Draw My Life - Markiplier


  1. Dat goomba

    Dat goombaGiờ trước

    inspiring AF

  2. Ellen Jensen

    Ellen JensenGiờ trước

    Your story is so sad and I've never had a day as bad as 1 sec of yours but anyway your the best VIreporter bye bye

  3. I'm a unicorn

    I'm a unicorn3 giờ trước

    Is the person you say mom plAys fnaf is that lady dee

  4. Krisalis

    Krisalis5 giờ trước

    Y’all are (very understandably) sad about Mark’s dad dying from cancer, and no one is talking about the fact that Mark is a cancer survivor, he mentioned he had a tumour.

  5. Ferdo Freemode

    Ferdo Freemode7 giờ trước

    You're doing great job... I'm really sorry about what happened... Your videos are all what i love to watch. I'm sorry what happened.

  6. Tulluartoq Lennert

    Tulluartoq Lennert9 giờ trước

    You dad love you😢

  7. Tom Wesley

    Tom Wesley12 giờ trước

    what kind of person would dislike this

  8. Psych Psych

    Psych Psych13 giờ trước

    Your dad would be so proud, bless you mark. I love your channel! Keep being you!

  9. dinohunter 2018

    dinohunter 201815 giờ trước

    I fell so sory about you but he whould be so proued of what you have become

  10. Mangle Fazbear

    Mangle Fazbear15 giờ trước

    Your not the only one whose relative died of cancer, my aunt did and I miss her alot


    THE REDMARK16 giờ trước

    i cried

  12. Monstar King

    Monstar King18 giờ trước


  13. Little Sarah star Gaming

    Little Sarah star Gaming19 giờ trước

    I almost lost my dad to cancer and it was really hard when he told me that he had cancer

  14. cueen mama

    cueen mama19 giờ trước


  15. Joel Mudd

    Joel Mudd20 giờ trước

    Oh this video was so sweet it almost made me cry

  16. Bladimir Camacho

    Bladimir Camacho20 giờ trước

    I am so sorry mark

  17. MCT Rogue

    MCT Rogue23 giờ trước

    Has anyone notices that if u ship marks dad and his girlfriend dee it would be: daddee

  18. luckycharm684

    luckycharm684Ngày trước

    Love you mark

  19. luckycharm684

    luckycharm684Ngày trước

    Lol for stairs and monkey bars

  20. Carah Newman

    Carah NewmanNgày trước

    Ai know how you feel sadly😑


    XOXO DOGGO XOXONgày trước

    This vid is SOOO old, 6 YEARS

  22. Elon Musk 2

    Elon Musk 2Ngày trước

    I watched this when I came out but I never really listened But now that I have,I wish I didn’t I’m so sorry Mark

  23. Rose Chan

    Rose ChanNgày trước

    Mark you are such a trumpet, i am an Alto Saxaphone

  24. Ugandan Knuckles

    Ugandan KnucklesNgày trước

    that is sad my brotha

  25. Lewis Arnold

    Lewis ArnoldNgày trước

    I'm sorry for your loss

  26. Coolkids

    CoolkidsNgày trước

    Very sad! I feel your suffering :'(. My dad died from a heart attack during his service in the Iraqi War. I. Feel. You. BTW, Great DML ツ

  27. adel 12

    adel 12Ngày trước

    man.. that sad but didin't new mark dad was dead it's relly sad my father is dead and he was the only one I trust I was loving him more than my mom but he died with cancer and I hated my life .. and I still hating my life ontile now

  28. Zeyar Khant

    Zeyar KhantNgày trước

    😢😭😭😭😢😢😢 that was so sad mark!!

  29. Kazuma_ Kazuto

    Kazuma_ KazutoNgày trước

    Daddee XD

  30. Brooklyn D

    Brooklyn DNgày trước

    Oh my gosh. Mark, this is why you are my fave. You have a purpose behind everything. Your dad would be so proud, and I am behind you as a subscriber and hopefully, one day, to be your friend!

  31. kenn super

    kenn superNgày trước

    Sad 😔

  32. Taylor Bunny

    Taylor BunnyNgày trước

    Mark I know you you feel about your loss I lost my grandpa and one of my best friends and it broke me for a bit but life went on and they are still in my heart and I'm sure your dads in your' s but I know how you feel and I hope you know you're dad would be so happy that you did what you wanted to do and made markiplier a thing I'm sorry for you loss may you dad rest in peace.

