Flinch w/ Blackpink


  1. A.R.M.Y #for life

    A.R.M.Y #for lifeGiờ trước

    Lol jennies reaction

  2. ItzzzMeJedrick.

    ItzzzMeJedrick.Giờ trước

    aww I Love you Mandeuk😘💓

  3. Dgripper

    DgripperGiờ trước

    I like that they all know pretty good English

  4. Bffl3443

    Bffl3443Giờ trước


  5. Sangeeta Dutta

    Sangeeta DuttaGiờ trước

    We all need v vs jisoo...we all do

  6. Spoon Of Suga

    Spoon Of SugaGiờ trước

    ah poor Jennie she looks so scared

  7. Chetra Lah

    Chetra LahGiờ trước

    Oh god! It’s trending number 3 in Cambodia

  8. Laiba Sarfraz

    Laiba SarfrazGiờ trước

    Its the first time I saw James flinch!!

  9. seokinjiee

    seokinjieeGiờ trước

    “i’m not scared, u know” “i’m not scary”



    #3 in us omg

  11. lakeisha johnson

    lakeisha johnsonGiờ trước

    Ready for blackpink carpool.❤😊👍

  12. Red

    RedGiờ trước


  13. Jhesa Maquilan

    Jhesa MaquilanGiờ trước

    #1 trending 🇵🇭 ot4

  14. Isabella Castro

    Isabella CastroGiờ trước

    Meu Jenlisa vivíssimo

  15. eule 131

    eule 131Giờ trước

    They look different in American camera... more normal 🤔

  16. Tanya R.

    Tanya R.Giờ trước


  17. 『Anime Girl for life!!!』

    『Anime Girl for life!!!』Giờ trước

    3:46 Lisa is not amused

  18. Lee Know

    Lee KnowGiờ trước

    Ngakak jenie

  19. THE BRGY

    THE BRGYGiờ trước

    Jennieeeeee, omg James what are you doing to our previous Jennie? Meanwhile.... Jisoo: pfffft, EASY #1 TRENDING IN THE PHILIPPINES! This just shows what a phenomenon Blackpink has become! They have changed my life too that I also made a Kill This Love dance cover just for them. Love you queens!

  20. Phil Eldrige Sim

    Phil Eldrige SimGiờ trước

    What a show

  21. HeyyItzTrish

    HeyyItzTrishGiờ trước

    #1 on Trending in the Philippines!

  22. Jvlio Cesar

    Jvlio CesarGiờ trước


  23. 다인Clara

    다인ClaraGiờ trước


  24. Nathuli Pat

    Nathuli PatGiờ trước

    aww they're the best -

  25. Patricia Kim

    Patricia KimGiờ trước

    #Jennie so beautiful #Jisoo so beautiful #Rosè so beautiful #Lisa so beautiful #4m views in one day #blink's streamed well

  26. waowaokul

    waowaokulGiờ trước

    *I'm not scary*

  27. BLACKPINK JenLisa

    BLACKPINK JenLisaGiờ trước

    Hahaha go Jennie and Rośe

  28. rully vania

    rully vaniaGiờ trước

    me: (sees BP in the thumbnail) me: (watches video) me: it is more better if it was *FLINCH W/ BANGPINK* 🏵️tehehe, is just for the shippers🏵️ WAIT! i think i see rosekook here Rose as-Jungkook Lisa as-Taehyung am I right?


    LIV CONDEGiờ trước

    Mygosh, i flinched too during Lisa and Rose's turn, my heart jumped out and so did I from my seat hahahaha, I had fun watching this ^^

  30. Random Person 59

    Random Person 59Giờ trước

    I did a VIreporter search for “people harmed playing flinch” and BTS, Shawn Mendes, and Fifth Harmony came up.

  31. Peace KR

    Peace KRGiờ trước

    제임스 코든 진행 잘한다..진짜 새삼 다시 느낀다

  32. Dian Putri

    Dian PutriGiờ trước

    Your smile lisa hummm.... so cute and beautifull 😙😙😍

  33. Henock gebriel

    Henock gebrielGiờ trước

    This was one of the most pointless things i have ever seen!

