Every Cut of Beef! (Almost) | Basics with Babish


  1. Binging with Babish

    Binging with Babish3 tháng trước

    Did y'all find any new cuts you're excited to try?

  2. devin cryer

    devin cryer3 ngày trước

    Binging with Babish there are no butcher shops in my town!!! What do I do!?

  3. Nick Pavloff

    Nick Pavloff19 ngày trước

    Shoulder tenderloin and Denver

  4. bluesdjben

    bluesdjbenTháng trước

    I live in Southern California, so definitely had to try the tri tip. Just put one in the crock pot to marinate in some homemade barbecue sauce. Had some tri tip at an LA place that was just so-so, but looking forward to making a day trip up to Santa Maria sometime to get the good stuff.

  5. islandgirltoo

    islandgirltooTháng trước

    Just an old school steak lover who appreciates seeing someone knowing how to actually cut the sirloin properly . . . we always called it the "baseball cut" but it's so hard to find now . . . even in top end steak houses.

  6. luminal Aztec

    luminal Aztec2 tháng trước

    I'm a little sad y'all didn't mention the beef cheek! That's my favorite part of the cow.

  7. Sherry Sink

    Sherry SinkNgày trước

    Thanks for such an in-depth look! I've always been a little afraid of the grocery store meat section, not knowing what to choose or how best to cook it, and too shy/embarrassed to ask the butcher. One of the best steaks I've ever had was a Delmonico. Of course, it also may have been my frame of mind. After a really, really crappy year, I had just moved to a new city and was feeling positive for the first time in a long time, looking forward to change and starting anew. I decided to celebrate that, and took myself out for a steak (something I didn't usually do, because it was expensive and I didn't have much money to my name). That night, all the servers, the bartender, everyone at the restaurant was so friendly and kind, which lifted my mood immediately, and the meal itself tasted f***ing fantastic. Definitely a moment for the memory banks, for sure. So whenever I hear the word Delmonico, I smile. P.S. It's the first time I felt compelled to call up a restaurant afterward and ask to talk to the manager, just to let them know how much I appreciated the food, the service and the whole experience. I felt they should know. :) (Especially because I imagine the manager usually only gets called to hear the crappy stuff, so I really wanted them to hear something glowing.)

  8. Ancient Sled

    Ancient SledNgày trước

    The music... no. Too loud and interferes with the presentation.

  9. Krystina Lavely

    Krystina Lavely2 ngày trước

    Watching you with my husband and he said you look and sounds like Ryan Reynolds.

  10. Noah Johnson

    Noah Johnson4 ngày trước

    Tri tip is so common in California

  11. Pikana

    Pikana4 ngày trước

    I'm apparently a Sirloin Cap. I felt so weird when I heard that.

  12. Jacob Code

    Jacob Code7 ngày trước

    I like medium-well.

  13. michel Guevara

    michel Guevara7 ngày trước

    my prefered cut is a limouxin bavette

  14. michel Guevara

    michel Guevara7 ngày trước

    my prefered cut is a limouxin bavette

  15. Alexandra Johnson

    Alexandra Johnson7 ngày trước

    Can you do one that includes offal? If we are going to kill a whole cow then fewer parts should go to waste :)

  16. 48956l

    48956l8 ngày trước

    Wait your name isn't Babish???? WTF

  17. Justin Newell

    Justin Newell9 ngày trước

    +1 for flat iron! Such a great cut, I get it on sale for $5/lb. I hope the word doesn't get out, because that stuff is delicious. I guess I'm not really helping my cause here... ah well 🤷‍♂️

  18. mistermanji

    mistermanji10 ngày trước

    What, no footage of cooking one for yourselves at the end?

  19. Morgan Childs

    Morgan Childs11 ngày trước

    The music is too goddamned loud.

  20. Ruby Orchid14

    Ruby Orchid1412 ngày trước

    Y’all talking about how tasty and yummy meat is... 😋 *drooling* Too good... also makes my vegan friends very uncomfortable and I just smile and say “more for me!”

  21. Paul Winther

    Paul Winther13 ngày trước

    I went to Wegmans to get a tri-tip when I was visiting my dad in Syracuse and the Butcher asked "what's that". That was the first time I was glad I moved to Missouri!

  22. Jay

    Jay14 ngày trước

    the music in this is seriously excruciating. halfway through and I just don't know if I can go on

  23. Corey Reid

    Corey Reid19 ngày trước

    Somebody watched "Reading Rainbow" as a child. :) "**thud** And that's beef."

  24. BenCu

    BenCu20 ngày trước

    People who dont eat steaks medium rare scare me

  25. Joseph Carrdus

    Joseph Carrdus20 ngày trước

    As a British human let me clear one thing up: wus-ter-sheer sauce

  26. Eesa Khan

    Eesa Khan21 ngày trước


  27. stephen belt

    stephen belt22 ngày trước

    That was only 3/4 of a beef they didn't address the round. Top, bottom, eye round muscles and the sirloin tip

  28. HCC LVN

    HCC LVN24 ngày trước

    Not all of us are cavemen. There are people who do prefer their meat cooked.

