Deadly Puff Adder!


  1. Megan Malmstedt

    Megan Malmstedt13 giờ trước

    Hey Coyote, can you please do a video on the inland taipan? I find them interesting and think you would too.

  2. Deejus96

    Deejus9616 giờ trước

    Catch the Kraken!

  3. Random Videos PH

    Random Videos PHNgày trước

    Is he breathing heavily?

  4. Shay Lyrics

    Shay LyricsNgày trước

    Looks like it's related to rattlesnakes

  5. Alex Awesome

    Alex AwesomeNgày trước

    I’m glad he doesn’t kill the snake

  6. Paratype

    ParatypeNgày trước


  7. Smalls the Timelord

    Smalls the TimelordNgày trước


  8. Colby Bogue

    Colby Bogue2 ngày trước

    I love snakes

  9. Rosemary Hall

    Rosemary Hall2 ngày trước

    Smol puff boy

  10. GoofyHamburgers

    GoofyHamburgers3 ngày trước

    Ayyyyy I live in South Africa (Cape Town, so I don't really see snakes)

  11. TamableJaguar63

    TamableJaguar633 ngày trước

    Almost 11M

  12. xI-RayzorJet-Ix

    xI-RayzorJet-Ix3 ngày trước

    Thats a beautiful snake i love snakes :P

  13. I am Coast2coastLoud

    I am Coast2coastLoud3 ngày trước

    When I think of South Africa I think about how nice it use to be and how soon it’ll be a shithole just like Zimbabwe. These poor white farmers are being killed and the government does nothing. Look up the Farmland murders people!!! Who cares about the snake when whites are being tortured there and nobody cares

  14. Victor Huerta

    Victor Huerta3 ngày trước

    The Puff Adder is one of my favorite snakes! Along with the Gaboon Viper!

  15. Brian Landers

    Brian Landers3 ngày trước

    That's one beautiful snake, I wouldn't have had it that close to my face. Being in the wilderness, you have to be careful, if he would've been invenomated, there's a strong possibility he wouldn't have lived, being so far from a hospital.

  16. Terence Outlaw

    Terence Outlaw3 ngày trước

    It look like a rattlesnake.

  17. Nicole Fischer

    Nicole Fischer3 ngày trước

    Aww a couple of weeks old, wow that's cool. Beautiful snake.

  18. Kiran Reddy

    Kiran Reddy3 ngày trước

    Dude your videos are very informative and difficult to make notes

  19. DronZizzle

    DronZizzle4 ngày trước

    8:25 fucc i didn't realize they could move their eyes

  20. Matt Rubin

    Matt Rubin4 ngày trước

    I live in South Africa, and I was nearly bitten by a massive puff added a few years ago, came super close

  21. Robert Mcnally

    Robert Mcnally4 ngày trước

    Is that snake venomous

  22. Cauy King

    Cauy King4 ngày trước

    Instead of "There's a snake in my boot" Its "There's a snake in my hat" 💀

  23. Kierstyn VanCleave

    Kierstyn VanCleave4 ngày trước

    Is he losing his voice?

  24. Arnica Stanley

    Arnica Stanley4 ngày trước

    I have been bitten by 100 ants

  25. Arnica Stanley

    Arnica Stanley4 ngày trước

    I live in the bosh 🐨🐨🐨🐨🐨🕷🕷🕷

  26. Victoria Raney

    Victoria Raney4 ngày trước

    Really cool.

  27. Mehmet Ali Dur

    Mehmet Ali Dur5 ngày trước

    götün yemedi demi orrrrosu çocuğu

  28. ryan kye

    ryan kye5 ngày trước

    "Nothing to be afraid of, well camouflaged, walk right by & never know it's there" ..... WELL THATS THE PROBLEM! 😂😂😂

  29. Absolute ZerØ

    Absolute ZerØ5 ngày trước

    That is the cousin of the Death adder..........

  30. Funny Falls

    Funny Falls5 ngày trước


  31. The Peppery Boat.

    The Peppery Boat.6 ngày trước

    Love how they all wore pants.

