Embarrassing Times to get Recognized [MAP]


  1. Lost Swiftpaw

    Lost Swiftpaw18 giờ trước

    MAP *Multiple* Animator Project

  2. Felipe Avalos

    Felipe Avalos3 giờ trước

    Lost Swiftpaw ITS TRENDING #1

  3. Kale C

    Kale C3 giờ trước

    Embarrassed map... Yep knew exactly what he meant before i saw this comment

  4. DeNin

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  5. PinkEve

    PinkEve3 giờ trước

    Chip flake and Katzun are in here!!!!

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    #1 on trending!!

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    Good job on getting on number 1 on trending

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    congrats on being number 1 on trending!!!

  9. Jacob Dalton

    Jacob Dalton3 giờ trước

    Jaiden shouldve animated too

  10. Spy C

    Spy C3 giờ trước

    All the scrubs complaining to change his style back

  11. Invincible Orca

    Invincible Orca3 giờ trước

    #1 on TRENDING?!?

  12. NinjaRex731

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    congradulation james for getting number 1 on trending (I dont't care that I spelled 2 words wrong) dill with it

  13. Ever Gaming

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    What’s with the cartoon styles

  14. The Red Button

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    Number 1 on trending James

  15. Surreal Burrs

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    Wow! A video with a minor nod to VIreporters flawed system got first on trending!

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    Star Wars collecting universe3 giờ trước

    Yay number one on trending

  17. Albertine Junius Wolo

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    React to andrei vs theodd1sout

  18. Ed Wehby

    Ed Wehby3 giờ trước

    Wow is it your older brother kid or your sisters if it your twins then that’s sad

  19. Jabozanator52

    Jabozanator523 giờ trước

    The adpocalypse hit me pretty hard *#1 On Trending*

  20. Priya S.

    Priya S.3 giờ trước

    This was so good! I hope more people start to do maps again

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    Congrats for #1 trending

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    Always trending

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    My range of animation is a STICKMAN!!😂😑

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    #1 on trending!!!!!!

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    #1 on trending

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    1 on trending where I live

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    So you ARE a furry

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    Yup. #1 ON TRENDING. I shoulda known.

  29. jammi •

    jammi •3 giờ trước

    The coin swirls have plastic dones over them in england, so you cant get your coin back

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    Congrats on number 1 on trending

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    #1 on trending... whaaaaaat

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    Treyson if you see this respond to me

  33. WeirdMageddon Starz

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    This animation is so word and different! I LIKE THE OLD ONE IS bETTER!!

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    Congrats on #1 on trending!

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    #1 on trending in U.S!

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    This guy made a video to explain to a single fan why he was reaching into a fountain lmao

  38. Do Not Click This

    Do Not Click This3 giờ trước

    Son: Mom mom! Can I throw something in the fountain??? Mom: Wha.. uh, sure *goes back to texting* Son: Thanks mom! *chucks moms phone in the fountain*

  39. Lps Awesome

    Lps Awesome3 giờ trước

    Hmmmmm it's good

  40. Diamond Skye

    Diamond Skye3 giờ trước

    You didn't need an end-card because the entire video was practically an end-card.

  41. Joseph Watsono

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  42. jammi •

    jammi •3 giờ trước

    This MAP is amazing

  43. jadenthecoolmaster 9089

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    Lol undertale

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    Congrats on hitting trending #1!! 🎉🎉

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    Congrats on making #1 on trending!

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    and then this gets beaten by a buzzfeed video

  47. ForsakenX

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    Wow the animation is really good

  48. Maricarmen Hernández

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  49. Meredith Rose

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    I like this. You are so funny.😂

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    Despacito 2

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    Number 1 on trending. Omgmgmg

  52. ViperBreath Gaming

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    Can you stop doing MAP it makes the animation look really annoying

  53. Bestcool5

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    WTH u changed alot

  54. jay the goat

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    Amazing video!

  55. Awesome Awesome

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    Haha James your experiences in life make great stories! you're #1 on trending!

  56. BobSponge444

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    What the heck happened to the animation!?

  57. unablegreedycrap man

    unablegreedycrap man3 giờ trước

    I hate this new animation

  58. ultimateNerd 4eva

    ultimateNerd 4eva3 giờ trước

    I love the different animation styles, well done guys!!

  59. Nugget The Goat

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    #1 on trending :O CONGRATS! :D Its not liek u dont deserve it tho!

  60. I Farted

    I Farted3 giờ trước

    Throws money in fountain "I want to be rich" Reads newspaper Valuable coin found in fountain "Son of a... "

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  62. Rykathecat

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    People not in the MAP community don't understand!!1!11

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    #1 on trending Nocie

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    #1 on trending! Good job!

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    one time i fell in a wishing well

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    #1 on Trending! Nice 👍🏼

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    James are you at VidCon?

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    I love you

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    Good job on #1 trending!

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    #1 trending


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    I love Katkun part!!!!!!

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    this video is #1 on the treading list

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    Congratulations on number one trending

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    #3 trending in canada!

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    #1 on trending

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    It’s not 2017 he said ITS 2017 NOBODY CARIES COINS ANYMORE

  80. DariusHazano

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    This story took place in 2017 in December

  81. MaddMat

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  82. Roshi Rocket

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    WHEN ANIMATERS TAKE OVER (I don't think I spelled that big word)

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    #1 on trending!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!

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    Your #1 Your #1 Your #1

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    Ayyyyy. Top 1 Trending again

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    Nice art style

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    Ahhhhh this came out on my birthday yesterday 😃

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    Yea congrats

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  94. Zainab Ahmed

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    Map means multiple animator project

  95. Sush

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    At one point he said “2017”...

  96. WarriorCats4Life Bloodclan

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    Frisk? You alright? 😂

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    Congrats on #1! You deserve it!!

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    Nice Work

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    throw money away does it good.😀😀😀

  100. CharisDanielle Alsup

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    oml. i thought map was Music Ampliphier ...........person I'm an idiot. I know. don't even know why i thought that XD

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    #1 on trending!!!

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    Anyone heard that NASA is moving the earth outer space. We're all gonna die

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    #3 trending

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