EVERYTHING You Missed in US + TWIST Ending Explained


  1. Flicks And The City

    Flicks And The City4 tháng trước

    What did YOU think about the ending to Us? ✂✂✂ *NEW Us & Get Out Universe Theory video just uploaded!* ► vireporter.net/v/video-so0hekaX8EQ.html

  2. Pike Mom

    Pike Mom9 ngày trước

    This was a great analysis. It showed me things I never noticed before. One note though, I thought the strange way Adaline talked was because she was strangled by Red as a child causing her vocal chords to get damaged from the strangling. 🤷🏾‍♀️ Just my thoughts. 🙂

  3. The Refunked Kennedy

    The Refunked KennedyTháng trước

    | :

  4. The Refunked Kennedy

    The Refunked KennedyTháng trước

    im not fixing my typo, because i dont want to edit anything

  5. The Refunked Kennedy

    The Refunked KennedyTháng trước

    @Flicks And The City OK....say...if it was happening, we wouldn't know about it, the gov't would... I mean RIGHT. Jus Sayin', and the fact that people are creating so many different versions of themselves on social media, in interactions, it's strange. I fist though there was a strong racism beat to this movie and there is, and yeah...the whole rabbit thing could've been un-government internment experiment. I could've been incarceration, BUUUUT, I believe that this movie is reminding people, that singularity doesn't mean you're alone....it means, there is a race that has overpowered your, and now you're on defense. I felt as though the people underground represented what is/will happen as technology gets/is.... surpassed by those who created it. Societal ills....poverty, racism, hatred, fear of something other than you...and a glimpse into the fact that everyone's got a bad bad bad side...and some of the human race embody them, just don't hide ....then there are the "others" who don't have to hide at all , they have the currency not to....but, only behind suits and job titles.

  6. The Refunked Kennedy

    The Refunked KennedyTháng trước

    @Andrew Williams So right , the audacious Rich Whitey with the bigger boat named..."MY BYAAAAHTCH" or something of the same lemme take that ilk. The wife with the plastic surgery, it truly is a movie about which side (if you're religious) of the shoulder to adhere to the most...

  7. Paul Tate

    Paul Tate12 giờ trước

    Jesus is coming soon that’s why we need to repent

  8. ༺βʟzɴβяʙıε༻

    ༺βʟzɴβяʙıε༻Ngày trước

    me after watching us: *what a weird ending* me after watching this: *what a work of art*

  9. Colin Edwards

    Colin EdwardsNgày trước

    During their fight, Adelaide is beaten, slashed, and stabbed several times by Red, but she still stands and comes out on top, meanwhile, Red is incapacitated after one stab to the abdomen. The Tethered are shown throughout the movie to be incredibly resilient to injury and require a lot of force to kill, a clue that shows Adelaide is really the clone

  10. Mauricio Madureira

    Mauricio Madureira2 ngày trước


  11. Yhh Fhhj

    Yhh Fhhj3 ngày trước

    Included the point that she smiled signifying she was happy that the doppelgänger got to live a normal life too

  12. Yhh Fhhj

    Yhh Fhhj3 ngày trước

    I felt that towards the end she could tell them at her sons doppelgänger got out because he was acting the same way she did ( not talking)

  13. Your Name

    Your Name3 ngày trước

    If I was being choked like that girl, I would dig my thumbs into their eyeballs.

  14. Blake Berry

    Blake Berry4 ngày trước

    This movie sucked almost as much as Get Out..

  15. Meghan Johnson

    Meghan Johnson6 ngày trước

    When Gabe was watch the baseball game the tv said that the teams were tied 11-11

  16. ham cheese

    ham cheese7 ngày trước

    When the song I got 5 on it comes on while they’re driving to Santa Cruz Adelaids clone doesn’t keep rhythm while snapping her fingers

  17. Ron Calabro

    Ron Calabro7 ngày trước

    "Please tell me you did not just reference home alone"

  18. L El

    L El7 ngày trước

    OMG the beach house address is 2311 Seagull Way!!!! FREAKING JORDAN!!!!!!!!! 2311...as in 1111 (2300 military time is 11 pm)...and the seagulls that appeared in the beach scene! He's a creative genius...and I'm loving this!

