EVERYTHING You Missed in US + TWIST Ending Explained


  1. Flicks And The City

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    What did YOU think about the ending to Us? ✂✂✂ *NEW Us & Get Out Universe Theory video just uploaded!* ► vireporter.net/v/video-so0hekaX8EQ.html

  2. techCUISINE

    techCUISINE16 ngày trước

    The Movie was about a modern slave revolt. Subway station underground. Underground railroad. It was also about how blacks have the capabilities but have been robbed of the resources to achieve the American (US) dream.

  3. Dear Jane

    Dear Jane17 ngày trước

    Missed one: When they are walking on the beach, the imagery of their shadows are 1111.

  4. Tani

    Tani23 ngày trước

    +Jason West I'm strongly with you The little boy was switched when they was on the beach. Notice when they reached home and the mother looked at the drawing the son did...she then realized it was the underground son.....

  5. Elite Prospect

    Elite Prospect23 ngày trước

    Flicks And The City so is here family also clones?

  6. Randomblina

    Randomblina25 ngày trước

    I guessed the ending right away. I wasn’t too impressed with the movie.

  7. Prince JJ

    Prince JJNgày trước

    Do u guys do see that at the end when there in the car she has a x on here face

  8. Brady Bunch59

    Brady Bunch59Ngày trước

    When they were walking on the beach, you could see that Adelaide was a little out of the line. They were all in a striaght line until you see Adelaide which is a little to the right. That is just one of the many hints that Adelaide was actually the real Red. Becuase she wasnt the same as everyone else.

  9. Hello Luna

    Hello LunaNgày trước

    In first scene u will get answer for he ending movie...i shocke about that...its so fresh genre for thriller movie...the plot twist will make you surprising...i hope "US" had sequel...

