Draw My Life - Markiplier


  1. Owleen The Owl

    Owleen The Owl32 phút trước

    I nearly cried

  2. Drew Woodside

    Drew WoodsideGiờ trước

    Drew... drew... that name rings a bell

  3. joystick jordan

    joystick jordan2 giờ trước

    I'm sorry mark I'm crying😪😪😭😭😭😭

  4. Forrest's Playlists

    Forrest's Playlists2 giờ trước

    I am crying. I feel so loved and I had put off watching this for a while because I knew I was going to cry. We all love you so much marki-moo! And your dad is so proud of you I just know it ❤️❤️🧡

  5. Douglas Foley

    Douglas Foley2 giờ trước

    sorry for your because your dada had cancer and my mom might have cancer😯😠😢😦😧🙏

  6. Douglas Foley

    Douglas Foley2 giờ trước

    sorry I ment to say "sorry for your dad"

  7. Lynn Archer

    Lynn Archer3 giờ trước

    Im so sorry about the dad incedient. Never in my life I've even had a dad. You are so lucky to at least see your dad. I still wouldn't have liked to see my dad pass right in front of me. You're awesome being so strong and yet you've gone through TERRIBLE things. especially when you were so young. You are a SUPER HERO! Keep smiling and have a great day! You're awesome Mark! Btw I'm subscribed!🤗😢😋💖💗👪👌

  8. Tais Vasile

    Tais Vasile3 giờ trước

    your dad love you from ☝👆up there.i'm so sad:'(

  9. Night The Lantern Cat

    Night The Lantern Cat4 giờ trước


  10. Tyler Plumm

    Tyler Plumm4 giờ trước

    My dad smokes and dose dip and I think he will have cancer

  11. Sharmin Mozafari

    Sharmin Mozafari5 giờ trước

    I mean you

  12. Sharmin Mozafari

    Sharmin Mozafari5 giờ trước

    Oh mark I can't think that markplier had that life☹️

  13. James.music jennings

    James.music jennings5 giờ trước


  14. James.music jennings

    James.music jennings5 giờ trước

    MARKIPLIER is a legend

  15. Eric Hovasse

    Eric Hovasse5 giờ trước

    I have like the exact same story

  16. Ujjawal Pratap1234

    Ujjawal Pratap12345 giờ trước

    9.3 K people Don't Have Hearts.... I Feel Sorry for Mark

  17. TheGamingWolf

    TheGamingWolf6 giờ trước

    Poor mark

  18. Lexar

    Lexar7 giờ trước

    This Comments is not just for likes, but I’m proud of you Mark. I’m sure your dad is too; ❤️

  19. Dezzy Silva

    Dezzy Silva15 giờ trước

    Also mark why did you not make a VIreporter screen drawing of that one video you ran into the wall

  20. Dezzy Silva

    Dezzy Silva15 giờ trước

    I cried for 3 minutes :==(========== = are tears

  21. DylanPlaysRoblox

    DylanPlaysRoblox16 giờ trước

    who's watching this when he has 22M subs?

  22. Puppy’s Forever

    Puppy’s Forever17 giờ trước

    My grandpa died last month from cancer

  23. xXThegamer Xx

    xXThegamer Xx18 giờ trước

    So Emotional 😭 I also watched Super Mario logan's Life all of the ones are emotional

  24. Mario Castillo

    Mario Castillo18 giờ trước

    Deez nuts

  25. zeRoo_ TopOpp

    zeRoo_ TopOpp18 giờ trước

    My mom has cancer I know how it fells😥😖

  26. the tattletail show villasenor

    the tattletail show villasenor19 giờ trước

    Am so sorry

  27. Russell Frey

    Russell Frey19 giờ trước

    7:51I feel very sorry for your loss... 😢

  28. Jimmy Ashing

    Jimmy Ashing20 giờ trước

    Sorry for your los

  29. THEBOI gamer

    THEBOI gamer20 giờ trước

    Mark u just said my life

  30. Jay Baker

    Jay Baker21 giờ trước

    I am so sorry for you

  31. Cristian Owens

    Cristian Owens21 giờ trước

    AW :C

  32. V One Tattoo

    V One Tattoo21 giờ trước

    So sorry mark

  33. Mr. Mouseman1200

    Mr. Mouseman120022 giờ trước

    The part about your dad made me cry because I hate cancer my Mamaw died from it I hate cancer I do not want any one have to go thru cancer I hate cancer I wish I would go away

  34. Trent Plays

    Trent Plays22 giờ trước

    I Play trumpit toooooo

  35. Jesus Laboy

    Jesus Laboy22 giờ trước

    Sad but I respect you and I hope your dad is whaching in 👆

  36. TigerDude401 The Great

    TigerDude401 The Great23 giờ trước

    I am so sorry about your dad passing away. I lost my grandparents from my mom's side in 2010 when I was only seven years old. My other ones, though, and my dad, are still alive. My dad is 45 years old and my grandparents are in their 60s.

