Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 6 Reaction & First Impressions


  1. RedTeamReview

    RedTeamReview12 giờ trước

    Dany broke the wheel and replaced it with 2 wheels

  2. Sgt C

    Sgt CGiờ trước

    One thing to think about grrm called the first book “game of thrones” not game of throne. Was this foreshadow to a north kingdom and a south officially? Everyone thought there would be someone sitting on the iron throne, but the first book and tv series literally says game of THRONES

  3. pizza crumz

    pizza crumzGiờ trước

    They used to say "Winter Is Coming" which is the ICE, and then a dragon burned the Iron Throne down which is the FIRE, "A Song Of Ice & Fire".

  4. Suga N Skittz

    Suga N SkittzGiờ trước

    never watched this not sure i ever will... i just like to follow the hype because im sad

  5. pizza crumz

    pizza crumzGiờ trước

    Arya went to extend discovery of unknown territories, Jon Snow went into exile so they can eventually meet up with the help of Bran's eyes (can see with animals) and claim new territory which will not be in jurisdiction of the known 7 kingdoms.

  6. buddahstar8

    buddahstar8Giờ trước

    No one is going to be upset about Sansa and the north being Free...So Dorne is down with shit???? Absolutely the worse. Ok Im done

  7. Dailen Olivarez

    Dailen Olivarez52 phút trước

    SWEETROBIN!!! It’s the BOOB MILK he was drinking until adolescence lol that’s how he is so huge!!!

  8. David Chavez

    David Chavez52 phút trước

    Ever since three eye raven I hated brain above everyone ever in the history of the show. He tortured a child to have a sole purpose of killing himself to serve him. Brain gave zero ducks to anyone helping him or dying for him. His evil

  9. HoodooOperator

    HoodooOperator52 phút trước

    Preston fucking predicted it

  10. Tamara Magdalene

    Tamara Magdalene53 phút trước

    They rushed it because all of you lot kept whining right after season 7 how we needed season 8 like yesterday. So I'm glad D & D made people mad.

  11. R134eS2o

    R134eS2o53 phút trước

    They turned Danny into Hitler faster than Austria shifted the birthplace of Hitler to Germany.

  12. Johnny Joestar

    Johnny Joestar53 phút trước

    D&D: brienne just kinda forgot she swore a life oath to protect Anna

  13. Paul Van Natten

    Paul Van Natten54 phút trước

    Damn, #3 on Trending! Gratz Carmine!

  14. Anthony Duck

    Anthony Duck54 phút trước

    You mean after killing the queen and literally saving everyone I've been exiled to the wall!? Fuck you I'm the last Targeryn! Jon finds Drogon and comes back to burn them all!

  15. Cory Moses

    Cory Moses54 phút trước

    I found the composture of dany and her dragon to be trite and sometime some video game director wouldn't even put in their games. The scene was a bit too much and stiff and formulatic. It had reminded me of Suicide Squad and Joker lying with a ton of knives around him. They go too far to show the audience something and they have no subtleness in them. Sort of like some boss battle in a video game ending with a disgarded American flag floating on top of the foe.

  16. Charlotte Meyer

    Charlotte Meyer55 phút trước

    Twilight ending was more creative/exciting/unpredictable than this one...

  17. Jason Colino

    Jason Colino57 phút trước

    It’s actually comical how bad this season was, it’s a joke....nothing against the actors they did what they were told.

  18. Danial Syed

    Danial Syed57 phút trước

    episode 3 was best 3 2 4 5 6 1

  19. Michelle Mhlanga

    Michelle Mhlanga57 phút trước

    Last episode of THE GAME OF THRONES is like that guy who promises you good rounds on the phone 📱.......only to leave you without a single orgasm 🙄🙄🙄🙄 I’m pissed AF

  20. Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith59 phút trước

    It was a lazy, poorly written decision to make Bran the King. The Entire show has centered around Dany and Jon. If Bran was going to be the King, why wasn't the story about Bran? There was an entire season that Bran wasn't even in. He spent the entire show as a tertiary character and they decide to just throw a crown on him at the end as if it isn't even important. Jon killing Dany should've been a defining moment that made him king. He should have reluctantly taken the crown when he realized Dany was beyond saving. The whole story pointed to Jon being King. Make Jon King. It's right there. We all know it. It was such a let down.

