DON'T Buy The Samsung Galaxy Note 8


  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox TherapyNăm trước

    Samsung Galaxy Note / S8+ / S8 skins -

  2. Sahil Hamta

    Sahil Hamta2 tháng trước

    Sir.I needy a IPhone xr can you post me i don't have money to buy. .❤👍😊

  3. Remy G

    Remy G3 tháng trước

    Now it's 400 is it still worth it

  4. trav5551

    trav55513 tháng trước

    To be honest, what I'm hearing from this You tuber is that he is completely biased and feels that you should purchase the way he would. It's never explained to those who like to Netflix and enjoy an Optimum screen size why they must be wrong as a consumer. Mass consumers these days like bigger and better. A lot of times to a lot of people bigger is better. Let's not lie to ourselves. Dude you need to be a little more humble on how you come across with people. Egocentric. ;)

  5. Born 4/20 Live and Die by 4/20

    Born 4/20 Live and Die by 4/206 tháng trước


  6. Born 4/20 Live and Die by 4/20

    Born 4/20 Live and Die by 4/206 tháng trước


  7. Adam Alexander Nowowiejski

    Adam Alexander Nowowiejski2 ngày trước

    Upgraded from Note 4 to Note 8. Sorry Lou. Watching this clip from my sleek Note 8.

  8. jakob cook

    jakob cook2 ngày trước

    The Xiami Mi Max 3 is the right choice. 359$ with a three and a half day battery

  9. Shaq Jones

    Shaq Jones4 ngày trước

    Note 8 is now worth about $300 right now on Ebay

  10. datguyruff

    datguyruff4 ngày trước

    What phones SHOULD we buy then

  11. 찬영0

    찬영0Ngày trước

    datguyruff this one he is lying this phone is fire asf I have it now and u can take pictures under water dude just got the phone and knows nothing

  12. Smart Fix

    Smart Fix4 ngày trước

    lol i like this guy

  13. Hoder Harris

    Hoder Harris4 ngày trước

    Who is watching this in 2019 on a note 8 after owning Note for two flawless years and uses their Note pen almost everyday for well notes.

  14. BHALT0S

    BHALT0S4 ngày trước

    im still using my Note 3 - new battery bought a week ago and it's great.

  15. Samir Harris

    Samir Harris5 ngày trước

    Can I buy it today in 2019?

  16. Gabrielle Sane

    Gabrielle Sane5 ngày trước

    im very confused, choose iPhone 7+ or galaxy note 8, because some people said that, galaxy note 8 will be lagging after 1 year and iPhone will be lagging after 5years, guys please help me

  17. 찬영0

    찬영0Ngày trước

    Gabrielle Sane what dumb ass said that. iPhones are shit I got the note 8 and you can download so much and good photos

  18. Paul Palm

    Paul Palm6 ngày trước

    Somebody please turn captions on when the video starts wont regret it 😂

  19. 찬영0

    찬영0Ngày trước


  20. Silverfang

    Silverfang6 ngày trước

    Note 8 is awesome, but the battery life is my problem


    BRAEGON7 ngày trước

    buying it in 2019 for $300

  22. First Name

    First Name2 ngày trước

    +Rey Luis I dont think it's to expensive I'm gonna be getting it June 8th :)

  23. Rey Luis

    Rey Luis2 ngày trước

    +First Name Man that's expensive, I can get it right for $280 or less.

