Fred Armisen Tells Jokes Only Musicians Will Understand - CONAN on TBS


  1. Cyppress

    CyppressGiờ trước

    is that mlepnos

  2. Cyppress

    CyppressGiờ trước

    te clay is silent

  3. skyhigh315

    skyhigh3159 giờ trước

    wow that was.... not funny at all

  4. John Savold

    John Savold11 giờ trước

    Fred Armisen's "very specific brand of comedy"... code for not funny

  5. fc2p

    fc2p11 giờ trước

    you know what really pisses me off, is that while my woman watches these cook shows, my musician ears tune into the shitty background music which is just two minor 7 chords a half-step apart, and it just keeps going between those two chords over and over. It drives me crazy so I have to leave before I punch the tv. And she’s like “what's wrong, you don’t like stuffed mushrooms?”

  6. Andy D

    Andy D22 giờ trước

    That is not funny in the slightest

  7. midinerd

    midinerd23 giờ trước

    Guyyyyys if you hadn't noticed *timid teehee* I'm cutesy-wutesy AND I play the drums *bats hollywood-veteran eyelashes*

  8. PokemonParadise2010

    PokemonParadise2010Ngày trước

    his jokes are so bad theyre funny

  9. drtone

    drtoneNgày trước

    neither funny nor musical

  10. Yehezkiel Joel

    Yehezkiel Joel2 ngày trước

    What is this???????

  11. Night of the Living Meme

    Night of the Living Meme3 ngày trước


  12. Smiley Star09

    Smiley Star093 ngày trước

    Isn’t this the guy that plays Mlepclaynos?

  13. Chris Jenkins

    Chris Jenkins3 ngày trước

    Just pure awful this guy needs to stop

  14. Drum Omatic

    Drum Omatic3 ngày trước

    2.55 ha ha another drummer joke. Exactly what I as a drummer think of blues. 72 bar solos.

  15. CD Music

    CD Music4 ngày trước

    ayy...whatchu know about suspended 9ths, Conan???

  16. CD Music

    CD Music4 ngày trước

    ayy... whatchu know about suspended 9ths, Conan???

  17. Nico Bridge

    Nico Bridge4 ngày trước

    No one cares.

  18. Cheap Coffee

    Cheap Coffee4 ngày trước

    He's cute, but definitively not fun

  19. StephenRahrig

    StephenRahrig4 ngày trước

    These jokes have the feel of “you had to be there” jokes. They definitely don’t play out of context, to a general audience.

  20. MultiSkyman1

    MultiSkyman15 ngày trước

    Whats the difference between Santa Clause and a drummer? Santa Clause brings gifts!

  21. Nikki Cyprus

    Nikki Cyprus5 ngày trước


  22. Nicholas Griffey

    Nicholas Griffey5 ngày trước

    This is horrible

  23. Mike Amira

    Mike Amira6 ngày trước

    Haha handing the cymbal and stand in half...

  24. Sheldon Lee

    Sheldon Lee6 ngày trước

    Fred Armisen is amazing. One of my all time favs.

  25. Tommy Noble

    Tommy Noble6 ngày trước

    the joke where he hammers and E and calls it blues and claims blues songs go on a long time proves he played in a little punk band for a year or two and now acts like he kinda knows music...... bob dylan, keith richards and john lennon would have laughed at him , not with him.... but maybe uh...... like ... uh ... . some band nobody knows ........ gets how long and boring the blues are....i guess thats why punk had such a lasting empact and blues songs kinda died out.. hahaha

  26. Maximilian Foxy

    Maximilian Foxy7 ngày trước

    jokes well that wasn't funny at all looks like stupid person just talking and talking

  27. GnarDab

    GnarDab7 ngày trước

    Fine VIreporter, I'll watch it

  28. Hippo

    Hippo7 ngày trước

    He looks like a younger version of Phil from Flex Tape

  29. Foot Long

    Foot Long7 ngày trước

    Watching for the 5th time, and I only noticed that he's Mlepnos from B99.

  30. Dottor Dex

    Dottor Dex8 ngày trước

    ha....ha.....ha blues is boring....yeah....ha.....ha (the moment I realized this guy doesn't know anything about any kind of music)

  31. Michael Pigue

    Michael Pigue7 ngày trước

    Dottor Dex you realize this is an act right?

  32. Kien Le

    Kien Le8 ngày trước

    The guy is the joke himself, nothing else.

