Everything Wrong With Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


  1. Anadia Shark

    Anadia Shark2 giờ trước

    Every time I try to watch the Johnny Dept version i just cringe so much its painful, what happen to the bit over the top happy guy with no care in the world. So painful.

  2. Harris Tate

    Harris Tate8 giờ trước

    10:07 , also known as my penis

  3. Matthew Rzepecki

    Matthew Rzepecki10 giờ trước

    Why was that elevator so small, small enough to fit at most 7 people? Hmmmm??? *ding*

  4. Blood Cage Music OFFICIAL

    Blood Cage Music OFFICIAL10 giờ trước

    “The everlasting gobstoper it never gets any smaller!” AKA MY *DICK*

  5. Matthew Rzepecki

    Matthew Rzepecki10 giờ trước

    Just a random comment, they said in the movie that the gum-chewing champion chewed for a straight, I don't remember but it was at least a day, but how can you chew gum that long when I myself chewed for less than 6 hours and it turned to LIQUID. It literally turned to liquid. *ding*

  6. S.I.G Productions 2

    S.I.G Productions 212 giờ trước

    Is mike Jacob startorius?

  7. Edgar Gonzalez

    Edgar Gonzalez13 giờ trước

    11:54 earlier in the movie he said that the umpa lumpa’s weren’t used to the cold.

  8. LadyClassical

    LadyClassical22 giờ trước

    When I heard Tim Burton directed this movie, I was like, no wonder! You shouldn’t judge a book by its movie, but judging a movie based on its director seems to be on target.

  9. fire_cupcake

    fire_cupcakeNgày trước

    By my logic anything with a Hamilton reference gets a thumbs up. There you go

  10. shannon clark

    shannon clarkNgày trước

    Wonkanda forever

  11. Cookielord

    CookielordNgày trước


  12. Aislinn Greene

    Aislinn GreeneNgày trước

    Wokonda Forever is the greatest line in cinema sins history

  13. fokeyjoe

    fokeyjoeNgày trước

    What? Only 107?? Shouldn't there be a bonus for the number of repeated umpalumpas, or the number of godawful lines delivered by Depp? :'(

  14. Kenzie Smith

    Kenzie SmithNgày trước

    9:42 on the Movie Sin Timer when Wonkas dad threw the candy into the fire, the metal statues at the front are dragons. That must be where the dragon boat comes from!

  15. Madi Bootsman

    Madi BootsmanNgày trước

    Charlie: I have a ticket! 1 minute later: I’m not going

  16. Madi Bootsman

    Madi BootsmanNgày trước

    Why does a candy bar cost $10??? Here if a candy bar costs $1.69 it would be $1.91 with tax.

  17. LifeCould- B -Beautiful

    LifeCould- B -Beautiful2 ngày trước

    “I swear to great gobstopper in the sky the music in this movie makes the music in The Lorax look like Hamilton by comparison.” Me: *”DID SOMEONE SAY HAMILTON AHAHAH YES PARDON ME ARE YOU AARON BURR SIR I WILL NEVER BE SATISFIED YOULL BE BACK ONE TWO THREE FOUR FIVE SIX SEVEN-“*

  18. Natalie Taylor

    Natalie Taylor2 ngày trước

    Johnny depp in this is like a strange michael Jackson impersonator on acid

  19. Archon

    Archon2 ngày trước

    You need to take off a few sins for the reason that the oompa loompas were acted BY A SINGLE PERSON, EVERY MOVE OF THE MUSICALS AND HE HAD NEVER DONE ANY MUSIC AT ALL

  20. campbellsoup93

    campbellsoup933 ngày trước

    "This has entrapment written all over it." Well, yeah. That's kind of the point isn't it? He's putting them in tempting situations to try and find the one among them who can resist the temptation and thus prove worthy of inheriting his factory.

  21. LadyClassical

    LadyClassical22 giờ trước

    Still child endangerment, though...

