Freddie Mercury talking about Michael Jackson


  1. Mr Maxxx

    Mr MaxxxNgày trước

    Respect between two great artists and musically there version of state of shock is the real deal

  2. J Solomon .Evans

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  3. Boozer

    BoozerNgày trước

    That’s great

  4. Альфред Розенберг

    Альфред Розенберг2 ngày trước

    Фредди в тельняшке. Слава ВДВ!

  5. soviet union

    soviet union2 ngày trước

    We lost two legends...

  6. King Nothing

    King Nothing2 ngày trước

    he was so down to earth no one non famous ever met him just high class trannys and hos with cocaine a snort here there goes freddys underwear a snort there freddy just fucked cher a snort again Freddy fucked your boyfreind O its unbelievable my wifes a fan im bi curious LoL

  7. anamuls and us

    anamuls and us2 ngày trước

    No God has the Queen King Prince and Princess. Freddie Michael Prince and Whitney. God bless them and everyone one of them they were taken from us 50 and under that is way to soon. Out of them all I would have loved to see what Freddie would be doing today for music and film just amazing things.

  8. PlanetGiga

    PlanetGiga3 ngày trước

    Legend respects another legend, I have high respect for Mercury.

  9. JAL

    JAL3 ngày trước

    MJ double cupped

  10. Fred Miller

    Fred Miller3 ngày trước

    Freddie was one cool cat. Non-judgmental, down to earth. It really is true. The good die far too young.

  11. three teeth

    three teeth4 ngày trước

    polite and humble. both him and michael

  12. 17jun1989

    17jun19895 ngày trước

    What a Legend

  13. Justin Fencsak

    Justin Fencsak5 ngày trước

    Jackson outlasted Mercury

  14. jess mcisaac

    jess mcisaac6 ngày trước

    RIP can't say anymore xxx

  15. Laura Elizabeth

    Laura Elizabeth7 ngày trước

    He's so beautiful

  16. Mr. Moon

    Mr. Moon7 ngày trước

    One epic musician talking about another epic musician. And yet he conveys the humanity of each so well, with grace and humility. What an amazing person.

  17. ta yoshi

    ta yoshi7 ngày trước

    天才は天才を認め合い、最終的に早く死ぬ。 マイケルはqueenのファンだったというし、天才は天才を知り努力して天才になるんだろう

  18. marco figueroa

    marco figueroa8 ngày trước

    Quedate con quien te mire como michael mira a freddie

  19. Michael Kelly

    Michael Kelly8 ngày trước

    Isn't he a great man..

  20. Oto Kage

    Oto Kage8 ngày trước

    0:26 thumbs up if you know what I'm looking at.

  21. Francis White

    Francis White8 ngày trước

    Imo, best singer of all time!!!!

  22. Bridget Lazenby

    Bridget Lazenby8 ngày trước

    Think about this, Michael Jackson reached out to anyone. They had a friendship that was in the same entertainment stage, yet no condensation was never there. They got alone to do music together, that really humility to do music together. That's is great, wonderful too here. Way to go guys to show the world how to get along without fighting or condonation. 👍

  23. Anurag Sapkota

    Anurag Sapkota8 ngày trước

    Wow..I really wish it was released..

  24. Dave Ilagan

    Dave Ilagan8 ngày trước

    a legend talking about another legend

  25. Yuki Erik

    Yuki Erik8 ngày trước

    I love the message he said at the end of the video it was so Sweet 💖☺️😪

  26. Sofia Madvali

    Sofia Madvali8 ngày trước

    Virgos are talented as hell, im aquarius :D

  27. Afterburner

    Afterburner8 ngày trước

    His speaking voice doesn't match his singing voice at all

  28. CR User

    CR User9 ngày trước

    What a beautiful and talented man. He is greatly missed.

  29. timowthie

    timowthie9 ngày trước

    I feel like he should be speaking with an American accent

  30. GiftFromVirgo%

    GiftFromVirgo%9 ngày trước

    these 2 virgos were and still are musical genuises..... and highly talented..... and this makes me proud to be a virgo

  31. A Seth

    A Seth9 ngày trước

    1:19 beautiful man ❤️

  32. Gypsie Rose

    Gypsie Rose9 ngày trước

    Michael Chester the molester Jackson

  33. tim lamb

    tim lamb9 ngày trước

    He seemed like a nice guy.

  34. Loki Loki

    Loki Loki10 ngày trước

    Those teeth....

  35. David Adu

    David Adu10 ngày trước

    That would be amazing if Michael and Freddie collaborate

  36. zbieram na przycisk na youtuba bo jestem idiotą

    zbieram na przycisk na youtuba bo jestem idiotą10 ngày trước


  37. DarkStarAZ

    DarkStarAZ10 ngày trước

    favorite vocalist of all time

  38. CJ Laity

    CJ Laity10 ngày trước

    RIP Burt Reynolds.

