EXTINCTION (2018) Ending + Twist Explained


  1. brandito the ak guy

    brandito the ak guy7 ngày trước

    *sigh* wheres paladin danse when you need him?

  2. Judokast36

    Judokast3612 ngày trước

    I actually liked the movie and enjoyed the Twist, it didn't take me totally by surprise, but I admit I had not been 100% sure. Enjoyable popcorn flick.

  3. Anlushac11

    Anlushac1121 ngày trước

    This has sequel all over it

  4. Pierremur

    Pierremur24 ngày trước

    I stopped watching this after about 40 minutes as it was so slow paced, I wikied it to get a general vibe of the film went back to it and enjoyed it once it got going. I felt the final act could have started sooner and been a bit longer but overall enjoyed it. Got a heavy "Enemy Mine" vibe from it

  5. Topgun God

    Topgun God25 ngày trước

    Invite third world, get third world and white genocide. But then whites rise up to get their homeland back from the synthetic whites aka joo n Arab semites.

  6. Sai Hardik

    Sai Hardik25 ngày trước

    Other scifi movies : oh no aliens!!! Extinction : oh no humans!!!

  7. Sifat Siam

    Sifat Siam25 ngày trước

    stupid fking humans


    ÏŞHTĀÄŘTháng trước

    Gotta admit, I wash rooting for the ''invaders '' on this one 😆 Kill the plastic !

  9. jessicajohn92

    jessicajohn92Tháng trước

    I’m so glad I watched this Ending Explained 🤣 I couldn’t finish this movie no matter how much I tried to watch it

  10. JᴀᴍᴇsRᴀʀʀɪ914 Tʀᴜᴇ Lᴏᴜɪs V D3ᴍ8ɴ

    JᴀᴍᴇsRᴀʀʀɪ914 Tʀᴜᴇ Lᴏᴜɪs V D3ᴍ8ɴTháng trước

    this movie is trying to prepare us for something big in the future ... the fact that the aliens were the GOVERNMENT coming from MARS to take back the EARTH from the robots that were SLAVES to the HUMANS just how back in the day when AFRICANS were ENSLAVED.. wake up and if you think im tripping Back To The Future 1985 warned us about 9/11 in 2001 look it up

  11. FakeRedRobi RedRobi.

    FakeRedRobi RedRobi.Tháng trước

    The human invasion is starting 2036 -Alien

  12. anthony sizemore

    anthony sizemoreTháng trước


  13. E.M.A

    E.M.ATháng trước

    Can you do The invasion!!!

  14. Dotandgraham Xxxx

    Dotandgraham XxxxTháng trước

    Great. Film.

  15. Mr. Mangoe

    Mr. MangoeTháng trước

    Yeah... Fuck robots

  16. Epiphanny Taylor

    Epiphanny TaylorTháng trước

    The damn kid was pisssing me aaalll the way tf off!!!!

  17. J A

    J ATháng trước

    great movie...minus those annoying kids

  18. Isaac Anderson

    Isaac AndersonTháng trước

    Or humans can just live on mars considering the fact it can be colonized and has been for 50+ years

  19. DickJoke

    DickJokeTháng trước

    looks like the games: doom (2016) and prey mixed together

  20. montecristo1845

    montecristo1845Tháng trước

    Never saw this one, but going to watch it now. Same with Annihilation. These seem like good films but aren’t marketed correctly. I was having flashbacks of the robot novels by Asimov while watching your review.

  21. Consequence No. 62

    Consequence No. 62Tháng trước

    They are still robots. It's just programs and 1010101010101. The emotion is just very good software, nothing more. Imagine getting attached to your phone or TV the same way.

  22. keyboard freedomfighter

    keyboard freedomfighterTháng trước

    dam.....I watched this movie once and didn't even pay attention to it. Seeing this video, it's like I watched a whole different movie of the same movie.

  23. Wendy Jaehnig

    Wendy JaehnigTháng trước

    I wish they made a secuel because this is a film that NEEDS one.

  24. dany bey

    dany beyTháng trước

    The comment below me and the first 3 minutes gave me the answer as to what was going on

  25. Coley Durham

    Coley Durham2 tháng trước

    machines are not alive

  26. Coley Durham

    Coley Durham2 tháng trước

    but the robos did take their jobs by being maids and such

  27. OoGa bOoGa ToOgA gOoGa

    OoGa bOoGa ToOgA gOoGa2 tháng trước

    Just nuke the planet, am I right? I mean the Humans have advanced technology, who's to say they can't develop a bomb that could destroy the entire planet

  28. {{D34D}}

    {{D34D}}2 tháng trước

    I believe human and synths or any other type can live among each other. The problem isnt them, its us. Even now elephants, intelligent creatures have noticed how we have been murdering them, and they are becoming more and more hostile, the children get traumatized like us, they have depression and burials. We are hostile against each other, even a genocide happened, and the same thing will happen to synths, then they fight back if we arent careful. There shouldn't be a debate, if they can think and feel then they belong with us, we have pets that we treat like human, why cant we treat Ai like one too?

