Game Theory: Ash's Age FINALLY Solved! (Pokemon)


  1. Hail Whydra

    Hail Whydra3 tháng trước

    *Please Adjust your fan art accordingly*

  2. Christian Gibson

    Christian GibsonNgày trước

    yeah just no

  3. Tristin Burdick

    Tristin Burdick2 ngày trước

    +Toast Guy Oh My God

  4. Lightgardian123

    Lightgardian12320 ngày trước

    and ignore the possibility Serena Kissing ash in her last episode... (Cringe)

  5. Monika cat Girl

    Monika cat Girl20 ngày trước

    Hail Whydra lol 😂

  6. theron Ladler

    theron LadlerTháng trước

    misty was older then ash right

  7. Dartanyan Elson

    Dartanyan Elson2 giờ trước

    Question: WHY IS HE THE SAME?

  8. Weirdos Unite

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  10. miraculousladybug demilovato

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  11. miraculousladybug demilovato

    miraculousladybug demilovato7 giờ trước

    *ive only watched pokemon x and y and also black and white*

  12. Jacob Games&Vlogz

    Jacob Games&Vlogz7 giờ trước

    Now I feel like playing Pokemon now

  13. TheGerkuman

    TheGerkuman8 giờ trước

    I disagree on the X and Y thing, because it's entirely possible that it's a continuation from the end of series 5, with Brock, Misty and Ash going to Aloha instead of Misty staying behind and Brock and Ash going to Hoenn (which would make him 14)

  14. arthur8095

    arthur809513 giờ trước

    So Ash kissed Serena with 19 years.... Where is police?

  15. IHaveAMemeAddiction

    IHaveAMemeAddiction15 giờ trước

    How old is pikachu

  16. michigun but 1 smoll spike lmao

    michigun but 1 smoll spike lmao19 giờ trước


  17. Minion1Eye // MInionArmy

    Minion1Eye // MInionArmy20 giờ trước

    Now it's time to do one of these on one of the other pokemon cast.

  18. Ishyfoo

    Ishyfoo20 giờ trước

    Misty in the Kanto region looks like a blow up doll compared to her other self in the Unova region

  19. Chelsea Knight

    Chelsea Knight21 giờ trước

    If your right and xy is in the fail then what about xyz what season is that matpat?

  20. Flower Star

    Flower StarNgày trước

    EXCUSE ME!? Did you just say ARCEUS PRONOUNCED ARE-SEE-US!? Not only does the 3D pro thing call it Are-KEY-us, but, remember that movie you mentioned? Arceus and the Jewel of Life? Oh, I don’t know, it’s not like they pronounce it Are-KEY-us THE ENTIRE MOVIE

  21. Keira Macke

    Keira MackeNgày trước

    5:00 I did this formula and I got 13. I'm 12. MATPAT, EXPLAIN!

  22. PokéIsKunfusing

    PokéIsKunfusingNgày trước

    He’s 15

  23. PokéIsKunfusing

    PokéIsKunfusingNgày trước

    He’s 15

  24. Kyra's Gacha Videos

    Kyra's Gacha VideosNgày trước

    Not quite....You see u have to be 11 to start at the pokemon school in alola. So basically Ash has to be 11 so he could even be in the class he is in.

  25. Sebastian Leon

    Sebastian LeonNgày trước

    jajja great episode!

  26. Laseric gaming

    Laseric gamingNgày trước

    He sings my favorite Pokemon theme. Jhoto was always my favourite

  27. Chase Trawick

    Chase TrawickNgày trước

    Why couldn't they just have him age

  28. Person with a Channel

    Person with a ChannelNgày trước

    Now digimon.

  29. Chetan Singh

    Chetan SinghNgày trước

    Isn't Serena and Ash nearly the same age as they were showed in the beginning episodes of X and Y season.... Well I can conclude that Ash and other characters just don't age from the episode 1 to present even the time passes....👍🏻

  30. Rainbow Zane

    Rainbow Zane2 ngày trước

    Nice song Mat Pat........ You should make a album with that song YOU COULD MAKE MILLIONS!!!

  31. Wyatt256

    Wyatt2562 ngày trước

    4:58 12÷2=6+7=13 hmmmm I didn't know 12 went over 13

  32. Gage Sharp

    Gage Sharp2 ngày trước

    I don' t remember Brock doing anything like that, only flirting, if you can call it that.

  33. Potato4TheWin

    Potato4TheWin2 ngày trước

    My minimum age isb13 but im 12 wth

  34. Ryan Mezzacapa

    Ryan Mezzacapa2 ngày trước

    Unless you include the theory of Ho-Oh granting his wish of staying young and catching Pokémon forever

  35. Skyslays all

    Skyslays all2 ngày trước

    Look instead of them putting LESS girls in front of ash they just put more... HMMM SOMETHING'S TELLING ME SHE IS YOUNGER THAT HE IS BC HE WOULD HAVE GOTTEN SOME HORMONES BY NOW!!! XD XD this whole tv series is twisted....after this all my fan fiction is a HUGE CRAPPY LIE. Wth did they have to make ash a kid even tho he is an YOUNG ADULT! I MEAN COME ON! He just sounds like a idiot that still thinks her is ten! 10÷2+7=12 ;-; crap.

