Everything Wrong With Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


  1. Jesse Collins

    Jesse Collins2 giờ trước

    Are you fucking kidding me? The Veruca didn’t even try.

  2. mr. moneybags

    mr. moneybags4 giờ trước

    14:15 what the fuck

  3. Yuno Gasai x

    Yuno Gasai x7 giờ trước

    How did Charlie not die from hypothermia from that hole in the roof during the snowy WINTER?!

  4. christom ngrace

    christom ngrace11 giờ trước

    omg iv never seen this so called movie and i was right all along not to , not only is the story so boooorrrring but jonny dikhed deps in it no wonder hes not a star no more lol this film n into the words where he was a pedo wolf thing , n tht alice in wonderland utter crap

  5. Win090949

    Win09094913 giờ trước

    Charlie looks like Shaun

  6. argentin230

    argentin230Ngày trước

    I have to say it,i watched both versions and i liked a lot more the old one

  7. Créme

    CrémeNgày trước

    I can't believe it. I've watched Willy Wonka's Chocolate factory so many times, and I didn't even realize they built an exact replica of Charlie's house in the chocolate factory.

  8. Honey101 Sweetheart

    Honey101 SweetheartNgày trước

    Why...why is Charlie’s last name.. *bucket* ...whatever that’s his name now

  9. Stick Lord500

    Stick Lord500Ngày trước

    There nothing wrong with it only best with it

  10. Jonathan Vlogs

    Jonathan VlogsNgày trước

    " Wait, strike all that, reverse it."

  11. Young DRyan

    Young DRyanNgày trước

    Is no one gonna talk about the fact that Charlie paid $10 for a chocolate bar

  12. Honey101 Sweetheart

    Honey101 SweetheartNgày trước

    There was change but BUCKET DID NOT TAKE IT!!

  13. Mrkickbutt76

    Mrkickbutt762 ngày trước

    Answer Everything

  14. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan2 ngày trước

    So we’re not gonna talk about how Willy’s dad had like 10 posters and magazines on his wall and when Willy came back he didn’t realize it was him until looking at his teeth?

  15. Raf 'Guard' Leblanc

    Raf 'Guard' Leblanc2 ngày trước

    I dub that whenever Sir Christopher Lee is in a movie, we remove a sin for his badassery.

  16. wintertheAmpharos

    wintertheAmpharos2 ngày trước

    “That man spoils his daughter, and no good ever comes from spoiling a child like that.” Now I remember why I see being spoiled as a bad thing.

  17. wintertheAmpharos

    wintertheAmpharos2 ngày trước

    “Charlie is the only kid in this movie who isn’t a rotten little sh*t.” Lel

  18. Kr Istof

    Kr Istof2 ngày trước

    mmmmmmm tasty chocolate sin...........

  19. Xtreamm Gamying

    Xtreamm Gamying2 ngày trước

    Actually Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory

  20. Edo Knitel

    Edo Knitel3 ngày trước

    6:25 come with me...

  21. Dude Man19

    Dude Man193 ngày trước


  22. Emmanuel-Shahert Mittelholzer

    Emmanuel-Shahert Mittelholzer3 ngày trước

    Am I the only one who likes the book over the movies and read the sequel to Charlie and the chocolate factory

  23. Zachary Pissios

    Zachary Pissios3 ngày trước

    If looks could kill this b*tch at 10:37 would slice these ompa lompas in Half

  24. CMDRFandragon

    CMDRFandragon3 ngày trước

    This was just a creepy version of the first one..... It really couldnt have gotten any worse.

  25. Michael Evans

    Michael Evans3 ngày trước

    Did you do one on the original movie

  26. Geordan Lemon

    Geordan Lemon3 ngày trước


  27. Lemony Fall

    Lemony Fall3 ngày trước

    11:33 she clearly has rabies

  28. The Emo Tortoise

    The Emo Tortoise3 ngày trước

    the wonka in this movie sounds like idubzz

  29. Werefox Boy

    Werefox Boy3 ngày trước

    dont johnny Depp look and sound like Michael jackson i may be wrong

  30. Maria Nelson

    Maria Nelson3 ngày trước

    I really really really really dislike this movie for multiple reasons. Willy wonka was ecentric and funny, not a psychopath with a back story abt his parents. The oompa loompas did not look like that. Trust me. I understand u wld need to change some things but this is too much. Also i wld like to add that i havent watched this movie but if the movie did not explain how wonka brought the oompa loompas back it was by smuggling them in large cases according to the book. Ive read the bk a thousand times to know this. So yeah, im super disappointed in this movir

