a spider in my house...but I do love snakes. :3

  7. Graceygamer0xx

    Graceygamer0xx4 ngày trước

    Mario be trippin' with his driving skills


    GUSTTAVO AARON5 ngày trước

    Coyates bald?😨

  9. ShiningLeopard27

    ShiningLeopard275 ngày trước

    The beginning reminds me of that one scene from uncharted 4

  10. Josue Zelaya

    Josue Zelaya6 ngày trước

    Legend says his dad was. CHUCK NORRIS

  11. Hallie Kyle

    Hallie Kyle7 ngày trước


  12. Adam Zlupkowa

    Adam Zlupkowa7 ngày trước

    i can see how much you can take stings huh well try the infimus polish hornet they have bad stings

  13. Gabe Zuber

    Gabe Zuber8 ngày trước

    Does anyone notice his voice is different

  14. Astul Mejia

    Astul Mejia9 ngày trước


  15. Farindisco

    Farindisco9 ngày trước

    Is he congested?

  16. Glywnnis Wells

    Glywnnis Wells9 ngày trước

    umm ive been attacked by a puff it is a viscious animal

  17. Ninde Luxx

    Ninde Luxx10 ngày trước

    That’s a really cuuute size 😂😍

  18. Mark Shaw

    Mark Shaw10 ngày trước

    Not the most dangerous snake us South Africa....not even close....boomsland, black mamba, gabooon viper.....puff adder is toxic yes but certainly not one of the most toxic in South Africa.....the presenter is getting confused with eastern cape and South Africa.....the Eastern Cape is but a province of South Africa

  19. AB Viper

    AB Viper11 ngày trước

    Is the black mamaba not more deadly ?

  20. Zara Wilkinson

    Zara Wilkinson13 ngày trước

    I am in cornwall will they attack me anyway or not and do they live in sandews

  21. Ambipie

    Ambipie13 ngày trước

    You know its a dangerous beast when Coyote wont take a bite from the babiest of baby adders.

  22. harima masaki

    harima masaki14 ngày trước

    Whoa its eyes are so cool

  23. British Buffoon

    British Buffoon15 ngày trước

    I'm pretty sure there are only 3 types of snakes in the UK and that only the Adder is venomous. I'm sad that there aren't many snakes or reptiles in the UK.

  24. lunch box

    lunch box16 ngày trước

    I'm going to do this someday

  25. Harhar Davdav

    Harhar Davdav16 ngày trước

    Pleas come to Louisiana I need it terribly

  26. Willett6945

    Willett694516 ngày trước

    Am I the only one who hoped that snake would crap in his hat?

  27. SlenderWolf109

    SlenderWolf10917 ngày trước

    the way he said super cute made my heart happy

  28. Zorthas H

    Zorthas H17 ngày trước

    3:54 "Whoop"

  29. How To Make Money

    How To Make Money18 ngày trước

    Do one one the king snake

  30. RaZe Weebug

    RaZe Weebug18 ngày trước

    So he think they are the first people ever there, yet they drive to the location on MAN MADE roads. 🤨

  31. The_Mitch_28

    The_Mitch_2818 ngày trước

    "It's well over one hundred degrees out here." So let's wear three shirts. Sure.

  32. Ali -A

    Ali -A19 ngày trước

    Was his voice different at the start of the video ?

  33. luc lachapelle

    luc lachapelle19 ngày trước

    Seemed like you got a bit dangerously close to the snake in this episode. When you picked up the rock you laid it on i was fully puckered

  34. devon plymouth

    devon plymouth19 ngày trước

    coyote: “virtually untouched by man” also coyote: “its free real estate”

