DON'T Buy The Samsung Galaxy Note 8


  1. Unbox Therapy

    Unbox TherapyNăm trước

    Samsung Galaxy Note / S8+ / S8 skins -

  2. Remy G

    Remy G3 ngày trước

    Now it's 400 is it still worth it

  3. trav5551

    trav555111 ngày trước

    To be honest, what I'm hearing from this You tuber is that he is completely biased and feels that you should purchase the way he would. It's never explained to those who like to Netflix and enjoy an Optimum screen size why they must be wrong as a consumer. Mass consumers these days like bigger and better. A lot of times to a lot of people bigger is better. Let's not lie to ourselves. Dude you need to be a little more humble on how you come across with people. Egocentric. ;)

  4. Born 4/20 Live and Die by 4/20

    Born 4/20 Live and Die by 4/203 tháng trước


  5. Born 4/20 Live and Die by 4/20

    Born 4/20 Live and Die by 4/203 tháng trước


  6. _TheDogWhisperer_

    _TheDogWhisperer_4 tháng trước

    @unboxtherapy would you recommend it if I get a new note 8 for about 350 plus a worn out LG?

  7. First Name

    First Name11 giờ trước

    *What the fuck do you mean don't buy the Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Fuck off dude is still better than every iPhone ever*

  8. ELY1HTZ

    ELY1HTZNgày trước

    Watching on my note 10

  9. Antonio d'Anconia

    Antonio d'AnconiaNgày trước

    still on a note 4... no really... im happy

  10. Refugio Flores

    Refugio Flores2 ngày trước

    is the speed same on both? same processors ?

  11. Gameriffic

    Gameriffic2 ngày trước

    I LOVE my note 8

  12. J Tapia

    J Tapia3 ngày trước

    Honestly I dont but phones year after year.. I had the SMG s5 up until the s8 note came out. Note8 still banging till this day no way will I get a new phone till SMG note12, Lol just saying.

  13. Pandula Thennakoon

    Pandula Thennakoon3 ngày trước

    Then get the note 9

  14. MOMIN suhail rahaman

    MOMIN suhail rahaman3 ngày trước

    Son of a bitch

  15. Sujoy Barua

    Sujoy Barua3 ngày trước

    I dnt knw which phone he'll say "" BUY IT""......every video title of this person is Dont buy apple, dont buy samsung dont buy bla bla...thn wht have to buy

  16. adril fun

    adril fun4 ngày trước

    Fuck you this is Good phone

  17. Shokonosle

    Shokonosle4 ngày trước

    Don't buy nothing according to this VIreporter

  18. TheStratology

    TheStratology4 ngày trước

    Note 8 was an awesome phone and still goes great today

  19. Tracer 165

    Tracer 1656 ngày trước

    For me if it doesn't have the pen, it's useless. I use the pen non stop for a huge variety of things DAILY.

  20. shane lim

    shane lim6 ngày trước

    I bought already,and it was so realy good

  21. annoying troll

    annoying troll6 ngày trước

    No u

  22. TheIvoryWolf

    TheIvoryWolf6 ngày trước

    Paid it off in 3 months when i got it, my price tag was 720 with tmo, used runs for 350 now

  23. Franco Bullorini

    Franco Bullorini7 ngày trước

    Sinceramente considero que debería replantearse lo que dice, yo reconozco lo escaso que puede ser la batería en ciertas ocasiones, pero no quiere decir que viva con el cargador en el cuello. Es un teléfono impresionante, excelente pantalla, rendimiento, y una cámara que puede competir tranquilamente con los celulares actuales. El S-pen, es una herramienta única y muy útil en ciertas situaciones, constantemente traduzco textos, hago capturas de pantalla mas precisas, tomo notas todos los días, la lupa me encanta. Y con respecto a la seguridad del mismo, el reconocimiento de iris es impresionantemente preciso, en la única ocación que le puede costar es cuando hay mucho sol, pero para ello, dispone del lector de huella, que, para la mano que yo tengo, ademas de que soy diestro, me resulta muy cómodo.

  24. Ionescu Stefan-Adrian

    Ionescu Stefan-Adrian7 ngày trước

    Ugly smartphone.

  25. William Sarokon

    William Sarokon8 ngày trước

    Samsung has been beating mac for at least 4 years now. The Note 8 still crushes in Feb 2019!!!!

