Fred Armisen Tells Jokes Only Musicians Will Understand - CONAN on TBS


  1. Galvanize

    Galvanize2 giờ trước

    Conan trying hard to save the segment by saying “yeah I got that one” “that guy’s laughing, hahaha”

  2. 2centavos

    2centavos5 giờ trước

    One of the lamer Conan segments

  3. Mark Lis

    Mark Lis9 giờ trước

    Fred Armisen is not a musician, and not even a comedian. What he actually is even he himself does not know.

  4. Kevin Kibble

    Kevin Kibble11 giờ trước

    Fred really needs his own comedy show about music.

  5. Monika

    Monika11 giờ trước

    There's so many people who don't get it - he's trying to make it awkward and unfunny because that makes it funny. Don't take everything for face value! Try Gatis Kandis, he's the most unfunny person ever - I love him.

  6. Osip Vayner

    Osip Vayner12 giờ trước

    3:31 NO, GIVE ME JINGLE BELLS!!!!!!!

  7. Dsennack

    Dsennack13 giờ trước

    Why is reggie Conans Drummer?

  8. De Sanc

    De Sanc14 giờ trước

    i dont know which joke should i laugh at

  9. Patrik Archy

    Patrik Archy16 giờ trước

    The Jew is strong with this one.

  10. Isabella Aguiar l-/

    Isabella Aguiar l-/17 giờ trước

    Sksksk, I’m not a set player but I do percussion and I can 10/10 relate

  11. TheDp1965

    TheDp196517 giờ trước


  12. Turner Halsey

    Turner Halsey17 giờ trước

    If you don’t like Fred armisen or Conan why in the world would you click on this video? To be a troll? If you watch videos of people you don’t like just to comment on how you don’t like them, then you are a troll and only other trolls will want to hear what you have to say. So why not create some sort of forum where all of you can have a troll circle jerk and get each other off with yr hate speech. Stop watching videos of people you don’t like, it’s really weird like on some self hating closeted latent homosexual ish. K thanks bye


    EOIN MCCULLOUGH18 giờ trước

    m. l. e. kle.

  14. romz sibayan

    romz sibayan20 giờ trước

    i love his jazz chords on his jingle

  15. mrekbass

    mrekbass21 giờ trước

    Two guys are walking down the street. Ones broke... the other is also a musician! WHAA-WHaa-whaa!

  16. mrekbass

    mrekbassGiờ trước

    +Juicy Pear Ba-doom-Crash!

  17. Juicy Pear

    Juicy Pear9 giờ trước


  18. Fernando Paulo

    Fernando Paulo22 giờ trước

    I think he doesnt play any of those instruments well, especially the guitar...

  19. Cade Nollen

    Cade NollenNgày trước

    It was FILLED

  20. HeavyProfessor

    HeavyProfessorNgày trước

    God couldn’t be more spot on about the blues riff thing

  21. FranklinsLighthouse

    FranklinsLighthouseNgày trước

    My goodness that is a pretty Gibson he just sported.

  22. Phillip Riggins

    Phillip RigginsNgày trước


  23. Clemence Grumble

    Clemence GrumbleNgày trước

    I'm a musician and didn't understand a DAMN thing. Thank god he gave me some context with the guitar

  24. Peyote Pete

    Peyote PeteNgày trước

    Would of never guessed this guy was a musician! Awesome!!!

  25. John James Mcmeekin

    John James McmeekinNgày trước

    This isn't funny

  26. Steeltowner

    SteeltownerNgày trước

    btw, that cymbal sounded amazing!

  27. Cj Zizzari

    Cj ZizzariNgày trước

    Your singer going on a political rant mid song only happens in California

  28. 6th Wilbury

    6th WilburyNgày trước

    Anyone who enjoyed the guitar portion of this bit should immediately seek out a VIreporter channel called Music Is Win.

  29. Sergio Carrasco

    Sergio CarrascoNgày trước

    He's funnier as Mlepnos

  30. OgamiItto70

    OgamiItto70Ngày trước

    Says Conan: "You're a drummer, you're a musician!" Hey, Conan, make up your mind. It's one or the other. (Sorry, drummers. Just couldn't resist.)

  31. Liam Beers

    Liam BeersNgày trước

    3:04 I found this so funny and true though!!

  32. Mastacheifa 118

    Mastacheifa 118Ngày trước

    "One last time..."

  33. Nava

    NavaNgày trước

    Bahahaha standing mid song that's me lol

  34. Itamar Bledsoe

    Itamar BledsoeNgày trước

    It's not observational humor, it's just observations.

  35. Ibitokun Alaka

    Ibitokun AlakaNgày trước

    5% talk about he is so funny and talented. 90% talk about how they are a musician and this jokes weren't funny. 5% were people arguing about it. Wow. Just. Wow.

