Game Theory: FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)


  1. Erick Loreto-cortez

    Erick Loreto-cortez5 phút trước

    And he thought FNAF was over, ha, that new steam post laughs in the face of that

  2. Randomness with Micayla

    Randomness with MicaylaGiờ trước

    At this point Scott is making more FNAF just to annoy MatPat

  3. no Name

    no NameGiờ trước

    Just one question... How can phone guy talk about "the bite of 87" in fnaf 1, when fnaf 1 played BEFORE 1987???

  4. Randomness with Micayla

    Randomness with MicaylaGiờ trước

    But _MatPat...._

  5. Dragon Girl

    Dragon Girl2 giờ trước

    If fnaf 8 fans yaaaa mat pat clip of hermet the frog falling off a billding

  6. Ian Molina

    Ian Molina2 giờ trước

    lol just wait until the new set of novels come out and the new AAA game FNAF: Into Darkness

  7. Cody Cods

    Cody Cods2 giờ trước

    I wanna buy the merch but i dont think you ship to southeast asia

  8. Lexar

    Lexar3 giờ trước

    Scott makes one more game: Matpat: *Clip of Scott’s character throwing Lenny faces at MatPat*

  9. Mason Trieu

    Mason Trieu4 giờ trước

    But, if Chicago was gone her would not be put in enard

  10. Golden Studio

    Golden Studio5 giờ trước

    MatPat :"this is the end" Scott :"hold my beer" MatPat :"why" Scott : (proceeds to make an update about like 50 upcoming project's) MatPat : (flips a table)

  11. rave lockwood

    rave lockwood6 giờ trước

    honestly i saw the cut scenes of fox and fred bear as what they are portrayed as siblings an older brother badgering,teasing,bullying and most of all punishing them but also showing mercy when a younger sibling tries to do something stupid but as the elder of you both you still half to stand ur ground and protect your territorial most boys show the predominant but also protective nature towards a younger sibling of the same "gender" psychologically speaking that is ... so he would most likely want to find an extreme or the worst punishment they can think of even if only at the very moment its the best they can come up with then either rethink or more perhaps even to grow to respect the sibling for enduring , surviving and completing the task\ "punishment" while coming back for more and not listening/ defying them still ...

  12. Gayan Pallegedera

    Gayan Pallegedera10 giờ trước

    If mike is the crying child, what happened to the older brother? The one with the grey shirt

  13. Garuda 001

    Garuda 00110 giờ trước

    Exotic *BUTT*

  14. Leo Juarez

    Leo Juarez10 giờ trước

    skip ad 3:50


    Darkshadow SLAV AND RUSSIAN AT HEART10 giờ trước

    Metal gear already make me sick... Now solid freedy have liquid and phantom?

  16. Stan Lee

    Stan Lee11 giờ trước

    I feel sorry for golden freddy

  17. Sliced Bread

    Sliced Bread13 giờ trước

    That Soul Eater gif making wanna watch Soul Eater

  18. I spy a faggot

    I spy a faggot13 giờ trước

    Cant believe this is still a thing

  19. Ottoboii 69

    Ottoboii 6915 giờ trước

    So is fnaf 1 & 2 golden bears to different

  20. Uzlesniz Savage

    Uzlesniz Savage15 giờ trước

    It would make sense that the puppet was killed before the crying child. According to the video, fnaf 2 was open after the missing childrens incident. And in the puppet minigame we see afton kill henry's daughter. And than "later that night" happens and we see afton go home to find crying child gone back to "that place again", being jrs or fnaf 2. Meaning puppet could have been killed before the crying child.

  21. MemeDragon182

    MemeDragon18216 giờ trước


  22. Jonathan Funes Funes

    Jonathan Funes Funes16 giờ trước

    RIP fnaf searies

  23. krista hyde

    krista hyde19 giờ trước

    Golden freddy's name is richie

  24. LuCaS

    LuCaS20 giờ trước

    Okay so I understand everything but you never really talked about mangle and where she/he came from and the is mangle funtime foxy. You never rly talked about the puppet enough for the story to make 100% sense (to me).

