Flattering Makeup Tutorial for Pale Skin


  1. Chez RitaBrands

    Chez RitaBrands2 giờ trước

    شنط تقليد ماركات عالمية لويس فيتون vireporter.net/v/video-dwGHSitTq8Y.html

  2. Chloe's makeupscene

    Chloe's makeupscene10 ngày trước

    Girlll tell me, what colour are u using for the hourglass stick foundation when u are pale??

  3. Bobbie Vaughn

    Bobbie Vaughn11 ngày trước

    Can you please do a series on pale/fair skin makeup looks? I have the same pale skin and black hair look so it’s great to see how you rock different looks and it works.

  4. Brittany Walker

    Brittany Walker11 ngày trước

    I love this look 😍❤️

  5. NadinaStryhn

    NadinaStryhn12 ngày trước

    You obviously do you, but I think it is SOOO beautiful when people embrace their natural skintone. You have such beautiful pale skin! Flawless. I love my pale skin. Yeah, it is a struggle to be cruelty free and very pale when it comes to makeup, but when you find that right foundation it is amazing. My holy grails: Jouer 'Essential High Coverage Creme Foundation' in 'Ivory' and Makeup Revolution 'Conceal and Define' in C0.5!

  6. Alejandra Berumen

    Alejandra Berumen15 ngày trước

    I have dark circles and white pale skin and brown/dark hair

  7. Micah Hubbard

    Micah Hubbard16 ngày trước

    After reading the comment section, I just felt the need to add some love. This video has inspired me to embrace my pale skin instead of feeling like I need a tan. Her makeup is gorgeous, and is clearly not intended to please other people, it makes her feel good and confident. Also, I think it would be such a great idea for her to collab with other MUA's of every skin tone so they can make their own version of this video, since she can't offer much input on how to best apply makeup to deep skin tones. Love and acceptance of every ethnicity is essential.

  8. Molly Beane

    Molly Beane16 ngày trước

    girl, thank you...because my ass is translucent.

  9. Michaela Wernerová

    Michaela Wernerová17 ngày trước

    Please make everyday makeup for pale skin! :)

  10. MariannaPlusTwo

    MariannaPlusTwo17 ngày trước

    Do you think your undertone changes when you are more fair? I noticed you used a pretty pink concealer shade. Even when I’m at my fairest I look crazy with any pink undertones complexion products on. I’m basically a banana at all time.

  11. Ryane Golding

    Ryane Golding18 ngày trước

    I love how the majority of hateful comments are from men saying “ladies we don’t like blah blah blah” sorry boys, when we spend hundreds of dollars and hours upon hours to beat our faces it’s not for YOUR enjoyment. It’s to EMPOWER ourselves. We are beautiful WITH and WITHOUT makeup but if we PREFER to emphasize what we love about ourselves that’s our choice. And to the women shaming her.. try to learn to build each other up instead of tearing each other down. You’ll feel a lot better about yourself. 👊🏼

  12. Evie kate

    Evie kate21 ngày trước

    Thanks so much for this video it helped me so much ❤️💖

  13. Victoria Molina

    Victoria Molina21 ngày trước

    What did you use for the pores?! I have the very same problem!!!

  14. Chelzmakeup Edition

    Chelzmakeup Edition22 ngày trước

    I ve been looking at u for abt 4yrs now. I love your tutorial. So detailed and in depth.

  15. GreenEyed AlabamaGirl

    GreenEyed AlabamaGirl22 ngày trước

    She looks and acts so different 😣

  16. Justyn McCaskie Make-up

    Justyn McCaskie Make-up23 ngày trước

    iiii want that candle though

  17. Tiffani Hamilton

    Tiffani Hamilton24 ngày trước

    What shade foundation did you use in this video?!

  18. BeauDazzled

    BeauDazzled26 ngày trước

    Perfect smokey eye!you're amazing!🙌🏻

  19. Kevin Bethea

    Kevin Bethea26 ngày trước

    Nu uh huh what lol

  20. Jack Wagon

    Jack Wagon28 ngày trước

    There are two places where this make-up might be OK: one is if you are a burn victim, the other is if you were the victim of an acid attack.

