Embrace The Grind | Wrestling Motivation


  1. Darth Hawking

    Darth Hawking12 giờ trước

    Watching a wrestling team work out becomes a fun game of spot the heavyweight

  2. tiger bend

    tiger bend26 ngày trước

    I read somewhere for wrestling they do a 4 day upper lower body split plus 12 circuit workouts a week, 6 calisthenics and 6 with weights Is that for real??

  3. Siphonal47

    Siphonal472 tháng trước

    My step dad was a professional wrestler and wrestled in the commonwealth games , I have always wanted to do that I have always even before I met him had a passion for working out and boxing and wrestling , I joined the wrestling club he started at and was a very natural wrestler and loved the sport but I kept beating opponents but the coach would never move me up due to my thin body physique as I am quite a skinny looking person , so I requested a match against his son and made him tap in the 2nd round I’m proud to be me and I love being underestimated , to all you short or thin people out there you can still be a bigger man . 😍

  4. Brian Guevara

    Brian Guevara2 tháng trước

    I was a freshman wrestling varsity never wrestled in my life and ended with a 8-5 record it’s was a pretty good year and as a sophomore I feel I can make it to state

  5. Silver_Sseal

    Silver_Sseal3 tháng trước

    People don't know how hard you are pushed not only during workouts and practices but of course when your facing 1 on 1 No one will go easy on you every wrestler you face from high school on is looking to kill and dominate you

  6. First name Last name

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  7. Tyler Abril

    Tyler Abril4 tháng trước

    Wow whats that backflip roll called?

  8. Anayely Sabater

    Anayely Sabater7 tháng trước

    I can't wait for school to start so I can sign up for wrestling!! I'm going to be a junior this year and it's going to be my first time, I'm a little nervous since I might be the only girl on the team😣😅

  9. Melissa McCann

    Melissa McCann7 tháng trước

    Blake do you like the promise ring

  10. Kevin Everett

    Kevin Everett8 tháng trước

    Wrestling is the greatest sport I've ever done I miss it and I love it yes emotions do hit harder than anything else in life alone. I love it.

  11. Hashim Ali

    Hashim Ali8 tháng trước

    best sports ever in the world..

  12. Papaw Taters

    Papaw Taters8 tháng trước

    Midwestern high school wrestling is the toughest competition in the USA

  13. Hunter Morton

    Hunter Morton8 tháng trước

    Wrestling is the best sport it makes you a better tougher person it doesn’t make you popular everyone tells me shit like oh you wrestle cuz you like touching boys I’ve been wrestling for 4 years since I was 9 I was 10 4,7 120lbs I won my first match next week was a tourtement I lost first round now I placed 4th in the state of New Jersey and I’m 5’7 145lbs who still no one gives respect or a good job to but I keep going I was to close to state champ everyone tells me I suck for it but I was lucky to get a shot at state champ I’ve got one year until high school and one more shot and I keep pushing no matter what’s in front of me you can’t look back see all you’ve pushed through because right now you’ve battled depression defeat maybye beat up and bullied but your still going and that’s what you must do you keep going until you reach paradise and you look back on everything and be like I made it

  14. Dale Gilbert

    Dale Gilbert9 tháng trước

    Micah gilbert, i miss you guys



    I went 50-0 wisconsin state champion

  16. Ian Houck

    Ian HouckNăm trước

    Sorry I'm late, but this video hit me hard. Currently, I'm a 2x NYS qualifier and a 1x Placer (7th). This year is my senior year, and I want to win the state tournament. Last year I wrestled at 132lbs and placed at states. This year, I'm wrestling at 152lbs because I lifted and trained all offseason. Let's hope I can achieve my goal.