  10. Drum Eyo

    Drum EyoNgày trước

    After watching the movie a a couple hours ago, and going through the comments. I can attempt to give a brief analysis. Please correct me or ask questions in my theory. 1. Red( is the real natural birth Ade) Reason: -she can speak in the living rooom scene but the other clones can’t -The movie reveals it that way. ( case closed) 2. Ade( is the clone) Reason: -She doesn’t know how to speak when she is young after the incident -She grunts kinda animalistic after killing the twin in the white people house -She knows exactly how to go down to the laboratory to save Jason - the movie reveals it to us( case closed) Now come the theories. Sometimes the simplest answer is the truth. 3. The daughter was not switched. Reason. - She was scared when encountering the clones and was genuinely unaware of their existence. - based on the reaction from Ade( the clone imposter mother) she knew exactly what was up, and attempted to call the police to take care of business - she ran easy from her clone, the clone chased her to kill her. The basic narrative for the clones is to kill their originals and take their place. If she had been the clone, she would have been the aggressor. 4. Jason was not switched Reason: - he too was oblivious to the existence of a clone , but his clone new actually who he was. The narrative for the clones in the movie is that they know their originals or have a concept about them. That is why they were created. Or that is why they copy them underground. - obviously from the wounds on Pluto. Jason could not get his trick to work on the regular world , but Pluto trick worked in tunnels, which would explain why he was injured and Jason was not . It’s that simple. - Jason was smart. He learned quickly and learned big words, cuss words. His clone was an idiot, and dumb. It is the given narrative that the clones were created to control the people on the surface. But it didn’t work. So the people that created them abandoned the project. IT DIDNT WORK. What did work? The people on the surface were indirectly able to control the clones. This explains how Red(the real human Ade)was able to indirectly lead her clone (Ade the fake imposter clone) to her in the mirror house. This explains why the real Jason was able to control the Pluto, his clone in the closet to take his mask off and on. Eventually since Jason was a smart young boy, use this power to make Pluto put himself in the fire. ( plain and simple). The daughter being a runner and shit is obviously explained . The clone was faster because she is a clone. The clones have better bodies, and the humans have better minds. That is the clones are superior in their physical attributes but savage in the mind ( hence the animals sounds and behaviors ) especially Pluto crawling and shit. The humans are superior mentally. Now listen carefully. This is where is all leads too. The children form the clone and the real Ade are half and half. Let me explain. Then Clone mom had children normally with a real human, ( prince fell in live with a shadow) and the real mom was forced underground to have children with that zombie man. The children are weird. That is why Pluto is like a fookin aninal but has human intelligence, like his human mom( Red). That is why Jason and Nora are physically weak, but mentally savage and bloodthirsty and ready to kill like their mother Ade( the clone mom revealed at the end). Again. I repeat. The clones cannot control the real ones. That is why the experiment was abandoned. The real ones not by design , but by the clones Simply trying so hard to make meaningful go of their existence, try hard to copy the lives of their originals below surface. And more than occasionally, like Red( the real Ade) you are forced by the environment to follow on that path of life. That is why she had the kids without her wanting to have the kids. There are a lot of overlapping themes to this movie. Nature vs nurture Dualism Etc. But I just wanted to highlight those topics before someone goes down the rabbit whole of VIreporter comments and gets confused... Again...... Jason was not switched or Nora. The only one switched was Ade and Red. More info to prove my statement: 1. Jason was scared of Ade when she saved him form the locker, but she was acting like a clone , not a natural mom 2. Jason continued to stare at her in the car because she was odd. 3. When Ade yells at her husband and tells him he is not in control and he stares at her on the drive towards the pier. She was acting odd. 4. Nora was not the aggressor and showed no type of physical superiority in any of her fights with clones. But her clone was jumping on cars and running fast asf and did not talk. She was NOt SWITCHED!!! 5. Jason , the real boy is able to control his clone Pluto in the closet and also to walk into the fire!!! Ask yourself, why would Pluto try and kill his real clone mom and sister.????? Naw . It’s not the deep. The only way to be safe in this movie, is to kill your original. Hence form the getgo, you can tell who the clones are in the children. The clones had no fear. That is why Pluto was not scared of Jason , and the clone was not scared of Nora. Ade was never scared of Red only concerned with safety of her family. THe KIDS WERE NOT SWITCHED.

  11. Cathy Is my name

    Cathy Is my name2 ngày trước

    The ending wasn't confusing at all

  12. ike ace

    ike ace4 ngày trước

    Damn I left the theater thinking it was pretty decent. But now I'm like Jordan Peele you fucking genius!

  13. Alex Adams

    Alex Adams4 ngày trước

    also the shirt that Zora's wearing throughout the film has the word "Thỏ" on it which means Rabbit in Vietnamese

  14. Soso .Letsplay

    Soso .Letsplay4 ngày trước

    whenever the son tries to do the magic trick with the lighter it burns the clones face in the under world .

  15. Logan W

    Logan W5 ngày trước

    I thought her voice was rough because of the strangulation damage her doppelganger did when she choked her.

  16. Emma Haswell

    Emma Haswell6 ngày trước

    tater twists

  17. Corrine Howard

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  18. Leah Todd

    Leah Todd7 ngày trước

    This is the best breakdown of the movie.

  19. Charlie Rock

    Charlie Rock7 ngày trước

    He's the black Stanley Kubrick

  20. VIP Cattybug

    VIP Cattybug7 ngày trước

    Who has seen the whole film . I love it BTW .

  21. Zhylex

    Zhylex7 ngày trước

    im still confused how the clone felt and knew everything the real Adelaide went threw and has flash backs to it ?

  22. Zhylex

    Zhylex7 ngày trước

    im still confused how the clone felt and knew everything the real Adelaide went threw and has flash backs to it ?

  23. Zhylex

    Zhylex7 ngày trước

    im still confused how the clone felt and knew everything the real Adelaide went threw and has flash backs to it ?

  24. Zhylex

    Zhylex7 ngày trước

    im still confused how the clone felt and knew everything the real Adelaide went threw and has flash backs to it ?

