Fat Joe, Dre - Lord Above (Audio) ft. Eminem & Mary J. Blige


  1. Paul Saldana

    Paul Saldana6 giờ trước

    The 5k who disliked the video must have gotten their caboose kicked

  2. Andy Chamberlain Music

    Andy Chamberlain Music21 giờ trước

    wish the second verse wasn't clipping :/

  3. Eddy K

    Eddy KNgày trước

    Nick Cannon is lucky I don't care what anyone says. He got all these famous people to sing at his funeral.

  4. Almighty Genius

    Almighty GeniusNgày trước

    Umm yeah Eminem killed that! Dre came Super hard as well. Dre drop that Solo! Eminem is GOAT!!

  5. Ultimate games

    Ultimate games2 ngày trước

    What did Em spent 30M on?

  6. DatBoy Slick

    DatBoy Slick2 ngày trước

    I gotta admit I'm not a eminem fan not one bit, but maybe he just be on garbage beats, but this slaps.

  7. Ivinjohn Songcayawon

    Ivinjohn Songcayawon2 ngày trước


  8. ItsFrostyy •

    ItsFrostyy •2 ngày trước

    AJ Styles needs to use this at Wrestlemania 36.

  9. james davis

    james davis2 ngày trước

    Who else rewound Ems diss to Nick 45 times?

  10. Mezen sboui

    Mezen sboui3 ngày trước

    Music to be murdered by EM >>> This song is murdered by EM

  11. Boadu Justin

    Boadu Justin3 ngày trước

    Only real stans come back here even after #MTBMB

  12. Galileo Mwezi

    Galileo Mwezi3 ngày trước

    Honestly I enjoyed dre verse more than joe and em verse.

  13. Vee Pee Cee

    Vee Pee Cee3 ngày trước

    This song goes hard!!!! Eminem disses Nick cannon again. Cause nick can’t keep his mouth shut.’ He’s always gotta day something about the Rap God!

  14. Jatin Jalandra

    Jatin Jalandra4 ngày trước

    That gunshot in the end was the intro to "You Gon Learn" Also, he is the lord above in this song, but he is leaving it for hell... This was the best way to get us ready for MTBMB!!

  15. Lex Lev

    Lex Lev4 ngày trước

    👑 👑 🔥 Eminem 👑 👑 🔥 👑 Nick please take a seat 😂

  16. Yankeemoney Necbsbr

    Yankeemoney Necbsbr4 ngày trước

    Fat joe and eminem should collab MORE

  17. Mark Goodwin

    Mark Goodwin4 ngày trước

    Eminem killed it

  18. andy1181985

    andy11819855 ngày trước

    Nothing was funnier than when Nick was bumpin one of his wack ass diss tracks at the wild’n out set litterally forcing people to listen to it, and he was bobbin his head around like an idiot as if it was the dopest song out!!! 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂 CRINGE

  19. McNear

    McNear5 ngày trước

    You know you're nice when you don't need a whole song to go at someone and you can do it as a feature. Hate or love Em, it's just the truth!

  20. Inner Groove Records

    Inner Groove Records5 ngày trước

    When you do a track with Eminem, it's always gonna be Eminem's song. Like, if you invite Eminem to your house, you're the guest.

  21. Megahustla33

    Megahustla335 ngày trước

    "Almost got my caboose kick fool QUIT, You ain't gonna do SHIT! I let Mariah chop my BALLS off too before, I loss to EUNUCH SCOTT CANNON" "My BALLS is too big, I should be talking POOL" - EMINEM 😂😂😂

  22. Terrance Allen

    Terrance Allen5 ngày trước

    Hot fat Joe legend

  23. Bino V

    Bino V6 ngày trước

    Joe , Dre and Em killed it on this one

  24. Enlightened One

    Enlightened One6 ngày trước

    Whose here after Eminem unleashing his new album on us?

  25. sneekmatrix

    sneekmatrix6 ngày trước

    Holy wow Nick Cannon was married to Maria Carey after the first time Eminem issued the warning to Maria Carey .. Hmm Nick holding a grudge?

  26. sneekmatrix

    sneekmatrix6 ngày trước

    30 million Brewsters Millions Richard Pryor comedy movie where he had to spend 30 million to earn it again in a short period of time.

  27. Leonel Thomas

    Leonel Thomas6 ngày trước

    Em bless this song is fire 🔥

  28. soopaman Įuva

    soopaman Įuva7 ngày trước

    If Em raps on this beats I would have a different opinion of him.

  29. Everett Ika

    Everett Ika7 ngày trước

    Glad music sounds like this again...

  30. Ruud Stuurman

    Ruud Stuurman7 ngày trước

    Cattivo riavireporter.net/v/video-vGJeNz92JVg.html

  31. yes_ ima_geek

    yes_ ima_geek7 ngày trước

    This needs a video!!!!!

  32. Karyn Wilkinson

    Karyn Wilkinson6 ngày trước

    Preach 💕

  33. Evan S.

    Evan S.7 ngày trước

    Whos here after Music To Be Murdered By?!

