Game Theory: FNAF 7, The Untold Story of Sister Location


  1. Jerry

    JerryGiờ trước

    Whats next Scott Fnaf infinity war

  2. wow cooky

    wow cookyGiờ trước

    i actually rlly like game and film theory and u cant stop me

  3. MLG MASTER OF MEMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    *scream unholy screaming* noooooooooo scott noooooooooooooooooooooo

  4. SadieCat

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    Just as how the vengeful spirit will never let William leave, Scott will never let MatPat be done

  5. magik cat

    magik cat3 giờ trước

    I love it when he says Jeremy Cuz dats my name

  6. Faded Aura

    Faded Aura4 giờ trước

    Matpat: *fnaf is over* Scott: *HAH, YOU THOUGHT DIDNT YOU?! I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER HAHAHA*

  7. GalacticVoid

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    MatPat: NO NO GOD NOOOO! Me: HE HEARD MY PRAYERS! 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  8. Bratola

    Bratola7 giờ trước

    So this got me thinking. In The Freddy Files, on Funtime Foxy’s profile, it says she is one of the ‘FEW’ automated jumpscares, but currently she is the only one. Maybe, since we saw the technicians dead already, they get automatically killed in the VR?

  9. Ralf Sintke

    Ralf Sintke7 giờ trước

    sigh... if there was a way to put scott into NASA we wouldve most likely already be living on mars playing his next game.

  10. Guavamarshmellow YT

    Guavamarshmellow YT7 giờ trước

    I don't know if this is even helpful... But it might help? I don't know how, but anyway... *COUGH COUGH* In FNAF 2, you can see the endoskeleton in Mangle's mouth, but in UCN, you can't. This probably doesn't even matter, but it could... BUT THAT'S JUST A THEORY - A GAME THEORY! Thanks for reading.

  11. orangefactory

    orangefactory7 giờ trước

    Im 5 minutes in and my brain already hurts

  12. rainplayerxxx

    rainplayerxxx8 giờ trước

    RIP franku

  13. Catabee

    Catabee8 giờ trước

    Warning for the faint of heart that there is a jumpscare in the video around 10:55 - 10:58.

  14. tatel tale cat

    tatel tale cat8 giờ trước

    Scott:mat patttttttttttt mat Pat:no no o god please no nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  15. Power Studios TV

    Power Studios TV9 giờ trước

    The FNAF series AKA: The Eternal Torment Of Matthew Patrick

  16. Jack

    Jack9 giờ trước

    I don't know if anyone noticed, but on Freddy's face from the teaser, you can make out the shape of two fingers, as a reference to brighten up freddy's face from the first game.

  17. Silverfire 12

    Silverfire 129 giờ trước

    I honestly think that this is less lore building more just for the heck of it.

  18. Niklas Pfeiffer

    Niklas Pfeiffer10 giờ trước

    He just can’t let it be. Man it Must be hard being an theorist

  19. Willmo_ Awesome

    Willmo_ Awesome10 giờ trước

    Freddy still has that handprint on him

  20. ira adelina

    ira adelina13 giờ trước

    Can you do a theory of the origin of shadow Freddy

  21. Da BrickBoss

    Da BrickBoss13 giờ trước

    Well guess I'm going to GameStop.

  22. Welie Densing

    Welie Densing14 giờ trước

    good upgrades in your vids

  23. kelp farmer

    kelp farmer14 giờ trước

    make a theory about the story of Hollow Knight

  24. Kaleb Burden

    Kaleb Burden15 giờ trước

    Chica says lodged in your forehead so couldn’t that be the bite of 87?

  25. Alexandros Lego

    Alexandros Lego17 giờ trước

    Suicide is overrated

  26. Natalie227 Gaming

    Natalie227 Gaming18 giờ trước

    Scott challenged MatPat again?


    BIGBOIKISAME19 giờ trước

    Matpat:Fnaf final theory.... Scott: I don't think soo

  28. Pro Gamer

    Pro Gamer19 giờ trước

    Mat pat “OH COME ON NEW FNAF” then completes in 1 day “oh nevermined” scot “ I made the eternal hell for this game so you can be crushed by my 99999999999999 upcoming games” MatPat “ why :(“

  29. Martisplayz Mobile Legends

    Martisplayz Mobile Legends20 giờ trước

    i thought fnaf is unpopular these days well i glad its back and im glad you back too Fnaf game theory from Matpat

  30. Rosstars 12

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  31. RockinFish 17

    RockinFish 17Ngày trước

    I thought the technicians got killed by the animatronics

  32. AtomicToast

    AtomicToastNgày trước

    1% comments are talking about the actual video

  33. Brooke Val

    Brooke ValNgày trước

    Does that mean the balloon boy toy hanging on the roof in the underground office a hint to what will happen in night 5 of FNAF Sister Location?

