Game Theory: FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)


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    I feel bad of golden

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    I am gonna be honest rn. I acctualy didnt got jump scared of the fan but of the start of the intro!

  3. Blue Pearl

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    Ive been thinking about this a lot. In Fnaf 1, the phone guy says that you would just get a metal exoskeleton stuffed inside of you if you go limp like an empty suit. Does that mean the phone guy couldve been thinking about how Mike got scooped? If so, then how does he know? What does that mean about the phone guy?

  4. Scott Woodier

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    Hey mat pat mabey William afton killed the kids with a pezza cutter

  5. Abigail Blake

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    MAT PAAAAAAT! If you listen to the introduction in fnaf 6 the guy says "Check what you purchase(or something like that) especially if you have something outside looking in" let me know if this is useful

  6. Gavinakier Playz

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    Oh yeah scott said this is not the end.

  7. Gavinakier Playz

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    Hey about fnaf Matpat if you listen. What numvers do you get when you add BB and JJ you get 24 or 221010

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    he did all that research while we watch and watch this video, oooooooo ... okay!

  10. sabashtin lover

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    the thing in the box is CHARLIE it's confirmed in the fourth closet read it and you will see it ...... your welcome

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    Stop sponsoring your merch

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    I have a theory of why Lefty captured the puppet. Since when you play the secret tape that gives you the insanity ending it shows the Lefty blueprint, that elutes to Lefty being Henry’s creation. This means that he had Lefty capture the puppet to bring it into the pizzeria, so he could burn it all away in the fire.

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    Man 3 min ad? Well... Who makes such a ad? Matpat does!

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    it makes sense but it doesnt? i confused myself i have questions but i dont knoa what they are did anyone else feel like this?

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    scott if you are looking at this plzzz make a fnaf 7 becurse i love the game series and it was in my childhood

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    How did your merch promotion take almost 4 minutez

  17. Vortex Official

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    Another peice of evidence for the robot theory is the voice after the Sister location custom night cutscenes. His voice has a robotic tone to it. That voice sparked the 'Micheal is springtrap' theory. :)

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    I miss the simple mystery and creep factor of the first game. Once 3 came along, I stopped liking this series.

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    I know I’m late, but can someone plz tell me what’s the slow music at 20:56 ??

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    *WHATS IN THE BOX?!* *deez nuts*

  22. JO3Y Summa

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    I just realized something incredible that you have never talked about What are 2 of the names on the gravestones at the end of fnaf 6’s names? Jeremy and Fritz What are the night guards names in fnaf 2 Jeremy Fitzgerald and Fritz Smith

  23. Golden Foxy

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    its not them who are screaming but insted the one you sould not of killed

  24. Rylee O'connor

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    That fan scared me..... I almost had a heart attack..... that music though

  25. Rrrush

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    Is this theory so juiced in detail and hard work really true? Plus what was in the box like actually show??

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    Remember when FNAF was just a game because they criticized chippers?

  27. Neko-san 1w1

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    playing minecraft and gets jump scared by endermand and shouts *ahhh its the puppet!*

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    But what happen to golden freddy is she free or no ? that is what I want to know?

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    18:06 spelling erorer in captions

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    3:51, only works on phone. Spam

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    In the 2 fnaf your Susie not Michael in 4 that's the 1

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    Hey Scott, release a new game so matpat can lose his sanity!

  33. Totally Markiplier

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    Also if you listen to him getting scooped you will hear metal against metal

  34. Brett Andres

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    Is the fan jump scare a callback to theory 1

  35. LV.1 CROOK :/

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    But he saya” We are still your freinds “ why would his dad say that?

  36. Alyssa Bruno

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    You know Game Theory there is one thing you got or maybe didn’t get wrong. In fnaf’s first book the silver eyes it is said in the book that Charlie had to go live with her aunt because her father killed him self, so in conclusion Henry couldn’t have done all those things because he was DEAD! Or is there an explanation for that?

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    I love the game fnaf so much

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    Poor casity

  39. Dragon cake Bomb

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    Oh my god Charlie is a robot! I did not know!

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  41. Kid who sits in the corner

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    So Charlie is the puppet?

  42. Kid who sits in the corner

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    But mat..... _who posses the fan?_

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    2:46 SMELLS LIKE BROKE!!!!!!!

  44. Misaki Amano

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    The only thing I have to say about this theory is....dayum. I thought in my mind what if Scott makes another game but I don't wanna jinx

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    what happend to the older brother?

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    Fnaf 20 incoming in 2025, freddy is back! Better than ever! Me: ._.

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    Lol, i've been searching for this video. you forgot to put it in the FNAF playlist XD

  49. ARUNE2005

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    Hey I LOVE this theory but I hav some questions. The most important: If at the end of FNaF 6 the tombstones are the murdered children ones. FRITZ, suzie, i do not remember right now... Grass, Exotic butters and JEREMY. Well. The First and the last are both workers of Fnaf 2 game... Jeremy gets bited by mangle, and Fritz, fired because manipulating animatronics and ODOR. Thats why we know he's Michael. But... What if Jeremy Is MICHAEL Too, that uses pseudonyms of his dead Friends? After becoming purple and die in the faces of witnesses, it's not strange that he wanted to make believe to others he is other guy! And to, just after being Bited, is weird he miraculously come out the Hospital... Unless he's a robot, of course. My theory is: Michael works at Freddy Fazbear (the toy ones version). An he gets Forked off by the mangle's Bite after being moved to the day work. In the hospital, he is quite fine, actually, and he goes that night as guard. AGAIN. He put himself the name of the kid Fritz and start the Custom Night of 2nd game. Then he gets Fired and come back hospital before no one sees he is gone. And, obviously, survived. That's because Phone guy saids the one that gets bited at '87 survived! Other options is that he just go to another robot body waiting for be activated in case of death, and that explains why no one realize he isn't there. But this is not sure because the odor can't be in a new body. Maybe just he go off legaly of hospital, he changes his personality, works in CN and all that stuff. Bruh

  50. ARUNE2005

    ARUNE20052 ngày trước

    Obviously it have some holes but nothing can not be fixed

  51. ARUNE2005

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  52. crazimimi

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    You said bite of 83 not 87 just saying ok

  53. RK 49

    RK 492 ngày trước

    There were 2 bites,y'know? The Bite of '83 that FredBear did. The Bite of '87 that _maybe_ Toy Chica did.

