Game Theory: Ash's Age FINALLY Solved! (Pokemon)


  1. Hail Whydra

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    *Please Adjust your fan art accordingly*

  2. xX_red_ace_ fire_Xx

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    Who faps to that! *nervously fapping*

  3. Jaidon Kaia

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    According to this tracking, Brock would be about 30

  4. Leire Aranda

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  5. Sheigan Tani

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  6. Popeye The Gamer Man

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    so that means i have to date people older than 13. hm. i don't like that

  7. Sparsh 316

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    u forgot one thing ash from sun and moon may be only completed kanto and johto

  8. wingeddanny

    wingeddannyGiờ trước

    sun and moon seem so ugly drawed... they getting lazy on us

  9. Louis Santana

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    K mat pat heres where ur wrong. There are to pokemin universe's one with mega evolution and one without it and there is none in sun and moon and indigo but there is in the othere series so maybe its anothere universe and ash has to ages and thats why ash knows misty in sun and moon

  10. Guacoroni boi

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    Ash is either 10 since he wished to ho oh in the first episode of the first series causing him to never age OR he's over 2000 since he's seen jirachi twice and jirachi only comes every 1000 years.

  11. Draon029

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    Don’t ever do that again. You know what I’m talking about.

  12. Milen Shopov

    Milen Shopov2 giờ trước

    Am I the only one who thinks that Ash in sun and moon looks weird?

  13. Santha Krishnan

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    For some weird reason i actually like the song at the beginning of the video

  14. Uganda Knuckles

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    Makes me want to watch Pokēmon hentai... :-|

  15. Kevin Dias

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    So ash is with a bunch of 10 years old

  16. NafriSaurus

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    dawn is 10 so 10 divide by 2 is 5 5 plus 7 is 14...14 divide 2 is 7 7 plus 7 is 14???????

  17. Zygarde core

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    That opening was a parody of jhoto journeys. I’ve memorized the Pokémon. Theme songs like you’ve memorized the phone guy calls

  18. The mysterious Hacker

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    Please keep it to a minimum

  19. Connor Bredall

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    4:53 - 5:03 That "rule of thumb" is extremely flawed and should never really be used. I mean based on that "rule of thumb" an 18 year old can't date a 15 year old but an 80 year old can date a 48 year old, even tho I am pretty sure society is a lot more willing to except the former.

  20. Maximus Abrahan

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  21. Vendigris17

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    Season pump damage

  22. DWH Gaming

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    what if the Pokemon worlds seasons are different to ours? what if for example they are random and can change at any time, one day it could be winter and the next summer, after all this is a world that has animals that can change the weather at will and even manipulate time or perhaps it does has seasons like ours and on the same scale of say 4 every 365 days but perhaps a year there doesn't equate to a year here, and ISN'T 365 days but is say 3650 days (10 of our years) or 7300 days (20 of our years), the anime started in 1997 so if one of their years was equal to 20 of ours then ash would be 11 years old during Sun and Moon as they would also age slower, in their world anyway and to them it wouldn't be strange because that's what their world is

  23. Niklas Söderström

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    I did that divide thing an I'm 12

  24. Curse

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    i mean the girls also age x'D and also you do not aquire a white beard at the age of 20, i started getting white hairs on my beard when i was 23

  25. AJ_Hunter6707

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    So according to what you said Matpat if you are 50 then you can date a 32 year old before it gets weird. 50 halved Is 25 plus 7 is 32. And if you are 100 then you can date some one who is 57. No offence matpat because you are my favourite VIreporterr but in my opinion I don't think it makes sense

  26. Skeleton Gamer 15

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    0:34 i hurd fucken then i had to put the CC on to see it was far

  27. Miles Z

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    4:57 soooooo if a 6 year old wants to date someone for some reason then they should date someone over 10?

  28. Vendigris17

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    I think they meant maximum

  29. randomguyidk

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    You copied YuB! There’s earrape.....TRIGGERED.

  30. Joe Rattray

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    14 divided by 2 + 7 = 14 dafuq so ur telling me i can only date a 14 year old but im fourteen

  31. Owen Mallett

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  32. cyclops de one eyed tren

    cyclops de one eyed tren13 giờ trước

    I dont care if hes wrong. So that means f~€£ you I like him because he did so much research for every video(I think)

  33. Amyed83

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    0:25 CHARMX IS A VIreporterR HES ON THE VID!!!!!!

  34. ArkreiDan

    ArkreiDan14 giờ trước

    but in sun and moon they confirm he's 11...

  35. Logan Bradley

    Logan Bradley15 giờ trước

    If you are 14, the minimum dating age is 14

  36. Betty Kimble

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    Would say I ship with dawn but uhhhhh

  37. Aquaria Cracker

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  38. JX The fighter

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    #matpatisgoingcrazy best intro ever

  39. LUMOS200

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    mat pat is finally back to the glory days, god his fortnite days were cringey

  40. Sword Pixels

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    ash is using a voice changer

  41. Drk Fewa

    Drk Fewa18 giờ trước

    There was always a theory that his age got stunted when he was turned to stone in one of the early pokemon movies, could explain why he is 20 but still acting like he is 10.