  19. Jacquelyne

    Jacquelyne8 ngày trước

    I think the little boy was also switched.

  20. dirty dan

    dirty dan14 ngày trước

    im watching this after Jack Black talking about clones.

  21. P Q

    P Q16 ngày trước

    In the beginning at the whac-a-mole stand, the worker is wearing a Black Flag My War t-shirt, which is a red-gloved hand holding a knife, but kind of looks like a hand puppet cause of the face. Reminds me of the red outfits. Crazy side note, there's a Black Flag Everything Went Black T-shirt, not in the film, with scissors on it.

  22. evakatrina a

    evakatrina a16 ngày trước

    Listening to the mom at the doctor's office: As in real life, crucially important and completely ignored


    LOYALTY SLEEPER BELL16 ngày trước

    HOW DID THE WHITE FAMILY HAVE DUBELS ? They never showed them going through nothing ?


    LOYALTY SLEEPER BELL16 ngày trước

    IN THE END WHEN HER SON STARTED WALKING BACKWARDS CAUSING HIS DUBBLE TO WALK BACK IN TO THE FIRE, adalay screamed NOOO REVEALING THAT WAS HER REAL SON. Also the boy could not ever do his trick with the lighter while the boy with the burned face lit it with no problems also telling us he was her real son .

  25. Varun mehta

    Varun mehta18 ngày trước

    Movie starts with a few lines about abandoned and unused tunnels and subway systems. Later we find out that they were not really abandoned as tethereds were living beneath us.

  26. Kelly Ellis

    Kelly Ellis18 ngày trước

    When the family was walking on the beach. Showed them and their shadows portraying the doubles. Also, maybe the number 11 11.

  27. Genchaos 9

    Genchaos 919 ngày trước

    The little girl goes insane back in 1986 and never recovers. We are watching her mind's eye.

  28. Ziggy Bloo

    Ziggy Bloo19 ngày trước

    Lazy writing, the only way to describe this insult of a movie

  29. • iJam

    • iJam20 ngày trước

    In the beginning of the movie, there was a text saying "there are lots of secret US tunnels that has no known purpose." Maybe he's telling us that US has secrets like this in those tunnels

  30. OrgulloColombiano

    OrgulloColombiano20 ngày trước

    They said in the video, that the clones were made to control their human counterparts. Notice how Jason the little boy was the only one that could control his “clone.” If Jason could control him then it’s because the human Jason was an actual clone all along

  31. Pamela Perry

    Pamela Perry22 ngày trước

    And I think about rabbits back in the day slavery it's like these people was put made and created and they suffered on the ground and was at forced to eat raw rabbit Ashley this did happen in history with the black slaves had to eat wild game like they did

  32. Tracy Talbot

    Tracy Talbot25 ngày trước

    In hindsight, I found that Red explaining about the warm, delicious meals Adelaide was served and the soft, fun toys she received while they had to eat raw, bloody rabbit meat and play with sharp, cutting toys was revealing. How would Red, a tethered person, know those experiences first hand? Especially the way she described them --she had actual memories of those things.

  33. Kathy Haynes

    Kathy Haynes25 ngày trước

    When the clone mom went into the basement she cut the bunny's head off just like in the story, at the beach jason saw a man with blood dripping from his hand if you look closer you can see the man has a red jump suit on:D

  34. NUUDLE

    NUUDLE25 ngày trước

    if you think about it is Adelaide's clone even evil? if she wanted to kill someone she would have already killed her husband, daughter, and son as you see in the movie the whole time she tries to protect them and pleads to real Adelaide not to hurt her children, don't say well she strangled Adelaide and locked her up, that's pretty evil, is it really? if you were underground with all of those people forced to eat rabbit wouldn't you do anything it takes to get out? also Adelaide said you could have taken me with you, that's not true if she did her parents would be so confused and probably wouldn't let Red/Adelaide's clone come with them



    Lol he thinks hes so clearly with these Easter eggs when a 10 year old cand do the same thing. THATS TUFF

  36. Marissa Leeann

    Marissa Leeann27 ngày trước

    ANOTHER thing y’all didn’t notice is that she is the only one who talks!

