Extreme Milk Taste Test


  1. YourMeh Bi-tc-h

    YourMeh Bi-tc-h17 giờ trước

    wait wait wait wait wait human whos breasts did yall milk? do a behind the scenes of that XD

  2. Kid Vixen

    Kid Vixen3 ngày trước

    I call BS cuz i tried goatmilk and i can tell ya . " No Sir i Dont Like it ! "

  3. Mr. Redneck repair.

    Mr. Redneck repair.4 ngày trước

    Lmao. Link smokes way too much weed.🤣

  4. Thor Christensen

    Thor Christensen5 ngày trước

    Should've had some plant milk in there

  5. Cody Pilgrim

    Cody Pilgrim5 ngày trước

    Okay listen, cows milk is for a baby cow to make it healthy, you’re not a cow, your body does not need the same stuff a cows need, because it’s not for you, but I guess the good thing is is a baby cow would be easy to foster considering you just have to run to the store

  6. pickles

    pickles7 ngày trước

    How did he win he thought birds give milk he is instantly disqualified

  7. Olivia Durap

    Olivia Durap8 ngày trước

    I can taste the jugdment

  8. vegheadification

    vegheadification9 ngày trước

    Come on, Link!

  9. Connor Turner

    Connor Turner12 ngày trước

    The question you should be asking is who supplied the milk. 8:37

  10. Connor Turner

    Connor Turner12 ngày trước

    Who's here in 2018?

  11. Blair Churchill

    Blair Churchill12 ngày trước

    I've got nipples Greg, can you milk me?

  12. rockstar_1209

    rockstar_120912 ngày trước

    You guys should try camel milk chocolate. It's really good!

  13. Mr. Blue Sky

    Mr. Blue Sky12 ngày trước

    I thought the cow utters were edited in

  14. lil slappy make daddy happy

    lil slappy make daddy happy13 ngày trước

    “If you squeeze anything hard enough milk will come out” Whelp time for pornhub

  15. TheFlyingMage

    TheFlyingMage14 ngày trước

    Why is there baby bottle on the picture instead of busty human female?..

  16. I LOVE anime

    I LOVE anime15 ngày trước


  17. Zanfish

    Zanfish16 ngày trước

    The nectar of the teat.

  18. JustARandomGinger

    JustARandomGinger17 ngày trước


  19. Spencer Lane

    Spencer Lane17 ngày trước

    On the human breast milk one they both guessed it wrong but got a point

  20. DmD

    DmD6 ngày trước

    Humans are mammals so they got a point. If they guessed human they would have gotten 3 points

  21. haley herboth-wright

    haley herboth-wright20 ngày trước

    No.....just no...

  22. Papa Shimada

    Papa Shimada21 ngày trước

    how did they get points?

  23. Playing With Fire

    Playing With Fire21 ngày trước

    Who's breasts did they even get the human milk from?

  24. cobrarex 13

    cobrarex 1322 ngày trước

    this is utterly ridiculous

  25. Diamond Knight

    Diamond Knight25 ngày trước

    It sounded like shope when they said goat and sheep

  26. eircification

    eircification25 ngày trước

    It's an ongoing joke between my gf and I about how much I love milk, i really do love it and drink probably too much, but she started buying almond (milk) I call it nut juice because there is no such thing as a plant based milk. Finally, the FDA has acknowledged this and are working to change the wording that must be used , such as plant based milk substitute. From a recent article I read , statements made by the head of the FDA: “An almond doesn’t lactate, I will confess." Gottlieb's comments were in reference to the FDA’s current milk standards, which state, "Milk is the lacteal secretion, practically free from colostrum, obtained by the complete milking of one or more healthy cows. Just had to put that out there, kind of joking kind of not, I just love my milk and don't want its name counterfeited by plants.

  27. Xstar girl

    Xstar girl25 ngày trước

    what is am hemp?

  28. MissFlauschig

    MissFlauschig26 ngày trước

    If it weren't a corn skewer but something that cuts instead of poking it could be called the Utter Cutter

  29. Stephanie Ye

    Stephanie Ye26 ngày trước

    R: “This is an animal that’s difficult to milk“ L: “This is domesticated-“ L: “CAT!” R: (; ̄O ̄)”diD YoU sAY CaT?”