  25. meowmeow pusheen

    meowmeow pusheen20 giờ trước


  26. Anthony Pirouti

    Anthony Pirouti22 giờ trước

    WE NEED MORE FNAF GAMES! and im glad scott is trying to get the original games on switch :D. I kinda wish all tho :( Fnaf world too.

  27. mega gamer88

    mega gamer8823 giờ trước

    Wait it might be like a re run off the show in fnaf 4 or it's just the date the show was founded

  28. mega gamer88

    mega gamer8823 giờ trước

    Matt I just blew it wide open the sister an animatronics was meant to be used in army or the robots where meant to be a trap,for the old ones hence Bollon boy is n Freddy

  29. ToSpeedy4U JR Its Lighting

    ToSpeedy4U JR Its Lighting23 giờ trước

    Kinda sad but a Great animation 👏

  30. Radioactive Stijn

    Radioactive Stijn23 giờ trước

    Matpat: Finally its over Scott: Oh I dont think so

  31. Mancha culwell

    Mancha culwellNgày trước

    the puppet has a cute voice

  32. Kaiser's Benevolence

    Kaiser's BenevolenceNgày trước

    Just over 3 minutes of merch display. Boi it could have been its own video just do that next time

  33. niels dekker

    niels dekkerNgày trước

    There is still a movie

  34. michelle powell

    michelle powellNgày trước

    If they ever make a movie out of fnaf I swear to god they better not mess it up

  35. BramyCrazy

    BramyCrazyNgày trước

    Dang scott. Ya done good.

  36. King Ky

    King KyNgày trước

    I don't want it to end :(

  37. Yuri Gamer

    Yuri GamerNgày trước

    I think Phone Guys "Clues" are meant to throw us off track. Because the year we take place alot of people (atleast I think) say we are in 1983. But Phone Guy says it was The Bite Of '87, so how could we be in a hospital BEFORE the bite actually happens? (Sorry if you already solved this...) #MatpatQuestions

  38. xGrazing Tv

    xGrazing TvNgày trước

    from start fnaf theory to this fnaf theory feel blessed xD

  39. Downfall

    DownfallNgày trước

    >Posts comment that states 90% of what Mat Pat said here. >IT'S WRONG! >Mat Pat posts video with it. >IT'S CORRECT. Fanbase in a nutshell.

  40. April Layton

    April LaytonNgày trước

    I've got it funtime Freddy is Freddy + bonnie funtime foxy is foxy and balllora and baby are extras

  41. April Layton

    April LaytonNgày trước

    pesssst guys and. Matt pat this is how I think the sister location animatronics remnant is combined :)

  42. XxMya BoixX

    XxMya BoixXNgày trước

    Thx for making this on my bday!

  43. Greattt PAPYRUS

    Greattt PAPYRUSNgày trước

    Hey Mat if you could do a theory based on other things that you didn’t answer that would be great because I don’t feel like going back to the old theories because they are probably pretty wrong so I would like to see them gone over again as I still have a lot of questions like what happened to William’s wife how she died mangle being able to speak. Also didn’t Scot just retcon the idea that nightmarione isn’t cannon because he is just not when he appears in fnaf 4

  44. Ryry Brown

    Ryry BrownNgày trước

    I wonder when FNAF 7 will come out

  45. Derek Alvarado

    Derek AlvaradoNgày trước

    What happened to Michael Afton?

  46. Night City

    Night CityNgày trước

    He said his movie is getting remade (for like the 40th time) more books and more games (mostly vr)

  47. Mackenzillario

    MackenzillarioNgày trước

    I thought ennard goes inside scooped michael body

  48. Freckle Face

    Freckle FaceNgày trước

    He isnt the first to hide secrets in merch. He said himself that ddlc did it

  49. Marcos Martinez

    Marcos MartinezNgày trước

    Yeah, I don't know if I wanna be looking like Ben 10 going back to school

  50. Joshua Rodriguez

    Joshua RodriguezNgày trước

    Five Nights at Freddy's Custom night game after the golden Freddy cut scene:The end......*Brightens the screen* :The end,? (Not!)

  51. Sherman Harris

    Sherman HarrisNgày trước

    Why isn't this video in the fnaf playlist?