  42. Xavier Mendez

    Xavier Mendez18 giờ trước

    Matpat you must know that animated show's characters don't age

  43. Xavier Mendez

    Xavier Mendez19 giờ trước

    Ash is a rapist

  44. John

    John19 giờ trước

    at the start of sun and moon hes 19 but they all got vaxxed and caught autism, thats why they look like that.

  45. Optikon

    Optikon20 giờ trước

    Great. Once again, thanks for aging some of us, Matt. Like a lot of us, I watched Pokemon as a kid. If Ash is now approaching his twenties... Oh God...

  46. wizardjian

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    Is it just me or is that part of the Code Lyoko theme at 14:04 in the background... O-o

  47. allen crown

    allen crown21 giờ trước

    10 : 2 = 5. 5+7=12 the minimum age a 10 year old could date would be 12. But, 12 : 2=6. 6+7= 13 meaning your system is a little broken. It assumes nobody below 14 will date ever, for it to function propperly.

  48. Josephine Gardner

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  49. Nate Harris

    Nate Harris22 giờ trước

    Y O O N V A R E G I O N

  50. Anisa Sayed

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    Dermatologists hate him

  51. Lava Yuki

    Lava Yuki23 giờ trước

    Ash looks the exact same as as a teenager as he did when he was supposedly 10, and never shows any interest in girls despite reaching "adulthood". He looks way more kiddish, like age 7, and the voices sound like toddlers in the Sun and Moon saga...

  52. chara streamer

    chara streamerNgày trước

    Thing isssssss you took ages to make this yet game freak debunked it all and said ash was like around 10-13 years olddddddd

  53. Bread gaming915

    Bread gaming915Ngày trước

    Baldi theory when is it coming

  54. Its Xad

    Its XadNgày trước

    I think the reason it has “lit” in the beginning is since the real one is based off of a lion, Leo they would base it off of a Pokémon lion.this bringing the conclusion that it is based off of litten from sun and moon

  55. Bilal32155

    Bilal32155Ngày trước

    so the only 2 girls ash can go out with r misty and serena

  56. AJTL gamin21

    AJTL gamin21Ngày trước

    Complete the sentence Rhydon ma _________

  57. Papaben 9901 Gamer

    Papaben 9901 GamerNgày trước

    I am 13 and my minimum dating age is 14 ?

  58. Jaidon Kaia

    Jaidon KaiaNgày trước

    Looks like from the flashbacks, they cut out certain series. Like S&M, would likely be taking place directly after Johto, in all likelihood.

  59. GageXtreme

    GageXtremeNgày trước

    I think ash just knows how to look young

  60. Ar Co

    Ar CoNgày trước

    The reason why ash is still 10 is because he's cursed with a time loop thing from ho-oh

  61. Ar Co

    Ar CoNgày trước

    Mat 18/2 9 +7 is 16 that's two years when the law is 4 years quit being retarded and just say 4 years difference for minors and 15 for adults like normal people

  62. Nikki Corn

    Nikki CornNgày trước

    100/2+7=57 really? 😂

  63. Obsidian Man

    Obsidian ManNgày trước

    Its mr goodman from sml go back to matpats song at the beginning

  64. Prullac Brony

    Prullac BronyNgày trước

    Hey dude chill out. The only why he's still a kid is because he saw Ho-oh in Season 1 episode 1 called Pokemon I Choose You. I'm saying that he might've gained immortality.

  65. Vegito Bad

    Vegito Bad2 ngày trước

    Maybe he is a migit

  66. 喜欢拉面

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  67. Sticks The Cat :3

    Sticks The Cat :32 ngày trước

    10/10 MatPat singing in the intro.

  68. Chloe Dao

    Chloe Dao2 ngày trước

    Wait so your saying that Ash - who is the boy that literally never ages- is 20! My whole life has been a lie.

  69. LootableCorpse

    LootableCorpse2 ngày trước

    Rest on his yannies xD

  70. kaneki ken

    kaneki ken2 ngày trước

    Its not ASSIAS IS ARCEUS!!!!!!!!!

  71. DeStRoYeR Gaming

    DeStRoYeR Gaming2 ngày trước

    Why do they call ash satoshi in the lates pokemon series(sun and moon)

  72. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump2 ngày trước

    bet ash age is 27


    NIRVAN RAI2 ngày trước

    Me favoriate pokeman is muk

  74. Alvaro Gonzalez

    Alvaro Gonzalez2 ngày trước

    Hey Mat!, how if Ash started by his travel through the age of 9, here on Mexico if you are close to the allowed date to start school, you are allowed to enroll to the school, maybe Ash was permites to start by the age of 9 because he was close to his birthday 🤔

  75. Aleks !

    Aleks !2 ngày trước

    the drag race reference broke me

  76. Catalina Fernandez

    Catalina Fernandez2 ngày trước

    Wait, doesn't the pokemon world move at a slower time than ours, like some episodes can be in the same day while the episodes were aired at completely different times, so ash is technically younger than 17 when Dawn comes.

