Everything Wrong With Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


  1. Sir Izaak Productions

    Sir Izaak Productions5 giờ trước

    CinemaSins, you seriously didn’t see that Charlie’s MOM is freaking Bellatrix Lestrange!!!

  2. ally j.

    ally j.6 giờ trước

    I keep forgetting how this adorable kid grows up to play norman bates

  3. My Name Is Sarah

    My Name Is Sarah7 giờ trước

    I've seen this movie probably literally a million times, and I never noticed any of this until this video came out.

  4. 0DlREoAMvERe0

    0DlREoAMvERe010 giờ trước

    We all know that candy doesn't have to make sense

  5. Jaylen

    Jaylen11 giờ trước

    Does anyone else want to punch that blue girl in the face for chewing gum like that?!

  6. Keep Potato alive

    Keep Potato alive15 giờ trước

    You can suck on it all year and it will never get smaller 😑 god help

  7. Jammy Plays

    Jammy Plays15 giờ trước

    10:10 also known as my penis

  8. Keep Potato alive

    Keep Potato alive15 giờ trước

    WonkondA 4 ever

  9. Keep Potato alive

    Keep Potato alive15 giờ trước


  10. Keep Potato alive

    Keep Potato alive15 giờ trước

    They sing every time a child dies instead of doing something

  11. TJ Weekends

    TJ Weekends16 giờ trước

    6:24 haha

  12. Lady Luna

    Lady LunaNgày trước

    This movie exists. Nuff said.

  13. Jboneanne Agen

    Jboneanne AgenNgày trước

    This is so funny

  14. marcus24000

    marcus240002 ngày trước

    seems to me like this movie is a big refurence to child sacrifice and pedo jokes.

  15. Dwayne Philpot

    Dwayne Philpot2 ngày trước

    What I thought was. Wrong. When he said little girl. Don't touch that squirrel's nuts.

  16. Zachary Alldritt

    Zachary Alldritt2 ngày trước

    Also. As far as the melting chocolate palace. Why is it that Wonka can make literal birds out of chocolate and all the other crazy stuff but can't make unmeltable chocolate? Like for the movies standards that doesn't seem out of reach.

  17. Happy Mittens

    Happy Mittens2 ngày trước


  18. Happy Mittens

    Happy Mittens2 ngày trước

    Ex-squirrel mohina

  19. bun bun lps

    bun bun lps2 ngày trước


  20. Sarah P

    Sarah P2 ngày trước

    who cares if its more accurate to the book, its still horrible and ruins the reputation of the original.

  21. Isaac Forshaw

    Isaac Forshaw2 ngày trước

    that is the exact reason why i have never watched it

  22. bhavani jayant

    bhavani jayant2 ngày trước

    I luv this movie but it is a funny video

  23. Wargaming Super Noob

    Wargaming Super Noob2 ngày trước

    ok, WHAT IS THE POINT OF THIS MOVIE!? Is it trying to be Saw? If so, well done.

  24. Chlodor Doedor

    Chlodor Doedor2 ngày trước

    Why did he say satan like that?

  25. Terry G

    Terry G3 ngày trước


  26. Jide Banjo

    Jide Banjo3 ngày trước


  27. Γιαννης Βλαχος

    Γιαννης Βλαχος3 ngày trước

    This movie makes me and my little sister hungry. LOL 😀

  28. Sam Gadd

    Sam Gadd3 ngày trước

    Then Snowpiercer.

  29. Pugzie 2000

    Pugzie 20003 ngày trước

    his whole movie is kinda like one massive try not to to take it out of context challenge

  30. Eddie.__oh

    Eddie.__oh3 ngày trước

    Someone: I remember Freddy highmore from bates motel! You: I remember him from the good doctor Me: Spiderwick Ahhhhh memories

  31. Vedder Sloane

    Vedder Sloane3 ngày trước


  32. Garrett Yates

    Garrett Yates4 ngày trước

    14:15 thry turned a little girl into a damned purple demon

  33. Fern Alderton

    Fern Alderton4 ngày trước

    It pissed me off that Charlie was British and kept on saying Candy and Elevator, also was it suppose to be set in England or America Ha I’m glad you mentioned it

  34. PC-Gamer

    PC-Gamer4 ngày trước

    8:37 that was the best marvel reference ever

  35. Draven

    Draven4 ngày trước

    381 years old between the old people or parents included?

  36. Vincent Valentine

    Vincent Valentine4 ngày trước


  37. Zenix Wolf

    Zenix Wolf4 ngày trước

    15:25 how is this more funny here than in finding Nemo?

