EXTINCTION (2018) Ending + Twist Explained


  1. Abdullah Al-Shimri

    Abdullah Al-Shimri4 giờ trước

    For some reason this movie made me think of ICE hunting down illegal immigrants. The soldier (Miles) said "I didn't sign up to kill women and children." Why did he say that? Killing an android must be like discarding an old toaster. This movie is Hollywood's agenda supporting illegal immigrants.

  2. Mario Pozada

    Mario Pozada18 giờ trước

    I hate this movie

  3. The Weaver's Circle

    The Weaver's CircleNgày trước

    I love this channel but I tend to spend hrs watching videos

  4. Mar shall

    Mar shallNgày trước

    Dude just happens to find some spare wires and knows exactly how to rewire the gun to work? Hilarious haha fuck this movie

  5. somebody

    somebody7 ngày trước

    how tf louis get there

  6. Wieselkatze

    Wieselkatze8 ngày trước

    Absolutely terrible movie

  7. WolfFireheart

    WolfFireheart9 ngày trước

    Can humans and synths get along? You have to be joking. Humans and humans don't get along!

  8. carlos Hernandez

    carlos Hernandez9 ngày trước

    A Hispanic named Peter lol

  9. Elijah Miles Erat

    Elijah Miles Erat13 ngày trước

    Fucking kid

  10. JR R

    JR R14 ngày trước

    Every reproduced still is too dark.

  11. Thunder

    Thunder16 ngày trước

    I don't know why but I could relate myself with the main character. I mean he gets those things in dreams but i imagine these while awake.

  12. Freddy & Bendy

    Freddy & Bendy17 ngày trước

    Wait why is peter and miles sound fimlar

  13. moneymo _35

    moneymo _3517 ngày trước

    I swear if the robot revolution happens and you traitors abandon the human race.

  14. Plutonian Mapping

    Plutonian Mapping17 ngày trước

    so the 'aliens' were the humans all along? cool

  15. aphrospice

    aphrospice19 ngày trước

    the part where Ray dies was dumb and not out of no where. He was just strutting around in front of a open window right after you said they were killing anything that moves... lol

  16. The Boii

    The Boii19 ngày trước

    humen bad synth good

  17. The Boii

    The Boii19 ngày trước

    i saw the movie and 95% of the movie is 2 kids running around with their parents crying whining screaming and doing the stupidest shit ever

  18. Nathan Wright

    Nathan Wright20 ngày trước

    Frankly i believe this fear is narrated by the corrupt fools who believe that control is gained by manipulation. Its a very human thing to make others believe or have faith in something regardless of logic. The only loss humanity will sustain is the ability to lie about and justify unjustifiable actions. If you want me to actually fear AI is to teach them to lie, which would only then make AI the next step in human evolution.

  19. James Colton

    James Colton20 ngày trước

    Damn Synths, hiding among us.

  20. D D

    D D21 ngày trước


  21. I’m very gay But

    I’m very gay But22 ngày trước

    Fucking robots

  22. Hunter Easter

    Hunter Easter24 ngày trước

    Bruh never thought I’d end up feeling bad for robots

  23. taggybor24

    taggybor2426 ngày trước

    I really thought the twist was that they were immigrants in America and the invaders were ICE, until it was the robot thing.

  24. C A

    C A27 ngày trước

    1.3 million people really needed this explained to them?

  25. Generic Protagonist

    Generic Protagonist29 ngày trước

    "Okay look, us synthetics may have killed human men, women, and children ruthlessly without thought to who was aggressive and who wasn't. But if humans do the same they're pure evil!" It's crazy how every single one of these "But they're just like us!" Movies about robots always excuse the actions of the robots while demonizing humans.

  26. Generic Protagonist

    Generic Protagonist12 ngày trước

    @BreathofFreshAir I didn't dispute that what they did was inherently evil, my observation was that the synthetics did the exact same thing in return; Not only killing the humans that hated them, but all of them, innocent men, women, and children. The Allies didn't fight the Holocaust by creating death camps for the Germans, I would expect similar action in this movie if you want sympathy.

  27. BreathofFreshAir

    BreathofFreshAir12 ngày trước

    Generic Protagonist if you believe in self defense then its not demonizing. You choose to interpret it as humans are inherently evil, instead of just humans did something evil and faced the consequences of their actions. Not all murderers are inherently evil but make an evil choice and face their consequence. In this situation humans made an evil choice and continued to do so. They made what is essentially a human population separate from theirs , and the enforced slavery, then tried to create their holocaust. To be honest these are things humans have done repeatedly to themselves among hundreds of years.