  39. toby toby

    toby toby11 ngày trước

    ¿Quien es michael jackson?

  40. Renz Joseph Lopez

    Renz Joseph Lopez11 ngày trước

    The greatest mystery in music what would be the outcome of freddie mercury and michael jackson collaborating WE HAVEN’T HAD THAT BLESSINGS the #whatifs in life jeez

  41. GaMEr LIVES

    GaMEr LIVES11 ngày trước

    2 of my favorite artist of all time wow

  42. muslim moumin

    muslim moumin12 ngày trước

    You are a big mind bro! Never say so ....Lol

  43. ninita !!!!!!!!!!!

    ninita !!!!!!!!!!!12 ngày trước

    Is he lying about his age ? He was born in 1946 and Michael 1958 ... that's definately not 2 years older , hm

  44. ninita !!!!!!!!!!!

    ninita !!!!!!!!!!!9 ngày trước

    +Clethra Z. Hmmm yes you are right he says 37! I quess the accent tricked me ,thank you !

  45. Clethra Z.

    Clethra Z.9 ngày trước

    When Freddie was 27 he had long hair and zero mustache

  46. Clethra Z.

    Clethra Z.9 ngày trước

    He says, he's 37, not 27!

  47. ninita !!!!!!!!!!!

    ninita !!!!!!!!!!!9 ngày trước

    +Clethra Z. He says that Michael is 25 and he is 27 :/ still that's what i hear...what did he say then?

  48. Clethra Z.

    Clethra Z.9 ngày trước

    He didn't say that, listen carefully!

  49. Purple Bear

    Purple Bear13 ngày trước

    Best celebrity friendship?😍

  50. MegaBowlers

    MegaBowlers13 ngày trước

    Looks like a seventies porn star

  51. Jewel Lee

    Jewel Lee13 ngày trước

    I love when I see the actual way a well known celebrity acts after not knowing. He seemed way more down to earth than I thought. So did MJ, can you believe I used to think he was arrogant/ mean?

  52. Paula Franklin

    Paula Franklin13 ngày trước

    Oh! nobody could do it like Freddie, he used his entire body when he performed, a true entertainer R.I.P my friend

  53. Phil Meup

    Phil Meup13 ngày trước

    Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury were fucking and sucking each other.

  54. Jordan

    Jordan14 ngày trước

    Wow what happened with the collab songs?!?!?

  55. Nemanja Skoric

    Nemanja Skoric14 ngày trước

    I ask my self, what will happen, one day, when all these great men/women die? Who will be left after that? These new stars, Justin, Drake and others? Where is this world going? What will my grandkids listen to, and their kids? About who will they learn?

  56. Andreia Luízas

    Andreia Luízas15 ngày trước

    Gone to soon ..i miss Freddie and that adorable charismatic way of Him 💜😢🌹🙏. ..HappyBday RIP :(....

  57. Meena Sarma

    Meena Sarma15 ngày trước

    Freddie Mercury was an Indian.

  58. triggerhappy 75

    triggerhappy 7516 ngày trước

    Freddy male rock vocals ever!!!!

  59. Pi 101

    Pi 10116 ngày trước

    TWO DEAD MUSICAL HEROES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  60. Flower

    Flower17 ngày trước

    I miss you Freddie... Great guy...great entertainer, talented writer and fabulous voice...What's not to like?

  61. J C

    J C17 ngày trước

    You know what, I have a Burning question in my mind. Since Brian May and Freddie and Michael expressed that they were both "Close Friends" and I've seen it, in the video and pictures. I'm just very curious, to know what was Michael's reaction on record after Freddie died in 1991 ?Because I never heard him say anything about Freddie Mercury after his death, instead the remaining members of Queen expressed their loss for Michael's passing back in 2009. And for instance even when Prince and MJ where Rivals to the point where he tried to Kill Michael. In the end, I did not see any mention anything about Michael's passing. But he made a tribute song to MJ when he performed Live on Stage. And I'm not saying this as attacking MJ, I'm sure he must've been Heartbroken when he passed away and there are some things you don't here in the public or tabloids. But since they were "close friends" you would normally see an Artist like the Late George Michael express his loss or do a tribute cover of Queen in remembrance of Freddie. So I kinda find it Bizarre

  62. V P

    V P9 ngày trước

    +J C I've seen that film yes! I don't know. I feel like some of our biggest celebrities from the 80s were incredibly private. Social media didn't exist in their hay day so the idea of sharing your every thought and feeling in Twitter and Instagram is a concept that was totally foreign to them. I think that probably has some part to play in their icon status. The mystery of who they were as everyday people, who their friends were, what they feel about other artists. I think times were just a lot classier back then! Artists these days run their mouths to the media and on social media and it leaves nothing to the imagination!

