Everything Wrong With Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


  1. Luke Burns

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  2. WaffleMouth

    WaffleMouth6 giờ trước

    before the video started i was thinking of other movies he had done like the emoji movie and despicable me and thought “Would he eventually make a sin for the movie just existing?”

  3. milesisnotaloser

    milesisnotaloser6 giờ trước

    "Wonkanda forever"

  4. Red Inun

    Red Inun10 giờ trước

    Don't get me wrong, I'm gay but willy wanka sounds soooo much fucking gayer than the last time i watched this

  5. Chapman Merchant

    Chapman Merchant11 giờ trước

    worst movie i've ever seen, a total piece of crap

  6. StackableGold

    StackableGold12 giờ trước

    Tis be the reason why I like Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory.

  7. Deary Cogskat of a Child

    Deary Cogskat of a Child12 giờ trước

    Everything Wrong With Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

  8. Hereforvids

    Hereforvids12 giờ trước

    Sweeney Todd!!!!!!

  9. Haley Pierce

    Haley Pierce12 giờ trước

    I'll tell you what's wrong, me not being Willy Wonkas gf. Lol

  10. Death day819

    Death day81913 giờ trước

    In the narrator says: this is a story about a boy named Charlie. He was cliche orphan # 207 at money's inc.

  11. Trashley Mae Hodges

    Trashley Mae Hodges16 giờ trước

    atleast charlie and the chocolate factory was more accurate to its source material

  12. Aiden James

    Aiden James17 giờ trước

    I kinda like how wonka is portrayed, but the first one makes the creepy dude better.

  13. Ivanna Tinkle

    Ivanna Tinkle20 giờ trước

    Actually, even us Brits say elevator.

  14. Kittree The Great

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  15. Kittree The Great

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  16. LPS love and game

    LPS love and game21 giờ trước

    This movie was my childhood wow.

  17. RadioGlass

    RadioGlass21 giờ trước

    I got nightmares from this movie

  18. UnevenLipstick

    UnevenLipstick22 giờ trước

    Wakanda forever

  19. Ravenofthedog

    Ravenofthedog23 giờ trước

    This video is funnier than most comedy movies

  20. True Gryffindor 101

    True Gryffindor 101Ngày trước

    6:30 LMAO 😂

  21. Catnip Everdeen

    Catnip EverdeenNgày trước

    'Makes the Lorax look like Hamilton in comparison.' Yes, I think that is the truest statement I have heard.

  22. Purple Ponder

    Purple PonderNgày trước

    I loved charlie and the chocolate factory since I found it but I haven't watched this movie

  23. nightmare freddy

    nightmare freddyNgày trước

    10:10 .......... I thought this movie was family friendly

  24. OPTIFINE127

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    6:25 I thought it was a real part of the movie

  25. OPTIFINE127

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  26. Blue California Productions

    Blue California ProductionsNgày trước

    All of your videos are HILARIOUS

  27. Sebastien Caplat

    Sebastien CaplatNgày trước

    You do know that chocolate was made by the english you proud American idiot

  28. eevee allyn

    eevee allynNgày trước

    Didn't you watch the movie? The last ticket was fake. Then Charlie found the real one. This movie is my idle.

  29. MissKori K

    MissKori KNgày trước

    “Wonkanda Forever”!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. Ileana Lozano

    Ileana LozanoNgày trước

    I heard the hamilton comparison and then freaked out

  31. Imperfect_star 81

    Imperfect_star 81Ngày trước

    Omg this came out of my birthday yaaayyyy

  32. tj knutson

    tj knutsonNgày trước

    The best thing about this movie is Danmy Elfmans score

  33. Bung Builds

    Bung BuildsNgày trước

    I am here to tell you there is ice cream that doesn't melt, it is in Japan

  34. Azazel My Angel

    Azazel My AngelNgày trước

    recently watched the Hogfather. forgot who played Nr. Teatime got confused when I heard Wonka's voice

  35. Tracey Ama

    Tracey Ama2 ngày trước

    7:47 - Brittany spears Opps I did it again 10:34 - Michael Jackson Beat It/Bad I think the oompa loompas want to be famous dancers

  36. Josh Jackson

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  37. jahd remers

    jahd remers2 ngày trước

    I love this movie so much though.