  37. Griffin Christie

    Griffin Christie23 giờ trước

    for you

  38. Griffin Christie

    Griffin Christie23 giờ trước

    I am sad,happy and exited

  39. Fortnite News

    Fortnite NewsNgày trước

    I know your dad was a very good people

  40. Juanita Garcia

    Juanita GarciaNgày trước


  41. Barack ST

    Barack STNgày trước

    I thought that you where fake but real

  42. Lukeyna01

    Lukeyna01Ngày trước

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭I,m cring👍😭😭😱😢

  43. Damian Capano

    Damian CapanoNgày trước

    Hope your dad would be happy for you up there☝️and he Is not feeling pain

  44. Damian Capano

    Damian CapanoNgày trước

    It's sad because I know how you feel cause when I was born I didn't have a dad

  45. Wolfey gamer wolf 444

    Wolfey gamer wolf 444Ngày trước

    Mark im so sorry about ur dad i probly do some dumb stuff if my dad died and my mom was gone

  46. TopHatPat

    TopHatPatNgày trước

    All abord the emotional train!

  47. Lilly Young

    Lilly YoungNgày trước

    I subed and do not konw what i wuchd do if my dad died :(

  48. Robert Gepford

    Robert GepfordNgày trước

    I am sad happy should I like dislike I cant take it

  49. Gummy Bear

    Gummy BearNgày trước

    I can relate a lot with mark. My mom didn’t pass away but she is very sick. My parents fought a lot when I was little and they soon got a divorce. I don’t get to see my mom very much which is hard. I never know how she is feeling. I want my mom to be happy but... I don’t know. It’s very complicated with my family. I just wish that it could be normal. That I can see her every other weekend like my friends do if their parents are divorced. I’m so sorry for your loss. It must be hard as I know how I would feel if it happened to me.

  50. Leila Reis

    Leila ReisNgày trước

    I was crying as I watched this video it made me sad and happy 🥺

  51. The Spider Geek

    The Spider GeekNgày trước

    R.I.P markiplier’s dad 😭

  52. captain_jeff 8080

    captain_jeff 8080Ngày trước

    I can understand about your dad cancer I got one to but I'm happy you pass this problem

  53. captain_jeff 8080

    captain_jeff 8080Ngày trước

    I can understand about your dad cancer I got one to but I'm happy you pass this problem

  54. Brianna D

    Brianna DNgày trước

    Thank you mark, I'm glad I could help.;)

  55. Brianna D

    Brianna DNgày trước

    OMG, I'm so sorry. I can't even imagine loosing my parents due to cancer, but my grandpa and aunt died not too long ago. You helped me smile and laugh out the pain in my heart. Thank you.

  56. HyperJono

    HyperJonoNgày trước


  57. Jamie Feltus

    Jamie FeltusNgày trước

    Im your biggest fan i hope your dad is watching you 👆there

  58. Jason Houle

    Jason HouleNgày trước

    I suck at lockers.

  59. Spirit Productions

    Spirit ProductionsNgày trước

    Im so sorry for your loss. Im sure he would be very proud of you if he was still here.

  60. Emma Henderson

    Emma Henderson2 ngày trước


  61. Emma Henderson

    Emma Henderson2 ngày trước

    You awesome,cool,inspirational, and other stuffies that are cool. 😎

  62. Chilled Pillz

    Chilled Pillz2 ngày trước

    I could tell when he said his dad died he sounded more sad I cried aswell ;-;

  63. Mohamed Abdilaahi

    Mohamed Abdilaahi2 ngày trước

    I hope your mum is going to think about what she has done to you and if this ever happens to you again we all got your back. WE LOVE YOU MARK !!! ❤❤❤ Like if you agree

  64. JopieH

    JopieH2 ngày trước

    Im sorry your dad died, i quess thats a part of live

  65. Tatiana Mavridis

    Tatiana Mavridis2 ngày trước

    Man, if your in Cincinnati I live pretty close to you!

  66. Ashim Ghose

    Ashim Ghose2 ngày trước

    This made ma cry, anyone from 2018

  67. Riaani Riaani

    Riaani Riaani2 ngày trước

    Mark do you play Minecraft

  68. 100 Subcribers no Videos

    100 Subcribers no Videos2 ngày trước

    Hey markiplier your draw my life is so inspiring! My dads in the hospital right now getting chemo

  69. A.M. Animations

    A.M. Animations2 ngày trước

    TRUMPET POWER 🎺 ♥️!!!! I play trumpet to so you awesome mark

  70. Mariana  Muñoz

    Mariana Muñoz2 ngày trước

    Now you making me cry

  71. Fahed Dajeh

    Fahed Dajeh2 ngày trước

    one of the few videos that made me cry..... I feel so sad for your dad and you

  72. Zach Borgan

    Zach Borgan2 ngày trước

    Went from happy to sad than happy to sad then more to come.

