Game Theory: Ash's Age FINALLY Solved! (Pokemon)


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    *Please Adjust your fan art accordingly*

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    For sure it’s been an hour since we

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    Hail Whydra hahaha!

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    We should continue this in Pokemon let's go Eevee and Pikachu

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    haha yeaa

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    He just ate a everstone

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    Just reboot the whole franchise with more consistence and better action

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    ??Film theory or game theory??

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    If you use matpats rule for dating and you get a number older then you are that means you are to young to be dating

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    Chris Hansen- Hi Ash please have a seat.

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    Didn't know you had a child, dude. Congrats MatPat, even though this video is was posted a couple months ago.

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    FBI open up o his door is locked ooooooooooooooooooooooooof

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    Did u know that pikachu is 10kg?

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    I’m 100 ok so divided by 2 50 add 7 57 ya it works

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    So 11 : 2 + 7 12.5

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    Wait Charmx is here?!

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    diiferent worlds, alt universe,

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    24 yrs old i can date 19 yr old

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    We have the same favorite Pokémon

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    the beging tho XD

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    *Charmo did not sent me here*

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    What about xyz

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    10:37 😐


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    so I have Ash beat in age by 4 whole years, placing his birthday May 22nd 1998 vs. my Nov 8th, 1994. unless I'm wrong feel free to double check....... running around after shiny and rare thing creatures with little care in the world with ten year old girls and guys, sound like Ash may have Autism being placed mid to high on the spectrum, considering he gets along with them and having similar mind sets.

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    The answer is 20 :)

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    If am 60 i Can date a person that 37

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    Actually idc

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    I am 11 so my minimum dating age is 12

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    The rule of thumb has some flaws though, like for example in my country the age of consent is 12, so technically, let's say... a 13-year-old boy here COULD date someone above or at the age of 12. Applying the rule of thumb for this young man and we get 13.5 which is higher than 13 itself... (For 12 the result is 13, again older than the initial number.)

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    But I still think The Earth in Pokemon world is slower than our Earth So the 1 year in Pokemon world Is 3-4 years in our world *PROBLEM SOLVED MUTHERFUTHER*

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    maybe the soft reboot isn't that none of the events ever happened, but they happened across a much shorter timespan.

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    0:00-0:42 Someone cover this majestic song

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    0:00 *???*

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    What if Ash is a ghost?

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    7:19 ?

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    Stop singing horrible I have watched hate and you sing this song

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    Snowpoint city is happy hamlet in fortnite

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    wait, so your minimun date's age should be by the formula ([your age]/2)*7.... so if i'm 50, that means my minimun date age is 32. that's TOTALLY not weird, like at all

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    It's only been 8 months since ash started, that is the truth. Some places in Pokemon are just snowy all the time, why not just ask the writers. Also remember ash met Sarina at 10.

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    I can date 14 year olds, as 14 aight then

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    Yes! I was right! 20 years old

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    I give a like just for the beginning song

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    Actually I think ashes age is still 10 why you may ask? Well i think he has a idk a sickness? Like a Sympten idk how to spell it anyways i think he has a sickness that he cant age can someone google it for me it would give me more research

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    So if some one is 14 the minimum age to date is 14??

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    meanwhile boruto is already 13

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    who else noticed on every hat for ash gets more of a poke ball

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    Ha ha ha ha ha

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    Ash probably sexually abuses his poke mon that’s why he chases new ones all the time

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    He’s the thanos of poke mon

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    dear god didnt knew the "new" ash was so ugly , also question does dying stop aging in pokemon world?

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    naw hes still ten

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    Nah hes 11 he turned 11 in aloala or is it an excuse to not be a pedophile

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    Why can't you just use the length of the show aka Ash's age at the start (10) plus the amount of years the shows life was

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    I have a simpler theory. Pokemon anime is a soap opera, and they swap actors every season. They literally aren't the same people, but playing the same characters for the show.

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    3:10 we learn about matpats newborn baby boy. Who I’ve saw and is adorable

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    What if the theory of him wishing to journey forever(or whatever it was), when he turned 18 it restarted him at 10 and him and everyone else just kept there old memories? That would then technically make him 12 instead of 20 now.

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    Wait... how do you know that the pokegirls are actually 10???

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    I just realised that misty and Serena is the only girls who Ash could be dating because Ash and Serena knew each ither when they were younger and misty is prob ilder than Ash

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    10:37 LOLOLOLOL

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    actually....... Ash is 15 still he doesn't age........ how does it feel for the theorist to be wrong lol

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    Were is Pokemon xyz

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    13 divided by 2 + 7 = 13.5???

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    but what song is he parading?


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    How come the Japanese version of the Sun&Moon series is in the Ultra Sun&Moon seasons, WHILE WE ARE STUCK ON SEASON 1?!?

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    ~Ash is always innocent~

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    I Think Serena Is Same Age Because They Meet Before Right?????

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    May 22 my birthday is may 13

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    He has to start again because he forgot xyz

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    0:00 cancer

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    hi is 22

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    While I thought red was 20 This stuff pops out

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    he is 10, that's the age for pokemon training, stfu

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    Viewers: Ash is 10 years old Game Theory: Hold my beer...

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    Can we just say that he's immortal at 10 years old

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    He made a yanny and larual

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    maybe Ash has Kallmann Syndrome, if you dont know what that is FLIPPING GOOGLE IT

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    10/10 intro

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    This is a great theory. But the only wrinkle that could cause a little trouble would be that you used a couple of the movies to set up your timeline. I always thought that the movies were the same level of canon to the show as the DBZ movies are to DBZ. It only makes a small wrinkle really. So the timeline is a little more ambiguous during those segments. But overall, still a good theory.

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    I love your intro!

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    so how many days have pasted at least? (and have they ever misaligned?)

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    Wait so Ash is a pedo?

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    What if Ash is a figment of imagination and is created to be immortal so he can keep exploring different regions

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    The pokemon game is not the same as the real world so maybe 8 years in real life equals like a year in pokemon and who knows maybe the seasons are made by legendary pokémon which look like its summer or winter but not really

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    if he is 10 in 1995. then he was born 1985. so by 2018 he is 33 years old.

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    I just hate Misty May Serena dawn and Iris Ash wants to become Pokemon master and one more thing he doesn't love anyone he hates them because they are coming in his way

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    I know ash will never age

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    can't we watch just the anime instead of making it darker

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    +Nicolas Oliveira Mada facka

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    44/2 = 22 and 22 + 7 is 29

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    If you are 6 it’s ok for you to be dating someone ten or older?

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    He is only 10 in one of the first 10 episodes ever he sees ho-oh and wishes to be the best Pokemon trainer forever and ho-oh makes him 10 forever

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    Wait i didnt even know a new pokemon series was out (sun and moon) WHY DID THE ANIMATION LOOK SO LAZY DSMHSKDN

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    I mean, there could still be 2 canons. Johto and alola could just be were the 2 bridge off.

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    My birth is May 29!!

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    Whats the song called? and can i download it on itunes to watch it and think about the pain and suffering people on youtube have to go through to edit a video and post it on youtube? ahhahahahah :,D [help]

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    Do mass effect part 2

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    Honestly, why have they never gotten rid of Ash at this point? Like he doesn’t need to be the main protagonist!! He could just become old for once and be a mentor for someone or maybe has a kid of his own and teach his kid every now and then. Make Ash become a professor, do something else different with him!!! 😂😂😂

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    X & y = best theme song