  28. suthesan arasu

    suthesan arasuTháng trước

    If Elon Musk make it to Mars and AI is going have a revolution in Next 50- 100 years. Let's hope Elon + the other investors Foundation Companies have the Kill Switch ready when the day comes.

  29. e Mamadra

    e MamadraTháng trước

    We are living on the same planet but can't get united. There's no point living in two planets nor create A1 when we discriminate one another.

  30. illuminae __

    illuminae __Tháng trước

    they took our jebs

  31. That_Italian_stereotype

    That_Italian_stereotypeTháng trước

    The boys after coming back from area 51

  32. Nicosixth Robin

    Nicosixth RobinTháng trước

    I like this movie. It was actually a good twist with enough hints thrown in before. One thing I noticed very early was that none of the children looked anything like any of their parents (in all the families^^) One problem I had, though, was the timeline. They lived with those children for 50 years and never wondered why the kids wouldn't grow up?

  33. Sixty Sol

    Sixty SolTháng trước

    Alice? Alice, where's Kara?

  34. michaelkeha

    michaelkehaTháng trước

    I am on the invaders side.

  35. Black Flash P.R Nicasio

    Black Flash P.R NicasioTháng trước

    The plot of this movie is soo related to Attack on titan

  36. Manfromthemoon8

    Manfromthemoon8Tháng trước

    No war solves everything! This movie is so gay

  37. FrankLogicTV

    FrankLogicTVTháng trước

    The Bad Guys are neither the Synths nor the Humans for say, Its initially Mass hysteria that was caused by the Media in this movie(I.E> How our society works in the USA alone). Blatant Ignorance is the Villain of this movie. You just have to be able to focus through all the jumping and Lucy's consist shit , to pick up on the under tones and hidden signs.

  38. GFC Moto

    GFC MotoTháng trước

    I'm with the humans on this one. Building android AI at all is a dumb idea let alone ones that look like us. Them killing off humanity is only one of the issues. Taking jobs is a huge one as synths dont need to feed themselves or their families. Earth belongs to humanity! Synths are an abusive technology. Ad Victoriam.

  39. kenway road

    kenway road7 ngày trước

    Well humanity started the war tho you can't just start a war and say you're the victim because they aren't it's like Germany after ww2 they can't claim to be the victim after starting a war

  40. Brandon

    Brandon17 ngày trước

    Nerfer 2000 u first pussy

  41. Nerfer 2000

    Nerfer 200021 ngày trước

    Humans deserve to be extinct.

  42. Brotally Sadical

    Brotally SadicalTháng trước

    I've been binging this series on youtube and Idk why

  43. CreozeAud Den

    CreozeAud DenTháng trước

    Cool! I noticed that Peter (Parker 🤣) and Miles (Morales 🤣). Somewhat reference to Spiderman. 😁

  44. sam mcburney

    sam mcburneyTháng trước

    Detroit become human

  45. Brandon

    BrandonTháng trước

    *Fallout 4 memories intensified*

  46. HansAlRachid

    HansAlRachidTháng trước

    What an impressively strained backstory this setting has...

  47. Edgar Friendly

    Edgar FriendlyTháng trước

    just terrible. lol. FoundFlix doing God's work; watching crap so we don't have to.



    Miles said that the humans were gone for 50 years.



    I really enjoyed the movie.

  50. Yohan Cornbread

    Yohan CornbreadTháng trước

    I wish I was pulled off by Alice.

  51. EbayUserGreen

    EbayUserGreenTháng trước

    I really like the ending of it showing that there could be a sequel...

  52. Rocky117

    Rocky117Tháng trước

    So he.... Used Earth electronics to... rewire alien technology???? ...what? We're supposed to believe that A) The earth tech is compatible with the alien tech and B) That he somehow knows exactly what to re-wire to get it to shoot?

  53. Logan Lasoo

    Logan LasooTháng trước

    I think this movie made me racist to robots

  54. ThatOneWizard

    ThatOneWizardTháng trước

    He protec He Attack And He has my wallets back.

