Game Theory: Ash's Age FINALLY Solved! (Pokemon)


  1. Hail Whydra

    Hail Whydra7 tháng trước

    *Please Adjust your fan art accordingly*

  2. lil bozi !

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    Kongatron no we don’t want any of it

  3. Mariana Bjeletich

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    i dont know if i can

  4. Xblade85

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    I’m 12 so 6+7 is 13 so I can’t date I guess

  5. Yakuzo

    Yakuzo7 giờ trước

    serena kissed ash......

  6. OnePiecegamer two

    OnePiecegamer two12 giờ trước

    2019 sun and moon he is 20

  7. Samuel Borlak

    Samuel BorlakNgày trước

    Me 12 so the minimum age would be 12. LOL

  8. Nikurashu

    NikurashuNgày trước

    Okay, so real talk. The best seasons of Pokémon are by far XY and XYZ. Oh, and just going on whim to please my own mind; Sun & Moon is set between two seasons or something. Like, it might be straight after Johto or something. I honestly hate the Sun & Moon seasons. They literally ruin the more grown up Ash from XY and XYZ. For me Pokémon ended in Kalos.

  9. Malique Regis

    Malique Regis2 ngày trước

    Ash should use that one pedo excuse"AGE IS JUST A NUMBER "

  10. Malique Regis

    Malique Regis2 ngày trước

    Hey matpat sorry to drive you more nuts than you already are but unova is based off of new York and kalos is obviously based off of France and I'm pretty sure the time zones and start of school and yada yada so what I wanna know is have you based the Pokemon timeline and the irl timeline and what not

  11. anie yasir

    anie yasir2 ngày trước

    The beginning song is the pokemon Jhoto Journeys theme song

  12. j-force3000

    j-force30002 ngày trước

    Why can't you just think of it like this, all different shows are different universes and the shows were ash remembers stuff from the past is the same universe. Like the first show and the sun and moon show.

  13. Mazamee

    Mazamee2 ngày trước

    Considering how obsessed Japan is with seasons, it makes sense that Mat had to track Ash's age using that.

  14. Coral The Anime Girl

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    Which Pokémon theme is that? SOMEONE TELL ME PLEASE PLEZ PLZ

  15. Pepsi addict 17047

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    The dabbing Chica is great.

  16. Aluminum

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    lol its charmx

  17. Rashamel Johnson

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    They made him 10 fover

  18. son goku

    son goku3 ngày trước

    Ash is not aging because he saw Ho-oh's wings..... and according to pokemon legend people who sees Ho-oh's wings they promise eternity happiness so ash is not ageing

  19. courtjestersc46

    courtjestersc463 ngày trước

    Ash is apart of a secret team within the Kids Next Door who use the Time Stone to keep certain members from aging!

  20. Lavender Wolf

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  21. pokemon lover willz

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    What about the movies?????

  22. Cupcakesparty 2

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    I am just going to think he’s 10 and not ageing yeah okay bye

  23. BaconKoalas

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    20/2+7 = 17 🤔🤔

  24. xXSanjiFanGirlxX

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    0:26 hi charmx

  25. Vilosey 201

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    Age has never stopped tumbler before.

  26. Noah Hornberger

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    This is completely unrelated but HOW DID YOU WATCH ALL OF THESE EPISODES IN THE FIRST PLACE! I am going crazy because I can not find many episodes of this show that are not sun & moon because of the way the pokemon company set up the pokemon TV app and the official website.

  27. Kelly Ip

    Kelly Ip5 ngày trước

    Dude,you got roasted by a puppet.

  28. Jennika Rosanne

    Jennika Rosanne5 ngày trước

    They PLANNED THIS!!! The series just passed it's 20th birthday, and Ash is 20.

  29. Leila Yusuf

    Leila Yusuf6 ngày trước

    Do pokemon age :o idrk they look young unless they evolve

  30. Flia Chang

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    And what about XYZ series

  31. Storm 1200

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    The youngest person I can date is older than me 😭😭😂😂😂

  32. pixel 1306

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    xD pokemon theme xD

  33. my life rule

    my life rule6 ngày trước

    New pikachu name punkachu

  34. Nicolas Blazquez

    Nicolas Blazquez6 ngày trước

    At the beginning he sees the rare Pokémon he wishes to stay 10 forever

  35. Beasapple Tay

    Beasapple Tay7 ngày trước

    how old is arthur the aardvark? and the beastly birthday episode creates problems cos dw is only just 5; so she can have her birthday, but kate exists and she was born when dw was 5 (im still a chid at heart)