  63. J C

    J C9 ngày trước

    Yes Indeed, All of This kind of reminds me of VR Player One ( I don't know if you seen it ) where *MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD* The guy "Halliday" that created the VR World that is the "Oasis" never revealed about his Girlfriend and something happened where he never had the chance to "kiss her" and Secretly he was in love with her, but never mentioned her ever again, even after his death. And it took 3 Easter Eggs to find out what the real Mystery behind one of those Easter Eggs was. And (You guessed it)had to do with the girl that he was in love with. Not that I'm saying that there was a Romance between MJ and Freddie but more like Bromance. But you get my point, you never know what really goes on behind the curtain, till you see it.

  64. V P

    V P9 ngày trước

    +J C Yeah I seen that interview with Ta his Smiley. I actually was warmed to know that prince cared. You it's the legends like MJ, Prince and Freddie that carried themselves with real class.

  65. J C

    J C9 ngày trước

    Yeah I seen it, he was there on Princess Diana's Funeral Also on James Brown's Funeral But unfortunately Not on Freddie Mercury's Funeral or Tribute Concert. If there was one feel free to correct Me. But yeah he did keep his comments about Diana private from the tabloids. But I still don't think MJ is a bad person, I'm just still kind of confused about that. Because even Axl Rose wasn't close with Mercury and he performed a tribute to Freddie Mercury. But who know's, I'm not going to say that MJ's reaction was neutral but it wasn't Happy either, and I'm sure he must've been deeply depressed when he heard the News. We just didn't see his reaction. Like other people that idolized MJ including Madonna, Justin Timberlake etc were not there at his Memorial. And Prince understanding the Rivalry wasn't there either but there was something concealed from the public until Tavis Smiley revealed when he was with Prince while he was doing rehearsal and informed him of the Tragic News of MJ's passing. Prince reaction (No one would believe this) was silence, canceled the rehearsal, left to his home and locked himself for days. Sometimes people don't go to funeral's because the it's the worst place you can ever go to see your loved ones gone. And No one knew about this until Tavis Smiley confessed this, otherwise no one would know. But may they all make the Greatest Concert in Heaven

  66. V P

    V P10 ngày trước

    Michael was very private about things like this. He did a tribute to Princess Diana in 1997 but in 1991 Michael rarely spoke to the media. That's why the 1993 Operah Winfrey interview was so huge!! It was all about mystery in those days.


    TWO SENSE20 ngày trước

    I can’t believe these guys were working on something together that is amazing

  68. Michael R

    Michael R21 ngày trước

    There WILL never be another Michael Jackson or Freddie Mercury. I’m glad I was alive to be able to experience their greatness. 😔

  69. Jake M

    Jake M22 ngày trước

    Hands down best artist, band of all time. No comparison. Just pure, GOD given talent that wasn’t wasted not one bit.

  70. KevTheRulaGaming b

    KevTheRulaGaming b23 ngày trước

    what year was this how can he be 27 and MJ 25 wasnt he old by more years?

  71. DI Gumtree

    DI Gumtree12 ngày trước

    KevTheRulaGaming b He said 37

  72. Arham Muhammed

    Arham Muhammed25 ngày trước

    Marry the one who looks at you like Michael looks at Freddie...

  73. MrGrimlocke

    MrGrimlocke25 ngày trước

    I just realized that this is the first time I've heard Freddie talk. I've listened to Queen's music a lot but I never watched any of their interviews before

  74. chokerrr rrr

    chokerrr rrr26 ngày trước

    Did this show up on anyone elses recommended randomly

  75. bikerdude1375

    bikerdude137526 ngày trước

    2 unmatched legends. RIP.

  76. Swirv One

    Swirv One27 ngày trước

    That still image above the video's title is funny in that Mercury looks like some mob enforcer with that white muscle shirt and intense glare. But then you click on the link and he speaks with such gentle, respectful honesty.

  77. dstormsmith

    dstormsmith27 ngày trước

    Turd burglar

  78. 337 337

    337 33728 ngày trước

    MJ was cursed, getting everything you want, easily, except love, can leave you so empty. The journey is the best part, NOT reaching your goal...

  79. John Knighton

    John Knighton28 ngày trước

    Him and Michael Jackson must have been flip flop butt Buddies

  80. Paul Nthoba

    Paul Nthoba28 ngày trước

    I hope to see them in heaven one day! These two had great hearts

  81. nelson medina

    nelson medina28 ngày trước

    Every male pornstar wants to look like Freddie Mercury

  82. zunkwind

    zunkwind28 ngày trước

    Was the song ever finished?