  31. Bee Well

    Bee Well4 ngày trước

    i wasnt a dragon... twas a seahorse

  32. Phyco Buzzaxe21

    Phyco Buzzaxe214 ngày trước

    Why the fuck did they decide to give people who look nothing like the original character the part? Also, Charlie's dad wasn't in the original so why the fuck is he here now?

  33. LEGO Gamer

    LEGO Gamer4 ngày trước

    That world of shitty imitation part made me laugh so hard

  34. Yeruham the Deep-Fried Goldfish

    Yeruham the Deep-Fried Goldfish4 ngày trước

    This movie didn't get more than 150 sins? I'm surprised.

  35. ZeroFlight

    ZeroFlight4 ngày trước

    why does this movie cost $5 ???

  36. McC Double

    McC Double4 ngày trước

    “You can suck on it all year, and it’ll never get any smaller.” ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  37. I’m Adopted

    I’m Adopted4 ngày trước

    It’s not willy wonker it’s willy wanker

  38. RE Fan

    RE Fan4 ngày trước

    They treat real dairy cows a lot worse than that! No one seems to care about that

  39. Amethyst Callix

    Amethyst Callix4 ngày trước

    Am I the only one who has a crush on Willy Wonka? Yepp..

  40. Amethyst Callix

    Amethyst Callix4 ngày trước

    +Khorps uhhhh what?

  41. Khorps

    Khorps4 ngày trước

    commit unlife

  42. ecclestonsangel

    ecclestonsangel4 ngày trước

    Everything Wrong with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? How about the idiot who thought it was a great idea to remake the movie and cast Johnny Depp as the creepiest Willy Won a in the universe?! I'd give 20 sins right off the bat! There is nothing even remotely amusing about it; it just makes my skin crawl. They also were so cheap they couldn't even be bothered to hire some great little people actors to be Oompa Loompas- they took the one guy, digitally shrank him and digitally copied him. Afaik, he wasn't even a little person. That's size-ist! I give third entire pile of rubbish 300 more sins for a total of 320! Sentence: to be thrown into film hell never to be seen again! Gene Wilder WAS Willy Wonka, and don't you forget it! His movie was sublime! It was funny, somber, and a bit scary at times. But NOT creepy in any way. Oh- an extra 10 sins to "Charlie" for wasting the absolutely brilliant Christopher Lee! So that's actually 330 sins!

  43. Gershon Padron

    Gershon Padron4 ngày trước

    10:10-10:13 or you know a ....Dick

  44. Richard Unicorn

    Richard Unicorn5 ngày trước

    In this version Willy Wanka seems like a pedophile.

  45. Dark Shadow airsoft

    Dark Shadow airsoft5 ngày trước

    It was made by Tom burtin motherfucker that’s all u need to sin end of movie 100 sins for that alone

  46. Dark Shadow airsoft

    Dark Shadow airsoft5 ngày trước

    There I dislike My comment happy now

  47. Dark Shadow airsoft

    Dark Shadow airsoft5 ngày trước

    I meant Tim burtin my god I can’t spell

  48. Miraculous chloebug /Spaceunicorn

    Miraculous chloebug /Spaceunicorn5 ngày trước

    Jeremy’s bias towards to old film is so obvious no hate . I don’t reLly like the old film and think this version is better but then again this one is newer and is the one I had with the chocolate smelling dvd case and I’m not from 1979 so I guess it’s probably that

  49. Cheetah Panther

    Cheetah Panther5 ngày trước

    Everlasting choke hazard 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. JaidenFan2007

    JaidenFan20074 ngày trước


  51. Cheetah Panther

    Cheetah Panther5 ngày trước

    🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂6.10 yes exactly. I cannot begin to tell u how quickly and forcefully I would remove kids from this mans presence. 😂😂😂My kids would go nowhere near this creepy as hell guy. I love the singing of the narrator. Come with meeeeeee and you’ll beeeeee 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣❤️

  52. Cheetah Panther

    Cheetah Panther5 ngày trước

    Why did depp play the part like he did???? This version of wonker would scare the shit out of me as a kid. He’s kinda like a mad psycho who would give kids nightmares.