  26. OnceThereWasAPageWithAReallyLongAssNameAndNowYouAreLookingAtAChannelWithAReallyLongName!

    OnceThereWasAPageWithAReallyLongAssNameAndNowYouAreLookingAtAChannelWithAReallyLongName!8 ngày trước

    ORRR, you can wait till now, almost two years later to pick up a refurbished, fair condition version of this device for next to nothing. I cannot wait. It's really going to just serve as a secondary device.

  27. L Leyton

    L Leyton9 ngày trước

    Watching on my Note 8 lmao

  28. Tendayi Tsvetu

    Tendayi Tsvetu9 ngày trước

    This is just mean!🙎🙅💩💩

  29. AspectGameZ

    AspectGameZ9 ngày trước

    u stupid this phone is good

  30. Rudy Rodriguez

    Rudy Rodriguez2 ngày trước

    no its not good

  31. trav5551

    trav555110 ngày trước

    Can someone say Biased opinion? People like this type of demeanor? Fml,I get highly annoyed with watching this guys body language and overtone voice. Older video,or new video. Have some respect for a great all around phone. Purchasing for $489 in 2019. Choosing this phone over the note 9, 9 plus, and all other 8 models because SOME OF US LIKE A WELL BUILT PHABLET for cheaper.

  32. T O F U

    T O F U10 ngày trước

    Damm im just now seeing this..


    KHAIRUL AZHAR11 ngày trước

    Compare it to iphone x

  34. Tumisho Mashabela

    Tumisho Mashabela11 ngày trước

    Bought it 😁

  35. Florin Covaci

    Florin Covaci11 ngày trước

    Hi Lew price is lower 😂


    CYLKO GACHA11 ngày trước

    whats with the rectangular camera set up first note 5 now 7 and 8 and now 9 oh god ;-;

  37. Trevor Campbell

    Trevor Campbell11 ngày trước

    I rarely write on site but it brilliant review and so clear and honest . Love the almost stop motion clip. Fun to watch from uk

  38. Gerald Leveque

    Gerald Leveque11 ngày trước

    oh shut your mouth!!! you won't get subscribers if you say oh don't get this, don't get that. like dude don't say that.jeez

  39. I'm me

    I'm me12 ngày trước

    I love everything about the note 8

  40. Suprxne 2003

    Suprxne 200310 ngày trước

    same and I have one

  41. i am suvarna

    i am suvarna12 ngày trước


  42. Arun Yanka

    Arun Yanka12 ngày trước

    I got it

  43. Captain Savage

    Captain Savage13 ngày trước

    bought mine for $420 USD no regrets.

  44. RahmatAkkhan Khan

    RahmatAkkhan Khan13 ngày trước

    Bro imma sorry thts my first dislike

  45. Nightmare Core

    Nightmare Core13 ngày trước

    Sounds like get you self a ese 8

  46. bro chan

    bro chan13 ngày trước

    Galaxy note 8 now 360$

  47. Tiffany Hugill

    Tiffany Hugill14 ngày trước

    I wish I knew this much about phones. Im just trying to buy a nice but cheap phone on amazon that can be used on straight talk and I just dont get the lingo.. "yes but only GSM not CDM? I dont even know.. all I know is I dont understand it I get 1 workds one certain towers and the other works on others, however they will say it will work on straight talk but also say "but it dont work on Verizon or sprint" but straight talk runs off Verizon and sprint towers???? I am so confussed! oh and the "bring your own phone kit" there are like 5 different BYOP by straight talk but they all say something different and all different prices. I have no idea which one I need...….. Ugh I have got to learn all this phone stuff....

  48. Jesus Salazar

    Jesus Salazar14 ngày trước

    It's crazy now 2019 I just got a pre-owned G8 plus for 300 at Boost Mobile

  49. Hoitroy

    Hoitroy14 ngày trước

    your title is clicbait but i love the content

  50. Sauce Daddy

    Sauce Daddy14 ngày trước

    Thanks for havin our backs bro

  51. Cybrysh Sam

    Cybrysh Sam14 ngày trước

    Who is watching this on samsung galaxy note 8

  52. preetham nitro

    preetham nitro15 ngày trước

    can I buy this in 2019 for a price of 400 dollars??

