Deadly Puff Adder!


  1. Forrest Robles

    Forrest RoblesGiờ trước

    He's so gentle with that cute little sausage noodle

  2. LycanDeMorte

    LycanDeMorte11 giờ trước

    I know I'm a lil late but you guys should come back to SA around the rainy season before the summer, and also check the north and east of the country out, you might be pleasantly surprised by all the critters you come into contact with and there's less of a chance of you getting boiled alive in the sun

  3. Keegan Harrison

    Keegan Harrison15 giờ trước

    Really silly, especially those fingers near the edge. South African and see them more than once a week, being close is alright because they won't chase u, but getting close will lose u some fingers or a leg.



    Hoped he pood in in it

  5. Raghav Saptarsh

    Raghav SaptarshNgày trước

    I like your energy

  6. Luna Stone

    Luna Stone2 ngày trước

    Mettalic eyes?!

  7. J.A.M

    J.A.M6 ngày trước

    “Cryptic” pattern.... 🤣🤣🤣... yeah... cryptic 😉👍🏼

  8. michael johansson

    michael johansson6 ngày trước

    Such a beuty

  9. Marlon Condous

    Marlon Condous7 ngày trước

    Breaks an arm, Mark: u ok?

  10. God king Kush

    God king Kush8 ngày trước

    awwhhh man i thought he was going to let it bite him :(

  11. ao el

    ao el9 ngày trước

    Hey guys my gosh darned phone cable doesn't stay in the plug on on the phone anymore. It just slips right out. Can anyone help and tell me what to do here!!!!???

  12. Sascha Polkey

    Sascha Polkey9 ngày trước

    I live in south afica

  13. equesdeventusoccasus

    equesdeventusoccasus9 ngày trước

    At 6:30 the adder's head is viewed from the top and there's a blue spot between its eyes. Is this a pineal gland?

  14. Nova Caldera

    Nova Caldera10 ngày trước

    Your information is NOT true.....the Black Mamba is the deadliest snake in South Africa. Yes it might not be biting more people because of less interaction, but the mamba family (inclusive of the less feisty green mamba) is still the deadliest, then the Cape Cobra...and then the Puff that order!

  15. Major Woody

    Major Woody11 ngày trước

    You should shoot in 120fps.. would look awesome...

  16. Big Poppa Pump

    Big Poppa Pump11 ngày trước

    U r awesome that snake was a beauty.

  17. Zaakir Alli

    Zaakir Alli11 ngày trước

    my country😍

  18. Brian Peddicord

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  19. Beun007

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  20. ninjabluewings

    ninjabluewings12 ngày trước

    What a very pretty and also deadly snake that is and i love it's latin name "Bitis Arietans" it should be "Biteus Alotus"

  21. Brad Sartor

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  22. Luke Faucheux

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  23. Luke Faucheux

    Luke Faucheux13 ngày trước

    5:51 cross eyed

  24. BANGTAN army

    BANGTAN army14 ngày trước

    Idk why we don't say it but Mario is a hot dude guys

  25. Reghardt du Plessis

    Reghardt du Plessis14 ngày trước

    I live in South Africa

  26. I AM

    I AM14 ngày trước

    Coyote P. You're the best..........God I'm glad there are people like you....being older and retired with a modest living, I spend a lot of time in front of my PC monitor which is a 40" 4k TV.... I love animals and nature......Please don't let happen to yourself what happened to Steve Erwin...that would break my heart all over again. Thank you so much for all of your great work.

  27. Sias Courtade

    Sias Courtade15 ngày trước

    You should go to Gabon and that area they have gaboon vipers and they are amazing (I know I have a skin off one

  28. Greggory

    Greggory15 ngày trước

    This is why I never flip rocks or sit in logs, since I find snakes and crawly things there so often.

  29. don

    don16 ngày trước

    I use them as my computer mouse. Death Adders are great!