  36. Ben Pike

    Ben Pike2 ngày trước

    These jokes aren't supposed to be funny. That's the whole point. To a lot of people, that's just annoying. But to others, it's genius.

  37. Keeks Seven

    Keeks Seven2 ngày trước

    He's not even a capable drummer ..... Lord

  38. Rod Mcdonough

    Rod Mcdonough2 ngày trước

    How old would anyone guess that guy's J-200 is? The top is rather warped, and the whole thing looks like it was covered with brush-on marine spar varnish

  39. Zachary Collins

    Zachary Collins2 ngày trước

    "So you're a musician. You're a drummer" Best joke of the video.

  40. corey mckinney

    corey mckinney2 ngày trước

    God Bless Fred Armisen for these jokes. If you're any kind of musician, you should go watch his comedy special on Netflix, "Standup for Drummers".

  41. Blitz Bioframe

    Blitz Bioframe2 ngày trước

    *cough* billie joe armstrong

  42. Sean Poovaiya

    Sean Poovaiya2 ngày trước


  43. guinness4life

    guinness4life2 ngày trước

    Hilarious. I was on the floor from the moment Conan used "drummer" and "musician" in the same sentence.

  44. Dominik Klemetsrud

    Dominik Klemetsrud2 ngày trước


  45. A Guitarist

    A Guitarist2 ngày trước

    If the guy listened to Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Life by The Drop, he would change his mind about acoustic blues.

  46. ProtestSong68

    ProtestSong682 ngày trước

    i hate his humor, im a musician and those are like non funny facts at all

  47. Danny

    Danny2 ngày trước

    There werent any jokes here. Its just annoying things that people do. The only people laughing are the people who are trying to say "Hey everybody, Im a drummer/guitar player and i understand this".

  48. erod425

    erod4252 ngày trước


  49. Lee Nichols

    Lee Nichols2 ngày trước

    sus 2 conan, sus 2

  50. George Wanat

    George Wanat2 ngày trước

    not funny.

  51. HarveyVideosUK

    HarveyVideosUK2 ngày trước

    Most un funny music related jokes in the world

  52. Theodore-Ben Solomon

    Theodore-Ben Solomon2 ngày trước

    How about violists? No. Nevermind.

  53. Parker Tozier

    Parker Tozier2 ngày trước

    is this kinda hard to watch for anyone else

  54. 123 123

    123 1232 ngày trước

    What is the song when he played the blues part i think. before he play the jingle bells?

  55. bônn gamer

    bônn gamer2 ngày trước

    The last joke was so true :))))

  56. Megumi Celestial

    Megumi Celestial3 ngày trước


  57. Joshua Han

    Joshua Han3 ngày trước

    whats wrong with adding a ninth or flat 13?

  58. Abhijit Baruah

    Abhijit Baruah3 ngày trước

    People missed the cymbalism in his joke.

  59. Alex Gordon

    Alex Gordon3 ngày trước

    hardest thing for a guitarist to play... is nothing. ;)... worked at music store in the city for awhile... i wonder why there's hasn't been a movie or show based on a music store... (hey fred armisen, if you want to do it? please msg me... i have a ton of stories- some tragic like ods and suicides but mostly pretty cool) cause back in the day a lot of us did lots of drugs and were always recording, playing shows, or going to shows... not to mention the crazy regulars, the music teachers who'd come to poach students from the kids who came in with parents, that guitarist with dreads that came every other day between busses who always walked around with a steve vai guitar on his back, the long haired 80's metal dudes, the crusty punk rockers, the djs, the "producers" on the workstations, the famous touring person that dropped by from time to time or the famous touring person or persons that were just in town and wanted to swing by our city's music store, the guys that would come in to give out their bands newest cd, the drum offs, the hall with flyers for the next shows, the coworkers totally coked up and power selling during the big wave before christmas, almost all of us promoting our next shows.. aw the memories... anyway.

  60. Camryn Barker

    Camryn Barker3 ngày trước

    Does anyone know what that type of guitar is called?

  61. Noticeethis

    Noticeethis3 ngày trước

    Those aren't musician jokes. Those are musician problems.

  62. James Clark

    James Clark3 ngày trước

    The special he made was painfully unfunny

  63. AlexOX

    AlexOX3 ngày trước

    As a drummer it was lame

  64. Juan Coche

    Juan Coche3 ngày trước

    Wtf is wrong with Conan's hair?

  65. Gramatik 313

    Gramatik 3133 ngày trước

    We need an "as a drummer count".

  66. The Jesus

    The Jesus3 ngày trước

    You know the difference between an onion and an accordion ?............................nobody will cry if you cut an accordion into tiny pieces

  67. All Things Periphery

    All Things Periphery3 ngày trước


  68. Graham Greene

    Graham Greene3 ngày trước


  69. Justin Mitchelli

    Justin Mitchelli3 ngày trước

    "Suspended 9"

  70. Zero

    Zero3 ngày trước

    no viola jokes???