  21. MrFirehouse22

    MrFirehouse2259 phút trước

    The Night King is the new Marauder Shields....

  22. L G

    L G59 phút trước

    “Nobody hates Bran.” Well, a girl must be no one because I hate Bran. Mf got Hodor’s whole life messed up because of his disobedience

  23. Stefan Vasilev

    Stefan Vasilev59 phút trước

    My soul is crying after watchin the last episode

  24. Meathamski

    Meathamski59 phút trước

    Daenerys was my favorite part of the episode. Shit, the whole season. The Night King was so fucking shitty as a villain.. but Daenerys had me feeling pure dread for like 20 minutes before she died. lol

  25. JByrd

    JByrdGiờ trước

    They STILL haven’t completed the ass & honeycomb in a brothel joke!!!!

  26. leila1077

    leila1077Giờ trước

    I hate Jon's ending and I really feel bad for him. Seriously, he who knows nothing but does everything is banished to Castle Black while Bran who knows everything but does nothing is made King of the Seven Kingdoms? I also hate the fact that Tyrion had to be the one to tell Jon his sentence when it was he who talked Jon into killing Dany in the first place. I know it was his job but it left a bad taste in my mouth. I can't believe that everything worked out for him and everyone else including the Stark siblings while Jon who was the hero from beginning to end loses everything. Worse, Bran would use his authority over the law to clear Tyrion and even make him Hand of the King, but not Jon, his own brother and a great and righteous man. How could Jon not deserve clemency given the magnitude of Dany's crimes, from the invasion and conquest of Westeros to the decimation of King's Landing? What about on the premise that he's the true heir to the throne? Killing his own aunt who was a tyrant and impostor has got to be a lesser crime. Lol. Incidentally, why was his real identity not mentioned anymore? After all the build-up, it's suddenly forgotten. So Bran needed him to know he was a Targaryan for no reason at all? Over-all, Season 8 was a disappointment and it's not about it hastily done. I have no problem with the character arcs of Dany and Jaime. My problem is really with Jon as I have already pointed out and the Night King who was reduced to just a bad guy when he could have been the ultimate villain.

  27. aquaphazed

    aquaphazedGiờ trước

    Yara's all like, independence was so last season... hail Bran.

  28. MrFirehouse22

    MrFirehouse22Giờ trước

    I can't wait until they make C-3PO a Jedi (You know, because Anakin made him which means he is the last Skywalker).

  29. Gloria Brown

    Gloria BrownGiờ trước

    I think that Bran is the Monster here. His smug face saying he knew the reason he had to be there. Ugh! He knew ALL this was going to happen and he allowed it to happen so that he would become king. Something is fishy about Bran. I think it's crap what they did to Jon. It's almost like he is sent to the wall and everything is taken from him. He will be the next NK. that's how i saw him and the Wildlings walking off beyond the wall. I hated this all around. I did NOT like they did to Danny's character AT ALL. Much less the way she died. I just wanted to VOMIT. I feel so empty inside after this.

  30. Jim Halpert

    Jim HalpertGiờ trước

    Dragons are wiser than men, Drogon knew that throne cost Dany everything, including her life. So he destroyed it and left the last Targaryen to live out his life in peace. Beyond the wall.

  31. Hajduk

    HajdukGiờ trước

    Is it just setting up spin offs?

  32. Yunis Rajab

    Yunis RajabGiờ trước

    Thanks for saving me from watching the episode. I knew it wasn't worth watching

  33. Venkatesh Gopinath

    Venkatesh GopinathGiờ trước

    Man.. If any of the fan service would not have happened, u r gonna complain ! And if sweet robin had more screen time again u will complain !

  34. Uhmm Whyy

    Uhmm WhyyGiờ trước

    Idk why I’m watching this I haven’t even seen one episode of game of thrones

  35. Brent21

    Brent21Giờ trước

    Lame of Thrones

  36. George Rady

    George RadyGiờ trước

    The Queen Slayer

  37. Joseph van Wyk

    Joseph van WykGiờ trước

    LOL. They cast off the TWO MAIN characters from the entire series and the random tertiary characters take over - and then they go and through Jon out like trash......... WTF is this nonsense. And Bran be such a greedy asshole. I'm not telling ANYONE about kings landing nor me getting the crown, "suckers"....