  36. Gacha Lollie

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    TEA SPILL7 ngày trước

    “Pokémon gotta catch em all” “ Paedophile gotta kiss em all”

  38. Anna and Charlie

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    According to the fact that you have to divide you age by 2 and add 7 Apparently I can only date people who are half a year older than me hahah

  39. swag creature

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    Wait mans been doing this for 30 years but only grew 10 years wtf kinda logic

  40. Mark Lopez

    Mark Lopez8 ngày trước

    Groodon is Grou-don

  41. Mark Lopez

    Mark Lopez8 ngày trước

    I thought it was Ark-Y-us not Ar-Cee-Us

  42. Kara Meyer

    Kara Meyer8 ngày trước

    Which Pokémon is the best though?

  43. Matthew Alejandro Rico Soria-Galvarro

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    Lol loves the intro song 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😁😂😂😂

  44. Galaxy kitten 75

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  45. Dantewatch 12

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    He 900 years old finall🤣🤣🤣

  46. Codii

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    Ash the *pedophile*

  47. Adam Nur

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    The reason why Ash is still 10 years old and still contains his Pokémon memories is because He's a time lord! (Dun, dun, dun!)

  48. Challenge Team

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  49. Liz Stanton

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    *T H E U N O V A R E G I O N*

  50. Googly man

    Googly man9 ngày trước

    wait… adding on.... he is actually still 10 because he is a special human species that can still be 10 in like tons of years

  51. Kevin Lorenzo

    Kevin Lorenzo9 ngày trước

    Serena is as old as Ash, you don't need to put her picture when you say 10 year old girls. Remember the episode where Serena makes Ash remember the summer stuff thing, if she is 10 year old at XY, she is not born yet when Ash is around 7

  52. Kirby Gaming

    Kirby Gaming10 ngày trước

    Ash’s birthday is so close to someone’s birthday I know

  53. Kirby Gaming

    Kirby Gaming10 ngày trước

    Ash wow

  54. Sliver Qrow

    Sliver Qrow10 ngày trước

    I don't agree with pokemon sun and moon you have a 19.5 yr old with children,Yeah that sounds about right call FBI on Ash

  55. Dark Power

    Dark Power10 ngày trước

    Me:What about.... Matpat:No! No! No! Me:Ok...

  56. KittyCrazy

    KittyCrazy10 ngày trước

    Is it weird that I only like Pokémon XY

  57. Diskd Djdjx

    Diskd Djdjx10 ngày trước

    Ash...Ash never changes

  58. I don’t Know

    I don’t Know10 ngày trước

    I’m 12 divide my age by two, that equals 6 they and 7 and that’s 13 so I have to date people older than me

  59. Kylie Harriman

    Kylie Harriman10 ngày trước

    He says that it was weird that it started to age slower but actually as he got better it would take him less time to complete the league

  60. Movie Maker

    Movie Maker10 ngày trước

    It's funny because when you said pronouncing the region is hard you mispronounced Groudon

  61. Christine B

    Christine B10 ngày trước

    "The ash we know and tolerate"

  62. Bumba Malumba

    Bumba Malumba10 ngày trước

    So if I’m 52 and I divide my age by half and add 7, it’s not creepy if I date someone that’s, at minimum, 18 years younger than me

  63. Catleo Litob

    Catleo Litob10 ngày trước

    To finalize, on the first episode, ash was 10, so if it was 2019 today,ash is 32 years old.


    ZACH TRACKS11 ngày trước

    Ok i have a theory what if humans in the Pokemon universe age slower then us by lake 20 years. So like 20 years here is 1 year for them. That would explain why ash is always ten and he never ages. But i do think this has some plot holes but hey mabey?

  65. Glim Animates

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    May 22 is my birthday..oml

  66. Memest

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    If you see this young 20 year old full grown man, please buy him his happy meal, he needs his protein

  67. ThatOneUmbreon

    ThatOneUmbreon11 ngày trước

    Season 1 still happened for Alola Ash but the rest didn't

  68. Xander Van Wyk

    Xander Van Wyk11 ngày trước

    I thought he is 13 or 14 and I hoped so 😔😔

  69. Music For Teenagers

    Music For Teenagers11 ngày trước

    5:03 - If someone is 14, I'm gonna' lose it! XD

  70. Fedora Ferret

    Fedora Ferret11 ngày trước

    Matpat, thank you for everything you do. You went above and beyond for this one and it shows.