  17. Alex Balis

    Alex BalisNăm trước


  18. Epic4lif3 !

    Epic4lif3 !Năm trước


  19. Excelah HD

    Excelah HDNăm trước

    2x state qualifier here. I HATE wrestling. Never liked it. But I did it to become stronger physically and mentally. So many coaches have sat me down and told me, “not lying, if you gave a shit about wrestling, you’d be ranked nation-wide and D1”. That hit me hard. Made me regret not trying so hard in wrestling and life. This video has inspired me to go out and be the best I can be

  20. Ethan Crosby

    Ethan CrosbyNăm trước

    I've only been wrestling for 1 year and I already have a colly hear. It's my life and I will not stop never:

  21. Captainblue 861

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  22. Gutwrench

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  23. Kathleen Narvaez

    Kathleen NarvaezNăm trước

    people look down on me when I wrestle just cuz I'm a girl

  24. Grant Franchey

    Grant FrancheyNăm trước

    sure football will get you popularity in high school..but wrestling will make a man outta you real quick.

  25. Brian Guevara

    Brian Guevara2 tháng trước


  26. Flyurz GFX

    Flyurz GFX2 tháng trước

    So true

  27. Papaw Taters

    Papaw Taters8 tháng trước

    Grant Franchey and in football you don’t have to rely on the douchey quarterback

  28. tamerjudoka tamer fitness

    tamerjudoka tamer fitnessNăm trước

    judo is my life and i like westring

  29. Synthetic Blade

    Synthetic BladeNăm trước

    Was pretty nervous about my match today, wrested a 2 time state champ, this is just my 2nd year wrestling, after watching this it really boosted my confidence, made me remember how much work i've put into this sport, I went out there and pinned him in the 3rd period

  30. Siphonal47

    Siphonal472 tháng trước

    Yeah ladddddd

  31. FaLLeN Shredder

    FaLLeN Shredder5 tháng trước

    Chances are unlikely but what was his name?

  32. Ryan

    RyanNăm trước

    Synthetic Blade yeah sure lol

  33. Demon

    Demon2 năm trước

    I love wrestling, but damn the pushups in this video were ass. Most of our guys couldn't do a pushup in full range of motion and our coach had to demonstrate it. If you pushup like this, i want you to practice form going to your chest then push all the way. Make sure your elbows are in and tuck in your pelvis (butt) so your hips don't sag or raise high. Remember, go for the maximum and not the minimum. Don't try to go too fast because that would ruin form. Start at a slow pace until you can do it faster. Do it right, don't do it fast.

  34. Link Miner

    Link Miner6 tháng trước

    Demon I think they are going for explosive power because ik when im trying my best to be powerful with full range of motion i come off the ground

  35. me still me

    me still me2 năm trước

    we've had a lot of navy SEALS come out of our wrestling program, lots of the guys like to come back and practice with us from time to time. One guy, Glen Doherty, you may have heard of him, one of the former SEAL GMR contractors that died in Benghazi, he came back and practiced one time and said he maid it through BUDs and Hell week, yet he still can't handle high school wrestling practice haha

  36. Young Savage

    Young Savage2 năm trước

    +Demon nah seal training is harder but wrestling helps for sure

  37. Demon

    Demon2 năm trước

    I want to be a Green Beret but i didn't think wrestling would make SEALs look like basketball players. I hope you're joking, lol.

  38. Boivod

    Boivod2 năm trước

    14-1 with state championships coming up soon this first season has been hard but i can tell you its all worth it in the end when your standing their with gold wish me luck in the championships guys 👍👊👊👊

  39. Victor

    Victor2 năm trước

    1:15 are those push ups meant to be done like that? If so what are the benefits?

  40. The Neon Web

    The Neon WebNăm trước

    Victor the more and faster you work the muscle it has to dig even deeper and you'll become in better shape all around

  41. Demon

    Demon2 năm trước

    Crossfit games

  42. Kev. Da Man

    Kev. Da Man2 năm trước


  43. masen wut

    masen wut2 năm trước

    Best sport ever I'm a freshman in high school and already varsity💯

  44. Bradley Chrestensen

    Bradley Chrestensen2 năm trước

    I always end up seeing these at like 3 am and get all pumped up and go on a run lmao

  45. Grant Masters

    Grant Masters3 tháng trước

    I’m watching this at 4:45am 😂

  46. Felix

    FelixNăm trước

    lmfao me too hahha

  47. Nathan King

    Nathan King2 năm trước


  48. Franz Mustermann

    Franz Mustermann2 năm trước

    love the term "embrace the grind". im on the grind. every fucking day. fitness and muay thai

  49. Research Stuff

    Research StuffNăm trước

    ground game 💯 (Mui tai

  50. A Messenger

    A Messenger2 năm trước

    Cornell Wrestling! Go Big Red!