  25. Zhylex

    Zhylex7 ngày trước

    im still confused how the clone felt and knew everything the real Adelaide went threw and has flash backs to it ?

  26. Zhylex

    Zhylex6 ngày trước

    Suicison yeah but in the movie she would have flashbacks to going down tjere

  27. Suicison

    Suicison6 ngày trước

    She didnt?? We know that they swapped on her birthday at santa cruz and the tethered were controlled by the humans so thats how the real adelaide was doinf ballet

  28. Zane Williams

    Zane Williams8 ngày trước

    All the doppelgängers had all the same “physical” attributes. Including physical prowess, the daughters clone was a good runner(she did track), the son’s doppelgänger was good with fire(he did “magic” with fire). But didn’t have any attributes towards emotions or a “soul”. But the mom was the only one able to express emotions... due to her being the real mom at the end.

  29. Briana Davis

    Briana Davis8 ngày trước

    Did the big girl 🏃🏾‍♀️ not the mom but the little boy 🏃🏾‍♂️and did the big girl 🏃🏾‍♀️

  30. Josh Jo

    Josh Jo8 ngày trước

    My tether would rather live down there than switch with me lol

  31. Ron Edward

    Ron Edward9 ngày trước

    Saw it today. I noticed a couple of times where people were wearing t-shirts with Black Flag on it. I know it's used to kill insects, but not sure where the connection is. 🤔 Also, the mom, I forget her name, was snapping her fingers off beat to the song, Five On It, because she's a clone with no soul!!!

  32. DesertDweller10

    DesertDweller109 ngày trước

    11-11 is a powerful number in the spiritual community and it represents transformation and awakening consciousness. Thus, 11-11 has a duel meaning just like most everything else in the movie. The Biblical 11-11 represents the wrath of God if humanity continues on its current path of material excess and seeing our fellow inhabitants as 'other." However, 11-11 also represents that we can change course through our awakening to Oneness and to our inherent authenticity that does not rely on material excess. It is a matter of becoming aware of our shadow side and accepting it so that we do not unconsciously operate from it.

  33. Deshawn S.

    Deshawn S.9 ngày trước

    Instead of saying that Adelaide didn’t use her vocal chords for a very long time when the real Adelaide encountered the fake one the fake grabbed her by the neck which could’ve damaged your vocal chords

  34. Suicison

    Suicison6 ngày trước

    Yeah but its probably a combination she probably almost crushed her vocal cords and she didnt use them for over 20 yeats

  35. L Marie

    L Marie9 ngày trước

    Just looking for info about the movie and stumbled onto information about a song that Michael Jackson made called "they don't care about us." It was controversial at the time and I guess and Michael Jackson said " The song, in fact, is about the pain of prejudice and hate and is a way to draw attention to social and political problems. I am the voice of the accused and the attacked. I am the voice of everyone. I am the skinhead, I am the Jew, I am the black man, I am the white man. I am not the one who was attacking. It is about the injustices to young people and how the system can wrongfully accuse them." There seems to be so much woven into these movies, this seems like a link as well since Michael Jackson imagery was used more than once. You could also say Michael Jackson had problems with his identity as well, who he was before fame and who he was later in life...or am I reading too much into it? These movies do that to you!

  36. buciallstar

    buciallstar9 ngày trước

    when the mystery unraveled in the final parts of the movie, I thought "damn, this is a well crafted, well written, and well thought of movie". Afterwards my friends and I tried to find loopholes and typical horror movie mistakes in the movie, but we couldn't really think of anything. Everything seemed to make sense, and each character reacted the way we thought within their universe. My biggest complaint was: "Sure, the copies kill everyone immediately, but leave the main characters alive for no reason, sure". Until it is clear, that Adelaide is switched and Red wants her revenge nice and slow. What better way to torture her mentally by torturing her family first.

