Fred Armisen Tells Jokes Only Musicians Will Understand - CONAN on TBS


  1. Chris Ducat

    Chris Ducat9 giờ trước

    I just love that Fred is wiling to try anything, no matter who laughs :-) that's why Portlandia is so doesn't try to "find its audience"...the audience finds it.

  2. Tex Avery

    Tex AveryNgày trước

    I wonder how fred got a gig in snl ..the guy aint even funny


    METALOZONNgày trước

    I remember dropping my picks into the acoustic guitar and then trying to get it out. Maybe that's why I switched to an electric one.

  4. etrius24

    etrius24Ngày trước

    Fred can pull this off because he has been everywhere... He has seen everything and there is no instrument he cannot play.

  5. Ellie E

    Ellie E2 ngày trước

    That was not funny

  6. Brandon Bourdo

    Brandon Bourdo2 ngày trước

    Conan looks like hes holding back diarrhea

  7. SM B

    SM B2 ngày trước

    Not funny

  8. Logan Meyers

    Logan MeyersNgày trước

    funny is subjective

  9. SM B

    SM B2 ngày trước

    I am a drummer guess I’m just dead inside

  10. GeniusLad32

    GeniusLad322 ngày trước

    Then you're not a drummer

  11. gil wood

    gil wood3 ngày trước


  12. gil wood

    gil wood3 ngày trước

    Hes so right !!!

  13. gil wood

    gil wood3 ngày trước

    Guitarists are no better !

  14. Bobby

    Bobby3 ngày trước

    I thought the guitar one was gonna be "Anyway here's Wonderwall"

  15. Gaylord damnitmarty

    Gaylord damnitmarty4 ngày trước

    How was the secound one even a joke? That was just a statement about an inconvenient occurrence

  16. T S

    T S4 ngày trước

    The big applause was when he stopped playing.

  17. Joshua Laird

    Joshua Laird4 ngày trước

    YES! He’s totally right. I hear that bumpa bumpa blues riff. I’m leaving

  18. Evan

    Evan5 ngày trước

    1:07 duuuudddeee that laugh is so fake

  19. Eva ten Cate

    Eva ten Cate5 ngày trước

    Is that Mlepclaynos from Brooklyn 99?

  20. swamp thing

    swamp thing5 ngày trước

    if i was conan i would prosecute fred armisen for these jokes

  21. x0lct

    x0lct5 ngày trước

    No fun at all

  22. Jacob Austin-Sides

    Jacob Austin-Sides5 ngày trước

    they aren't really traditional jokes but i can see how they could be funny

  23. Justin Scalise

    Justin Scalise5 ngày trước

    Not funny.

  24. Ivy Hoss

    Ivy Hoss6 ngày trước

    I love how deliberate Armisen is with his comedy. He takes his time with each of his jokes like they're precious to him

  25. Up Dog

    Up Dog6 ngày trước

    That’s all I want. Thank you very much, that’s it.

  26. Mc Katana

    Mc Katana6 ngày trước

    “Its funny because it seems like it’s not funny, and that’s what makes it funny, although I didn’t laugh, I just nodded knowingly and made an approving noise” ~ hipsters.

  27. Baron von Quiply

    Baron von Quiply6 ngày trước

    03:26 HEY! I love 9ths...

  28. sly bandicoop

    sly bandicoop6 ngày trước

    this isn’t funny

  29. Toadster

    Toadster7 ngày trước

    A lot of bands have intense names, like "Rigor Mortis" or "Mortuary". We weren't that intense, we called ourselves "Injured". Later on we changed it to "Acapella" when we were walking out of the pawn shop. --Mitch Hedberg

  30. cocopopsbrahhh

    cocopopsbrahhh7 ngày trước

    hey i know you, you’re mlipnos!

  31. Al Paterson

    Al Paterson7 ngày trước

    FEBRUARY 11 2019 - Disbelief at the lack of talent here - could not not watch this vid to the end - what has happened to music and entertainment in general ... is this really it? .... they did mention "only musicians would understand" ... got fucked again hard by click-bait again ............. I'm almost ready to give up on media

  32. Mark Lowney

    Mark Lowney8 ngày trước

    One GOD

  33. MrHarry

    MrHarry8 ngày trước

    here comes a long song haha..

  34. ZEGO24x

    ZEGO24x8 ngày trước

    I hope that dude is a good musician, because he is a lousy comedian...

  35. Slime Squad

    Slime Squad9 ngày trước

    Dude, if this is all you have to do to make an audience go nuts..... i could do great things on Conan’s show compared to this.

  36. David R

    David R10 ngày trước

    What's the difference between a drummer and a drum machine? ....You only have to punch the information into a drum machine once....😊

  37. 2clinks

    2clinks10 ngày trước

    I've literally bought hundreds of picks in the last 40 years.... right now I have 4

  38. Ryan Medd

    Ryan Medd10 ngày trước


  39. dtreeguy

    dtreeguy11 ngày trước

    Whatta ya got against suspended ninths? Dems fightin words...

