EXCLUSIVE: Rami Malek Reveals He Will Sing in Freddie Mercury Biopic


  1. Itamar Bushari

    Itamar BushariTháng trước

    It was before the movie!

  2. Alana Davis

    Alana Davis2 tháng trước

    They should make a second movie named “The Show Must Go On”.

  3. Janice Rosenberg

    Janice Rosenberg3 tháng trước

    I'm sure they didn't cast him as FREDDIE cause they new that everyone in can't stand him!!!!!! Sooooo OBNOXIOUS!!!! Like when he played ALI G. STUPID SHOW!!!!!

  4. Ariane Maria van Treeck

    Ariane Maria van Treeck3 tháng trước

    I hate when they Say " surviving members Brian and Roger.....they should Say ,members still active , or so

  5. Eva Barbour

    Eva Barbour3 tháng trước

    Rami is perfect at being Freddie xx

  6. Sana Solih

    Sana Solih4 tháng trước

    Apparently Sacha wanted all movie to have everything about Freddy. Including his flaws and major issues with the band and media that the movie didn’t really cover. And i think he’s wrong to want that in a movie that is a tribute to the legend he is. We know that he wasn’t perfect. But i think the band so wanted this to be a tribute to freddy, rather a documentary. And to be honest i think Rami pulled a stunning job. You forget at some point of the movie, that he is not really Freddy Mercury.

  7. lily vegetables

    lily vegetables4 tháng trước

    I was so happy with this movie i love it ~ ~ 2:19 um freddie arent u supposed to sing into the mic 😂

  8. Janice Rosenberg

    Janice Rosenberg4 tháng trước

    If that Sasha Cohen guy was picked to be FREDDIE I would have never ever gone to see the movie!!! He is A pompous jerk!!!!

  9. Janice Rosenberg

    Janice Rosenberg4 tháng trước

    Rami is the cutest thing...he's so intelligent and humble, I just love him and he is such a wonderful actor

  10. Jenn T

    Jenn T6 tháng trước

    Rami was definitely the best choice he should have been 1st choice not 3rd

  11. Emily Rogina

    Emily Rogina6 tháng trước

    He nailed it...like perfectly the looks might have not been all there, but MY GOD the mannerisms the accent! The posture!! AMAZING.

  12. Estrella Gutierrez

    Estrella Gutierrez6 tháng trước

    1:50 I lovee that soooooooong!😣😣💗💕

  13. Alex Coffey

    Alex Coffey6 tháng trước

    Sasha was right...

  14. Marianna Estrada

    Marianna Estrada7 tháng trước

    He did amazayn

  15. museti 1234

    museti 12347 tháng trước

    And the Oscars go.......

  16. Ashleigh Sando

    Ashleigh Sando7 tháng trước

    I also think Russell brand could have done a good job at being Freddie in bohemian rhapsody there’s a verse in bicycle race that reminds me of Russells voice

  17. Sylvia Gomez

    Sylvia Gomez7 tháng trước

    Ashleigh Sando I agree...he would have done him pretty dang good.

  18. Dino Julian

    Dino Julian7 tháng trước

    Oh I get it, so Freddie Mercury is a hacker

  19. Myeah Malalis

    Myeah Malalis7 tháng trước

    Guess what... he did AMAZING.

