General Tso's Chicken | Basics with Babish


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    Binging with Babish4 tháng trước

    I'm on Hot Ones! Go check it out!

  2. Nyan Cat

    Nyan Cat2 tháng trước

    I find it a crime punishable with jail time if you eat General Tso's chicken without fried rice.

  3. Niubility

    Niubility3 tháng trước

    You need a larger saucepan for stir-fry's... 4:08 and this is why we cook with woks!

  4. Konnor Bailey

    Konnor Bailey3 tháng trước

    Can you do a collaboration with good mythical morning

  5. Sir Douglas Howel, 5th Seat

    Sir Douglas Howel, 5th Seat3 tháng trước

    instead of alcohol you could use anything tart/sugary.. pineapple juice, grape juice, almond extract,white grape juice... grats on the recovery bro.

  6. fallinangels _

    fallinangels _3 tháng trước

    Could I sub out the alcohol? I have a recovering alcoholic in my home. What would I use?

  7. Jared Blume

    Jared Blume3 giờ trước

    Love you love your vids but I feel like nothing if this is basic 😅

  8. Alexis Rondeau

    Alexis Rondeau23 giờ trước

    Where the fuck is the sesameee

  9. Pintobean

    PintobeanNgày trước

    Thank you! I will definitely give this a try. Do you have suggestions for replacements for vodka? (cuz kids, lol). I had no idea vodka was involved in this chicken.

  10. Kevin R

    Kevin RNgày trước

    This looks to be pretty similar to Kenji's recipe....

  11. Not Your Average Person 000

    Not Your Average Person 0002 ngày trước

    I’m not old enough to drink is there a substitute for vodka I could use


    THEGHOSTSLAVE6 ngày trước

    To be completely honest I'm surprised he didn't substitute some salt for MSG. He's only said about a billion times over the years that MSG tastes good, and it's a staple in cheap Chinese takeout.


    PINEAPPLE SODA6 ngày trước

    What watch is that,,, the blue one it’s banging

  14. Joshua P.

    Joshua P.7 ngày trước

    Asian tip: you dont need to season your rice lul

  15. Nils R.

    Nils R.7 ngày trước

    Still waiting for a China special named Beijing with Babish.

  16. HyunTK

    HyunTK7 ngày trước

    Salt to rice is cream to carbonara level of trigger for us asians.

  17. Red Robin

    Red Robin7 ngày trước

    what shit idea of an idea lib tard

  18. Red Robin

    Red Robin7 ngày trước

    sir you are a fucking cooking lib tard fuck tard

  19. Red Robin

    Red Robin7 ngày trước

    100% percent wrong wrong worog wrong wrong wrong wrong

  20. Joseph Trethewey

    Joseph Trethewey9 ngày trước

    I definitely will make it at home but take out only takes 15 minutes max from where im from XD btw also buying your book for my buddy for Christmas. Keep at it :)

  21. SelfProclaimedSir

    SelfProclaimedSir11 ngày trước

    That looks so freaking tasty oml

  22. Annika Lunsford

    Annika Lunsford12 ngày trước

    Is there any way to avoid the corn starch? I’m allergic to corn.

  23. Annika Lunsford

    Annika Lunsford7 ngày trước

    stonybear thank you!

  24. stonybear

    stonybear10 ngày trước

    potato starch

  25. Fraser Morton

    Fraser Morton13 ngày trước

    Thought I'd suprise my gf with this ended up making it with her in the room. But it's an awesome recipe and I'm sure she happy with me making as she got me into your videos. Keep up the great vids.

  26. zack tivey

    zack tivey13 ngày trước

    New to the channel and I'm glad I stumbled upon it.. my one qualm is what is babish?? A name? A nickname?? Just curious dont mean any disrespect.

  27. Dead Serious

    Dead Serious14 ngày trước


  28. Brandon Hayden

    Brandon Hayden15 ngày trước

    Who the hell is waiting 45 min to get chinese takeout?? Love the vid but holy crap i feel bad if you cant get your Chineasy in under 20 min max

  29. Bok Choy Troy

    Bok Choy Troy16 ngày trước

    Nice job !

  30. Calcitriol

    Calcitriol17 ngày trước

    Asian be : NO ONE PUT SALT IN RICE

  31. Carolina Sarellano

    Carolina Sarellano17 ngày trước

    I usually don’t comment old videos, but WHAT A GREAT TASTE IN MUSIC Lob u, lob chromeo, lob food

  32. FDF flags

    FDF flags17 ngày trước

    HIM: *add's salt to rice* ASIANS: *gets triggered instantly*

  33. Michael Huang

    Michael Huang17 ngày trước

    At least he didn't put something like mayonnaise on it. 😂😂😂

  34. Benjamin

    Benjamin17 ngày trước

    If you were add chinese chili oil to this recipe where do you think it would fit best?

  35. Maria Johnson

    Maria Johnson17 ngày trước

    You should make the Mac and cheese from bones season 2 episode 20

  36. Barrett Dyson

    Barrett Dyson18 ngày trước

    i looked up the chromeo song he was dancing too. guys dont do it. horrible music. great recipe babish.

  37. The Imaginary Gallery

    The Imaginary Gallery18 ngày trước

    Where is the broccoli?

  38. SinfulLegacy

    SinfulLegacy20 ngày trước

    is this recipe going to be in your book? \

  39. David watson

    David watson20 ngày trước

    Good god😮😮😮😮

  40. nmvp1258

    nmvp125821 ngày trước

    That's a lot of work and ingredients I don't have. Imma just order it. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  41. Crazy Fathamsta

    Crazy Fathamsta21 ngày trước

    TITo's vodka

  42. Gage Kulland

    Gage Kulland21 ngày trước

    Love the Rolex!