  51. KB Blogs!!!

    KB Blogs!!!2 năm trước

    What's this song

  52. Uno Jabonete

    Uno JaboneteNăm trước

    KB Blogs!!! Neverland

  53. Angus Bateman

    Angus Bateman2 năm trước

    What's the song name?

  54. Uno Jabonete

    Uno JaboneteNăm trước

    Angus Bateman Neverland

  55. Javier Cruz

    Javier Cruz2 năm trước

    I've been really considering join my high schools wrestling team, there's just one issue. I've never wrestled before, I was wondering if I should still join the team. Any advice?

  56. Demon

    Demon2 năm trước

    Once you've wrestled, everything else in life is easy.

  57. Christian Johnson

    Christian Johnson2 năm trước

    i started in7th grade and i wrestled in the high school. Hardest choice ever. Wrestling carries into all sports it made me a good Rugby Player. Wrestling is an amazing sport u should join

  58. Jose Bojorquez

    Jose Bojorquez2 năm trước

    dude "every artist was once amateur"

  59. Randy Rodriguez

    Randy Rodriguez2 năm trước

    i had the same issue and belive me its worth it.

  60. colton lusher

    colton lusher2 năm trước

    MrDerp hell ya dude I've never wrestled and I'm joining my team this year.

  61. Nic Moreno

    Nic Moreno2 năm trước

    fucking amazing, preseason practice has been going on i knew after the first day i fell inlove with wrestling. I maybe the only girl but that motivates me more.💪💪💦💦

  62. Legendary504

    Legendary5042 năm trước

    My favorite sport and my hardest sport iv ever done as a former 1 time state champion of Louisiana this video hits the emotions hard

  63. Malok7

    Malok72 tháng trước

    Papaw Taters go to J Rob

  64. Ganesh Ramakrishnan

    Ganesh Ramakrishnan5 tháng trước

    wrestlers are the best overall athletes in this world. nothing comes close to the demands that the sport places on you.

  65. Papaw Taters

    Papaw Taters8 tháng trước

    Legendary504 I’ve been trying as hard as I can to get to the Indiana state championship. Went 8-15 last year. 145 lb weight class. Trying my best to get more muscle. Only got 2 more years. Any advice?

  66. Chickendog

    Chickendog10 tháng trước

    Louisiana is easy

  67. Some Loser

    Some LoserNăm trước

    Legendary504 damn congrats

  68. Jake The beast

    Jake The beast2 năm trước

    I also wrestle but I wrestle in Europe .I dont knowif it's easier but I know for sure we don't have all of this equipment.we have to rent a space from the city

  69. Ole Okie Watson

    Ole Okie Watson2 năm trước

    What country are you from? Freestyle seems to only be relevant in Eastern Europe like Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, and Hungary.

  70. Kaiden

    Kaiden2 năm trước

    football, baseball, basketball, soccer and every other sport made is 100x easier than wrestling.

  71. Alex Durocher

    Alex Durocher2 năm trước

    Jules Renard I agree, I think the time commitment is the biggest thing. For instance someone who only wrestles 4 months out of the year is going to find it easier than the guy who puts in off season work

  72. Jules Renard

    Jules Renard2 năm trước

    Alex Durocher Then we have football players joining the wrestling team and crying 😂 Most of them admitting that wrestling is harder. Guess that to some extent it varies from person to person

  73. Alex Durocher

    Alex Durocher2 năm trước

    I wrestled for 12 years. I've been a fitness model for 2. believe me the 2 hours of cardio a day, low calories, posing practice, and daily weight training are nothing compared to high school wrestling season...

  74. Demon

    Demon2 năm trước

    Don't compare risks of injuries with the difficulty of the sport. Football isn't as tiring as wrestling. It takes a lot of guts to keep moving while exhausted.

