Freddie Mercury talking about Michael Jackson


  1. Elaine nicholson

    Elaine nicholson3 giờ trước

    He was so intriguing and charming.

  2. James Radski

    James Radski15 giờ trước

    That's his bag!

  3. Vazcular

    Vazcular16 giờ trước

    They never finished because Michael Jackson only fucks underage males.

  4. Christine Christina

    Christine ChristinaNgày trước

    I know Freddy was hot for the guys...but gahd damnit! He's so hot. That second interview of him brooding in his white "wife beater" shirt, just makes me drool. Ugh...what an awesome singer,performer,entertainer 💕

  5. Evy Lynnette

    Evy LynnetteNgày trước

    I love this. I love he doesn’t diss on mj. That he understands that they just didn’t click u know? Such a kind soul he worried more about the friendship than anything else. We need more people like this

  6. fdsjlaf

    fdsjlaf2 ngày trước

    I think he's saying mj ain't gay like himself

  7. Clay Page

    Clay Page2 ngày trước

    I wonder if somewhere there is a version of "State of Shock" with Jackson and Mercury?

  8. bubble hek

    bubble hek2 ngày trước

    Legends supporting legends.

  9. Your Mom

    Your Mom2 ngày trước

    And then we fucked.

  10. Cruz Florero

    Cruz Florero2 ngày trước


  11. Elizabeth Mitchell

    Elizabeth Mitchell3 ngày trước

    Legends supporting Legends

  12. Djayk

    Djayk3 ngày trước

    Get you a girl who looks at you the way MJ looks at Freddy

  13. Insatiable Landon S.

    Insatiable Landon S.3 ngày trước

    They did the original version of "State of Shock" #ripfreddieandmike

  14. Bxnji

    Bxnji3 ngày trước

    “ that’s his bag “ Freddie Mercury was saying something that people are saying in 2018

  15. Robogabriel

    Robogabriel3 ngày trước

    It's amazing to think that a collaboration like Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson never happened simply because of scheduling conflicts. Sometimes, there's no reason for the best possibilities to happen simply because life gets in the way.

  16. ultraThijs

    ultraThijs4 ngày trước

    God talking about Jesus.

  17. Dr. Sexy

    Dr. Sexy4 ngày trước

    We need a Michael Jackson movie And call it Thriller

  18. Caleb Houston

    Caleb Houston4 ngày trước

    “He doesn’t like coming out.” 😳

  19. Dawn M. Divincenzo

    Dawn M. Divincenzo4 ngày trước

    Such phenomenal talent they both possessed. I miss Freddie Michael so much. The good old days of MTV will always be a warm memory for me.

  20. Barbara Williamson

    Barbara Williamson4 ngày trước

    Two great legends sadly mistreated.


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  22. Raditya Indera

    Raditya Indera4 ngày trước

    He's smoking like chimney yet still have powerful voice.

  23. C Ramirez

    C Ramirez4 ngày trước

    Freddie Mercury 😍😍😍😍

  24. Jolly Infidel

    Jolly Infidel4 ngày trước

    He sounds like a old English military officer. I never heard him casually speak before and now I have i love it.!


    CARDIOMACHINE14 ngày trước

    He turned a song about something so simple as riding a bicycle into a hit! He was a genius and one in a billion talent R.I.P Freddie.

  26. Supriyo Adhikari

    Supriyo Adhikari4 ngày trước

    Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson and George Michel are the three of my favourite voices ever..

  27. Daisy May

    Daisy May4 ngày trước

    Can you imagine being at a Queen show and looking over and seeing MJ in the crowd?! My head would explode!

  28. Julian Rocha

    Julian Rocha4 ngày trước

    The last ten seconds or so of this video are what make past and past artists so much greater then the garbage we have now

  29. PANoramic TV

    PANoramic TV4 ngày trước

    So humbly spoken

  30. Caz 9

    Caz 94 ngày trước

    Such a voice and a smoker !

  31. ric Sosa

    ric Sosa4 ngày trước

    You can tell Freddie doesn't really care about Michael Jackson

  32. Todd Schneck

    Todd Schneck4 ngày trước

    Legend on legend!

  33. Hannah Dare - Gentile

    Hannah Dare - Gentile4 ngày trước

    Freddie spoke of a song that he, Michael Jackson and Mick Jagger were working on. Does anyone know if the song was completed / finished ? And if it was, how is it ?

