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    Ian’s gayyy

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    HI! Hi I wanna was a good day I wanna was a good day I wanna was a good day I wanna was a good day I wanna was a good day I wanna was a


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    I sure do

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    Wow!!They use Chopsticks very well.:-O:-O:-)Anthony's Mom is involved??:-O:-O:-(

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    “Anthony Danger Padilla” This had me crying 😂

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    who's watching in 2020

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    Who’s watching in 1942?

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    Anthony was like da duq

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    (When a guy who steals ur milk) Dam son hes need somes milk

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    This was the first Smosh video I’ve ever watched as a 12 year old and it was all because of my curiosity on fortune cookies lol amazing how food can lead to amazing discoveries.

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    The end of piracy was 1700

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    Btw that billboard is real I saw it while driving

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    The tag is still on the treasure chest


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    1:00 when I see a question I don’t know on a test

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    1:18 You can see the price tag for the treasure chest


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    А почему всё на русском

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    I once got fortune saying “Try another fortune”. 😑

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    That's the back of a fortune paper

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    2020 your here for III reasons One you miss Anthony 2 you miss the old days of Smosh 3️⃣ you miss the better days of VIreporter when it wasn’t 💩

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    Antony dsngeres pedia

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    That milk guy Is going to get that guy constipated

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    And now Anthony left Smosh forever and will never come back.

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    Well Anthony Danger Padilla Is Not Gay Right? And Ian Uhhh... Whats Her Middle Name Again I Always Forgot What Is Her Middle Name! Guys...Do You Know What Is Ian's Middle Name? Do Everyone Know Whats Ian's Middle Name Eh? Everyone?... Well I Guess I'll Have To Guest It Tho. I'm Just Gonna Watch The Death Note From Smosh. If One Of You Guys Know Ian's Middle Name Tell Me In The Smosh Comments. The Next Video In My VIreporter Is "SIRI TRIED TO KILL ME!"

  35. catherine pabilona

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    Well Hope Anyone Know's Whats Ian's Middle Name Just Replie What I Said Earlier In "Smosh Comments" Tell Me Guys What Is Ian's Middle Name If You Know It Comment Down Below See You Guys In The Smosh Comments Later! Good Bye Guys Tell Me It Later If You Guys Know It Tell Me In The Smosh Comments In January 28, 2020 And Happy New Year In Smosh Fans It's Ok If I Said "Happy New Year" If New Year Is Done My Teacher Always Said That "Happy New Year" If It Is Done But Its Ok For Me Tho. Though I Have A School Tommorow I Have To Sleep Early Because I Wake Up At Night And My Gradma Is Waking Us Up All Day And He Even Cooks All Day... Well He's Not That Old Yet She Is Just 64 Years Old And Her Birthday Is January 4, 2020 And Yeah And My Grandpa's Birthday Is January 25, 2020 And My Birthday Is August 30, 2011 I Think... But I Dont Know Yet If I Got Birth In 2011 Or 2012 Im Just 8 Years Old Girl My Mom Gives Me Birth At 2011 Or 2012 But Yeah I Dont Know Yet And My Brother Birtday Is April 4, 2010 I Think So But Yeah And My Boy Cousin Is March 20, 2007 Or 2011 But I Dont Know Yet And This Is Already A Long Story So Im gonna Continue Tommorow Bye Smosh Fans Goodbye And Goodnight Cause Im A Filipino Thats Why Ours Is Night And America Is Morning And Goodnight Again! ☺👋😍😙😘😚😻💋❤💙💚💛💜💓💕💖💗💘💝💞💟👼😇

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    Danger Is Her Middle Name

  37. catherine pabilona

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    Well Anthony Padilla Is Her Real Name

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    My first smosh video Can't believe it has been 10 years

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    You serious? I only knew Smosh for almost 9 years.

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    I'm in 2020

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    0:19 so your full name is Anthony danger Padilla

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    Anthony underwear is down

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    I miss the old days😔

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    I miss them

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    Kolačić sudbine is on croatia

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    It's not 2019 it's 2020


    HAS LAMBO IN JAILBREAK28 ngày trước


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    Anthony danger padilla will you marry me YoU nEeD hElP

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    all of the videos in 2010-2015 were trash except for the ones that came from smosh imo

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    Two pepol were spying on you to

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    1:52 gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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    You realize every scene Anthony changes shirts

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    Anthony danger padilla? hhahahaha he actually add danger

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    Do You Know Who Is The Best Person In The World Read the 2nd word

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    °thats lame

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    I can't be the only one who thinks this video was following a branching storyline that quickly got dropped as these skits went on.

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    “Danger is my middle name” Me: But it is

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    Only real ones know from where anthony “danger” padilla comes

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    Guys Anthony said “danger is my middle name” IN THIS VIDEO!!

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    When anthony said in one episode danger is my middle name

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    Ah i miss the damn old days

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    I actually saw that sign before I watched you guys😅

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    Dat guy ate too many peppers

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    The video is in România

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