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    Make a video on : Sick people stereotypes

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    I subscribed!!! And hit the bell, LOVE YOU GUYS!! :D

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    These vids are sick

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    Most legendary last words: *POUND IT, NOGGIN, SEE YA* (Correct me if I I spelled something wrong :/)

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    Make more over time please

  6. ylunim homi

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    Next Video Suggestions: -Water Sports Battle or Trick Shots -RC Airplane Trick Shots. -Ping Pong Trick Shots 6 Last Suggestion -All Sports Battle 4.

  7. Blazingcurry604

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    Do anthor all sports baseball battle 2

  8. For Your

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    Music:Ninety one???

  9. Motorcu Gençlik

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    Guys make a video *"Flight Stereotypes"*

  10. ylunim homi

    ylunim homi9 giờ trước

    この企画を考えること自体が天才。 日本とは規模が違うから見てて新鮮。 素晴らしいですね、応援してます。

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    R.I.P MacBook Pro 😂

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    BİZİM EKİP YT10 giờ trước

    perfect video:)



    very happy to see you love from india

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    Who wants "kendama trickshots"

  16. Puddles 2272

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    Dude flawless

  17. Rishi Patel

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    This Is So Cringe XD

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    Plz do more of the airsoft battles

  19. Shadowshade 13

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    Dude perfect video: meh Editor edition video: yes

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    I love these guys for the fact that they have lots of time to waste

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    Leave a like if u think that dude perfect should make a stereotype

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    Anyone watching in 2059?

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    この企画を考えること自体が天才。 日本とは規模が違うから見てて新鮮。 素晴らしいですね、応援してます。

  26. Trickshot Try hards

    Trickshot Try hards13 giờ trước

    I am happy that they they got the shot this time

  27. Walter G

    Walter G13 giờ trước

    Can there be a fan meet in ny

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  30. Otto Schuster

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    Wait wtf, where did the rocket « tube » land?

  31. david ellington

    david ellington16 giờ trước

    so all the trickshots were fake

  32. ĤÌÐÅŇ ÝŤ

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  33. Bro Average Garrett

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    6:48 ghost recon wildlands flashbacks

  34. Skippy Sandarr

    Skippy Sandarr18 giờ trước

    Hello everyone I am a new channel. I react to videos, video games varying from older games that are classics to GTA and newer games. I even play sports games like madden and 2K. on occasion I also talk sports. mostly football but I wouldn't ind talking baseball and basketball. All support helps me out. Thank you

  35. Skippy Sandarr

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    bilinas mini I’ll try it but I never done that before

  36. bilinas mini

    bilinas mini17 giờ trước

    Baseball trick shots with Bryce Harper?

  37. Squatter berry76

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    Do a College Football Stereotypes!! 🏈

  38. Abe TheHam

    Abe TheHam19 giờ trước

    Amazing idea for a new trick shots video it’s called Bloopers trick shots it’s a compilation of lots of different trick shots that dp attempted in the past but was not able to actually do so they retry them and see if they can actually do it

  39. super_wolfieplays tes

    super_wolfieplays tes19 giờ trước

    Can you post more

  40. Damian Jasionek

    Damian Jasionek19 giờ trước

    Axe throwing tricks shots

  41. Tyson Smoove

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    How can I get this job?

  42. Baby Face

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    You guys should do first day of school stereotypes

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  44. Gaming With-in Roblox

    Gaming With-in Roblox20 giờ trước

    Soooooo this is why all the vids on dude perfect were gone..... XD


    COOL ETHAN20 giờ trước

    What if there was a camera man edition well this is what it would be like if dude perfect was the camera men edition Take 1:where is the record button Take2does the whole entire vid and they took a bunch of photos Take3 the camera died

  46. ToMeme

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    Right below this video on trending in Canada. There’s a netflix comedy thing and the dude in it is exacly at the same place. You can try and look behind him the mountains are the same. That’s insane!

  47. Ramon Sanchez

    Ramon Sanchez20 giờ trước

    gaming stereotype plsssss

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    Now i know why these videos take so long to upload...

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    Do a video with That'sAmazing please😭

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    Downvoted for OLD men getting WAY over-excited over NOTHING.

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    Baseball trick shots with Bryce Harper?

  52. MinecraftPVZ

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    I laughed when he said the BIG one😂

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    This was an awesome video :) Editor Edition 3 please!!!!!

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    thank you so much for making the second one!!!!

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    Hi! I'M from indonesia

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    Cory cotton is the panda

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    From the guys at dude perfect can you please help me get an electric skateboard please I’m begging.

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    Next Video Suggestions: -Water Sports Battle or Trick Shots -RC Airplane Trick Shots. -Ping Pong Trick Shots 6 Last Suggestion -All Sports Battle 4.

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    Next dude perfect video overtime 11. Who’s excited 😆

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  62. lily schorder

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    this use to be 2 editor

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    3:48 look at the computer screen. You will love it

  65. Preston's LAX

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    do more stareo types

  66. Anguelica Jimenez

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    What that's crazy


    JOIN2GROW TOGETHER23 giờ trước

    *Awesome video. i am New here, stay blessed. keep visiting for long lasting friendship. thanks for sharing*

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    Next video blitzball trickshots 4

  69. Softball & flips

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    Subscribe to my channel. it would mean the world to me!

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    Do a first try edition

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  75. Wills toys games and TORAH

    Wills toys games and TORAHNgày trước

    nice it was better than the first editor edition I mean come on 1200!!!!! foot world record impossible to beat

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    remember when dude perfect was on knight rider 200

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    This is better than usual stuff

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    Do overtime 11

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    Are you guys gonna make a glow in the dark 2.0 trickshot video, i really liked that one🤩

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    I work 12 hours a day and I come home and we're watching you, I wish I'd spent a week with you,

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    Я один русский тут

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    do a bed time stereotype please

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    هل أجد عربي