Galaxy S5e vs iPad Air - Best Tablet in 2019!?


  1. Max Tech

    Max Tech2 tháng trước

    Check out the GAMING comparison: S5e Tablet➡ S5e Keyboard➡ SD Card➡ iPad Air SALE➡

  2. John Smith

    John Smith9 ngày trước

    John Kampe I

  3. Guess Who

    Guess Who23 ngày trước

    U should compare will ipad pro..

  4. real cartoon girl

    real cartoon girl2 tháng trước

    do not click

  5. 张福涛

    张福涛2 tháng trước

    Can I use s-pen for Galaxy tab s4 with this?

  6. Syed Kashani

    Syed Kashani2 tháng trước

    I want to love samsung's tablet but i hate it coz of its meagre cpu and gpu

  7. Ahmad Meskro1

    Ahmad Meskro17 giờ trước

    Don't buy Air 3!! Buy Ipad Pro 10.5" 2017 for 50 bucks more or less, it's absolutely worth it!

  8. Laurie Alach

    Laurie Alach8 giờ trước

    Excellent comparison video, Max. It is important though that if you introduce the Apple Pencil into the mix , your original price comparison is shot to bits. The iPad air suddenly becomes almost double that of the Galaxy.

  9. Karel Polák

    Karel Polák11 giờ trước

    co je tedy lepší?

  10. twicebitten thasme

    twicebitten thasme14 giờ trước

    One more reason not to waste money on anything apple until they start being a customer oriented business.

  11. Fred Greidanus

    Fred Greidanus21 giờ trước

    Decided to get the S5e over iPad. Lots of pros and cons either way. iPad probably better but it cost more and it can't use USB C charging which all my other device's have. So far I'm quite impressed with s5e.


    AKSOXTSNgày trước

    Man I love iPhones and Samsung or Android Tablets and Windows Laptops and iMac Desktops. I'm looking to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 64 GB Tablet soon.

  13. Ivo Ovcharov

    Ivo OvcharovNgày trước

    Here is the thing about the tablets - you are going to be just watching videos and reading books, while sometimes browsing the internet - get a cheaper older Samsung model. If you plan to use it as a notebook, taking notes and drawing, want to play the latest and greatest games (and boy, the majority android tablets are so outclassed here) , while using some really cool and useful apps (it's so bad, that it's not even a competition, when I look in the Play Store for tablet apps) - get the iPad. Wanna be productive? Get a laptop.

  14. puru j

    puru jNgày trước

    Am gonna buy samsung for its great Dex feature and the gorgeous super amoled display.

  15. Faris Hakim

    Faris HakimNgày trước

    I think we can use this tablet to replace 60% of laptop. Except it's screen size

  16. Yogesh Suthar

    Yogesh SutharNgày trước

    It's really unfair to compare tab s5e 399$ with iPad air 499$

  17. Fred Greidanus

    Fred Greidanus21 giờ trước

    As long as you mention the price its perfectly fair, just another variable.

  18. Max Tech

    Max TechNgày trước

    If you can pay $100 more for a better or more powerful tablet, why not? -Vadim

  19. Brian Makaza

    Brian Makaza2 ngày trước

    I meant music video

  20. Brian Makaza

    Brian Makaza2 ngày trước

    what is that video

  21. Hassaan Ahmed

    Hassaan Ahmed2 ngày trước

    I do not like ios lover

  22. Deutschsprachige Gospel-Musik

    Deutschsprachige Gospel-Musik2 ngày trước

    0:22 Why you show us the timings, but don't add them to the video description? Maybe you can pin the user comment that does list the timings because you didn't! ;-)

  23. Deutschsprachige Gospel-Musik

    Deutschsprachige Gospel-Musik2 ngày trước

    0:19 If you are watching 1080p VIreporter videos a lot, you should pause the video and study this side-by-side view.