  77. FastBreak383 383

    FastBreak383 3832 ngày trước

    So if your 80 then 47 is the minimum

  78. yoguera85

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  79. BLS MMS

    BLS MMS2 ngày trước

    I'm 12 So 12÷2=6 6+7=13 Soo... My Birthday Is Sept 29 2005

  80. TheShadowVolt

    TheShadowVolt2 ngày trước

    Dear Mattpat... SNOWPOINT CITY... is always snowy. In game, or in the pokemon world in general... but not to worry, for this does not ruin your theory entirely... just subtract exactly 1 year. You jumped the gun a bit too fast my friend...

  81. kit kat

    kit kat3 ngày trước

    5:00 i’m 12 does that mean the minimum dating age for me is 13?

  82. Sotiris Dalianis

    Sotiris Dalianis3 ngày trước

    Hey, just thought about a crazy theory... What if after the Johto adventures, the universe was split into 2, the one being Ash going to Hoehn and thr other one being Ash going to Alola. Tell me your opinions! :P

  83. Mary Ann Escarcha

    Mary Ann Escarcha3 ngày trước

    I Guess 23 Edit:I Guess 22.6

  84. kymppa 123

    kymppa 1233 ngày trước

    umm... is Serena technically close to the same age that ash is cuz she was rescued by ash at a summercamp (if it is not just a fake memory)

  85. smmisawsome speedruns / TAS

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    Who is here because of charmx

  86. animeboi II

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    so ash is a phedo?

  87. MGang TV

    MGang TV3 ngày trước

    YOOO! Yeah you reading this comment let me ask you one thing... Do you wake up in the morning asking yourself "What kind of Man/Woman do I want to be in 10 years? Do you want to be the kind thats still hustling or grinding a 9 to 5 hustling for a weekend ? Or Do you want to be the kind that wakes up to your dream home and walks outside every night remembering the days when you didn't have anything. The nights were no one cared about you or your dreams. After all of those days you were hungry now it all paid off and money is no longer an issue. Do better for yourself everyday and don't allow yourself to be a product of your environment. SALUTE

  88. Hot Coco

    Hot Coco3 ngày trước

    Sun and moon ultra anventers

  89. moo mam

    moo mam3 ngày trước

    Do i only have any relationships with older people

  90. Clare

    Clare3 ngày trước

    hA i'm one day older than him, according to his birthday

  91. Mewsso !

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  92. Lisa Sassi

    Lisa Sassi3 ngày trước

    In the sun and moon episodes he is almost 29-32 but he acts and looks amazingly younger at lest 11-14 and he still acts like he is 4-6 even when the time changed he would be 26-28

  93. Lisa Sassi

    Lisa Sassi3 ngày trước

    And why dose he lose all the 30 years he defeated like 25-30 legendarys

  94. Micheal Highers

    Micheal Highers3 ngày trước

    I love the little play on words for each address on the id cards for ash. Lol'd hard at each one.

  95. Nathan Brown

    Nathan Brown3 ngày trước

    Can you do a video on how ride pager's work

  96. Lt. Basil

    Lt. Basil3 ngày trước

    At 14:59 I can't tell if those large, round red fruits are apples or pomegranates. Either way, it kind of messes with determining what season it is, as pomegranate season is September through February in the Northern Hemisphere, and Hawaiian apples (ohi'a 'ai, or "mountain apples") are ripe in March and April.

  97. EghxsaB13 _

    EghxsaB13 _3 ngày trước

    If Ash is aging then so is everyone else. So he’s not dating a 10 year old. Maybe a 15 year old 😉

  98. Erick Vega Guzmán

    Erick Vega Guzmán3 ngày trước

    Did anyone notice that in minute 12:09 the map is in Spanish?😂

  99. MC Smasher

    MC Smasher3 ngày trước

    So if Ash is 19 and a half years old at the end of the X and Y series, then wouldn't Serena also be the same age or close to it? Considering that they go back to when they were "Kids".

  100. Yoshi 9000

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  101. afia Akhlaq

    afia Akhlaq3 ngày trước

    downt be stast take a break

  102. Ekhlas Khadi

    Ekhlas Khadi3 ngày trước

    haha. this theory is wrong because seasons start at different times

  103. Carly Bg

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  104. Ufukcan Gencoglu

    Ufukcan Gencoglu4 ngày trước

    Oh please everyone knows that Ash is using Gameshark devices! That is how his pokemon are so OP and why he never ages. He just hacks the script to be that way.

  105. Lilly O brien

    Lilly O brien4 ngày trước

    That song is awsome

  106. flamingo shrooms

    flamingo shrooms4 ngày trước

    Maybe seasons are different with the years? And time works differently in there reality, like there's more than 4 seasons for them and they go though multiple cycles to make a full year?(it wouldn't really work out with the way a planet moves but.. Ay was do I know )