Game Theory: FNAF, This is the End (FNAF Ultimate Custom Night)


  1. Feli _47

    Feli _47Phút trước

    Good 4 years wasted of my life

  2. blossompurplesea Oreo

    blossompurplesea OreoGiờ trước

    It’s the bite of 87

  3. Cloudiamondgamer

    CloudiamondgamerGiờ trước

    why isnt purple guy just shot?

  4. Shadow Bomb

    Shadow Bomb2 giờ trước

    Only thing you need in life: diet coke and a grain of salt


    MIGUEL JOHNSON2 giờ trước

    game theory come on! first, you said it was toys bage picture now you screw up Jesus! then it was the puppet what is it now its michle body idiot I'm so mad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bonnie Bunny

    Bonnie Bunny4 giờ trước

    If charlie was taken then what happens to Sammy or Charlies Twin brother

  7. KawaiiBunny

    KawaiiBunny4 giờ trước

    Why Henry has yellow skin? I know the answer!! Because it’s the colour of spring trap. LIKE IF YOU AGREE!

  8. Some random time travler

    Some random time travler4 giờ trước

    while I do agree with most of this I think the bite of 87 was at fredbears now before you deny it hear me out first. I personally believe that date on the tv was a since 1983 I believe this for a couple reasons the first is the name is Fredbears family diner wich I think means it was only Fredbear for some time and after a while when the establishment got popular they made the springlock bonnie and there isnt much in the way that Jeremy in fnaf 2 was the bite of 87 sense there isnt really any articles about his death.

  9. Matei Cosin

    Matei Cosin5 giờ trước

    I like how he uses the souls from souleater

  10. Blue Potato

    Blue Potato6 giờ trước

    enter Scott Cawthon the man who makes Mat Pat lose his mind

  11. Blue Potato

    Blue Potato6 giờ trước

    hmmmmmm if golden Freddy is not at the Pizza Simulator the were is Golden Freddy you have to burn the body that part of Cassdy's soul is back in a safe room where it is still active still wanting revenge old man consequences want her to give it a rest let him be but she is still wanting him to suffer for his many sins so that leaves one question where is Golden Freddy's body

  12. MissMaishka

    MissMaishka7 giờ trước

    But didn’t Henry kill himself really early on in the time line? In the book I’m pretty sure he uses a robot to get himself stabbed, because he can no longer stand the loss of the real Charlie

  13. Thaslima Hussain

    Thaslima Hussain8 giờ trước

    Watch Cawthon be like IT WAS THE FAN ALL THE TIME!!!!!!!!


    MICHAEL VOYLES8 giờ trước

    We also never even noticed the main evidence that Michael Afton is a robot: *THE STATIC SCREEN WHENEVER YOU GET JUMPSCARED!!*

  15. Thaslima Hussain

    Thaslima Hussain8 giờ trước

    MatPat:- And that's the end of FNAF!!!!! Scott Cawthon:- Hold my Fredbear!

  16. shadow darkness

    shadow darkness8 giờ trước

    so technically this is all phone dude's fault. if he didn't open the safe room no other kids would have had to die and neither would Afton burn in hell for all of eternity.

  17. Princess Peach

    Princess Peach9 giờ trước

    Quick, make baby merch.

  18. Sean's Here

    Sean's Here9 giờ trước

    Your fnaf theories scare me

  19. Fredradk DK

    Fredradk DK11 giờ trước

    Explaining the merch took like 4 minutes

  20. SlickAnderson

    SlickAnderson11 giờ trước

    Why does his flesh for then?

  21. Zezo Fadila

    Zezo Fadila12 giờ trước

    we have too purple guy one is good too is killer

  22. ComHelper

    ComHelper13 giờ trước

    *IT'S ME.* Mario!