  24. Belthazor22

    Belthazor222 ngày trước

    Looks and customizability (on top of stock software): S5e Everything else: iPad Air

  25. Kidy

    Kidy2 ngày trước

    I think S5e is a terrible name fox a tablet concidering Samsung already has Sxe phones

  26. Faris Hakim

    Faris HakimNgày trước

    Thats why it is called Tab S5e...not just s5e. Plus, it is not flagship product compared to upcoming Tab S6

  27. Thiago Klein

    Thiago Klein3 ngày trước

    i liked the ipad air photos better, ipad rules in this category

  28. Ratatouille

    RatatouilleNgày trước

    Just use your phone bro

  29. Bo TTh

    Bo TTh4 ngày trước

    Samsung always release stuff after apple release something so, Samsung can made something that is more powerful like the display , the speaker ...

  30. manifest 73

    manifest 734 ngày trước

    Apple products are made for dumb isheeps.

  31. The unkown meme

    The unkown meme4 ngày trước

    The airs camera imo is better

  32. Salman Asim

    Salman Asim4 ngày trước

    seeing screens and comparing AMOLED against an LCD. A new level of stupidness.

  33. Mufasa #TeamNesquik

    Mufasa #TeamNesquik4 ngày trước

    If u didn't notice , he's an iSheep


    SUPER SAIYAN BLUE4 ngày trước

    Mufasa #TeamNesquik If you didn’t notice, you’re a fandroid

  35. bambang saputro

    bambang saputro4 ngày trước

    i bored with the ipad... and i think S5e is much better rather than ipad air 2019.. although minus 3.5 mm jack... no matter what

  36. Kriss Chin

    Kriss Chin4 ngày trước

    Great video and probably one of the best comparisons ever done! 👍

  37. Adrian Harith

    Adrian Harith4 ngày trước

    I wanna get one for my busy day to day work.. which one should buy? Can someone please advise me...

  38. Adrian Harith

    Adrian Harith4 ngày trước

    Max Tech thank you 😊

  39. Max Tech

    Max Tech4 ngày trước

    iPads are more reliable if you want to do work.

  40. Uchiha Madara

    Uchiha Madara4 ngày trước

    If I mainly use it to watch movies, which one should I get?

  41. Max Tech

    Max Tech4 ngày trước

    Samsung for sure

  42. Itz_Werefie 98

    Itz_Werefie 985 ngày trước

    i'm watchig this with my 6 year old samsung tablet, it still looks fresh! It's still fine after VERY TALL FALLS

  43. Hazox

    Hazox5 ngày trước

    You should really get an eye exam cause from my phone, the s5e looked bright and colorful while the iPad air look dull and dim

  44. Chloshoo

    Chloshoo3 ngày trước


  45. Hazox

    Hazox5 ngày trước

    I'm hoping that the s5 will have an 11.5inch display, the iPad pro 11 let's you wishing for more while the 12.9inch is just ridiculous, so something along the middle of that would be prrrrrfect


    GAMING WORLD6 ngày trước

    Can you give me one ipad

  47. Andrew Blaha

    Andrew Blaha6 ngày trước

    iPad Air 3 is better than Samsung galaxy S5E

  48. Fred Greidanus

    Fred Greidanus21 giờ trước

    Of course, apple makes the best tablets. But it's 100 dollars more and for those of us invested in android the s5e is better choice

  49. Andrew Blaha

    Andrew Blaha6 ngày trước

    The photo on the right is better than the photo on the left

  50. Supto_ D_

    Supto_ D_7 ngày trước

    Apple gave head phone jack but samsung didnt... Dafuq!!!!!

  51. Binit Mandal

    Binit Mandal7 ngày trước

    S5e display refresh rate is too low! Thats why blinking!

  52. NOSfusion

    NOSfusion4 ngày trước

    Wrong. It's OLED powered by a PWM flicker. Has nothing to do with the refresh rate. My XS Max looks similar under a camera.