  38. K F

    K FGiờ trước

    I’m glad it’s over

  39. Paulsicles

    PaulsiclesGiờ trước

    Bran: Jon you will be sentenced to life at Castle Black. Grey Worm: Good. We sail to Naath now. Bran: Cool. L8r... Bran: They gone yet? Yeah? Alright Jon, get back over here you little bastard!!

  40. Ya Boi CaRmInE !

    Ya Boi CaRmInE !Giờ trước

    Yo my names Carmine I haven’t heard anybody have the same name ha lol great vid


    YOUNGZCITYGiờ trước

    Starks rule the 🌎

  42. Rukaiya Shaikh

    Rukaiya ShaikhGiờ trước

    Why do bran needed a hand and a wishperer when he already knew what happens 🙄🤔so lame this writing

  43. Gerrylynn Mako

    Gerrylynn MakoGiờ trước

    Kinda glad it’s over. This last season was garbage. If this is how they are gonna treat the show, then I can’t watch anymore of it anyway. They didn’t close out the character arcs well at all.

  44. My Self

    My SelfGiờ trước

    I guess you didnt notice that most fans hated the episode ! What the fuck are you talking about "fan service" ?

  45. Lucy Miller

    Lucy MillerGiờ trước

    They even got the Dragon to act out of character!!

  46. Rajat Swami

    Rajat SwamiGiờ trước

    Who the hell knew that a f**king dragon would have the best character development 🤦🏻‍♂️

  47. Rukaiya Shaikh

    Rukaiya ShaikhGiờ trước

    Jon snow's real identity being a targeryan didn't matter at all

  48. Chemical Planet

    Chemical PlanetGiờ trước

    Bran the Unbullshitable

  49. gmail account

    gmail accountGiờ trước

    Lets pretend Season 7 and 8 never existed

  50. Rajat Swami

    Rajat SwamiGiờ trước

    Daenerys: did the most, didn’t even get to sit on throne, gets stabbed Bran: did nothing, sits on the “throne”, still doing nothing 🤦‍♂️

  51. zehui su

    zehui suGiờ trước


  52. Chris Munoz

    Chris MunozGiờ trước

    I can see Sam not needing to finish his training, he will have on the job experience which is even better. Some of us that own businesses and are successful learned way more in real life experience than any school has taught us. Hell even Google is hiring non college graduates now!

  53. Charrot 93

    Charrot 93Giờ trước

    real evolution and deserving throne goes to sansa... i am only happy for sansa

  54. Jemima Hobbs

    Jemima HobbsGiờ trước

    MEH! Pretty predictable and mundane we went to Disneyville in the end.

  55. Gruya Gruja

    Gruya GrujaGiờ trước

    Game of thrones is masterpiece which is ruined and become one big pile of shit....

  56. ame7272

    ame7272Giờ trước

    The most hilarious bitter reality now is: when you look back at the whole'd find that Tywin or Stannis either one would've been much better for the realm and the people than the mess that took place in season 8. We thought they're building a better character/ruler to finally help the is this pity counsel and its king is going to help anyone? They don't have money and the bank in Bravos will never lend them money after 20 years of war and making mistakes by lending to Stannis then Cersei. How is this a good for anyone?

  57. Shrute Farms

    Shrute FarmsGiờ trước

    You can nit pik the finale all you want but I think they did a great job wrapping up the season. They really rushed this season but the finale was an episode that was done very well.

  58. Tuatara Taniwha

    Tuatara TaniwhaGiờ trước

    Dont worry those thumbs down are only for season 8 not your channel.

  59. Christopher Holt

    Christopher HoltGiờ trước

    Brienne gets no fan service in the books, if you read them you would know her fate. She meets up with a certain lady who never made it into the show along with her spiders.

  60. amar jeet Singh

    amar jeet SinghGiờ trước

    there is no Thrones buddy !

  61. Maicol Ito

    Maicol ItoGiờ trước

    Bran manipulated everyone! He's the real evil like the doll in bloodborne! Evil won at the end of the long night

  62. Frost Shots

    Frost ShotsGiờ trước

    Bran is the three eyed raven. What does he need a master of whisperers for?