  37. Ali 7053

    Ali 70539 ngày trước

    Wait but why could the boy control his clone?He made him walk into the fire

  38. Robin Collins

    Robin Collins10 ngày trước

    I feel like when the son was missing that 1 summer that its a chance its clone came and replaced him... which the clone could of killed the grandmother that summer...also at the beach the twins asked him what he was making he said a tunnel... that's odd to me instead of making sandcastles


    IT'S SPEHRY10 ngày trước

    The mum and Jason both click out of time to the song, if you play that same song over how the teathered Jason clicks it is on beat and since the teathered have no sense of beat shown with the dancing the Jason we all know as good is actually the teathered showing why the mum wanted to save her so bad a knew exactly how to get down there shows she is the teathered

  40. Pink Pepper

    Pink Pepper10 ngày trước

    Beach scene where Adelaide says she doesn't like talking or something along those lines.

  41. Robloxian Tutorials

    Robloxian Tutorials10 ngày trước

    I think the next movie will be help because if us and get out are connected after help the next title will be help us get out

  42. Tee Bro

    Tee Bro11 ngày trước

    I love Jordan Peele's movies so far, and I couldn't find any questionable issues in "Get Out", but "Us", ya gotta question (how were the Tethers furnished with the same duplicate clothes of the Originals)?! And if his movies will end up being in the same universe, how did the Red group get the DNA to make the clones. I would like to same him address these. Other than that, great movie concepts!!!👍🏽

  43. I'm Always Right

    I'm Always Right11 ngày trước

    This is a great video

  44. 31webseries

    31webseries12 ngày trước

    I love that the whole movie is in that one shot of the videotapes at the beginning.

  45. Arieyxoxo xD

    Arieyxoxo xD12 ngày trước

    Oh I have something the rabbits were done there to be cloned and be eaten bye the doublegangers because I dont remember when they said but they said something about them only eating raw meat.

  46. lamiracle bailey

    lamiracle bailey12 ngày trước

    I really need to see this damn movie Keenan peeps did amazing on this movie

  47. Brownie lover

    Brownie lover12 ngày trước

    I thought the boy had been switched! That's why the mom smiled!... not that the boy knew her secret.

  48. alex andoven

    alex andoven12 ngày trước

    "Really excited to peel back the layers?" ...lol I see what you did there.... cleverclever.

  49. Paris Turner

    Paris Turner12 ngày trước

    Am I the only one who realized how creeped the little boy was

  50. R'ea J TBA

    R'ea J TBA13 ngày trước

    Who in the hell was alive when CHUD was a film?? I thought the “tethered “ were shadows. That’s what I called them

  51. Massive Douche

    Massive Douche13 ngày trước

    I think the most brilliant thing about the movie was that Peele wanted the viewers to think it was about race like Get Out on a superficial level at first, playing with our expectations. A movie about affluent black people having to literally fight with a physical representation of their violent history and repressed culture, but that was all a red herring. When it was revealed that the rich white neighbors had their own doppelgangers that theory was (brilliantly) shattered. It was about wage inequality, reluctance in changing social castes, consumer worship... It went beyond race, it was about Americans as people living in a burning Rome and being too blinded by shiny things to care. America is numb and flaccid right now and we need a movie like this to shove that fact in our fat, screen-obsessed faces. It was as punk rock and counterculture a movie as Black Flag was for music in their time.

  52. Lauren Jae

    Lauren Jae13 ngày trước

    I hope this isn't a repeat comment but when they first got in the house, the dad asked "WHAT are u people" and it was JASON (the son) that was the one that said "It's US" like he already knew who they were and what they were coming to accomplish! So I do agree that he was a clone that was switched bc he was familiar with who they were bc that's where he came from!