  40. Telsonater

    Telsonater11 ngày trước

    False advertising. The title said “musicians” not drummers.

  41. Brendon_Scott

    Brendon_Scott11 ngày trước

    This isn't even funny

  42. Alex Fischer

    Alex Fischer11 ngày trước

    -what did the mezzo forte say to the coda? -ossia later hahahahahahahahaha

  43. Zypher Zolei

    Zypher Zolei11 ngày trước

    I swear I put my pick on a table, walk away and when I come back it's gone -_-'.

  44. Bakesy jk

    Bakesy jk11 ngày trước

    I got the drum jokes, I’m not a drummer (I play guitar)...didn’t find it funny lol

  45. Crapbeard The Bassist

    Crapbeard The Bassist11 ngày trước

    Ok VIreporter I finally watched it, and it wasn't that funny. Get off my feed.

  46. Thrasher987

    Thrasher98712 ngày trước

    This guy is the antithesis of funny.

  47. OFR

    OFR13 ngày trước

    Wait!? You said musicians and then you started talking about drummers??

  48. Brianne Holben

    Brianne Holben13 ngày trước

    Fred Armisen is such a one man band and he is so good at it. I love it!

  49. Danny M.

    Danny M.13 ngày trước

    Saying "only musicians will understand" is not an excuse for not being funny

  50. Pete Peterkin

    Pete Peterkin14 ngày trước

    Great job Fred// Took me back to Steve Martin's heyday!!!

  51. Radio Illuminati

    Radio Illuminati14 ngày trước

    Conan reminds me 3:31 of Bill O'Reilly: "We do it LIVE'!"

  52. cure969

    cure96914 ngày trước

    he got me with jingle bells

  53. phaelax

    phaelax14 ngày trước

    The best part was the end, when he stopped talking.

  54. Viddy

    Viddy15 ngày trước

    I feel like he might be going for anti-comedy with this but it's not really awkward enough for it to hit. Or he could just be actually awkward...I'm not one to talk if that's the case.

  55. Conner O'Neill

    Conner O'Neill15 ngày trước

    Ugh. So not funny

  56. Sproket_

    Sproket_16 ngày trước


  57. Drew

    Drew16 ngày trước

    The title brought me, a woodwind player, here. I was disappointed.

  58. The Imp

    The Imp17 ngày trước

    I do not ever find him funny.

  59. Daniel Malone

    Daniel Malone17 ngày trước

    Its so obvious he is talking about the Edge. What that poor man has to go through each show,he has the patience of a Saint.

  60. Avocado Joe

    Avocado Joe18 ngày trước

    How is this funny?

  61. Gwyn Pasterchek

    Gwyn Pasterchek18 ngày trước

    That drummer in Conan's band looks like he uses spray on hair.

  62. Joe Bland

    Joe Bland19 ngày trước

    That Fred dude SUCKS THE BAG!

  63. Lendjr

    Lendjr19 ngày trước

    Ever heard about Jared Dines?

  64. Monosetopia

    Monosetopia19 ngày trước

    Yesterday I found my long lost guitar pick in the bathroom and just as i was trying to pick it up, it went down the drain!

  65. Brian Hariot

    Brian Hariot19 ngày trước

    team coco - sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. albert20001000

    albert2000100019 ngày trước

    I didn't really like how hw bashed the blues because some of the great blues songs are very short.

  67. WhoopsyDa1sy _

    WhoopsyDa1sy _19 ngày trước

    It's Mlipnos from Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  68. Master Mogolini

    Master Mogolini19 ngày trước

    Only 90s kids will understand

  69. GrantBrenner

    GrantBrenner19 ngày trước

    He's making fun of these kinds of jokes by pointing out how lame they are.

  70. Devon Offutt

    Devon Offutt19 ngày trước

    These don't really seem like funny jokes, as much as they seem like simply observations or imitations. Kinda like the 'so whaaaaats the deal with airline food' bit. Maybe a polite chuckle at most, but not something that really amuses you. (here's a joke) What's worse than ten dead babies in a trashcan? One dead baby in ten trashcans.

  71. LumpySpaceBrotha

    LumpySpaceBrotha20 ngày trước

    2:47 literally the exact type of music conan plays. thats why he didnt laugh

  72. ThatCommenterGuy

    ThatCommenterGuy20 ngày trước

    This is the guitar. *IQ rate increases*

  73. 惡

    20 ngày trước

    Melipnos Sucks

  74. Jason Skywalker

    Jason Skywalker20 ngày trước

    Not funny on all counts... 🤷

  75. tender meat

    tender meat21 ngày trước

    I'm the only one who thinks this isn't funny

  76. Jake Prank

    Jake Prank21 ngày trước

    i feel like this would be funnier if he had a better approach

  77. Jan Karlsson

    Jan Karlsson21 ngày trước

    Yes, yes, but what glasses is Fred wearing?