  63. kingkusnacht

    kingkusnachtGiờ trước

    First half of the episode was weak. Then stuff wrapped up conveniently. Some really good scenes at the end. At least the Starks won big, that made me happy. For all the faults over the last 2 seasons, there was some closure. At least its not a Lost ending.

  64. Andrew Wills

    Andrew WillsGiờ trước

    You nailed it on this one

  65. Simple Steve

    Simple SteveGiờ trước

    Thanks for your reviews and discussions over the past what, 8-9 years? Peace out Carmain.

  66. Hog Nuts

    Hog NutsGiờ trước

    Stansa set jon up slimy qorm

  67. James Trollip

    James TrollipGiờ trước

    If it would be a book (not a series) And it had such an ending... I would burn it on my front yard, And never ever buy this author books again

  68. Chou Eric

    Chou EricGiờ trước

    Despite the weird part of him not killing Jon, Drogon really makes me sad, he has more emotion delivered than Jon for crying out loud.

  69. Frances McCollum

    Frances McCollumGiờ trước

    Drogon took Daenerys and Kinvara will resurrect her!

  70. Angel Pabon Jr

    Angel Pabon JrGiờ trước

    I still think that Bran is evil! If he's the 3 eyed Raven he could've spoken 2 Dany and let the North be independent! I think he warged into Drogon and he destroyed King's Landing! That speech she made was not Dany!

  71. Ben P77

    Ben P77Giờ trước

    amazing series... messed up the last two episodes.. bad writing

  72. De Rolands

    De RolandsGiờ trước

    Astagfirullahaladzim ya Allah.. This couldn't be real..

  73. Mickey Price

    Mickey PriceGiờ trước

    This guy used to be critical of this show only to enjoy being spoon feed horseshit

  74. Laurent Goulet

    Laurent GouletGiờ trước

    If Jon and Tormund had actually came across Walkers signs in their final march beyond the wall, like you said, it would have saved the episode and made sense of this entire show. Endless cycle between the living and the dead. Everything season 8 gave us kinda made no sense in regards to the evolution of all storylines since season 1 episode 1. They started the show and the story giving us this idea that the others truly represented the main and mysterious storyline that would one day explode and give a new direction to the show.. So why not end it the exact same way? Man this would have been so good.

  75. Kida Kasha

    Kida KashaGiờ trước

    I agreed with every single point you made. Subscribed.

  76. Amanda Finn

    Amanda FinnGiờ trước

    Haterade parade

  77. Angel Pabon Jr

    Angel Pabon JrGiờ trước

    Carmine after Dany's death Jon is a broken man. He loves his Queen so much that he killed her! I hate all the Starks now especially Sansa! She always wanted 2 be Queen of the North! She didn't care about Dany or Jon!

  78. buddahstar8

    buddahstar8Giờ trước

    U are seriously defending this one with that everyone got wat they wanted comment. Thats bullshit no one I know is happy. Book or Show watchers. What kinda of Jersey Boy are ya. This was the worse episode ever. The Cinematography was some of the best I ever seen they should get an award for that and that only lol

  79. Alexandria Ocrazio-Cortex

    Alexandria Ocrazio-CortexGiờ trước

    Drogon flew away with Dany's body. Jon could have just said "she left" and no-one would be none the wiser.

  80. chubz Mendoza

    chubz MendozaGiờ trước

    Times like these really makes me value the Sopranos...

  81. Vice Man

    Vice ManGiờ trước

    Jon and Tyrion should've had trials by combat. Bronn would've been Tyrion's champion to protect his investment. Bronn vs the Doth Raki Champion would be an epic battle of badasses. Jon vs Grey Worm and if Jon won his freedom he would've chosen to go north to live among the free folk. This way we would've have 2 cool fights in the finale and still have the same results.

  82. Fernanda Vargas

    Fernanda VargasGiờ trước

    the story is about that final council ...and jon snow

  83. Rougish Rougeroo

    Rougish RougerooGiờ trước

    Should've kept jorah alive and made him king *ALL HAIL KING JORAH THE FRIEND*

  84. Oded Drori

    Oded DroriGiờ trước

    This episode was a long fanfair contest on memorising season 1 facts & quotes. I felt like we got 20 minutes of direct GRRM storytelling followed 55 minutes of Lord of the Rings tributes

  85. Alf Sävel

    Alf SävelGiờ trước

    Why did Jon tell anyone he killed Dany? He could have waited halv a day and been like "hey, has anyone seen Dany today?".

