Gamers Reactions to the Voice Of Shawn Flynn (jacksepticeye voice) | Bendy and The Ink Machine Ch 3


  1. Gamers React Comp

    Gamers React Comp11 tháng trước

    Like for the double upload :)

  2. Justin Richard EX

    Justin Richard EXTháng trước

    Gamers React Comp Why didn't you let Jacksepticeye go first? It looked so special.

  3. Ivan Reyes

    Ivan Reyes2 tháng trước

    Fnaf Girl Roblox Yes

  4. Ivan Reyes

    Ivan Reyes2 tháng trước


  5. Midnight C-137 and Septic Eye Sally

    Midnight C-137 and Septic Eye Sally2 tháng trước

    "Sooooooo what if I went and painted bendy dolls with crooked smiles...!" Best thing Jackie~Senpai has ever said!

  6. Cereal 4224

    Cereal 42242 tháng trước

    Well after watching this I have those exact words burned into my head

  7. The Dark Knight

    The Dark Knight26 phút trước

    I love Kubz Scouts, 8-BitRyan, Mark, and Ethan's reaction of hearing Jack's voice!😍😍😂😂

  8. Princess Silly cake

    Princess Silly cake2 giờ trước

    7:03 jacksepticeye vs jacksepticeye WHY DO I HAVE JACK SUCK IN MY HEAD NOW⁉️ is it me or every youtuber said “I-is that jack/jacksepticeye” i don’t know I heard something like that JACK JACK JACK JACK JACK JACK JACK JACK JACK JACK JACK JACK JACK JACK JACKSEPTICEYE EVERYDAY EVERYONE ‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️🤩😉🤣😝🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 Subscribe to my boi jack & I won’t forget to mention THESE OTHER AWESOME VIreporterRS BIJUU MIKE, CORYXKENSHIN, eeehhh I’ll let u all choose your favorite youtuber/s I ain’t forcing anyone 😪😉😥😌 SUBSCRIBE to this awesome youtuber who does their best (u) gamer react ugh u all know who I mean 😪😰😉😉😉😇😋

  9. catface mo

    catface mo4 giờ trước

    Who else thinks that may or may not be JJ’s real voice? Hmm... 🤔

  10. MegaMr46

    MegaMr4612 giờ trước

    Isn’t that cheating posting JackSepticEye reacting to himself? 😂

  11. xydoit

    xydoit23 giờ trước

    Best vid ever. Mark, Sean and Jay in the same vid.

  12. Frank Russo

    Frank RussoNgày trước

    I don't be seeing what the big deal is.

  13. Tattier Verbose456

    Tattier Verbose456Ngày trước

    I know the tape off by heart now.

  14. Tattier Verbose456

    Tattier Verbose4562 ngày trước

    If anybody cares, DAGames is in the game too.

  15. Hurties PlayzXD

    Hurties PlayzXD2 ngày trước

    Its jacksepticeye

  16. Classic15 Fnaf and Battle Royale player and Lover

    Classic15 Fnaf and Battle Royale player and Lover2 ngày trước

    Reaction on Jack's voice in a game surprised with my mouth open Edit:No wonder he's popular like Markiplier and the others

  17. lepord

    lepord3 ngày trước

    Wth lolol pause at 12:51 he looks dead inside

  18. Mei Suuki

    Mei Suuki3 ngày trước

    If this is a stupid question i apologize xD but is Ethan that guys from America's got talent? The comedian guy?

  19. Yanay M Gomez

    Yanay M Gomez6 ngày trước

    Most people got it right lol


    KENT MATHEW AGAN7 ngày trước

    Cooooooooooool it jack

  21. Giulia e papà

    Giulia e papà7 ngày trước

    When Jack Heard himself he was like: ":3" his reaction is so cute XDDD

  22. scott cain

    scott cain8 ngày trước

    That's Jacksepticeye

  23. Leah C

    Leah C8 ngày trước

    Yub if I made a bendy and the ink machine chapter I would definitely put you in one of the voice tapes or audios

  24. Leah C

    Leah C8 ngày trước


  25. Madi

    Madi9 ngày trước

    My heart melted when Jack listened to himself

  26. ???? the emo

    ???? the emo10 ngày trước


  27. Jaibsmooth

    Jaibsmooth10 ngày trước

    FOLLOW MY SOCIALS 🤪 Insta: jaibsmooth Snap:jaij86 Twitter: Dailyjai1

  28. Anthony Apale

    Anthony Apale10 ngày trước

    Whait jack is there and his friend whith the maker of bendy .o.

  29. True Golden Frieza

    True Golden Frieza11 ngày trước

    12:42 *Who’s this Douche* -Will 2017

  30. Nettlepop

    Nettlepop13 ngày trước

    Sean must be so proud of himself 😂

  31. Hailey Youngberg

    Hailey Youngberg14 ngày trước

    Mark was thinking...

