First Look at Nintendo Switch Lite: New Addition to the Nintendo Switch Family


  1. Poppy Boden Bod

    Poppy Boden Bod13 phút trước

    Can’t wait :P Edit: But I have a question will I be able to log into my account or not?


    K1NG _ TALWARRIOR21 phút trước

    I’m gassed, I can’t wait until it’s released within the UK

  3. Zsombor Ókovács

    Zsombor Ókovács28 phút trước

    Please send me one!

  4. SPHINIX Gameplay and more

    SPHINIX Gameplay and more51 phút trước

    Should Have called it NINTENDO 4DS

  5. Wild Shock

    Wild Shock55 phút trước

    Can this consol- Nintendo: $200 only

  6. Alex Munkz

    Alex MunkzGiờ trước

    You will see nobody with these who pays $200 for basically a basically Wii U there's no point it can't even charge on the dock no detachable Joy cons and you can only play it with sun games and yes I do want one because of the cool colors but also not trying to spend $200


    JAYYY SWAYYYGiờ trước


  8. Treetops97

    Treetops97Giờ trước

    OG Switch: $379 CAD Playstation 4: $379 CAD Is there any better reason to get a Switch lite?

  9. Jack Frost

    Jack FrostGiờ trước


  10. Brett Cummings

    Brett Cummings2 giờ trước

    tv only switch please.

  11. Warmachineguy

    Warmachineguy2 giờ trước

    Nintendo MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE A POWER ADAPTER. Remember the last 3ds or 2ds that didn't have a power adapter??

  12. Ryder Barton

    Ryder Barton2 giờ trước

    Warmachineguy Yes, They need to.

  13. Orange Soda

    Orange Soda2 giờ trước

    Hmmm that looks exactly the same

  14. Hyness high

    Hyness high2 giờ trước

    Tԋιʂ ιʂ Ⴆαʂιƈαʅʅყ α ɠαɱҽ Ⴆσყ.....

  15. Allan Doy

    Allan Doy3 giờ trước

    the switch lite is basiclly a next gen 3ds with steriods and down on gen with the nintendo switch! :(

  16. Keson Hudgins

    Keson Hudgins3 giờ trước

    This is coming out right after my birthday

  17. Brad Mik Millian

    Brad Mik Millian4 giờ trước

    Were are all going to raid Area 51 just to find it’s a storage facility for switch lites

  18. TGMplayz

    TGMplayz4 giờ trước

    Yo Nintendo should stop bringing out new stuff so quickly no offense or anything though. The switch was only out for 2 years and they already made a new version of it. Although, Nintendo do make very good games.

  19. marcus nollan

    marcus nollan5 giờ trước

    i love the yellow

  20. The Miami Cat

    The Miami Cat5 giờ trước

    Ooh yes plz gimme gimme

  21. Slumber Party Bard

    Slumber Party Bard6 giờ trước

    take my money ;-;

  22. ayman fartakh

    ayman fartakh6 giờ trước

    nintendo switch is better

  23. DerpCyborg

    DerpCyborg7 giờ trước

    Me: I already bought a switch. Nintendo: *Breaks Switch* Get switch lite *:D*

  24. alesha2341

    alesha23417 giờ trước

    So basically a Game Boy Advanced, but better?

  25. Aiden Hunter

    Aiden Hunter7 giờ trước

    Nice move. the new fully portable Wii U is their newest product.

  26. Total Novice Tinkerer

    Total Novice Tinkerer7 giờ trước

    I CAN'T WAIT FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I look forward to the original Switch getting cheaper so I can dig into it too;)

  27. pacifc 236

    pacifc 2367 giờ trước

    That looks amazing 👍

  28. TrainerAQ

    TrainerAQ8 giờ trước

    Better hope those joycons on the lite don't break cause you ain't taking that off.

  29. gameninja 1232

    gameninja 12329 giờ trước

    Nintendo is secretly planning to raid Area 51 with us and they built the switch lite too play in outer space. Coincidence? I. Think. Not

  30. gameninja 1232

    gameninja 12329 giờ trước

    *breaks a joy con and has to replace the whole thing*

  31. Gabriel Reisinger

    Gabriel Reisinger9 giờ trước

    finally! A switch I can afford

  32. Gabriel Reisinger

    Gabriel Reisinger9 giờ trước

    I can't wait!!!!!!!!!

