Galaxy Note 9 Camera Tips | Best Features Explored


  1. remix ddxd.

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    He sounds like Dantdm

  2. Sushan Baruwal

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    I brought it in blue color

  3. Daniel N

    Daniel NTháng trước

    How the heck do u turn motion photo on my note 9?!

  4. Zl1 Camaro

    Zl1 Camaro14 ngày trước

    Go to the Camara settings

  5. Hayden Chalin

    Hayden ChalinTháng trước

    Anyone wanna tell me why my camera gives me freaking makeup?

  6. pegsgg2013 p&g

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    Too fast buddy

  7. stitchybob

    stitchybobTháng trước

    No flash for selfie video

  8. raj brahmbhatt

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    Suddenly homepage of Amazon pops up. I haven't downloaded Amazon App. What should I do to stop it?

  9. Robinwely

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  11. Marion Gunga

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    you suck bro

  12. The Jason Knight Fiasco Band

    The Jason Knight Fiasco Band2 tháng trước

    Does the S9 develop screen burn in after 4 days like the piece of shit S8 plus????

  13. Herb Buetow

    Herb Buetow2 tháng trước

    I now have the Note 9. I had the S8 Plus since it first came out. There were no problems at all.

  14. Syntax AVA

    Syntax AVA2 tháng trước

    Just shut up n get on with explaining the tips n tricks

  15. David Chavez

    David Chavez2 tháng trước

    I took some great uhd videos, is there a way to avoid the video quality going down when uploading to social media? The quality doesnt compare to my original video, or do I need to record under a lower quity setting? Thanks in advance

  16. David Chavez

    David ChavezTháng trước

    +Brandon Jones the video quality went down for Instagram. I dont usually use my Facebook as much anymore

  17. Brandon Jones

    Brandon JonesTháng trước

    There is a HD setting for Facebook in their settings

  18. misagh k

    misagh k2 tháng trước

    my note 9's second camera is fake literally! I covered the left lens and it is still working and if I cover the middle lens it won't show anything!! anyone else has this issue? please share your experience with me since I couldn;t find anything on web

  19. keerthi Vasan

    keerthi Vasan2 tháng trước

    When I double tab power button camera Is not opening

  20. kcj100

    kcj100Tháng trước

    You have to enable it in camera settings

  21. jerry caughron

    jerry caughron2 tháng trước

    Great review!

  22. happypizzaninja

    happypizzaninja2 tháng trước

    Can someone confirm if the note 9 have "bixby translate"?

  23. keerthi Vasan

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  24. Auno Gohe

    Auno Gohe2 tháng trước

    Can i know the longest exposure time in Note 9?

  25. krishna manohar

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    Hiiii brother


    SHOLA SHODIPE2 tháng trước

    Note 9 vs xz2 premium camera Comparison.

  27. Lord Vader

    Lord Vader3 tháng trước

    How do i dissable Bixby ? full shut it

  28. Jatin Malhotra

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    This asshole dont know to review

  29. Tyra Bank

    Tyra Bank3 tháng trước

    Why dont you guys show us the stock walpapers and animation on lockscreen and Aod on Note 9? Are these things present or removed? Everyone shows same in review plz show in depth i luv infinity walpapers nd its efects on lockscreen and Aod thanks is this presentvin note 9 or not?

  30. Kevin Davis

    Kevin Davis3 tháng trước

    Okay, it's the S9 plus camera with an artificial intelligence mode that is hit-or-miss at increasing contrast and a person can click through their photo gallery or take a picture by clicking their pen.

  31. Mike Byrd

    Mike Byrd3 tháng trước

    For. such a premium phone why dosnt it have a front camera flash. my J7 PRO has front and back flashes. Samsung haven't thought this note out enough.