  78. Lobatis

    Lobatis21 ngày trước

    Last words of a drummer before he's thrown out of the band? "hey guys i wrote a song"

  79. john king

    john king21 ngày trước

    There should be more dislikes for this very unfunny clip....?!

  80. Troy Stephens • artist

    Troy Stephens • artist21 ngày trước

    Armisen is hilarious.

  81. Joe Congdon

    Joe Congdon21 ngày trước

    Weak. How about, I hate how tight my G string gets when I'm on stage.

  82. Will Hersey

    Will Hersey21 ngày trước

    Was that john Denver's guitar?

  83. Joe Masters

    Joe Masters21 ngày trước

    Fred Armisen ROCKS!!

  84. Elad Lavi Music

    Elad Lavi Music22 ngày trước

    *Its funny(to me) that people think that if they find something funny or not funny they're own subjective reaction is FACTUALLY right..* Add to that the giant amount of people who disagree with them,how could you disregard a comedian that his sense of humor is understood by millions? Its all subjective,when you understand the context of the joke you laugh,and everyone sometimes understand and sometimes don't and its all just your fault not the other people who got it Its always better to find something funny than not,you're not smarter because you dont find the humor in something,the humor in life is a beautiful thing to notice,and the wiser and happier you are the more you notice it :) You don't need to try hard to find the humor in jokes you dont like,listen to comedian you like,everyone has different a sense of humor just dont attack people for having a different one the same way you wouldn't want to be attacked :)

  85. WolfClanRepubic

    WolfClanRepubic22 ngày trước

    The dude just pulls out an sj-200 like it’s nothing

  86. olutayo itayemi

    olutayo itayemi22 ngày trước

    i love the guitar player part. the guitarist stopped like the lead singer just died. posed like he was at a funeral. hahaha

  87. bambo wambo

    bambo wambo22 ngày trước

    conan is trash

  88. Димитър Чуботаров

    Димитър Чуботаров22 ngày trước

    He could've said Mi Scusi about the joke. lol

  89. bjfdog

    bjfdog22 ngày trước

    I used to play in a band. It was four musicians and one drummer. They asked if we could play good and loud and he said, "Well, we can play loud." Okay, this interview is more boring than Mr. Rogers on a Tuesday morning.

  90. Eric Garcia

    Eric Garcia22 ngày trước

    Stone faced this whole vid

  91. M Theory

    M Theory22 ngày trước

    only musicians will understand who advance in english..

  92. MrTingles

    MrTingles22 ngày trước

    Andy just surreptitiously fixing the cymbals...

  93. Sophia Rodriguez

    Sophia Rodriguez22 ngày trước

    Fred is hilarious!!

  94. John Eldred

    John Eldred22 ngày trước

    The only one i found half way funny was the last one

  95. .

    .23 ngày trước

    When was I supposed to laugh?

  96. Smash Marxism

    Smash Marxism23 ngày trước

    How do you get a drummer off your porch? *Just pay for the pizza and go back inside.*

  97. nvbasedlad _

    nvbasedlad _23 ngày trước

    High IQ jokes

  98. sclogse1

    sclogse123 ngày trước

    An electric pickup only picks up info from the strings. If you're playing a big fat jazzbox, yes, you'll hear sound from the wood. But a guy ten feet away from your will only hear shat's coming out of your amp. Which is only coming from the strings. Now, if you think that....maybe....the strings are affected by the wood vibration, and are transmitting some of that to the pickup, hey..maybe. But guess what. No one has ever said that before. Or showed it. The pickups only get signal from the strings. Not the box. But in your lap, you hear both. So, why not mix an electric and an acoustic pickup on your electric hollow body?

  99. jennifer86010

    jennifer8601023 ngày trước

    See You-Tube Videos of comedian "Pete Barbuti" on the Tonight Show in the 1960's. He did the best musician and music stand-up comedy ever.

  100. jennifer86010

    jennifer8601023 ngày trước

    This guy is a total dunce. Check out comedian Pete Barbuti, who did REAL musician jokes on the Tonight Show in the 60's. He was talented, hip and funny !!

  101. jennifer86010

    jennifer8601023 ngày trước

    This lame idiot is not funny, not witty, not creative, not interesting, and not entertaining. This crap passes for comedy today. Perhaps he could get a job drumming for the Kardashians? No talent here at all. Who booked this clown?

  102. Billy Ryan

    Billy Ryan23 ngày trước

    The only thing about this video that is over the top is the title. Really? I put myself into the shoes of a non musician while watching, and I must say that I still got 90 percent of this. The only part I didn't get was why Conan was explaining Fred's jazz joke. WE ALL GOT IT.

  103. M.Nash

    M.Nash23 ngày trước

    Literally, and I mean this sincerely, the funniest I've ever seen F.A.