  21. Willow & Sage photography

    Willow & Sage photography29 ngày trước

    Love pale skin

  22. Amanda Enain

    Amanda EnainTháng trước

    i absolutely love your videos!!! you're an inspiration to a future makeup artist!!! keep doing you boo!

  23. Maria Arzuagas

    Maria ArzuagasTháng trước

    you should do this for tan skin

  24. Shannon McBroom

    Shannon McBroomTháng trước

    Dior forever foundation doesn't even have a light enough shade for me 😭 I wish because when I tested it out it was so stunning! 💗💔

  25. dani babyxox

    dani babyxoxTháng trước

    Does anyone know which foundation shade she used???

  26. Tiffany Kuehl

    Tiffany KuehlTháng trước

    Beautiful look 😍

  27. Maria A

    Maria ATháng trước

    Thank you for finally doing a #fairskin tutorial 😘

  28. Doopy

    DoopyTháng trước

    What are you talking about “pale”

  29. Alexis Jade

    Alexis JadeTháng trước

    When you said kinda like uncle fester I died of laughter 💕🤣 I love the reference of Addams family

  30. Emi Saldana

    Emi SaldanaTháng trước

    I love when people come to makeup channels to comment “wow that’s so much makeup” ummm duh

  31. Jane Erin

    Jane ErinTháng trước

    What is the sponge u always use

  32. jacqueline Mea saenz

    jacqueline Mea saenzTháng trước

    Your one of the few people who actually are good at teaching and the reason I got in to makeup I love you so much girl 💕💕💕hope you have a good day

  33. Becky Fields

    Becky FieldsTháng trước

    13:40 😂😂😂

  34. Telesha Sciarra

    Telesha SciarraTháng trước


  35. Timi Hoza

    Timi HozaTháng trước

    She's more beautiful without make-up on, srsly ! 😧👋👊

  36. asser mcfuck

    asser mcfuckTháng trước

    ... um. people who struggle with makeup because theyre rly pale are WAY paler than you....

  37. Maria M

    Maria MTháng trước

    So true. She's not even using the lightest shades, like if that's pale, I want it!

  38. Lexxi Jones

    Lexxi JonesTháng trước

    Fillers blow up the face eventually to look puffy face aka Joan Rivers. Your face was pretty before

  39. Kathleen Quiles

    Kathleen QuilesTháng trước

    Thank u so much for this

  40. Breanna Hines

    Breanna HinesTháng trước


  41. Shiann _0117

    Shiann _0117Tháng trước

    Does anyone know what camera she uses?

  42. Lesley Johnson #momlife

    Lesley Johnson #momlifeTháng trước

    I have that bronzer!!

  43. Lesley Johnson #momlife

    Lesley Johnson #momlifeTháng trước

    Im not fair but i still do love using brown liner!

  44. Nina Colley

    Nina ColleyTháng trước

    Ok she looks like Jesse J 😂😍

  45. Sarah Rendon

    Sarah RendonTháng trước

    Can you do a back to school makeup look pleasee❤️❤️❤️

  46. Sarah Rendon

    Sarah RendonTháng trước

    Jaclyn Hill just gives me life 😊💗 Love Her❤️ I can’t believe I wasn’t subscribed 🤦🏻‍♀️

  47. Jackie Duran

    Jackie DuranTháng trước

    Whites only 🙄👌🏽

  48. Anna Divine

    Anna DivineTháng trước

    Call me casper. This was made for me 😂

  49. Miss Cabello

    Miss CabelloTháng trước

    I was about to be like wait how is she pale? Then I watch this I’m like OH! She is almost as pale as me!! 😭😭

  50. Madison Banker

    Madison BankerTháng trước

    You look like Demi Lavado, love ur channel

  51. Em K

    Em KTháng trước

    What shade are you in the brow definer???