  71. Ellyanna Cervera

    Ellyanna Cervera11 ngày trước

    So how old was he when he got that kiss?!

  72. FruitSalad

    FruitSalad11 ngày trước

    12:20 ah yes, the seasons of the year summer, winter, spring and my favourite season, Canada

  73. ILikeWolves Hi

    ILikeWolves Hi12 ngày trước

    A 9 yr. can date an 11 yr?

  74. Commenter Q

    Commenter Q12 ngày trước

    Ash is a user of ten. There. Theory over.

  75. Cloudiamondgamer

    Cloudiamondgamer12 ngày trước

    best intro ever. edit: so the rule of thumb states that a 50 year old can date a 32 year old ??????????

  76. Hoppy120

    Hoppy12012 ngày trước

    that 'rule of thumb', is probably only for young people. think about it, by that rule: a 60 year old, 60÷2 = 30 30+7 = 37. so a 60y/o could date a 37 year old at the youngest? i think that's a bit weird.

  77. Mystear Primal

    Mystear Primal12 ngày trước

    Greater than 20 then. Well, I was correct. Strange. Matpat worked really hard on this one. Really hard. Watching 1000 episodes for a project/work is no small thing. And he can't just watch like most people do for the main plot, he has to maintain constant focus to spot clues for deduction. He deserves recognition on this one. 1 like = 1 Applause What do you think needs to change in the past for Matpat to be Sherlock Holmes?

  78. Vhan Chua

    Vhan Chua12 ngày trước

    Honestly, I just want to see Ash age up until he finally fulfill his dream.

  79. Sairey13

    Sairey1312 ngày trước

    If Ash was, in fact, 10, when he started his adventure, and was around 17 when May joined the group… How old was Brock?

  80. Collin DeWitt

    Collin DeWitt12 ngày trước

    I’m ten. So my minimum partner age is twelve? Hmmmmmmm……………

  81. Drew Pocernich

    Drew Pocernich12 ngày trước

    I love you Matt Patt. Much love brutha, much. 💕

  82. Karyl Cummings

    Karyl Cummings12 ngày trước

    Madpat you’re under arrest for dabbing

  83. Mace Dip

    Mace Dip13 ngày trước

    The animation/style of Sun and moon I dislike.It looks like Steven Universe and I like Steven universe.When I see it I think of the ash in a comma theory!

  84. Dominic nieves

    Dominic nieves13 ngày trước

    So still 20 in ultra adventers to ?

  85. James Varran

    James Varran13 ngày trước

    Yo, what about ash’s time in kalos? I struggle to believe that happened over the course of a few months. It might have done, but I’m surprised you barely mentioned it. Especially since it might mean that ash going into alola could be 21 depending on how long he’s in kalos for. Just a thought

  86. Sci-fi Gaming

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    My dad is 8 years older thai my Mom

  87. CaMiLlE

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    i really like the song so much

  88. Isaiah English

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    Can you tell us when he can drink.

  89. Spiderman 1618

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  90. Anchxbie

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  91. Aztec Roblox

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    does he sleep?

  92. Draconiumpower

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    At least Serena was around Ash's age.

  93. ShadowCrow000

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  94. Bluebottlejr, the Mad God

    Bluebottlejr, the Mad God14 ngày trước

    I have a simple theory that solves everything: it's a Dragon Break. We are experiencing multiple timelines converging together, making little to no sense in the slightest. That's why Ash remains a ten year old yet remembers everything that's happened over the past decade of travelling. The only thing to figure out now is how a Dragon Break even occurred at all.


    INTERNET COMMENTER14 ngày trước

    Matpat got paid. That Is Why.

  96. It hurts to P

    It hurts to P14 ngày trước

    Ash in disappointed you didn’t include ash kissing an underage girl

  97. Cody Turnbow

    Cody Turnbow14 ngày trước

    Alright since I'm seeing a bit of confusion, the "rule of thumb" is considered an adult guide line starting at 18. It starts at 18 because this idea is American created for when you are legally an adult.

  98. MissAquaGamer

    MissAquaGamer14 ngày trước

    23/2+7= 18.5 Eww I would never 😂😂

  99. Nick LAITY

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    10:27 A Totoro reference maybe?

  100. Gwellius Gaming

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    10:50 UNOVA

  101. Larry Keaton

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    He's 33

  102. Guinea Pig Productions

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    He is just 10 okay