  30. bengifolyf

    bengifolyf16 ngày trước

    Skip to 3:27 if you came just for the snake

  31. Charl Barkhuizen

    Charl Barkhuizen16 ngày trước

    Howzit! 😆. Love your show! Grew up and still living in the Eastern Cape😎. The night adder has a more amazing camouflage pattern, should definitely try and find one of those to show the viewers. Mamba is much more dangerous, due to its aggressive nature when threatened, potent nerve venom, and ability to inject massive amounts in a single bite, but it's pretty rare. The most toxic snake in SA is maybe the Boomslang, and despite not being as rare as the mamba, is not nearly as aggressive. Cape Cobra, Rinkhals, Night Adder and Puff Adder are VERY common, even in heavily built areas, mostly due to the abundance of rats and frogs. Rinkhals and Cobra are spitters. Sadly, people kill them off as fast as possible, as soon as they are encountered. Mark Marshall is trying to change that. Next time you are here, please contact Mark Marshall of Sandula. He is our resident reptile/amphibian expert, awareness raiser and remover. 😆 He has a collection of snakes he uses for shows to raise awareness and train people how to handle being bitten etc. PS: Pretty please start wearing thick gloves when u flip over stuff, looking for the next star, and boots that go up well over your ankles. That puffadder was a juvenile, and the small ones inject way more venom in than adults do. You'll lose a hand or arm, or end up dead, thinking you'd get to PE, Port Alfred or East Londen in time. Gotten a bit over confident - it might come back to bite you😈.

  32. liam hughes

    liam hughes17 ngày trước

    You can get the black mamba in South Africa😂😂😂

  33. RodBendingTechnology

    RodBendingTechnology17 ngày trước

    the longer you've been doing this channel the more careless you've become, keep picking up puff adders on rocks and sooner or later you'll have an accident

  34. Suzie Q

    Suzie Q17 ngày trước

    Nee man😂 Hoekom speel hy met n pof adder😂 death wish much? ( oh and it's always this hot)

  35. KrazyKiwi

    KrazyKiwi18 ngày trước

    Since I started watching you a couple of years ago, you've really improved on your information on animals. I remember you making a few mistakes. But now, you hardly make any at all. The Ocelot was one of em!

  36. Dee Dish

    Dee Dish18 ngày trước

    Hahahaha! I spent 19 years milking male puffs that were on average 26 pounds with 2.5 inch fangs.

  37. Random Artist

    Random Artist18 ngày trước

    They remind me of ViperKeeper from VIreporter

  38. Gina Scolaro

    Gina Scolaro18 ngày trước

    I need you to get a alagater

  39. Magpie Randoms

    Magpie Randoms18 ngày trước

    Why is something so cute so dangerous?

  40. Princess Luna

    Princess Luna19 ngày trước

    Below this video 'Less Deadly Tuff Adder' and it shows steroids.

  41. Michael James

    Michael James20 ngày trước

    Next steve irwin


    GINA OTIS20 ngày trước

    Get bit by rattling snake

  43. asoom

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    he will die

  44. TheDerangedPengu

    TheDerangedPengu23 ngày trước

    coyote sounds sick

  45. Doug Zembiec

    Doug Zembiec23 ngày trước

    The black mamba is the most dangerous snake in South Africa.... Hands down no questions.....

  46. Sandra Guo

    Sandra Guo24 ngày trước

    is it only me that's asking why the steering wheel is on the right instead of left

  47. Daniel Pearcy

    Daniel Pearcy24 ngày trước

    That would've been funny if it got you in the hand as you imitated a strike. Lol

  48. Carel Anthonissen

    Carel Anthonissen25 ngày trước

    fun fact a had a puff adder in my old house

  49. Del Boyo

    Del Boyo25 ngày trước

    Did coyote just take his hat if there or do we have a imposter lol

  50. shahbaz khan

    shahbaz khan25 ngày trước

    Good way to make fool people

  51. Baddest halo

    Baddest halo26 ngày trước

    No way I actually lol there

  52. Baddest halo

    Baddest halo26 ngày trước

    I live there

  53. Garret Fisher

    Garret Fisher26 ngày trước

    Just grabs the rock and moves it without a second thought

  54. EddyDj23

    EddyDj2326 ngày trước

    Scary stats: puff adders are on average 1 metre (3.3ft) long and very stout. Especially large examples weigh over 6 kilograms (13.2 lbs) and measure 40 centimetres (16 in) in diameter. They can strike to a distance of about a third of their body length.

  55. Hattivatti Mymmeli

    Hattivatti Mymmeli26 ngày trước

    Coyote: "wooow its getting a little agitated there, let me lower the rock down and take the snake away from my face" *5 seconds later has the snake beside his face

  56. Aiman Rozli

    Aiman Rozli27 ngày trước

    Hey kan you get me a snake please

  57. Chewbaccafruit

    Chewbaccafruit29 ngày trước

    Puff adders are hardcore but you really gotta watch out for the puff subtractors.