  53. Cheetah Panther

    Cheetah Panther5 ngày trước

    I hate this movie with a passion. It’s the biggest pile of shit ever seen,

  54. Katy Opitz

    Katy Opitz5 ngày trước

    14:35 is that the actor that played Bellatrix and why?

  55. Milton Maclovius

    Milton Maclovius5 ngày trước

    15:55 Im which movie does this sound appear?

  56. Audie Arts

    Audie Arts6 ngày trước

    **shows the whole movie**

  57. Soren Carter

    Soren Carter6 ngày trước

    Why didn't he sin the face that the motorcycles, OBVIOUSLY RUN BY BATTERY, HAVE F*CKING PEDALS AS IF THEY WERE BIKES!?!?!

  58. metalchono

    metalchono6 ngày trước

    What would have happened to Veruca if she was a "good nut"? Would the squirrel scene turn out a little more... red and messy?

  59. Faizaan Hussain

    Faizaan Hussain6 ngày trước


  60. Bumble Boo Gacha

    Bumble Boo Gacha7 ngày trước

    Call me young call me dumb but I've ONLY ever seen this version, this version was decent. I just don't want to watch either the original or this one. Seems like a stupid plot, although I still have the newer version on DVD SOMEWHERE (as well as like 50 2000's Barbie movies).

  61. Scorpio Vlogs

    Scorpio Vlogs7 ngày trước

    *we gotta squeeze all that juice out of her immediately!*

  62. Scorpio Vlogs

    Scorpio Vlogs7 ngày trước

    *you can suck it and suck it for a year and it will never get any smaller.*

  63. Scorpio Vlogs

    Scorpio Vlogs7 ngày trước

    *Wonkanda forevah*

  64. Scorpio Vlogs

    Scorpio Vlogs7 ngày trước

    "Instead..." *i found donald trump*

  65. I Am A BFG

    I Am A BFG7 ngày trước

    Wokanda Forever 😂

  66. David Destroyer

    David Destroyer7 ngày trước

    Sorry cinema sins I gave you a sin for not sinning the fact that Wonka made never melting ice cream but couldn't do that for his chocolate

  67. Lachlan James

    Lachlan James7 ngày trước

    It’s really weird that the movie is named Charlie and the chocolate factory and the only person you forget is charlie

  68. DragonSlayerOmega 7

    DragonSlayerOmega 78 ngày trước

    14:59 and speed it too 2x and it sounds like she likes penis.

  69. Hey It's Sarah.`

    Hey It's Sarah.`8 ngày trước

    Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory was way better.

  70. Lariah Lashay

    Lariah Lashay8 ngày trước

    everlasting choke hazard !!! I love cinema sins

  71. party bro

    party bro8 ngày trước

    6:04 i died 😂😂😂😂😂

  72. Ice Pirate

    Ice Pirate8 ngày trước

    You guys should make one about Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. In my opinion it's worse than Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. You'll probably find lots of things wrong with it. Especially since it has nothing to do with the book.

  73. Crunchy Cream

    Crunchy Cream8 ngày trước

    Wait wouldn’t it be more likely that most of the golden tickets would end up in China because it’s so populated? I mean I don’t know but meh

  74. Susan Fagan

    Susan Fagan9 ngày trước


  75. Slicer Plays

    Slicer Plays9 ngày trước

    Wakanda forever

  76. The Chromium Kid

    The Chromium Kid9 ngày trước

    10:28 +69 sins for managing to sneak in a fetish.

  77. Wew Lad

    Wew Lad9 ngày trước

    as a greedy money hungry adult you might imagine wonka giving them the factory, but certainly not a kid

  78. Cecily Crasto

    Cecily Crasto9 ngày trước

    when I was younger, I thought they got Michael Jackson to play Willywonka

  79. Reuben Leslie

    Reuben Leslie9 ngày trước

    For more information on "a world of OSHA violations" see the film theory on it. Seriously though, it's sick, meaning both cool and disturbing.