  75. Donald J Trump

    Donald J Trump2 năm trước

    Dude check hockey

  76. Micah  Gilbert

    Micah Gilbert2 năm trước

    wrestling is my life.... Even though I loose every match. I will not stop

  77. Goldlion

    Goldlion4 tháng trước

    Its my third year but I only won one match before

  78. Ceiling Fan

    Ceiling Fan9 tháng trước

    I hate this sport. But there's something that always draws me back to it. I don't know what it was. But when I won my first match this year as a freshmen it just felt good. I loved it.

  79. benall

    benallNăm trước

    I was 237lbs wrestling guys 260lbs+. Guys way bigger than I was, arms, legs and everything in general. Thought I was gonna lose but I pinned the biggest guy there(283lbs). Negative mentality got me the win in my first wrestling match

  80. Research Stuff

    Research StuffNăm trước

    Im in that weight class too (145) it is very challenging

  81. Grant Franchey

    Grant FrancheyNăm trước


  82. dismemberingcarcass

    dismemberingcarcass2 năm trước

    1:19 How is this exercise called?

  83. William Richardson

    William Richardson2 năm trước

    Nothing like this in the uk, the us are winners

  84. Ole Okie Watson

    Ole Okie Watson2 năm trước

    Are you a wrestler from England?

  85. Scott Freund

    Scott Freund2 năm trước

    what is the part by sylvester stalone from?

  86. Michael Allison

    Michael Allison2 năm trước

    I love the song it goes with the video and it gets me pumped

  87. 3506Dodge

    3506Dodge2 năm trước

    Is this the latest Trump campaign video?

  88. Davit Sahakyan

    Davit Sahakyan2 năm trước

    Как песня называется

  89. osbornehunter

    osbornehunter2 năm trước

    how come no one compares this hard shit to mainstream sports? lol, cuz u play football basketball baseball, u don't play combative "sports"...

  90. Chloe DeSouza

    Chloe DeSouza2 năm trước

    Because sports like that are easy

  91. Dimond Roz

    Dimond Roz2 năm trước

    At the beginning I have that mat at my house in my award room

  92. Wrestling_is _life

    Wrestling_is _life2 năm trước

    I started wrestling this year and people always make fun of me just because I'm a girl

  93. James Thatcher

    James Thatcher5 ngày trước

    Keep your head up, and push yourself past the comfortable. That's when you will see the change.God bless wrestle hard

  94. Cubs Quicksilver

    Cubs Quicksilver22 ngày trước

    hey you know what I give girls total respect but you know what who cares what they think you know it's all in the heart and once once a wrestler always a wrestler Adam you know if you can just get those people out of your mind you will become one of the greatest wrestlers in the entire world as a female and hey I'm on your side I'm a former ex wrestler very good very good but if you need any more support I'm with you just keep the pride going and hang in there you beat those boys you beat them

  95. Violets_shadow

    Violets_shadowNăm trước

    They make fun of you because they know they won’t be as strong as you you have to have a strong mind and block all that out I get made fun of in the hall but that just encourages me to try harder you get out there and kick some ass 😁

  96. oscar colter

    oscar colterNăm trước

    +nicodemus grace im a sophomore this year and im hoping to wrestle for purdu in college

  97. nicodemus grace

    nicodemus graceNăm trước

    Man that sounds like some fun. Down here in Arizona we don't have ice, but it gets colder, but not that cold. You still wrestling? Or did you graduate yet?

  98. Beatice Berrios

    Beatice Berrios3 năm trước

    I want that song

  99. Zoomanite

    Zoomanite2 năm trước

    +Beatice Berrios The song is called Neverland, the artist is VanLadyLove. Here is a link. vireporter.net/v/video-XK2zD_DfaZQ.html

  100. baconbits beercanbits

    baconbits beercanbits3 năm trước

    hardest fucking sport ever started my sophomore year and all weight cutting and suffering has deffently made me a better man today

  101. Andrew Reid

    Andrew Reid2 năm trước

    I have been wrestling for almost a decade (I'm fifteen right now started when I was 5 or 6) this sport has taught me how to work hard, be tough and compete. When I started wrestling I would get shoved around by my classmates and after I started I realized that I shouldn't let myself be shoved around so I used wrestling skills such as momentum and balance control to get 3 of my bullies on the ground and that made them stop pretty quick. Wrestling is one of the best ways to learn life lessons and find out who you are is my point.