  71. Marcus James

    Marcus James3 ngày trước

    Casually picks up a Gibson acoustic behind the couch to make a joke All my music equipment pricetags combined sum to less than this guitar's worth FFS

  72. GrungeIsN0tDead

    GrungeIsN0tDead3 ngày trước

    Dammit mlepnos

  73. darcy londeen

    darcy londeen4 ngày trước

    wow ok so from the comments I've gathered that the joke is funny by not being funny at all, amazing

  74. Nathan Duncan

    Nathan Duncan4 ngày trước

    Ive had at least 3 people hand me the top of a cymbal stand with the cymbal still on. I feel like my eyes are finally open.

  75. Shanard Smith

    Shanard Smith4 ngày trước

    As a guitar player and dog owner..I'm a offended!

  76. David Carter

    David Carter4 ngày trước

    What do you call a guy in a room with a bunch of musicians? A drummer. 🤭

  77. Nacho Diablo

    Nacho Diablo4 ngày trước

    3:27 suspended 9th XXDD and like 3 ppl laughed, awkward....

  78. Peruk Thorghun

    Peruk Thorghun4 ngày trước

    Do you guys know what guitar he is playing?

  79. GetLikeUs

    GetLikeUs4 ngày trước

    So true!!!!

  80. David Murray

    David Murray4 ngày trước

    least funny comedian of all time....

  81. Spongebob

    Spongebob4 ngày trước

    I may be wrong here, but I think this guy's a drummer

  82. Gerg C

    Gerg C4 ngày trước

    haha us musicians right guys?!?!?! man we do such WEIRD things. i bet this one will go right over the non-musicians heads, RIGHT GUYS?!?!?!? these jokes are funny because you UNDERSTAND them. HAHAHA HA hA HA HA

  83. Madara Uchiha

    Madara Uchiha4 ngày trước

    4:34 Best Part of the video

  84. AbortedCabbages _

    AbortedCabbages _4 ngày trước

  85. Xagan Quadrant IV

    Xagan Quadrant IV5 ngày trước

    i don't get why this creepy £*** is in show business, let alone on television.

  86. missclovetea

    missclovetea5 ngày trước

    Conan you should've played the guitar :)

  87. Brian Onuscheck

    Brian Onuscheck5 ngày trước

    Singers need to stop the political rants. No one paid to listen to that BS.

  88. sexobscura

    sexobscura5 ngày trước

    *"There won't be any busy signals because busy signals don't exist anymore"* *"They don't exist anymor -r - r - r - re"*

  89. Chio Chan Genocide

    Chio Chan Genocide5 ngày trước's the problem, even for musicians those jokes sucked. Even Conan pointing out a suspended 9 chord was better than any of the stuff he said

  90. Isaac Sellers

    Isaac Sellers5 ngày trước

    If you’re an EDM artist/producer you understood all of these.

  91. Nyonyo Mafirakureva

    Nyonyo Mafirakureva5 ngày trước

    The look on the fat guy's face.He probably didn't get the jokes and doesn't understand music he was like wtf are these two talking about 😂😂😂

  92. NOISEf7

    NOISEf75 ngày trước

    don't fake you laugh buddy

  93. Young Frankenstein

    Young Frankenstein5 ngày trước

    The only good guitar joke is "Fingering A Minor".

  94. elvislives81677

    elvislives816775 ngày trước

    Better drummer than comedian clearly. And I've never heard him drum.

  95. Bryan B

    Bryan B5 ngày trước

    He was RIGHT ON with the drum bit!!

  96. joji moji

    joji moji5 ngày trước


  97. Leo Ventimiglia

    Leo Ventimiglia5 ngày trước

    Conan only plays those "Long songs" on the guitar

  98. Mister Chu

    Mister Chu6 ngày trước

    It’s melipnos

  99. Dror Shem Tov

    Dror Shem Tov6 ngày trước

    @4:08 - Didn't the guitar player in that last SNL Show do that when Kanye West went on his MAGA Speech?

  100. Zach Martin

    Zach Martin6 ngày trước

    "You are a musician, you're a drummer" Ha, as a *real* musician I find this insulting 😉

  101. Ed Muzio

    Ed Muzio6 ngày trước

    I pLaY dRuMs aNd GuiTaR aND ThIS iSn'T funNy

  102. Joshua Haigh

    Joshua Haigh2 ngày trước


  103. synthmalicious

    synthmalicious4 ngày trước

    “I hit the guitar once so now I’m a guitarist”

  104. JDavis18

    JDavis184 ngày trước

    Ed Muzio I pLaY dRuMs AnD gUiTaR aNd ThIs Is FuNnY

  105. Steve Vandebeur

    Steve Vandebeur5 ngày trước


  106. sunnyztmoney

    sunnyztmoney6 ngày trước

    I don't regret learning guitar, but joining a band was the worst, most selfish waste of time in my entire life