  34. TheEmeraldMachine

    TheEmeraldMachineNgày trước

    I love the Office reference in the beginning 😂😂😂 Comedy GOLD 👍👍👍

  35. Shiny the shiny sylveon drawz

    Shiny the shiny sylveon drawzNgày trước

    10:56 T H A T S C A R E D M E >:0

  36. Bella Lawrence

    Bella LawrenceNgày trước

    I think that this is after fnaf 6, because as we all know they all melted away leaving the spirts free, but what if the melted together.

  37. Bonne Bonny

    Bonne BonnyNgày trước

    Hold on i just had a thought in my mind, if we are william afton in custom night why is springtrap an option?

  38. LetUsPlay Gaming

    LetUsPlay GamingNgày trước

    If Ultimate Custom Night is William Aftons hell than explain why he can be killed by Springtrap and Afton(Scraptrap)

  39. Lylah

    LylahNgày trước

    Wait, all of the animatronics are melted together in the teaser trailer, and in FNAF world Candy Cadet told stories about 5 things getting merged into one. There’s 5 animatronics in the teaser trailer...


    ALEX ZANDERNgày trước

    You know the game is the 8th fnaf game right

  41. Randy Dinkins

    Randy DinkinsNgày trước

    yassssss. Yasssssss just.....yasssssss scotty you habe not faileds me

  42. Noahthecrazy1

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    I like when he didn’t show his face 😕

  43. GreatAnotherViewer

    GreatAnotherViewerNgày trước

    scott probably has all this sh33t planed out and is planing a fnaf 10 with hidden messages in the walls of fnaf 4. (comes back in 2030) OH MY GOD-

  44. Anderson Zeis

    Anderson ZeisNgày trước

    Isnt this fnaf 8 because of ultimate custom night?


    NOBLEFOX FOXNgày trước

    I want you to answer this question Matt Pat how did all the bosses in Cuphead get contracts and why do we have to collect them?

  46. Titanic Creeper L.O.L

    Titanic Creeper L.O.LNgày trước

    I think they're just milking fnaf at this point. I wish fnaf would go back to its old roots, it will never be the same.

  47. Cocoa

    CocoaNgày trước

    The thumbnail subtitles are my reaction to seeing another fnaf theory video.

  48. Andrew Haynes

    Andrew HaynesNgày trước

    Matpat I re-read the forth closet and I realised that in the end when William Afton is tying to barbecue a kid alive, that the kid is saved by a MOLTEN tangle of endosceletons that shouldn't be able to move. This must be linked with molten freddy from fnaf 6, because why else would Scott call him molten freddy instead of ennard. plus ennard kind of had structure, a tangle of wires but molten freddy has none of that just a pile of wires. Nothing in fnaf has no meaning.

  49. Andrew Haynes

    Andrew HaynesNgày trước

    That also may mean that we may not be a technician working on ennard rather William Afton experimenting on ennard. Think on that

  50. Ulf Joakim

    Ulf JoakimNgày trước

    Whenerver MatPat is sitting on the couch we know something very bad happened.

  51. Tanner Degeer

    Tanner DegeerNgày trước

    Maybe they found ANOTHER bite victim

  52. Psuanich 499

    Psuanich 499Ngày trước

    In assassins creed oddesy you can survive from any hight you should talk about it

  53. Likieprodutions Presents

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    Yeeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh yeah 🤩

  54. Eden Klahr

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    1:00just Listen for about 30 seconds just take it in

  55. Mr.Gaming Plush

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    No No G O D N O

  56. Delirious SFM

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    Okay, lets admit it, FNAF is the most committed game franchise out there, amirite?

  57. roblox adventures 2

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    Purple guy is Jeremy

  58. Magic_vp

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    Why now is't subtiled in portuguese Why😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Is more easy for some peoples

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    Why are all these comments the same

  60. Dragon Slayer

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    Fnaf 8

  61. Walker Allers

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    Make a video about why sonics eyes are atached.

  62. undercoverdonut YT

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    i already use honey, do i have to do it again?

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    Clap clap clap

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    I have those same pajamas 😁

  65. Nedmac05

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    Here's the thing I would hate if it was just vr but I feel like Scott will make one that's not vr

  66. eirallg

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    What if there’s something in the name since you have to ha back

  67. colin keeping

    colin keepingNgày trước! Not another fnaf theory

  68. Dark Slicer21

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  69. henster009 baker

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    matpat: this is the end of fnaf scott: hold my beer

  70. Ricki Jar

    Ricki JarNgày trước

    Can you make a baldi basics game theory video pls

  71. Ethan Fillman

    Ethan FillmanNgày trước

    Matpat. The room called “kitchen” in Fnaf 1 is actually a safe room. That is why there are no cameras.