  38. CringeCaitlin

    CringeCaitlin2 ngày trước

    I had the biggest fap to this when I was like 7. Those were the days...

  39. josue torres

    josue torres2 ngày trước

    I watch every movie now wondering what you would consider a sin 😂

  40. delta 14o6

    delta 14o62 ngày trước

    you must to the OG Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! :D

  41. Lely Arts

    Lely Arts2 ngày trước

    Why does Willy wonky kinda to me looks like Brendon Urie

  42. ruby woods

    ruby woods2 ngày trước

    everything wrong with diary of a wimpy kid (original)

  43. MC_DogWarrior

    MC_DogWarrior2 ngày trước

    The comparison to the 2 dialoge: R=*blankly": "My chocolate must be untouched by human hands" O="Please! Don't do that! You're contaminating my entire river! Please I beg you, Agustus!" -------- R=*bored* : "Unharmed, what are you talking about?!" O= "YOU CALL THAT UNHARMED?!" --------- R= *No one screams on the boat ride, not even a shocked face* O= *Everyone has a comment and a scream"

  44. Richard Cheung

    Richard Cheung2 ngày trước

    here film theory

  45. Allison Loneelk

    Allison Loneelk2 ngày trước

    🎵 welcome to this movie of a world of my creepy imagination and you'll see that I'm totally fucked up and that these adults don't care about there children🎵

  46. شہۧڪٰ۫۟ہۧﺄڪٰ۫۟ہۧي ﮰﮰ

    شہۧڪٰ۫۟ہۧﺄڪٰ۫۟ہۧي ﮰﮰ2 ngày trước

    l from on lRAQ. 😍 good

  47. Megan Kay12

    Megan Kay122 ngày trước

    “Wakanda forever” I died 😂😂😂

  48. Golden Mariah

    Golden Mariah2 ngày trước

    When CinemaSins stated singing I thought it was from the movie

  49. Josef Ishak

    Josef Ishak2 ngày trước

    You didn't sin that we see the tickets being put in original flavored chocolate but Charlie buys a chocolate bar that isn't

  50. Isabelle Massotti-Maestro

    Isabelle Massotti-Maestro2 ngày trước

    The Hamilton redrense

  51. Chicken Boss36

    Chicken Boss363 ngày trước

    4:12 *quick maffs*

  52. Fortnite Comedian

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  53. LEMON

    LEMON3 ngày trước

    "you can suck on it forever and it'll never get smaller" anybody..... no?


    NINJA FROG3 ngày trước

    Wonkanda forever!

  55. Niknokinater

    Niknokinater3 ngày trước

    9:47 I knew that was Dooku !! XD

  56. lisa_ plays

    lisa_ plays3 ngày trước

    nah I still like this movie xD

  57. JaiMai JaM

    JaiMai JaM3 ngày trước

    Lol... *come with meeee... and you'll beeee... in a world, of poopy imitation!!!* *take a loooook... and you'll seeeeeee... some contaminated candy...* Outrageously failed 😐

  58. DJ S

    DJ S3 ngày trước

    Everything wrong with Interstellar.

  59. Gerardo Guerrero

    Gerardo Guerrero3 ngày trước

    Sir I never laugh so hard everything was gold ,perfect to the last minute one of my favorite E.W.W videos

  60. Aiko :D

    Aiko :D3 ngày trước

    I stole this from film theory, but you missed the part where this place would have a giant fine for not putting guiderails and stuff.

  61. Skull Bones

    Skull Bones3 ngày trước

    The important question is when they remove the juice from Veruca where the hell do they put it?

  62. Cooper Stage

    Cooper Stage3 ngày trước

    How many times do you have to say cliche cliche

  63. PatrickTheLegendary

    PatrickTheLegendary4 ngày trước

    I Watched This Movie So Many Years Ago!

  64. Phil Failure

    Phil Failure4 ngày trước

    Wasn't Willy Wonka made to be a cannibal for the books originally?

  65. Arsh Sailwal

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  66. TwoFoot Giant

    TwoFoot Giant4 ngày trước

    HOW did you not sin the change received from the $10 candy bar!?

  67. Conrad Lecroy

    Conrad Lecroy4 ngày trước

    6:25 this part always makes me laugh

  68. Pinkcheetah101

    Pinkcheetah1014 ngày trước

    Wonkonda forever

  69. xxxtistential crisis

    xxxtistential crisis4 ngày trước

    Most of these dont even make sense

  70. Back Fire

    Back Fire4 ngày trước

    That singing voice tho...