  86. jack ripper

    jack ripperGiờ trước

    Most of the dialogues were cringe and many of the actions were completely illogical. There is no reason for the unsullied to keep jon as a prisoner if they know he killed Danny. Another thing is Jon could have said he found her already dead or something. The council was nice as a change of rule but it doesn't make any sense that gray worm would obey their selection. I didn't like the episode at all.

  87. Iain MacLennan

    Iain MacLennanGiờ trước

    I have to say, I'm fairly satisfied overall with the conclusion. I can see why @RedTeamReview talks about wasting time though: there was a rather long moment where Tyrion was - literally - rearranging chairs. WTF was that all about...

  88. DeShawn Michaelson

    DeShawn MichaelsonGiờ trước

    I wasted my emotional investment for ten years.

  89. Bigfoot31

    Bigfoot31Giờ trước

    Everyone hates bran

  90. trotz75

    trotz75Giờ trước

    Wouldn't b as bad if you called your kid Yorkshire ripper!!

  91. Banita Clayson

    Banita ClaysonGiờ trước

    All I can say is after all this time waiting for the end This was the most rushed and awful endind if a show.Cant believe I kept hbo just for this for almost 2 years.

  92. Jose Garcia

    Jose GarciaGiờ trước

    “Would it have been more honorable if I had stabbed him in the belly?” Jaime Lannister. The king slayer

  93. Shirl Fouty

    Shirl FoutyGiờ trước

    I wish jon would have gone with Arya. Still banished lol

  94. John Derron

    John DerronGiờ trước

    What's west of Westeros? ... well, apparently Canada .... if you looked closely at the clothes she's puttin on

  95. NunyaBiz

    NunyaBizGiờ trước

    Garbage shit season. Stupider than Star Wars and avengers. It was cheesy, tacky, and a major waste of time.

  96. trotz75

    trotz75Giờ trước

    Maybe ladbrokes paid dumb and dumber to make bran king, so everyone loses their bets!

  97. Satch Slater

    Satch SlaterGiờ trước

    I hate Bran now....

  98. Nunzio Raso

    Nunzio RasoGiờ trước

    Previously on Game of Beverages....

  99. Eachep00

    Eachep00Giờ trước

    I loved Brienne finishing Jaimes paragraph and it got me.


    BOOMBAPXLGiờ trước

    No one likes Bran. He does nothing, he says nothing

  101. R!M0

    R!M0Giờ trước

    Everyone is just so mad lol. Like, I think Bran being king makes more sense than people realise because after everything that happened, noone is powerful enough to take the crown without starting YET ANOTHER war, so they vote for someone who (in their minds) won't make it very long and will never have any children. His "election" could have been portrayed (way) better but the result is something I'm actually okay with. Glad Dany's gone, been hating her since S4/S5 The ending for Jon just feels kinda right to me because as much as I would have liked him becoming king and so on, I think it wouldn't have fit his character. He always seemed uncomfortable as King in the North and I think that after Dany, becoming king was the last thing he wanted. Now I can just imagine how Bran (or Sansa? Who has jurisdiction over the Night's Watch now anyway?) pardons him after eveything has settled down, or perhaps he will have a small castle beyond the wall. Of course everything could be better but I'm just glad they (D&D) didn't butcher any more characters than they had to just for the shock effect.

  102. OUFCDoivid

    OUFCDoividGiờ trước

    When you say nobody hates bran do you mean in the show or viewers? He's the one character I've absolutely hated since S1E1 🤣🤣

  103. Alexis Arellano

    Alexis ArellanoGiờ trước

    We still have the books too look forward for.

  104. Isaacson CB

    Isaacson CBGiờ trước

    True the músic and the scenary was great

  105. andrew turvill

    andrew turvillGiờ trước

    Should have ended with drogon coming back and trying to burn Jon snow and everyone seeing this and declaring him king. And as the show closes we head up north past the wall and see a white Walker symbol of could they not have just written something a bit more fantastical.