  36. Spiceymelon04

    Spiceymelon042 ngày trước

    Does this mean Serena is also 20? Because they were around the same age and met before the series started

  37. King lord

    King lord2 ngày trước

    Does ho ohs feather make ash 10 forever?

  38. Hogwaller

    Hogwaller2 ngày trước

    Guys my life is a lie

  39. Jerald Fitzjerald

    Jerald Fitzjerald2 ngày trước

    5:02 Wait but that means that a 12 year old couldn't date anyone younger than 13 and a 13 year old couldn't date anyone younger than 13.5 lol

  40. Wilson Yang

    Wilson Yang2 ngày trước

    Explanation, male loli.

  41. Amicdict

    Amicdict2 ngày trước

    13:39 So evolutionism

  42. the guy wit da milk :P

    the guy wit da milk :P2 ngày trước

    Does anyone care about ages in cartoons or anime lol everyone would ship anyone even if one is a fetus and another a sperm

  43. Original Jokester

    Original Jokester2 ngày trước

    this was really well done. awesome video!

  44. Emmy A

    Emmy A2 ngày trước

    What type 17 year old travels with a 10 year old

  45. Geo Deo

    Geo Deo2 ngày trước

    Well....technically I'm quite open when it comes to age gap, my dad is older than my mother by 20 years

  46. Flipperdude

    Flipperdude2 ngày trước

    I’m not sure if the rule of thumb is the most accurate... I’m 14 and according to the rule the minimum age I can date without it getting too creepy is 14... Something about that doesn’t seem right.

  47. Erma Lando

    Erma Lando3 ngày trước

    maybe there idea of looking older in pokemon is just a difrent animation style?

  48. Crazy Unicorn

    Crazy Unicorn3 ngày trước

    But I thought Ash would be forever 10 aging every few years!

  49. Yolanda Perez Velez

    Yolanda Perez Velez3 ngày trước

    Why does Rivoli look Falco

  50. Hero of Kush

    Hero of Kush3 ngày trước

    How can the style in the 90s/00s look better than the newest season? X and y looked good from the pics I seen

  51. Bikerchicken

    Bikerchicken3 ngày trước

    Your content is stellar, and you put so much dang effort into it! On top of that it is super entertaining, keep up the stunning work!!!

  52. Monica Ford

    Monica Ford3 ngày trước

    The real question is how old is Brock? JK old enough to realise he shouldn't travel with Ash anymore, but seriously, it seems trainers are totally ok with travelling with much older teen trainers - I think that's Japanese culture a little to have an "older brother" or sister or even older classmate who takes responsibility for you

  53. Loprikorn

    Loprikorn3 ngày trước

    12:50 more like cringe cringe cringe KILL YOURSELF

  54. Brian  Rodriguez

    Brian Rodriguez3 ngày trước

    Ash is a 20 year old transgender female to male. Geez you guys need to wake up

  55. Pastel Princess Gracie

    Pastel Princess Gracie4 ngày trước

    I think as long as its between two consenting adults it shouldn't matter. That's just me personally, really we are ok with LGBTQ marrying so why not different ages? As long as the younger one isn't being brainwashed.

  56. The Blue Gacha Girl

    The Blue Gacha Girl4 ngày trước

    Ash is 10

  57. Breanna Montoya

    Breanna Montoya4 ngày trước

    Why does the animation get shittier in sun and moon?! Ash looks so weird

  58. barney jones

    barney jones4 ngày trước

    Good singing

  59. MidnightDarkness666

    MidnightDarkness6664 ngày trước

    Anyone else find the animation and character design in Sun and moon really bad compared to previous seasons?

  60. Stephanie Lader

    Stephanie Lader4 ngày trước

    But Ash still lives with his mom.. and he’s shorter ._.

  61. tiffanygilola López

    tiffanygilola López4 ngày trước

    And serina? Huh \(-.-)/. Um oh there?

  62. Jezza Playz

    Jezza Playz4 ngày trước

    As if he used a miss vangie reference

  63. Chloe Animations

    Chloe Animations4 ngày trước


  64. DarkLustyHumor

    DarkLustyHumor4 ngày trước

    I heard the Battle Frontier wasn't actually canon for some reason though?

  65. Rakif Ahmed

    Rakif Ahmed5 ngày trước


  66. Rakif Ahmed

    Rakif Ahmed5 ngày trước

    That Johto parody oh my life that was good, you get a like! 😂

  67. Tracy Ferrante

    Tracy Ferrante5 ngày trước

    pronunciation is always up to interpretation w/ pokemon

  68. Ryrykonia

    Ryrykonia5 ngày trước

    MatPat i love ya but question and if it messes this up, did you acount......for days

  69. darkghosts 40.1

    darkghosts 40.15 ngày trước

    Ash ketchum must be 58 years old.

  70. Chu Feng

    Chu Feng5 ngày trước

    Wait. he was 17 and she was 10, now he is 18 and she is 11. Creepy af still, but I like attention to detail.