  71. Gianna Molina

    Gianna Molina4 ngày trước

    Make a Tropic Thunder cinemasins!!!

  72. TheAmethystSword

    TheAmethystSword4 ngày trước

    I was about to unsubscribe to you because I have wayyyyyyy to many subscriptions but then you said that you thought Hamilton was good and I couldn't bring myself to do it xD

  73. Jette Pedersen

    Jette Pedersen4 ngày trước

    The factory would NOT be closed becos its like in 1957

  74. Small Minded person

    Small Minded person4 ngày trước

    I like that Hamilton sequence

  75. IH N

    IH N4 ngày trước

    14:45 why wasn't this terrifying and completely uncalled-for transition sinned?!!

  76. Amiri Gordovez

    Amiri Gordovez4 ngày trước

    Everything Wrong With Ur mom 3

  77. Giles Pierre Mag-usara

    Giles Pierre Mag-usara5 ngày trước

    wakanda forever

  78. SleepyBoi

    SleepyBoi5 ngày trước

    I would take off 20 because the movie is literally the best book and movie for kids! Right guys??? right...

  79. Diamond - Gaming and more

    Diamond - Gaming and more5 ngày trước

    And in that very night... Charlie died from severe hyperthermia from a gaping hole in the roof mere inches from his bed

  80. EonHD23

    EonHD235 ngày trước

    8:37 I was imagining Black Panther saying that lol

  81. Sam Can

    Sam Can5 ngày trước

    Everything wrong with shrek

  82. Fantasmic Emma

    Fantasmic Emma5 ngày trước

    Do the original version and don't forget to mention how F*cking amazing it was

  83. All Dat Gaming

    All Dat Gaming5 ngày trước

    Another sin in the book it said the grandpas and the nanas never get out of bed how do they go to the toilet

  84. Theatre Geek

    Theatre Geek5 ngày trước

    All Dat Gaming Bed Pans

  85. Sophie Shore

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  86. Corwin Aranda

    Corwin Aranda5 ngày trước

    9:46 😂 i knew you would bring up Count Dooku

  87. Sean Webb

    Sean Webb5 ngày trước

    Divine providence is the explanation. Staying on the straight and narrow and following god's plan for you is why Charlie is rewarded. Sorry, I read all of the C.S. Lewis stuff in school around the same time I read Charlie And The Chocolate Factory. Ontario was still pretty Victorian in the 80s.

  88. Sean Webb

    Sean Webb5 ngày trước

    The love of musical theatre is a universal constant.

  89. Sean Webb

    Sean Webb5 ngày trước

    Depp's Wonka had a very creepy Neverland Michael Jackson feel to t. We should be freaked out that Wonka would like to play with children without their parents. Maybe your sin rating should be a little higher. I mean PedoWonka should count for 50 sins for each child touched.

  90. Sean Webb

    Sean Webb5 ngày trước

    How did they deliver messages on all of these poles overnight? Amazon Prime! Duh.

  91. Sean Webb

    Sean Webb5 ngày trước

    The FDA is an American agency. It doesn't set standards for British production. (Although the U.S. can restrict imports) You made a movie sin sin.

  92. Sean Webb

    Sean Webb5 ngày trước

    No no no. English chocolate is far superior to American Hershey's chocolate. That's a non starter.

  93. Cam Bam

    Cam Bam5 ngày trước

    Granny didn't say i love penis she said i love peanuts

  94. SomeGuy957

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    you can't sin this

  95. AynoYACHA AynoYala

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    The last ticket was a fake

  96. mammammammam

    mammammammam5 ngày trước

    Weird that you skipped the son n dad reunion scene.

  97. Rman Nayr

    Rman Nayr5 ngày trước

    So Pretty Much: He got Covered in Chocolate, She's Blue now and Flexible, She's Covered in Garbage and Trash and Smells like Shit and He's So Thin and Tall now.

  98. Rman Nayr

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  99. Rman Nayr

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  100. Commander 0108

    Commander 01085 ngày trước

    You missed one bit I thought the water fall Churnes the chocolate why is it frozen at the very end of the movie

  101. Alisha Nagle

    Alisha Nagle5 ngày trước

    Do Infinity War!!!