  52. Showbiz NC

    Showbiz NCNgày trước

    FNAF: Into Madness

  53. Sayori Is Hanging on teh ceiling

    Sayori Is Hanging on teh ceilingNgày trước

    22:24 maybe BATIM, Doki Doki Literature Club and hello neighbor is the next FNaF xD

  54. scott1509

    scott1509Ngày trước

    golden Freddy’s name is Michael brooks

  55. modern monika

    modern monikaNgày trước

    But if golden freddy is a girl then this theory is debunked because mangle and withered chica both refer to the vengeful spirit as a he, further supporting the theory that the vengeful spirit is the crying child.

  56. Kara Mucavel

    Kara MucavelNgày trước

    Matt:finally I am done Scott:I like big robots and I can not lie Matt:oh no

  57. Trash Co

    Trash CoNgày trước

    I think that Micheal was in springtrap, because both of them were purple(obviously related), The line by springtrap "Father it's me Micheal, They thought I was you" That was what I thought about spring traps story, now watching this video i'm like BOI.

  58. Gabriella Dimarco

    Gabriella DimarcoNgày trước

    So does this mean the order of the games is Fnaf 4,1,2,3, Sister location, Fnaf 6, then UCN?

  59. Kaden Maddox

    Kaden Maddox2 ngày trước

    But what happened to Mike's older brother?

  60. fooop spaghett

    fooop spaghett2 ngày trước

    Ya and tha re e going to be more fnaf games and a fnaf A.A.A game yust check scouts website and thares going to be a movie witch is apparently still a thing

  61. Ariana The crazy

    Ariana The crazy2 ngày trước


  62. Brian Anderson

    Brian Anderson2 ngày trước

    If circus baby didn’t already have a soul stuck in her then during sister location she wouldn’t talk about her first time at an actual pizzeria.

  63. Tony Makinson

    Tony Makinson2 ngày trước

    matpat you forgot the brother where is he????

  64. Theresa Claypoole

    Theresa Claypoole2 ngày trước

    Do you know the survival logbook how it says it's me it's me Michael or it's me your childhood friend

  65. Datboi._. Bean

    Datboi._. Bean2 ngày trước

    Bruh no matter how many times I watch this the end still makes me cry❤

  66. goopylegrand101

    goopylegrand1012 ngày trước

    Scott is making more fnaf books and game and made a new scrit for the movie all of it will relase in 2019

  67. T W

    T W2 ngày trước

    What about the grave in the background who's grave is that

  68. Gingercake43220 - Gaming

    Gingercake43220 - Gaming2 ngày trước

    btw some of them survived the fire I met Scott I know the whole story...

  69. sami onbekend

    sami onbekend2 ngày trước

    sorry i mean realesed

  70. sami onbekend

    sami onbekend2 ngày trước

    fnaf movie release d

  71. Darick Lamy

    Darick Lamy2 ngày trước

    Scott please make anoter game

  72. Jackie MacNeil

    Jackie MacNeil2 ngày trước

    Game theory do more Freddy vids

  73. tyler brown

    tyler brown2 ngày trước

    thank you mat pat, you've given us 4 YEARS of theories and thank you for all the mental breakdowns all for us

  74. cermedic

    cermedic2 ngày trước

    Has anyone else thought about this, what if the really so Scott's games has something to do with the actual game there may be a reason why he would let the games come out earlier than he said you even said it yourself Scott doesn't do coincidence anyway take this into consideration or so or don't I don't really mind

  75. Inmensum

    Inmensum2 ngày trước

    The forth closet's ending is really sad

  76. m8cm2

    m8cm22 ngày trước

    Italian subtitles

  77. Freddyfazcow25

    Freddyfazcow252 ngày trước

    I can't wait till he finds out there will be a new one

  78. sonic 20062

    sonic 200622 ngày trước

    Scott : NoT sO fAsT

  79. Aspen

    Aspen2 ngày trước

    so I'm still shooketh that Charlie is a robot... I STILL LOVE HER THOUGH

  80. Lilac Vixen

    Lilac Vixen2 ngày trước

    I still don’t get how William Afton survived in SpringTrap all these years trapped in a wall with no nutrition and limited oxygen.