  32. Elmadafacker

    Elmadafacker6 ngày trước

    This has to be scripted. They either new the locations of the snake or def placed it under the rock then started recording @ 3:25 because who in their right mind sticks their bare hands under rocks looking for venomous snakes

  33. outbackeddie

    outbackeddie6 ngày trước

    When it was coiled up on the rock would have been a good time to shoot it.

  34. Lulu Leah

    Lulu Leah6 ngày trước

    Which is why I don't like traveling

  35. Omia Chevli

    Omia Chevli6 ngày trước

    That thumbnail could be the difference between life and death.

  36. Joseph Stamatz

    Joseph Stamatz6 ngày trước

    That snake was chill

  37. RussNo1

    RussNo17 ngày trước

    Did you know the camera can zoom in without having to pick the deadly snake up?

  38. Eric Radcliff

    Eric Radcliff7 ngày trước

    Coyote: This snake is venomous, but you shouldn't be afraid of it!

  39. Desiree Pena

    Desiree Pena7 ngày trước

    I love how u say mostly every animal is beautiful ❤️❤️

  40. Desiree Pena

    Desiree Pena7 ngày trước

    Where ever u go to it looks so so hot😩😢😫😓😓😓😰😥😰

  41. G Shaikh

    G Shaikh7 ngày trước


  42. Gem State Anglers

    Gem State Anglers7 ngày trước

    When I think south africa I think gang attacks against white farmers

  43. Yveltal_Gal

    Yveltal_Gal7 ngày trước

    Coyote sounds sick ;-;

  44. De'Angelo Blount

    De'Angelo Blount8 ngày trước

    Coyote have you ever got bitten by a snake when you were little

  45. Wild Taurus3

    Wild Taurus38 ngày trước

    That is the cutest snake I’ve ever seen! I wanna kiss it! Actually...never mind 😐

  46. RetroCNY

    RetroCNY8 ngày trước

    Man, in the middle of south africa and your crew are wearing long sleeve shirts, black tee-shirts, etc. Jeeez they must've been getting over heated.

  47. Michelle Ramirez

    Michelle Ramirez9 ngày trước

    he sounds like he has a stuffy nose!

  48. Will Baska

    Will Baska9 ngày trước

    I'm just like you although I never really look hard for snakes and animals, I am always keeping an eye out for where they could be. The only venemous snake I had an encounter with was a massassauga rattler.

  49. Toast

    Toast9 ngày trước

    3:25 is where you will find the Snake because that’s probably what you all came for

  50. Jdfivetwo Dfivetwo

    Jdfivetwo Dfivetwo10 ngày trước

    Come on Coyote tell us what the bite feels like lol

  51. Dexter

    Dexter10 ngày trước

    I live in the western cape wish i could meet you

  52. Charlie Jeakins

    Charlie Jeakins11 ngày trước

    When are you going to England if you do I live there and I'm a fan 37 kingsmandrive

  53. Sergeant Pugsly

    Sergeant Pugsly11 ngày trước

    Puff adder might be my favorite snake

  54. Wither

    Wither11 ngày trước

    puffy danger noodle

  55. speed training

    speed training11 ngày trước

    Climb table mountain

  56. Wicked Gaming

    Wicked Gaming11 ngày trước


  57. Kareem Dahrouge

    Kareem Dahrouge11 ngày trước

    is it just me or did coyote sound a bit sick if u are however hope you feel better

  58. 4-H Chickens

    4-H Chickens11 ngày trước

    Why it the driving wheel on the Opposite way

  59. Hormesis 29

    Hormesis 2911 ngày trước

    Louisiana is not that different

  60. John-117

    John-11711 ngày trước

    Down voted for promoting South Africa.

  61. wafflewulfie

    wafflewulfie11 ngày trước

    so cute, but i wouldn't put it that close to my face lol

  62. Andrew Kelm

    Andrew Kelm11 ngày trước


  63. Marcky Da Saint

    Marcky Da Saint11 ngày trước

    I think Puff Adders have some kind of record. The largest venomous snake (Weight), longest fangs or inject the largest amount of venom?