  53. Tedkeeda Booker

    Tedkeeda Booker13 ngày trước

    Sorry but im not ignoring this... But the husband looks like teddy ruckus off black ink ny

  54. Starr Young

    Starr Young13 ngày trước

    When addy killed the twin she was growling and snaring too. Same as when she killed Red... and she knew all about that “Rabbit hole” shout out to Alice and Wonderland.. the son I believe at one point in the movie mentioned how when you point at someone you have three fingers pointing back at you.. very important toward the theme

  55. Tavious Martin

    Tavious Martin13 ngày trước

    I think the son is a tetherd.. cause when they got to the vacation home he found his magic trick. And his sister asked him how it worked and he said he don't knw.. So i think the son had issues with fires and burnt his self and she went down there and got RED son thats why she didn't kill him she just took him and hid him..

  56. Didi Didi

    Didi Didi14 ngày trước

    I really didn’t see the big buzz it was JUST AITE deff not worth the $180 in movie tickets I spend paying for 8 teens

  57. Tiggerzuess

    Tiggerzuess14 ngày trước

    Did anyone else notice the coincidence that Jason's tether acted like a dog and earlier in the movie he was begging his dad if they could get a dog?? Just want to point that out

  58. Connor Nainthy

    Connor Nainthy14 ngày trước

    Did anyone notice that Zora's t-shirt said "tho" on it which is Vietnamese for Rabbit? This also hints at the twist at the end of the movie

  59. Ashley Davila

    Ashley Davila14 ngày trước

    There was also a scene I would like to watch again. When Zoe’s kills one of the twins, Jason is barely fazed. However, when he sees Adelaide kill the other thing he’s taken aback and disturbed. As if he saw something in his mother he hadn’t noticed before, something that was beyond basic survival. I need to watch that scene again.

  60. Ashley Davila

    Ashley Davila14 ngày trước

    There’s a few things that can tip you off. Things that Red says. “You could have taken me with you” -red didn’t have to leave Adelaide behind “To think, if it weren’t for you I would have never danced” -without trying to overcome trauma, Adelaide would have never been put in dance. -Adelaide seemed to have no issue figuring out where to find the tunnels where the tethered stayed. I loved the ending. I’m still thinking about it days later. It haunts me honestly.

  61. Collin Gosselin

    Collin Gosselin15 ngày trước

    You forgot the Baseball score for the 11:11 the score was 11 to 11

  62. Δvery

    Δvery15 ngày trước

    jason's mask changes at the end of us. it goes from chewbaca to "pluto's mask."

  63. Onyx Mystique

    Onyx Mystique15 ngày trước

    As far as the theory that many claim that Jason was the tether who was switched the year prior, Fake Adelaide would have had to go down the escalator, confront real Adelaide with her burnt son, steal Real Adelaide’s real son, and then go back up to the surface for him to be switched and without anyone noticing that his face is magically not burnt anymore. This makes no sense. Her fear of the beach and fear of the “other girl” tells me that there was no way she was going to do that. Also Real Adelaide made it clear that she gave birth to Pluto in her speech, so they were never switched. I think these references have a different purpose when it comes to Jason. They are there for a reason, so there is a reason. The best theory I’ve heard of this movie is that the government created the clones to control the population, but it didn’t work. The clones were soulless and just mirrored the actions of the people living above. Then they were abandoned. But there was one exception and that was Fake Adelaide and Real Adelaide. Just like Jason learned that he could control his clone, Fake Adelaide figured out she could control her counterpart up top. So she concocted a plan to switch places. It was Fake Adelaide guiding real Adelaide to the beach and the fun house. This is why Fake Adelaide could go up the escalator and the others couldn’t. She chained her so she couldn’t leave, and went up to the real world but couldn’t talk. When she learned to dance, real Adelaide followed her movements because Fake Adelaide controlled her. Real Adelaide told her, “You taught me how to dance,” so it wasn’t real Adelaide teaching Fake Adelaide. Real Adelaide was also forced to marry Abraham and have a cesarean and so forth, because Fake Adelaide could control her. This is why Real Adelaide couldn’t go up the escalator once she was unhandcuffed. I think there is a line in the movie about the tethering being stronger when kids are young, but I can’t remember for sure. So I think the scenes between Jason and Pluto are there to show us this connection, especially how strong it is in younger children. Since both Jason and Pluto are half tether and half real, perhaps there is a mutual control where Pluto is also able to influence Jason’s actions as well. This would explain Jason wearing a mask and acting different after getting locked in the closet the year before. He likely tried his fire trick over and over in the closet being afraid of the dark but Pluto was able to light fire for real down below and burned his face. Perhaps Pluto being able to light fire for real caused Jason to lose the ability to do his trick. Pluto started wearing a mask to hide his burnt face which influenced Jason to wear a mask. His being half tether would also explain why he couldn’t snap in rhythm and why his personality was strange and why he was digging tunnels. Pluto was an extreme version of strange and was even strange for being a tether. Real Adelaide said he was born to love fire which may have influenced Jason wanting to learn the fire magic trick. The sister was older and would have outgrown this strong connection. The point to this would be to show how Fake Adelaide could control real Adelaide when the connection was stronger when they were young and why the connection and control was lost as adults. I could never understand why real Adelaide was controlled and learned to dance until I realized what they were trying to show with the Jason and Pluto connection. That makes more sense than actually being switched. The bat comment could just mean that the family never needed to feel the need to protect themselves at grandma’s house before, but Fake Adelaide knew something was going on and had Gabe put a bat by the front door without Jason knowing it. I saw a screen shot of scissors near the bat at some point so this could also show the connection between Fake Adelaide and Real Adelaide and her feeling anxious that something bad was about to happen.

