Galaxy S5e vs iPad Air - Best Tablet in 2019!?


  1. Max Tech

    Max Tech5 tháng trước

    Check out the GAMING comparison: S5e Tablet➡ S5e Keyboard➡ SD Card➡ iPad Air SALE➡

  2. Stefanus Anggara

    Stefanus Anggara2 tháng trước

    would you like to compare iPad Air 3 + Apple Pencil vs Samsung Galaxy Tab S6, please? because of the price in total iPad Air 3 + Apple Pencil are equals to Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 (include S-Pen). and I need that device for digital note-taking. thank you.

  3. Ilia Makarcev

    Ilia Makarcev2 tháng trước

    @张福涛 no.

  4. John Smith

    John Smith3 tháng trước

    John Kampe I

  5. Guess Who

    Guess Who3 tháng trước

    U should compare will ipad pro..

  6. real cartoon girl

    real cartoon girl5 tháng trước

    do not click

  7. Pyramid Head

    Pyramid HeadNgày trước

    Both seem to be great tablets for my use case I prefer Android for the openness of being able to make the tablet/phone my own experience.

  8. Vaughn Eknoyan

    Vaughn Eknoyan4 ngày trước

    8:54 The iPad actually CAN do 1080p at 60, just not in the default camera app. You have to use the iMovie viewfinder. It still saves videos to your camera roll though.

  9. Flamo Damo

    Flamo Damo4 ngày trước

    What are apple even doing with that performance. No 4k video, sub par camera and display, apart from mobile gaming which is a small market it seems like a wasted chipset

  10. Hi how are ya

    Hi how are ya6 ngày trước

    I am picking the S5e just because of SAMSUNG DEX

  11. thomasfrdavis

    thomasfrdavis6 ngày trước

    okay.. now can we get an iPad Air with S5e screen ratio + speakers please?

  12. Aamerआमेरعـامـر

    Aamerआमेरعـامـر10 ngày trước

    Only Higher End TAB S3 & 4 Supports HDR Not TAB Se

  13. infinity

    infinity13 ngày trước

    Ipad Air. No doubt wins. Gaming is Life

  14. Yasin Bin Zahid

    Yasin Bin Zahid13 ngày trước

    i am using s5e to watch this vid the sound quality amazing but camera is horible literily horible

  15. Syed Tanwir Ahmed

    Syed Tanwir Ahmed14 ngày trước

    unbiased and honest. two words that sums up this channel. awesome work guys!!!!!

  16. Kishor Bhalkare

    Kishor Bhalkare16 ngày trước

    I like samsung tab

  17. Abhinav Gautam

    Abhinav Gautam16 ngày trước

    Great review. Thanks!!

  18. parthiban krishnan

    parthiban krishnan17 ngày trước

    What are the non apple adapters which work with ipad air 3 for connecting a pendrive?

  19. Matt Olson

    Matt Olson19 ngày trước

    8:48 Spokane Valley?

  20. Friner

    Friner20 ngày trước

    I want to switch out of ios eco system

  21. Gulshan Thakur

    Gulshan Thakur20 ngày trước

    Already bought a samsung s5e wifi+LTE variant after comparing ipad with S5e according my needs .😛

  22. Debojit Rocker

    Debojit Rocker19 ngày trước

    How do u experience

  23. Nathan Ramsay

    Nathan Ramsay23 ngày trước

    Those Samsung tablets are just copy of iPad Pro design.

