Film Theory: How To SAVE Jurassic Park (Jurassic World)


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    It says is it save It’s a island full of dinosaurs

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    Alan 😂😂😂😂😂

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    I have idea! Just only make herbivores and say the Carnivores are too dangerous or asleep

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    4:26 but matpat the i-rex is a girl ok ?(im tired to be nice ok?)

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    You know that raptor pen you see in jurassic world and jurrasic park their pens are jungles it would be better if they were deserts Edit nice matpat 😀👍👍

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    I like the sound of cretaceous world

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    matpat ummm just spend 60 dollers and buy the game ( the new one ) and all your measurments are done.

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    I seen the the Jurassic park fallen kingdom

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    Matpat is gay and creeps

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    Cretaceous sounds better

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    Only thing is that raptors are still cardinals and they will never be able to fully train making it impossible to even train. So no surprise they came for Owen in the first place

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    Don’t take offence but at 8:21 you said billions instead of millions

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    what about the stegosaurs that are from the jurrasic peiroid,so it should be mezazoic park.

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    Its not island nublar its island nublar

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    MatPat misspoke (I hope), dinosaurs lived over 65 million years ago. Not billions of years ago (~8 mins, 20 sec).

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    2:54 Baldi’s ruler smack

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    *hey matpat, if you like dinosaurs, theres this game i play alot called ark, you can tame dinos and stuff, i think you might like it*

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    I watched all of Chris Pratt films

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    Personally I think we’re missing the whole point of Jurassic Park/World. You see I have been watching the movies and playing the video games. Throughout all of them I think I have discovered the real reason that a place like Jurassic Park still manages to stay open despite all the safety of the humans and treatment of the dinosaurs is terrible. Two words population control. You see in the Jurassic Park series we’re presented with many human deaths due to Dino involvement. Now if the carnivores were the only ones responsible for human death. You could chuck that up to them simply killing to survive, and you would be right in to some extent. Because not only are carnivores causes of massive losses, but many other dead people come from herbivores. So that brings to my next point. Since plant eating dinosaurs don’t need to eat meat to survive why kill humans, and Yes I know that they could just be see humans as a threat so they defend themselves. But that also rises questions. Why would they need to defend against tiny little threats? Especially since they’re larger and more powerful creatures. I’ll tell you why it all has to do with a little thing called the “Aggression Trait”. You see in the game Jurassic World Evolution the dinosaurs you have in your Park can be altered by genetics to produce different desired behavioral and physical traits. And one such trait is the aggressive trait. Which makes you Dino more like to fight other creatures in the same cage, but it also makes them more likely to escape their cages. Which after doing so they go crazy and attach the guest. So that explains why some dinosaurs will leave our heroes alone like in Jurassic Park 3 with a big meat eater seeing the humans and doing nothing but stare weirdly that them. It’s because it wasn’t altered to be more aggressive towards humans. And so that brings me to my final point. While typically if a amusement park was intended to kill people, and word got out the board of safety. Said Park would be shut down quickly. So why should it be any different for Jurassic Park? Why is it still around despite the fact the main attractions want to kill humans at first sight. The reason is that government allows it to do so. And we learned in Jurassic world they are plan to make bio weapons from dinosaurs. So they can kill off more people, and control the population of the world.

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    When Criss Pat sees this 😂😂😂

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    This is all the Pat's in both film and game theory; 1.Mat pat 2.fat pat pat 4.the new recruit pratt pat

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    Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom theory matpat

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    #PrattPat Is my new favorite ship

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    Did none of the people who built this park play zoo tycoon? The small enclosure and bad habitat type was literally what you had to fix in an early level of the 3rd(?) game.

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    What’s a Acres ????

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    Where the heck is Ro

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    0:24 not Cretaceous World! That’s silly! No. Cretaceous Cove. (Insert theme here)

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    they modified the most of the dinosaurs so the velociraptor is more of a fake a imposter. bus size is the only thing they need to be worried about.

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    And Jurassic world evolution just comes in and ruins these measurements lmao

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    you forgot the scaling rule with should have been (size of rex/size of lion)^0.75= area needed for rex...well that is for minimum

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    i just watched fallen kingdom and im so hapy with it because mr.bradley darrel wong was in it >:DD

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    Do a JP3 theory

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    8:18 I love it how he says billions instead of millions of years ago

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    I don't know about any of you (Other than Mathew over there since he literally records in his closet. Unsure if he still does though) but i like small spaces. When it comes to living. Easy to get around, easy to reach everything and basically less than over twenty or more steps to get to wherever you want to go in the house. Until it comes to my HEMA practicing (Not in a club BTW. If you're a part of a HEMA club, open one in Vigan. That's in the Philippines. Lovely place. Relatively quiet and a good few places to go to.) In other words... It would be easy for me to wreck my entire house if you do the dick-ish move of placing a twitching fish on my floor.

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    Why not just set up panic rooms around the park that are dinosaur proof and underground?

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    With the Disney zoo your forgetting their zebras which is a striped horse and lions which is a big cat and others dinosaurs are not big cats there THUNDER LIZARDS!!!!!!!!! Or thunder birds? Idk at this point

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    6:56 in the movie, it's explained that the indominus "marked up that wall as a distraction, she wanted us to in there" - Chris Pratt

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    Please do more Jurassic World theories! And yes, it’s feathery now. Someone give me a fuzzy dinosaur in one of the movies.

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    One little complaint: you should have based most of the "territory thing" off of Lizards,reptiles, and some birds.

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    Did you just completely ignore the opportunity for #PatRatt

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    Shouldn't it be CRETACEAN?

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    Problem with the theory. The Raptors in the movie and the books are not the mongoliensis, which is the type of velociraptor that Dr. Wu thinks it is. However Dr. Grant was looking at a raptor in Montana at the beginning of the movie. This part is accurate. However Dr. Grant was looking at a Deinonychus antirrhopus which is a raptor. Now according to what we know today it is not a Velociraptor. Yet at the time the books were written and the first movie came out many believed that it was. Even to the point in which many called it the velociraptor antirrhopus. Now if you watch what happens in the movie Dr. Wu calls the animals mongoliensis. In which Dr. Grant asks how he knows that in which Wu says because the amber for the animals came from Mongolia. In the book they go into it further but basically they don't honestly know what they are making mixed with the fact that they aren't pure dinosaurs. Meaning that no matter what the animals can't look like what actually was nor would they even know if they have the right animal unless it was something super obvious like the triceratops. Also the triceratops may not have been it's own species. It may have been the adolescents of another dino! Lol fun fact

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    Isla Nublar is literally Isla del Coco (I live in Costa Rica)

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    I rex is female, as is the t rex so technically it we don't see her, but we do see her mutant sister


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    Well, now that big mutant dino gets a nice big pool, too get killed in and rest for a couple years

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    Not actully velociraptor, they are deinonychus....

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    My chicken looks like a dinosaur

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    Matpat im not saying your wrong but the dinosaurs are clones and could genetically edited a lot for the environment or living space needs

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    I think fallen kingdom shouldn't have happened since there are still Dino's on sorna so if they die on nublar it doesn't matter

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    There is a man who owns a polar bear in his yard. The bear doesn't seem to mind at all.

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    The first movie is based off a book, in the books they deal with these factors butt still run into problems. Problems of scale, and lack of knowledge primarily.

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    What about the fact that they used other animal DNA? Like the frogs? Would that change anything about they’re needed habitat???

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