Fred Armisen Tells Jokes Only Musicians Will Understand - CONAN on TBS


  1. Tobias Gatfield

    Tobias GatfieldNgày trước

    not funny

  2. Stinky Tits

    Stinky TitsNgày trước

    Jokes only musicians will understand? First... where are the jokes, second... Fred is not funny, third he got lucky to be where he is because he has no talent. His makeup person must be amazing to hide all the bruises on his chin from all the ball sacks hitting it

  3. Michael Cera Thanos

    Michael Cera Thanos2 ngày trước

    Why is Dr.Phil playing trombone

  4. Jano Rivguz

    Jano Rivguz2 ngày trước

    Love Fred but damn that special was waaaay boring

  5. Sean Casey

    Sean Casey2 ngày trước

    Not funny

  6. Retro

    Retro2 ngày trước

    im going to r/woooosh conan

  7. aaacat

    aaacat3 ngày trước

    i dont get it

  8. Eggh Man

    Eggh Man3 ngày trước

    "My P*nis is uncircumcised, no head! Its like a torpedo."

  9. ba55letmysoulfly

    ba55letmysoulfly4 ngày trước

    Political band... U2

  10. Juan Jackson

    Juan Jackson4 ngày trước

    This is really unfunny.

  11. Wyatt Kof

    Wyatt Kof4 ngày trước

    Didn’t this guy play a cannibal on the last man on earth?

  12. Dylan Storey

    Dylan Storey4 ngày trước

    He is on ordinary world right?

  13. Squig Eazy

    Squig Eazy5 ngày trước

    They're called anti-jokes, people. Theyre supposed to suck.

  14. Tim Burton

    Tim Burton5 ngày trước

    a suspended 9th lmoa

  15. Tim Burton

    Tim Burton5 ngày trước

    here comes a long song lmao

  16. Zachery Abrams

    Zachery Abrams5 ngày trước

    But he didn’t do the licc

  17. Archie Everett

    Archie Everett6 ngày trước


  18. One Oh Yeah Yeah Boi

    One Oh Yeah Yeah Boi6 ngày trước

    You know what a real joke is? Lil Wayne guitar solo.

  19. One Oh Yeah Yeah Boi

    One Oh Yeah Yeah Boi6 ngày trước

    Smoke on the water. That's the joke

  20. Austin Saul

    Austin Saul6 ngày trước

    Anyways here’s wonderwall

  21. Debajyoti Bose

    Debajyoti Bose6 ngày trước

    That last part about lead vocalist going "on a rant" is actually true for Opeth, when Akerfeldt starts to talk.. haha

  22. Jesse Smith

    Jesse Smith6 ngày trước

    Conan's drummer has an annoying face

  23. Beau Presley

    Beau Presley7 ngày trước

    But...drummers aren’t musicians?

  24. Dan Reynolds

    Dan Reynolds8 ngày trước

    The blues guitar part was a lie. SRV would be very upset.

  25. koolBOY8323

    koolBOY83238 ngày trước

    all the commenters seem to know it's a 5000 dollar plus guitar. no on seemed to notice it was at least a 350 dollar Zildjian ride cymbal on an over priced DW stand.

  26. alec McGrory

    alec McGrory8 ngày trước

    the least funny beach

  27. Nunnayer Beeswax

    Nunnayer Beeswax9 ngày trước

    These people are embarrassing.

  28. Chad Richards

    Chad Richards9 ngày trước

    These jokes missed every beat

  29. Patrick Bateman

    Patrick Bateman9 ngày trước

    “GITAR” If you know what I mean, ur a legend!

  30. jordan hayes

    jordan hayes10 ngày trước

    *I AM YOUR MOTHER!!!!*

  31. drummie 25

    drummie 2510 ngày trước

    im in the philippines... music stores arent that stocked with cymbals

  32. Shar4X

    Shar4X11 ngày trước

    "dude our drummer didnt learn the dream theater song" "ah no worries he'll just improvise"

  33. Tex Avery

    Tex Avery11 ngày trước

    This is the unfunniest guy in snl..

  34. sukadikandi

    sukadikandi14 ngày trước

    Not a single funny was made

  35. kurtzband

    kurtzband15 ngày trước

    Conan is already funny wtf does he have to shout

  36. Jazz Manouche

    Jazz Manouche15 ngày trước

    Sooo unfunny. Jokes for kids.