  33. Jacob Ivey

    Jacob Ivey8 ngày trước

    Honestly not funny and I love blues so I guess we're different kinda musicians

  34. Thom Miller

    Thom Miller8 ngày trước

    Ha Ha ha !! Got it !

  35. will 45

    will 458 ngày trước

    who here like me is a drummer

  36. Nate Steere

    Nate Steere8 ngày trước

    Conan didn't understand but he just let it.... Ride.

  37. Shahrooz Shadbakht

    Shahrooz Shadbakht8 ngày trước

    He should've done the be-bop joke too. Loved that "come guys let's write some real music"

  38. Daniel Garcia

    Daniel Garcia9 ngày trước

    It's amazing how far a very mediocre talent can get so far just for being on SNL.

  39. LeSloth

    LeSloth9 ngày trước

    This stinks

  40. Mark Schmitz

    Mark Schmitz9 ngày trước


  41. chris sprenger

    chris sprenger9 ngày trước

    That stand up special was terrible

  42. 8un3zz

    8un3zz9 ngày trước

    Midi drummers are pissed Hahaha

  43. Dante Appling

    Dante Appling9 ngày trước

    This guy makes me uncomfortable every time I see him because the first time I saw he was playing a guy with some strange baby fetish. He was wearing a diaper and talking like a toddler while he had two underdressed women clean his apartment. And he did it well enough for me to believe that he wasn’t acting. That he just has this baby roleplaying fetish

  44. brad h

    brad h10 ngày trước

    That's a fantastic sounding ride.

  45. wcompto

    wcompto10 ngày trước

    I think I missed any humor here

  46. buerger3

    buerger310 ngày trước

    The only drummer in history that was ever funny was Scott Columbus. RIP \m/ \m/

  47. Opus Dei

    Opus Dei10 ngày trước

    Even though I am a musician I found this incredibly boring. Recognizable sure, but not funny at all...

  48. Leo Messi

    Leo Messi10 ngày trước

    Ok, Conan... I watched it... Happy?

  49. chris Purdy

    chris Purdy10 ngày trước

    Fred Armisen-He has been impersonating a nice and fragile fellow for years. His entire career is based on his apparent observational curiosity into how ironic society is...and yet its not ironic- its just quirky, how ironic.

  50. hawoo

    hawoo11 ngày trước


  51. FBI- Agent villegas

    FBI- Agent villegas11 ngày trước


  52. Josh

    Josh11 ngày trước

    boy that was riveting

  53. Imaginary Sora

    Imaginary Sora11 ngày trước

    He is not that funny tbh the comments here are funnier idk if its just me..

  54. Crazelord91

    Crazelord9111 ngày trước

    > Video that is clearly labled as jokes only musicians understand > Dislike because you're not a musician and don't get the jokes

  55. B Daniels Official

    B Daniels Official11 ngày trước

    I didn't this he was funny at all. Just me?

  56. steven g

    steven g12 ngày trước

    i’m a musician, and i dont find this funny at all

  57. Rob Saunders

    Rob Saunders12 ngày trước

    I've got to hand it to Conan. I am not a big fan, but some years ago I saw his documentary and I don't think I've ever seen anybody work harder in my life. He deserves everything he's gotten in life.

  58. Daniel Bertola

    Daniel Bertola12 ngày trước

    What happened to talk shows? Seriously. Like bottom of the bucket humor. Lowest common denominator drivel. Every single one. Just sad really.

  59. WonderfulPollo

    WonderfulPollo12 ngày trước

    This is horrible

  60. Fred Garvin

    Fred Garvin12 ngày trước

    He isn't funny.

  61. Erick McNerney

    Erick McNerney12 ngày trước

    It's hard to not picture him as a serial killing cannibal.

  62. Henri Kotylak

    Henri Kotylak12 ngày trước

    not funny at all................what a tard!!!!

  63. tednugentlives

    tednugentlives12 ngày trước

    Fred does a killer Keith Moon impression.

  64. raaxaa

    raaxaa13 ngày trước

    So not funny

  65. Manuel Puente

    Manuel Puente13 ngày trước

    horrible observations, just isnt worthy to notice them ... and his netflix special is such a crap

  66. On Song International

    On Song International13 ngày trước


  67. Sirvalorsax

    Sirvalorsax13 ngày trước

    Blues riff in B, watch me for the changes and try to keep up......