  20. EMME

    EMME7 tháng trước

    I see an Oscar for Rami

  21. oscar tovar

    oscar tovarTháng trước

    I don’t think he will win one tbh

  22. TLMAP

    TLMAP3 tháng trước

    Boy you do

  23. Take me home Please

    Take me home Please7 tháng trước

    Rami Malek is hot

  24. TheMechanicalGirl999

    TheMechanicalGirl9998 tháng trước

    Read here...everyone that mentions Marc Martel is right! He WILL have SOME PART in the Queen vocals for Freddie! However, Rami WILL be lending his OWN voice according to this and a few other articles and I cannot find one contradicting this! However, in about the 50 minutes it took me to find these three articles after searching through over 40 articles on who was providing a voice to "The Queen of Rock!" ALL I could find were these three that specifically mentioned Marc Martel was indeed lending his voice! I believe something along the lines of this was in all of the articles I found, but I specifically saw in the last one, "It was just a really fun experience that I never thought I'd be a part of," he says. "For now, we're trying to keep as much of the mystery as possible." Which is why it is so difficult to find an 'actual article' that specifically states the other "mystery singer" by name! Most just say something along the lines of 'a mysterious third party is lending their talents along with old clips of Freddie singing and Malek's own voice to the movie! Unlike most new musical films which have seemed to be trending just like "Lady Gaga's, A Star is Born, where she insisted just about all of the lyrics to be recorded live 'due to how noticeable lip-syncing can be at times'!" Malek insisted on more of it done in a studio with more recording and lip-syncing coming into play." www.google.com/amp/s/www.popsugar.com/entertainment/Rami-Malek-Really-Singing-Bohemian-Rhapsody-45363785/amp www.elitedaily.com/p/the-bohemian-rhapsody-ratings-are-in-so-get-ready-to-rock-12994934 www.google.com/amp/s/amp.tennessean.com/amp/1698871002

  25. Morgan Flegg

    Morgan Flegg8 tháng trước

    When I look at Rami all I see is our little Egyptian king

  26. old gregg

    old gregg8 tháng trước

    Ben is white why tf would they ever consider casting him as Freddie lol

  27. Happyduck

    Happyduck9 tháng trước

    Omg this movie!!! 🔥🔥🔥♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  28. Michaela Sullivan

    Michaela Sullivan9 tháng trước

    Isn't mark Martel singing it

  29. Lara Roostalu

    Lara Roostalu9 tháng trước

    We’re going to use Freddie as much as possible and use myself as much as possible,” Malek told Entertainment Weekly. “I’m in Abbey Road [Studios] right now, if that should say anything to you. I’m not working on my acting.”

  30. Lara Roostalu

    Lara Roostalu9 tháng trước

    Michaela Sullivan homoe?

  31. Michaela Sullivan

    Michaela Sullivan9 tháng trước

    Naw look it up homoe

  32. Lara Roostalu

    Lara Roostalu9 tháng trước

    Michaela Sullivan Where did you get it from? Freddie is the main voice! Malek is a major star and his voice is used for a Freddie's speaking as well as singing voice. Martel's definitely 'helping' as he's a Freddie sound alike.

  33. Courtny E.

    Courtny E.9 tháng trước

    He had his sister Jasmine with him. He should have got a girlfriend from Iran that looks like her, not a dumb blonde white girl.

  34. Betty K

    Betty K9 tháng trước

    He"s inimitable


    PROJECT DX9 tháng trước

    Is he gonna wear lifts. He is a bit of a short ass. Sasha Baron would have suited the role better.

  36. vannah contreras yeet

    vannah contreras yeet9 tháng trước


  37. irsyad nrs

    irsyad nrs9 tháng trước


  38. all deacy

    all deacy9 tháng trước


  39. Tanya Ensor

    Tanya Ensor10 tháng trước

    The only reason the band is iconic is because of Freddie. Without him, there never would have been a Queen band. Sasha stepped down because Brian May insisted that the Freddie biopic be about Queen, not about Freddie. Personally, I love Freddie but will not see the movie. No one can impersonate him. Even his hologram at the end of the Olympics was so fine that the crowds reacted to it as they would have if he were alive. Can anyone but Freddie pull that off?

  40. Alex Htd

    Alex Htd10 tháng trước

    Marc Martel vocals.

  41. Lara Roostalu

    Lara Roostalu9 tháng trước

    Alex Htd Who told you that? It's mainly Freddie's voice.

  42. Alain LeBlanc

    Alain LeBlanc10 tháng trước

    Sacha Baron Cohen really blew this one! Hope Rami Malek gets an award for his performance of Freddie Mercury, looks like he deserves it.

  43. zeti akhtar mokhtarudin

    zeti akhtar mokhtarudin10 tháng trước

    why Rami ??? why whyyyyy ????

  44. Tim Guttesen

    Tim Guttesen10 tháng trước

    I'd love a film that's warts an all, not Hollywoodised and sanitised. Unfortunately I think we'll get watered down. So, no midgets with trays of cocaine on their head at a party, oh shame

  45. SpeedyClan

    SpeedyClan11 tháng trước

    I don't car if he can sing, but mercury is one in about 8 billion people

  46. Manuel David Rendon Acevedo

    Manuel David Rendon Acevedo11 tháng trước

    I thought they were going to do lip-sync for the members of Queen

  47. Lara Roostalu

    Lara Roostalu9 tháng trước

    Marc Martel Fans Malek's voice is used for speaking and singing! We’re going to use Freddie as much as possible and use myself as much as possible,” Malek told Entertainment Weekly. “I’m in Abbey Road [Studios] right now, if that should say anything to you. I’m not working on my acting.”