  24. First Name

    First Name2 ngày trước

    getting my S8 for $349.99

  25. Erick Serrano

    Erick Serrano2 ngày trước

    We're can I get it for 300

  26. omar flores

    omar flores3 ngày trước

    Getting mines for 300 plus extra memory original box and other accessories

  27. Thomas Catrava

    Thomas Catrava7 ngày trước

    well we can say the same about apple which costs in Europe 1500 euro and can't do half of the features from the NOTE 8. (I used apple since 2010, this year I changed on Samsung)

  28. Ya Zoned

    Ya Zoned7 ngày trước

    Why do 42k people dislike the video they dont want to save cash? and spend their money smartly and not be dumbasses? It was the same thing for another 300-400 dollars

  29. Creed Bratton

    Creed Bratton8 ngày trước

    Summary: Nothing wrong wuith the phone, perfect. BUT. Its retail price is expensive

  30. Ya Zoned

    Ya Zoned7 ngày trước

    Yea he said that

  31. Devil

    Devil8 ngày trước

    watching this on note 8 😂

  32. PsyMakeUFly

    PsyMakeUFly8 ngày trước

    I have note 8 and never regret it. Tuning pictures with high precision with the pen is something to pay for. And also got it new 700 eur. I always wait for prices to drop :D

  33. Abdul Azim

    Abdul Azim8 ngày trước

    suddenly some random ---- 'go hard' lol

  34. The Todd Anderson SHOW

    The Todd Anderson SHOW8 ngày trước

    Is one of the best phone

  35. BoomDragon

    BoomDragon8 ngày trước

    Am I the only one who didn’t know that he was Canadian. Cause I think at 9:20 he does the Canadian thing like how he talks weird or did I just see that in a movie?

  36. aldosv73

    aldosv739 ngày trước

    Got mine...

  37. Ser Humano

    Ser Humano9 ngày trước

    I traded my iPad Air 1 for it. No regrets whatsoever and ditched my iPhone 7 plus

  38. Matt Lord

    Matt Lord9 ngày trước

    I saw some 8 plus with bad image burn making it worthless

  39. Cookies'n'Cream Cheesecake

    Cookies'n'Cream Cheesecake10 ngày trước

    what's up with the captions tho?

  40. Musa Khamis Musa

    Musa Khamis Musa10 ngày trước

    Lol, The NOTE 8 Dickriders Getting All Emotional & Shit. The Man Just Had An Opinion Of The Phone, An Opinion He's Entitled To. You Dont Agree With It FINE But Take Your Girly Little Feelings Someplace Else Because They're Definately Not Needed Here 🙄 Good Video @Unbox Therapy 👍

  41. ItzSebas

    ItzSebas11 ngày trước

    Watching this in the little boy S8 xD

  42. Prarthana Vyavahare

    Prarthana Vyavahare11 ngày trước

    In india on 36k

  43. Mechanova King

    Mechanova King12 ngày trước

    What would the best phone with a stylus be? (I'm one of those artist guys)

  44. Louey Hesterman

    Louey Hesterman13 ngày trước

    Hi guys and girls....after much crashing and not much help from Samsung or Harvey Norman (later became much more helpful) left my phone through Harvey Norman, gave me a pretty shitty replacement phone for a week, (thanks anyway Harvey. Norman, ) got my Note 8 back, hardware changes were replacing bits with note 9 a big problem for note 8 owners in crashing in spite of all published remedies, you need to get Samsung to update hardware....only solution for me....I now love my Note 8 seems bullet proof....great camera worth persevering with my Note 8....

  45. Kenny Jones

    Kenny Jones13 ngày trước

    Watching in 2019 with s10+

  46. Moises Valle

    Moises Valle13 ngày trước

    This dude is funny when he talks the price of the phone😂🤣🤣

  47. Moises Valle

    Moises Valle14 ngày trước

    You no what i Will buy note 8 i can't resist this phone lol

  48. Laxesh patel

    Laxesh patel14 ngày trước

    You are wrong it is a great phone

  49. Mandie Adams

    Mandie Adams14 ngày trước

    "Go hard" I literally spit out my drink and laughed "HA!" You guys! XD

  50. Nathan Pickering

    Nathan Pickering14 ngày trước

    I like how he's talking about the 6.3" phone being one of the biggest, and now we got like 7 inch phones. 6.3 is like pretty average now

  51. Vecchi Classici

    Vecchi Classici15 ngày trước

    This is the the way to review I always wanted to see.

