Eintracht Frankfurt vs. Bayern München I 5-1 I Highlights I The Final Game for Bayern Coach Kovac


  1. Lucky Fuck

    Lucky FuckNgày trước

    Try to imagine what Lewytic could achieve in a world class team

  2. Ivan Pavlinec

    Ivan Pavlinec2 ngày trước

    Kovac is a best

  3. Rizky Nugroho

    Rizky Nugroho3 ngày trước

    It wasn't Kovac's fault. We could see the players were not enthusiast at all.

  4. Geo The Great

    Geo The Great3 ngày trước

    When you sim an away game in career mode

  5. S G M de Paz

    S G M de Paz3 ngày trước

    Me encanta como hacéis el resumen del partido. Podrían hacerlo así en España la verdad....

  6. RG _Nald

    RG _Nald3 ngày trước

    Spurs fan saying hii to Bayern here 😂




  8. Michael Schuenemann

    Michael Schuenemann4 ngày trước

    WAT HAPENT ?????????????????????????????

  9. Ren Caldwell

    Ren Caldwell4 ngày trước

    I wonder what Frankfurt vs Spurs would be like

  10. szewei85

    szewei855 ngày trước

    What an embarassment

  11. Coke Vega

    Coke Vega5 ngày trước

    If Boateng's foul was made by Madrid or Barcelona's player it would not be any colour card... Pathetic Spanish referees...

  12. Jacqueline Henriquez

    Jacqueline Henriquez5 ngày trước

    Best VIreporter channel for kids learning soccer! ​vireporter.net/block-UC7JHrGPjwZraWEln9CVdzkw

  13. Rolf Ronaldo

    Rolf Ronaldo5 ngày trước

    I dont like Frankfurt but good game!!!! :D

  14. m. umar naeem

    m. umar naeem5 ngày trước

    Bayern fans owe boateng a lot

  15. BroJax Gamez

    BroJax Gamez5 ngày trước

    442oons needs to make a song on this the #5 mambo the #5 - 1 Mambo, I'm just suggesting cause last time FCB are always doing the #5 - 1 mambo

  16. Michal Mackov

    Michal Mackov6 ngày trước

    One-sided league in Europe: France (Psg), Scotland (celtic) Spain (Barcelona) Italy (Juventus Not one sided leagues: Germany (Bayern Liepzig, Borussia D.) England (Manchester City, Liverpool) Portugal (Benfica, Porto, Sporting CP) I think that the German league is the best

  17. Marek Jones

    Marek Jones2 ngày trước

    What ? La Liga has Real Madrid, Atletico, Valencia..

  18. James Nicholson

    James Nicholson6 ngày trước

    Blaming this on Kovac was wrong. The players never fought for him.

  19. Rajab ashir

    Rajab ashir3 ngày trước

    He could have bring Martinez when boateng was sent off but the idiot keep playing like this in defense Neuer Pavard Alaba Devies Thiag Gnabry Muller Coutinho coman Lewandowski Lol

  20. Rajab ashir

    Rajab ashir3 ngày trước

    Because he never accept his mistakes always blamed the players he even blamed the fans

  21. Rajab ashir

    Rajab ashir3 ngày trước

    Because he never accept his mistakes always blamed the players he even blamed the fans

  22. Maxine Hickey

    Maxine Hickey6 ngày trước

    Omg that was a crazy game

  23. purushtottam tandon

    purushtottam tandon6 ngày trước

    Amazing💕😍 teamwork

  24. Sam Tong

    Sam Tong6 ngày trước

    No one : Neuer : *complains about offside*

  25. Shubh Maheshwari

    Shubh Maheshwari6 ngày trước

    *What was that defence of bayern! No marking or cover up at all!*

  26. Orgil Orgildinho

    Orgil Orgildinho6 ngày trước

    Lewandowski goal tho

  27. Arnold Irungu

    Arnold Irungu6 ngày trước

    And why barca haven't sacked Valverde I will never understand

  28. Hyoroemon Meto

    Hyoroemon Meto6 ngày trước

    442oon bayern mambo when

  29. Ifeanyi Stephen

    Ifeanyi Stephen7 ngày trước

    red card

  30. Roan Spillane

    Roan Spillane7 ngày trước

    Show more highlights please

  31. Mads Draaby

    Mads Draaby7 ngày trước

    Kovac was the worst manager ever (heja BVB) yes!!

  32. kidpagron primsank

    kidpagron primsank7 ngày trước

    Bye Kovac, come?

  33. Omar Hossam

    Omar Hossam7 ngày trước

    Upload your videos without music , it would be better

  34. Vincent Zirimwabagabo

    Vincent Zirimwabagabo7 ngày trước

    Dortmund will now win since kovac is gone

  35. Daniel Gosse

    Daniel Gosse4 ngày trước

    szewei85 I thought Bayern would win but only expected 2-0 lol

  36. szewei85

    szewei855 ngày trước

    Haha happy 4-0😄😄😆😆

  37. Daniel Gosse

    Daniel Gosse5 ngày trước

    I wouldn't write Bayern off as while they didn't play a tough opposition in their first game under this new coach, they did look very comfortable. Still a lot of things which would've needed improving but it was a positive performance midweek where they defended much better than they had for a long time.