  37. Tony

    Tony27 ngày trước

    Why couldn't the real Adelaide just walk up the stairs and get out of the tunnel?

  38. Blaine Fiasco

    Blaine Fiasco28 ngày trước

    @6:56 is a rather ironic and weird interpretation given it's a Jordan Peele movie and the message of this and get out are the opposite of that.

  39. Blaine Fiasco

    Blaine Fiasco28 ngày trước

    Where'd they get scissors from?

  40. Lauren Irvin

    Lauren Irvin28 ngày trước

    i feel like the reason red’s voice is like that wasn’t because she hadn’t used it in a while but it was because in the beginning adelaide choked her (to switch lives with her). red even wakes up feeling her throat when she was chained to the bed. all of this leading to why her voice is all cracky and barely there.

  41. Angelo Quatrocci

    Angelo Quatrocci28 ngày trước

    One of the biggest clues to Adelaide being a Tethered was when she was telling the story of what happened to "her" as a child to Gabe: the camera POV begins with her back facing Gabe and slowly pans up to show her reflection telling the story which was her exact same position when the real Adelaide meets her in 1986, first her back is facing Adelaide and she turns to show her "reflection".

  42. Jessica Combs

    Jessica Combs28 ngày trước

    Am I the only one who believe Jason is a tethered. Reasons: 1. He was able to control his doppleganger. Which is why tethered were made. 2. The difference in dopplegangers. His and his mother dopplegangers all had physical impearements that effected their speech. 3. They had hobbies. One loved to dance the other loved magic. 4 Gabe tether's name was Abraham, in the Bible he had to sacrifice his son... Just some thoughts

  43. iluvdonkeybootyhoes juheard

    iluvdonkeybootyhoes juheard28 ngày trước

    I gotta boner watching this

  44. Daniel Maldonado

    Daniel Maldonado28 ngày trước

    The son could not get his fire trick to work. An exact opposite to his tethered counterpart, who was born “liking fire”

  45. Modest

    Modest28 ngày trước

    How did the tether people get all the scissors?

  46. Modest

    Modest28 ngày trước

    Anyone else notice that Jasons clone's face was burned because Jason did that magic trick all the time and underground jason was burning his face for real

  47. Edmac

    Edmac28 ngày trước

    Who else thought of “The Ritual of Chüd” from It???

  48. Empress Nyla

    Empress Nyla28 ngày trước

    So the son is the seed of the tether. Why would he look at her different? Those children are her biological children by her husband or the man who she married. Tether children

  49. vivi Hutson

    vivi Hutson29 ngày trước

    So why killing the red ones? I dont get it

  50. vivi Hutson

    vivi Hutson29 ngày trước

    Movie sucks

  51. CARNERO Tripps

    CARNERO Tripps29 ngày trước

    It seems to me that the little boy mite have been the tether also. By how he looks almost like he recognizes the meeting itself here place etc

  52. mike thomulka

    mike thomulka29 ngày trước

    When he is watching the baseball game on tv before the mom puts the son to bed and they see that its 11:11pm the announcer said the score is tied 11 to 11

  53. RI

    RITháng trước

    In the ending where "Adelaide" is going to the school or the place where all the rabbits where she knew exactly where she was going. She knew how to get around. This is kind of showing a switch or that "Adelaide" was down there at a time. It shows that before it reveals that they were switched.

  54. sPoNgEbOi Jr

    sPoNgEbOi JrTháng trước

    The red and gold frisbee landing on the blue circle represents the tethered replacing the originals

  55. NaniXGhoul-_-

    NaniXGhoul-_-Tháng trước

    What if we were all clones and that’s why we can’t remember most of our years before 3-4 and the people that do remember aren’t clones