  52. Zombie Racing

    Zombie Racing16 ngày trước

    Don't go into a apple store why they don't have Windows lol

  53. Zombie Racing

    Zombie Racing16 ngày trước

    This phone is not bad at all

  54. Ernie Casado

    Ernie Casado16 ngày trước

    Literally this guys personality is trash and second he knows nothing about tech compare to Jonathan Morrison and marques brownlee

  55. brandon smith

    brandon smith16 ngày trước

    Still using my note 8.... straight up God Device

  56. Kammy Chan

    Kammy Chan16 ngày trước


  57. Hitmanhooks99

    Hitmanhooks9917 ngày trước

    Man you tripping I'm watching it on my note 8. This phone is great

  58. Soutul Ikhwan

    Soutul Ikhwan17 ngày trước

    my note 8 is looking soo crispy with infinity display and one ui

  59. Neil St

    Neil St19 ngày trước

    5/2/19. I’m buying a brand new note 8 for 450 tomorrow. Upgrading from a s7.

  60. Ndala Alex

    Ndala Alex5 ngày trước

    Upgraded 4 days ago from the S6 Edge+. No regret at all!

  61. Hitmanhooks99

    Hitmanhooks9917 ngày trước

    You going to love it.

  62. Neil St

    Neil St18 ngày trước

    Got the s9 plus.

  63. Samuel Pietersen

    Samuel Pietersen21 ngày trước

    Just bought a note 8 today for 300 with a cracked screen :/ still the best phone i've ever had!

  64. Edgarv68

    Edgarv6821 ngày trước

    2019, i still love my note 8

  65. Edgarv68

    Edgarv6818 ngày trước

    +Dream Academy the battery life, is great, I haven't had issues with it. My sister is a Mac Head and whenever she uses my phone, she can tell its way faster and that's without high performance mode on. Cant convince her to switch tho

  66. Dream Academy

    Dream Academy18 ngày trước

    Edgarv68 How is the battery life? I’m considering buying the note 8.

  67. AUGis OP

    AUGis OP21 ngày trước


  68. Nick Damigos

    Nick Damigos21 ngày trước

    Is there even a comparison between S8+ and Note 8? I agree for the release price but people buy a Note device for a reason. It's "a Phone category on its own".

  69. Minecraft World

    Minecraft World21 ngày trước

    i have not 8 it not bad

  70. Fauzi Shafii

    Fauzi Shafii22 ngày trước

    I get note 8 around 350$

  71. proxcious fire

    proxcious fire22 ngày trước

    Bruh I have a note 8, definitely prefer it over there s8 tbh, an amazing phone

  72. mohammed hussain

    mohammed hussain23 ngày trước

    Note 8 one of the best phone in smartphones. I'm willing to buy this phone. Very soon. Insha allah

  73. m. xixou

    m. xixou9 ngày trước

    now what is the price bro?

  74. Baburo101

    Baburo10123 ngày trước

    No phone dialler on home screen means new Lou isn't ready - just yet.

  75. Mithun Rajesh

    Mithun Rajesh23 ngày trước

    Waiting for note 10 so that I can get the note 8

  76. gursel Acmet

    gursel Acmet24 ngày trước

    Hör auf zu samsung verschlechten die handy hat viel wert als du. Du assi

  77. EdoAnimations

    EdoAnimations24 ngày trước

    Lew If you need romance advice you came to the right channel Also Lew Come over here they need dating advice

  78. Master Shoka

    Master Shoka25 ngày trước

    Thanks for respecting samsung galaxy note 8 for the starting 6 minutes and the reason was price? because samsung is on top so the leading company always rise prices.The name samsung only costs 10% of the price.

