Emma Chamberlain Goes Boxing & Shopping in L.A. | 24 Hours With | Vogue


  1. Crystalized Sanayeon

    Crystalized Sanayeon2 ngày trước

    i never thought i would see target on the vogue youtube channel lol

  2. ErkanKarabagli

    ErkanKarabagli2 ngày trước

    Jesus is a witness against who those don’t believe in him

  3. Syrus Rodriguez

    Syrus Rodriguez2 ngày trước

    Does her voice sounds like aquafina?? Lmao

  4. BtSt Ea hOtTEa

    BtSt Ea hOtTEa3 ngày trước

    That girl at the back who took a photo off her she could’ve just asked 😂😂😂

  5. Ru Mantle

    Ru Mantle7 ngày trước

    4:18 who saw the girl taking a pic of Emma! Like if you did

  6. Carly King

    Carly King7 ngày trước

    where’d she get her shorts tho?

  7. Halle Hada

    Halle Hada9 ngày trước

    at 4:19 a girl was asking a photo

  8. Lucy Jumper

    Lucy Jumper9 ngày trước

    she doesn’t normally talk this quiet at all

  9. Lucy Jumper

    Lucy Jumper9 ngày trước

    fake tan looks awful

  10. Saba Lashgari

    Saba Lashgari13 ngày trước

    Rip peanut 🥺😔🥺

  11. somente as verdades

    somente as verdades14 ngày trước


  12. Hi. How. Are. Ya

    Hi. How. Are. Ya16 ngày trước

    I like Emma Chamberlain's videos.. she's just normal, teen girl, she doesn't have to try hard like Tana.

  13. Cooper Scott

    Cooper Scott18 ngày trước

    When is she getting her 73 question interview!?!?!?

  14. Rinpuii Ralte

    Rinpuii Ralte18 ngày trước

    Like a crazy old man stuck in a girls body lol

  15. Виктория Белякова

    Виктория Белякова22 ngày trước

    How can this pile of vomit be possibly interesting?

  16. Emma Chamberlain

    Emma Chamberlain23 ngày trước

    i love how she asked vogue if they wanted anything at the coffee place she's so nice i wish i was her bff

  17. Ariez Schweyer

    Ariez Schweyer24 ngày trước

    I’m so proud of Emma she’s came so far

  18. Davy Black

    Davy Black25 ngày trước


  19. Jessica S

    Jessica S26 ngày trước

    Her makeup looks really pretty and natural

  20. Rose Deli

    Rose Deli27 ngày trước

    She’s fun

  21. fla la

    fla la28 ngày trước

    She’s like a character in a John Hughes movie

  22. Lira Archaia

    Lira Archaia29 ngày trước

    Its so weird to watch this without any zooming to the face and face effect snd stuff like this

  23. Click bait

    Click bait29 ngày trước

    i like how emma is always authentic

  24. chelsey

    chelseyTháng trước

    I miss Emma’s hair

  25. Ab's Beck

    Ab's BeckTháng trước

    Someone took a picture of her in target behind her

  26. Chad&Angie Dallas

    Chad&Angie DallasTháng trước

    Someone took a picture of you when you are grocery shopping at Target for your own Beach supplies

  27. KaHo

    KaHoTháng trước

    Emma is so dang cute ❤️

  28. Kaylee Morgan

    Kaylee MorganTháng trước

    If I get this google photos ad one more time I might lose it

  29. Joy Chen

    Joy ChenTháng trước

    the one girl that took a picture of emma and then left omggg xd

  30. ROB P

    ROB PTháng trước

    I thought she was older

  31. Robyn Whelan

    Robyn WhelanTháng trước

    Shes so cute

  32. aaron hickey

    aaron hickeyTháng trước

    Love Notre dame

  33. Amélie Poirier-Lachaine

    Amélie Poirier-LachaineTháng trước

    wow that's the first time i've seen people approch emma in public i really didn't think it was that intense because she never shows it, very humble, love you emma

  34. Nela

    NelaTháng trước

    4:20 the girl in the BACK hahaha

  35. Ashalia Suharno

    Ashalia SuharnoTháng trước

    “It’s the sound of summer baby” wearing a jacket and socks 😂😂

  36. a haha

    a hahaTháng trước

    i totally get the one on one thing bc for me its weird to see other ppl like complete strangers go up to her in target and ask for a pic?? like obviously ik other ppl watch her but to me she feels like someone rly familiar like a close friend or smth

  37. Azalea Jamie

    Azalea JamieTháng trước

    The chair "yep" and "ya" were hilarious to me. Like an old man

  38. Life with Bri

    Life with BriTháng trước

    the gurl that took a picture of her in target😂

  39. nuala !!

    nuala !!Tháng trước

    storytime: emmas car costs 30 time’s more that my family car🥴🥴✌️😗

  40. wolfboy629 sewodor

    wolfboy629 sewodorTháng trước

    I followed your tik tok

  41. Sarah

    SarahTháng trước


  42. julia sitz

    julia sitzTháng trước

    4:19 *girl takes picture of emma*

  43. Yameen Patel

    Yameen PatelTháng trước

    ( not being racist) Emma’s dad (white ppl) if u can make ur hobby ur job do it Me and my Indian mum and dad SCHOOL EDUCATION DOCTOR

  44. Evelyn Lopez

    Evelyn LopezTháng trước

    the von dutch bag makes this video 10x more iconic

  45. Amy Anastasia

    Amy AnastasiaTháng trước

    she lowkey sounds like shia la bouef

  46. NOT YOU

    NOT YOU2 tháng trước

    Take a drink everytime she's says "I". That tells you what she's all about.

  47. TriceyDiva💋

    TriceyDiva💋2 tháng trước

    Another VIreporterr who sold their souls.

  48. Jeff Snow

    Jeff Snow2 tháng trước

    First time watching your video. Love your raspy voice. Making videos is definitely your calling. I just have one question. Did you get a chance to wash the fruit off.

  49. GuitarHickNick

    GuitarHickNick2 tháng trước

    Emma Chamberlain's voice is Awkwafina's voice

  50. david flanigan

    david flanigan2 tháng trước

    whats the need to show off, when you are just a young girl who has nothing to prove. you are not college material, your not married. you dont do anything to help others. why would people want to look up to you. your just immature, and doing this as a way to get attention.

  51. Casey

    Casey2 tháng trước

    i love her voice tbh

  52. Mira Reese

    Mira Reese2 tháng trước

    yo i didn’t no she boxed :O

  53. Brittani Bee

    Brittani Bee2 tháng trước

    Did she whiten her teeth

  54. Nester Beauregard

    Nester Beauregard2 tháng trước

    What’s your favorite type of coffee?

  55. Stuti Bhatnagar

    Stuti Bhatnagar2 tháng trước

    Vogue just keeps going downhill like wtf why her?! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣🤮🤮

  56. Sabina’s World

    Sabina’s World2 tháng trước

    Does anybodywant Emma and Joana ceddia to have a collab?

  57. Mark Wells

    Mark Wells2 tháng trước

    Emma you need to start swearing again!!! Give the people what they want

  58. Blake Vogt

    Blake Vogt2 tháng trước

    4:20 that girl taking a photo😂😂😂

  59. Dinah Welch

    Dinah Welch2 tháng trước

    That little girl who took the photo of her ☹️😬

  60. max

    max2 tháng trước

    tell me why her hair looks so gorgeous in this