DON'T Buy The Samsung Galaxy Note 8


  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox TherapyNăm trước

    Samsung Galaxy Note / S8+ / S8 skins -

  2. Born 4/20 Live and Die by 4/20

    Born 4/20 Live and Die by 4/20Tháng trước


  3. Born 4/20 Live and Die by 4/20

    Born 4/20 Live and Die by 4/20Tháng trước


  4. _TheDogWhisperer_

    _TheDogWhisperer_2 tháng trước

    @unboxtherapy would you recommend it if I get a new note 8 for about 350 plus a worn out LG?

  5. danny danny

    danny danny2 tháng trước

    Honor play only

  6. danny danny

    danny danny2 tháng trước

    +Ali Note 9 I'm using HONOR play only

  7. M Fox

    M Fox21 giờ trước

    Very interesting...... but stupid

  8. faisal prince

    faisal princeNgày trước

    You lost one sub

  9. Aicha Sankara

    Aicha Sankara2 ngày trước

    Watches the whole video.... goes and buys the note 8.

  10. Shaik Fazil

    Shaik Fazil4 ngày trước

    Note 8 is super phone even in 2018

  11. Pak Geologist

    Pak Geologist4 ngày trước

    He is comparing rolls royce with mercedeze and telling us that rolls Royce has an umbrella in it which i never need to take it out cause where i live their is no rain whole year

  12. Arva

    Arva4 ngày trước

    But like, you still bought it lmao

  13. MJGodOfMusic1958

    MJGodOfMusic19584 ngày trước

    Too late.

  14. asep supriatna

    asep supriatna4 ngày trước

    And or no

  15. Major Gill

    Major Gill4 ngày trước

    What the !!! The Galaxy Note 8 is the best phone in the world, which has now been replaced the Note 9

  16. Curtis Loew

    Curtis Loew6 ngày trước

    Wuchu gonna do? You gonna draw some pictures on the bus!? Is that worth $300 to you!? *starts to calm down*

  17. Dhanush Kumar

    Dhanush Kumar7 ngày trước

    Huge respect for ur honest recommendation

  18. Omur Kazi

    Omur Kazi8 ngày trước

    Moral of the video buy Samsung device

  19. Hasham Nabeel

    Hasham Nabeel8 ngày trước

    You talk slot!

  20. nhico caro

    nhico caro11 ngày trước


  21. Dream Box

    Dream Box11 ngày trước

    No DLNA support, and only Quick charge a 2018 flagship product. Confirmed with Samsung chat.

  22. MrNairmkr

    MrNairmkr11 ngày trước

    my dad has this phone

  23. MrNairmkr

    MrNairmkr11 ngày trước



    ROBO_ ROBISZ12 ngày trước

    Shit baterry..dont buy it

  25. Steve Wescott

    Steve Wescott12 ngày trước

    note 8 is for working professionals and techs. apple is for little girls and hipsters.

  26. Ethan Scharf

    Ethan Scharf12 ngày trước

    Bought one of these on eBay for 300 bucks brand new. Best purchase ever.

  27. coolman 759739

    coolman 75973913 ngày trước

    In fact im watching in a S8

  28. Kiryu Kazuma

    Kiryu Kazuma14 ngày trước

    I use Google pixel 2xl soooo....

  29. Priest Morrison

    Priest Morrison14 ngày trước

    Good piece!

  30. bhunep neppoho

    bhunep neppoho14 ngày trước

    Note 8 bad ? This guy needs to bend down and suck his own ballssss.....

  31. RockyCycle

    RockyCycle15 ngày trước

    I'm a med student and I'm constantly on my S pen, and I use 90% - if not a 100%- of it's features. I honestly don't know what I'd do without it. It's *everything* to me. My new note 8 is coming tomorrow and I just can't wait, I haven't been using a note phone for the last 6 months since my old Note 4 malfunctioned, and I can tell you, it's been *hell* . It's not even about having the latest note for me, it's just that almost a year later, I managed to buy a note 8 for less than half the original price. I wouldn't dream of buying a phone for almost a grand... That's just not something I could afford, nor be able to live with... So I get your point about pricing, it's just that an alternative for us die hard note fans, is an older cheaper note phone, not a pen-less phone.