  79. Nadi Mian

    Nadi Mian25 ngày trước

    Entering in May 2019 ,,,, still didn’t found anything better then Note 8 🥰🥰🥰

  80. AvocadoByTito

    AvocadoByTito25 ngày trước


  81. ItzWolfyplayz RBLX

    ItzWolfyplayz RBLX25 ngày trước

    Y'all may have gotten the Note 8 when the s10 came out, but did y'all realize the note nine is almost like 300 dollars? In the 200-300 range

  82. Somebody

    Somebody26 ngày trước

    note 8 is one of the best

  83. Simon Paneru

    Simon Paneru26 ngày trước

    Who is still using note 8 in 2019?

  84. Ever Green

    Ever Green26 ngày trước

    Watching in note 8

  85. Tyler Durdent

    Tyler Durdent26 ngày trước

    Watching this on the note 8 (which to be fair, I didn't personally pay for) and gotta admit, valid points are being made. Still a great device though.

  86. Joe Spilzwell Volpe

    Joe Spilzwell Volpe27 ngày trước

    JUST purchased a note 8😂 got a awesome deal though! Btw notes DOMINATE. I'm still using a note 4 happily! It's still has an as good or better display than most phones out period!? iPhone X isn't even full HD😂😂

  87. John Dawd

    John Dawd28 ngày trước

    I owned samsungs all my life but after using a chinese {don't want to say witch brand but it's not a huwawei} phone along side my samsung i sold the damn thing and wtll never ever buy another samsung in my life cause it's not worth what you pay for and now i hate samsung for making me pay all that money while the chinese brand that i got have much more quality than 10 samsungs combined.

  88. Rebal Ahmad

    Rebal Ahmad28 ngày trước

    In germany it costs 380€

  89. Rebal Ahmad

    Rebal Ahmad28 ngày trước

    The note 8

  90. Poo Bum

    Poo Bum29 ngày trước

    go hard😏

  91. Gecenin Öfkesi

    Gecenin ÖfkesiTháng trước

    Fuck you!! Stupid man

  92. M K

    M KTháng trước

    okay, OKAY, chill, just double tape a 10amp battery to your S8 and be happy

  93. macdaddypimpping

    macdaddypimppingTháng trước

    Can't wait for the Note 10 coming up.

  94. Zach Nicolas Nictol

    Zach Nicolas NictolTháng trước

    Shut up my mom bought me this on my 10th bday I'm so sad

  95. Chris K

    Chris KTháng trước


  96. Sarah

    SarahTháng trước

    Go hard 😂 He's not wrong 😎

  97. Ahmed Mustafa

    Ahmed MustafaTháng trước

    2:27: PEARS

  98. Sexy Babe

    Sexy BabeTháng trước

    Am watching this on s6 edge

  99. What did i do ???

    What did i do ???27 ngày trước

    Get the s10plus beautiful

  100. Pencil42_43

    Pencil42_43Tháng trước

    I should have listened to this fellow mate and waited for the note 9.

  101. Urbex Bass

    Urbex BassTháng trước

    The Galaxy Note8 is the most reliable Smartphone I ever had! I just love it, and use it since it's debut. And I will definitely use it for more than two years.

  102. Dear Agony

    Dear AgonyTháng trước

    Funny, I was looking for note 8. vs. videos because I'm almost at the end of my two year term with the note 8 and this phone has been the best smartphone, it's got everything you'd want and more. Don't know why the negative opinions on it, battery is great, performance is amazing, camera is pretty damn good, graphically, it's dreamy!

  103. Faisal Malik

    Faisal MalikTháng trước

    Just double tap to the right of the video when the dumb jokes come in

  104. Gato Minino

    Gato MininoTháng trước

    I just buy it and it works perfectly

  105. michael deadwyler

    michael deadwylerTháng trước

    I still have my note 8. Its literally the best phone I've ever had with the tmobile sidekick being the first. The note 10 is coming soon and in still debating whether it's worth giving up my note 8 for the 10. With the android pie update, it pretty much made me fall in love with it all over again.

  106. The City Master

    The City MasterTháng trước

    Hey guys if you search Dont buy UNBOX Therapy.. You will se. All the phone with dont buy this.. WTF it mean dont buy anything...