  33. Alexie Shull

    Alexie ShullNgày trước


  34. Alexie Shull

    Alexie ShullNgày trước


  35. Gabriella Cox

    Gabriella CoxNgày trước

    I know the feeling losing a dad

  36. Matthew Moreau

    Matthew MoreauNgày trước

    That's so touching do you know who else has a touching story Leo barbe

  37. Catgirl V

    Catgirl VNgày trước

    Your dad is very proud, and cancer can jump off a microwave

  38. Tails the Saiyan - Geometry Dash

    Tails the Saiyan - Geometry DashNgày trước

    I got hit on the forehead by a baseball, cracking my skull. I just wanted to say that so you won't feel alone, Mark. :)

  39. Emi Animates

    Emi AnimatesNgày trước

    DANG IT! YOU BEAT ME IN WEIGHT! I was 9 lbs 2 oz 🐱

  40. Darkmatter Editz

    Darkmatter EditzNgày trước

    *WhY iS tHiS sO dIsLiKeD oOf*

  41. Luis Fernandez

    Luis Fernandez2 ngày trước

    Sooo touching

  42. Emery D'Arcy

    Emery D'Arcy2 ngày trước

    you rule you are an amazing youtuber

  43. Emery D'Arcy

    Emery D'Arcy2 ngày trước

    I have also had a loved one die

  44. The Omiester

    The Omiester2 ngày trước

    Big baby but small adult... hehehe

  45. Fredbear Entertainment

    Fredbear Entertainment2 ngày trước

    Your dad might be watching you while you are making videos. He must be so proud of you.

  46. Coffee Manboi

    Coffee Manboi2 ngày trước

    One like equals one hope for mark and his dad

  47. Christina Kwarciany

    Christina Kwarciany2 ngày trước

    That was soo sad

  48. stephanie S.

    stephanie S.2 ngày trước

    Well lm petty good with games! Much

  49. stephanie S.

    stephanie S.2 ngày trước

    Okay markplier . you date grls

  50. Kate Eberle

    Kate Eberle2 ngày trước

    I was crying by the middle of this video Thanks for making so many awesome videos

  51. Something Se

    Something Se2 ngày trước

    Ooh. Oh... Im just watching your videos because it’s good content.

  52. Abbigail Herndon

    Abbigail Herndon2 ngày trước

    That's a sad story but you have a happy ending! I'm glad you can live your own life.

  53. Başar ABUHAMİD

    Başar ABUHAMİD2 ngày trước


  54. LittleClosetWitch

    LittleClosetWitch2 ngày trước

    Mark, the buff baby xD srry had to :P

  55. One Fang

    One Fang2 ngày trước

    Mark.....that is really touching and I sort of had a story like that when I was a kid like all the fighting but my dad ditint die.But I moved schools and houses and ditent have much friends or any at all but then I meet these people that made me happy and I am also planning on making a VIreporter account and I really hope one day I can meet you and tell you my story in porson😁😁

  56. Galaxy Jazz

    Galaxy Jazz2 ngày trước

    Haha, I was born at 10 lbs, too!

  57. Zraptor Gaming

    Zraptor Gaming2 ngày trước

    Why are the people all hexagons

  58. Team 6

    Team 62 ngày trước

    I’m sorry mark

  59. Red arrows 511

    Red arrows 5112 ngày trước

    Why the heck do people dislike this

  60. I love cats So much

    I love cats So much2 ngày trước

    Your welcome

  61. NooB Vs PrO

    NooB Vs PrO2 ngày trước

    I cryed i lost my great uncle. We drew pictures for him. He stayed in the hospital bed in the dinning room and had us hang every single one up. Then one day i come home from a bad day from my dads and get the news that he died. I get it. I am sure your dad would be proud

  62. the wumbie

    the wumbie2 ngày trước

    I am crying and I can't stop. I'll never look at his videos the same


    GAME ZONE2 ngày trước

    Also I used to live in Hawaii


    GAME ZONE2 ngày trước

    My parents are divorced and my dad found my mom in the air Force do we have so much in common but still I'm so sorry Mark 😔 I also slit my lips on blinds and cut my ear on a embroidery machine and their is still a blood stain on the wood floor I am still getting bruises every day I am 12 my bday is on May 31st 😖 I'm really sorry Markiplier rest in peace and blessings for your dad.