  48. Todd and Raqui Forrest

    Todd and Raqui Forrest11 tháng trước

    They did. Especially for Malek. Read the more recent Rolling Stone article. Vocals were done by Marc Martel.

  49. minimenz2003

    minimenz2003Năm trước

    True kismet that Rami is to be Freddie. I predict he will soon have an Oscar to keep his Emmy company on the mantle. An amazing talent portraying an amazing talent. I'm sooooo excited!!!

  50. Marie Antoinette

    Marie AntoinetteNăm trước

    When he said about the 2nd actor leaving the project " & another 1 gone another 1 gone another 1 bites the dust " was played 😁

  51. yuzni ismael

    yuzni ismaelNăm trước

    Marc martel is the one doing the voice in this film

  52. footyfan101ful

    footyfan101ful7 tháng trước

    Its a mixture of freddie, marc and rami

  53. Desi Art

    Desi ArtNăm trước

    I know all the songs of Freddie by heart.. You better be good rami malek... You will be under microscope

  54. Amia M.

    Amia M.Năm trước

    I love Rami. Hopefully he doesn’t fuck this up lmfao

  55. Jono Newman

    Jono NewmanNăm trước

    I'll watch and embrace the film, but I'm disappointed; the timeline completely glosses over Freddie's battle with AIDS, terminates in 1985 and somehow the directors managed to cast an American in the role. I don't mean to cause offence, but Sacha should have remained and the film should have focused more on Freddie's life.

  56. Yamaha Guy

    Yamaha GuyNăm trước

    I think his most iconic years are with the mustache

  57. Meand You

    Meand YouNăm trước

    Sacha would have been perfect!

  58. Yamaha Guy

    Yamaha GuyNăm trước

    I couldn't see anyone else play Freddie

  59. Ashley Kyra

    Ashley KyraNăm trước

    I'm Glad Rami Will Play Him... Best Man 4 The Job 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  60. Infiltration Wayne

    Infiltration WayneNăm trước

    I want Malek in the next Terminator film.

  61. yaosca bobadilla salmeron

    yaosca bobadilla salmeronNăm trước

    Malek so cute

  62. Rizky Hendrayadi

    Rizky HendrayadiNăm trước

    Rami has really unique skull shape

  63. Captain Desmond

    Captain DesmondNăm trước

    Rizky Hendrayadi setuju

  64. Nellie K. Adaba

    Nellie K. AdabaNăm trước

    Great job.

  65. Boo Radley

    Boo RadleyNăm trước

    Rami is so weirdly attractive.

  66. Gal Abramovitz

    Gal Abramovitz4 tháng trước

    Chris Carter now sweetie don’t the fuck dare talking to Rami like that he is gorgeous and beautiful and everyone here love him so back off

  67. Rami’s Queen

    Rami’s Queen4 tháng trước

    @Chris Carter You jealous? Btw, please learn to spell before you say anything

  68. olivia greenwald

    olivia greenwald7 tháng trước

    Chris Carter bro wtf chill

  69. TIA Mcneely

    TIA Mcneely7 tháng trước


  70. Katiria Guadalupe

    Katiria Guadalupe7 tháng trước

    Boo Radley right

  71. David Ward

    David WardNăm trước

    I don’t care what anyone says he will rock this role

  72. Nik

    Nik7 tháng trước

    And he did. You were right.

  73. Isabella Weeks

    Isabella Weeks11 tháng trước

    I really hope so... I'm so fed up of people slagging off Rami, as well as Brian and Roger. They knew Freddie better than any of us fans do, and they're doing exactly what he would have wanted; keeping his legacy alive.

  74. Rich Weschitz

    Rich WeschitzNăm trước

    We deserved Sacha.

  75. Owen McCafferty

    Owen McCaffertyNăm trước

    Rami doesn’t have Freddie’s eyes that’s the only thing but I’ll see

  76. poppykok5

    poppykok5Năm trước

    I've always felt 'Brian May' has such a gentle, affable & genuine kind sense about him...What a remarkably *talented* performer he was...

  77. Lara Roostalu

    Lara Roostalu9 tháng trước

    poppykok5 He is!