  107. Daniel Ionuț

    Daniel IonuțTháng trước


  108. Cuba G

    Cuba GTháng trước

    Like 90% here, IDK why the fuq Im watching this

  109. Xxwolfie ツ

    Xxwolfie ツTháng trước

    I have it

  110. imthiyaz pasha

    imthiyaz pashaTháng trước

    Which mobile phone to buy now note 8 or s8

  111. Daniel Ionuț

    Daniel IonuțTháng trước

    +imthiyaz pasha S8

  112. imthiyaz pasha

    imthiyaz pashaTháng trước

    +Subzero 1911 thanks bro

  113. Subzero 1911

    Subzero 1911Tháng trước

    I got the note 8 today for 288 from sprint it's definitely better than the s8

  114. rishad abdul rasheed

    rishad abdul rasheedTháng trước

    Who else watching dis in classical game changer NOTE 3.

  115. JUXMIE

    JUXMIETháng trước

    Please unbox the Samsung Galaxy A50

  116. s pk

    s pkTháng trước

    Why are not telling about sony

  117. DED

    DEDTháng trước

    My fuck you saved my life dude i was gonna buy note but the s8 regilar is the best

  118. Daniel Ionuț

    Daniel IonuțTháng trước


  119. Sam Mee

    Sam MeeTháng trước

    Ok april 2019 now. Is buying this still a good idea? Specs wise vs. the current androids on the market. Can it still compete?

  120. Dove Piranha

    Dove PiranhaTháng trước

    Today i dropped my s8 and guess what happened; the screen on the edge side broke(as you MOST expect from edge models). The backside was already damaged twice from the corners!! Note 8 in Holland comes with a battery of 3300 mah while s8 3000. Tomorrow i'm going to buy note 8. 🙂

  121. Deplorable State Of Mind

    Deplorable State Of MindTháng trước

    Mine & my son's both screens are cracked.... I've never had a cracked screen before. I believe the glass is faulty.

  122. Shafan S. Chaudhary

    Shafan S. ChaudharyTháng trước

    12:03 Lew shows a s7 instead of s8

  123. JamRock Bless

    JamRock BlessTháng trước

    If only you lot listened when people like him were mentioning the absurd price of phones. Now, now in 2019 you're paying $1k USD for the true flagship phones, and not any retarded 'cheaper version of an expensive phone' bullshit. I cannot wait to see the price of the note10 lol. You're getting less and less 'bang' each year because phone tech isn't improving as fast but you're sure as hell paying a whole lot more. Look at the s8 in 2019...that's still a PERFECTLY fine phone to use. It's fast, has the necessary connections, no fucking notch, fingerprint scanner. What do you get for the s10? A notch, and if you spend the $1k, another type of fingerprint scanner. The cpu and gpu of the s8 isn't so outdated that it's unusable in two years, so for the average user, you're not really getting anything from the s10 that you can't get from the s8. There's no damn reason the price of flagships should have ever gone beyond $750, and now you will all suffer for it-just like how we allowed mtx and dlc and season passes to be normalized in gaming and now we're suffering for it.

  124. Daniel Ionuț

    Daniel IonuțTháng trước

    S8 is better than trashy overpriced S10.

  125. The D Fighters

    The D FightersTháng trước

    Why do you provide d-brand skin links to a phone you say not to buy?

  126. Lyra Lasala

    Lyra LasalaTháng trước

    i love Lou!

  127. FUR

    FURTháng trước

    Stfu Lou you dont know what you're talking about

  128. Michael Hooley

    Michael HooleyTháng trước

    Just ordered a new note 8, arrives tomorrow... Can't wait... Sad to leave Huawei but I miss Samsung lol

  129. HowTo Simple

    HowTo SimpleTháng trước

    Is it waterproof?

  130. Guitar Dave

    Guitar DaveTháng trước

    Its' good to consider other phones and compare prices , that's what I gather the Heart of His Message to be . Smart .