  32. Hameed Ponnandy

    Hameed Ponnandy16 ngày trước

    What about note 9??

  33. Maltukii _

    Maltukii _16 ngày trước

    Nowadays, if you want to buy a new Samsung S8 note from 500 euros. It's comfortable?

  34. William Dukane

    William Dukane17 ngày trước

    I'm a huge fan of the stylus (STYLUS, NOT A PEN!!!) and I use it all the time. It's so much easier to make notes with than typing.

  35. Milton Dodge

    Milton Dodge17 ngày trước

    I have the note 8

  36. Caleb Peacock

    Caleb Peacock17 ngày trước

    BTW... It's now November 25th 2018 and the note is the same price as the s8 and the s8+ on swappa, Letgo, and some eBay sellers sooooooo... I'd go with the note

  37. Faisal AlArfaj

    Faisal AlArfaj17 ngày trước

    I will buy

  38. Fath Beckham

    Fath Beckham18 ngày trước

    I just buy note 8...hahaha...

  39. Prof Nazrul Islam

    Prof Nazrul Islam19 ngày trước


  40. Skeleton Clique xxx

    Skeleton Clique xxx19 ngày trước

    talking about the Note 8's price, before the iPhone X released. (which the price point is starting at $1000) dumdumdum

  41. Abdel Taki

    Abdel Taki19 ngày trước

    You've been viewed by millions for nothing ... I should gibber too

  42. Kyle Hines

    Kyle Hines20 ngày trước

    Now your tapping around🤣🤣😂

  43. Cynthia McWhorter

    Cynthia McWhorter21 ngày trước

    I'm watching this on my old Note 3 and I still love it. Why buy something new just because it's the latest thing out. I have more things to spend my money on than a new stupid expensive phone. Not falling for it. 😀🤳👀💨👜📱💸💳💲💲💲💲💲💵💰💰💰💰✂️✂️✂️✂️🔨🔨🛒🛒🛒🛒🎺🎺🎺🎺🎻🎻🎻🎻☎️☎️☎️☎️☎️📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞📞

  44. Nolan Whitley

    Nolan Whitley21 ngày trước

    I just picked up a Samsung galaxy 8 + for 350

  45. Sagarika Weerakoon

    Sagarika Weerakoon21 ngày trước

    Awww i always wanted a note 8!!

  46. asad harris

    asad harris21 ngày trước

    Bro 6 gb ram or 4 gb ?

  47. borf borf

    borf borf23 ngày trước

    *Says note 8 is too expensive* **buys one for 400**

  48. Napster YR

    Napster YR10 giờ trước

    How Is the battery?

  49. Carlos De santiago

    Carlos De santiago23 ngày trước

    This guy doesn't know nothing about phones so stfu u talk to much shit

  50. Carlos De santiago

    Carlos De santiago23 ngày trước

    Next ur gonna say don't buy the more 9 and s8, and s8 plus, and s9 plus, s9

  51. Carlos De santiago

    Carlos De santiago23 ngày trước

    Another hater stfu

  52. Traveling Outdoorsman

    Traveling Outdoorsman23 ngày trước

    You can't persuade me from not buying the Note 8. although the note 8 doesn't have curved corners. Or that the S8+ only has 200 MAH More. And if you think this phone is too expensive, well it is. But everything every day becomes more expensive. everything. even woman

  53. Josip Vekić

    Josip Vekić24 ngày trước


  54. Bhanupratapsingh Bhanupratapsingh

    Bhanupratapsingh Bhanupratapsingh25 ngày trước

    Lowest radiation is paying for extra money. Samsung Galaxy note 8 .

  55. inventado con OMY

    inventado con OMY25 ngày trước

    See this video in my note 9

  56. Kim Jones

    Kim Jones25 ngày trước

    So true, this phone sucks I hate it!

  57. Xx Brittany

    Xx Brittany26 ngày trước

    I have an Galaxy Note 8, it's awesome! And plus, if your telling people *not to buy it* why did you? 🤔

  58. Petr Stepanov

    Petr Stepanov26 ngày trước

    Lew is literally rapping a Samy Deluxe cover here!

