1. Jim Canterak

    Jim Canterak14 ngày trước

    Rip this rework. They removed on-hit effects from his spin.

  2. Javier Armuña

    Javier Armuña22 ngày trước

    The rework has been reverted in pbe so....☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  3. Russell Serna

    Russell Serna22 ngày trước

    penta at 39:00

  4. CeleryStickz

    CeleryStickz23 ngày trước

    Monk! :D

  5. Zero0Vampire

    Zero0Vampire24 ngày trước

    No u

  6. theproGM

    theproGM24 ngày trước

    Noobtube vids

  7. Gianluca Daniele Di Maggio

    Gianluca Daniele Di Maggio25 ngày trước

    It won't get released like that. No way José! They won't be this stupid once again. PS: Should've probably sold Stormrazor for a Black Cleaver. More movement speed, tankyness and shred. Less overall damage but that's fine, the CDR is worth it I'd say.

  8. xeaon26cz

    xeaon26cz25 ngày trước


  9. xeaon26cz

    xeaon26cz25 ngày trước

    Is he quieter only on my end... or?

  10. Stone7C1

    Stone7C125 ngày trước

    youre supposed to pick up relic shield in the garen yuumi bot lane. its a second gold generation item in your lane that funnels into you both and provides additional sustain. its a big part of the reason why that lane even works. i know it delays your crit items, but you gain hell of a lot out of it and it ends up paying for itself.

  11. Jason Deutschbein

    Jason Deutschbein25 ngày trước

    I'm curious how karma support would work with garen carry.

  12. The King

    The King25 ngày trước

    Four supports though Anyways you got a lot of damage but nearly no pen

  13. darkamascara

    darkamascara25 ngày trước

    You literary have a grinder as a champ like yeah hes damage is insane and you cant just walk and grind them but if people are smart they will focus him and kill him first but lately all wood players dont do that so GGWP

  14. Millicente

    Millicente25 ngày trước

    I'd rather see a video of you trying to do this on garen then losing. These opponents aren't very good

  15. Azeem

    Azeem25 ngày trước

    How to quit drinking tips. 1) Take a shot whenever Zilean revives Garen.

  16. D7C98

    D7C9825 ngày trước

    Boots of Swiftness was really the better choice here. Great video Monk!

  17. Banskypsychohacker

    Banskypsychohacker25 ngày trước

    Being subscribed for a about a month now! Not a single video I didnt instant like after that! Even watching the old ones, cause I really like the vibe and the gameplay! Man GIVE US MORE! :D

  18. Alexander Morteo Vermillious

    Alexander Morteo Vermillious25 ngày trước

    This was so fun to watch CaptainMonk Please keep up the good work

  19. Marianne Kelstrup

    Marianne Kelstrup25 ngày trước

    "I nerver expect people to have bad attention, just unfortunate circumstances." Subscribed!

  20. STI_Clone

    STI_Clone25 ngày trước

    I mean if you did this in a normal match I'll be impressed :).

  21. Class Act

    Class Act25 ngày trước

    He may just do that if this makes it to live servers. Trying to showcase buffs in normals on PBE, however, is a nightmare.

  22. Ryan Ferguson

    Ryan Ferguson25 ngày trước

    Brother I like watching your videos but sometimes I just can't do it; I don't want to come off rude but you talk continuously the ENTIRE time. It's just too much. Take a breath cause I like your content it just gets overwhelming.

  23. Class Act

    Class Act25 ngày trước

    Like realexony said, a lot of us like having his commentary because he points out mistakes and WHY some items or runes might work. It's harder to learn without that.

  24. RealExony

    RealExony25 ngày trước

    Ryan Ferguson if it's too much for you to handle you shouldn't be so selfish because that is exactly why the most of us are watching his videos.

  25. Ace PiGLET

    Ace PiGLET25 ngày trước


  26. Michael Daniels

    Michael Daniels25 ngày trước

    u fell off hahaha

  27. Nolan Boehme

    Nolan Boehme25 ngày trước

    Ivern buff share is lvl 5

  28. Khoi Fish

    Khoi Fish26 ngày trước

    i love steel legion, but the toes man, they hurt me so much

  29. stephen Tessier

    stephen Tessier26 ngày trước

    Monk! I love the videos! All the explanation you do and fun builds you do! Keep up the great work dude! It's awesome!

  30. fusion gamer

    fusion gamer26 ngày trước

    Garen is turning into a tank version of master yi

  31. LmaoLoLxDhehe

    LmaoLoLxDhehe26 ngày trước

    your ping is funny xD

  32. Daniel Nelson

    Daniel Nelson26 ngày trước

    woot woot bad quality but good work all over then field. C.M. keep up the good work.

  33. marius blain

    marius blain26 ngày trước

    Garen rework is busted

  34. Stone7C1

    Stone7C125 ngày trước

    really though? this was a 4 man team built exclusively around supporting garen. why is it normal for a ranged adc to shred an entire team when he gets the same support but not ok for garen? vayne, draven, kaisa anyone? or if you just built a teamcomp around master yi like that. what about protect the kog maw comps that are even pro play viable? and dont try to tell me adc in these comps take skill. because usually it just ends up in lulu sitting next to the adc and polymorph anyone trying to dive him, while the other members stack shields on him, and the guy just sits in place and right clicks whoever he wants to murder next.

  35. GuiltyApollyoN

    GuiltyApollyoN26 ngày trước

    finna waiting for hd

  36. ThatWaffles

    ThatWaffles26 ngày trước

    same its at 360 for me

  37. Ibrahim Cetin

    Ibrahim Cetin26 ngày trước


  38. Gelo Sobrepeña

    Gelo Sobrepeña26 ngày trước

    I'm here so early it's still only available in 240p. Notice me papi monk