  102. Weekly Sport Highlights

    Weekly Sport Highlights2 năm trước

    Demon Normally nearly every borough in Germany has a Wrestling club :)

  103. Weekly Sport Highlights

    Weekly Sport Highlights2 năm trước

    Franz Mustermann I'm a wrestler in Germany ;)

  104. Demon

    Demon2 năm trước

    +Franz Mustermann Oh, are there any MMA gyms in Germany? You can learn wrestling from there since it's one of the basic fundamentals of MMA.

  105. Franz Mustermann

    Franz Mustermann2 năm trước

    Demon i mean there are not schools were i can learn. thats what i meant.

  106. CSchruppNMU

    CSchruppNMU3 năm trước

    Why are you taking footage I filmed and claiming it as your own?

  107. Angel Godoy

    Angel Godoy3 năm trước

    Any advice for a beginner?

  108. Hunter Morton

    Hunter Morton8 tháng trước

    Ya I got some take it to him and keep pushing trying again and again and again until your out of breath my coach did this to me I wrestled a state champ 3 times in one year and he said if you can just be out of breath and gased after the match with nothing at all in you I’ll be proud of you first time failed second time gased but still lost 3rd time pined him in 45 seconds and it was my second year dude you can do it use your strategy be you what you really are what they said you could never be a champion

  109. Blue Salt

    Blue Salt2 năm trước

    find your inspiration and remember to fight as hard as you can

  110. OurStupidGeneration

    OurStupidGeneration2 năm trước

    +Jericko Jackson Nice job kid.

  111. Jericko Jackson

    Jericko Jackson2 năm trước

    +OurStupidGeneration I got first and worked my ass off to loose 5 pounds oh yeah im only 9

  112. OurStupidGeneration

    OurStupidGeneration2 năm trước

    +zack nurpe I didn't advance because the guy who beat me lost his second match. NEVER give up. You'll be surprised on what the outcomes are. Yeah, the path to success might be a fuckin' bitch, but look what IS at the end of that path, and you'll find yourself overcoming obstacles that you never could do before.

  113. Dorottya Varga

    Dorottya Varga3 năm trước

    what's the song's name?

  114. Maegaa

    Maegaa2 năm trước

    Dorottya Varga Neverland by VanLadyLove

  115. dylanORY Adventures

    dylanORY Adventures2 năm trước

    +Blue Salt what lol

  116. Blue Salt

    Blue Salt2 năm trước

    its name is ryan

  117. dylanORY Adventures

    dylanORY Adventures3 năm trước

    Never land

  118. Kyle McGill

    Kyle McGill3 năm trước

    I am a wrestler and this video inspires me to embrace the grind

  119. Hydro Pump

    Hydro Pump3 năm trước

    I love this melody and also i do wrestling and i watch this everyday

  120. Kyle McGill

    Kyle McGill3 năm trước

    What song is this

  121. oscar colter

    oscar colter3 năm trước

    never give up wrestling will beat you up push you down it wants you to quit but prove it wrong only win you start to dominate to mat will you say I've got this but you don't never stop practicing you can always improve you. and should learn more from your loses than your wins

  122. oscar colter

    oscar colterNăm trước

    +manuel jesus learn from that loss what did you do wrong what can you improve on?

  123. Alex

    AlexNăm trước

    oscar colter how can i do that? i lost a match..

  124. TheMrMattC90

    TheMrMattC903 năm trước

    Shit song. Lunatic Fringe is wrestling's song!

  125. Robert Post

    Robert Post3 năm trước

    +TheMrMattC90 This song fits perfectly.

  126. jimishmong

    jimishmong3 năm trước

    the song?