  64. verdon bence

    verdon bence12 ngày trước

    I live there in South Africa

  65. Imagine Miles

    Imagine Miles12 ngày trước

    Who else saw that cricket

  66. Ryan Ridgely

    Ryan Ridgely12 ngày trước

    love you channel you are a god stay brave chonte

  67. Ryan Ridgely

    Ryan Ridgely12 ngày trước

    a su dude ]

  68. Gatforne

    Gatforne12 ngày trước

    Am I the only one who thinks he sounds different

  69. Lilian Campos

    Lilian Campos12 ngày trước

    can u get sunburn on your vid

  70. Akwi Tanwi

    Akwi Tanwi13 ngày trước

    Is it me or did his voice sound off🤔🤔

  71. Yvette Hunley

    Yvette Hunley13 ngày trước

    I hate snakes I kill every one of those surpins I see.!

  72. Pixel Dragon

    Pixel Dragon13 ngày trước

    Is it me or does he sound strange.

  73. Austin Manhart

    Austin Manhart13 ngày trước

    can you do a video with a copperhead?!

  74. leen bilbeisi

    leen bilbeisi13 ngày trước

    I ❤️🐍

  75. Cartoon Freak

    Cartoon Freak13 ngày trước

    I want a spooky noodle :(

  76. Jaxon Miners81

    Jaxon Miners8114 ngày trước

    You should get stung by a giant Amazonian ant

  77. Jessica Cossey

    Jessica Cossey14 ngày trước

    You are so cool

  78. BlobbyGamer

    BlobbyGamer14 ngày trước

    Wow u were in my country and I didn't know

  79. Tom 2142

    Tom 214213 ngày trước

    BlobbyGamer you ever see this snake?

  80. Stefan Du Plessis

    Stefan Du Plessis14 ngày trước

    I live in shout Africa 💪



    Kill it

  82. Megan C

    Megan C14 ngày trước

    Awesome! I’m doing a project on this area and I have to draw cool animals on it, and I’ll definitely add this snake, it’s super awesome!

  83. Kelton Carter E

    Kelton Carter E15 ngày trước

    Find a cheeta

  84. Hope Dreemurr

    Hope Dreemurr15 ngày trước

    You take too many risks. I jump whenever the snake moves.

  85. Doeheart !

    Doeheart !15 ngày trước

    Your crazy

  86. Shiba Inu Kaito

    Shiba Inu Kaito15 ngày trước

    Do an episode of Mamushi in Japan!

  87. Alejandro Mendoza

    Alejandro Mendoza15 ngày trước

    One T H I C C boi

  88. jongky tjahjadi

    jongky tjahjadi15 ngày trước

    theres a animal that exsis before the dinosaur not a worm a water animal i think you can buy it on amazon i think sorry if its wrong

  89. Freedom Anderson

    Freedom AndersonNgày trước


  90. WesleyAPEX

    WesleyAPEX15 ngày trước

    Coyote has a raspy voice in this one

  91. Dustin Boddeker

    Dustin Boddeker15 ngày trước

    Came looking to enter the bite zone, thought "damn dudes finally lost it in the hunt for views" lol

  92. Laura De Ravet

    Laura De Ravet16 ngày trước

    I like snakes and this snake is adorable ❤️❤️

  93. 21Sneaky

    21Sneaky16 ngày trước

    Damn they found a wild Kevin Durant. Ain’t that somethin.

  94. Chase Pearson

    Chase Pearson16 ngày trước

    Please do one of your live shows in Louisiana...I would so come.

  95. Moghty Boar

    Moghty Boar16 ngày trước

    nice rock btw.

  96. otepmeimban

    otepmeimban16 ngày trước

    No entering the bite zone 🤣🤣 JK pls dont ever ever ever

  97. Predator G

    Predator G17 ngày trước

    How many times have you lost a drone

  98. ExcessGryphon

    ExcessGryphon17 ngày trước

    Rock after rock after Dwayne Johnson, then finally... KEVIN HART

  99. Im_That_Monk

    Im_That_Monk17 ngày trước

    Wtf is up with ya voice lmao

  100. Meckenzie Somers

    Meckenzie Somers17 ngày trước

    Come round to my hiuse

  101. Bea

    Bea17 ngày trước

    Deadly Puff Adder? More like Adorable Puff Snoot

  102. Adri Brink

    Adri Brink17 ngày trước

    I live in SA