  22. mascot Smoothie Velvet

    mascot Smoothie Velvet3 ngày trước


  23. Grimcreepeer

    Grimcreepeer4 ngày trước

    When I was young I thought wonka was a girl

  24. Kevin Liu

    Kevin Liu4 ngày trước

    An old grandpa putting some candy in his mouth before selling it to the kids...

  25. Jamie Josef

    Jamie Josef4 ngày trước

    What happens if the person who opens the chocolate isn't a child, HUH WONKA??? 3:33

  26. LadyClassical

    LadyClassical22 giờ trước

    I guess they take their children on the trip. If they don’t have any, I don’t know!

  27. Gangster Potato

    Gangster Potato4 ngày trước

    6:25 *where is this man’s Grammy?*

  28. goodguy853_RBLX

    goodguy853_RBLX4 ngày trước

    You forgot how they are driving to tyoko and New York from the same place

  29. Heather Lovatt

    Heather Lovatt4 ngày trước

    I freaking lost it a Wonkanda forever 😂😂😂

  30. jamila20051

    jamila200514 ngày trước

    Y'know , when I was little I loved this remake and was like: wow none of this is creepy at all. And now I'm like: .-. Imma have nightmares tonight

  31. Chris

    Chris4 ngày trước

    Willy Wonka is high key a savage in this movie lol.

  32. lexia jackson

    lexia jackson5 ngày trước

    makes the lorax look like hamilton xD



    just me or does Willy Wonka sound like Poppy and look like Brendan Urie in the 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies' music video and have Tyler Joseph-esque glasses for like one scene? (13:02) (bit.ly/2PRIuwo)

  34. VickiDaGurk [Purple-Guy's-Admirer]

    VickiDaGurk [Purple-Guy's-Admirer]5 ngày trước

    Jeremy, i feel like you should do your Everything Wrong With series, but for animes. Like, you reveiw each episode.

  35. Melissa Cooper

    Melissa Cooper5 ngày trước

    You know the narrator made an excellent point. If Dr. Wonka depised candy why would he let his young son Willy go trick or treating in the first place? Was he doing that to torment him even more?

  36. Lenny 96

    Lenny 966 ngày trước

    “You can suck on it all year and it’l never get any smaller.” That’s my motto. ;)

  37. Nerdy Idol

    Nerdy Idol6 ngày trước

    5:46 white diamond

  38. Student Arianne Alor Fuentes

    Student Arianne Alor Fuentes6 ngày trước

    You just ruined my childhood :/ It was worth it tho

  39. Ace of Magic

    Ace of Magic6 ngày trước


  40. Pinter pine

    Pinter pine6 ngày trước


  41. Ben Kenobi

    Ben Kenobi6 ngày trước

    gotta watch this movie on acid to get it

  42. N Kat

    N Kat7 ngày trước

    They also ruined Oompahs damn Tim

  43. N Kat

    N Kat7 ngày trước

    The original is way better than this trash

  44. Will Poundstone

    Will Poundstone7 ngày trước

    I think that getting Social Security and Food Stamps would be a much more sure fire way to improve the family's situation than hedging all bets on a chocolate bar contest.

  45. Aidan Sabatinelli

    Aidan Sabatinelli7 ngày trước

    Come with me And you'll be In a world of safety violations

  46. Shadow wolf

    Shadow wolf7 ngày trước

    Who likes the of better although I like the style of willy wonka in this one 😂

  47. chrisjt86

    chrisjt867 ngày trước

    A RETARD COULD FIGURE IT OUT Surprised there was no mention of that line

  48. Australien_Girl

    Australien_Girl8 ngày trước

    How can so many people LIKE this movie? 😐 Have you seen the original? 🤔 It's entirely better than this! 😥

  49. BlakeBuck YT

    BlakeBuck YT9 ngày trước

    The Food and Drug Administration HATES Wonka

  50. BlakeBuck YT

    BlakeBuck YT7 ngày trước

    +Will Poundstone, what does that even do with what I am talking about?