  37. MtnD0 2.0

    MtnD0 2.015 ngày trước

    The people who don't wanna be left out so they laugh as well. "Snare..." "HAHAHAHA... more"

  38. Aslan

    Aslan15 ngày trước

    As a blues guitarist I'm offended.

  39. Flibba Flabba

    Flibba Flabba7 ngày trước

    Make a blues song that doesnt repeat the same dull riff over and over for 6 minutes

  40. Steve Sheldon

    Steve Sheldon12 ngày trước

    Nobody cares. I bet you really got the blues now, doncha? haha

  41. Odins Spear

    Odins Spear16 ngày trước

    He’s a funny dude, however this was not it

  42. Frank Millerz

    Frank Millerz16 ngày trước

    The only thing that made me laugh was connan saying you made 3 people playing

  43. PchavDrummer

    PchavDrummer5 ngày trước

    Frank Millerz yup

  44. Adam Shaver Live

    Adam Shaver Live16 ngày trước

    ,,,pog wtf haha 🍄

  45. Fake Name

    Fake Name17 ngày trước

    My parents dying would be funnier than this guy.

  46. Joe Santa Maria

    Joe Santa Maria17 ngày trước

    One of the least funny people on Earth (others being Tig Notaro, Dane Cook, Amy Schumer, Jeff Dunham). So unfunny, it’s embarrassing. I’m embarrassed for him.

  47. Doc Roid

    Doc Roid18 ngày trước

    I actually really enjoyed his Netflix special. It was a fresh take on the traditional stand up. Really quirky and funny. Jokes targeting a specific audience. That's a cool idea.

  48. Rafael Carrillo

    Rafael Carrillo19 ngày trước

    Not funny sucks balls deep blue sea gulls model funker

  49. Lizeee

    Lizeee20 ngày trước

    My name is melypnos

  50. M Turkistani

    M Turkistani21 ngày trước

    That was so lame.

  51. horrnett

    horrnett22 ngày trước

    his cameo in Brooklyn nine nine is just hilarious

  52. M Garcia

    M Garcia22 ngày trước

    The jazz joke. The best. Lol.

  53. Bob Marley

    Bob Marley23 ngày trước

    literally the worst comedy i've ever witnessed in my life.

  54. Bob Lonzo

    Bob Lonzo25 ngày trước

    Conon is really the best

  55. Gluemonkey

    Gluemonkey26 ngày trước's ok to get it and not find it funny. Comedy isn't an equation. It's not 'niche musical injokes + irony of being in front of a majority non musical audience = funny'

  56. Ryan Doyle

    Ryan Doyle26 ngày trước

    Hard to believe that kind of comedy can buy you a Gibson J200.

  57. Diomar Rocha

    Diomar Rocha27 ngày trước

    What's funny here is that it's not even funny

  58. phillip the third

    phillip the third27 ngày trước

    casually pulls out a expensive Gibson acoustic nice

  59. JustNash

    JustNash27 ngày trước

    Way to make America r/woosh

  60. voicetube

    voicetube28 ngày trước

    One of my favorite Steve Martin bits (from one of his records) is when he talks about I think it was doing (what he "thought" was) a set for plumbers .... and I think he tells this highly complicated joke using plumber lingo and then he says something like "Oh… Wait, this is not the plumbers union crowd?" (That's not verbatim but it was something like that. Damn funny stuff!).

  61. Anthony Cutt

    Anthony Cutt29 ngày trước

    Yes, jazz guitarists, stop f*****g around with famous songs.

  62. Gabe

    GabeTháng trước

    Look up "Jens Hannemann Complicated Drumming Technique."

  63. SleighveDriver

    SleighveDriverTháng trước

    “That’s all I want” me too me too

  64. FenceJumpa

    FenceJumpaTháng trước

    If this guy's going for anti-jokes, he's killin it

  65. Jamess

    JamessTháng trước

    The clay is silent

  66. Konrad

    KonradTháng trước

    gorgeous guitar

  67. Wild & Free

    Wild & FreeTháng trước


  68. Bruce Charlie

    Bruce CharlieTháng trước

    I get the jokes . The delivery needs work

  69. Malicious Rebel

    Malicious RebelTháng trước

    4:10 The Edge

  70. Mark Harris

    Mark HarrisTháng trước

    Beautiful J200 !!