  73. - YaBoiGauntlet

    - YaBoiGauntlet2 ngày trước

    I'm so sad for you Mark I hope that were love is enough to not replace your dad but to make you feel as loved as much.

  74. Evan T

    Evan T2 ngày trước

    Dad+Dee= Daddy

  75. shedletssky

    shedletssky2 ngày trước

    I was 11 pounds when i was born

  76. Fox Trot

    Fox Trot2 ngày trước

    Good job 👍

  77. Fox Trot

    Fox Trot2 ngày trước

    Markaplier In a normal video Cuss cuss cuss Markaplier in this video Sappy with his feelings

  78. we are the Montoya's

    we are the Montoya's2 ngày trước

    I know your dad will be soo proud of you mark and he would hug you if he could. 😢

  79. Cinnnamon Dragon

    Cinnnamon Dragon2 ngày trước

    I was going to win but 😐 ummm

  80. Taryn Benevento

    Taryn Benevento2 ngày trước

    "You built this place, for broken things..."

  81. The Outsiders

    The Outsiders3 ngày trước

    I hope.. He was

  82. The Outsiders

    The Outsiders3 ngày trước

    So sorry .:O He is really proud of you

  83. B-T-K 1881

    B-T-K 18813 ngày trước

    Can i have your dog then like if you get it

  84. Goku Black

    Goku Black3 ngày trước

    This was a pretty cool story mark I really liked the death of your father.. not very touchy for me.. But still, bravo.

  85. Jen Duffy

    Jen Duffy3 ngày trước

    So sorry uv had a rough life I hope things get better

  86. Colonialp GD

    Colonialp GD3 ngày trước

    Holy crap Mark went through some pretty bad stuff

  87. Ali J Cojímar

    Ali J Cojímar3 ngày trước

    9:08 Barbara? As in Barbara *D E N N I N G* ??? (If you get this, you're a cool kid)

  88. PROMTlukman FILMS

    PROMTlukman FILMS3 ngày trước

    8:13 the moment I started crying 😭, your amazing mark I love your videos keep doing what your doing you make so many people laugh and in general be happy. I got back from out door school recently and you were the first VIreporterr I watched when I got back thank you for doing what you love it really makes me happy and want to be as successful as you are on my VIreporter channel.

  89. Yellow rose Of Texas.

    Yellow rose Of Texas.3 ngày trước

    Most people most likely won’t say this so I will. You, mark, are extremely strong. Even through all of that, all of this, all of the pain and anger, depression, all of that. You are alive today. A lot more people can go through a fraction of that and believe it was all hopeless and give up their life. But not you. You kept going. You pushed. And you survived. That, to me is strength unimaginable for me. I never lost someone so close to me.....I can’t say anything about feeling the same. I can however smile at your videos and laugh and cry when I watch them. That to me is the best way of trying to connect. I’m just a small pebble in the ocean. I know that. That’s why I know you probably won’t read this. But I don’t mind. I am just giving my support in the only way I can, without body slamming you to the ground with hugs and tears in person. 🤗

  90. DGL KillerCobra

    DGL KillerCobra3 ngày trước

    Well done on the 898k likes and shame on the 9.3k Dislikes if you don't like it don't freaking watch it you insensitive assholes he told his life story to us he didn't have to but he did to show his fans what his life was like RIP Marks dad he's looking down on you Mark and he's praising you for growing and being a better you every day you help so many people each and every day and for that the 898k that liked the video we are very grateful to have such a kind soul like you in this world

  91. Dounutcats taken over

    Dounutcats taken over3 ngày trước

    Sky bought your dad

  92. Julia Grace Segers

    Julia Grace Segers3 ngày trước

    So many people cried that 9,300 people ACCIDENTALLY disliked it

  93. JONE'S BBQ

    JONE'S BBQ3 ngày trước


  94. Michael Blevins

    Michael Blevins3 ngày trước

    I am so sorry about your dad😢

  95. Angela Bisig

    Angela Bisig3 ngày trước

    im so sorry mark im crying

  96. Emma Robinson

    Emma Robinson3 ngày trước

    Who else started crying when his dad died?

  97. Crazylegoboy7

    Crazylegoboy73 ngày trước

    Oh my gurd we were born in the same area mark!

  98. Four Pancakes

    Four Pancakes3 ngày trước

    Why do people dislike this that’s stupid

  99. Dorian Harris

    Dorian Harris3 ngày trước

    My Dad Dosent Care About Me He Cares Only About His Career

  100. Dorian Harris

    Dorian Harris3 ngày trước

    That’s Sad 😢Mark You’re The Best VIreporterr Ever And I Will Never Doubt You

  101. Nichol Auxtero

    Nichol Auxtero3 ngày trước

    5:30 Dad Dee

  102. AJ Garcia

    AJ Garcia3 ngày trước

    We all love you, but not as much as your dad. You know that he loved you without him having to say it before he died.

  103. Adam Smithey

    Adam Smithey3 ngày trước

    That's so sad😭