  38. Ebie Yair

    Ebie Yair7 ngày trước

    Munchen number 1 in the world 💪💪💪

  39. Mariadass Anthony

    Mariadass Anthony7 ngày trước

    Bayern is just another club who does not develop playets but like to steal players from other bundesliga team....they deserve this thrashing...another city and united

  40. Dwiky 33

    Dwiky 337 ngày trước

    The most active social media official European league, I like it

  41. Jeff Onsare

    Jeff Onsare7 ngày trước

    Where are Tottenham fans?

  42. Auf dem Laufenden

    Auf dem Laufenden7 ngày trước

    Since when we have cinematic best ofs here?

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  44. J news

    J news7 ngày trước

    3:19 when you think it is just a nightmare but you realize is a reality lol.

  45. J news

    J news7 ngày trước

    but it is every year is like this exaclty like last year Bayer was lost lot of matches but in half season Bayer Munich never lose again so in end of Bundesliga we all know what is gonna happenend lol.

  46. Blink? Yes

    Blink? Yes7 ngày trước

    Bayern doesn’t deserve lewandowski

  47. Alexandru Ciripan

    Alexandru Ciripan7 ngày trước

    Bla bla bla

  48. Blink? Yes

    Blink? Yes7 ngày trước

    Lewandowski>Bayern full squad

  49. Stupid Bacon

    Stupid Bacon7 ngày trước

    Guys he wasn’t sack people who are saying he was, he wasn’t, he was offered 2 games which was vs Olympiacos and Dortmund but decided to resign after the defeat.

  50. Daniel Gosse

    Daniel Gosse5 ngày trước

    I don't know why this isn't being said more. It was a mutual decision to part ways as opposed to a sacking.

  51. ThatDataGirl

    ThatDataGirl7 ngày trước

    I made a cool Top 10 Bundesliga Scorers Video: vireporter.net/v/video-nF1W8zj0MfQ.html

  52. Shayan Sahil

    Shayan Sahil7 ngày trước

    First Frankfurt loss 1-5 to Bayern then Frankfurt beat Bayern 5-1

  53. Tomislav Puklin

    Tomislav Puklin8 ngày trước

    Imagine thinking that the coach is the problem behind this sorry excuse for a defense.

  54. Formul

    Formul8 ngày trước


  55. Kenneally & Murphy Engineering

    Kenneally & Murphy Engineering8 ngày trước


  56. ayylmao

    ayylmao8 ngày trước

    I bet they gonna call out Jupp Heynckes lmao

  57. Mohd Sarizal Adnan

    Mohd Sarizal Adnan8 ngày trước

    Coutinho play so slow in midfield thats why bayern loose....

  58. Alexini 007

    Alexini 0078 ngày trước

    best match ever

  59. Nig Nog

    Nig Nog8 ngày trước

    Thank you Frankfurt from Arsenal

  60. Elliott Wong

    Elliott Wong8 ngày trước

    May 2019 - Bayern 5-1 Frankfurt November 2019 - Frankfurt 5-1 Bayern Arsenal: It's good to be part of the 5-1 gang!!!!

  61. etele lionheart

    etele lionheart8 ngày trước

    the red card decided this match

  62. Kremleput Okay

    Kremleput Okay8 ngày trước

    guys kovac was a great trianer but it was a accident becuase it was e red card than bayren lost with 5 goals yhink about it brendan rodgers have lost 5-0 with celtic and hi was not sacked even he lost 7 goals hi was still not sacked yhink about it guys niko kovac is great manager hi was best manager in history of bundesliga come on!

  63. Daniel Gosse

    Daniel Gosse5 ngày trước

    Kremleput Okay Gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8.

  64. Kremleput Okay

    Kremleput Okay8 ngày trước

    and it was nuer fould becuase hi want to kovac was sacked but kovac want not get nuer af the bench think about it

  65. mad boy

    mad boy8 ngày trước

    what happen to neuer what r u looking boy 😢😢😢😢😭😭😭

  66. Wimborneo

    Wimborneo5 ngày trước

    Rumor has it that he’s lost his passion of being a goalkeeper, and will play as centreback or holding midfielder.


    ITS YA BOI JUNG HAK8 ngày trước

    kovac is a flop couch

  68. Daniel Upchurch

    Daniel Upchurch8 ngày trước

    2:46 rare footage of a goalkeeper apeeling for offside from a corner🤣🤣🤣

  69. Efros Vovelu

    Efros Vovelu7 ngày trước

    Neuer the crybaby, from a Bayern fan)

  70. Dan Muriuki

    Dan Muriuki8 ngày trước

    3:20 kovac counting the hours till he gets fired

  71. d i

    d i8 ngày trước

    Everybody,Please be nice to Kamada.

  72. Evolved Copper

    Evolved Copper8 ngày trước

    So... admin... is there a compilation of managers being beaten by their ex teams video coming? For... I don't know, the Christmas calendar advent? 👀

  73. Jacky Yen Cheat Tan

    Jacky Yen Cheat Tan8 ngày trước

    Niko isnt a bad manager, but he cant contain the stars of bayern. Wish you good luck Niko