1. Da BIGOMN

    Da BIGOMNNgày trước

    omg that my career gets only worse and worse thank god i only played the prelude and from that moment i could not stand a.i. who is the most annoying petty nob slobbing little b%%%h in the history of vide gaming always chasing after corey like he is his secret lover. love pres dude had a real back story that was enjoyable but a.i. i wish that some bi%%% as well as freq got taken up for a ride on a plane and thrown off without a parachute at 70 thousand feet.

  2. CoolCakeGaming

    CoolCakeGamingNgày trước

    I can definitely tell you people in Indiana don’t call mixtapes sizzle reels

  3. ThØmas CΔRØn

    ThØmas CΔRØn2 ngày trước

    “Let’s get Maiiine”😂😭💀

  4. Internet Guy

    Internet Guy2 ngày trước

    Damn agent u still look fat in a virtual game

  5. SneakySalmon

    SneakySalmon2 ngày trước

    I hope "jsut" isn't how you think "just" is spelled. 1:44

  6. YoungxBigxSavage 2200

    YoungxBigxSavage 22004 ngày trước

    2k19 actually wasn’t bad

  7. Oliver Marburg

    Oliver Marburg5 ngày trước

    Title: Everything Wrong With 2K19 in under 13 minutes Video: 13:37 37 extra seconds: Am I a joke to you?

  8. Paint_Krazie

    Paint_Krazie5 ngày trước

    It's over 13 min

  9. irisco ieditz

    irisco ieditz5 ngày trước

    Post scorers can shoot half court

  10. Wulius Wandle

    Wulius Wandle5 ngày trước

    1:45 *JSUT*

  11. King CarnaGe

    King CarnaGe6 ngày trước

    In under 13 minutes... sure buddy

  12. Bass assassin

    Bass assassin7 ngày trước

    I just want to be able to shoot the ball and get more green lights I suck terribly.iplay with real NBA teams online on 2k19 for PS4 I tried watching there hands I tried releasing when the controller vibrates I fn miss wide open shots n lay ups like mad.

  13. Bass assassin

    Bass assassin7 ngày trước

    Would like to some good d fence settings and some good settings in general to use.

  14. Cruise2K

    Cruise2K7 ngày trước

    Cinema sin type shit

  15. Gavin Rose

    Gavin Rose7 ngày trước

    I did a game of blacktop, it was kyrie vs boban and I was kyrie, I spent forever playing and kyrie didn’t brake bobans ankles once, this game is honestly fuckin stupid

  16. MrAVGNdude

    MrAVGNdude8 ngày trước

    666k views uploaded 6 months ago. Wow

  17. Dusty Depot

    Dusty Depot9 ngày trước

    Pls do this nxt yr


    DLOADING9 ngày trước

    I ain’t even seen these cutscenes cuz I skipped the prelude

  19. Clinton Brewer

    Clinton Brewer11 ngày trước

    Yo I just skipped the prelude

  20. EXoTIC LeTHaL

    EXoTIC LeTHaL12 ngày trước

    Jsut. 1:45😂😂

  21. Jeremy Scott

    Jeremy Scott12 ngày trước

    What’s agents obsession with pot popyes chicken

  22. Gamioz

    Gamioz12 ngày trước

    anyone else got a nba2k20 AD?

  23. Damyris Carlton

    Damyris Carlton14 ngày trước

    We do not say sizzle reels😅

  24. Xiax Xiax

    Xiax Xiax14 ngày trước

    What happened at 11:10

  25. Jack Boyle

    Jack Boyle14 ngày trước

    forgot a sin at 1:46 where AGENT SPELLS JUST WRONG

  26. Rashaun Founain

    Rashaun Founain14 ngày trước

    Where did all of these cut sinces come from

  27. MoonLordt

    MoonLordt18 ngày trước

    Everything wrong with NBA 2K19 in over 13 minutes

  28. Joshua 10k

    Joshua 10k18 ngày trước

    You have an Indian and a Chinese nigga making a basketball game. Ofc it’s going to be a bad game every year.

  29. Breakin Eggs

    Breakin Eggs19 ngày trước

    talks about 2k but at 1:49 spells just wrong

  30. Antjuandre Ecton

    Antjuandre Ecton19 ngày trước

    No in Indiana we call mixtapes mixtapes

  31. TrikPik

    TrikPik19 ngày trước

    What's hilarious during the Prelude is when you make a white character and get somehow confused for Cory Harris. lmao

  32. Urban Delinquent

    Urban Delinquent20 ngày trước

    Under 13 Minutes went 13:36 7/2/2019

  33. Brisk Clown

    Brisk Clown22 ngày trước

    Your hatred for 6'3 shot creator is interesting 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  34. Suda

    Suda23 ngày trước


  35. Issafupa

    Issafupa24 ngày trước

    The begging got me rollin😂

  36. Almighty Nick

    Almighty Nick25 ngày trước

    What j expected #1 LATENCY #100 LATENCY

  37. Damian Glimz

    Damian Glimz25 ngày trước

    Jackson Ellis was a rookie in NBA 2K14 he was the main antagonist, believe me, he’s been in the league

  38. GameBoy Kiwi

    GameBoy Kiwi26 ngày trước

    I can confirm that in Indiana, we do not call mixtapes, "sizzle reels"

  39. C J

    C J27 ngày trước


  40. Derek Roberts

    Derek Roberts28 ngày trước

    how the fuck did he not talk about when Ai screams his name like an absolute dumbass 😭😭😭😭

  41. UDA PhiX

    UDA PhiX29 ngày trước

    Airball censoring

  42. Realistic Entertainment

    Realistic Entertainment29 ngày trước

    Every one should stop playing 2k if they hate the game. That's the best way to boycott it. Also don't buy 2k20 if yall feel like it will be a waste of money. Its not that easy? People need to stop being weak and stop playing the game if yall feel it is a trash game. Agent 00 is few people who actually became OGs with the content and proved the point and followed through by it with promised actions. I can respect that.

  43. Lil uzi leaks 1600

    Lil uzi leaks 1600Tháng trước

    What’s the point of making a new 2k every year

  44. Noah E

    Noah ETháng trước

    As some one from Indiana I can confirm that we do not call it a sizzle reel

  45. Kevwardo

    KevwardoTháng trước

    80+30 is not 120

  46. League of Beasts

    League of BeastsTháng trước

    Pure shot creator 6’3 is op he can speed boost

  47. Stop motion Steve

    Stop motion SteveTháng trước

    0:33 says he’ll let it go but still adds a sin

  48. Yung Szechuan Sauce

    Yung Szechuan SauceTháng trước

    When u give 400 more sins when you realize u can skip all dis

  49. Anthony Nathaniel

    Anthony NathanielTháng trước

    Lol damn, bro I never even realized most of that shit.

  50. Nicholas Osadze

    Nicholas OsadzeTháng trước

    80% of all the sins were such a stretch

  51. Cole Ham

    Cole HamTháng trước

    When I score 82 points and Marcus Young scores 6. I don’t make it to the nba before Marcus young.