  35. Tyler Kurowski

    Tyler Kurowski20 ngày trước

    I remember when you were at 300k I've been watching for that long

  36. LostInTheSauce

    LostInTheSauce20 ngày trước

    Untouched by man for a century. Proceeds to drive a Jeep through it

  37. Abdul 7 jr

    Abdul 7 jr20 ngày trước

    Whats if he met lion on his way

  38. Lil Ghost

    Lil Ghost20 ngày trước

    Dude has bigger balls than my mom

  39. Water Mash

    Water Mash21 ngày trước

    try find a Bobit worm / sand sticker

  40. Lil Pump

    Lil Pump22 ngày trước

    Don't do it if is eager brave wilderness

  41. Lil Pump

    Lil Pump22 ngày trước


  42. Olivia Luke

    Olivia Luke22 ngày trước

    Do a cornsnake

  43. ricxwtf

    ricxwtf22 ngày trước

    One of my favorite snake 😍😍

  44. Tony Choo

    Tony Choo22 ngày trước

    try to find a cobra pleasssssse

  45. Tony Choo

    Tony Choo22 ngày trước

    try to find a cobra pleasssssse

  46. Tony Choo

    Tony Choo22 ngày trước

    try to find a cobra pleasssssse

  47. Nathan Hager

    Nathan Hager22 ngày trước

    “You don’t need to be afraid of this snake!” 5 seconds later “This is one of the most dangerous snakes...”

  48. DryTaste

    DryTaste22 ngày trước

    The way you pronounced baviaanskloof lmao

  49. Crested Saguaro

    Crested Saguaro22 ngày trước

    That Puff Adder has a beautiful pattern! 🐍

  50. Hannah Shaw

    Hannah Shaw22 ngày trước

    Can I just say that I love how much he cares for the animals? He makes sure they don't keep the snake in the hot sun and never tries to make them strike for the camera. He is always so aware of how stressed the animal is becoming and backs of right away. What a great guy!

  51. Gavin Dondzila

    Gavin Dondzila23 ngày trước

    Could try to catch an Arabia sand boa?

  52. Run Away Kid In The Dark

    Run Away Kid In The Dark23 ngày trước

    Such a beautiful snake. I'm so in love with snakes like that😍

  53. Jason Irelan

    Jason Irelan23 ngày trước

    If you flick one of those snakes in the face, I'll give you a dollar.

  54. Megan101 Beauty

    Megan101 Beauty23 ngày trước

    Has anyone noticed that his eyes are gorgeous ❤️❤️

  55. Cecilia Fynn

    Cecilia Fynn24 ngày trước

    I live in South Africa🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  56. Thepefect Unicorn

    Thepefect Unicorn24 ngày trước

    This vid was made 2 day after my b-day

  57. John Kiesznowski

    John Kiesznowski25 ngày trước

    I know you know what you're doing but then again so did Steve Irwin

  58. Leogec Herps

    Leogec Herps26 ngày trước

    The adder whas very calm

  59. MikeCheck123

    MikeCheck12327 ngày trước

    Can we talk about how he lifted the rock right where the snake was? Could have easily been bitten on the hand

  60. Ohio Against The World

    Ohio Against The World27 ngày trước

    I say screw any snake whose scientific name begins with "bitis."

  61. Reaper

    Reaper27 ngày trước

    you dont need to fear it its only one of the most dangerous species in south africa

  62. Dominik Kuharić

    Dominik Kuharić27 ngày trước

    Good words of encouragement.

  63. Bee Bee

    Bee Bee27 ngày trước

    U sound different

  64. Jonathan Coreas

    Jonathan Coreas27 ngày trước

    Bee Bee this video came out 3 months ago what do u think

  65. Edrich louw

    Edrich louw27 ngày trước

    We had a 90cm one next to our house in the north west a while back. Funny enough, when we visited natal the snake experts and farmers mostly said the puff adder is way scarier and most dangerous but when we where close to Sabie (close to the Kruger) they feared the mambas more. in the north west i found people fear the Rinkals more(a type of spitting cobra). i also remember a guide once telling us that when on a hike its best to walk in front because only the guy in the back will ever see a puff adder.

  66. Gunky Monkey 2.0

    Gunky Monkey 2.028 ngày trước

    Is he sick

  67. Jonathan Coreas

    Jonathan Coreas27 ngày trước

    Gunky Monkey this was 3 months ago

  68. Gunky Monkey 2.0

    Gunky Monkey 2.028 ngày trước

    When I think of Africa I think of black people

  69. Ohio Against The World

    Ohio Against The World27 ngày trước

    that's truly miraculous.