  64. Lauren lucas-baynes

    Lauren lucas-baynes15 ngày trước

    The mother was practicing witch craft on that island If they are still alive the whole family is in a psyc ward

  65. Lauren lucas-baynes

    Lauren lucas-baynes15 ngày trước

    It’s based on true events

  66. Jennifer Dami

    Jennifer Dami15 ngày trước

    I also think the movie makes a powerful statement, not just about us vs. them but also us or them. Notice when Red says the speech about how she mobilized the tethered, she tells fake adelaide that she could have taken her with her. Showing how, we are willing to do whatever it takes to benefit ourselves at the detriment of others, even if that doesn't need to be the case. my only question is, how did fake Adelaide know to switch places with the real one? How did she know that she was missing out on something that shes never seen before?

  67. Sammy Pieri

    Sammy Pieri15 ngày trước

    but why would the tethers kill their human counterparts if they were protesting?? wouldn’t they want their humans to actually see the chain to prove their point? if everyone’s dead no one will get the message!!

  68. Black Hoodie

    Black Hoodie15 ngày trước

    Am I the single one who sees two Twin heads standing back at back in the scissors ?

  69. Your mum looks like my foot

    Your mum looks like my foot15 ngày trước

    I think the reason red talks as she does is not from prolonged use of her vocal chords but rather, damage caused by her being choked viciously as a child, permanently damaging them.

  70. Suicison

    Suicison6 ngày trước

    Yeah thats what i thought too but its probably a combination of both imagine having your vocal cords almost crushed then not talking for 20+years

  71. Dubz Lol

    Dubz Lol15 ngày trước

    You forgot when the brother and sister stood next to each other and the brother picked up the stone and the sister picked up the golf club and it's the next to each other in the little brother held the stone as if he won an award that's an Easter egg Jordan Peele was putting out

  72. Boneywolf de

    Boneywolf de16 ngày trước

    Red cries first

  73. Random Anime 101

    Random Anime 10116 ngày trước

    OMG I am 11

  74. Rick Costa

    Rick Costa16 ngày trước

    Little Addy never ate the RED candy apple but simply carried it around because she isn't from below. That soon changed after she dropped it on the ground and went into the hall of mirrors.

  75. Marian Moore-Rounds

    Marian Moore-Rounds16 ngày trước

    What about the red Frisbee with the yellow star that was at the beach?