  78. create your life jk

    create your life jkNăm trước

    I'm sure he is the right person for the movie

  79. Tony Delgado

    Tony DelgadoNăm trước


  80. Nicholas Win

    Nicholas WinNăm trước

    Wow a Freddy Mercury biopic movie now that I gotta see

  81. Nœmer Araúllo

    Nœmer AraúlloNăm trước

    They should also make a biopic for Robert Plant/Led Zep. Just saying.

  82. Queen Celebration Live

    Queen Celebration LiveNăm trước

    I don't think so, Rami. *#BohemianMarcMartel*

  83. bloodsling

    bloodslingNăm trước

    Sascha wanted to make it about gay sex orgies and midgets carrying cocaine on their heads. Glad they went with Rami.

  84. TheRicokilla

    TheRicokillaNăm trước

    He looks like a character from the Simpsons

  85. William Lu

    William LuNăm trước

    why do we have to have Brian Singer directing this gem? Ugh

  86. myyuba

    myyubaNăm trước

    Rami Malek will be AMAZING as Freddie Mercury. He is the perfect person to do this. LOVE LOVE LOVE them both.

  87. BeanFromPA

    BeanFromPANăm trước

    Freddie is the best frontman of any band ever

  88. Screaming Tima

    Screaming TimaNăm trước

    I was really hoping that Sacha was going to portray Freddy in the film because he looks so much like him and is an amazing singer, but hopefully Malek can pull it off because I do like him.

  89. Gonzalo Diaz Sola

    Gonzalo Diaz Sola7 tháng trước

    @Page Jenkins fuck off

  90. Mike Campbell

    Mike Campbell7 tháng trước

    darble you are so right. after hearing Rami in countless interviews speak about Freddie, he is perfect.

  91. Madison Heinkens

    Madison Heinkens8 tháng trước

    Omfg it's *Freddie* lmao😂😂

  92. darble marble

    darble marble8 tháng trước

    I don't believe Sacha respected the role or the band members enough. And he was too much of a comedic actor for the role. Malik is much more deserving. And it's not just about looking like him. If you look like him but can't portray him well enough then what's the point?

  93. Princess Jasmine

    Princess Jasmine9 tháng trước

    I was thinking the same! But honestly, the trailer gave me chills. I’m excited. I think malek will do good. I’m hoping.

  94. Marina Mimbela

    Marina MimbelaNăm trước

    Con el respeto a quienes preferían a Sacha Baron Cohen (de hecho es más parecido a Freddy) , creo que Rami tiene un muy buen rango actoral. Esperemos lo mejor de él

  95. treintaydiez

    treintaydiezNăm trước

    Geeked out as well

  96. The Mancunian Gamer

    The Mancunian GamerNăm trước

    Should of been Sacha no question Rami just doesn't seem physically right to me he looks like a kid! Sacha would of killed it 100% he even looks like him!

  97. The Mancunian Gamer

    The Mancunian GamerNăm trước

    I hope I get to eat my words though!

  98. Crystal Burchett

    Crystal BurchettNăm trước

    I can’t wait to see it. I think he’s going to slay it. 👍

  99. Gauri Korde

    Gauri KordeNăm trước

    I can never get enough of Queen, srsly

  100. Marco Evans

    Marco EvansNăm trước

    Overrated band. Nobody gave a crap about Queen by the mid 80s. When Mercury became the poster child for AIDS, he also became this ridiculous Icon.



    In an interview Cohen was trying to criticize Freddies life .He is a stupid selfish.He is too little to speak about Freddie like that

  102. Travelmotivated 13

    Travelmotivated 13Năm trước

    This guy doesn’t fit at all for this role

  103. Shaun Clutt

    Shaun CluttNăm trước

    he has his teeth ;)!!

  104. Peanutbutter Guy

    Peanutbutter GuyNăm trước

    When is the freddie mercury movie?

  105. Blanca Garcia

    Blanca GarciaNăm trước

    Es muy dificil pero esta trarando de hacer lo mejor y se valora su trabajo 😀

  106. Elizabeth Sady

    Elizabeth SadyNăm trước

    Brian is just jealous as Queen was made by Freddie genius.The band didn't make any decent song after his death. All the songs were obviously written by Freddie. And now he put this nobody into Freddie role. Sacha Cohen who would be great as Freddie quit in disgust, as Brian wants to make a movie about the current band, as equal to the times when Freddie was alive. The movie should be ignored by Freddie's fans.