  34. Mesh Farmer

    Mesh Farmer4 ngày trước

    Was this before or after the llama and coke incidences?

  35. Kelly

    Kelly4 ngày trước

    He was so handsome...🥰😍🥰😍

  36. Maria Menediati

    Maria Menediati5 ngày trước

    Is it just me who watched the movie “Bohemian Rhapsody” and suddenly is looking for small details and interviews of Freddie ?

  37. J jaylo

    J jaylo2 giờ trước

    Maria Menediati haha yes it’s me too saw it on Saturday and looking up everything of Him and his music since

  38. Mr. Space!

    Mr. Space!Ngày trước

    Maria Menediati yes!!

  39. F. Mert Erdoğan

    F. Mert Erdoğan5 ngày trước

    And mmm... You know just, just... Michael Jackson.

  40. Fresko Ordinary

    Fresko Ordinary5 ngày trước

    he really doesnt look or act like he was gay. great singer seem like a good person.

  41. Yvzcn Club

    Yvzcn Club5 ngày trước

    İtilmiş gibisin freddie baba pardon bacım

  42. iamzaymusic

    iamzaymusic5 ngày trước

    I think he was prolly upset that mick got on the track instead of him. Who wouldn’t want to be on a track with Michael Jackson? Especially if you wrote it?

  43. australia land of pedophiles

    australia land of pedophiles5 ngày trước

    Fredie mercury like to tear michael Jackson's ass, but michael said you are too old I only date kids.

  44. australia land of pedophiles

    australia land of pedophiles5 ngày trước

    +Sharon Martin they are both homos, but Freddie took it to a higher level lol.

  45. Robin

    Robin5 ngày trước

    The King and The Queen.

  46. Sandria Martinez

    Sandria Martinez5 ngày trước

    He is such a nice non judgemental person.. R. I. P GREAT FREDDIE! 💗

  47. Okin Arierom

    Okin Arierom5 ngày trước

    Such tragic thing when he says he couldn't be like Michael and just isolate himself in his house.. Mercury's illness forced him to be confined into his house for the last legs of his life. Such irony that he ended up like Michael, only for different reasons. He did carry his illness like a champ to the bitter end. All of those people contracting the infection because the society was so punishing on them that a subculture developed that was very fertile for transmission. If people were able to love each other in public and express themselves, I don't think the 80's would have claimed so many victims. When us humans are forced to repress ourselves we find other ways to do it, and often this creates situations that also can become harmful like excessive substance abuse, orgies and fantasies that can be fueled by the needs of our repressed bodies and need to be accepted and loved as we are.

  48. Fuzza majumula

    Fuzza majumula2 ngày trước

    @Okin Arierom Well said!

  49. tygersflowerz

    tygersflowerz2 ngày trước

    Yeah, well, by the time he was isolated, he probably felt so terrible physically, he didn't want to go out.

  50. Levin Dela Cruz

    Levin Dela Cruz5 ngày trước

    He's a good person, he just flew way too close to the sun.. I hope he's happy now though :)

  51. X makenarya

    X makenarya5 ngày trước

    Freddie is a legendary artist but its so sad that he sold his soul to the devil . I know u will get mad at me buts its true

  52. Stu H

    Stu H5 ngày trước

    Absolutely undoubtedly a legend, a gentleman and a star

  53. Music fan

    Music fan5 ngày trước

    what were their duet songs?

  54. Peter Boy

    Peter Boy5 ngày trước

    Love that interview and the way he speaks about not to put à song before friendship 🔥🤟

  55. GeopioneerGSXR

    GeopioneerGSXR5 ngày trước

    That thumbnail looks like a gtav character..

  56. Josue Caban

    Josue Caban5 ngày trước

    Too bad he got the big gay and died

  57. mockingjaye

    mockingjaye5 ngày trước

    I hope he knew he was loved by everyone! I love him!

  58. The Omen

    The Omen5 ngày trước

    Freddie Mercury. Absolutely the greatest voice in the history of rock. But people have to stop putting their nostalgia on a cross. Dude was a coked our slut. Same muhfuckaz dissing Amy Winehouse be on Freddie’s cock. Stop. Use your time wisely

  59. brian houle

    brian houle5 ngày trước

    Talk about a famous singer who was not full of himself !!

  60. Ted Sky

    Ted Sky5 ngày trước

    Freddie knows how to blow! Mikie knows kids!! Lets love our heros people!!