  51. Will Poundstone

    Will Poundstone7 ngày trước

    Speaking of the Federal Government; with Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps, TANF, Medicaid, CHIP, and the EITC, there's no way they'd live in such squalor especially when one family member is employed full time and another part time, and definitely no way the 4 grandparents would have to share a bed.

  52. Call.Me.Carla Yt

    Call.Me.Carla Yt9 ngày trước

    6:25 to 6:32 LOOOOOOOOOL

  53. doga gamer

    doga gamer9 ngày trước

    Hmmmm....... So many dislikes......

  54. BC ELITE

    BC ELITE9 ngày trước

    You can suck on it all year and it won't get any smaller That's what she said

  55. Angelica Figueroa

    Angelica Figueroa9 ngày trước

    Mmmmaybe Satan....I spit out my drink

  56. fruit bat 🍒🦇

    fruit bat 🍒🦇9 ngày trước

    lmfao 15:05 i mean i dont think “i love peanuts” was exactly super lucid

  57. Phyco Buzzaxe21

    Phyco Buzzaxe2110 ngày trước

    what about the "snow" machines in the factory, is it actual snow that's fucking everything up or sugar that's making everything better and gives more of a chance to cause a heart attack

  58. Olivia oney

    Olivia oney10 ngày trước

    Damn. You even know about Newton’s law of motion

  59. Gyro Fang

    Gyro Fang10 ngày trước

    Why is bellatrix in this movie?!?!?!?

  60. Michael Enquist

    Michael Enquist10 ngày trước

    "Wokonda Forever" is the best joke you've made in a looooooooong time.

  61. theawesomegamer4000 charlie woods

    theawesomegamer4000 charlie woods10 ngày trước


  62. Yasmeen Serphal

    Yasmeen Serphal10 ngày trước

    personally I think this was one of the best remakes from the original.


    ORNIKAR10 ngày trước

    4:19 SIKE

  64. theawesomegamer4000 charlie woods

    theawesomegamer4000 charlie woods11 ngày trước

    I like the f*cking and the s*it

  65. Goodiesfanful

    Goodiesfanful11 ngày trước

    I like the movie but I can't stand this version of Wonka.

  66. Goodiesfanful

    Goodiesfanful11 ngày trước

    I've been waiting for you to "sin" this one. Your "sin" of the original is one of my favourites.

  67. Kayleigh Husband

    Kayleigh Husband11 ngày trước

    Now you have to sin the original

  68. villen

    villen11 ngày trước

    When this movie was first announced I expected it to be about Charlie's adventures after taking over the factory... then this happened.

  69. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Memes

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Memes11 ngày trước

    20 was beautiful

  70. SourSoul

    SourSoul11 ngày trước

    i want one of willy wonka and the chocolate factury. please. i need it

  71. Paul Lengert

    Paul Lengert12 ngày trước

    Is that one father elliot from breaking bad?

  72. Harley Robertson

    Harley Robertson12 ngày trước

    dont yo hear willie wanker in the song

  73. JuMixBoox

    JuMixBoox12 ngày trước

    Americans are weird.

  74. Dark Arts Dabbler

    Dark Arts Dabbler12 ngày trước

    The original film was better, and Gene Wilders character was certainly better. Yet, I can't help but be impressed by Johnny Depp in this. It's like the actor disappeared completely and was replaced with this weirdo

  75. Lainey Fruge

    Lainey Fruge12 ngày trước

    When I was very little I loved this movie and wasn't scared of willy wonkas face. But when I turned 4 or 5 I watched the movie and when I fricking saw wonkas face I ran to my dad and said " daddy there a monster in the living room on tv"

  76. Ralph Fiorillo

    Ralph Fiorillo12 ngày trước

    Now I just want to say ( it’s just my opinion) I do like this movie, it’s not perfect but I enjoyed it anyway but the original is waaaay superior

  77. Trx90vito

    Trx90vito12 ngày trước

    i DARE you to find something wrong with the original

  78. Greek Freak

    Greek Freak12 ngày trước

    Wait... cinemasins likes Hamilton?

