Frightened Rabbit Session: The Wrestle


  1. Chongo Boy

    Chongo Boy15 ngày trước

    1 year today. Rest in peace Scott

  2. edwinabeat

    edwinabeat8 tháng trước

    RIP Scott

  3. Dylan Lawrence

    Dylan Lawrence10 tháng trước

    Can’t tell what the chords are. Anyone?

  4. Deidra Dunn

    Deidra Dunn10 tháng trước


  5. Kaitlyn Hyler

    Kaitlyn Hyler11 tháng trước

    Still gives me chills. Rest easy, Scott.

  6. Katherine LaRue

    Katherine LaRueNăm trước

    This is one of my favorite songs and I always wanted to see them play it live. I saw them 4 times and they never did.

  7. Martin Schoeneborn

    Martin SchoenebornNăm trước

    Rip old friend. 😓

  8. Cait Tews

    Cait TewsNăm trước

    R.I.P. - Chills and feels :(

  9. lucille verrille

    lucille verrilleNăm trước


  10. Dominic Oliver

    Dominic OliverNăm trước

    Watching this in tears...

  11. Rob Beals

    Rob Beals3 năm trước

    looking at my comments from years ago, i was completely wrong. Guitar must not have been in tune. Pretty simple song... still one of my favs!

  12. Moe Pickles

    Moe Pickles5 năm trước

    How he says "clothe-less".... perfection.

  13. belindaJmay

    belindaJmay5 năm trước

    About made me slide right out of my seat.

  14. Mike Ross

    Mike Ross6 năm trước

    I can honestly not describe what this song does to me.... magical...

  15. ruffsnap

    ruffsnap6 năm trước

    So awesome!! Voice sounds exactly like on the album version!!

  16. Braydon m

    Braydon m6 năm trước


  17. Rob Smith

    Rob Smith6 năm trước


  18. John598919

    John5989197 năm trước

    Absolutely amazing song that I didn't think could get any better. I was wrong. This is brilliant and breathtaking!

  19. Pete18iffy

    Pete18iffy7 năm trước

    Scott's acoustics are unreal - fucking amazing lyricist, singer and guitarist. everything he does is really special and unique. AMAZING

  20. hpgthegoalie

    hpgthegoalie7 năm trước

    Every time I come back and listen to this, I fall in love with it again and again

  21. Jack

    Jack7 năm trước

    @riynn Simon and Patrick, real good guitars

  22. thebroadcastuk

    thebroadcastuk7 năm trước

    @phillipotato hahaha youre welcome. if you get stuck anywhere on else on this i can help you.

  23. Johnson P. Johnson

    Johnson P. Johnson7 năm trước

    @thebroadcastuk I could kiss your face right now, I've been trying to work it out for months

  24. thebroadcastuk

    thebroadcastuk7 năm trước

    @IANOBOYLE1 the shape 332010 stirs x00010 beneath x03310 me 320010 5 months too late, but hope it helped. its a great song and fucking fun to play

  25. riynn

    riynn7 năm trước

    someone knows the brand of the guitar hes playin?

  26. walonsubi

    walonsubi7 năm trước

    Definitely a song about shagging.

  27. Mark Pitcher

    Mark PitcherNăm trước

    It's about getting eaten by a shark lol. Could be spun that way tho.

  28. Pete Donaghy

    Pete Donaghy7 năm trước

    this is a really really good song, it took until i heard it acoustically before i realised how great it was

  29. Jack Nolan

    Jack Nolan7 năm trước

    @TheGFBTV Not just any penis. Fucking loch ness monster

  30. TheGFBTV

    TheGFBTV7 năm trước

    @caseybumgarner If he were wearing one, there would be a penis.

  31. riynn

    riynn7 năm trước

    anybody knows the guitar brand he is playin?

  32. Ian O Boyle

    Ian O Boyle7 năm trước

    @rjbeals did you ever figure out what the missing cord was???, im stuck at the same spot

  33. Puget Noise

    Puget Noise8 năm trước

    @rjbeals it is in fact a C maj. 332010

  34. Rob Beals

    Rob Beals8 năm trước

    @rjbeals yeah. i guess it's some half of an F.

  35. Rob Beals

    Rob Beals8 năm trước

    can somebody please please please tell me the chords to the verse starting at :44? I see it starts with a C with the 3rd low E string, but what's next? C/?/Em/G

  36. slovibond

    slovibond8 năm trước

    @biancoisme In fairness, like the last album was a 'break-up album', this album is a 'finding someone new' album, I think. Therefore I tend to agree witht the sex thing. With songs like 'Hole' and 'The Twist' from the previous album, it seems like a recurring theme for Scott.

  37. biancoisme

    biancoisme8 năm trước

    Could be a metaphor for sex ... I took it literally, especially with the references to the sea, but I reckon you could be right :)

  38. biancoisme

    biancoisme8 năm trước

    How amazing is it to write a song about being ripped apart by a shark (assuming I got it right) all the while lamenting the power of the sea. This song and this band are incredible

  39. biancoisme

    biancoisme8 năm trước

    How amazing is it to write a song about being ripped apart by a shark (assuming I got it right) all the while lamenting the power of the sea. This song and this band are incredible

  40. hpgthegoalie

    hpgthegoalie8 năm trước

    this band is really good, i like their acoustic songs

  41. SaveStef

    SaveStef8 năm trước

    Naturally Brilliant. Love it! ♫♪♫♪.•*¨¨*•.♥.•*¨¨*•.♥ ♫♪