Flavored Oxygen Taste Test


  1. Conner Dickerson

    Conner Dickerson2 giờ trước

    Carbon dioxide is not an element carbon and oxygen are elements but together they are not

  2. Hazel Watermelon Cat

    Hazel Watermelon Cat3 giờ trước

    O crap........I'm Hazel

  3. SomethingRandom :3

    SomethingRandom :33 giờ trước

    I'm allergic to oak so I would never have an oxygen that's flavored that.

  4. Kat Licks

    Kat Licks11 giờ trước

    2:14 They did it.

  5. Katie F

    Katie F13 giờ trước

    I swear I must be using the same brand essential oils they used to flavor the oxygen cus the names for all their blends are the same as what my oil blends are called with the same scents they smelled 😂

  6. Katie F

    Katie F13 giờ trước

    “I feel like I can see longer” “you mean see for a longer period of time” “yeah like a longer distance”

  7. blank blank

    blank blankNgày trước

    Lmao rhett got high

  8. Caitlin OConnor

    Caitlin OConnorNgày trước

    I think Rhett was high.

  9. TRC Raids

    TRC RaidsNgày trước

    I wanna see like 15 mins of Rhett and link high the video just called like trying medical marijuana 😂😂

  10. Vera Bates

    Vera BatesNgày trước

    There is a picture of a fennec fox in the back and wow I love it

  11. F for Faizal

    F for FaizalNgày trước

    Lmao I feel so bad for link

  12. Idk what to name myself :/

    Idk what to name myself :/2 ngày trước

    Rhett got so high lmao

  13. Josh Raffield

    Josh Raffield2 ngày trước

    Ask Eminem he will tell you

  14. alli

    alli2 ngày trước

    oh god i bet its like laughing gas

  15. Left in The SmokeSD

    Left in The SmokeSD2 ngày trước

    i'm glad that it's not 100% oxygen because oxygen is quite flammable

  16. Corrupted_Sniper 72

    Corrupted_Sniper 722 ngày trước

    You can be your own bartender with some whip its


    RIFUUZE3 ngày trước

    2:12 Foreshadowing

  18. Noah Parker

    Noah Parker3 ngày trước

    "When i woke up this morning i could only breath outta one nose" - Link

  19. Rgjarrell1992 J

    Rgjarrell1992 J3 ngày trước

    We used to have one in the old mall in my hometown. My favorite was eucalyptus.

  20. Scottish Peppa Pig

    Scottish Peppa Pig3 ngày trước

    It sounds like they're getting high..

  21. Scottish Peppa Pig

    Scottish Peppa Pig3 ngày trước

    I'm starting to feel G O O D

  22. Scottish Peppa Pig

    Scottish Peppa Pig3 ngày trước

    It smells like P L A S T I C oxygen.

  23. Scottish Peppa Pig

    Scottish Peppa Pig3 ngày trước

    Rhett sounds hella high. Like Rhett, stop making the video, go take a rest, like wth is watermelon backwards is honeysuckle.

  24. Gundam Vlogs

    Gundam Vlogs3 ngày trước

    but pure oxygen could kill u sorry

  25. joshie boi84

    joshie boi843 ngày trước

    *hits blunt*

  26. Bob Shoe

    Bob Shoe4 ngày trước

    When I woke up this mornin I could only breath out of one NOSE. But you only have one nose.

  27. Cryptic Comet

    Cryptic Comet4 ngày trước

    Chase looks soooo awkward back there

  28. Kathy Ola

    Kathy Ola4 ngày trước

    Does Rhett need oxygen for real lol

  29. Matlock Crowl

    Matlock Crowl4 ngày trước

    would'nt it be "scented" not flavored?

  30. Matt Billy

    Matt Billy4 ngày trước

    5:45 is the best moment in history of 2 bff not breathing pine oxygen 😂

  31. Rafael Araujo

    Rafael Araujo5 ngày trước

    Elizabeth from Texas is so pretty, nice.

  32. Kannibal Kandy

    Kannibal Kandy5 ngày trước

    Chase’s expression @2:29 be like ‘wait, what?’