  76. FafiLPDoll

    FafiLPDoll16 ngày trước

    Nobody mentioned the boy wearing the jaws t-shirt in the beginning and the Jaws-like scene in the water with the dad. I know Peele sprinkled horror movie inspo throughout the film. Freddy, Jason, etc.

  77. Taryn Hanes

    Taryn Hanes16 ngày trước

    Did anyone else realize that on the Hands Across America shirt, the red color is on the bottom half of America kind of like how the Doppelgängers in red are under their doubles?

  78. nesnupe

    nesnupe16 ngày trước

    "The everyday violence of our privileges and power". Okaaaaay.

  79. Arri Jones

    Arri Jones16 ngày trước

    0:18 "peel back" PEELE back XD anybody catch it!.. i'll see myself out lmao

  80. Lsweette

    Lsweette16 ngày trước

    The colors

  81. Chris Cool

    Chris Cool16 ngày trước

    Did anyone get the Malcolm X reference?

  82. Sanrio Is amazing

    Sanrio Is amazing16 ngày trước

    The scariest part for me is when the clone was walking with that weird face

  83. Sarah Kern

    Sarah Kern16 ngày trước

    The name Adelaide means nobility in French, and the definition of noble is someone belonging to a hereditary class with high social power. However, Adelaide is actually a doppelgänger and she wasn’t born with the higher class.

  84. Sarah Kern

    Sarah Kern16 ngày trước

    I just wanna know how that little girl got up that escalator only going down. Did she run up that thing really fast? If so, I wish they showed that, it would’ve been hilarious. Also it explains why Red hates Adelaide and believes in God, because she has a soul. But also, why does she call herself Red now when her name’s Adelaide?

  85. iDutchess

    iDutchess16 ngày trước

    But did young Jason get switched too during his Summer visit with his grandmother...they had mentioned that he hasn’t been the same since that visit and during that visit or sometime soon after the grandmother supposedly died....who killed her or how did she die? Was it Jason? Also, Jason Voorhees face was deformed and is why he wore the mask! But the true monster behind Jason Voorhees was Jason’s mother. What’s more interesting is how the writer of the movie involving Jason Voorhees created Jason Voorhees name. Reportedly, the writer/director created Jason by combining the names of his 2 sons (Josh and Ian); again 2 sons are referencing Adelaide as mothering 2 sons so to speak.

  86. Marlee

    Marlee17 ngày trước

    I watched this today and at first I thought it was so bad but after watching this vid I really like it❤️

  87. Loulou Willis

    Loulou Willis17 ngày trước

    It doesn't really matter because she is still his mother.

  88. somi-somi

    somi-somi17 ngày trước

    No, the children.didnt switch. Remember that Red is.the real one.hence.her children is skillful than the above kids. For example the boy is.off beat and the girl lacks runnings skills while the below are so skillful, the boy is on beat and can light a fire,.while the girl is really fast on running.

  89. Destiny Archer

    Destiny Archer17 ngày trước

    I watched it today and was confused

  90. Devantia Jordan

    Devantia Jordan17 ngày trước

    The clones can't be on beat when they snap. What does say about someone like Blueface?

  91. TarynsUniverse

    TarynsUniverse17 ngày trước

    I know the Jason is also fake because when the clone people came into the house,red was only petting pluto(the other Jason) because they had a connection which was they were the only real ones underground.Then,when the mother was snapping of beat in the car,he automatically agreed with her because they don’t know how the music works.Then,It also stated that the year prior,Jason forgot how to work his magic trick after coming back from the beach,which was because he got switched that same year.So the reason why Pluto face was burned was because while the surface Jason was playing with his trick which Contained fire,underground Jason which was the original was playing with matches and burned himself,similar to how the mom danced u underground.Then,when the fake family came into the real house,Jason automatically said “It’s us” which was because he recognized his real self

  92. TarynsUniverse

    TarynsUniverse17 ngày trước

    What u forgot to say was that the Jason living with the family is also the fake jason

  93. Twila Hankinson

    Twila Hankinson15 ngày trước


  94. Michelle Av

    Michelle Av17 ngày trước

    This is the first movie I've ever walked out of without finishing it. Don't get me wrong I love cheese movies but this movie was just trash.

