Destiny 2: Shadowkeep - Gamescom Trailer


  1. SR20XRarity

    SR20XRarity10 giờ trước

    *Sees crota* Two man or bust


    RIOT HDX15 giờ trước

    Crota comes back “How many times do we have to teach you a lesson old man “

  3. Nathan Medrano

    Nathan Medrano23 giờ trước

    Tell me why everything in the Bungie store is $777,782.77?

  4. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts7 giờ trước

    You need a special code to get the discount. The codes are unlocked in game by doing specific activities or quests

  5. Gage S

    Gage SNgày trước

    How's this shit still rated T

  6. Sharkworld07

    Sharkworld07Ngày trước

    Bungie makes some insane trailers tbh!

  7. ody

    odyNgày trước

    bungie: *brings back crota* d1 players with gjallerhorns on a rock: crota: *sweating intensifies*

  8. EJ Aunu

    EJ AunuNgày trước

    Crota: *I am inevitable* D1 Vets: *I am a Guardian*

  9. BirdyByrd

    BirdyByrdNgày trước

    Where’s DrCrispy93 and Randall The Vandal

  10. Thalnann

    ThalnannNgày trước

    mfw the fake crota is stronger than the real one

  11. Charlie Parry

    Charlie ParryNgày trước

    So looking forward to this! If anyone wants to play through this when it comes out or any other part of destiny 2 on PS4 add me! PSN angryislander :)

  12. Luka

    LukaNgày trước

    song name is marching with giants - thank me later

  13. Proud Infidel

    Proud Infidel14 giờ trước


  14. RyloKen67

    RyloKen67Ngày trước

    Crota: comes back D1 veterans: How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man?!

  15. Furious Fusion49

    Furious Fusion492 ngày trước

    Crota is like can I just die lol looks lit 🔥

  16. Xmaster1990

    Xmaster19902 ngày trước


  17. Unmasked God

    Unmasked God2 ngày trước

    1:00 new melee skills? Also Monte Carlo is coming back. That is one of my favorite guns simply because of the design. Looks so clean.

  18. Volfe Zephyr

    Volfe ZephyrNgày trước

    Monte Carlo was such a bomb autorifle in D1. Easily one of my favourite guns apart from Zhalo Supercell, Wolfslayer's Claw, Hard Light y3, Khvostov, Super Good Advice....ugh. I miss D1's arsenal....

  19. Romeo

    Romeo2 ngày trước

    Finishers or assassinations type stuff they already confirmed is coming

  20. derpalerpalerp

    derpalerpalerp2 ngày trước

    Did they change blade barrages animation or is it just me

  21. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts7 giờ trước

    No they didn't

  22. KellytheDirt

    KellytheDirt2 ngày trước

    God I haven't been this excited since the king tried to kill all of us. Can't wait for The Darker Below!

  23. KellytheDirt

    KellytheDirt22 giờ trước

    Everything from the dark below, *but darker* Coming October 1st, #thedarkerbelow

  24. Volfe Zephyr

    Volfe ZephyrNgày trước

    Hahaha seriously underrated comment. #thedarkerbelow 😂😂😂

  25. C A L C U L O N

    C A L C U L O N3 ngày trước

    I think the witch at 0:38 is Omnigul. Look at her gantlets/face, thats omnigul with out a doubt. 0:58 Mongrel Ogre maybe? (Abomination Heist, D1). 1:14 Eschaton Mind? (Black Garden 1st boss).

  26. Qwerky

    Qwerky3 ngày trước

    this looks so damn good

  27. Ryan Butler

    Ryan Butler3 ngày trước

    destiny fans: give us NEW ORIGINAL CONTENT Destiny devs: yo guys here is the idea, copy and paste EVERYTHING and make a dungeon with all the bosses in it. and add some red to make it look spooky as per usual.

  28. GD Ashton

    GD Ashton3 ngày trước

    @Ryan Butler its true they where i know the old bungie would do that shit look back at the halo games some of the best ever made bungie never did shit like that

  29. Ryan Butler

    Ryan Butler3 ngày trước

    @GD Ashton thank you for finally stating something valid. I agree entirely... BUT I will say they should have split as soon as possible KNOWING that the dlc's were for money grabs being put out

  30. GD Ashton

    GD Ashton3 ngày trước

    @Ryan Butler that was Activision this is why d1 and 2 where shit bungie is trying to recover from Activisions greed

  31. Ryan Butler

    Ryan Butler3 ngày trước

    @GD Ashton I have been a hardcore destiny fan and they have turned into a shit fest. if its HARD and GOOD with WELL WRITTEN !!DIALOGUE!! then I will look into it. every game takes lots of coding, that is a bland statement. also the finisher moves are OK. this is probably the only new thing I've seen in a while. they kept releasing old guns from d1. there are a few new guns here and there. the only really good thing I've seen that they have done is the new loadout.