  38. Kristjan Puidak

    Kristjan Puidak4 ngày trước

    Wait....i always tought that it is horror movie

  39. R1ch13

    R1ch135 ngày trước

    11:28 "This movie is like watching a slow-speed car chase after popping Valium" -Relatable right there! @CinemaSins. And it made me laugh hysterically. Hahaha

  40. Rex2D2

    Rex2D25 ngày trước

    the candy could have been burning that color because of the wraper

  41. Cluck Norris

    Cluck Norris5 ngày trước

    Sin #1 Johnny Depp’s weird acting

  42. Bill Cichoke

    Bill Cichoke6 ngày trước

    This is an update to a movie that didn't need one, and is far worse than the original. 'Nuff said.

  43. Brian Rosie

    Brian Rosie6 ngày trước

    In other words, "That's offensive and unfunny :D"

  44. Eric Adrien

    Eric Adrien6 ngày trước

    10:10 IF U KNOW WHAT I MEAN..

  45. Louie Clarke

    Louie Clarke6 ngày trước

    10:10 I was expecting a dick joke.

  46. stephen elliott

    stephen elliott6 ngày trước

    "This film exists" is great cause the first one is far better

  47. PRE55URE

    PRE55URE7 ngày trước

    Charlie doesn’t steal fizzy lifting drinks + 99999 sins

  48. Ink Warrior

    Ink Warrior7 ngày trước

    7:53 They are midgets

  49. Mystic Umbreon 8296

    Mystic Umbreon 82967 ngày trước

    I hate this movie THANK YOU!!!😊

  50. Art Burgija

    Art Burgija7 ngày trước

    For sin 44, you should have said “that’s cowsest”

  51. the AdZ the AdZ

    the AdZ the AdZ7 ngày trước

    The umpa lumbas look like kase niestat

  52. Prototype Kaito

    Prototype Kaito7 ngày trước

    The way Willy wonka sets up his scenarios it's possible he used the S3 program used by the la-li-lu-le-lo

  53. Prototype Kaito

    Prototype Kaito7 ngày trước

    Charlie:You can eat the grass? Me:Yes Charlie, you can also smoke it, which the producers and Depp have done while filming this movie.

  54. theMetal973

    theMetal9738 ngày trước

    10:09 Can't stop laughing

  55. Kitten Lover

    Kitten Lover8 ngày trước

    no matter what, he is deep down inside a murderer.smiling and dancing a lil, while his workers sing to a kid possibly dying...hhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


    HAVEN SUNVISON8 ngày trước

    The original 1970 version "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" was better than the 2005 remake

  57. Bookworm 7256

    Bookworm 72568 ngày trước

    what do you get when you guzzle down sweets? Type 2 adult onset diabetes

  58. Jennifer Hallam

    Jennifer Hallam8 ngày trước

    cAn'T yOu dO tHe oRigiNAL?

  59. DrFreeman95

    DrFreeman958 ngày trước

    ACTUALLY. He found 20 bucks in the snow. And that candy bar cost 20 bucks.

  60. Nayeli Coolcat

    Nayeli Coolcat9 ngày trước


  61. andrew reece

    andrew reece9 ngày trước

    If Willy Wonka pulled up to a kid in a free candy van is it still attempted child molestation or trying to

  62. andrew reece

    andrew reece9 ngày trước

    Get free taste testers

  63. Ben McDonald

    Ben McDonald9 ngày trước

    Wonkanda Forever!!!

  64. ARC the Clarinet Master

    ARC the Clarinet Master9 ngày trước

    9:16 Ugh, I hate the "nobody asked for this" argument. I thought artists were supposed to express themselves how *they* want, not how focus groups want.

  65. Gmaster

    Gmaster9 ngày trước

    This movie sucks for two reasons, Grandpa Joe and Wonka himself. Grandpa Joe looks nothing like what he did in the 1971 version, and not to mention he's fucking ugly. As for Wonka, he looks nothing like any character that Johnny Depp played. I know that they used a shit ton of makeup on him though.

  66. The Drizzle 404

    The Drizzle 4049 ngày trước

    1:59 Missed sin: He made an ice cream that would never melt, but not a chocolate mansion that would never melt despite knowing it would melt

  67. Bolt Thunder

    Bolt Thunder9 ngày trước

    5:56 i heard it

  68. shayla johnson

    shayla johnson10 ngày trước

    "Come with me" "and you'll be" "in a wooorld of shitty imitation" I literally bust out laughing 💀💀😭😭😂😂 you're hilarious man 😂😂

  69. bleh

    bleh10 ngày trước

    Meh. Still don't mind these

  70. Mister Griinch

    Mister Griinch10 ngày trước

    I love the fucking clips at the end 😂

  71. Di Thom

    Di Thom11 ngày trước

    I can't even watch the sin version of this without thinking of the "Snowpiercer theory"

  72. Hak Lee

    Hak Lee11 ngày trước

    Okay out of all the videos you have made, I agree with you 100%.