    MICHELE CHARBONNET5 ngày trước

    Welp I was wrong I thought it was 30 because he's 10 by indingo and pokemon is 20 years old so 10 plus 20 equals 30

  72. My Levitating Jumpsuit Drinks Chlørine

    My Levitating Jumpsuit Drinks Chlørine5 ngày trước

    Oof this means I can date someone a year older than me, I did the math and I'm 13...

  73. Robert Reid

    Robert Reid5 ngày trước

    Am I the only one who noticed the fact that mat pat missed the XYZ series for pokemon

  74. Eli 579

    Eli 5795 ngày trước

    Do more splatoon now 4.1 has came out…I think

  75. Emilea Victoria

    Emilea Victoria5 ngày trước

    also Ash doesn't age because it's a CARTOON, MYSTERY SOLVED!

  76. Emilea Victoria

    Emilea Victoria5 ngày trước

    the use of Oak saying "Unova" broke me I couldn't stop laughing

  77. Galvatronus Prime

    Galvatronus Prime6 ngày trước

    What if Ash made a wish during the first Jirachi movie for Ash and his friends to stay the same age? That explains how Misty and Brock are the same age in the Sun/Moon arc. That also includes everyone he befriends such as May, Dawn, Iris, Cilan, and so on so forth.

  78. TheFishAddict

    TheFishAddict6 ngày trước

    But what level is pikachu??

  79. Marianne Pace

    Marianne Pace6 ngày trước

    maybe they're different parallel universes

  80. Litchi The Derp

    Litchi The Derp6 ngày trước


  81. Debz Baumaus

    Debz Baumaus6 ngày trước

    Ash has ignored girls because they're too young. Lols And he got to go to school for the first time untile he was 20... So sad, no wonder he's so dumb.

  82. Aaron Dirks

    Aaron Dirks6 ngày trước

    Can I get a lol for every time matpat pronounces Arceus wrong? (Even thought I don't watch the show at all I know that it's pronounced Ark-eus Not Arseus)

  83. Ivy Martin

    Ivy Martin6 ngày trước

    Now for the simpsons' ages!

  84. DeRiften

    DeRiften6 ngày trước

    So... if you ignore the movies and Pokemon-only specials since they're non-canon, what's Ash's age? Around 16?

  85. Alisha Vm

    Alisha Vm6 ngày trước

    When i saw the episode with butterfree leaving ash i cryed

  86. VespineCorgi 99

    VespineCorgi 996 ngày trước

    8:55 i could end the episode here but there is a problem ITS NOT TEN MINUTES YET

  87. darkwolfgaming 8

    darkwolfgaming 86 ngày trước

    The legendary Pokemon that Ash saw in the first season when he wished that he could be a Pokemon Master at Grant him Eternal youth most pokemon fans know that

  88. Clara Cervera

    Clara Cervera6 ngày trước

    I’m dying over Miss Vanjie

  89. Rohan Zener

    Rohan Zener6 ngày trước

    Your Matt Pikachu looks quite hideous.

  90. SepticZombie

    SepticZombie7 ngày trước

    When I did the dating thing. My minimum dating age was older then me

  91. Ausalynn Briggs

    Ausalynn Briggs7 ngày trước


  92. Samuel Maturino

    Samuel Maturino7 ngày trước

    Seriously if I want to watch Pokemon, I have watch like 1020 episodes that will take like 20 years. Why did they keep making these episodes, this is like the most episodes in the world.

  93. Extremely Awesome

    Extremely Awesome7 ngày trước

    4:58 ... if some was 2 yr old their minimum dating age is 6....

  94. Christopher Estep

    Christopher Estep7 ngày trước

    Ash ketchup

  95. dennis lemasters

    dennis lemasters7 ngày trước

    one probelm with your theory game theorists both balck and white, and sun and moon are reboots

  96. AngelIs TheBomb

    AngelIs TheBomb7 ngày trước

    My boyfriend is 17 now so it's not weird. I'm 18

  97. Jaison Joseph

    Jaison Joseph7 ngày trước

    I and Ash are of the same age. Wow.

  98. Female Sans

    Female Sans7 ngày trước

    *eats a bagel and spits out water* WHAT HE'S 20?!

  99. Skeleton Silencer

    Skeleton Silencer7 ngày trước

    Xd mr goodman this should be on film theory

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    dorklo ermen7 ngày trước

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  101. BananaPhoPhilly

    BananaPhoPhilly7 ngày trước

    Is it me or do the girl trainers of Pokemon look a little, how do I say this... _developed_ to be ten years old?

  102. Maria Vega

    Maria Vega8 ngày trước

    Dawn is the girl with the oshawatt

  103. Maria Vega

    Maria Vega8 ngày trước

    I watched Pokemon ranger and the temple of the sea millions of times

  104. Lincoln Titus

    Lincoln Titus8 ngày trước

    Parase Ct. and Chariza Rd.

  105. WhatsUpNext

    WhatsUpNext8 ngày trước

    my dad is 10 years older than my mom.