  24. pg clean

    pg clean23 ngày trước

    Look i have a android phone but I have an ipad2 and it's great at and fast but the problem is that ios is so limited on things like settings but android is not great on tablets Samsung dex is the only good thing in the tab s5e but I would go for the ipad air well I Need storage so if he said ipad mini then iam sold

  25. Rishabh Pandey

    Rishabh Pandey23 ngày trước

    the biggest problem with apple is its file system and compatibility with other systems. apple is really restricting its users to go third party with anything. Best thing about android tab is that you can pretty much exploit it like a pc.. and then there are external storage options too which are very limited with ios devices

  26. Sonam Pakhrin

    Sonam Pakhrin25 ngày trước

    I paid is good👍👍👍. But I go with tab s5e. Beacouse of the super amoled display. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. ᴀᴅʀɪᴀɴ ᴄᴀɴᴅʏ

    ᴀᴅʀɪᴀɴ ᴄᴀɴᴅʏ25 ngày trước

    *laughs in iPad pro*

  28. Tech Guru413

    Tech Guru41326 ngày trước

    Whats the video they used for the sound testing? It was pretty lit.

  29. The Real Superknots Owner

    The Real Superknots Owner28 ngày trước

    3:40 u said iPad Pro

  30. Mds Gaming

    Mds Gaming28 ngày trước

    Obviously IPAD AIR 3🥰😍

  31. Anthony toner ? Lizzy Morrey

    Anthony toner ? Lizzy Morrey29 ngày trước

    Good video

  32. Manomay Gadiyar

    Manomay Gadiyar29 ngày trước

    The ipad photos look much better compared to the 5se

  33. Chris Pacman

    Chris Pacman29 ngày trước

    I use to read heavy pdf (medical books)on my iPad 2018 and it can barely handle it, it lags and sometimes just reload Adobe Reader. I need a new tablet now and leaning towards this Tab 5e but afraid it might not be able to handle thr tasks

  34. Leander - Pubg Mobile

    Leander - Pubg MobileTháng trước

    I have the samsung galaxy tab s5E and not do these things

  35. Dhananjay Kansal

    Dhananjay KansalTháng trước

    Hands down. iPad photos are way better than Samsung

  36. France Allard

    France AllardTháng trước

    S5e pour moi, j’en ai marre du iPad et c’est 100€ de moins, permet la connectivité et juste le s pen missing. La prochaine peut-être !

  37. soul4donuts

    soul4donutsTháng trước

    C'mon, who compares devices with twice difference in price Compare Samsung S5 vs iPad Air For it's price you had to choose between s5e vs iPad 2018 the cheapest one

  38. Yervand Papazyan

    Yervand PapazyanTháng trước

    for me personally it is almost impossible to choose, that because each has his advantage and disadvantage, for example: Samsung: Galaxy tab S5e or even Tab S6, when you look at the paper ''YES" everything is great, one of the best screens or the best screen in a market, USB-C, 4 speakers tuned by AKG, mouse and keyboard support plus DEX function, on a S5e snapdragon 670, on a Tab S6 snapdragon 855, Android operating system, finally more cleaner UI interface from Samsung. NOW real world reality: In general Samsung company acting like cynic, every year producing new product and forgeting that product which thay were representing last year to us saying the most beautiful words about this product, for them that year old product totaly not exist, no update no support, even if there is a update, it will come one year later, and as i said it is looks for my like a cynicism like they are standing in front of you and loughing at you and saying no metter what you do and say we will continue do what we want to do and you and people like you will come and buy our products. this is about Samsung and Android devices. Now Apple: on paper good hardware and software, very very optimized apps for iphon and now ipad os for ipad, beautiful products very nice ecosystem, by the way for people who thinks that i am a Apple fanat, no i don't have any Apple product and my family members also don't have any Apple product. Now Real world reality: Apple says like this we are smart but you are not because every year we are going to came up to this stage and talk about tecknological shit and nobody understand what we are talking about and as you are not filling bad to come 10 days before and sleep in front of our store before new iphon will cell, we will do what we want to do and you will do what we want you to do, AND what they want ??? they want cell every year same product to you more and more expensive, plus they do not allow you to control your product for example external hard drive or similar things, oh sorry finnaly they allowed people to hook up external hard drive, and it is like you are paing for the product and you think that it is yours BUT nooooo it is not yours, how can it be yours if you can't do what you want to do with your product like you can with your Android device and system. in reality i want to but tablet for me and dontt know what to choose, Android which is not optimized and plus after one year it will work slowly and slowly bugging gugging and in the and it will push me to go and buy new tablet even if that one is still fisicly in a perfect condition, but at list Android tablet will cost less and you have a option micro SD card and DEX which is not working properly or go and buy Apple Ipad very long time update supporting very optimized apps but very expensive. maybe you can help any advice ?????

