Draw My Life - Markiplier


  1. Big Chungus 5674

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    I can relate my grandma died of cancer

  2. Caleb Walker

    Caleb WalkerGiờ trước

    I can just smell the dry erase markers

  3. Skyler mcBeth

    Skyler mcBethGiờ trước

    i am crying and i havent cried for 5 years when i had an abusive dad

  4. jungshook 14

    jungshook 14Giờ trước

    I actually cried...

  5. Nicole Dixon

    Nicole DixonGiờ trước

    I’m so sorry for you mark it ok you still have him in your hart

  6. Ethan Rudibaugh

    Ethan Rudibaugh2 giờ trước

    I live in Salem Ohio So not to far from Cincinnati

  7. Mandy Katerina

    Mandy Katerina2 giờ trước

    I'll bet Barbara 'C' really regrets being so angry all of the time. . .

  8. Paden Buenzli

    Paden Buenzli3 giờ trước

    I shedded a tear

  9. Mason Bobadilla

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    I basicly was crying when I saw the words I love

  10. Lauren Foraker

    Lauren Foraker4 giờ trước

    Rest In Peace markipliers father 😥👍

  11. Chase Wright

    Chase Wright7 giờ trước

    I'm sorry mark

  12. Revin Lewter

    Revin Lewter8 giờ trước

    This is a sad story but he would never had been a youtuber though

  13. Sher Maca

    Sher Maca8 giờ trước

    1 🙏🏾 for mark 😇😭😇😇

  14. Ultrasoulviver

    Ultrasoulviver9 giờ trước

    Mark I love you and everything you do but your life is just so sad that I just can’t watch because I feel to bad for you

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    Is that a yes or no?

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    I was here ob ur first million subs!

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    You’re so cool 😎

  19. Adam Petitclerc

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    Poor you 😔

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    The amount of likes this video has o-o

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    Barbra with a c where's the c

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    dadiplier should be proud of you.

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    You made me cry 😭😭😭😭😭

  24. Nathan Ellis

    Nathan Ellis13 giờ trước

    I got teared when he said his father died and his dad said "I love you so much"

  25. George Williams

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    I’m crying right

  26. thotsarebots _

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    I fucking cried

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    My auntie is called dee

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    8:05 i cried so badly😩😭

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    64% Mario15 giờ trước

    My parents are divorced :p

  30. 64% Mario

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    slowly clicks the bell icon*

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    Anyone who dislikes thid is dumb

  33. Trevor Kotilinek

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    Rest in peace Mark's dad #1 dad run free with the wind 🐎

  34. Dovydas Kirstukas

    Dovydas Kirstukas16 giờ trước

    Kids Dont skip leg day 4:05

  35. Julnalla Gachagal

    Julnalla Gachagal18 giờ trước

    That’s so sad I cried

  36. Dragos Palade

    Dragos Palade18 giờ trước

    This is so sad!!! 1 like=1 prayer for Mark!...

  37. Mr Wiggly

    Mr Wiggly21 giờ trước

    So is Momiplier Dee? Or your biological mom? P.S. RIP Fatherplier

  38. Kingdom Rush Enthusiast

    Kingdom Rush Enthusiast22 giờ trước

    expert drawing skills

  39. Artistic tomato

    Artistic tomato22 giờ trước

    When did you meet Tyler?

  40. Liyah LJ

    Liyah LJ22 giờ trước

    Im so sorry markaplir😢

  41. Peacemaker 08

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    It's like DanTDM's life

  42. Savage Hyena

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    Who is here in 2019 amazed that this is 1000 subs special

  43. Jessi

    JessiNgày trước

    The part with his dad dying. It made me cry. Devastating.

  44. Think Trident

    Think TridentNgày trước

    I usally can hold back my tears at sad parts but the "I love you, so much" really got me, mainly because it almost seems unfair at how bad his life was. Anyone that says "While life isnt fair", dont play that bs with me because people make life not fair (most of the time)

  45. Logan jack plays

    Logan jack playsNgày trước

    Ever month or at least half year I force myself to watch this no matter what

  46. DefaultProPlayer

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    I was *GONNA* win

  47. Finn Collins

    Finn CollinsNgày trước

    This really touched me, Mark.😭

  48. Avery Brown

    Avery BrownNgày trước

    ...no mark...thank you 😊

  49. Jackie Hubbart

    Jackie HubbartNgày trước

    I just wanna say my grandpa had cancer and I just literally felt like my life ended bc I was very close to hime he was my only freind