  59. Vannet XT

    Vannet XT27 ngày trước

    I want to buy note 8 😍 👌 👎👎👎👎

  60. The Full Shilling

    The Full Shilling27 ngày trước

    How do you jot down a quick note on an S8? Or any phone without a stylus, is a voice recorder the closest thing?

  61. Blip The throttle

    Blip The throttle27 ngày trước

    Why ? I payed £400 a few weeks ago ,Its ok thanks .

  62. Namu Cuddles

    Namu Cuddles28 ngày trước


  63. Messi Ronaldo

    Messi Ronaldo28 ngày trước

    What's your choice gyes galaxy note 8 or galaxy s8+

  64. Wizard Ninja

    Wizard Ninja21 ngày trước

    Messi Ronaldo I have the s9 but note 8 probably

  65. Jordan Ortix

    Jordan Ortix28 ngày trước

    ayt that convince me i'm buyin the note9 now tnx 4 d advice lue

  66. Beta Haze

    Beta Haze28 ngày trước

    so basically don't buy it because it's brother is slightly smaller and slightly cheaper without a pen

  67. Blue Tube

    Blue Tube28 ngày trước

    Who else is watching in the note 9?

  68. matermark

    matermark29 ngày trước

    The Note models are the top of the line models, "Flagship" models as they say. Besides the apples to oranges comparison, the Notes always had more RAM, better screen resolution, etc. Internals are often what you find on the next model. My first really "smart" phone I bought in 2017, it was a Note 5. I settled on a 2 yr old phone because though it was a 2015 model, the innards were more similar to a S6, not S5. I found the S-Pen indeSPENsible! I could never go back! I used it every couple days, from taking pics and writing notes right on them, for example, heirloom tomato pics and their names on them before I forgot, additions to Saturday morning's grocery list, waking up in the middle of the night remembering something I forgot and removing the pen & start writing right on the black screen without fumbling with any power button, etc. I dropped the Note 5 on the driveway and a few days later the screen was turning purple from 1 bottom corner spreading upward; Instead of putting $100-$150 into a 3yr old phone I paid $225 for (w/64GB), I bought a previously owned Note8 with a sealed never-used SanDisk 128GB card, a screen protector, and a protective case for $435 from a lady that updates her Notes every year or so, I couldn't tell it from new, it's that nice. It is like having a phone with 6GB RAM, a computer, a Sticky Notes pad, and a Wacom digitizer tablet all in one. The Note 9 sounds nice but this Note8 should last me 4-5 years or more. The Note 9 has a Bluetooth S-Pen so you can do or turn things on/off from a distance, if you can find a use for it...

  69. Blue Tube

    Blue TubeTháng trước

    Anyone watching in note 9?

  70. Dewey Johnson

    Dewey JohnsonTháng trước

    I got the note 8 for 550 on black friday last year so.........

  71. Kini Sam

    Kini SamTháng trước

    Samsung galaxy note 8 is beast only the problem is battery but the battery life is good we have adjust the thing but the note 8 is best phone ever only battery problem is there but that’s not a problem only 1 thing and all features and phone is best I love Samsung galaxy note is good and perfect for coming days and you taking about priced if you see Now anyone can buy this phone 🤙🏻🤙🏻🤙🏻

  72. Warrior 500

    Warrior 500Tháng trước

    this guys is alway talking positive thing about crappy chinese phones and taking trash about galaxy something is fishy here

  73. Greasyy Strangler

    Greasyy StranglerTháng trước

    Watching on a Note 9

  74. The King

    The KingTháng trước

    SOLD Lol

  75. Scrubgamer

    ScrubgamerTháng trước

    I like the look of squared off edges more than rounded. I mean the S8+ is brilliant, but I like the Note 8 more

  76. DatOneEditor

    DatOneEditorTháng trước

    Watching on my note 9

  77. Dini ariyatie antares

    Dini ariyatie antaresTháng trước

    Hahahahaa... samsung note has its own market. And its unbeatable.

  78. Soopy Kayanaduth

    Soopy KayanaduthTháng trước

    hey it has face regcnition

  79. Sof Lyn

    Sof LynTháng trước

    Note 8 or note FE?