  71. Mastesy

    MastesyTháng trước

    Check this:

  72. buff nut

    buff nutTháng trước

    Luh prang tanga

  73. masterkulot

    masterkulotTháng trước


  74. jonathanmellqvist2

    jonathanmellqvist2Tháng trước

    Did someone tell a joke? No? Ok.

  75. Ton of Woot

    Ton of WootTháng trước

    If you like him, PLEASE check out Bill Bailey. Tons of great musical humour about everything from key changes to transposition.

  76. Knocker

    KnockerTháng trước

    What do you call a person that always hangs around musicians???? A drummer 😋

  77. Andrea Martinez

    Andrea MartinezTháng trước

    Omg I have that guitar in black jumbo

  78. Templar blood slovkia

    Templar blood slovkiaTháng trước

    Funny thing though..when BONO goes off..the edge makes it part of the song..

  79. Alvar Davidsson

    Alvar DavidssonTháng trước


  80. J PrOvost

    J PrOvostTháng trước

    I think I've watched this 100 times. It actually is funny.

  81. Eugenio Vasquez

    Eugenio VasquezTháng trước

    Fasho thx so much

  82. Harry Balszak

    Harry BalszakTháng trước

    1.5 jokes scored for 5 jokes delivered. I give his act 1.5/5 👏🏻

  83. Dojo

    DojoTháng trước

    nobody cares dipshit

  84. Seth Silverstein

    Seth SilversteinTháng trước

    Thank you Mr critic. I'm sure this will make your dad come back

  85. Elan Sleazebaggano

    Elan SleazebagganoTháng trước

    No bass?

  86. Efreet Kotori Itsuka

    Efreet Kotori ItsukaTháng trước

    oh hey its Mlepnos!

  87. slmeucalesa1

    slmeucalesa1Tháng trước

    Wake me up when it gets funny........

  88. Nico Naro

    Nico NaroTháng trước

    this really wasnt funny at all

  89. omarmoon57

    omarmoon57Tháng trước

    A suspended 9th goodness Jingle bells jigle bells!

  90. Under The Rug Music

    Under The Rug MusicTháng trước

    so funny only drummers would get this!!

  91. Nick Maurer

    Nick MaurerTháng trước

    Conan: You’re making three people happy. Fred: That’s all I want.

  92. alanboro

    alanboroTháng trước

    This isn't funny at all. I want my money back

  93. Daniel Dougan

    Daniel DouganTháng trước

    The cymbal joke needed a punchline. "I'd like to sample a Zildjian '79, please."

  94. tom rabbani

    tom rabbani17 ngày trước

    Or you could literally just sample it. Computer drums! Who needs a real drummer?

  95. Ballin Hamster

    Ballin Hamster20 ngày trước

    "So that was one joke" was the punchline

  96. Lucas Duque

    Lucas DuqueTháng trước

    lol, true. Drummers test their cymbals as if they were sipping wine.

  97. OLarrea77

    OLarrea77Tháng trước

    pulls out a damn j200

  98. Kody Sandy

    Kody SandyTháng trước

    "You are a musician- you're a drummer" What?

  99. Charlie Handley

    Charlie HandleyTháng trước

    The Clay is silent

  100. DJL Watts

    DJL WattsTháng trước

  101. Joseph R

    Joseph RTháng trước

    somebody needs to rowdy up that nerd in the glasses!

  102. Joseph R

    Joseph RTháng trước

    @Seth Silverstein i'm just kidding duder. I think I was high, and I thought it was funny.

  103. Seth Silverstein

    Seth SilversteinTháng trước


  104. Jon Whiting

    Jon WhitingTháng trước

    I’m not a fan of this guy

  105. Damien Bell

    Damien BellTháng trước

    HeY I PuT a *sus9* iN tHeRe IS’NT THAT CoOL⁉️

  106. Rory Whelan

    Rory WhelanTháng trước

    Ok, I watched the video, now get off my recommended

  107. Adrinopaulindromeus

    AdrinopaulindromeusTháng trước

    Fred Armisen is so unfunny it's sad.

  108. Metzo2701

    Metzo2701Tháng trước

    Violin. Fred proceeds to shred the guitar- guitar. Fred proceeds to shred violin

  109. Jake Duggan

    Jake DugganTháng trước


  110. Ronja

    RonjaTháng trước

    He is so weird..... I like it