  50. Jackie Hubbart

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  51. Foxythegamer -

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    Wait you mom today is she one of these moms

  52. Christopher Swain

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    8:20 made me cry

  53. Pali33

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    Fuck cancer

  54. Isabella Krantz

    Isabella KrantzNgày trước

    I know this is a very stupid comment but I think it's great that mark and his moms relationship has gotten better and better I think it's stupid because I dont know the backstory

  55. Welcome To The Charverse

    Welcome To The CharverseNgày trước

    8:12 I cried inside 😭😭😭

  56. Eve Davis

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    Am I the only one who cried when his Dad said said “I love you, so much”? 1 Like = 5 hearts for his dad and Mark

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    When you said the part about your dad passing l cry my ass off 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  59. Gracyn Stutzman

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    I flipping got emotional mark. FLIPPING EMOTIONAL MARK!!!!

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    Im trying not to cry but it didnt work

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    Am I the only one who cried?

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    You 9k people who disliked this video FUCK YOU

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    ❤️ you don’t need to thank us we are always there for u

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    Wait... Dad... Dee. DadDee... Daddy! NANI?!

  65. Ethan Halushka

    Ethan HalushkaNgày trước

    Mark, when your dad died I started crying and my sister was wondering why I was crying

  66. Megan Riordan

    Megan RiordanNgày trước

    3:56 I was a dumb kid 6:34 I was a smart kid

  67. epic cheese sticks

    epic cheese sticksNgày trước

    and there you met the medic and you found out he lost his medical licence

  68. Radiy Adams Adams

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    Love u mark i always watch your vids

  69. Cookie Squad

    Cookie SquadNgày trước

    Mark, on Thursday the 20th 2019 my grandma is seeing if she has cancer. She has diabetes that’s why.. I hope she’s okay :(. I hope that she dosent have cancer like your dad

  70. shedke piyush

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    I got so sad when I love you, so much almost in tears

  71. Eliseo Escalicas

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    I dont know you have a cruel life!! RIP marks dad

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    I love this vid it's app sad 😫😫😫😫


    EFE SİNANNgày trước

    Can i be one of ur viiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiids?!?!?!???

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  75. XxKiller_ WolfxX

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    I feel you My mom divorced two times real dad and stepdad:( I’m kinda depressed now

  76. XxKiller_ WolfxX

    XxKiller_ WolfxXNgày trước

    Poor mark..........

  77. Matthew Williams

    Matthew WilliamsNgày trước

    No. Thank you. You saved my life, and distracted me from the dark times of my life

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    Omg this video is 1337.

  79. thicccboi thanos

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    Good life lesson break ur fekin arm to get friends

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    Comment "yes" if you are watching this in 2019 and crying 😿😩

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    Elly900 monk yes

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    I fell bad 😢😢

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    Im crying im feel so sad! 😭😭 im sorry mark!

  84. Unicorn Gaming

    Unicorn Gaming2 ngày trước

    Mark, I relate my grandpa died from cancer in his lungs and he was so lovely and his last word to me and my cousins were “I will always love you and will be watching over you”..I bursted into tears and held his hand until my mom had to pry my hand apart from his... she said it was best for me to say bye and cya later grandpa and I did..he’s a angel above with my grandma :):

  85. Arca The Artic Fox

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    Cool. Me and mark don’t have an appendix

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    Poor mark but look at you know you make people happy you make me happy

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    i dont now

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    Cancer or butt cancer ?

  90. Michelle Hinkle

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    this is like when iron man's daughter said I love you three thousand then he died a little bit later

  91. Twiggy the Torterra

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    I’m sorry about your dad. I lost my mom few months ago so I know what it’s like to lose a parent

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    I know how you feel My gradmother has breast cancer My mom lives far away and is low in money Also i dont have a dad

  93. MyJoselopes

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    I know how it feels to loose a dad may God be with you

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    Do you know that a mobile game called HAND-LESS MILLIONARE, And they're using your voice without your permission, So THROW THAT LAWSUIT

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    My dad introduced me to pc when i was 1 yr old

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    Your not the only one that lost someone and had a herd life😌

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    Over 6 years ago

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    LOL everything has a face

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    Like plz like

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    we luv you mark already at 23m?! you’ve come so far bud ❤️🌈