1. hasan almaghaslah

    hasan almaghaslah8 giờ trước

    Why does every single restaurant videos has to have a discusting as a first sigment

  2. bilinas mini

    bilinas mini8 giờ trước

    Ideas for some epic “Every [Blank] Ever” vids I thought of: Every CostCo Ever Every Wendy’s Ever Every College Ever Every IHOP Ever Every Kroger Ever Every Aldi Ever

  3. TheGamerAdmin

    TheGamerAdmin9 giờ trước

    You forgot the guy that only comes in for Tortillas or Cilantro-Lime Rice.

  4. L_0

    L_09 giờ trước

    Every toilet ever

  5. Gamer Vlogger

    Gamer Vlogger10 giờ trước

    Every vegan ever

  6. bilinas mini

    bilinas mini8 giờ trước

    yo the sofritas is better than the steak. the steak always has gristle and shit in it and its gross. sofritas is flavourful and delicious.

  7. Jake Piascik

    Jake Piascik11 giờ trước

    H and R block or some chaotic shithole I’m actually dying

  8. Czyrill Ataza

    Czyrill Ataza13 giờ trước

    Olavia be like: I’am trna eat healthy right now TONS OF SERVING

  9. Ronald Adams

    Ronald Adams18 giờ trước

    Hahahaha i dont eat there. Is it that bad?

  10. SaturdayNightSamuel

    SaturdayNightSamuel18 giờ trước

    I’m in 3:57 and I don’t like it

  11. Nicholas_rawr lol

    Nicholas_rawr lol18 giờ trước

    Shayne did so good with the Spanish

  12. Alexis Medina

    Alexis Medina18 giờ trước

    That is not how chipotle is in real life

  13. Bag head

    Bag head19 giờ trước

    At 1:00 the first time I went to chopolte was like that it was also the only time I went there

  14. super Dog

    super Dog19 giờ trước

    I'm Mexican 🇲🇽😭🇲🇽

  15. super Dog

    super Dog19 giờ trước


  16. MrVerge-type

    MrVerge-type20 giờ trước

    Yo I work at Wendy's and it's irritating plz make "Every Wendy's Ever" to make my day

  17. Goner Kid

    Goner Kid21 giờ trước

    Where's keith

  18. Elizabeth L’s World

    Elizabeth L’s World21 giờ trước

    Chipotle or subway? Put down 🤤 this for Chipotle and 🥖 for Subway :D foooooood

  19. The real SMKEXLUSV

    The real SMKEXLUSV21 giờ trước


  20. The real SMKEXLUSV

    The real SMKEXLUSV21 giờ trước


  21. possumguts

    possumguts21 giờ trước

    yo the sofritas is better than the steak. the steak always has gristle and shit in it and its gross. sofritas is flavourful and delicious.

  22. Reese's Pieces

    Reese's Pieces23 giờ trước

    What kind of bread? Only some will get it

  23. Instegames YT

    Instegames YT23 giờ trước


  24. horticasey

    horticasey23 giờ trước

    That blonde girl is smoking.

  25. Fernando santillan

    Fernando santillanNgày trước

    Why Wasn’t Keith and Noah in the video

  26. Baleigh Makara

    Baleigh MakaraNgày trước

    I really love that we're seeing more of Damien. He's just fantastic.


    Xx BANANACAT xXNgày trước

    The first looks AMMAZING I wanna eat it!

  28. Flipped Out

    Flipped OutNgày trước

    Look at Ian's eyes 5:02

  29. Jay Jay

    Jay JayNgày trước


  30. ellaz 21

    ellaz 21Ngày trước

    I hope you guys didnt waste all that food.

  31. f

    fNgày trước

    I went to chipotle once, it was disgusting

  32. Shiji Kun

    Shiji KunNgày trước

    5:15 Creeper

  33. Ahmed Bahnassy

    Ahmed BahnassyNgày trước

    Go to this channel its name is (seliens day) she works so hard go support her . Her videos is amazing!!

  34. WowGaming 93

    WowGaming 93Ngày trước

    Never been to chipotle so I can’t relate

  35. Sans All

    Sans AllNgày trước


  36. Fast and furious Fan

    Fast and furious FanNgày trước

    Every disneyworld ever

  37. lmad kpn

    lmad kpnNgày trước

    Stop playing wirh food you sons of bitchs

  38. Jada Wynter

    Jada WynterNgày trước

    It's comforting to know my Chipotle isn't the only one filled with sassy employees

  39. Ahmad Dabous

    Ahmad DabousNgày trước

    Damn it! No that will never work! AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!111 Failure! Disgusting!!! Oooh it's quitting time *falls over* FU** Cracks me up all the time

  40. Candy Queen

    Candy QueenNgày trước

    Actually avocados are fruit, Damien

  41. Shann617_playz roblox

    Shann617_playz robloxNgày trước


  42. Tracy Kilgannon

    Tracy KilgannonNgày trước

    6:06 this is a Taco Bell 🤔

  43. I am LushX

    I am LushXNgày trước

    Overdone Jokes.. Damn i wanted the old smosh..