  23. TheCoffee Cup

    TheCoffee Cup15 giờ trước

    Me: Congrats! Probably would be a shame if Scott... Scott: Hold my beer

  24. June Miguel Gomez

    June Miguel Gomez16 giờ trước

    More fnaf vidios

  25. MASA — rey de los momos y de los juegos

    MASA — rey de los momos y de los juegos16 giờ trước

    the last part made me cry, thanks matpat you did it, well they did (if we tell the others game theorist) you, they ALL did it THANK YOU

  26. Jack A million

    Jack A million19 giờ trước

    Why would the phantom puppet would still be activated the rests but how did he activate himself

  27. The Shadow Genius

    The Shadow Genius19 giờ trước

    It's true that Charlie's twin brother was stuck in the box in fnaf4 reason being is in the twisted ones in chapter one it states "Charlie could feel her twin brother almost like he was stuck in something like a box or I'm in a box" thank you


    BENDROWNED21 giờ trước

    Weird question Would Charlie and Michael still be able to reproduce Are William and Henry that smart to be able to make robots sperm and eggs If not, Charlie is lucky The girls know what I mean

  29. Frank Gonzalez

    Frank Gonzalez21 giờ trước

    You know what I just realized until now. Kinda surprised you didn't mention this to solidify your belief that William was the phone guy. In FNAF 1, phone guy says his favorite animatronic was Foxy. Many games and years later, William was shown as Foxy in that Samurai short.

  30. William Afton

    William Afton23 giờ trước

    Hold the phone guy, we still need a game about the unwitherd anamatronics and how the scrapped anamatronics happened! (seriously, what happened)

  31. Jasmine VanHoose

    Jasmine VanHoose23 giờ trước


  32. GAC&More !

    GAC&More !Ngày trước

    My name is Cassidy, so whenever he says that name referring to Golden Freddy, I shiver. I don’t know whether I should be excited or freaked out that I have the same name as a ghost...

  33. Dayvon Rogers

    Dayvon RogersNgày trước

    Have you ever taken a REALLY good look at Freddy and Bonnie? If not, u better be reading this. Ya know how Bonnie attacks from the left door? Freddy does the same thing when the power goes out. Also, u know that they both have a bowtie. If u take Freddy s head and put it on bonnie's body, it fits perfectly. Same if u did the same thing with bonnie's head on Freddy s body. They have the same exact body structure, but with different parts and coats of paint. In fnaf 2, however, Scott changed Bonnie to have no face in order to hire the truth about both him and Freddy so we wouldn't find out

  34. Cloud Games

    Cloud GamesNgày trước

    1 month time skip Scott-*watches video* Matt-that's the last game Scott-*creates 10 more games and a movie* Matt-*watches movie*GOD DAMMIT

  35. Upmost Dust

    Upmost DustNgày trước

    One of the words golden Freddy says is over will

  36. dead gams

    dead gamsNgày trước

    Go to the 2nd game and you see puppet in fnaf 1

  37. Dan Peters

    Dan PetersNgày trước

    Monika=Flowey=Purple Guy. Where's our triple theory?

  38. Tyler.D

    Tyler.DNgày trước

    Why hasn’t Scott responded yet? I need the confirmation

  39. Delmy Hernandez

    Delmy HernandezNgày trước


  40. Watermelon gamer

    Watermelon gamerNgày trước

    I love YOUR blog

  41. Watermelon gamer

    Watermelon gamerNgày trước

    You are the best VIreporter

  42. Watermelon gamer

    Watermelon gamerNgày trước

    What did I said

  43. Watermelon gamer

    Watermelon gamerNgày trước

    I love 5 fna f

  44. Watermelon gamer

    Watermelon gamerNgày trước

    What did he say

  45. Joy life

    Joy lifeNgày trước

    is freddy a girl and freddy is girls name and freddy go girl bath room

  46. Minecraftpros

    MinecraftprosNgày trước

    Matpat: finally done with this series Scott:Hold my mother freakin’ beer

  47. FloppyFlooch

    FloppyFloochNgày trước

    Isn't there's new fnaf game coming out called the orchard? Or is that just a rumour my friends told me.

  48. Ailyn Icabandi

    Ailyn IcabandiNgày trước

    freddy is now resting peacefully in his grave crying with joy that his now finally FREE!