  33. tmrgorl uwu

    tmrgorl uwu10 giờ trước

    ARE U KIDDING ME?!- I - bro the yellow one looks pretty aesthetic,

  34. Antonio Oviedo

    Antonio Oviedo10 giờ trước

    Diet Nintendo switch

  35. Kielpolo 14

    Kielpolo 1411 giờ trước

    Its no switch its a gameboy

  36. Daniel Garcia

    Daniel Garcia11 giờ trước

    Since we are getting a dedicated handheld does that mean we will be getting a switch that is tv only?

  37. Gabriel Bennett

    Gabriel Bennett10 giờ trước

    @Daniel Garcia made* The Switch isnt made to be a console. It's made to be a hybrid. Turning a hybrid into a console is the worst mistake they could make. Turning a hybrid into a dedicated handheld works.

  38. Daniel Garcia

    Daniel Garcia10 giờ trước

    @Gabriel Bennett well they make consoles too

  39. Gabriel Bennett

    Gabriel Bennett11 giờ trước

    Why would Nintendo ever make something as idiotic as that? Nobody would buy it.

  40. Brogan Jonhson

    Brogan Jonhson11 giờ trước

    Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy u can't play mario party >:( ima start playing play station Sony Sony Sony das wat u want ima play Sony if u release more colors f**k u make tomodachi life dx to make me better I prefer normal Nintendo swich 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

  41. Nsele Payton

    Nsele Payton11 giờ trước

    Are you going to make the lost game never shown at e3 are you going to make a remake of it?🤨🤨🤔

  42. jose alves

    jose alves11 giờ trước

    please super mario sunshine 2

  43. Emilis Bgd

    Emilis Bgd11 giờ trước

    les fishers is a fisher apparently

  44. The BadDiego18

    The BadDiego1811 giờ trước

    Its comin 9ut on my brthday

  45. Scorpio

    Scorpio12 giờ trước

    Joy Cons break on Nintendo Switch. I'll just go buy some new Joy Cons Joy Cons break on Nintendo Switch lite..... DAD?! WHENS CHRISTMAS

  46. Gacha Eclipse

    Gacha Eclipse13 giờ trước

    *its basically the Nintendo switch but a little bit smaller* *no other features on the device, can’t connect to the tv* *and you need other controllers to play 2 player games* *this is so great definitely not a rip off*

  47. Nicholas Henry

    Nicholas Henry13 giờ trước

    Look, I'm just interested in this new console as the next person, but I have one major question that could be a deal-breaker... If the joysticks have the same design as the regular joycons, what happens if they start drifting?! With the normal Switch joycons, the controller could be replaced. But if the joystick starts drifting on this console, you basically have to buy an entire new console, as the side controls can't be removed. 😕

  48. rat ah ah

    rat ah ah14 giờ trước

    this video reminded me that I can charge my switch by putting it in the dock, ty nintendo senpai

  49. Valdy exe

    Valdy exe14 giờ trước

    Nope i prefer nintendo switch because i love switch's portability, and feature hahahaa

  50. Rufflefox 404

    Rufflefox 40414 giờ trước

    Pepole who complaine about price need to stop complaining. The switch lite is for those who like the gamepad and Nintendo lowered the price not because they pepole dont have money but because it's a smaller switch so pepole that dont want to pay extra for what they dont want.

  51. Jack Fitzgerald

    Jack Fitzgerald14 giờ trước

    I stick to my normal Nintendo switch

  52. Susan Kornas

    Susan Kornas15 giờ trước

    It looks lame. Why? 1. As was said in a wideo, it can't connect with a TV, which is the worst, because you can't play for example "Super Mario Party". 2. Also, I bet you can't unlock the secret boss in "Undertale" with it. 3. If you want play with friend, they have to have their own Switch. 4. C'mon guys, it's not even cheaper in half! 5. Only 3 colors and no special designs?! So, yeah, it's actually a Switch version of 2ds...

  53. webhead 809

    webhead 80915 giờ trước

    Who plays video games outside tho

  54. Night Milk

    Night Milk15 giờ trước

    Ok you can go cheer and all but what about my drifting joy con analog