  65. Nicholas Kane

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  66. SquareStar

    SquareStar3 ngày trước

    You’re better at VIreporter than me

  67. Graciela Ortega

    Graciela Ortega3 ngày trước

    Watching this made me think and even cry because my dad it sixty and ive just been thinking what would i do without my dad he is there when i needed him most and i dont want him to go

  68. Riley Cox

    Riley Cox3 ngày trước

    Well I almost cried

  69. e.x 63

    e.x 633 ngày trước

    OMG HHELP MY CAT IS EATING ME OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG.......that was very off topic but anyways...this video was very touching love you Mark 💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️💞♥️

  70. Margareta Enechescu

    Margareta Enechescu3 ngày trước

    Dadiplier best dad He wod be proud

  71. Karla MTZ

    Karla MTZ3 ngày trước

    Your dad must love you and be watching you

  72. Karla MTZ

    Karla MTZ3 ngày trước

    I corner cried this is touching

  73. Vedant nk

    Vedant nk3 ngày trước

    When my grandma died an kid was crying and my grandma said said my name and said my mom and said shrey (my name) is hungry feed him I was so sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  74. Jonas Brumley

    Jonas Brumley3 ngày trước

    My your father rest in peace

  75. TV

    TV3 ngày trước

    The line 😤🤯😰🤬😰☹️🤪🤬🤬🤧☠️😺😽

  76. TV

    TV3 ngày trước


  77. Jackson Phillips

    Jackson Phillips3 ngày trước

    I’m sorry for your loss and you probably had to cope threw a lot of thing like losing your dad and losing your girlfriend and your job and apartment and all of the things that happened I’m glad you got thew it

  78. Sebastian Pan

    Sebastian Pan3 ngày trước

    Wow I cried

  79. Alexander Roth

    Alexander Roth3 ngày trước

    thats what happened to my dad and my grandfather with my grandfather leaving to go to another place and my dad was holding him as he died. I can relate in some way mark. And Im so sorry

  80. Tundra turtle

    Tundra turtle3 ngày trước

    Damn Mark is a beast he was born in military base on Hawaii like what

  81. Christina Liguori

    Christina Liguori3 ngày trước

    I bet from this day your dad loves you!

  82. Helena Whitt

    Helena Whitt3 ngày trước

    7:43 I CRi

  83. Kira Music

    Kira Music4 ngày trước

    you are so strong. Your dad would be proud of you, because you do what you have, something that he dreams for you. stay srong and you are a good Boy. have a great time

  84. Kenzie James

    Kenzie James4 ngày trước

    Yo you’ve had a rough life are you ok?

  85. gamerboy94b roblox

    gamerboy94b roblox4 ngày trước

    I feel like every VIreporter draw my life has to have some parent or important figure in there life die

  86. Connor Loutensock

    Connor Loutensock4 ngày trước

    (7:50) omg that's so sad😭

  87. fortnite gamer13

    fortnite gamer134 ngày trước

    I have a snes

  88. Farrix Myers

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  89. Andrew Berry

    Andrew Berry4 ngày trước

    I was 10ponnd2 when I was born

  90. Random Uploadz

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    Why doesn't it tell me I got a like on my comment when someone likes it? It used to do that

  91. Random Uploadz

    Random Uploadz4 ngày trước

    This is so touching Dang..

  92. Random Person

    Random Person4 ngày trước

    I understand mark my dad died when I was 8

  93. Mew Fan love

    Mew Fan love3 ngày trước

    Random Person it’s ok

  94. Kristine Whittaker

    Kristine Whittaker4 ngày trước

    6:38 wher are your muscle arms ?! 🙀🙀🙀

  95. Crazy cat Lady

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  96. NotLogic x

    NotLogic x4 ngày trước

    I'm sorry for your loss mark :( atleast your father is in a better place he would be so proud of you right now 🙁😔💔

  97. Imogen cats

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  98. Freed Boys

    Freed Boys4 ngày trước

    How could one dislike this?! YOU HEARTLESS SOUL

  99. Janet Trujillo

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  100. Kurt Matias

    Kurt Matias4 ngày trước

    Damn I feel bad for Mark.😢

  101. Kitty Gamer

    Kitty Gamer5 ngày trước

    1:36 are you insulting Canada? I had a drama teacher that was a redhead named Drew! 6:36 muscles?