Everything Wrong With Ralph Breaks the Internet


  1. Pervy Turtle

    Pervy Turtle31 phút trước

    I just paid enough attention to finally get the "Desmond Tutu's" joke.

  2. Dash Stodghill

    Dash Stodghill4 giờ trước

    I NEED a spinoff about the combined antics of the princesses

  3. peyton does everything

    peyton does everything6 giờ trước

    hey comcast is f-ing

  4. CapeHead_qr

    CapeHead_qr9 giờ trước

    1) he said he was a loser for 27 years but in the last game it was his 30th anniversary 2) this entire movie doesn’t make any sense because she broke 1 wheel and in the first movie there was 2 sugar rush machines and they were connected so litwack couldn’t have unplugged one Other than that I relatively enjoyed the movie and it was really great

  5. Moonstar79

    Moonstar7912 giờ trước

    I'll bet the guy paying for that car was either Trump Jr. or Mr. Beast.

  6. Pokemaster 51

    Pokemaster 5113 giờ trước

    My aunt sue doesn't watch remakes, movies based on cartoons, and "sequels" that were made purely because everyone liked the previous one. And she's right to do so

  7. NoFriendZ From DBL

    NoFriendZ From DBL13 giờ trước

    This movie also makes people think that scam ads are safe to click, though maybe Disney thinks they really are.

  8. Connor G

    Connor G18 giờ trước

    That tv at 7:46 is sponsored by nokia

  9. John Titor

    John TitorNgày trước

    I'd say the movie was mediocre at best. The giant King Kong Ralph made no sense, getting the steering wheel meant nothing if the person he was getting the wheel for didn't even feel like going back, and what about the virus? The virus wouldn't have just left, it went to find insecurities and Ralph couldn't have been the only one with them. The only reason I give it mediocre even if the ending made less sense than HTTYD 3 was because most of the comedy landed pretty well for me. (Seriously, not all dragons lived on Berk, the ending to HTTYD 3 was pointless)

  10. Serious(WithDaysOff)

    Serious(WithDaysOff)2 ngày trước

    $200 is more than that game makes in a year? If the game is just 25 cents to play you'd just need to play it 2-3 times every day. And that's supposed to be a popular game there too

  11. TJOC creation

    TJOC creation2 ngày trước

    Shank: Hey, Pyro. Hit Big Boy with a Blow n' Go. Pyro: I'd love to.

  12. Chris Rockey

    Chris Rockey2 ngày trước

    Watching now. There is no way they don't pull Jason mewes saying, "what the fuck is the internet?" For the audio outakes right?

  13. Chris Rockey

    Chris Rockey2 ngày trước

    Awww rats. Missed opportunity. Oh well

  14. Reece Orton

    Reece Orton2 ngày trước

    Root Beer Tapper is a thing.

  15. Sandra Duncan

    Sandra Duncan2 ngày trước

    The only reason I watched this movie was because Sonic popped up in it. They should rename it; Sonic Saves the Internet. Without him Ralph would not know what the Internet is.

  16. Marin Velenik

    Marin Velenik2 ngày trước

    Why didn't he mention the second post credit scene

  17. Cartoon Master

    Cartoon Master3 ngày trước

    You're SERIOUSLY not gonna take away a sin for Stan Lee's cameo?! But a sin still goes back cause of Fortnite dancing.😂😂😂

  18. JNS Studios

    JNS Studios3 ngày trước

    08:17 Am i the only one who loves the fact that the player characters move all choppy? I love that attention to detail, making the players move like actual in-game characters from a real game.

  19. ALonelyLeek

    ALonelyLeek3 ngày trước

    3:07 that’s.. not a TV

  20. Tim Yac

    Tim Yac4 ngày trước

    This movie was a letdown after the original, really boring. I liked the princesses though, even if they felt kind of shoehorned in as they didn't fit the theme at all.

  21. Ourania Almashira

    Ourania Almashira4 ngày trước

    Hey Cinema did you know that e boy the worker of eBay was voiced by DanTDM a VIreporterr

  22. Super Mario Plush 220

    Super Mario Plush 2204 ngày trước

    5:47 why would somebody else want to buy it

  23. Super Mario Plush 220

    Super Mario Plush 2204 ngày trước

    2:13 wtf Is Ralph not in his own game

  24. Super Mario Plush 220

    Super Mario Plush 2204 ngày trước

    0:44 how the hell does that work

  25. d b

    d b4 ngày trước

    That’s Des Moines asshole

  26. Breyergal Isabel

    Breyergal Isabel4 ngày trước

    You missed the Ralph Roll at the very end of the credits!