  32. Tina Gomez

    Tina Gomez14 ngày trước

    This is so funny. And I love the part where Jacksepticeye reacts to it

  33. Mappo Machiiiatto

    Mappo Machiiiatto14 ngày trước

    I didnt even notice this

  34. S- Tale

    S- Tale16 ngày trước

    The most emotional gamers Jacksepticeye Me:😂lol

  35. Strawberry Duchess

    Strawberry Duchess16 ngày trước

    I love how half the people feel bad for thinking it's Sean and everyone else was like "what did he say?"

  36. Jeremy Schafer

    Jeremy Schafer17 ngày trước

    My question is, why would he purposely paint crooked smiles on the Bendy dolls, anyway? That's... um... well, weird. And not so good for sales.

  37. The Female thunderbirds nerd

    The Female thunderbirds nerd18 ngày trước

    JACKSEPTIGUY is awesome!

  38. ToxicGlxch

    ToxicGlxch19 ngày trước

    Lol I love Cory 😂

  39. lacharite family

    lacharite family19 ngày trước

    I keep on yelling at my screen ITSA JACKABOY!

  40. Jing Zhang

    Jing Zhang19 ngày trước

    A youtuber said like 99% sure that’s jacseptaeye I’m like 100000000000000% sure that’s jacseptaeye

  41. Slendrina

    Slendrina21 ngày trước

    Who is this douche

  42. Nathan Roman

    Nathan Roman22 ngày trước

    It was so cute when he heard himself

  43. Collin Dougherty

    Collin Dougherty22 ngày trước

    It seems that everybody knows Jacksepticeye. Your an all star jack

  44. Shey Connelly

    Shey Connelly22 ngày trước

    Just realized the title of the video got Sean's name wrong, it's Sean McLoughlin not Shawn Flynn

  45. Gamers React Comp

    Gamers React Comp22 ngày trước

    It's a character in the game not his actual name...

  46. Dffr Tfff

    Dffr Tfff22 ngày trước

    Bendy ink 4 Jack

  47. Justin Kwok

    Justin Kwok23 ngày trước

    This vid sucks

  48. Justin Kwok

    Justin Kwok23 ngày trước

    That’s not jack doesn’t sound like him at all

  49. Gabriel Diamante

    Gabriel Diamante16 ngày trước

    Watch 7:01

  50. Luna-Chan

    Luna-Chan24 ngày trước

    Mark, "But that didnt help me did it ? Aw I wasn't paying attention actually what was being said there, hang on let me see that again" Me: yeah you were busy listening to Jack's voice

  51. Jamaica Robledo

    Jamaica Robledo24 ngày trước

    Almost everyone knew him they were just worried they would sound racist

  52. Maddy Belle

    Maddy Belle25 ngày trước

    Jack's reaction is the cutest😂❤️

  53. Jenna the Gameplayer

    Jenna the Gameplayer25 ngày trước

    Go check it out

  54. Jenna the Gameplayer

    Jenna the Gameplayer25 ngày trước

    He did the asdf movie 10

  55. Its_Me Jamez_23

    Its_Me Jamez_2326 ngày trước

    Practically Jack is part of the game because he thanked the game(basically the crew of the game)for having him as Shawn Flynn

  56. CoolBlue

    CoolBlue26 ngày trước

    Guess who's reaction is the best... Kubz Scoutz

  57. Samuel Johnson

    Samuel Johnson27 ngày trước

    It sucks that some of those youtuber's don't know who jacksepticeye is

  58. Sparity

    Sparity27 ngày trước

    if your looking for jack playing it it's at 7:00 of the video, and if you want to see markipliers reaction of it, he's at a 16:25 of the video

  59. Issac Zepeda

    Issac Zepeda27 ngày trước

    0:01 my 2 most favorite youtubers

  60. Ariadna R

    Ariadna R27 ngày trước

    Where is John Wolfe?