  107. casey hess

    casey hessNăm trước

    Looking forward to it. Nobody can replace the legend for who Freddie is. His iconic voice that can't be replaced. Want to see it just to see what's like cus I'm huge Queen fan with all their CDs and Freddie Mercurys.


    RAIDER GAINZNăm trước

    Mandella effect proof!!! “Of the world”

  109. Alicia Sosa

    Alicia SosaNăm trước

    Le damos likesss. A Rami

  110. Dana Payne

    Dana PayneNăm trước

    What a horrible choice.

  111. Susan Orchard

    Susan OrchardNăm trước

    If Rami Malek truly channels Freddie Mercury and nails it, there could be an Oscar coming his way. From interviews I've listened to from him, he said when he first saw what he looked like in the makeup and prosthetic teeth, he said it scared him. Thought Freddie was staring back at him. Has even said Freddie has made his presence known to him in dreams and around the set.

  112. Andy Web

    Andy WebNăm trước

    What about Brian Singer being a paedophile rapist?

  113. John Flanagan

    John FlanaganNăm trước

    This is going to be a disaster; Just let us have our memories of Freddie, and the hours of footage and recordings that we treasure; The script has had major problems, most notably Brian and Roger who insist on covering, and pushing their own agenda, that Queen still exist. They don't, not since 11/24/91.

  114. Herman Singh

    Herman SinghNăm trước

    Well said I agree . No body can play Freddy. Leave it alone.

  115. A R

    A RNăm trước

    If he tries to sing Freddie Mercury it's game over

  116. Sulfer Na

    Sulfer NaNăm trước

    Movie should focus on Freddie. Sacha would have been great in that role.

  117. Man in The Wilderness

    Man in The WildernessNăm trước

    Ok Rami is going to cover Freddie in a role, but he is going to sing? Holy crap, he better sound good or people are going to get upset.

  118. Marie Antoinette

    Marie AntoinetteNăm trước

    Man in The Wilderness he will sing a little bit for the sake of a scene to look real ... he is not gonna cover him !

  119. Niashe

    NiasheNăm trước

    they should not make this movie they should leave that alone

  120. Niashe

    NiasheNăm trước

    freddie mercury was also a sexy man when he cut his beard off he looked way better without it

  121. Niashe

    NiasheNăm trước

    to me I feel they should keep his private life in the 80s not exploit it on camera some things should not be put in the movie. I feel they should keep it about his music. we know he was gay ok, but they should not put it in the movie because a dead man can't defend himself.

  122. Niashe

    NiasheNăm trước

    Brittany lawless gay,homo,bi all the same to me u sleep with a man u are a queer he went full blown gay in the 1980s which I hate he did.

  123. Brittany Lawless

    Brittany LawlessNăm trước

    Freddie Mercury wasn't gay. He was bi.

  124. Itznona bq

    Itznona bqNăm trước


  125. maria DVH

    maria DVHNăm trước

    This movie is gonna suck. I love Freddie so fucking much! And him I don't like, at all.

  126. Niashe

    NiasheNăm trước

    Maria DVH I agree because I believe they are making this movie to surround and exploit his homosexual life. which I feel that should stay in the 80s and not be exploited. like I said before a dead man can't defend himself. I also love freddie I think he's quite sexy. they are going to be talking more about his gay lifestyle than his music

  127. teenie beenie

    teenie beenieNăm trước

    alwys has chip on his shoulder sad

  128. Rinat Avni

    Rinat AvniNăm trước

    O.K.....well....I hope he will do his role as freddie the best he can, because it's going to be so hard.

  129. Laser Beam

    Laser BeamNăm trước

    سبحان الله المصري مهما تطور يضل فيه حركات الملحجه ، مره جايب أمه و مره أخته و مره بنت عمه ما بقى أحد من عيلته الا و جابهم للسجادة الحمراء

  130. Laser Beam

    Laser BeamNăm trước

    رامي مالك خيار جيد .. لكن ساشا كان بيكون خيار بيرفكت عموماً هالدور خايس لأن فريدي كان شاذ يعني مبدئياً لازم تتبعبص في الفلم ههههه

  131. Laser Beam

    Laser BeamNăm trước

    Itznona bq لسا هينزل الفلم

  132. Itznona bq

    Itznona bqNăm trước

    Laser Beam شنو اسم الفلم😂

  133. PillCosby

    PillCosbyNăm trước

    Sasha's right. It should be about Freddy. Oh well.