  83. 251trioxin

    251trioxin28 ngày trước

    Mikey checkson 😎

  84. 11 11

    11 1128 ngày trước


  85. John Burns

    John Burns29 ngày trước

    Think Freddie is holding back and is being extremely careful what he has to say. But bet Freddie knew Michael was a freak.

  86. Fernando Aries

    Fernando Aries29 ngày trước


  87. Mike Hauncho

    Mike HaunchoTháng trước

    Sad ending to this short clip, "As long as our friendship carries on, we can write all kinds of songs." Wasn't long after that Freedie was gone. State of Shock with Freddie is about 89,348% better than the final with Mick Jagger. Here is the real version of State of Shock:

  88. Traveling with Rick

    Traveling with RickTháng trước

    Only Asian rock star to make it big. Sheer Heart Attack mind blowing

  89. ashvoj

    ashvojTháng trước

    Michael Tsarion is Freddy

  90. The end of the beginning live

    The end of the beginning liveTháng trước

    Lets not forget freddie sucked cock to death.

  91. Siza Mthembu

    Siza Mthembu28 ngày trước

    Your information is irrelevant...

  92. Justin Saephan

    Justin SaephanTháng trước

    I knew of this guy because of cromartie high school

  93. Tim Ulrey

    Tim UlreyTháng trước

    among the two best (if not the two best) male voices of the 20th century.

  94. Fred Winslow

    Fred WinslowTháng trước

    did they finish the work or only with mick jagger ?

  95. rockit

    rockitTháng trước

    I love everything to do with Freddie Mercury! What a class act!


    LOB OKOBOTháng trước

    MJ smelled his gay ass and stayed away from him. Freddie just wanted to fuck Michael in his virgin ass.

  97. Legolas Greenleaf

    Legolas GreenleafTháng trước

    The original "Pornstache"

  98. Mindartis

    MindartisTháng trước

    Best rock singer of all time.

  99. Jose Martinez

    Jose MartinezTháng trước

    i bet these two gays got together on several occassions, if you know what i mean. lol

  100. V P

    V P10 ngày trước

    I think it's impossible to not know what you mean. Your comment was so transparent and unoriginal I about lost by eyeballs when they rolled to the back of my head. Freddie was gay. Michael was straight. Both equally normal and boring facts about two spectacular icons.

  101. Epic water Melon

    Epic water MelonTháng trước

    the sweetest man, when you partied with him he made sure everyone got home safely, he was one of the best and kindest men in the 80s and forever

  102. Point Dexter

    Point DexterTháng trước

    Freddy was a better singer than MJ. Nobody had the vocal range of Freddy. Not MJ, not Beyoncé. Not Whitney.

  103. Black rainbow

    Black rainbowTháng trước

    pop king and rock king!

  104. Sharon Curtis

    Sharon CurtisTháng trước

    I noticed one thing that is always so awesome about his interviews……..whether bad blood or not…Freddie speaks of everyone with respect.

  105. William Holmes

    William HolmesTháng trước

    Michael was a STAN

  106. Ahh Yo

    Ahh YoTháng trước

    I've always wondered why Freddie Mercury wasn't on the hit song: "We Are The World." It would have been awesome to hear him.

  107. diana tralli

    diana tralliTháng trước

    Because we are the world was a song recorded by american singers only for the project "usa for africa". Queen were asked to be part of the band aid , (basically the uk version of usa for africa) signing Do they know it's Christmas, but unfortunately Queen were in tour in asia i think and they had to turned down the offer.

  108. Jen C

    Jen CTháng trước

    Holy shit I've never actually heard him speak--I love him.

  109. by1991hehadconqueredtheworld y

    by1991hehadconqueredtheworld yTháng trước

    Freddie and Michael are both gone, my heart is aching.

  110. Nathalie I. Álvarez

    Nathalie I. ÁlvarezTháng trước

    He was so cute

  111. EpicDuty

    EpicDutyTháng trước

    I want to hear this song

  112. 80smusicremixes

    80smusicremixesTháng trước

    Mick Jagger did a great job on State of Shock :)

  113. Grant

    GrantTháng trước

    Freddie will always be missed

  114. Jen The Blue

    Jen The BlueTháng trước

    I notice Mr Bulsara doesn't mention Jackson's prediliction for sleeping with little boys.

  115. Jen The Blue

    Jen The BlueTháng trước

    Well I am not privy to when Michael Jackson started molesting young boys but I am willing to bet the rumours were around before Mr. Bulsara's death.

  116. DI Gumtree

    DI GumtreeTháng trước

    That whole shebang didn't even happen until after Freddie's death