  53. cj Hugutero

    cj Hugutero7 ngày trước

    s5 is 4gb ram. I wish it would be 8gb ram. video ipad air is better. but i love the s5.

  54. Brian Chen

    Brian Chen4 ngày trước

    s5 64gb 4gb ram s5 128gb 6gb ram

  55. hyou zan ren

    hyou zan ren7 ngày trước

    APPLE 🤜🤜🤜 Samsung HARD!!!

  56. ProSol Intros

    ProSol Intros8 ngày trước

    I like how this tech review is actually honest and he spens a lot of time making a video and really answers everyones questions.

  57. Classic

    Classic8 ngày trước

    Android tablets are nothing but a meme at this point.

  58. AllGamesPlayin

    AllGamesPlayin8 ngày trước

    Apple is better in this comparison but phones from samsung are better

  59. Sonali Debnath

    Sonali Debnath9 ngày trước

    I will not but any of these, cause I don't have that much money😛

  60. Carlyce Simpson

    Carlyce Simpson5 ngày trước

    Sonali Debnath 😂😂😂😂

  61. Akhil Ghosh

    Akhil Ghosh9 ngày trước

    Would buy... Neither. Tabs are useless. Why am I watching this video? This is a good video between 😁

  62. Mugurel Teodor Andrici

    Mugurel Teodor Andrici9 ngày trước

    No stylus? Lol. iPad all the way. Plus 5 years of software updates.

  63. TechBuzz

    TechBuzz9 ngày trước

    Ipad sucks

  64. jonah ramos

    jonah ramos9 ngày trước

    That 12bionic chip in the iPad just kills

  65. Johan Krüger Haglert

    Johan Krüger Haglert9 ngày trước

    The S4 comes with pen, AMOLED, has MicroSD card slot and the better aspect ratio and audio. That's great. (I don't care for the S5e as it lack the pen and I want one.) However as the iPad is massively faster and will be supported for way longer and doesn't cost much more even if you buy the pen for it it's hard to see why picking the Samsung tablet make any sense. Sadly. What's crap on the iPad Air (lightning connector, lack of MicroSD-slot, not OLED display, weak speakers, old pen) is choices Apple do to differentiate and cripple and force you to buy more stuff whereas Samsung likely tries their best it's just that the Snapdragon and Android isn't as good in this regard. If it wasn't for how shitty all companies are with batteries the iPad Air could easily had outlived the Galaxy Tab with twice the life-time from being so much faster and being much better supported with software updates. I don't know what to pick up, iPad Mini is also an option but my use case for a tablet in the first place was comic books though I feel it's idiotic to spend so much money on that and the iPad Mini is of course smaller so it's kinda weird I'm even considering it. Also I don't know how much of an issue the storage is. Can the iPad happily fetch data from shared storage on my PC over wifi? Can you pirate apps on the iPad? I assume I can use Android Messenger in the browser on the iPad? Also upload images to Google Photos? It's sad it's not as good as a media consumption device. Guess one should use a TV for that. Then again if the tablet was great for it maybe then I wouldn't had needed a TV. How well do HDR work on both? With apps support? What's the reason there's just 1080p on the iPad is it Google just crippling the iPads because surely they are powerful enough to play video at higher quality?

  66. Nonth Suriyan

    Nonth Suriyan10 ngày trước

    You've tried. I know competition is good, but tbh, iPad is THE tablet you want no matter how much money left in your bank account. Apple made a good tablet at every price point.

  67. Nonth Suriyan

    Nonth Suriyan10 ngày trước

    OMG, S5e camera is… horrible. Live focus is what? Even a kid who just learned how to use Photoshop can do better than that.

  68. Sagadiniz

    Sagadiniz10 ngày trước

    Tried to play Asphalt on the S5e and it was terrible, it was stuttering a lot making it unplayable. It really disappointed me 😔

  69. Y-dv Ashish

    Y-dv Ashish10 ngày trước