  30. Hunter Rigsby

    Hunter Rigsby27 ngày trước

    Pigeons make milk

  31. PunisherXOmega

    PunisherXOmegaTháng trước


  32. Gabriel Antonio dos Santos

    Gabriel Antonio dos SantosTháng trước

    wat u milkid a mom

  33. Luis Aquino

    Luis AquinoTháng trước

    Lets hear it for Dominican Republic(where Punta Cana is)

  34. jordan maxwell

    jordan maxwellTháng trước

    links old hair

  35. Candysmack

    CandysmackTháng trước

    *Greetings, Milk Bryan*

  36. Hannah Kent

    Hannah KentTháng trước

    This was udderly amazing.

  37. riley noah

    riley noahTháng trước

    great job for being on outrageous acts of science wow maybe it was 2 GREAT alomost 1 :D

  38. justin jordan

    justin jordanTháng trước

    And here come the white stuff on their face memes

  39. Regan Baidel

    Regan BaidelTháng trước

    Who's breast milk is that 😵😵😵😵😱😱😱😱

  40. Lauren Pinkie Pie

    Lauren Pinkie PieTháng trước

    I think I might have watched this

  41. Samuel Barone

    Samuel BaroneTháng trước

    Who else had milk while watching this

  42. abe lincoln

    abe lincolnTháng trước

    I'm honestly confused. They both are married. They both have children, so how have they never tasted breast milk before???

  43. Adorable Axolotl

    Adorable AxolotlTháng trước

    You should do a "reacting to memes" video

  44. Shilo Meek

    Shilo MeekTháng trước

    my question is, who did they get the human milk from

  45. Joe King

    Joe KingTháng trước

    I watched this while video thinking the teet was added in post.

  46. jaberjbaar

    jaberjbaarTháng trước

    Camel milk, toilet is waiting for you.

  47. DarknoorX

    DarknoorXTháng trước

    Camel milk is magical, the camel you milked was crap lmao.

  48. DarknoorX

    DarknoorXTháng trước

    Human = milk bottle You'd think it's going to have tetes pic

  49. Gratitude Ranch

    Gratitude RanchTháng trước

    Dogs milk.... thinking of red dwarf atm

  50. Elyas Bin Yahya Rucker

    Elyas Bin Yahya RuckerTháng trước

    Human breast milk is too sweet for me. I got to try some directly from my friend’s breasts.

  51. Laura Dzayee

    Laura DzayeeTháng trước


  52. Suga's eyes

    Suga's eyesTháng trước


  53. Alexander Barnes

    Alexander BarnesTháng trước

    What that are funny!!!

  54. Ray Esparath

    Ray EsparathTháng trước


  55. Marshall Frost

    Marshall FrostTháng trước

    I dont like this guy narrator.

  56. Jasmine Pennie

    Jasmine PennieTháng trước

    I legit stip my tea all over my computer when Rhett said "udder breakers"

  57. Shumaya Bautista Hardman

    Shumaya Bautista HardmanTháng trước

    Is there female donkeys. Link 2015

  58. IRDA

    IRDATháng trước

    Guys, if you're worried about ethics, don't drink any animals milk lol. I still enjoy watching and laughing at you! ❤

  59. Cody Wilkinson

    Cody WilkinsonTháng trước

    When he put the jug on his head, it looked like the Pope's hat

  60. Chanel Baerje

    Chanel BaerjeTháng trước

    Definitely my favorite episode... “I feel violated.”

  61. Hachirō Ogawa

    Hachirō OgawaTháng trước

    4:27 T H I C C

  62. Alexis Sey

    Alexis SeyTháng trước

    Where can one get donkey milk? Because I spent about an hour searching for it, and apparently it can’t be shipped to or within the US.

  63. AutumnFaught'emVlogs

    AutumnFaught'emVlogsTháng trước

    I must have watched and rewatched Links Emu milk moment a thousand times. Like, honey, birds don’t make milk 😂

  64. Casey Braunger

    Casey BraungerTháng trước

    I love how the weirdest, most inconceivable milk was...human.

  65. Ryan Lerman

    Ryan LermanTháng trước

    So confused on the scoring of this lmao

  66. Wesley Angus

    Wesley AngusTháng trước

    So I guess Link is an "ass" man, then.

  67. Lum

    LumTháng trước

    Who’s tiddy milk is it?