  33. AYX AYo

    AYX AYo5 ngày trước

    If u made fart flavor it would’ve been funny

  34. Sarah 72779

    Sarah 727795 ngày trước


  35. omg ronny

    omg ronny6 ngày trước

    Bro they seem high af

  36. xXMexipatriotXx :D

    xXMexipatriotXx :D7 ngày trước

    They look high

  37. Marcus Wilson

    Marcus Wilson7 ngày trước

    Link deserves to lose a lot of the time.

  38. Zorkon597

    Zorkon5977 ngày trước

    whats funny is that link actually did have his nasal cannula on upside down

  39. Terry K

    Terry K8 ngày trước

    Two words. Free radicals

  40. Cellobear1411

    Cellobear14118 ngày trước

    Flavored oxygen.... you mean vaping???

  41. Wayne Bruner

    Wayne Bruner9 ngày trước

    And they actually did the vasectomy

  42. hanna laredo

    hanna laredo9 ngày trước

    "When you serene really hard, you start chillin'" man, my new favorite quote, lol

  43. football card reviews

    football card reviews9 ngày trước

    They sound so high towards the end


    VIDEOS FTW!9 ngày trước

    they got these all over vegas

  45. under gaming

    under gaming10 ngày trước

    Rhett has gone high

  46. Mαndy MacKenzie

    Mαndy MacKenzie10 ngày trước

    Why didnt anybody else comment on the awesome pun Link said ... "Rhett herring" that was super clever!

  47. ツFredi

    ツFredi10 ngày trước

    So basically they are smoking Shisha without the coal and tobacco, just the flavoring, in water.

  48. Dumpling

    Dumpling10 ngày trước


  49. RandomGirl Vlogs

    RandomGirl Vlogs10 ngày trước

    That was a great poem five stars

  50. Olivier Bond-Dodier

    Olivier Bond-Dodier10 ngày trước

    Youd die if you only breath oxygen

  51. Fellow Commie

    Fellow Commie11 ngày trước

    Are these oxygens from the Lorax?

  52. Derp Turt

    Derp Turt12 ngày trước

    Do a podcast

  53. A.C. Jelly

    A.C. Jelly12 ngày trước

    pure oxygen is toxic.

  54. Sa ns

    Sa ns13 ngày trước


  55. a e s t e t h i c b i t c h

    a e s t e t h i c b i t c h13 ngày trước

    I love Chasé

  56. Brayden K.

    Brayden K.13 ngày trước

    2:30 they really did it lol

  57. Brad Baharier

    Brad Baharier14 ngày trước

    5:41 Twin Jk

  58. Can we get 1000 subs with 2 crap videos?

    Can we get 1000 subs with 2 crap videos?14 ngày trước

    By the way if there was more oxygen in the air we would get way stronger that's why Ret feels like he can do more

  59. Melanie Lindberg

    Melanie Lindberg15 ngày trước

    I thought for the whole thing Oh no Rhett’s getting high

  60. peachy sweet boy

    peachy sweet boy15 ngày trước


  61. Lexis House

    Lexis House15 ngày trước

    I think that they are getting high off of this 😂😂😂😂

  62. Liliana Gridley

    Liliana Gridley15 ngày trước

    "I could only breathe out of 1 nose" You only have one.

  63. Awesome dude

    Awesome dude15 ngày trước

    They get high

  64. Kuhndog 3

    Kuhndog 315 ngày trước

    When they were doing the peppermint I was eating a candy cane

  65. I Gaming

    I Gaming15 ngày trước

    Why do I feel dizzy from watching this

  66. Loena Bischop

    Loena Bischop15 ngày trước


  67. lenni

    lenni15 ngày trước

    They should do it with 50/50 helium oxygen.

  68. Mr Scindo

    Mr Scindo15 ngày trước

    “Oxygen is 78% nitrogen” No, air is 78% nitrogen. Oxygen is 100% oxygen.