  34. Nathan Wilson

    Nathan Wilson7 ngày trước

    Does anyone know the other rapper that used the “Anderson/ and her son” entendre previously?

  35. The Child Of Prophecy

    The Child Of Prophecy7 ngày trước

    No regrets has this flow!! BLESSED !

  36. J Tyson

    J Tyson7 ngày trước

    Fire 🔥 fire 🔥 Fire 🔥

  37. Andy Chamberlain Music

    Andy Chamberlain Music7 ngày trước

    I can't get over how good this song is


    NONIE14LOCO7 ngày trước

    Wow diss DRAKE I want to see how it will be?🤨😱

  39. Diehard Madlala

    Diehard Madlala8 ngày trước

    Who else is still here even in 2020? can't be the only 1

  40. KafkaNL

    KafkaNL7 ngày trước

    Diehard Madlala me, check my music to

  41. R13 Ghost

    R13 Ghost8 ngày trước

    just came to analyze the Anderson Pakk line

  42. R13 Ghost

    R13 Ghost6 ngày trước

    @Karyn Wilkinson Mind bloWn

  43. Karyn Wilkinson

    Karyn Wilkinson6 ngày trước

    Where you impressed 😀

  44. SeeB

    SeeB8 ngày trước

    Why do kids not appreciate this golden track I’m 21 years old and must be one of the last generations to not become blinded by mumble rap

  45. TheGamer WhoIsBlue

    TheGamer WhoIsBlue6 ngày trước

    @EastCoastExotics same

  46. EastCoastExotics

    EastCoastExotics7 ngày trước

    This track is straight FIRE. I'm 15 and so glad i don't listen to mumble "rap"

  47. mightywhitey718

    mightywhitey7188 ngày trước

    Minus Eminem this song is a dud

  48. mightywhitey718

    mightywhitey7186 ngày trước

    @Karyn Wilkinson yes she does

  49. Karyn Wilkinson

    Karyn Wilkinson6 ngày trước

    Mary does her thing too 😍

  50. WARPIG YouTube

    WARPIG YouTube8 ngày trước

    This song is one of those legendary songs that comes out every once in awhile...

  51. Matt Micmahon

    Matt Micmahon8 ngày trước

    Who's here after new album of em music murdered by this album is the best

  52. Jose Alfredo Ornelas

    Jose Alfredo Ornelas8 ngày trước

    @NoLifeShaq you missed the first few bars those were a homage to OG hip hop

  53. mack kaval

    mack kaval8 ngày trước

    Cuz just dropped a new album

  54. tjay SUPREME

    tjay SUPREME8 ngày trước

    Roofless villan ??? Rap God You could change my life in 1 second if you wanted 2 I don't deserve it I've been wanting nobody's perfect truly yours civil servant

  55. santos rivera

    santos rivera8 ngày trước

    Cannon could not be on the same stage as Eminem unless he’s just mopping it. LOL.

  56. Adam Steel

    Adam Steel8 ngày trước

    Old Eminem or new

  57. Press Kevin To Continue

    Press Kevin To Continue2 ngày trước


  58. Ryan Zaveda

    Ryan Zaveda8 ngày trước

    Dre earned his on this 1. Put him with logic boss

  59. Wyte 9

    Wyte 99 ngày trước

    Nick cannon will never beat eminem this song is 🔥

  60. Demetrius M

    Demetrius M9 ngày trước

    It should have ended with The Warning ..Nick can put out 50 diss tracks. And still lose. Em on this track is fire...

  61. jay jay

    jay jay9 ngày trước

    em bodied this

  62. Brian Noe

    Brian Noe9 ngày trước

    Indonesian fans 🇮🇩👌

  63. deeyohazuki

    deeyohazuki9 ngày trước

    Only thing good about this is Eminem's verse.

  64. raha1277

    raha12779 ngày trước

    Em OWNED Nick

  65. Captain Obvious

    Captain Obvious9 ngày trước

    Fw to 212 for ems verse

  66. Brittany Poulsen

    Brittany Poulsen9 ngày trước

    Em Really Did Ride This Beat 🐐

  67. Hentai Samurai

    Hentai Samurai10 ngày trước

    I have to admit, Eminem's flow has gotten far better and smoother.

  68. Lil Home State

    Lil Home State10 ngày trước

    Lol how is this the song that got Nick Cannon back in the rap game which no one gives a shit about

  69. JaySidouMusic

    JaySidouMusic10 ngày trước

    Eminem is very powerful, what can i say

  70. Mando B

    Mando B10 ngày trước

    Eminem is #1 but he ain't my favorite rapper... but do u really think Nick could reach to his level? -_- srry bro but u should really look in to that ✌️ srry but with respect just drop it...forget about beef and Carry and no more Eminem always

  71. JaySidouMusic

    JaySidouMusic10 ngày trước

    i think Em is just poking fun because he doesnt diss nick that bad