  39. Stephen Wakeman

    Stephen WakemanTháng trước

    You don't seem to know that VIreporter app on iOS devices is limited to 1080p due to codec licensing. If you're going to review and compare devices and use VIreporter as a video app comparison you really ought to know that.

  40. Max Tech

    Max TechTháng trước

    Of course we know that.

  41. Daniel Onyia

    Daniel OnyiaTháng trước

    iPad Air has better camera. Who cares about megapixels

  42. Rizky Rachyan

    Rizky RachyanTháng trước

    Great review!! So objective

  43. Max

    MaxTháng trước

    Surface Pro 6 dominates over both 😁

  44. Max

    MaxTháng trước

    @Lance Manipis yeah but the keyboards are even sold with it so its basically a full blown laptop in tablet form which is amazing

  45. Lance Manipis

    Lance ManipisTháng trước

    In my opinion I think the surface series are more like full blown laptops with removable keyboards rather than tablets.

  46. Ahmed Mukhi

    Ahmed MukhiTháng trước

    Man Tim is coming for you:) LoL😂

  47. Pramod Yadav

    Pramod YadavTháng trước

    Apple users be like: CLICKBAIT/FAKE

  48. Goyo Ramirez

    Goyo RamirezTháng trước

    Hola , sabes si la samsung lee archivos 4k? , gracias


    TMG_ MASTERGUITháng trước

    Ipad air is better for picture

  50. weed sweet

    weed sweetTháng trước

    This mf guy is saying Samsung has better cameras like wtf... And that 4k vs 1080p joke omg... Biases

  51. Chandler Bryant

    Chandler BryantTháng trước

    personally the S5e seemed like it added alot of a bloom effect which for me made details harder to see in the camera

  52. Jae Wolf

    Jae WolfTháng trước

    This is why samsung trash. All looks no power

  53. MOHI gaming

    MOHI gamingTháng trước

    After watching the cpu performance i stop watching the video

  54. kernalmusterd

    kernalmusterdTháng trước

    best use the S5e128GB 6GB ram version next time

  55. Madhurjya Saikia

    Madhurjya SaikiaTháng trước

    Next time try putting the fact and results on screen for a tad longer.

  56. Gamer Olie

    Gamer OlieTháng trước

    Samsung is better u am using an S7 and planning to get a Samsung 5e tablet

  57. person who plays mobile game s

    person who plays mobile game sTháng trước

    Imma get the galaxy tab s4

  58. Serj Star

    Serj StarTháng trước

    im getting the tab 5SE but really who needs so much power when most people will be watching videos and playing the not so demanding games that are mostly 2d bullshit as well as indie boring shit . You cant even take advantage of all that power in games most of them run the same on android and im not going with ipad i dont wana create apple id bs and pay for apps when i can easily download any app i could ever imagine when im tight on money :) I can watch streaming websites online not on ipad . I absalutely abhore the locked system on apple u cant do much accept what the apple store shits out . For a multimedia device and pure freedom and some awesome freeloading fuckery :) go with Samsung tab 5 SE by the way i would love to go with a chromebook but they fuck u with shit storage and bulshit price and shit screen. hahhaha aaahhh

  59. Vulpes theFoxx

    Vulpes theFoxxTháng trước

    every iPad CON from 9:45 is FIXED in iPad OS.

  60. Vulpes theFoxx

    Vulpes theFoxxTháng trước

    iPad is better. All the apps r optimised. I'm using iPad air 1 16gb model and its still buttery smooth. Going to upgrade to air3 soon for iOS 13!!!