  49. Emanuel Rivera

    Emanuel RiveraNgày trước

    Ultron style. "There are no strings on meee..."

  50. Jason Michael

    Jason MichaelNgày trước

    Read more

  51. Jason Michael

    Jason MichaelNgày trước


  52. Jason Michael

    Jason MichaelNgày trước

    OP MAN

  53. Jason Michael

    Jason MichaelNgày trước

    Get to the end

  54. Jason Michael

    Jason MichaelNgày trước

    ):() more more MORE!!!!!!!!!

  55. Verona Humphreys

    Verona HumphreysNgày trước

    Literally just listened to this whole playlist while working lmao (took about 2.5 days) sooooo now I'm gonna watch all the fnaf streams again 👍🏻

  56. Verona Humphreys

    Verona HumphreysNgày trước

    +Emanuel Rivera it is, thank you! And yeah, I always enjoy listening to MatPat 😄

  57. Emanuel Rivera

    Emanuel RiveraNgày trước

    Also, I hope school is going / has gone well. Keep being awesome. I'm glad you enjoy the gaming community's craziness without stepping into the fray. Must be pretty entertaining. 😊

  58. Emanuel Rivera

    Emanuel RiveraNgày trước

    Glad to know I'm not the only one. 😅

  59. Retools Central

    Retools CentralNgày trước

    Its not over because in twisted on theres foreshowding read it again when charlie finds that dead body that looks like her

  60. Goldenfoxy192

    Goldenfoxy192Ngày trước


  61. Raj Purewal

    Raj PurewalNgày trước

    Springtrap Escaped In fnaf 3 but died In fnaf 6

  62. Insignia

    InsigniaNgày trước

    Who are the 5 children? I know one is Cassidy, but also, who is she?

  63. Fluttergamer Draws

    Fluttergamer DrawsNgày trước

    13:33 1x Top hatted bear 1x Grape rabbit 1x Glutterous bird 1x Furry captain hook lmao you got me MatPat

  64. Zymetrical

    ZymetricalNgày trước

    Mat gg finally THE end Scott sike ni**a u thought

  65. Dude Happy

    Dude HappyNgày trước

    Scott:good therorists... Let me think of a new game :>

  66. Braeden B.

    Braeden B.2 ngày trước

    wiy is he a fared of the fan

  67. Aniel Torres

    Aniel Torres2 ngày trước

    Make one more game

  68. JI JustIann

    JI JustIann2 ngày trước

    Can’t wear the merch if you have a *school uniform*

  69. Francisco Martínez

    Francisco Martínez2 ngày trước

    If there Is a Fnaf movie, would it be a game theory or a film theory☺️😋

  70. Vergil P.T.

    Vergil P.T.2 ngày trước

    This series has had its flaws. Every good story does, be it the story itself or the fans. But it was also a memorable one, and I'll be damned if I ever forget the joy I've had in this community over the years. Now all we're waiting on is the movies, and it may really be over for good. Closure to a story we've been pulling apart for 4 years.

  71. ZaaraOMG11

    ZaaraOMG112 ngày trước

    Lol when this vid first came out It was 2:00am soo I was like yea I’m gonna watch this in the morning for the the next month I feel like I already watched this after a month I realized I haven’t seen any of this yet Well now gonna play this vid and watch it Scott’s probably gonna realese fnaf 7 just to torture you Well I am just gonna watch this

  72. el3ctrogamer

    el3ctrogamer2 ngày trước

    Can’t wait for the new fnaf 7 plushtraps quest for bwekfast

  73. I am Periwinkle

    I am Periwinkle2 ngày trước

    Mattpat:and that's as deep as you can go. Scott:*realises fnaf7* Me:I will go deeper, joanna, hold my juice, Imma go deeper than the earth. *goes deeper*

  74. Sponge bob 13554 Giraldo

    Sponge bob 13554 Giraldo2 ngày trước

    The bite of 1983 and 1998 😰😰😰😰 sooo which one of them is the bitter

  75. Sponge bob 13554 Giraldo

    Sponge bob 13554 Giraldo2 ngày trước

    Ultra Raiando thank pal

  76. Ultra Raiando

    Ultra Raiando2 ngày trước

    Uhhh, Bite of 87 got retconned into Bite of 83

  77. Some1

    Some12 ngày trước

    GIVE FNAF BACK!!! What else am I supposed to watch?