  53. Mustafa al ziyane

    Mustafa al ziyane15 ngày trước

    I buy it and after 6 months the system crash and the keep doing restart with out working it have more options but it is sick

  54. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent16 ngày trước

    DON'T Buy The Samsung Galaxy Note 8... Because It Costs 900 Dollars If thats legit the only reason you have then im buying the Note 8

  55. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent16 ngày trước

    Are you a newyorker 0.0

  56. Clark Kent

    Clark Kent16 ngày trước

    "They need some advice on romance" "Go hard" "Awwwwhg!"

  57. Hillo Agurk

    Hillo Agurk16 ngày trước

    You are just a hater 😣😤

  58. snizer11

    snizer1116 ngày trước

    Go hard. Nice.

  59. kharrati haitem

    kharrati haitem16 ngày trước

    I love my note 8

  60. 하리사초하

    하리사초하17 ngày trước

    Why are you excited while talking? The video is silly

  61. _Nathan _

    _Nathan _17 ngày trước

    Now today the phone is worth $300 as a whole.

  62. Boomer8824

    Boomer882413 ngày trước

    Edeigba Collins eBay

  63. Edeigba Collins

    Edeigba Collins15 ngày trước

    Where can you purchase it for $300?

  64. The VoiceOver Guy

    The VoiceOver Guy17 ngày trước

    Did he say puppy dog? 😂😂😂

  65. Robert Vaughn

    Robert Vaughn17 ngày trước

    My Note 8 is incredible... if you have a problem with yours, that's your problem.

  66. Emacar Brian

    Emacar Brian17 ngày trước

    *Whatever dude* Goes and buys it... lol

  67. Pedro Araiza

    Pedro Araiza18 ngày trước

    Who ever has a note series, those phones are more for business people, creators, not just for media

  68. señor clitslam

    señor clitslam18 ngày trước

    I'm deadass watching this on my note 8 :/

  69. Electric Purple

    Electric Purple18 ngày trước

    You should buy the note9

  70. thunder gamer

    thunder gamer18 ngày trước

    Wow........I was watching this video with an note 8

  71. Velocity Music

    Velocity Music18 ngày trước

    can u do an unbox of the mi note 7

  72. Exemplifiera

    Exemplifiera18 ngày trước

    It's time for you to talk about the Samsung Galaxy M20, it's a beast! 5000 mAh battery for 150 dollars!

  73. Harshal Baviskar

    Harshal Baviskar19 ngày trước

    what about note 8 in 2019...? Good Idea...?

  74. Roshan Rosario

    Roshan Rosario19 ngày trước

    @TechnicalGuruji is going to cross you in subscribers count

  75. bellinda juniaty

    bellinda juniaty19 ngày trước

    NICE recommendation

  76. Joaquin Sanchez

    Joaquin Sanchez20 ngày trước

    Note 8 is a badass phone

  77. Jordan Hamilton

    Jordan Hamilton20 ngày trước

    Best phone I've ever had.

  78. camXmile

    camXmile21 ngày trước

    "GO HARD" should've been the title of this video 3:14

  79. James Watson

    James Watson21 ngày trước

    Already got n8

  80. Agostinho Gonçalves

    Agostinho Gonçalves21 ngày trước

    i buyed one now, NEW for 399 euros

  81. Regg Brown

    Regg Brown22 ngày trước

    Don't go by the bullshit title. Watch the video, but make up your own mind.

  82. matthew lucenti

    matthew lucenti22 ngày trước

    *laughs in 2019* $900 is exspensive lmao

  83. Random Guy

    Random Guy22 ngày trước

    Watching it on my new note 8... That's the first video I'm watching on my new note 8 Thanks Lue for cracking my heart

  84. Sean Spencer

    Sean Spencer23 ngày trước

    I've had my note 8 since November. I got it on ebay for $300 due to the fact it has a light burn. It doesn't affect anything I do on the phone or the display at all. The phone was just like new and I absolutely love it. I wouldn't have gotten it for the retail price. But I absolutely love it. I also got my fiancé an s8+ on ebay for under $300 with amazing quality and all the perks. It has the same low burn on the screen but neither her nor I have had a complaint yet. As far as the battery is concerned there are ways to conserve battery on both phones (especially the note 8)...and there are a number of videos on youtube to help you optimize the battery for longer use.

  85. Deepak Precilla

    Deepak Precilla24 ngày trước

    I love my note 8 it's awesome

  86. J A

    J A24 ngày trước

    “In your opinion”. Your videos are super annoying. “I’m switching to...whatever” no loyalty to any phone. You’ll jump ship for any reason. “Oh this phone is shinier than this phone I’m switching” Pick a phone and not for anyone else but yourself. Wtf.