  52. Bailey Downs

    Bailey DownsTháng trước

    When the lashes went on did anyone else say "DAMN there she is!" out loud? Just me? Okay.

  53. Army of Gog

    Army of GogTháng trước

    horse face

  54. Chantel Mackerness

    Chantel MackernessTháng trước

    love this, so pretty

  55. Sydney Anderson

    Sydney AndersonTháng trước

    0:24 meeee

  56. Jill Johnson

    Jill JohnsonTháng trước

    Hey girl long time subscriber very little commenter. I have done the best recreating your inspired looks so I was wondering if you could help. I have tons of makeup palettes that have cost me well..a lot. My older palettes are getting chalky!! Can you bring them back? Can I prevent this somehow? I HATE throwing them out because they’re like family 😢 what should I do?

  57. npflores7

    npflores7Tháng trước

    Jaclyn always love 💕 the way you do your makeup...and am excited to use your new palette!! I have vitiligo and wish you can give pointers on makeup for that..☺️

  58. sarah Sarah

    sarah SarahTháng trước

    Girl you're way more beautiful with no makeup!

  59. Christine Zamets

    Christine ZametsTháng trước

    You look cute without makeup tooo

  60. JannaLynn93

    JannaLynn93Tháng trước

    Can anyone tell me where her earrings are from? They’re so beautiful and I love the way her ears are pierced. She showed and talked about the piercings in a snap chat but that was awhiiiiile back lol.

  61. Paige Arcemont

    Paige ArcemontTháng trước

    Do you do make up on people like for weddings!? Looking for someone to do my makeup for my wedding in Orlando Florida

  62. Rachael Anne

    Rachael AnneTháng trước

    Love you so much! Thank you for the inspiration! From one pale girl to another 💕

  63. Suzanne Steele

    Suzanne SteeleTháng trước

    Jaclyn, by far my favorite video in a very long time bc you are speaking to me, girl! Super fair skin, dark hair. I am trying this look today!!! 💛

  64. Jenni

    JenniTháng trước

    This is the first video I’ve seen with just Jacklyn (I was brought here by her collars with youtubers that I watch) and OMG I want to buy all the products she used, quit school and run away into the sunset as a make up guru wtf she’s so pretty and bubbly and inspiring I’m-

  65. ugly couture

    ugly coutureTháng trước

    Lmao she's not even pale...

  66. Lilly Kolench

    Lilly KolenchTháng trước

    I have really pale skin and this really helped a lot and thank so much for your content your so inspirational and I love the way you do your makeup it’s so beautiful I can’t stand it I just turned 14 and I love makeup I’m not the best but your videos helped me a lot 💗

  67. Nora Dean

    Nora DeanTháng trước

    She is the best showing us how to apply make up!

  68. Dale Michelle

    Dale MichelleTháng trước

    I think the Mac Pro under your eyes made it too much. I was excited for this video because, like you, my skin tone varies throughout the year and I get pretty pale come winter but at the end of the video, I think it became a little too much. It is pretty for maybe a special night out or the like.

  69. Queen Obvious

    Queen ObviousTháng trước

    These comments are so upsetting ):

  70. Zoey G

    Zoey G19 ngày trước

    Queen Obvious same :( she doesn’t deserve all the hate She seems like a very sweet woman 💚

  71. lesly hernandez

    lesly hernandezTháng trước

    Does anyone know what shade the Lancôme absolute powder she’s using???

  72. Laur Akey

    Laur AkeyTháng trước

    Jaclyn you’re so gorgeous! I am obsessed with your eyes they are beautiful ❤️

  73. Natalia Valdez

    Natalia ValdezTháng trước

    Pale girls raise ur hands!!!! hahaha Chicas palidas este es nuestro tutorial xD

  74. Abby Prieto

    Abby PrietoTháng trước

    too plastic😑

  75. Stephanie Blanchet

    Stephanie BlanchetTháng trước

    Thank you for this video! What shade of Hourglass do you use?