  80. Phyco Buzzaxe21

    Phyco Buzzaxe219 ngày trước

    I say that the original is way better than this shit. The oompa loompas in the original have good songs and the Gene Wilder Wonka is better because he acts like thats his dream and he just wants happiness for children instead of some psychopath running a sweatshop

  81. Aditi Shenai

    Aditi Shenai9 ngày trước

    8:38 lol 😂

  82. Matt

    Matt9 ngày trước

    Charlie died of hypothermia from a gaping hole on the roof mere inches from his bed. lmfao hahahahhaha XD

  83. Ruby Gemex

    Ruby Gemex9 ngày trước

    I know this movie won’t do that “kids should be dead for chocolate” in real life

  84. Nancy O'Malley

    Nancy O'Malley10 ngày trước

    Now, Charlie is Shaun Murphy, an autistic surgeon

  85. Nancy O'Malley

    Nancy O'Malley10 ngày trước

    "If I wanted to know how chocolate was made, I'd visit Hershey, Pennsylvania" Been there-It was great

  86. Sir Doot Doots

    Sir Doot Doots10 ngày trước

    This terrified me as a small child. Pure nightmare and cringe fuel.

  87. Aurora Addison

    Aurora Addison10 ngày trước

    I like dragons

  88. Skeleton3713

    Skeleton371310 ngày trước

    Wonkerration Granpasition

  89. Gatlin forestadventures

    Gatlin forestadventures11 ngày trước

    Now I’m seeing count dooku different also why do the kids in the movie AssHoles

  90. MarkTheBlueShunter13

    MarkTheBlueShunter1311 ngày trước

    10:53 :> funny cuz it's a sex joke if you have a dirty mind

  91. Sean Hebert

    Sean Hebert12 ngày trước

    Pedophile candy man strikes again in the nut factory.

  92. xX_Spazztaztic_Xx

    xX_Spazztaztic_Xx12 ngày trước

    He wasn't going to say parent he was going to say the nword (*nugget*)

  93. Bram Huijbregts

    Bram Huijbregts12 ngày trước

    Chocolate and the Charlie-factory.

  94. Whitster2005 Heartly

    Whitster2005 Heartly12 ngày trước

    Ok, listen. I love the long intro, with all the music and CGI, etc. Not hating, just saying!

  95. Arty Shorts

    Arty Shorts12 ngày trước

    you missed to major sins- grandpa hadn't changed a bit in 20 years and this movie is set in 1962 and there is a refernence to 2001 a space oddysset when it hadn't been mad yet

  96. ioan jones

    ioan jones12 ngày trước

    You forgot that Charlie says dollars even though he's British

  97. AlyankovicLovr26

    AlyankovicLovr2612 ngày trước

    Little Freddie Highmore is so cute.🥰

  98. Jess Berly

    Jess Berly13 ngày trước

    Hahaha annnnndddddd a world of purrreee imitation ahahaha 😂

  99. Storm's Studio

    Storm's Studio13 ngày trước

    You forgot one 1:00 why is grandpa joe the same age in real life and in the flashback

  100. Zak New

    Zak New13 ngày trước

    Since when was the kardashians a good thing

  101. Cinnamon Playz

    Cinnamon Playz13 ngày trước

    Willy wonka more like Willy wanker

  102. Cinnamon Playz

    Cinnamon Playz13 ngày trước

    11:22 huh how wrong can my mind get

  103. Cinnamon Playz

    Cinnamon Playz13 ngày trước

    FBI open up 10:52

  104. Cinnamon Playz

    Cinnamon Playz13 ngày trước

    That’s what she said 10:10

  105. Cat Defender

    Cat Defender13 ngày trước

    Here's a couple of sins: 1. Veruca has a BIG house, but we only see her in 1 room of it????? 2. Everybody reads the ticket in the exact same spot in which they were interviewed. What's up with that???????

  106. Zack Cross

    Zack Cross13 ngày trước

    I’m just glad that Johnny Depp did movies like Black Mass and Public Enemies after this. He still can turn in a good performance.

  107. K r o n o l o s

    K r o n o l o s13 ngày trước

    7:33 armpit fart reference