  61. Milin Shandilya

    Milin Shandilya5 ngày trước

    One legend talks about other legend

  62. Lmpure _

    Lmpure _5 ngày trước

    The camera practically slid over Freddie’s crotch

  63. Lamuel J Sackson

    Lamuel J Sackson5 ngày trước

    Dafuq is wrong with staying home?? Haha makes us sound like weirdos or something or anti social haha there's days maybe stretches where I prefer "isolation" instead of goin out with people

  64. mythreechildren

    mythreechildren5 ngày trước

    I have only just begun to look more into Freddie Mercury, yet it was before I knew about the movie. Freddie lived a quite wreckless lifestyle. He flew people from across the country for cocaine parties. He had sexually based parties with multiple partners before he found hit longtime monotonous partner. BUT he was a wonderful person. One should not be confused or ignore that fact. He was kind and generous.He was humble. Even though he was ‘cocky’. He still believe is some of his extraordinary talents. (The piano) for instance. He was a brilliant player, but said he wasn’t that good, he was hedonistic ...looked fir whatever was pleasure and believe in mediate fulfillment. I still wold have loved to know him! I’m

  65. FN Anderson

    FN Anderson6 ngày trước

    "Well i dont know thats his bag" Such a simple phrase but has so much meaning. Just focus on ur life and lets others handle theirs. Great interview. And btw i just farted.

  66. Duro Drkafon

    Duro Drkafon6 ngày trước

    I love his Music,but i dont love his "macho"-Homosexual behavior.....RIP!

  67. Jazz Jazzy

    Jazz Jazzy6 ngày trước

    Great attitude

  68. Mark Carroll

    Mark Carroll6 ngày trước

    Friendships should go on. There will never be a shortage of songs. And they should never interfere with friendships. -Mark Carroll

  69. Marcella Jackson Music/Star Entertainment

    Marcella Jackson Music/Star Entertainment6 ngày trước

    One thing was missing in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody I went to see the movie yesterday and the one thing that was missing that they should have had in there that would have been very interesting if they would have had the time when Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury met each other they mentioned Michael Jackson's name in the movie but they didn't have an actor play Michael Jackson and have the the time when they met each other that would have been very interesting it's too bad that they didn't have that part in the movie other than that the movie was fantastic it was excellent I recommend everyone to see it it's a movie worth seeing more than once

  70. Marcella Jackson Music/Star Entertainment

    Marcella Jackson Music/Star Entertainment3 ngày trước

    Katherine Stephen ... right yeah I know what you mean I totally understand and I agree with you that it would be hard to find someone identical to Michael because Michael was so unique

  71. Katherine Stephen

    Katherine Stephen3 ngày trước

    That would have been awesome to see the two musicians meeting in the movie but it would've been tricky to find an actor identical to Michael Jackson to include him if you know what I mean friend :)

  72. The Hawk

    The Hawk6 ngày trước

    Love his voice. He sounds like a 1942 RAF pilot.

  73. Claudio Rojas

    Claudio Rojas6 ngày trước

    Freddy was being polite, the reason why Queen and Michael stopped recording was because Michael wanted to bring his exotic pets Into the studio and have them treated like real celebrities. The last straw was the lama. Thats when Freddy said ok enough with this BS screw this album! Good bye Michael!

  74. Conney Candy

    Conney Candy6 ngày trước


  75. Vincent Aguilar

    Vincent Aguilar6 ngày trước


  76. Nick yeayea

    Nick yeayea6 ngày trước

    Rip, God needed you there more instead of here

  77. Tamara Clark

    Tamara Clark6 ngày trước

    Wow! Didn't know Michael wanted Freddie for State of Shock!! That would've been awesome and totally different!❤️

  78. HRH Princess Mercury

    HRH Princess Mercury6 ngày trước

    Tamara Clark He didn't "want" Freddie for 'State f Shock', they co-wrote it..

  79. Kristin

    Kristin6 ngày trước

    He looks a lot older than 27 there.

  80. Mario Plater

    Mario Plater6 ngày trước

    Can you imagine two huge legends like Mercury & Micheal on stage together. Wow

  81. flame thrower melting snowflakes

    flame thrower melting snowflakes6 ngày trước

    Victory sucked Micheal wanted the vocal spotlight. Didn't come off right

  82. Марина Иванова

    Марина Иванова6 ngày trước

    his voice🖤

  83. Yoshiki G

    Yoshiki G6 ngày trước

    R.I.P Freddie and Michael. Such two legends.