  72. Gacha Chazzer

    Gacha ChazzerNgày trước

    Perhaps this may be us fixing the animatronic and perhaps later there could be one final game with all the animatronics in one new big location

  73. Caramel

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    *Cums when he says filthy frank*

  74. M

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    You have to be hip with the menes to get this comment section people

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    It is he not we

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    When it’s early day at school and you woke up late 0:06

  77. GammaGames Inc.

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    Sagie Gaming true

  78. sonickido jr

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    Matpat: finally finished with fnaf Scott: *yes, but actually no*

  79. Clock Work

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    The handprint on freddy’s face is back??

  80. GachaDaisy Life

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  81. iWhine05

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    Hay mat pat do you remember the fnaf musicel with mark i loved that musicel

  82. iWhine05

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    Pls reply

  83. B3a5tm0d3 909

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    Pls talk about how in assassins creed odessey you can survive a fall from any hight

  84. Jacob Morain

    Jacob Morain2 ngày trước

    All I could thunk during this episode is "Why would the spirits be haunting the guard in prison if he was innocent?"

  85. marito_yo

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  86. Galaxy fox13

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  88. Laurel Ross

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    Matpat: finishes theory Scott:hold my casual of exotic butters.*is gone 4 2 hours and posts the game*

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    Nnnnnnnnooooooooooo[oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo why?

  90. kk cookie lover

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    I thought you were done

  91. DewGetRekt

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    Also, 0rgn conveniently looks like an abbreviation for Origin

  92. Tyrin Soonagrook

    Tyrin Soonagrook2 ngày trước

    The game is real FNAF 7 the game it is not over FNAF 8

  93. Julius Key

    Julius Key2 ngày trước

    freddy on the teaser image has a hand print on his face, and somehow that seems very familiar

  94. Gelatina_Royal

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    *casual bongos slowly intensifies*

  95. Diany 4

    Diany 42 ngày trước

    Jeremy Heere?

  96. JokeOfTheDay

    JokeOfTheDay2 ngày trước

    Here she my theroy of jermery (yeah I probably spelt it wrong who honestly cares): He was a worker there and the night guard of the second game but if you look really close at the details/stay up too late, you’ll remember that all the toy animatronics have voices in ultimate custom night apart from Bonnie, which would mean that the robot wasn’t possessed at the same time as the others. people just overlooked as just well, nothing that important. But what if really, the toy Bonnie wasn’t possessed by a kid but actually the night guard working in the second location, which is why it takes longer for that robot to be possessed by someone, and why he doesn’t have a voice in ultimate custom night. Sure we have more than enough proof of the games that play as Mike throughout the games trying to make amends of his fathers work, but not concrete evidence for the second game. Yeah the names on the paycheck could’ve just been filler and we actually do play as mike but he wanted to change his name to not get questioned by the police about his dad, but what it meant more. That we are the bite victim in that game and after we die we possess the toy Bonnie. Not only that (this is just my exprience/memory of watching people play the game I can’t be fucked to do it myself) he’s the one that attacks you the most and seems to move around much more than the others. Yes this is half baked, the kids on the graves are definitely most likely the first five kids that possessed the first five animatronics from the first game, based off the position of the heads in the fourth game, but like I said, is it solid proof. Idk i just thought about it. Argue what you want I honestly don’t care. Peace

  97. JokeOfTheDay

    JokeOfTheDay2 ngày trước

    I just realized I spent 20 minutes of my time writing about a robot rabbit that I honestly thought was a girl when I first the trailer of the second game. Oh yeah speaking of the trailer the words (or something along the line of) “forgotten” and stuff appear then Bonnie comes in or something which could relate to the “remember jemery” thing but like I said, this is just random. Mat please put my comment in a video

  98. Cyanide Jack

    Cyanide Jack2 ngày trước

    Matpat: finally fanf is over i can rest Soctt: *NOPE.AVI*

  99. FeatherSong

    FeatherSong2 ngày trước

    I just noticed that in the teaser image that was most displayed in the video, on Freddy's face, above the eyebrow (right), there are these odd marks that kinda look like finger imprints to me. just thought id point it out


    ITSOLIVIA2 ngày trước

    I can't wait for Scott to message Mat Pat and ask him to stop making these videos because they're spoiling EVERYTHING. THIS MAN IS INSANE. ITS TIME TO STOP LOL i love it though

  101. Russian Giants

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    I’ve watched all his theory’s twice and still don’t know what’s happening.


    ITSOLIVIA2 ngày trước

    that office meme in the beginning though

  103. Rage Man

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    spring trap is gone from the fnaf vr teaser

  104. Jacob Rod

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    9:02 voice actress for peppa pig lmao