  32. MrsKay EV

    MrsKay EV2 tháng trước

    It does

  33. Creative School

    Creative School3 tháng trước

    There is a link what I took

  34. Creative School

    Creative School3 tháng trước

    Good... but please when review camera always review his camera manual mode features also... please..& need a extreme low light condition video shoot out xz2 premium vs note 9. cinematic ... shoot slow motion in low light... that's how we can figure out how smart phone camera being up...

  35. the_Chil1One

    the_Chil1One3 tháng trước

    it has too many options for a swipe ui for the camera... hate it when u quickly wanted to get to a specific cam feature. eg trying to get to super slo mo feature

  36. StaticGateway

    StaticGateway2 tháng trước

    Turn off what you dont use in settings

  37. Gerardo De Lira Martinez

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    Can you help me with the fortnite skin? Pls

  38. Dalim Mont

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    Blue or purple?

  39. Norah Riddhi Entertainment

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    Compare note 9 vs xz2 premium

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    some people will prob sell their kidneys for this

  42. TechLeatherCraft

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    Assuming you have a tripod or can prop it up properly. I can see the S-Pen remote function being helpful for slow shutter photos, or when the camera needs to remain still. Like doing a time lapse, or night (sky) photos, maybe doing that water flowing thing where it looks smooth and marshmallow like. Maybe a group photo, (aka taking 10 shots in a row.. Cause you know people are blinking even though you counted down).

  43. ABrokenTV

    ABrokenTVTháng trước

    Another is when you feel you'll drop it somehow, you can readjust your hand so you'll have a firm grip while you can use the remote to take the photo safely. Or if you're hand a guy your phone to take a photo and you're worried that they'll move the camera enough to where it has a hard time focusing, you can take a bunch of photos without them knowing (assuming you have the flash off)

  44. TechLeatherCraft

    TechLeatherCraft3 tháng trước

    😂 "Roast my marshmallows" was in my head during the whole video

  45. Basudeb Chandra

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    Explanation at it's best.

  46. Ian Holden

    Ian Holden3 tháng trước

    In other words same as the note 8

  47. David Doyle

    David Doyle2 tháng trước

    Oh my have a word with yourself. The problem with the note 8 is that after the note 7 battery exploded, Samsung shit the bed and put it a rubbish but safe battery. Now Samsung found their nuts again and put in a high capacity battery.

  48. Banglaz Bless

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    k brooks ignorant as mean dumb sounds just right.

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    k brooks 😂😂😂😂😂

  50. k brooks

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    If you can't see the difference, then your ignorant

  51. Mr2pint

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    Ian Holden S9

  52. usman abdulkadir

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    Amazing camera tips and tricks as always

  53. Lucas Guinness

    Lucas Guinness3 tháng trước

    It's a shame, that it's slower then the iphone 10 i hope, that in 2019 the s10 will be faster then the next iphone

  54. Axel Crime

    Axel Crime3 tháng trước

    Why do you all bring this up as if it changed something to your life? You probably have none of these two phones so stop comparing them over pointless details. What's so shameful even if it were slower than the Iphone X? Like 1 second is going to change something

  55. alcylon

    alcylon3 tháng trước

    Lucas Guinness no no in bensmarks maybe but in daily use note 9 is way faster. It is no go if you have a good engine and cant transform this to a smooth experince. Apple cant. Period.

  56. N8 THE GR8

    N8 THE GR83 tháng trước

    Lucas Guinness as in benchmarks yeah

  57. Khoder Madani

    Khoder Madani3 tháng trước

    Thank you Mr Plz tells us about the battery performance!

  58. Khoder Madani

    Khoder Madani3 tháng trước

    Thank you Mr Plz tells us about the battery performance!

  59. Patrick Chong

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  60. Nipun Sharma

    Nipun Sharma3 tháng trước

    Please test the note 9 camera with the pixel 2. I really want to see if the scene optimizer brings the note 9 photos on par with that of the pixel's.

  61. vikas digra

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    I am a great fan of your videos,the way you explain things is quite appealing

  62. R P.

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    That ain't no phone that's a mini tablet that can be used to make calls/texts.

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    R P. Phablet