  44. I am LushX

    I am LushX14 giờ trước

    @SavageLasso i know right

  45. SavageLasso

    SavageLassoNgày trước

    Yeah how is this shit even funny

  46. DingleBerry420

    DingleBerry420Ngày trước

    Wow there still uploading shit damn

  47. cwolf201

    cwolf20117 giờ trước

    you failed to notice in february? damn

  48. Sourav Biswas

    Sourav BiswasNgày trước

    Why do you guys always have to waste food like that ?

  49. Tony Gamer 101

    Tony Gamer 101Ngày trước

    Pls make a every A&W ever

  50. Tony Gamer 101

    Tony Gamer 101Ngày trước

    Pls make a every ikea ever!

  51. InnerThinkingTV

    InnerThinkingTVNgày trước

    What happened to the good days of Smosh?


    MR.MEGAWEB IINgày trước

    Smosh eats rice. I'm Asian.

  53. Zain Jabado

    Zain JabadoNgày trước

    I never new Shane knew how to speak Spanish

  54. Jesus loves me

    Jesus loves meNgày trước

    they don't have chipotle in the uk so ...

  55. alvieisalive

    alvieisaliveNgày trước

    That's a waste of food

  56. Sara Alkhakani

    Sara AlkhakaniNgày trước

    I wait for you everyday near the lighthouse, glad to know you didn’t leave me. UwU

  57. GamerBoyNahian

    GamerBoyNahianNgày trước

    I really want Ian again on camers like this if you want too and comment on this video that you want too

  58. Aiden James

    Aiden JamesNgày trước

    This actually sets the record for longest every ever by smosh

  59. Manasher 12

    Manasher 12Ngày trước



    DANK DANKNgày trước

    Real talk anyone else think they feel apart after Anthony left it just isnt the same anymore he is what made it funny and now his content is painful to watch too it was better back in 2010 i was like 7 but shit i didnt care all i did was laugh cause thats all they made me do idk just doesnt feel the same anymore

  61. Rockin Sam

    Rockin SamNgày trước

    2:07 shayne face so crazy funny

  62. jeffy Paul

    jeffy PaulNgày trước

    We want food battle 2019 with Anthony and ian please

  63. Megatechtonic

    MegatechtonicNgày trước

    Where’s Keith and Noah?

  64. Jameson YT

    Jameson YTNgày trước


  65. Jackson

    JacksonNgày trước

    This is me and my mom sometimes 2:48 - her throw the giant burrito at me

  66. Angel Mendoza

    Angel MendozaNgày trước

    I love this video a lot

  67. Bailey Wesley

    Bailey WesleyNgày trước


  68. Hinata Hyuga & Naruto Uzumaki

    Hinata Hyuga & Naruto UzumakiNgày trước

    the day Shane leaves Smosh is the day i die

  69. Deanna Mullins

    Deanna MullinsNgày trước

    Love it👌

  70. LiyahK

    LiyahKNgày trước

    Me: *watches every chipotle ever* VIreporter: *plays Burger King ad*

  71. Alberto Castillo

    Alberto CastilloNgày trước


  72. Jumplamp 007

    Jumplamp 007Ngày trước

    1958 vs 2019


    THE FALL GUYNgày trước

    how about every first car ever.

  74. risinglotuswind

    risinglotuswindNgày trước

    What a waste of food.

  75. Person Withahoodie

    Person WithahoodieNgày trước

    I laughed so much at the rice bit

  76. GodZ

    GodZNgày trước

    Is it just me or does Smosh seem like they find the 1 star rating restaurants

  77. charlie wright mccollum

    charlie wright mccollumNgày trước

    Smosh isn’t even funny anymore.

  78. Firestream11

    Firestream11Ngày trước

    Trust me never listen to edited comments

  79. Joanne Mangum

    Joanne MangumNgày trước

    Do ever first vlog every

  80. Dre_ daking

    Dre_ dakingNgày trước

    "SHUT UP" (only og fans know what I'm talking about)

  81. 123 456

    123 456Ngày trước

    I was watching the og smosh videos and they are god tier compared to this.

  82. Double A R&B

    Double A R&BNgày trước

    Video idea Every pre k/ day care ever

  83. _ Spectrlz

    _ SpectrlzNgày trước

    Who else misses the old smosh 😔

  84. Isabelonkr

    Isabelonkr2 ngày trước

    Ideas for some epic “Every [Blank] Ever” vids I thought of: Every CostCo Ever Every Wendy’s Ever Every College Ever Every IHOP Ever Every Kroger Ever Every Aldi Ever