  68. Nilah Princess

    Nilah PrincessTháng trước

    Did he really just say "there's female donkeys?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  69. The Chicken Lord LPP

    The Chicken Lord LPPTháng trước

    actully the pigeon produces a milky like substance for its young through glands in its throat.

  70. AJTheMightyGamer

    AJTheMightyGamerTháng trước

    Whose breast milk was that

  71. Silver Pie

    Silver PieTháng trước

    When you boht want the samd d😉😏

  72. fox vlogs

    fox vlogsTháng trước

    Pigeon give milk to there youn

  73. Nadine XXX

    Nadine XXX2 tháng trước

    Why did they get a point at human milk?

  74. Padfoot Buster

    Padfoot Buster2 tháng trước

    How did they get human milk?



    Padfoot Buster from a lady if you did not know sometimes they have that for the baby to suck on frome the um...........place

  76. Sarah Gale

    Sarah Gale2 tháng trước

    if i recall correctly, donkey milk is the closest to human milk

  77. Ani 3y

    Ani 3y2 tháng trước

    "that's *t h i c c*

  78. Cat Poke

    Cat Poke2 tháng trước

    It's funny that the worst of all was human. The one we're supposed to consume. I wonder why that is?

  79. FeverDash

    FeverDash2 tháng trước

    I'm not a mammal.

  80. Jarod Rochell

    Jarod Rochell2 tháng trước

    They got points for guessing a mammal but ALL the milk was from mammals. I thought there was supposed to be some plant or nut milk

  81. Michael Wiesner

    Michael Wiesner2 tháng trước

    “You think infants are immoral?”

  82. Katie Brunner

    Katie Brunner2 tháng trước

    I may be several years late on this episode but I just have to say that I dry heaved the whole way thru. I hate milk. 🤭🤢🤮

  83. :ツ-ToxicSwift-ツ

    :ツ-ToxicSwift-ツ2 tháng trước

    Now who donated the breast milk?

  84. Toasty_Ghosty

    Toasty_Ghosty2 tháng trước

    The breastmilk likely came from a woman with high lipase, which causes the milk to taste bad after some time in the freezer or fridge because of the enzymes that help it be digested. Breastmilk without high lipase tastes like sweet skim milk. Diet also doesn’t effect how your milk tastes as milk is made from the blood, not the stomach.

  85. Brie N.

    Brie N.2 tháng trước

    I never understood why people get freaked out by drinking breast milk. What's the big deal?

  86. GoldenGamingDK

    GoldenGamingDK2 tháng trước

    "Is there female donkeys"

  87. 83발견

    83발견2 tháng trước

    OMFG, round 4...... XD

  88. Alexander Hamilton

    Alexander Hamilton2 tháng trước


  89. Alexander Hamilton

    Alexander Hamilton2 tháng trước

    I watch this with my pet lizard it not a mammal

  90. raekwon newman

    raekwon newman2 tháng trước

    This video is hilarious 😂😂

  91. Mister Jaux

    Mister Jaux2 tháng trước

    No coconut milk?

  92. mixedgas2

    mixedgas22 tháng trước

    I'm new to your channel but whatched a few dozen videos and die laffing every time. What is a hemp?

  93. Will Chang

    Will Chang2 tháng trước

    They also got an extra point for the breast milk and the goat milk

  94. Will Chang

    Will Chang2 tháng trước

    Wait why did they get a point for the llama and cat milk one

  95. Ian Binger

    Ian Binger2 tháng trước

    I kinda want to try donkey milk now.

  96. Rainbow snow Kitten

    Rainbow snow Kitten2 tháng trước

    Who was the one who supplied the breast milk

  97. Karat Cake

    Karat Cake2 tháng trước

    *Are there female donkeys?* lmao

  98. mark jackson

    mark jackson2 tháng trước

    Link is right some birds produce milk. It's...........pigeon milk

  99. Ron Devon

    Ron Devon2 tháng trước

    Holy COW! I haven't laughed like a DONKEY so hard at two HUMANS in a long while! I almost YAKED! Bless you both and the CAMEL you rode in on! You are the GOAT!

  100. Rileeyy._

    Rileeyy._3 tháng trước

    "This is definitely an animal that spends alot of time with a cow.." *Guesses camel* Ok Rhett 😹😹😹

  101. havana reyes

    havana reyes3 tháng trước

    so uh who’s breast milk did they drink?

  102. Linda Tun

    Linda Tun3 tháng trước

    Do reptiles lactate 😂😂