  32. GD Ashton

    GD Ashton3 ngày trước

    I mean a lot of coding still goses into this also time put into also the finisher moves look badass

  33. LazyConstant8 IDK

    LazyConstant8 IDK3 ngày trước

    Sadly all of my old destiny friends left it, I'm the only one now

  34. Charlie Parry

    Charlie ParryNgày trước

    Man if you're on the PS4 join me and a couple of my friends :D

  35. Natedog

    Natedog3 ngày trước

    Watches trailer for the 42nd time. Brain: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH (Hypes up)

  36. Daniel Rangel

    Daniel Rangel3 ngày trước

    It would be cool if for the final raid boss your whole team can do a special finisher together

  37. blue hunter

    blue hunter4 ngày trước

    when she said "you haven't seen darkness, not yeat" did she mean the literal darkness that follows the light so that thing we killed at the end of d1 wasnt the darkness

  38. GD Ashton

    GD Ashton4 ngày trước

    Those where just vex gods no worrys

  39. Yahoo Wierdo

    Yahoo Wierdo4 ngày trước

    Very excited for more destiny content, this game has been one of my favorite games over the years, so many memories with this one franchise

  40. Apparo

    Apparo4 ngày trước

    Recycle time

  41. Emanuel Tennyson

    Emanuel Tennyson5 ngày trước

    The past confronts you, Guardian. Me: Time to delete my web history again.

  42. derpalerpalerp

    derpalerpalerp2 ngày trước


  43. Emanuel Tennyson

    Emanuel Tennyson5 ngày trước

    Crota appears and plays Eminem "without me": I'm back again tell your friends I'm back again tell your fireteam

  44. kyle O'Brien

    kyle O'Brien5 ngày trước

    I don't know what excited me more, this trailer or the fact that shadow keep says published by Bungie and created by Bungie on the store :) the feels are real

  45. venkat sai

    venkat sai5 ngày trước

    This time go for the head

  46. jose angel

    jose angel5 ngày trước

    Second 44, dosen't it looks like two arrows?

  47. White run guard

    White run guard6 ngày trước

    D2 noobs see crota: Bugs from Croats end: allows us to introduce ourselves

  48. vernon roche

    vernon roche6 ngày trước

    Crotas bitch ass is back? Idk how but motherfuckeris going to get these warlock hands YET AGAIN I slew his daddy with these hands crotas can come get a piece of this work too

  49. SavageGamerCA

    SavageGamerCA6 ngày trước

    Awesome we can fight Crota and run around in the moon again, this expansion must be 10$, nope it's 40$, I'll just wait to see how Destiny 3 turns out.

  50. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts5 ngày trước

    @SavageGamerCA Other game companies do it as well and they are typically the same size, if not larger.

  51. SavageGamerCA

    SavageGamerCA5 ngày trước

    @DarthEatsDonuts For a large team they put minimum effort (copy n paste) in developing work they did from the first Destiny. If they happend to make New enemy factions, Classes, Planets then it would be worth the price.

  52. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts5 ngày trước

    @SavageGamerCA Do you know how many people work for Bungie?

  53. SavageGamerCA

    SavageGamerCA5 ngày trước

    @DarthEatsDonuts If I where to buy food for 10$ then it must've been "basically" free, fantastic. They sell microtransactions btw, it's not like Bungie is bankrupt.

  54. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts5 ngày trước

    @SavageGamerCA $10 is basically free

  55. JakeJ ScorcH

    JakeJ ScorcH6 ngày trước

    Moons haunted

  56. livls eco

    livls eco6 ngày trước

    Hopefully this has cinematic scenes

  57. Humid Path210

    Humid Path2107 ngày trước

    *laughs in flaming pistol and knifes* But in all seriousness I can’t fucking wait for shadowkeep, A+ job on the trailer music too

  58. BackToSchool

    BackToSchool7 ngày trước

    eh its more of the same. i am done with the game, not interested in more DLC

  59. BackToSchool

    BackToSchool6 ngày trước

    @DarthEatsDonuts exactly

  60. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts6 ngày trước

    @BackToSchool You didn't answer my question

  61. BackToSchool

    BackToSchool6 ngày trước

    @DarthEatsDonuts whats the point of any comment?

  62. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts6 ngày trước

    @BackToSchool Then what was the point of the this comment then?

  63. BackToSchool

    BackToSchool6 ngày trước

    @DarthEatsDonuts nothing ;)

  64. Gems Of Sapphire

    Gems Of Sapphire7 ngày trước

    Crota: *comes back* D1 vets: Let's kill him properly this time ;)

  65. Shane Jefferys

    Shane Jefferys7 ngày trước

    Anyone know where I can listen to the full version of the background music from this trailer?

  66. 0ddMonk3y

    0ddMonk3y7 ngày trước

    I was going to buy this game because of this DLC, but then I remembered Borderlands 3 is coming out.

  67. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts5 ngày trước

    @0ddMonk3y it's not too late. On October 1st destiny 2 base game along with the first 2 dlcs will be completely free. The only things you have to buy for more content is shadowkeep and forsaken.There are microtranscations but they are purely cosmetic.

  68. 0ddMonk3y

    0ddMonk3y5 ngày trước

    DarthEatsDonuts so Destiny will be completely free to play, the only thing you have to pay for is the expansions/DLC? I’m actually going to buy the game today since the collectors edition is $20. But I fear it might too late to join.