  68. mike horr

    mike horr13 ngày trước

    Coonans hair what the ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

  69. Konduktive

    Konduktive13 ngày trước


  70. 28Naufal

    28Naufal13 ngày trước

    I thought Mlepclaynos plays violin

  71. J P

    J P13 ngày trước


  72. Torch

    Torch13 ngày trước

    The least funny person I know of. But the greatest con man.

  73. Tony Redunzo

    Tony Redunzo13 ngày trước

    Nice that drummers and guitar player jokes got some run. Was waiting for the "What do you throw a drowning guitar player" joke. Answer: "His amplifier."

  74. ToxicMidnight

    ToxicMidnight14 ngày trước

    Watch Jared dines guitar store dad jokes for a funny video

  75. MyNameIsNidos

    MyNameIsNidos14 ngày trước

    mi scuzi

  76. RelfTekk

    RelfTekk15 ngày trước

    Melepnos can talk?

  77. JEFF ANGEL 16

    JEFF ANGEL 1615 ngày trước

    this guy is not funny

  78. Jeff Baker

    Jeff Baker14 ngày trước

    I'm a big Fred Armisen fan but this wasn't his best stuff. He's awesome though.

  79. BrianMusic12

    BrianMusic1215 ngày trước

    You clearly dont get the armisen way

  80. CR7TheGunner

    CR7TheGunner15 ngày trước

    3:54 Billie-Joe Armstrong, everybody.

  81. James Miller

    James Miller15 ngày trước

    "You've made three people happy" "Like your show" Bahdoom cheeeee (rimshot)

  82. xr280xr

    xr280xr15 ngày trước

    The only problem is, even if he meant this ironically (it's funny cause it's not funny) nobody's laughing. Gotta get your audience on the same page as you first. Nice try but end result: it's not funny to 99%.

  83. xr280xr

    xr280xr14 ngày trước

    Jeff Baker ...ok VIreporter comment evaluator.

  84. Jeff Baker

    Jeff Baker14 ngày trước

    Lol...ok comedy coach.


    CUISINED15 ngày trước

    0:17 James Warmworth was ludwig.

  86. Fellow Traveler

    Fellow Traveler16 ngày trước

    It takes him a painfully long amount of time to get to any one of his many points.

  87. lolbrunopt

    lolbrunopt16 ngày trước

    That's Mlep(clay)nos!

  88. Breeyanna Wallace

    Breeyanna Wallace18 ngày trước

    *got this big tenor sax case* Oh do you play the trumpet?

  89. Jack Goddard Skate

    Jack Goddard Skate18 ngày trước

    Is that Mlepnos?

  90. M.B.G. Music Production

    M.B.G. Music Production18 ngày trước

    Drummers are so lucky...………….They get to spend all of their time hanging out with musicians!

  91. Flacid House

    Flacid House13 ngày trước

    Behold, the wit of of a guitar player.

  92. churchmouse144

    churchmouse14418 ngày trước

    I feel more stupid than when I started. Made it half way through. Great job, Fred

  93. birdonawire

    birdonawire18 ngày trước

    This guy is funny as a brain tumour

  94. Krucifer 420

    Krucifer 42018 ngày trước

    If u dont play u need to start. This vid made me laugh my balls off lol

  95. George St George

    George St George18 ngày trước

    "You are a musician; you are a drummer". Finally Conan says something funny.....

  96. Ahmad YFH

    Ahmad YFH18 ngày trước


  97. kirby march Barcena

    kirby march Barcena19 ngày trước

    Making three people happy...

  98. Sean Glueckert

    Sean Glueckert19 ngày trước

    so nothing for the bassists i guess...

  99. Taylor Craft

    Taylor Craft19 ngày trước

    He's amazing. Lol.

  100. David Clarke

    David Clarke19 ngày trước

    I still don’t think Fred is as funny as HE thinks HE is.

  101. Jeff Porcaro Groove

    Jeff Porcaro Groove20 ngày trước

    very true stuff...funny? not so much, but true

  102. Tijuana

    Tijuana20 ngày trước

    He told a joke with the word politics, without saying Trump. Give the man his award/vegetable.

  103. Anthony B

    Anthony B20 ngày trước

    The guy is so weird and i love that about him.

  104. William Yale

    William Yale20 ngày trước

    Gays play drums? I had no idea!

  105. MrBigbrother93

    MrBigbrother9320 ngày trước

    A guy with an acoustic guitar and a guy with an violin case without a violin are waiting for a cab together. Which one is the professional musician? The cab driver

  106. Marco Pg

    Marco Pg21 ngày trước

    I feel like all the jokes missed the punchline... it dosent go beyond being relatable.