  95. Kayla Sh.

    Kayla Sh.17 ngày trước

    The most curious thing about all this is Adelaide's superiority over other doppelgängers. In the end, when we already know the twist we think Adelaide was better than others and became some sort of messiah because she was "real" and they were not and that's point of it all. But actual Red was different from others as well, she was the only one to replace her "original version" and adaptate! When given opportunities, everyone can flourish.

  96. Zyhir Harris

    Zyhir Harris17 ngày trước

    At the end the fake mom and the fake son got in the car. The real was kidnapped and killed and the fake one go his clothes and the mom was killed and stole her clothes aswell. How do i know? I don't know it's a theory because when they get in the car they look at each other and when they drive it appears shes driving too the chain of doppelgangers.

  97. showtime3001

    showtime300117 ngày trước

    after they move into the house the daughter wears a tshirt with a white bunny on it 🐰

  98. Texas Ebony Princess

    Texas Ebony Princess17 ngày trước

    Reading these comments make me want to go back and watch the movie! Now somebody please tell me the meaning of why he played the song “I got 5 on it?”

  99. Gucci Grady

    Gucci Grady18 ngày trước

    So the clones dont have a soul but they can have kids and stuff?

  100. Mari Cardoso

    Mari Cardoso18 ngày trước

    there was so many signs about the plot twist and i didn't noticed i am so mad

  101. Dennisha Wade

    Dennisha Wade18 ngày trước

    I have questions that need answers. I’m a little confused on how Abraham was able to hurt himself and kill the tethered version all at the same time. Secondly, I’m hearing a lot of theories about Jason being a tethered. I’m totally here for that because it make since. But if that is the case how was Jason able to control his “tethered” which is supposedly the real Jason causing him to burn in the fire? 🤔

  102. funnyfoxbird

    funnyfoxbird18 ngày trước

    The voice issue was because she has been strangled.

  103. Cr8ive Amboy77

    Cr8ive Amboy7718 ngày trước

    Damn utube analyzed the mess out of this film!!

  104. Gacha_Idiots !

    Gacha_Idiots !18 ngày trước

    I see us as a vision of us What I mean by this is, how there are people like us, but not exact the same. It represents what some people do to others if they are even a little different... My view on the movie is that the doubles and Adali (dunno if I spelled her name right) had every right to start what they did. Because the doubles were left down below, they could have done it sooner! Also- Here something you missed! How would a double- these doubles don’t really have a good IQ- they are just really scary and strong- how would double adali come up with such a plan? She didn’t! Because only now double adali is the IQ of a normal human being- because she learned. Adali came up with this idea before because she already had the mind set! At least I noticed that

  105. ronin7997

    ronin799718 ngày trước

    Peele is a modern-day Alfred Hitchcock; its very refreshing horror/thriller versus the jump-scare schlock the genre seems to rely on nowadays...

  106. Suicison

    Suicison6 ngày trước


  107. TrapMoneyFlakco

    TrapMoneyFlakco18 ngày trước

    Red thicc af 🥴

  108. Anwaarxx

    Anwaarxx18 ngày trước

    Was Jason also switched or not?

  109. Joshua Mcdaniel

    Joshua Mcdaniel18 ngày trước

    Us stands for United States; showing how humane we are 💯

  110. Joseph Lai

    Joseph Lai19 ngày trước

    Also, the shirt Zora wore near the end with the word thỏ means rabbit in Vietnamese... idk what it could mean though

  111. Evelyn Davies

    Evelyn Davies19 ngày trước

    Since adalaide is the tethered doesnt make the children part tether? The children were quite violent and not rlly remorseful of it, even if it was killing a creature u would think it still have some sort of mental toll on them