  34. Rancine B. Magbalon

    Rancine B. MagbalonGiờ trước

    #1 trending in the Philippines!!

  35. Allen Ragdi

    Allen RagdiGiờ trước

    I remember V keeping a straight face

  36. R S

    R SGiờ trước


  37. Apicha-ib5 Gop

    Apicha-ib5 GopGiờ trước

    Thank you for Lisa’s costume. It’s properly long, not too short. Lisa’s shape suitable for normal short. Thank you😊😊

  38. Nurul Aisyah Sudibyo

    Nurul Aisyah SudibyoGiờ trước

    I'm not scary kekeke Yeah, Jisoo, yeah!

  39. Joshua Daria

    Joshua DariaGiờ trước

    Jennie looks like she's going to play tennis

  40. Mendra

    MendraGiờ trước

    is there any interview with BLACKPINK ? I'm look forward to interview with BLACKPINK from late late show.

  41. 에릭

    에릭Giờ trước


  42. Joseph Chen

    Joseph ChenGiờ trước


  43. MolikaYT

    MolikaYTGiờ trước

    Wow jisoo so good Like tae was good too . I love so much

  44. Adelia Flores

    Adelia FloresGiờ trước

    Watch the bts play flinch in the late late show watch v's part.....jisoo and v didn't even move

  45. Frederick Dan Pama

    Frederick Dan PamaGiờ trước

    Their English is so well. Applause girls!

  46. 에릭

    에릭Giờ trước

  47. Apicha-ib5 Gop

    Apicha-ib5 GopGiờ trước

    You all did it again..so fun😊😊😊😊

  48. XxBlessed Xx

    XxBlessed XxGiờ trước

    You did this with BTS

  49. Khan Lakhno

    Khan LakhnoGiờ trước

    *I think Jennie was on her periods, bc she was touching her skirt awkwardly...*

  50. ratna apriyanti

    ratna apriyantiGiờ trước

    Jennie is very cute

  51. Suga Kookies

    Suga KookiesGiờ trước

    Jisoo and Taehyung literally need to do it together.

  52. Frederick Dan Pama

    Frederick Dan PamaGiờ trước

    Lisa was like: (Hug) You okay?

  53. Purple Pancakes

    Purple PancakesGiờ trước

    Aww there really adorable

  54. pv_plays games

    pv_plays gamesGiờ trước

    Only 2 people have been harmed

  55. Zammy Inghug

    Zammy InghugGiờ trước

    Damn number 1 on trending here in the Philippines..

  56. EK7

    EK7Giờ trước

    I don't even know what blackpink is

  57. Sachi Paniamogan

    Sachi PaniamoganGiờ trước

    O my god jennie💕😂😍

  58. Munir Hussain

    Munir HussainGiờ trước

    I I I'm shook how did Jisoo survie all of the were like help me!

  59. Emily Guan

    Emily GuanGiờ trước

    don’t get a replay on james?

  60. Suga Kookies

    Suga KookiesGiờ trước

    Yayyyyyy!!! BTS and James BLACKPINK and James *MY LIFE IS COMPLETE*

  61. Hyuna Minaj

    Hyuna MinajGiờ trước

    Why Jisoo acts so stupid😕

  62. ChimChimisonlyfor JiminiePabo

    ChimChimisonlyfor JiminiePaboGiờ trước

    I remember V's reaction is same with Jisoo😍 I dont ship them but I love it

  63. Allen Daniel Renton

    Allen Daniel RentonGiờ trước

    *#1 trending in the Philippines 🇵🇭*

  64. Trinh Ta

    Trinh TaGiờ trước

    jisoo so beautiful :))) huhuhu

  65. Farh Iyoob

    Farh IyoobGiờ trước


  66. Lil meow meow

    Lil meow meowGiờ trước

    Jisoo is so precious she I want to hug her and shower her in kisses

  67. Amelia x

    Amelia xGiờ trước

    jisoo and taehyung share the same energy

  68. Saima Abdul Hamid

    Saima Abdul HamidGiờ trước

    Jisoo was good !!!!!!! wow

  69. Cat Bat

    Cat BatGiờ trước

    Cringeeeeeeeeeee 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  70. Walaa Mustafa