  70. Jamey Dennis

    Jamey Dennis28 ngày trước

    Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope!!! I have NO desire to get that close to a snake. Cyote, you are INSANE. Please, don't get hurt doing this. Love you!!💕

  71. Alex Barb

    Alex Barb28 ngày trước

    Am a big fa and I so a paithen on mai solder

  72. Alex Barb

    Alex Barb28 ngày trước

    I am Seth Afrikaner am go tumoro

  73. Mary Jackson

    Mary Jackson28 ngày trước

    Idk why but I tried matching my breathing patterns with the snake...

  74. AnnettePlays Adventures

    AnnettePlays Adventures28 ngày trước

    OMG I think I’m late...and my dad probably won’t buy me a ticket, but you are coming to where I live 😄 I really want to see you in Chicago!!!

  75. ?Anonymous Animations?

    ?Anonymous Animations?28 ngày trước

    tiny nope rope

  76. Dominik Kuharić

    Dominik Kuharić27 ngày trước

    For real a nope rope.

  77. Adam Sheppard

    Adam Sheppard28 ngày trước

    My best friend is called Ada.

  78. Pikatonian Animations - East

    Pikatonian Animations - East29 ngày trước

    Why are they called Adders? Can they add?

  79. Pikatonian Animations - East

    Pikatonian Animations - East26 ngày trước

    many snakes can do that though.

  80. Dominik Kuharić

    Dominik Kuharić27 ngày trước

    Yes they can add a lot of venom to your arteries. :)

  81. Keira Gee

    Keira GeeTháng trước

    It really is formed

  82. Adrian H

    Adrian HTháng trước

    I had a dream one of these bit me and I died

  83. Dominik Kuharić

    Dominik Kuharić27 ngày trước

    Yet you're alive :)

  84. Dawson Neufeld

    Dawson NeufeldTháng trước

    20 million

  85. Johanna Andreani

    Johanna AndreaniTháng trước

    You should go look for African fat-tail geckos Cyote

  86. Dicky boi 123456

    Dicky boi 123456Tháng trước

    Lift the rock with your snake hook, ive taken copperhead bites and scorpion stings to my hands and fingers from lifting and flipping with my hands. It took way too many injuries for me to learn. I don’t want the same thing to happen to my favorite VIreporterr

  87. Rico Baca

    Rico BacaTháng trước

    shouldn't some African tribal people be hunting yall

  88. Lori Sweet

    Lori SweetTháng trước

    Do a aniconda.

  89. Charlus J_S

    Charlus J_STháng trước

    You should go to the limpopo and gauteng, to the highvield

  90. ToXc Retro

    ToXc RetroTháng trước

    Ur voice sounded weird

  91. wetarded1

    wetarded1Tháng trước

    Did the south African sun burn his hair off?

  92. Rylen Wetzel

    Rylen WetzelTháng trước

    You are awesome

  93. 4 GANG Productions

    4 GANG ProductionsTháng trước

    Why the hell don't u have a gun

  94. Duncan Hattingh

    Duncan HattinghTháng trước

    And here I thought you were going to let one bite you ;)

  95. Macayla Todd

    Macayla ToddTháng trước

    Why is this snake adsorbable 😯

  96. keiti

    keitiTháng trước

    *puffy noodle*

  97. Bandito

    BanditoTháng trước

    coyote has balls of steel because the adders are f****** dangerous and especially the death adder

  98. FNN Aurthor

    FNN AurthorTháng trước


  99. toadette puppo

    toadette puppoTháng trước

    You look like vsauce

  100. Gabe LeBlanc

    Gabe LeBlancTháng trước

    Coyote your going to need a smaller snake hook 😂😂😉

  101. Boi

    BoiTháng trước

    coyote low key looks like vsauce without his hat on

  102. AtarahDerek

    AtarahDerekTháng trước

    Itty bitty Bitis! Also, that's a girl. Her tail is way too short to be a boy. And I love her gold eyes. Very pretty.

  103. Leland Sanders

    Leland SandersTháng trước

    He sounds sick

  104. Raza Racoon

    Raza RacoonTháng trước

    Im never going to south africa😓

  105. Pat Patterson

    Pat PattersonTháng trước

    Beautiful snake!

  106. Taha Merhi

    Taha MerhiTháng trước

    Now this is not a species you have to be afraid of. 20 secs later he says its the second most dangerous species after the cave cobra.

  107. Pepefy

    PepefyTháng trước


  108. Nunja noob

    Nunja noobTháng trước

    I live in iceland