  27. Sketch Eli Official

    Sketch Eli Official4 ngày trước

    I finally saw this yesterday and I’m so fucking disappointed, like this is the level of disappointment I expect my parents have over me

  28. Cupcake Cart

    Cupcake Cart4 ngày trước

    9:06. I paused the video to check. Surprisingly you're wrong.

  29. The Breakfast Clubber

    The Breakfast Clubber5 ngày trước

    😂😂😂 they have comcast wifi

  30. L Duke

    L Duke5 ngày trước

    Mario nowhere to be seen

  31. Joey Wenham

    Joey Wenham5 ngày trước

    I’m sinning this video for not including the second end credit scene that rick rolled us all 👍

  32. RaceAid

    RaceAid5 ngày trước

    6:52 - is that a reference to Slipknot I don't get? I mean... Des Moines, Iowa and "Slaughter race"? Sounds Slipknotty to me, but I'm not sure

  33. S.P.L Studios

    S.P.L Studios6 ngày trước

    19:36 There should of been a sin for disney adding Big Chungus

  34. Tyler Hively

    Tyler Hively6 ngày trước

    Can someone please tell me what the 3 extra sins videos are please.

  35. Stephanie Joobern

    Stephanie Joobern6 ngày trước

    Isn't Vanellope like 9? And Ralph is a grown man? Anyone else find it a little weird?

  36. kiiper13

    kiiper136 ngày trước

    I’m surprised you didn’t make a dirty joke about the dark web, that’s a sin cinema sins

  37. Emmy Bot

    Emmy Bot6 ngày trước

    I liked slaughter race reminded me of GTA5. Seems like the rest of the movie has a lot of random stupidity and is basically waving keys in front of their audience. As if the audience are infants. I think most films are made to do this anymore and any or all original ideas are trashed. Lazy writing is in and stupid repetitive clichés are in to keep from writers actually thinking.

  38. Bryan Aguirre

    Bryan Aguirre6 ngày trước

    The Moana water part was cool but she doesn't actually control water. The water in her movie was the ocean sooooo dies that mean the ocean was in that fountain?

  39. Ebo fefe

    Ebo fefe6 ngày trước

    5:11 And this is a bad thing HOW?

  40. ahegaofactory

    ahegaofactory7 ngày trước

    take a shot every time this movie tries to be hip and cool

  41. Hypereon

    Hypereon7 ngày trước

    Can I just say that Disney existing inside the wreck-it Ralph universe implies that there isn’t a movie for wreck it Ralph in this universe, or the game is just marketing for the Wreck-it-Ralph movie? But that would mean that Disney was making Computer animated movies in the 80’s, which would mean that this either takes place in a technologically advanced by twenty years universe, or it just doesn’t make sense.

  42. Charbomber

    Charbomber7 ngày trước

    No removed sins for the movie accurately showing how people's characters look like in games instead of going the normal way of them looking totally realistically moving? I mean I don't know WHY it did but I found it kinda funny. Maybe it's my bad sense of humor...

  43. Jon Mount

    Jon Mount8 ngày trước

    Why did they ripoff something that sucks like the emoji movie they could of got something better

  44. oreo penguin

    oreo penguin8 ngày trước

    11:27 didn’t the woman say heart is one dollar Ralf need less than 318 k so why did he need to make more videos

  45. WibblyWobblyTimeyWimey

    WibblyWobblyTimeyWimey8 ngày trước

    12:47 except that is NOT how eBay works, if the highest bidder forfeits the item it would be offered to the other bidder for their highest bid. DING!

  46. Gay Boi

    Gay Boi8 ngày trước

    *watches cinema sins cause' you're too lazy to watch it yourself*

  47. Coolyo

    Coolyo8 ngày trước

    I accidentally found porn after I searched "blow and go"

  48. Thanrick

    Thanrick8 ngày trước

    Nothing about the Ralph rolling at the very end?? And the post credit scene you sinned was actually really funny

  49. - DaKawaiiWolfy -

    - DaKawaiiWolfy -8 ngày trước

    I think you forgot a sin At 1:47 and it’s that Sonic knows what the internet is and Ralph doesn’t and that doesn’t make any sense, correct me if I’m wrong

  50. Culo 111222

    Culo 1112228 ngày trước

    20:32 somewhere out their ill leave ralph

  51. CRABSY6

    CRABSY68 ngày trước

    Why when he enters the internet is there no porn