  127. OurStupidGeneration

    OurStupidGeneration2 năm trước

    Neverland - VanLadyLove

  128. Dylan Martinez

    Dylan Martinez3 năm trước

    Joining wrestling this year, pretty nervous because i dont really know what to expect but ill do what i gotta do in order to do my job right

  129. Dylan Martinez

    Dylan Martinez3 năm trước

    +Jordan J yup

  130. Sir Mamdingo

    Sir Mamdingo3 năm trước

    +Dylan Martinez were u the one that shot the double

  131. Sir Mamdingo

    Sir Mamdingo3 năm trước

    +Dylan Martinez aight also i pinned you guys at the match(was a double dual meet)

  132. Dylan Martinez

    Dylan Martinez3 năm trước

    +Jordan J checkout my video of my 1st match ever bro!

  133. Dylan Martinez

    Dylan Martinez3 năm trước

    +Jordan J thanks broo, Tomorrow's the day so we'll see whats gonna happen. ill comment right back once the match is over. goodluck on that thumb bro, Thats how you know how much u smash and fuck other niggas up in wrestling real good 😂. goodluck brother!

  134. isaac york

    isaac york3 năm trước

    What is this speech called?

  135. Team Valentin

    Team Valentin3 năm trước

    Incredibly cool wrestling video ! I myself am a Norwegian wrestler . Have some videos on my channel if you want to see ! Well done! :)

  136. GOAT856BOYZ

    GOAT856BOYZ3 năm trước


  137. stephen camacho

    stephen camacho3 năm trước

    awesome video! :D

  138. Maciel J

    Maciel J3 năm trước

    Amazing! I just love the intensity of wrestling.


    OMEGALIN3 năm trước

    Free Style Wrestling requires almost every aspect of human mental and physical ability. It is a sport where you truly have to push your self to the limit. I just don't understand why are they getting rid of Olympic Wrestling........

  140. Demon

    Demon2 năm trước

    Didn't Olympic Wrestling get re-instated recently though? Also, this sport is meant for competition, not entertainment. People who call our sport boring should stick to professional wrestling like WWE.

  141. Caleb Ueckert

    Caleb Ueckert2 năm trước

    because people think it's "boring" because they know nothing about it

  142. Jeremy Oakes

    Jeremy Oakes3 năm trước

    Great video man keep wrestling in the olympics

  143. Rocky Marciano

    Rocky Marciano3 năm trước

    i love to listen this melody when i run.... quality video!!!

  144. jimishmong

    jimishmong3 năm trước

    +NewbornTaco Thank you, i already found it. Like took a couple hours but oh well haha

  145. Zoomanite

    Zoomanite3 năm trước

    +jimishmong The song is called Neverland, the artist is VanLadyLove. Here is a link. vireporter.net/v/video-XK2zD_DfaZQ.html

  146. jimishmong

    jimishmong3 năm trước

    +Rocky Marciano Do you know the song? or the actual melody of it? If so, please give the name to me :)!

  147. Brendan Hernandez

    Brendan Hernandez3 năm trước

    I love this sport so much😭

  148. Anton Lysenko

    Anton Lysenko3 năm trước

    Nice movie!

  149. Danny Nguyen

    Danny Nguyen3 năm trước

    Wrestling is Life. The fundamentals that I've learned from this sport are the intangibles in the real world: Discipline, respect, and motivation to be fearless in everything that you do. Although I have not wrestled in the recent years, I consistently apply the same basic fundamentals in wrestling to my everyday life. Wrestlers are an exclusive breed in this world. We understand that winning a match is not of the greatest importance, but exhibiting mental toughness in everything that you do wins it all.

  150. Greek Dude

    Greek DudeNăm trước

    Danny Nguyen took the words right out of my mouth

  151. Brayden Black

    Brayden Black3 năm trước

    Wrestling is life states in 18 more days the for the video

  152. reinaldo zephirin

    reinaldo zephirin4 năm trước

    VanLadyLove - Neverland (Lost Boys Remix)

  153. guerillakiller24

    guerillakiller244 năm trước


  154. CSchruppNMU

    CSchruppNMU3 năm trước

    +NewbornTaco Take this video down. It's not yours.

  155. Zoomanite

    Zoomanite4 năm trước

    No problem, I'm working on a new one and it's almost done! I'll link it to you when it's uploaded. Thanks for the feedback :)

  156. Thomas Acosta

    Thomas Acosta4 năm trước