  58. No Name

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  59. OnceIWasYou

    OnceIWasYou29 ngày trước

    Puff Adders are just terrifying because of the extensive damage they can cause- the necrosis is horrific.

  60. rosco michael

    rosco michael29 ngày trước

    Gold eyes

  61. Ian Smith

    Ian Smith29 ngày trước

    I'd love you to do a tour in UK I would love to meet you

  62. Halley :D :3 Roblox & More

    Halley :D :3 Roblox & MoreTháng trước

    This vid was on my bday.. ;-; what a lovely Birthday present...

  63. Saisambhav Gudi

    Saisambhav GudiTháng trước

    coyote needs a vacation

  64. Cameraboye

    CameraboyeTháng trước

    Steve Irwin first taught me about these mean danger noodles. Good times, good times. Love your videos Coyote!

  65. red zilla

    red zillaTháng trước

    You are very brave. Amazing quality of that close up

  66. Torran

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    I saw a bug

  67. Apathetic Potato

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    YES SOUTH AFRICA!!!! welcome to my homeland boys


    DERPY DOGGIETháng trước

    Awww the snake is so cute Awwww

  69. Astrud Handley

    Astrud HandleyTháng trước

    my mum and dad have step on the puff adder

  70. Jewish Ghost

    Jewish GhostTháng trước

    "it's getting agitated" WELL GET AWAY FROM THE POOR LITTLE SNEK!!!

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    Your were in my home town

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    i subscribed

  73. Hakuna Matata Tube

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    Hey come to Kerala, India, All the deadliest are in here. Welcoming you .

  74. SWAZI

    SWAZITháng trước

    My friend I live in South Africa and the BLACK MAMBA can grow up to 6m it is definitely the most dangerous snake in SA and in the top 3 in the world....

  75. doki doki jihad club

    doki doki jihad clubTháng trước

    I've wanted a puff adder for my collection, but I think I have enough snakes.

  76. Ella Ball

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    I love snackes

  77. Jay Akers

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    I can feel the heat through my screen...

  78. Crazyasswhitey

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    "They're very fast striking and extremely lethal" he says while waving has hands less than a foot away from his hand.

  79. KatieFrog217

    KatieFrog217Tháng trước

    Am I the only one who got a little anxious when I saw how close his hand was to the puff adder when he flipped the rock? If he had moved his hands over just a bit he could have stuck his fingers right into the snake's face.

  80. Toxic_Splintah

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    I can’t even explain in words how much I love animals

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    Those eyes are beautiful omg...

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    Heavy breathing rope.

  83. Shakola Walker

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    why do u wear so much clothing in the heat!? does anybody own shorts?? lol

  84. Super Loops

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    Ive seen an adder it wasnt a puff one tho we dont get them here it was just a normal adder but it was still p cool

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    My home land

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    T H I C C

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    Terrifying shinny eyes this snake has

  88. Ken Christiano

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    You should be freind with simon and siouxse from nat geo wild in the serues snake!

  89. Lucy Amberg

    Lucy AmbergTháng trước

    He sounds kinda conjested. Just me who I’m just worried about him being sick?? And not about the fact that Coyote might die any second?? Alright then.

  90. Charl Barkhuizen

    Charl Barkhuizen16 ngày trước

    It's our insane humidity along the coast. Any normal day it's 90% to 100%, which would explain why he thinks it's so hot 😆

  91. SuperReesepeices

    SuperReesepeicesTháng trước

    What about the black mamba that's a pretty dangerous African snake I'd like to see that one in your videos.

  92. Adam Mcmurray

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    Hey guys if you like coyote Peterson I have a similar Channel and it's called Adventure Safari and please watch it I know if the graphics are kind of bad but it's okay we've caught a lot of stuff and if you like turtles pretty sure you like it

  93. Angels Lps

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    Coyote I have this huge snake in my yard,can u get it pls

  94. sarikatimmi

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    although these super expensive came can capture all that is needed to be known (we already knew this stuff) from a safe distance and without disturbing the snake. lets “safely” f with it so i can show u what not to do. haha what is wrong w us. but on the real-u did a great job. least messing w the animal ive ever seen

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    Whatever you do I love it. You are my idol.

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    Can u go out to look for ball pythons please

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    Make it a bit shorter and thicker and you'll have yourself a cute lil tsuchinoko

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    hey coyote I thought the adder bit you like if you agree you’ll be a boss

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    OML! My friend lives In south africa! :O

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    Python is🐍

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    I'm a little late with this one but those tight shots on those golden eyes makes it worth the 4k+

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