    Walaa MustafaGiờ trước

    Jisoo my Queen 👏👏🤣🤣😘😘😘

  71. Kanon 音花1228

    Kanon 音花1228Giờ trước

    6k haters

  72. Nguyễn Ngọc Minh Trang

    Nguyễn Ngọc Minh TrangGiờ trước

    Jisoo has a good skills👍 👍 👍

  73. TheBrightDarkness X

    TheBrightDarkness XGiờ trước

    Rip jennies heart

  74. Meryam Army

    Meryam ArmyGiờ trước

    جيني ضحكتني اهواي

  75. Struggling_Psyche

    Struggling_PsycheGiờ trước

    No.1 on trending??? I mean- yaaaayyy!!

  76. Charles Tarog

    Charles TarogGiờ trước

    #1 trending on ph

  77. Linh Nguyễn Ngọc

    Linh Nguyễn NgọcGiờ trước

    Jennie: Ah! Jisoo: Yeah...

  78. ميمو ايغو { فرع اليوتيوب}

    ميمو ايغو { فرع اليوتيوب}Giờ trước

    عاهرات بس يقلدون بbts لأنهم أشهر منهم 😒


    ANAK ITIKGiờ trước

    Jennie like a jin and jhope... Jisoo like a taehyung 😂😂😄 thay look the same 😅

  80. LV khanit

    LV khanitGiờ trước

    Lisa is so cute. 💕

  81. skelki Galatasaray

    skelki GalatasarayGiờ trước

    Jisoo don't gave a fuck😂 From blackpink,she is always to cutest and stuff but also the bravest lol.

  82. Poine _

    Poine _Giờ trước


  83. gary mamaril

    gary mamarilGiờ trước

    1:42 Lisa be like: *That's my girl*

  84. drawingangel2

    drawingangel2Giờ trước

    Poor Jisoo... she looks left out a bit or uncomfortable because everyone is speaking english but that doesn't stop her from performing so well and looking beautiful~

  85. Hazel

    HazelGiờ trước


  86. Gaius

    GaiusGiờ trước


  87. Net State

    Net StateGiờ trước

    Cut the game and open the pain

  88. Thị Hằng Phạm

    Thị Hằng PhạmGiờ trước

    So funnyyy

  89. fishcakeu 4 u

    fishcakeu 4 uGiờ trước

    #1 on trending 🖤💖

  90. John Paul Balanay

    John Paul BalanayGiờ trước

    Your so verry stronger princess jiso .....lisa rose jennie is safe because they have a stronger sister that protect them no matter what happen😘😘😘BLACKPINK is my lovelife without them im incomplete😘😘

  91. 2uby Sounds

    2uby SoundsGiờ trước

    To the 0.01% people reading this comment i hope you have a really good future ahead and you achieve your dreams. My dream is to be a successful youtuber. Please wish me luck🙏 thank you❤️

  92. mehak kaleembaig

    mehak kaleembaigGiờ trước

    Jisoo is like a tae😁 daring

  93. Idontgot7

    Idontgot7Giờ trước

    0:15 jennie: *not this again*

  94. 8 eyes 8 legs

    8 eyes 8 legsGiờ trước

    James: Who out of you scares the easiest do you think? Blackpink: yes

  95. What & Ever

    What & EverGiờ trước

    Lol it made me jump when Jennie and Jisoo went too 😂😂😂 Their outfits, wow

  96. Alishba Arshad

    Alishba ArshadGiờ trước

    If Ariana Grande was standing with them she would’ve fitted perfectly with them. Ya know long straight hair,short skirt, cute smile, perfect legs

  97. indah puspitasari

    indah puspitasariGiờ trước

    Jennie so beautiful cute n funny

  98. Zainab_ Army

    Zainab_ ArmyGiờ trước

    Jisoo is so cute 😭🖤✨

  99. fiona fonte

    fiona fonte2 giờ trước

    Jennie's reaction is so damn cute💕

  100. Just Top

    Just Top2 giờ trước

    Jennie got scared at her time, at Lisa and Rosé's and and at James's 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  101. Vante Kim

    Vante Kim2 giờ trước

    Çok yapmacıklar niye böyleler