    DEMIxGODxSHADOW12 ngày trước

    I think dep was trying to be Michael Jackson

  74. Brandi Armstrong

    Brandi Armstrong12 ngày trước

    I don't see "Squirrel-Spirea" in the Viruca Salt number, but I do recall from a very long time ago an episode of the children's show "Arthur" did something similar to Hitchcock's "The Birds." What I'm guessing were copyright problems turned birds to squirrels in the episode.

  75. Taevyon Daly

    Taevyon Daly12 ngày trước

    This movie is crap ik but tbh 26 seconds isn't that bad compared to most films nowadays

  76. John Camlin

    John Camlin12 ngày trước

    This is the worst of the remakes. I can't even stomach a second viewing of this "film"


    JTxXPHANTOMXx13 ngày trước

    Im sad to say my last name is actually augustus

  78. Fixer Foxy

    Fixer Foxy13 ngày trước

    *Gasp* cinemasins language

  79. Fiona dunne

    Fiona dunne14 ngày trước

    Everything Wrong With Charlie and the Chocolate Factory In 16 minutes or less Spoilers Duh 1.) This movie exists

  80. LlamaLegate

    LlamaLegate14 ngày trước

    Half the stuff is mentioned in the book, but you know what? This movie is pretty frickin' terrible. Carry on.

  81. Tâm Lê

    Tâm Lê14 ngày trước

    Hamilton 😂😂

  82. Janan Moradmand :3

    Janan Moradmand :315 ngày trước

    Okay....can I say something.. SHUT THE F*CK UP I LOVE THIS SHOW 😂😂

  83. XxTigerxX88

    XxTigerxX8815 ngày trước

    8:38 it’s wonka forever

  84. Jacob Barton

    Jacob Barton16 ngày trước

    Johnny Deep , makes Willy Wonka look like one creepy bastard & the kids shouldn't even be allowed near him . Someone should have called the cops .

  85. Cameron Jones

    Cameron Jones16 ngày trước

    the oompaloompas look like george lopez

  86. Cameron Jones

    Cameron Jones16 ngày trước

    when i was little i thought wonka was a woman

  87. rick louis

    rick louis16 ngày trước

    Did he not have the ants in mind when making a chocolate castle

  88. Duly Downward

    Duly Downward16 ngày trước


  89. VoodooExpert

    VoodooExpert16 ngày trước

    another version of wakanda forever:macarena forever.i'm surprised no one has thought of this

  90. Shadow Sans

    Shadow Sans16 ngày trước

    Two huge problems about this movie: 1. Wonka looks stupid as all hell. 2. WHAT DID THEY DO THE OOMPA LOOMPAS??? THEYRE SUPPOSED TO BE ORANGE WITH GREEN HAIR OR SOMETHING RIGHT???

  91. Turbo Nerdo

    Turbo Nerdo12 ngày trước

    Never in the books, and blindly following the original film would rob this reboot of a unique identity. The originals are just tribal peoples, so having one black guy is actually more accurate, and perhaps more accepting of the deep and dark slavery undertones of the source material.

  92. count pure tortoise

    count pure tortoise16 ngày trước

    Hold on that chocolate bar was 10 quid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. dawolfman24

    dawolfman2416 ngày trước

    The more I think about this video the I think about your life cinemasins. Holy fucking shit are you a god or are you not satisfied on what Hollywood gives us. I’m going to give you the humble approach because you do your research. But look at it from another perspective. I apologize for my comments buts such is America

  94. Cynical Fool

    Cynical Fool17 ngày trước

    Diabetes Type 2

  95. Backwards Rebirth

    Backwards Rebirth17 ngày trước

    He can’t do this with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory because there’s nothing wrong with that

  96. Rasberry Rasalin

    Rasberry Rasalin17 ngày trước

    14:08 Sofi dossie need to take some notes on that

  97. felipe fuentes

    felipe fuentes17 ngày trước

    You forgot "this movie was the terrible origin of devianart's blueberry fetish, i cant see those female cartoon/video game characters..." im sorry but i coulnt continue,this was comment is satan's work...

  98. Porky

    Porky17 ngày trước

    Doesn’t Charlie look like the kid version of the Good Doctor.

  99. burnt out

    burnt out14 ngày trước

    Its the same actor, this movies nearly 15 years old.

  100. Anonymous Person

    Anonymous Person17 ngày trước

    I've never laughed so hard since I was 3 at 6:25 to 6:30 lol

  101. maya papaya

    maya papaya17 ngày trước

    Okay you didn't need to give it a sin because it's a reboot! Even the wife of the person who made the book says he would have liked the reboot better! And she made the first one! But every other sin deserved to be there.

  102. José B Ribeiro

    José B Ribeiro17 ngày trước

    10:55 I cried laughing. Specially when I saw his face while he said that "arrested" thing

  103. José B Ribeiro

    José B Ribeiro17 ngày trước

    This would be the PERFECT movie to insert a nature box ad in