  61. log lazer

    log lazer27 ngày trước

    Gose into a room Ok for the number of people who dont recinize jacksepticeye in the video i will shoot one of you (Playez video) ok most of you live who are the 4 of you dieing today

  62. Samantha Johnson

    Samantha Johnson28 ngày trước

    Seans reaction was so cute 😩

  63. Names ArejustNames

    Names ArejustNames28 ngày trước

    I loved jack’s reaction it’s so adorable

  64. Gina McCain

    Gina McCain28 ngày trước

    Now I want to watch jack

  65. Ccgaming 1357

    Ccgaming 135728 ngày trước

    Which react is your fav

  66. CiCCioBug

    CiCCioBug28 ngày trước

    I think the registration is perfect

  67. c o o l

    c o o l28 ngày trước

    ethan's reaction wAS SO CUTE SHHSHS

  68. c o o l

    c o o l28 ngày trước

    take a shot every time bazamalam said "jacksepticeye"

  69. Lauren Meyer

    Lauren Meyer29 ngày trước

    I love Jacksepticeye’s wide grin

  70. i think i'm a meanie

    i think i'm a meanie29 ngày trước


  71. Nathan Brown

    Nathan Brown29 ngày trước

    I love jacks content

  72. Giovanni O. Dona Praadi

    Giovanni O. Dona PraadiTháng trước

    Wow a lot of youtuber's know jacksepticeye

  73. Jay K

    Jay KTháng trước

    Some of these people sound racist to Irish people because there technically sayin all irish males sound the same like if your Irish


    SAMARIAH BRUCETháng trước

    Lauren LMAO


    SAMARIAH BRUCETháng trước

    Will, ARE YOU IN HERE?!


    SAMARIAH BRUCETháng trước



    SAMARIAH BRUCETháng trước

    now jack is in here.


    SAMARIAH BRUCETháng trước

    People said that Will is in here.


    SAMARIAH BRUCETháng trước


  80. Rhea Gaea

    Rhea GaeaTháng trước

    Ethan’s reaction was adorable omg “Is that JaCk?!”

  81. Evander Windham

    Evander WindhamTháng trước

    No Pewds?

  82. Emily Fox

    Emily FoxTháng trước

    You forgot ethgoesboom

  83. Sickly Aura

    Sickly AuraTháng trước

    I like how, 99% of the gamers there recognized his voice. That's so cool that he did a voice in batim!

  84. Dead Magikarp

    Dead MagikarpTháng trước

    I DoNT bE sEeiNg wHAt tHe bIG DeAl iS.

  85. Justin Richard EX

    Justin Richard EXTháng trước

    Wow. Every Famous VIreporterr knows Jacksepticeye.

  86. Emma Horner

    Emma HornerTháng trước


  87. I_Love_Jacksepticeye2

    I_Love_Jacksepticeye2Tháng trước

    Idk who half of these ppl are lmfao

  88. J Claflin

    J ClaflinTháng trước

    Can anybody actually name all the games Jack has made a cameo in? I’m curious

  89. thedarknaine

    thedarknaineTháng trước


  90. NCGachaTuber YT

    NCGachaTuber YTTháng trước

    How many hate replies can my comment get? 😂😂🤷🏻‍♀️ ^idk.. it’s just random

  91. Aviv

    AvivTháng trước

    OMG I'm so surprised but also so happy because I love him😘😱

  92. Sans The Comedian

    Sans The ComedianTháng trước

    Jacks reaction to himself is number 16

  93. Ryeguy

    RyeguyTháng trước

    his name is spelt sean

  94. Genderfluid Geek

    Genderfluid GeekTháng trước

    I like how most people were like “not to say that all Irish people are Jack , but...” and then mark was like “ayyyyy”

  95. Arcadia _

    Arcadia _Tháng trước

    Jack looked so happy

  96. Lizzie Girl

    Lizzie GirlTháng trước


  97. mangle fox fan of jackaboy

    mangle fox fan of jackaboyTháng trước

    Ethen is that jaackk? Hahaha I dyed when he said that


    MADISON COLWELLTháng trước

    *Can i get amen?*

  99. Erica White

    Erica WhiteTháng trước

    Lauren was so confused, lol! I love her so much!

  100. Rosiebush 39

    Rosiebush 39Tháng trước

    Mark is my fave because most of them say "is that Jacksepticeye?" Yet Mark was the only one (I think) who got that the name was Shawn Flynn and Jack's name is Sean

  101. Wolf Diva

    Wolf DivaTháng trước


  102. Wolf Diva

    Wolf DivaTháng trước


  103. Mar Pen1980

    Mar Pen1980Tháng trước

    It's also hilarious because right at the beginning of it it does the whip sound, in the background, like he does at the beginning of all his videos.

  104. MemeifiedZAndGhostHate -Gacha studio stuff and more

    MemeifiedZAndGhostHate -Gacha studio stuff and moreTháng trước

    1% listened to the recording and ignored jackaboy- 99% ignored the recording an dlisfened go jackaboy-

  105. Diamerz Cat

    Diamerz CatTháng trước

    Taste Gaming had basically my reaction(facial wise), minus my fangirl screaming, plus recognizing Jack

  106. Robert Flannigan

    Robert FlanniganTháng trước

    Yay Zalzar is in this

  107. Samantha Korte

    Samantha KorteTháng trước

    Anyone else kinda want to see Jack react to this??