  79. Morty Smith

    Morty Smith13 ngày trước

    15:02 "You smell like penis"

  80. Chelsea Kirk

    Chelsea Kirk13 ngày trước

    I hate whoever thought of this version/concept design for Willy wonka. God every time I look at Johnny in this movie I cringe I swear

  81. Kitty Clover

    Kitty Clover13 ngày trước

    I have never watched this movie 🎥 🍿

  82. Mistress DarkHart

    Mistress DarkHart13 ngày trước

    6:25 Come with MEEE and you'll BEEE In a woOOOOOooOoOooLD OF SHITTY INITIATIONS

  83. Brandie Child

    Brandie Child13 ngày trước

    Just saying this movie Is so much more like the book and Roldals wife made it so she knows everything that her decided husband couldnt use like the fact that the umpalompers look like black children slaves according to his publisher

  84. Streamy Cat

    Streamy Cat14 ngày trước

    I like this movie. Fight me.

  85. Cactus

    Cactus14 ngày trước

    10:00 OSHA would be having a FIELD DAY in here!!

  86. Preston Garvey

    Preston Garvey15 ngày trước

    You put star wars in my willy wonka movie

  87. jimmysgirl1029

    jimmysgirl102915 ngày trước

    Too many sins to mention them all. I truly did appreciate the very first one. I hate that they even bothered remaking this.

  88. Astrin Ymris

    Astrin Ymris15 ngày trước

    I'll be honest-- I found the original movie kind of distasteful. It seemed like deliberate entrapment to me as well. Chewing gum is a moral failing, worthy of being turned into a giant blueberry? However, Veruca Salt's musical number in the egg room was a bright spot in the movie. Julie Dawn Cole has some serious musical talent! The remake made all the things I disliked about the original movie worse, while not having any of the 1971's versions saving graces.

  89. Kaas ezel

    Kaas ezel16 ngày trước

    10:09 thats what he said

  90. Kaas ezel

    Kaas ezel16 ngày trước

    8:28 thats what she said

  91. Alli Elizabeth

    Alli Elizabeth16 ngày trước

    Yes there are literally words to that say the same thing as the book but Wonka is kind not crazy in the movie this Wonka needs therapy. Why Are there so many dirty jokes in this

  92. MC_DogWarrior

    MC_DogWarrior16 ngày trước

    That boat is a seahorse not a dragon I thought it was a dragon at first

  93. T Gev

    T Gev16 ngày trước

    Wonkanda forever!

  94. MTNDEW Gamer

    MTNDEW Gamer16 ngày trước

    I remember watching this movie and thinking how bad it was

  95. Pody Jr 101

    Pody Jr 10117 ngày trước

    Time to have my childhood destroyed *clicks on video*

  96. James Trepus

    James Trepus17 ngày trước

    The remake is just complete garbage and don't know why anyone would like this inferior version of the original. I do know that the remake is more respectful of the book, but I just hate the remake and believe that the original version is ten times better.

  97. ShortBreaddi Studios

    ShortBreaddi Studios17 ngày trước

    2:25 is that a Raven's Gate reference?

  98. MR. DARK

    MR. DARK17 ngày trước


  99. That Memey Boi

    That Memey Boi18 ngày trước

    10:10 I think the description of an everlasting gobstopper is also the description of an erection during suction.

  100. ellie wheatley

    ellie wheatley18 ngày trước

    Wonkanda forever

  101. FlixCreEightR

    FlixCreEightR18 ngày trước

    I love Tim Burton. But this version of the classic story. FUCKING SUCKS!!!!!!!

  102. mcciv5wt _

    mcciv5wt _18 ngày trước

    is it bad i kind of want to refer to God as "The Great Gobstopper In The Sky?"

  103. LethalSquid Gaming

    LethalSquid Gaming18 ngày trước


  104. Jawad Ahmed

    Jawad Ahmed18 ngày trước

    Hello Bellatrix!