  76. Larry Chatanuggs

    Larry ChatanuggsTháng trước

    💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 💿💿💿 #💿💿💿💿 *Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven! He died and arose from the dead to give us eternal life.*

  77. Shannon Whelan

    Shannon WhelanTháng trước

    Can you do an updated favorite brushes...it’s not on the morphe site anymore

  78. Eleanor Brindle

    Eleanor BrindleTháng trước

    thank you soooooooo much for doing a pale skin tutorial. this porcelain queen feels so loved! xoxoxo

  79. Kristen Harvey

    Kristen HarveyTháng trước

    Thank you for this!!! I’m so freakin pale it’s crazy and this is perfect :)

  80. Erica Manger

    Erica MangerTháng trước

    Love you Jaclyn. But hate the word pale. Pale implies sickness. You have beautiful fair skin.

  81. Rosebud Ambrose

    Rosebud AmbroseTháng trước

    Doesn't matter what your skin does, you're still gorgeous girl! 💗💗💗💗

  82. Ruby Scizor

    Ruby ScizorTháng trước

    She look like a barbie doll

  83. Stacy Fishback

    Stacy FishbackTháng trước

    Thank you, Jaclyn! I get pretty pastey myself lol. I especially appreciate you educating us on undertones and fair vs. darker skin.

  84. lightershadeof.brown

    lightershadeof.brownTháng trước

    I love your facial expressions 😂 there's so dramatic and you 💁‍♀️


    SUPERBURRITOTháng trước

    i have a big dik

  86. Alexandria Efseaff

    Alexandria EfseaffTháng trước

    You are literally one of my favorites!!!

  87. Glitz n Glam

    Glitz n GlamTháng trước

    Thank you so much for doing this for those of us who are fair skinned I have 2 daughters who are very faired skin and finding a look for them to do has been a struggle. I also think itt's amazing that you included boys in your intro. I love atchi g your videos your such an inspiration

  88. Mel Long

    Mel LongTháng trước

    I love your video

  89. Cailyn Edwards

    Cailyn EdwardsTháng trước

    Jaclyn you are gorgeous and I look up to you in the makeup world!

  90. Divine Dani

    Divine DaniTháng trước

    I can’t believe there are so many negative comments... this look is beautiful. Jaclyn is the best teacher! 🙌🏼

  91. Carla Uchuya

    Carla UchuyaTháng trước

    LMFAOOOOOO @ set that bitch 😂😂

  92. Jes MacLafferty

    Jes MacLaffertyTháng trước

    Yessss thank you!

  93. Roxie Whitmire

    Roxie WhitmireTháng trước

    My golden retriever and I are watching makeup tutorials together

  94. Dan Wilkerson

    Dan WilkersonTháng trước

    Most guys don't like women that use 5 lb of makeup.

  95. Lauren Shannon

    Lauren ShannonTháng trước

    Will you list all the brushes you used?

  96. Stephania Saenz

    Stephania SaenzTháng trước

    The first video i watch from you andd already suscribedd!! YASSSS❤😍

  97. Sherry Awwad

    Sherry AwwadTháng trước

    i wish she said she shades she used for her foundation. :(

  98. chardvnnay

    chardvnnayTháng trước

    The only reason I started watching you way back when is because you were as pale as me without your tan.

  99. Kaitlin Wilson

    Kaitlin WilsonTháng trước

    Because we don't want to look like a corpse. I'm weak lol

  100. Charlotte Debacker

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  101. Jessica Agee

    Jessica AgeeTháng trước

    Yes girl I agree something about makeup is just an amazing feeling. Ty for this tutorial it really helps me as a beginner. I usually only stay for the eyes but you and one other VIreporterr that actually explains every step makes me wanna stay and watch. That setting spray really helps pull the look together flawlessly and now I have to get a fan...lol 😂

  102. N T

    N TTháng trước

    Stop covering your whole face with concealer!!