  78. Linlin Gerlach

    Linlin Gerlach2 ngày trước

    good job matpat but how did his skin turns purple

  79. ima bad youtuber

    ima bad youtuber2 ngày trước

    random text to.......experiment with

  80. ima bad youtuber

    ima bad youtuber2 ngày trước

    it failed ÷()(

  81. andy the ghoul

    andy the ghoul2 ngày trước

    Hey I'm not going to say I know the random or spent time trying to figure it out but did you try entering them in as quadrants

  82. Maja Mandic

    Maja Mandic2 ngày trước

    What about the drawkill??? Witness FnaF? What about those animatronics?

  83. Marinder

    Marinder2 ngày trước

    *calls scott cawthon* hey scott more fnaf games matpat solved *ALMOST* the freddy fazbears universe

  84. Haydn Howells

    Haydn Howells2 ngày trước

    Scott make loads more games

  85. Sergeant Noodle

    Sergeant Noodle2 ngày trước


  86. Ultra Raiando

    Ultra Raiando2 ngày trước

    Heheh, Scott is still making games.

  87. Lubex Rant

    Lubex Rant2 ngày trước


  88. Deisy Ruiz

    Deisy Ruiz2 ngày trước

    If she won't stop then that means there is going to a game were It all ends

  89. Allison Lawson

    Allison Lawson2 ngày trước

    I still want more far. I crave it

  90. lil pikachu

    lil pikachu2 ngày trước

    Scott: 7 more animatronics, and 3 more Afton children in the box. matpat:*gives himself concussion banging head on wall* PLEASE KILL ME!!!!!!!

  91. Radical Rift

    Radical Rift2 ngày trước

    5:31 Detroit become human 2???

  92. Angel Valverde

    Angel Valverde2 ngày trước

    Through the 🔙

  93. Malachi Williams

    Malachi Williams2 ngày trước

    Love FNAF 💙

  94. Extremely Fab_Coonz

    Extremely Fab_Coonz2 ngày trước

    *fnaf 7 the final chapter fnaf 8 end of fazbear legacy* Scott if your looking at this have nice shooes

  95. Twissky

    Twissky3 ngày trước

    When the movie comes out won’t this be on film theory...?

  96. Zymetrical

    Zymetrical3 ngày trước

    Listen here did u notice that the first line of i will put u back to together is orange isch. And William is orange in fnaf 6

  97. Grace McAfee

    Grace McAfee3 ngày trước

    Some reason I’ve rewatched this so many times I don’t know why

  98. Mr. Oofer Woofer

    Mr. Oofer Woofer3 ngày trước

    Suddenly, FNAF 7: MatPat sucks

  99. Luke Hodes

    Luke Hodes3 ngày trước

    Discord server for ARG

  100. ZackariaVampire

    ZackariaVampire3 ngày trước

    I bet William killed his eldest son (boy in Foxy mask) and used the eldest son's body to help put Michael back together. That's why we don't ever see him again...

  101. Jesus Guerrero

    Jesus Guerrero3 ngày trước

    Wait so chronologically you messed up

  102. Geertje Visser

    Geertje Visser3 ngày trước


  103. Charlie Bear KONO

    Charlie Bear KONO3 ngày trước

    And then it's wrong

  104. Shadi L

    Shadi L3 ngày trước

    mario's( matpat's)eye's look's like letters

  105. John 3:36

    John 3:363 ngày trước

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  106. Wasted y

    Wasted y3 ngày trước

    exotic, exotic, that's right EXOTIC, butt butters!

  107. MR MLG PRO

    MR MLG PRO3 ngày trước

    Lol Scott releases another 2 games

  108. Wiresimp Rae

    Wiresimp Rae3 ngày trước

    fan jumpscare bruh.