  69. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts6 ngày trước

    @0ddMonk3y It's not

  70. 0ddMonk3y

    0ddMonk3y7 ngày trước

    DarthEatsDonuts the game is currently free to play

  71. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts7 ngày trước

    Game will still be worth getting in October when it goes F2P.

  72. Cutlass Ciera

    Cutlass Ciera7 ngày trước

    As long as they don’t nurf panic fisting I mean fist of panic I mean fist of havoc 🤛🏽🤛🏽🤛🏽🥶🤜🏽🤜🏽🤜🏽

  73. RyeKi1

    RyeKi16 ngày trước

    Riiiiiight ;) *lenny face intensifies*

  74. Narugo

    Narugo7 ngày trước

    Where my destiny 1 hunters at 🔥

  75. Alex gamer AW

    Alex gamer AW7 ngày trước

    Her: 0:53 Me: ... Also me: goes in a Black room

  76. Lorenzo Gerola

    Lorenzo Gerola7 ngày trước

    Yeeehhhaaaaa 😎✌️

  77. StarSilverInfinity

    StarSilverInfinity7 ngày trước

    Me: Wait, aren’t these dudes dead? The Darkness: Reality is often disappointing

  78. StarSilverInfinity

    StarSilverInfinity7 ngày trước

    So, um - you’ll all float too

  79. PinaColadaTV

    PinaColadaTV7 ngày trước

    Can’t wait to grind .....

  80. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts7 giờ trước

    @PinaColadaTV They are some of the least grindy things in Destiny because you're actually guaranteed loot at the end of it. Have you ever been 65 scourge runs without an anarchy or 82 Last wish runs without 1k? Borderlands is for people that enjoy the single player story aspect of the genre. But Destiny is for people that like Multiplayer and the social aspects, as well as very good shooting mechanics. If you look Borderlands, cool. If you like Destiny, cool. Play whatever ever you want to play but at the end of the day, Destiny is going to be grindy because it's Destiny.

  81. PinaColadaTV

    PinaColadaTV13 giờ trước

    DarthEatsDonuts that’s no excuse for being really grindy my friend! Borderlands is less grindy and it’s a Master piece! Exotic quests are great example of grindy stuff in destiny..

  82. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonutsNgày trước

    @PinaColadaTV But that's Destiny. It's called a looter shooter for a reason. If you don't like grinding, then don't play.

  83. PinaColadaTV

    PinaColadaTVNgày trước

    DarthEatsDonuts it’s complaint💀

  84. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts7 ngày trước

    Is this supposed to be a complaint? I can't tell.

  85. Pls Subscribe

    Pls Subscribe7 ngày trước

    Why does not forsaken show up on steam when i search it and shadowkeep does?

  86. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts7 ngày trước

    @Pls Subscribe :)

  87. Pls Subscribe

    Pls Subscribe7 ngày trước

    @DarthEatsDonuts tnx for answering

  88. DarthEatsDonuts

    DarthEatsDonuts7 ngày trước

    Because Destiny 2 doesn't fully transfer over to steam until October 1st

  89. itscodeCaster _

    itscodeCaster _8 ngày trước

    Something wicked has awakened...

  90. GD Ashton

    GD Ashton4 ngày trước


  91. Ben Helm

    Ben Helm8 ngày trước

    I didn't realize Skolas was coming back, but I'm excited 0:16 also, anyone else notice Monte Carlo 0:50?

  92. Aa Ra

    Aa Ra8 ngày trước

    The only thing Bungie doesn’t have is Activisions trailer making skills

  93. GD Ashton

    GD Ashton4 ngày trước

    Dude this is fucking badass Activision can go suck money

  94. KillerJoshy

    KillerJoshy8 ngày trước

    I could watch the destiny trailers over and over again, their so fucking awesome

  95. r3Al gaMER

    r3Al gaMER9 ngày trước

    Crota shows up: D1 players: ah sh1t here we go again

  96. Mithix

    Mithix9 ngày trước

    What if we made the gjallarhorn purple. .... Wit a minute!!!!

  97. Baxter2064

    Baxter20649 ngày trước

    I admit, I was expecting the trailer to break out into Black Math's "Marching with Giants," because the opening 18 seconds or so are a dead ringer for it.

  98. Oqfi_ Fan

    Oqfi_ Fan9 ngày trước

    Hi random person looking through the comments to see if it's worth the price. Bye bye

  99. Hardcoregrimes

    Hardcoregrimes9 ngày trước

    -absoloutely no one - Zavala: Whether we wanted it or not, we've stepped into a war with the Cabal on Mars. So let's get to taking out their command, one by one. Valus Ta'aurc. From what I can gather he commands the Siege Dancers from an Imperial Land Tank outside of Rubicon. He's well protected, but with the right team, we can punch through those defences, take this beast out, and break their grip of Freehold.

  100. Kyler Freilinger

    Kyler Freilinger9 ngày trước

    Oh man the music in this is amazing

  101. Kyler Freilinger

    Kyler Freilinger8 ngày trước

    Out of curiosity. Does any know where to get it? Or if its even available.

  102. Josh Newell

    Josh Newell10 ngày trước

    0:55 donimus ghoul returns