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    0:52 Matpat the savage

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    I want more fnaf games

  56. Ziggy Zagga

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    If there were another five children... What happened to them? Where all of them molten together, I mean are the Funtime Animatronics possesed by two children? If not, what happened to the first five children? (The first events)

  57. Sir Yeets A Lot

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    Imagine showing this a AU where there were still 4 games....

  58. Muhammad Haroon

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    R.I.P Stefan Karl aka Robbie Rotten

  59. nick lis

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    what if fnac is what happens to the girl

  60. That weird shy guy

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    So why is William ‘forced’ to kill Henry’s daughter outside? At this point, why does he even want to?

  61. Godly Terrarian

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    Wow to thought ennard was purple guy

  62. Yanetsy Perurena

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    Yep he’s more complicated then you think

  63. Brandon Fazbear

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    So wait. What happened to Lefty and the Puppet? Lefty holds the puppet that holds Elizabeth and was never shown being burnt like the others?

  64. RK 49

    RK 492 ngày trước

    1.The girl inside the Puppet is Charlie,Henry child.Elizabeth is Baby. 2.Dunno honestly.It could be an open door for future content.

  65. chloe sikora

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    1:38 oh so only humans can win...THIS MEANS WAR...Matpat you have angered aliens...they will come for you FIRST...(jk love your vids)

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    0:19 butt butters?

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    Hit a few snags

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    I am posting in every single video showing up in my recommended. PEWDS’ sub gap with T Series is dropping fast. There is less than 20,000 subs between them. EMERGENCY MODE! SUB TO PEWDIEPIE!

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    You haven't finished the series yet play ultimate custom night entered every one of the characters numbers to all 6 trust me you have not finish the series

  70. RK 49

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    Oh,the "Devil Freddy" thing? That is fake. REALLY fake.

  71. Geezee Gamez

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    I find after watching this video that all horror stories are, to their core, very sad. It can be scary, but every time a character dies, it's another character dead. It's sad because of all the death.

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    Roses are red Handcuffs are nauty If you ever left me.... THEY WHOULD NEVER FIND YOUR BODY! Edit:That’s from Undertale comic dub

  73. SuperFuzzyBros.

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    Top ten saddest anime deaths

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    I really want a fnaf game in the very first location, ever.

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    Do you know fnaf joy of creation?

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    People are joking about Scott suddenly releasing another game, but honestly guys, I think this is it. Since 2014, seven successful games, a movie deal, and four books. If this really is it, I just wanted to thank Scott Cawthon (even though he'll never see this) for making fans of the games so happy. I am so thankful to have been in this fandom. Five Nights At Freddy's was the first game that I ever played that largely impacted my life. And also thank you MatPat, for putting so much effort into these theories for the past four years. I will *always* remember this game. Thanks for the memories. *It's Me*

  77. RK 49

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    Scott is planing "Into Madness".It will be something like Update 2 in FNaF World.

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    Fnaf is confusing like where is phantom bonnie

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    Thanks fo the memres fnaf

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    There still more for five nights at Freddy‘games coming up and five nights at Freddy‘s movie and VR


    I LOVE CATS3 ngày trước

    how did michael die in the spring bonnie suit?Beacause when in the bite of 87 he died beacause he cried which wounded up the springlocks

  82. RK 49

    RK 492 ngày trước

    1.There were 2 bites: -The Bite of '83 (Caused be FredBear) -The Bite of '87 (Caused by Unknown) 2.William is SpringTrap,not Michael.

  83. Neko K-Pop

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    I want Scott to just make a new game that has mini games that tell the story cleary. So its like Scott is telling us the time line and story. So all we do is sit back and play the game. Then we get mini games where scott explains the game FNAF: The True Meaning

  84. RK 49

    RK 492 ngày trước

    He's planing Into Madness which will be a bunch of minigames.

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    I will die if Scott doesn't release another game

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    Imagine this video out context

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    To be honest... I'm scared of the fan now.... 😢

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    2:27 idk if you were trying to jumpscare me but, it didn't it made me chuckle actually

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    Am I the only one that calls the characters by there names? I call purple guy william afton, golden freddy Cassidy, and I sometimes call baby elizabeth

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    umm he uses flex tape?

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    Scooby got waves

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    I KNEW IT!!!!! I knew it. About 1 year ago I the crying child but my theory was different my theory was that purple guy wanted to forget about what he did to his son.

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    The grave that is blocked is the crying child

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    the movie

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    7 nights, 7 games, 7 children.

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    What matel are they mad of ???

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    Rewatching this makes more sense why the fake ending is called that

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    I have a magic trick Press this button and it will turn blue 👇

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    OMG! It fukin' worked!

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    the "show less" button didn't turn blue :(

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    Half Life 7 confirmed.

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    0:29 Dammit...

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    ill miss fnaf....

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    kid: *crying*. me: why are you crying? kid: matpat said this was the end of FNaF. me: hey that's just a theory, A GAME THEORY!

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    i want more of these :C

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    Fnaf into madness anyone??

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    watch, he's going to do a fnaf movie theory soon...

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    what about the joy of creation????? that one is so fun

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    23:32 samurai freddy