  29. Animal Jammer

    Animal Jammer2 tháng trước

    I could never have seen this twist. Most twists in movies are easy to see, like the villain used to be good or something, but holy cow, they’re robots? Amazing.

  30. Ben Ostrowski

    Ben Ostrowski2 tháng trước

    Fallout 4: The movie

  31. Nutrition Facts

    Nutrition Facts2 tháng trước

    Why be scared...alone... for 1.5 hours? We can just foundflix it hehehe

  32. a.e. h.m.

    a.e. h.m.2 tháng trước


  33. a.e. h.m.

    a.e. h.m.2 tháng trước


  34. Sam T

    Sam T2 tháng trước


  35. troblezgaming

    troblezgaming2 tháng trước

    Sorry id side with the humans. Get em all boys.

  36. Grey Fox

    Grey Fox2 tháng trước

    The Geth and Quarians

  37. M. Sameen

    M. Sameen2 tháng trước

    Why is there always one dumb goof kid who has to stand in harm's way like a potato?

  38. bosgotnojams

    bosgotnojams2 tháng trước

    first alien dude looked like someone from Until Dawn

  39. sultryjmac

    sultryjmac2 tháng trước

    Not asserting dominance as a species is a slap in the face of mother nature. She doesn't tolerate that...

  40. Ty McGee

    Ty McGee2 tháng trước

    This is a solid twist.

  41. KingDonXVI

    KingDonXVI2 tháng trước

    They took er jerbs

  42. Garrett Anderson

    Garrett Anderson2 tháng trước


  43. Hiddenlotuslord

    Hiddenlotuslord3 tháng trước

    Humans win. EMP lol

  44. storm le cat

    storm le cat3 tháng trước

    I haven't acually seen most of the films ye review, I just like watching his you explain them. Is that weird?😊

  45. Sjs78 00

    Sjs78 002 tháng trước

    Yes! Extremely..... Just kiddn! 😊

  46. Mike

    Mike3 tháng trước

    synths rights movement gonna happen in the future

  47. Anya Vlad

    Anya Vlad3 tháng trước

    As a sirian starseed, I have to reassure you, "aliens" are nice and caring! We just want to improve the earth 🤗👌 I Have yet to watch this one tho, but sounds interesting...

  48. bjorn joseph

    bjorn joseph3 tháng trước

    Movie deserves a sequel

  49. Dead Rose

    Dead Rose3 tháng trước

    If there’s nothing to eat or drink at a party you know it’s not fun and no ones coming.

  50. Bill Mony

    Bill Mony3 tháng trước


  51. THoT GoD

    THoT GoD3 tháng trước

    Anyone else notice the South Park Reference

  52. Taika Tohveli rewamped

    Taika Tohveli rewamped3 tháng trước

    I'm gonna go kill some synths. No machines only humanity.

  53. Christina Singleton

    Christina Singleton3 tháng trước

    I think that there is always a fear of what we don't understand. small or large, the fear, or apprehension is there. Personally i dont side with mankind in my own life. I do believe that the only way this planet will survive is without us. However I absolutely do not think anyone should die. In my perfect world countries understand and work together.

  54. Luis Carlos Pacheco Rivadeneyra

    Luis Carlos Pacheco Rivadeneyra3 tháng trước

    plz do poughkeepsie tapes!

  55. Steve 369 Powell

    Steve 369 Powell3 tháng trước

    Dude it sounds like you're yelling the whole time. why are you arguing the plot of the movie to me? Also slow your speech down or maybe cut down on the 🌟 bucks b4 you do a review.

  56. Vartija

    Vartija3 tháng trước

    One of the movies were the Traitor is stilized as some sort of hero

  57. Matt Sharp

    Matt Sharp3 tháng trước

    If Andrew Yang were president this would never happen.

  58. Goosey Fish

    Goosey Fish3 tháng trước

    Aliens: *makes some hardcore Alienware OP guns that only works for the owner* Peter: Yeah imma just Hotwire that real quick

  59. G VS

    G VS3 tháng trước

    9:55 as well as Michael Peña being able to fight?

  60. MiSTR JT

    MiSTR JT3 tháng trước

    Is that the "Nice wig. What's it made of?" "YOUR MOM'S CHEST HAIR!!" girl from Mean Girls?

  61. dad

    dad3 tháng trước

    Johnny Truong Yep! Lol

  62. Abdullah Al-Shimri

    Abdullah Al-Shimri3 tháng trước

    For some reason this movie made me think of ICE hunting down illegal immigrants. The soldier (Miles) said "I didn't sign up to kill women and children." Why did he say that? Killing an android must be like discarding an old toaster. This movie is Hollywood's agenda supporting illegal immigrants.