  29. Solo Markus

    Solo Markus25 ngày trước


  30. Solo Markus

    Solo Markus25 ngày trước

    1:36 under shtand

  31. Ikonya Warachi

    Ikonya Warachi25 ngày trước

    Can't actually tell one cut from the other

  32. Joshua Enrique

    Joshua Enrique26 ngày trước

    Yo I learned so much

  33. Morgan Childs

    Morgan Childs26 ngày trước

    The music is extraordinarily too loud on this one, Babby. Nobody cares that much about royalty-free stock saxophone solos.

  34. Sackser7420

    Sackser742026 ngày trước

    I was waiting for the tongue

  35. Joe Minozzi

    Joe Minozzi26 ngày trước

    This guy sounds like Bam Margera

  36. Merp Derp

    Merp Derp27 ngày trước

    5 minutes in and I already feel I've learned so much!

  37. Judy Huffman

    Judy Huffman29 ngày trước

    WOw Thank you great info

  38. Amelia Davidson

    Amelia DavidsonTháng trước

    Always glad to have tips on cooking beef! Very informative episode! Thank you!

  39. Clowder Seeker

    Clowder SeekerTháng trước

    Bill the butcher's steak. I wanna watch you to cook and eat like him.

  40. Ryan Morris

    Ryan MorrisTháng trước

    Being born in California, I thought everybody was familiar with tri-tip.

  41. Michael Scanlan

    Michael ScanlanTháng trước

    Actually the most common way we do Tri tip in california, atleast on the central coast, is cooked on an open fire grill over oak. Not smoking or slow cooking.

  42. wasonceme S.

    wasonceme S.Tháng trước

    is it weird this video makes me want to be a vegetarian?

  43. LinkHeichou

    LinkHeichouTháng trước

    "what the hell is this?" "it's a bunch of beef! :)" ":) _kill me now_"

  44. Anthony Casper

    Anthony CasperTháng trước


  45. TrucksNTracks

    TrucksNTracksTháng trước

    Nobody: Andrew: That's my favorite cut

  46. cmg2491

    cmg2491Tháng trước

    I'm a butcher in California and there is no truer statement than at 16:49. I can't tell you how many times people have come in and asked for a flank steak because of a cooking show haha

  47. Shadow KageD

    Shadow KageDTháng trước

    This was insanely interesting. Tons of useful information !!!loved it

  48. Tyler Yescavage

    Tyler YescavageTháng trước

    had the chance to call this beef with babish n u didn’t take it

  49. *Kuidaore*

    *Kuidaore*Tháng trước

    Babish heart this comment if you can see it.

  50. Brody Gates

    Brody GatesTháng trước

    Blah blah blah originates from papayum which I’m sure you can guess what fruit is from. Babish: oh yeah pineapple. Babish, cmon man 😂😂😂

  51. Dakota Berry

    Dakota BerryTháng trước

    Is this a Bearded Ryan Reynolds?

  52. John Lane

    John LaneTháng trước

    An ox is a steer. Ox is a job.

  53. xengineer24

    xengineer24Tháng trước

    These guys sure do love to trash well done meat. Never understood that tbh

  54. Labradoorr

    LabradoorrTháng trước

    Frank Kolton lmao how do you get your steak down then

  55. Frank Kolton

    Frank KoltonTháng trước

    For very good reason, well done steaks are terrible dry, very tough, and lack flavor. People who want their steaks done well are just wasting their money, they might as well have an overcooked hamburger. Chef's at fine steak houses love the occasional oddball that orders a well done steak, because they can use up there worst, toughest steaks and the customer will never even realize it. Example - The last 2 inches of the strip loin (or with the bone known as the porterhouse), where it meets the sirloin, is the worst part of the strip because a heavy strip of connective tissue runs through it, that would go to someone who ordered a well done strip.

  56. Sebastian Nicholas

    Sebastian NicholasTháng trước

    I freaking love this guy. Makes me want to learn butchery

  57. Said Chammas

    Said ChammasTháng trước

    Cut picanha with the grain

  58. Aryanna Simone

    Aryanna SimoneTháng trước

    Why does he look like Zane hijazi

  59. Matt Martens

    Matt MartensTháng trước

    This was an awesome video. Be cool to see a venison version!

  60. ChanZilla

    ChanZillaTháng trước


  61. The Rockstar Farmer

    The Rockstar FarmerTháng trước

    I think I'll stick to cosco... $90 for a brisket is a bit ridiculous.

  62. Chimp Scape

    Chimp ScapeTháng trước

    I'd cook all those cuts to well done just to piss off all the whingebags that can't handle other people preferring fully cooked steak. Maybe learn to cook properly if you find well done steak to be dry, tasteless ect. I've had them all from blue to well done and I vastly prefer well done any day. I'm cool with people eating it however they want but you *dare* tell me my personal preferences are wasteful, you treacherous little worms!

  63. Worldwave

    WorldwaveTháng trước

    I'm 5 minutes in and this butcher's passion for his work and good meat is blowing my mind, haha. We need more passionate people like him doing the things they love doing!

  64. calynmjordan

    calynmjordanTháng trước

    Just started my meat cutting apprenticeship and this helped me a lot babish thank you

  65. Marie Davidson

    Marie DavidsonTháng trước

    he pronounced Worcestershire sauce without hesitation!

  66. The Holy Lizard

    The Holy LizardTháng trước

    NGL i really wanted to see him put his whole finger through it

  67. Shoggo

    Shoggo2 tháng trước

    Man this guy talks like someone who’s gotten INTIMATE with his cuts.