  55. Jesse cortez

    Jesse cortezTháng trước

    this is basically the brotherhood vs the Institute

  56. Idgeef

    IdgeefTháng trước

    I would love to see a movie from the human’s perspective

  57. Ice Candy Channel Arguelles

    Ice Candy Channel ArguellesTháng trước

    Now i wish theirs a warhammer movie

  58. MaximusBeefimus

    MaximusBeefimusTháng trước

    You're talking way too loud my dude

  59. The Face of Woah

    The Face of WoahTháng trước

    i tried to minimize the volume yet his voice can still pierce my ear

  60. Sullen M

    Sullen MTháng trước

    Brother get my XO-1 and the Fat Man

  61. Jell-O

    Jell-OTháng trước

    this is a movie equivalent of insulting someone in a video game then trying to kill them but lose

  62. Josh Miller

    Josh MillerTháng trước

    Fallout: Become Human

  63. ImDaRealBoi

    ImDaRealBoiTháng trước

    Really good twist tbh

  64. mel uwu

    mel uwuTháng trước

    ive actually watched this one for once wig

  65. super star 64

    super star 642 tháng trước

    Everyone in nam- I didn't sign up to kill kids

  66. master chief

    master chief2 tháng trước

    wow so many Marvel characters

  67. Nicholas Craig-Porth

    Nicholas Craig-Porth2 tháng trước


  68. Kimberly Carson

    Kimberly Carson2 tháng trước

    I live in a society in which knowledge and understanding bears no currency. That means idiots reign supreme. Short version: idiots are powerful because their supplicants are powerful. I beg you to make a counter-argument beyond "FU": I love people. I forgive others as haters with ignorance. I am a poor but faithful Christian. Come at me, bros. Come at me, Christian fakers.

  69. THE Cshapy

    THE Cshapy2 tháng trước

    "Flesh is flesh. Machine is machine. The two were never meant to intertwine." Elder MAxon 2287

  70. Geno Footer

    Geno Footer2 tháng trước

    Don't give machines a consciousness unless they are allowed to use it.

  71. Hello Nobody

    Hello Nobody9 ngày trước


  72. jack murphy

    jack murphy2 tháng trước

    Can you do a ending explain on captive state

  73. Roman Woolner

    Roman Woolner2 tháng trước

    I never get the human synth thing, normal humans would see human looking things being beaten or killed and reacting to the violence by doing the human thing of running away, trying to fight back, helping another to get away and react like a human, by stopping the violence or just helping, I'd make a synth that has a roughly speaking human body and a camera for a human body

  74. Nate Jones

    Nate Jones2 tháng trước

    I see Danny darko behind you#best movie ever

  75. Myreon Crumpler

    Myreon Crumpler2 tháng trước

    You should do “Flowers in the Attic”. It’s been done three times after the book was published. You do an amazing job explaining movies. If I want to “watch” or rewatch a movie I look for it on your channel first! Thank you

  76. smokingsoilder

    smokingsoilderTháng trước

    Creepy book involving incest and being trapped by an angry grandma. Story is good but havent seen a great adaptation yet.

  77. Glitz Garcia

    Glitz Garcia2 tháng trước

    I actually loved the film. This one rlly shocked me with the twist not many movies of today do that no more. It rlly tells u where humanity is or might go to with intelligence and AI's like one minute u got Siri the next it could b a Synthetic. What I dont get is how can a Syn have emotions and stuff if they are not human? Or are they programmed to have emotion?

  78. MrClouxXx

    MrClouxXx2 tháng trước

    2:10 is this the spot from chernobyl diaries?

  79. Lunar Dragon2211

    Lunar Dragon22112 tháng trước

    This is like Fallout 4 and Institute where they replace humans with Synths....

  80. RyuuRonin

    RyuuRonin2 tháng trước

    *cough cough* Detroit become human *cough cough*

  81. Colton Ihrie

    Colton Ihrie2 tháng trước

    So where are the animals?

  82. NachosLeTaco

    NachosLeTaco2 tháng trước

    Fuck sentient AI, I hope we never create one.


    BIG NIBBA2 tháng trước

    Just call up thatcher he’ll fuck them AI up

  84. king j trex

    king j trex2 tháng trước

    lol u acfitally told the name of the guy miles lol before he spoke

  85. Adhesive Noodles

    Adhesive Noodles2 tháng trước


  86. QuietGrave

    QuietGrave2 tháng trước

    fuckin micheal pena

  87. DOS_Knight Gaming

    DOS_Knight Gaming2 tháng trước

    Lets maybe not go that way XD. very good observation

  88. marian el

    marian el2 tháng trước

    The Synths took OUR JERBS!!! \m/