  81. FreezingPokemonVidsOffical

    FreezingPokemonVidsOffical2 ngày trước

    Scott : *makes new game and it's not a fnaf game at least ppl think* Matpat : FINNAL- [matpat finds out it's a fnaf game but nobody knew from the start like FNAFPS] Matpat: [breathe in] *FUUUUUUUUUU*

  82. SuperButterBoiZ YT

    SuperButterBoiZ YT2 ngày trước

    Hey MatPat, I would like to tell you a secret about the timeline... Ya see, In Sister Location.. MIKE wears a SPRINGLOCK SUIT of an amanitronic. That is what we learned in FnAF 3 Phone Dude call. And also the endings of FnAF 3 show 4 masks which means Mikes friends as shown in the survival logbook. that is it for now.

  83. TheGeekyDevil

    TheGeekyDevil2 ngày trước

    Is it just me or is Micheal's brother, the one who put him in golden fredbear's mouth, never spoken about, never included, never mentioned again in the series. What happened to him.

  84. M4HR1

    M4HR12 ngày trước

    Pls don’t hug me I’m scared because of new mat pats theory

  85. Sphinx - Other Account

    Sphinx - Other Account2 ngày trước

    too bad FNAF: Into Madness is coming

  86. Vergel Agquiz

    Vergel Agquiz2 ngày trước

    fnaf 7 ultimate custom night

  87. M4NGL3D 1212

    M4NGL3D 12122 ngày trước

    My name's michael... Geez, I lived a pretty harsh life...

  88. Ashton Macneil

    Ashton Macneil2 ngày trước

    Scott made another game LOL

  89. Forvidelton Lim

    Forvidelton Lim2 ngày trước

    I think thas the end or not fnaf seven I think gonna make a unsolbe misterey

  90. Gaming warriors

    Gaming warriors2 ngày trước

    ALSO! New fnaf games AND BOOKS incoming! Connected to the lore! Have fun XD

  91. Baldi Basix's

    Baldi Basix's2 ngày trước

    It not ending there fnaf VR Scott making and Fnaf AR

  92. ReuelGamingMGamer Ramsamooj

    ReuelGamingMGamer Ramsamooj2 ngày trước

    so please comment

  93. ReuelGamingMGamer Ramsamooj

    ReuelGamingMGamer Ramsamooj2 ngày trước

    i think i know what is really inside the box .Leme explain in ultimate custom night u know every one is getting burnt over and over again,so in F.N.A.F 6 every one gets burned into ashes,BUT they game back in U.C.N,so what i think is in the box is trapped souls. if that makes sense. if any body reads this go to my channel. ReuelGamingMGamer comment in my channel so bye.

  94. ReuelGamingMGamer Ramsamooj

    ReuelGamingMGamer Ramsamooj2 ngày trước

    just paste this or type this ReuelGamingMGamer Ramsamooj

  95. Gacha Panda

    Gacha Panda2 ngày trước

    Ok wut

  96. IBr0ke

    IBr0ke2 ngày trước

    simple fix just remove the animatronics completely

  97. Carolina Baronnet

    Carolina Baronnet2 ngày trước

    Wait wait william is spring trap but how could he become normal again after being tortured inside of the spring lock?

  98. LusitaniaFan 1915

    LusitaniaFan 19153 ngày trước

    Just a thought, you know how people speculated that they could see a handprint on freddy's snout, and that fredbear looks similar to freddy, I have a theory to propose. Maybe, after the bite, they recoloured fredbear, added a few changes, then got the suit running again. That would, in my eyes, explain why fredbear looks similar to freddy, and why freddy has a handprint on his snout, right of his nose.

  99. karsten69

    karsten693 ngày trước

    literally 3 minutes of merchandise pandering... Won't be watching the rest of the episode... dude, get a grip.

  100. Garret Schinkel

    Garret Schinkel3 ngày trước

    I feel like the story could have ended by Sister Location

  101. Toast Studios

    Toast Studios3 ngày trước

    No, it’s not he last, it’s the HUNDREDTH to last

  102. Purple Nerd

    Purple Nerd3 ngày trước

    What's in the box. *What's in the box!* It could be a boat, it could be a box! Then take the boat! We'll take the box!