  69. Mrcaidozrellik

    Mrcaidozrellik15 ngày trước

    Links brain needs about 10 times the normal oxygen then Rhett

  70. Andrea's weekly fun

    Andrea's weekly fun15 ngày trước

    Me watching 2 guys breath! 😂

  71. D8kip8ki

    D8kip8ki15 ngày trước

    And we wonder why they did surgery on a grape

  72. BinaryButter

    BinaryButter15 ngày trước

    i accidentally got super glue on my fingers now its really easy to play the guitar XD

  73. Haiqal Danial Bin Faisal

    Haiqal Danial Bin Faisal15 ngày trước


  74. SunshineR Lollipop

    SunshineR Lollipop16 ngày trước

    They seem so high lmao 😂😂😂💀 Mostly Rhett

  75. SunshineR Lollipop

    SunshineR Lollipop16 ngày trước

    I wanna try this so bad 😂😂

  76. Tetrahedrony

    Tetrahedrony16 ngày trước

    O'Hare Air

  77. Ryger Mortis

    Ryger Mortis16 ngày trước

    Kylo Ren shirt.exe

  78. Seba.

    Seba.16 ngày trước

    ahhh. gonna get me my morning coffee *oxygen*

  79. Alyssa Grace

    Alyssa Grace16 ngày trước

    I clicked on this video by accident and got two seconds of Rhett shouting about Nitrogen

  80. Lil Trev VEVO

    Lil Trev VEVO16 ngày trước

    Reht is high

  81. Joompy

    Joompy16 ngày trước

    You guys took drugs into a new level XD

  82. the snip bro

    the snip bro16 ngày trước

    My mom took my mp3 and i took out the mp40 Lets talk about that

  83. Jennifer Harris

    Jennifer Harris17 ngày trước

    Eight minutes 50 seconds middle finger

  84. Ultralagger R.E.V

    Ultralagger R.E.V17 ngày trước

    WHY DO I ALSO SMELL THE ONE OF BLACKBERRY 0-0 How did my brain simulated the flavor smell??

  85. Dark Inferno

    Dark Inferno17 ngày trước

    2:29 chases face

  86. PANDAKING _123

    PANDAKING _12317 ngày trước

    Notice Rhett says he could only breath out of one nose when he woke up🤔

  87. Mad Luna

    Mad Luna17 ngày trước

    Whatermelon nolemretahw not honeysuckle XD

  88. Don’t Subscribe

    Don’t Subscribe17 ngày trước

    1980: I be there’s going to be flying cars in the future 2018: flavored oxygen

  89. AfrikaansE Bulle

    AfrikaansE Bulle17 ngày trước

    Nevermind they’re both on drugs

  90. AfrikaansE Bulle

    AfrikaansE Bulle17 ngày trước

    They gave link flavored oxygen And Rhett drugs

  91. Jessica Curran

    Jessica Curran17 ngày trước

    12:52 Rhett just smelling the air while Link's talking 😂

  92. Gamerboy 357

    Gamerboy 35717 ngày trước

    I did this in Las Vegas

  93. Sidez

    Sidez18 ngày trước

    I don’t think dis is oxygen I think it’s cocaine

  94. Charlie Garner

    Charlie Garner18 ngày trước

    5 fun facts: 1. You can't see your ears 2. You can't breathe in with you nose whilst your tongue is out 2.You just tried that but realized it looks like your a dog 4.You didn't realize there are 2 twice 5.You didn't know it skipped straight to 4

  95. Max Parks

    Max Parks18 ngày trước

    What Rhett is saying I think he is on drugs

  96. Plohka Plohka

    Plohka Plohka18 ngày trước


  97. Ben Dubord

    Ben Dubord18 ngày trước

    14:17 wtf why do they do that.

  98. TheBipus

    TheBipus18 ngày trước

    But they DID get surgery together. They had a brosectomy.

  99. Arthur Morgan

    Arthur Morgan18 ngày trước

    I wanna try pure oxygen.

  100. InfernoFox - Vlogs & More

    InfernoFox - Vlogs & More18 ngày trước

    0:11 but it’s 1:07pm