Game Theory: FNAF 7, The Untold Story of Sister Location


  1. Moldy Tea

    Moldy Tea3 phút trước

    This is not that Matt Pat I know who is this animated weirdo.

  2. JK AXB

    JK AXB48 phút trước

    Until now I havnt seen anyone talks about how spring trap's suit changed from fnaf 3 and 6 the third one looks old but the one in the pizzaria simulator looks better that the version in fnaf 3 I know I am late but I thought someone would talk about it

  3. just a comment

    just a commentGiờ trước

    Matpat: >:C Scott: >:DDDDD

  4. MikeyDaPineapple :D

    MikeyDaPineapple :D7 giờ trước

    Listen real quick, Fnaf battle Royale. You play normal fnaf with no end. You get a little amount of points which buys animatronics starting low and working up to extremely hard animatronics for higher prices. (Animatronics despawn when avoided once and if lucky you can get extra points)

  5. cookiehunter566

    cookiehunter56611 giờ trước

    matpat has his first white hair and it sad but it means his knowledge is growing stronger he will be the ultimate big brain theorist

  6. Steezy boi008

    Steezy boi00811 giờ trước

    00:6-00:15 when mom reads my report card

  7. Cassicorn cotton candy face

    Cassicorn cotton candy face19 giờ trước

    Matpat: ok we’ve got sometime let me just hit publish and think about some other games Scott: yeah the game has been done for moths just waiting for you mat :)))) Matpat: aM i A jOkE tO yOu!!!!

  8. Şahin Tv

    Şahin Tv21 giờ trước

    Is the Thumbnail Meaning that the Golden Freddy (or Fnaf) Was Melted and now It's pieces come together and form Golden Freddy (or Fnaf) Like the T-1000 In Terminator 2 ? You Get the Idea :D

  9. Emily Coffey

    Emily Coffey22 giờ trước

    Sub to pewdiepie

  10. Donovan Foster

    Donovan FosterNgày trước

    Grave 6 is Michael brooks

  11. Zoe Bingle

    Zoe BingleNgày trước

    I just got help wanted and naw I don’t even want to play it enymore

  12. Crazy Raichu 123

    Crazy Raichu 123Ngày trước

    10% of MatPat and Scott Memes in The Comments

  13. FNAF plushie World

    FNAF plushie WorldNgày trước

    No wonder there way no FNAF 5 because they died there

  14. vacuum cleaner

    vacuum cleanerNgày trước

    cant wait for the live stream!!!!!!!

  15. Lantsen Thomas

    Lantsen ThomasNgày trước

    If only he knew

  16. William Kress III

    William Kress III2 ngày trước

    Matpat: *solves fnaf* Scott: HOLD MY FREDBEAR PLUSH

  17. Keilee Rutledge

    Keilee Rutledge2 ngày trước


  18. Phantom_Walker99-Roblox

    Phantom_Walker99-Roblox2 ngày trước

    Matpat: Finally No More Anamatronics Scott:Theres A Little Glitch..

  19. Dilly bar

    Dilly bar2 ngày trước

    But that’s just a theory.... You thought I was going to say it didn’t you.... *A GAME THEORY*

  20. Benjamin Badermann

    Benjamin Badermann2 ngày trước

    So are we just going to ignore the HANDPRINT on Freddy's face in the teaser?

  21. Fiona Foster

    Fiona Foster3 ngày trước

    I thought the new game would be mat pat insanity simulator 7, not Fnaf help wanted >:(

  22. nik321 R.

    nik321 R.3 ngày trước

    Wath is the first thing that you think Wen you hear game theory

  23. nik321 R.

    nik321 R.3 ngày trước


  24. mycatisweird123 Yerby

    mycatisweird123 Yerby3 ngày trước

    Maybe when it said " remember Jeremy " it meant it wanted Jeremy to remember

  25. Emma LaPlante

    Emma LaPlante3 ngày trước

    This was on my bday And im a sis to my bro

  26. Indy is Awesome, the YouTube Sensation!

    Indy is Awesome, the YouTube Sensation!3 ngày trước

    MatPat=Michael Scott confirmed?

  27. Octominion May

    Octominion May3 ngày trước

    If matpat becomes allergic to Freddy and his friends, I blame Scott!

  28. Littlegrapes Lee

    Littlegrapes Lee3 ngày trước

    Hey my name is Jeremy. Am I died? REKT

  29. Toprak GachaTR

    Toprak GachaTR4 ngày trước

    Whos springtrap? Like=micheal,comment=william

  30. Foxy.

    Foxy.4 ngày trước

    Golden freddy: I'm the fastest Puppet: Hold my Nightguard head

  31. monica dewi

    monica dewi4 ngày trước

    Told u this will happen

  32. T _Starr13

    T _Starr134 ngày trước

    No no no no no WHYYYYYYYYY (BTW who else is watching MatPat at 00:39 time irl not vid time ) just me ...

  33. Rosalie Morris

    Rosalie Morris4 ngày trước

    Why is the intro full of nos

  34. The Moon

    The Moon4 ngày trước

    Scott: “Oh ho, you're approaching me? Instead of going to sleep, you're coming right to me? ” Matt: “I can't make theories out of you without being awake. ”

  35. Fnaf Gamer

    Fnaf Gamer4 ngày trước

    U have another fnaf game coming at u FLASHLIGHT TAG

  36. Game Power

    Game Power4 ngày trước

    Matpat: I am finally done whit fnaf FINALLY Scott: Am I a joke to you

  37. game set and oof

    game set and oof5 ngày trước

    Matpat *solved fnaf* Scott *demonically laughs in pixels

  38. Olia Persik

    Olia Persik5 ngày trước

    It's weird to watch this after the game has already been released :\

  39. Tea

    Tea5 ngày trước

    at this point, is mat making theories about scotts game, or is scott making his game about mats theories?

  40. Stanislav Zaverukha

    Stanislav Zaverukha5 ngày trước

    Not this again!

  41. Kawaii Kat

    Kawaii Kat5 ngày trước

    MatPat: Thank you internet. Me and The Rest of The Internet: Your welcome.

  42. Somebody very nice

    Somebody very nice5 ngày trước

    Teaser : *Exists* Ennard : *LET ME IIIIN*

  43. Jerry Owen

    Jerry Owen5 ngày trước

    It’s official Scott made matpat a mad man

  44. Cherry Bomb

    Cherry Bomb5 ngày trước

    Everyone: watching the video Me: Rocking out to intro

  45. Bloxysaurus Rex

    Bloxysaurus Rex5 ngày trước


  46. Oompity Loomps

    Oompity Loomps5 ngày trước

    Mat:This will be the last video. God:No *Calls Scott Cawthon*Make more fnaf Scott: ok Mat:Kill me

  47. Scribble Note

    Scribble Note5 ngày trước

    * sees the Freddy onesie and knows Mat is on the brink of madness * *Every day we come closer to the Mat from the FNAF musical*

  48. Maddie G

    Maddie G5 ngày trước

    What doesn’t the grid in the teaser look like the wallpaper in the background at 6:37?

  49. Heidi Knapik

    Heidi Knapik5 ngày trước

    you are rong mat pat i worker a maker of the game

  50. kerri gage

    kerri gage5 ngày trước

    f#### it

  51. King Naetos

    King Naetos6 ngày trước

    To be honest I Hope fnaf never ends...