  84. Killer of White Supremacy and Coons

    Killer of White Supremacy and Coons6 ngày trước

    It's amazing how much all the talented rock singers look so much alike Freddie looks like Steve Perry of Journey and Steven Tyler Aerosmith and Mickey Thomas - Lou Gramm and Robert Plant even look alike very bizarre


    JACK THE DRAGON O KEEFFE6 ngày trước

    That "tache" has had so many cum stains on it......

  86. Vincent Marone

    Vincent Marone7 ngày trước

    Compare how Freddie Mercury conducted himself in this interview, answering questions about MJ, with Lisa Marie Presley's snarky remarks about MJ.

  87. Micheal Hunter

    Micheal Hunter7 ngày trước

    To many cocks up his arse filthy scum bastard.

  88. Brian Washington

    Brian Washington7 ngày trước

    Has anyone heard the tracks he did with Michael ???

  89. Atara atar Gidere gider

    Atara atar Gidere gider7 ngày trước

    Freddie Mercury türk amk

  90. Mindy Andres

    Mindy Andres7 ngày trước

    2 legends!

  91. C-matik Musik

    C-matik Musik7 ngày trước

    I wonder if MICHAEL gave him aods

  92. edgar romero

    edgar romero7 ngày trước

    2 freaking legends

  93. Ayu Saribon

    Ayu Saribon7 ngày trước

    He look sad when talk about Michael

  94. Kevin Harris

    Kevin Harris7 ngày trước

    Freddie and MJ didn’t die, they just became music, which will always be here.

  95. Oofer Doofer

    Oofer Doofer7 ngày trước

    Elvis = King of Rock MJ = King of Pop Ozzy Osbourne = Prince of Darkness Freddie Mercury= Demi-god of Rock B.B King = King of Blues this ladies and gentlemen is the music kingdoms and legends

  96. HavokTV

    HavokTV7 ngày trước

    Imagine if these guys recorded together..

  97. Bellalina

    Bellalina7 ngày trước

    He's so understanding 💖

  98. Gods warrior Rapture

    Gods warrior Rapture7 ngày trước

    And now they’re both dead

  99. Vince

    Vince7 ngày trước

    He’s awesome

  100. Mazot Hortlak

    Mazot Hortlak7 ngày trước

    Michael Jackson was a superstar, and deservedly so! Who da fuk is this guy talking about him? This guy was a nobody in a nothing band. He's dead. Is this why I'm seeing his face everywhere? Fuk his movie!

  101. Mazot Hortlak

    Mazot Hortlak6 ngày trước

    +sam martin Queen was never a "huge huge band"! About like Kiss. A second class band. I was there! Were you? Freddie Mercury was never a legend! Michael Jackson is!

  102. sam martin

    sam martin6 ngày trước

    Mazot Hortlak uh the guy talking about him is Freddie Mercury and don’t forget that Michael is dead as well. Freddie was part of a huge huge band, he also went down in history as a legend.

  103. Conner South

    Conner South7 ngày trước

    DID HE “THATS HIS BAG” yuh💀🤧

  104. Derek Anderson

    Derek Anderson7 ngày trước

    Good person... I wished I had known you. But yet again I wish I had known allot of people.

  105. Tracey Carpenter

    Tracey Carpenter7 ngày trước

    Wowza! He met Michael when he was um, black🧐😭

  106. Anne’s Vlogs

    Anne’s Vlogs7 ngày trước

    Still wanna hear the songs

  107. Brandon diesel

    Brandon diesel7 ngày trước

    These guys couldn't go anywhere in public so you can imagine why MJ stayed home

  108. Osarieme Ebunoluwa Enehizena

    Osarieme Ebunoluwa Enehizena8 ngày trước

    Seemed like they would have been best of friends..

  109. Osarieme Ebunoluwa Enehizena

    Osarieme Ebunoluwa Enehizena8 ngày trước

    Or at least something close

  110. Stephen Lavoie

    Stephen Lavoie8 ngày trước

    Michael Jackson is probably the one who gave him aids

  111. Flora Serrao

    Flora Serrao8 ngày trước

    After seeing a lot of his performance I don’t think mj comes any way closer to queen performance they were the legends sorry America you guys hype too much with your performers

  112. Vana Bej

    Vana Bej8 ngày trước

    Love Freddy 😍🙏❤️😢😭