  87. starsunderer

    starsunderer25 ngày trước

    It seems with the price of phones now a days you need to wait a year or more for the price to come down from stratospheric levels. Or buy used on like swappa. Or both for maximum savings. I'd like to buy cheaper chinese phones like xiaomi myself but theres issues with uber not liking them so... Only issue with used is the battery life left / screen burn. Note 8 is totally buyable now that its the previous model and found used everywhere. ( of course thats the same story with all old phones lol ) Get it. Just watch out for screen burn and take steps so yours doesn't become burnt as well.

  88. MutoreoCookie

    MutoreoCookie25 ngày trước

    Updated prices: s8 = $400 note8 = $500. Take $100 off for refurbished models

  89. Ahmad A.

    Ahmad A.26 ngày trước

    Been 16 months since I got my 256GB Exynos Note 8, my FIRST EVER Samsung Smartphone, and I'm really loving this extremely useful tool! Think I'll keep it for the next 4 years unless something much more useful gets materialized. That's coming from someone who switched from over half a decade of using just jailbroken. Never looking back at that restricted haven.

  90. HiTechDiver

    HiTechDiver26 ngày trước

    Well, I had a two year old Note 5 that went bad (my fault). Paid the $150 deductible and ended up with a Note 8, because they no longer supplied the Note 5. Under those circumstances I think Lou would agree I got a good deal.

  91. Mohammed Musthafa

    Mohammed Musthafa26 ngày trước

    Note 8 sucks

  92. diobruttoporco

    diobruttoporco26 ngày trước

    Honestly just got it a couple days ago. For 449 euros... less than half of the launch price. Still a pretty damn good purchase... nothing comes close at this pricepoint... it's like jennifer aniston: age has just made it better!

  93. Kevan Simpson

    Kevan Simpson27 ngày trước

    I love my note 8

  94. Elvis Sanchez

    Elvis Sanchez28 ngày trước

    Thanks for the advice. I went to the store and bought a Samsung Galaxy note 9. =)

  95. Manav Chhattri

    Manav Chhattri28 ngày trước

    At this time the s10 is a month to be released

  96. munawar hussain

    munawar hussain28 ngày trước

    you are my hero............ lu.

  97. Bhavana Prajapati

    Bhavana Prajapati29 ngày trước

    Watching this in note 9😂😂😂😂

  98. Conqueror's Haki

    Conqueror's Haki29 ngày trước

    It's only a 200 milaamp difference lol plus I got my note 8 a week ago for 60 bucks lmao and I love it battery last me all day I use alot I also have he s8 plus and I say the note is way better

  99. Fox in a box

    Fox in a box29 ngày trước

    It's 2019 and the note cost around $450😞😞

  100. Mobile Expert Aditya Singh

    Mobile Expert Aditya SinghTháng trước

    Your daddy selects phone of the year sehalo!!!!?

  101. Mobile Expert Aditya Singh

    Mobile Expert Aditya SinghTháng trước

    Your daddy selects phone of the year sehalo!!!!?

  102. Faizan Khan

    Faizan KhanTháng trước

    Watch on note 8....Good phone but screen burn after 3 month's use

  103. Conte

    ConteTháng trước

    Just bought it and I love it

  104. peter lawson

    peter lawsonTháng trước

    £350-£450 in 2019😏

  105. cosmicpickel77

    cosmicpickel77Tháng trước

    I don't know what your talking about, the note 8 is the best phone I've ever bought.

  106. Oofers doodles

    Oofers doodlesTháng trước

    Lol watching this on note 8

  107. SimsForever

    SimsForeverTháng trước

    I still love this in 2019 and am not rushing to upgrade it even this year when my contract ends for once. I really love it. I think am gonna get the note 10 in 2020 when the contracts are cheaper for it. But the note 10 will have to be enough of upgrade for me. It needs big improvement in cameras and indisplay fingerprint sensor and no bezels. It needs to be faster. Alot faster. Better battery life. An improved display. It needs to feel like a massive upgrade for me to move on from the note 8. I really love it..

  108. dalurin zinia

    dalurin ziniaTháng trước

    go hard, lol

  109. mikakami93

    mikakami93Tháng trước

    definitely do not buy Note 8 in 2019 i hate the title