  80. Selyman Ahmadzai

    Selyman AhmadzaiTháng trước

    I am watching this on my note9 Lol

  81. ant Cool

    ant CoolTháng trước

    I already have note 8 I love it

  82. Chinmay Havaragi

    Chinmay HavaragiTháng trước

    U r indirectly asking us to buy iPhone rather than the best i.e note8 by adding a support of s8 which is of no use in front of note

  83. mostafa raafat

    mostafa raafatTháng trước

    I have sansung s7 edge and also I baught note 8 and after using both phones I can tell that note 8 is amazing phone and the pen is very useful with all that features i can do with it specially translating , in short s7 edge is a good phone but note 8 is much better and it really worth money

  84. The Future

    The FutureTháng trước

    I'm interested in memory, and processing power. I tend to use up the ram. My phone is my only internet device.

  85. Yumin S

    Yumin STháng trước

    I'm still gonna S pen d a little bit more

  86. Life Sized

    Life SizedTháng trước

    Super mono speaker

  87. Cave Story

    Cave StoryTháng trước

    DON'T buy the Note 8. Buy the Note 9.

  88. Alan Anthony

    Alan AnthonyTháng trước

    The note 8 has been tested to have better overall battery life than the s8+. Just the fact that the battery is larger doesn't mean it'll last longer, especially with the optimization differences.

  89. don don

    don donTháng trước

    i unsubcribed after this video some body on apple payroll

  90. Sheraz Malik

    Sheraz MalikTháng trước

    You fuck n said we harassing you. You are proudy now since you got million subscribers. Don't give a shit to you I unsubscribed you idiot.

  91. king kc

    king kcTháng trước

    I get his point, he hasnt said it is a bad phone he is only comparing the difference in price to functionality. I have the note 8 and my wife owns the S8+ they are very similar but I prefer the note 8 as it is a more functional device for me and my interest.

  92. Floppy Wanger64

    Floppy Wanger64Tháng trước

    The battery life is crap on the note 8, and it weighs a ton in your pocket, sold mine.😪🤑

  93. MoistHercules35

    MoistHercules35Tháng trước

    Watching this on my brand new note 8 🤣

  94. Arma Novarendi

    Arma NovarendiTháng trước

    it has bad sensors after an update on my device, can't be fixed even after flashing previous updates. disappoints me af. never gonna buy samsung again. ever.

  95. bpalmarino

    bpalmarinoTháng trước

    i love this phone

  96. Dan 636

    Dan 636Tháng trước

    the pen wins



    the lg stylo 4 is 220 out the door through ST and is damn near the same size and has the stylus also. 220 vs 930 . i went lg stylo and i'm very happy, for a budget phone theres alot of bang for that 220 cost.

  98. sernathadd

    sernathaddTháng trước

    Have it. Dropped it at least 25 times through the year I've had it. Never cracked. Love it

  99. PaulGamer4K_PRO_GTAV_ULTRAHDVIDEOS Subscribe

    PaulGamer4K_PRO_GTAV_ULTRAHDVIDEOS SubscribeTháng trước

    i HaVe GALAxy NoOte 8 aNd It Is defiNitEly nOt gOoD foR gAmERS

  100. Muaz Ahmed

    Muaz AhmedTháng trước

    Happy Unsubscriber :)

  101. Adel qaiyah

    Adel qaiyahTháng trước

    You are becoming booooooring .

  102. oncorpse

    oncorpseTháng trước

    I have a note 8 and it is the best phone ever. AMAZING. I love it. I use the pen everyday.

  103. Big Daddy Tiberius

    Big Daddy TiberiusTháng trước

    You forgot to mention the Note 8 has 2 more gb of Ram. 6gb vs 4gb I big difference.

  104. musha 9279

    musha 9279Tháng trước

    i could use the pen when i drop my other pair of chopstick when i'm in the chinese restaurant.,,,

  105. Ajeet Yadav

    Ajeet YadavTháng trước

    I have note 8 & i loved it ♡

  106. ReactWithWolf

    ReactWithWolfTháng trước

    But..But.. I just brought my note 8...

  107. Hashimo Hashimo

    Hashimo HashimoTháng trước

    I like the way he conducts his videos, the charisma and the first 2 mins. Your on point and yeah I'll just wait for the price to drop!

  108. pirate missouri

    pirate missouriTháng trước

    ( ._. )