  61. Vulpes theFoxx

    Vulpes theFoxxTháng trước

    @rEEtarded Huskar like saikia said don't buy surface. One of my friend is suffering. As far as Samsung is very good, actually an awesome tablet at PRESENT. but I doubt how long it will get software updates. And also not all apps e optimised like in iPad. If u really want to buy a pro, then wait for the new one coming. Leaks indicate 2019 pro is going to fix a lot of problems of 2018 pro.

  62. Madhurjya Saikia

    Madhurjya SaikiaTháng trước

    @rEEtarded Huskar Idk about Samsung but surface sux. Bad battery, Not optimisation for apps. Fucking MS is not bundled and pen input sux if you have sweaty palms but you ll get a good camera. Happy to own an iPad as well. Which is fucking good.

  63. rEEtarded Huskar

    rEEtarded HuskarTháng trước

    Im using ipad air 2 with ios13 but soon will upgrade to a better tablet. Idk whether I should buy a 12.9 ipad pro, the latest samsung tablet or a surface pro. The biggest downside of ipad is that it has low to decent quality camera.

  64. Eric Hope

    Eric HopeTháng trước

    I love Android, but having owned both Samsung AND Apple tablets in the past, the iPad is going to be the much wiser investment, if only for UPDATES, and device obsolescence. The iPad is going to continue to get updates & be useful for years & years to come. The Samsung will get updates for about 1 year AT BEST, before Samsung abandons it. And if anything goes wrong with it, FORGET ABOUT IT. My Samsung Galaxy Tab S was GREAT for the first year, and I even still got use out of it the SECOND year. But now, it's a useless paperweight, stuck in a boot loop, and it's out of warranty. It had a BEAUTIFUL OLED display, too, and was a great size to bring with you while traveling. But it's dead, and I must accept it. Meanwhile, the iPad Mini 2 I bought that same year is STILL getting updates! It's terribly SLOW, but if I wanted to tough it out, I could! Like I said at the beginning, I actually prefer Android, but in the TABLET game, Apple really has no competition. Well, let me correct that: They DO. Samsung is it. But they're really not even CLOSE when you get down to it. The smart money is on Apple in this comparison.

  65. Chandrashekar Sivaram

    Chandrashekar SivaramTháng trước

    Can we download what's app directly from app store and use it? Can the samsung tab receives messages or moreover can it be used equivalent to smart phone like calling texting.?

  66. Chandrashekar Sivaram

    Chandrashekar SivaramTháng trước

    @Robin D. Oh thanks.. Will try that..

  67. Robin D.

    Robin D.Tháng trước

    I downloaded the Verizon Message+ app on to the Wifi version if the Gakaxy Tab S5e. It works for calling and texting. No issues at all.

  68. Walter Ritchey

    Walter RitcheyTháng trước

    In the budget price range, what are your thoughts on the Samsung Tab A 10.1? Their $200ish model.

  69. Arvind Bakshi

    Arvind BakshiTháng trước

    ipad is 130$ dollars cheaper for 128gb version than tab s5e in my country. Samsung has overpriced S5e.

  70. Jamson Ren

    Jamson RenTháng trước

    samsung better for work, videos etc. apple better for games

  71. Joseph Guy

    Joseph GuyTháng trước

    This guy is full of it i have the 10.5 ipad pro and the ipad air and just got the tab s5e the fact is the tab has the better screen its neck and neck with the 10.5

  72. Michael Kevin Millet

    Michael Kevin MilletTháng trước

    The CPU seems too slow

  73. XiSevn

    XiSevnTháng trước

    I’m awaiting the new iPad reveal on sept 10. It’s either the new iPad Pro or Tab S6

  74. Gabe Gabe

    Gabe GabeTháng trước

    I'd say both are really good tablets. But for productivity and flexibility the Samsung is better. But if you're gonna play games n' stuff, AR, or graphically intensive stuff then obviously get the iPad. If you're doing anything more than this. Buy an actual laptop

  75. DiverseTurtle

    DiverseTurtleTháng trước

    lol the ipad camera looks better... android tablets suck.