  43. motohama

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  44. EL Guapo

    EL Guapo21 ngày trước

    Ending song please ?

  45. Fourthgirl

    Fourthgirl22 ngày trước

    I've never had General Taos

  46. variabl3

    variabl322 ngày trước

    Are you.... are you Ryan Rynolds?

  47. Lunatic

    Lunatic22 ngày trước

    if you’re under 21 what do you recommend for a replacement for the vodka?

  48. Klaas Dannen

    Klaas Dannen20 ngày trước

    More Vodka!

  49. Mr Arnold C.E.O for Octa-Corp

    Mr Arnold C.E.O for Octa-Corp25 ngày trước

    Made these, but didn't make enough sauce (my own error) but still better than take out

  50. John Macmillan

    John Macmillan26 ngày trước

    Am I the bad guy for no longer being friends with one of the best people ive known because he didnt like general tsos? He may or may not be buried under my bushes at this moment.

  51. frank datank

    frank datank26 ngày trước

    No orange ?

  52. aaron rumpza

    aaron rumpza26 ngày trước

    Lots of adds. . . sigh

  53. EMCEE Kaoz

    EMCEE Kaoz27 ngày trước

    Most people in the comment section: You don’t season it, you add salt before you cook it, you add olive oil, you add coconut milk, etc. SAME FUCKEN SHIT!!! That’s still seasoning!! Ofc no one in their right mind adds salt after the rice is already cooked but I mean come on!

  54. EMCEE Kaoz

    EMCEE Kaoz27 ngày trước

    Worst way to make rice

  55. Jeffrey Salvador

    Jeffrey Salvador27 ngày trước

    Is it pronounce "general so's" or "general chow" ?

  56. Tatjana

    Tatjana24 ngày trước

    @Jeffrey Salvador i believe so :)

  57. Jeffrey Salvador

    Jeffrey Salvador24 ngày trước

    @Tatjana so what you saying is the world may never know

  58. Tatjana

    Tatjana24 ngày trước

    @Jeffrey Salvador except the dish is entirely american and named after a chinese general whom there's no identifiable connection to. you might argue that the correct pronounciation of the general's name is the correct way to pronounce this dish, but as it's *really* american, the pronounciation might've been faulty to begin with - and nobody knows where it truly originated from in the US.

  59. Jeffrey Salvador

    Jeffrey Salvador25 ngày trước

    @Tatjana theres gotta be a definite way. I count the T as silent and say general so's

  60. Tatjana

    Tatjana25 ngày trước

    Jeffrey Salvador either ‚soo‘ or ‚taoo‘, as far as I’ve heard it

  61. BimBim

    BimBim28 ngày trước

    Is the General Tso's Chicken considered as a Karaage? Or are there a differences about them?

  62. Randomwhiteguy U.K.

    Randomwhiteguy U.K.28 ngày trước

    Mouth watering

  63. BR4s5m0nkey

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    VIreporter unsubscribed me from you was wondering why I wasn't seeing any videos

  64. Street Brands Style

    Street Brands Style29 ngày trước

    Wow very nice food..!!! You ar from Greece....?? What is the song in the end of th video..??

  65. David Wicke

    David Wicke29 ngày trước

    Clean plate club or no?

  66. TwoFiftySix

    TwoFiftySixTháng trước

    Did he say season the rice?

  67. Thomas Stewart

    Thomas StewartTháng trước

    What’s the deal with kosher salt? I can’t believe that a rabbi blessing the salt improves the taste. Is kosher salt special before its blessed? I’ve never heard a recipe outside of America calling for kosher salt so what’s the secret?

  68. Thomas Stewart

    Thomas Stewart22 ngày trước

    Thanks for your feedback. It seems like Kosher salt is what call sea salt. Do Americans use the term sea salt to describe coarse salt with irregular shape?

  69. sasukedemon8

    sasukedemon829 ngày trước

    @horacefarbuckle it's called kosher salt because it draws out the blood.

  70. horacefarbuckle

    horacefarbuckle29 ngày trước

    It's called kosher salt not because it is itself kosher, but because it's traditionally the kind of salt used for koshering (the process of salting meat to draw out, I dunno, evil spirits or something). Professionals like it because the grind size makes it easier to dispense by hand than granulated salt. Other than that, it's just salt. No blessings, no taste difference.

  71. Ethan Slafter

    Ethan SlafterTháng trước

    Wow, he actually pronounced sauce PAN correctly. Man we sure like to pick on you.

  72. sean taylor

    sean taylorTháng trước

    Will this work with an air fryer?

  73. James Lee

    James LeeTháng trước

    LMAO seasoning white rice

  74. Skyler Parsley

    Skyler ParsleyTháng trước

    Can you do cream cheese wontons? I wanna see the babish version

  75. Ferrari Paul

    Ferrari PaulTháng trước

    Okay let's clear this up, I AM NOT afraid of spicy stuff.... It's my ass that's afraid of spicy stuff... so...

  76. Captain-usopp31

    Captain-usopp31Tháng trước

    Its tao not tso wtf?

  77. sasukedemon8

    sasukedemon829 ngày trước

    General tso and general tao is the exact same dish and the names are synonymous to each other.

  78. Grinningd

    GrinningdTháng trước

    Hey Babish thanks for this recipe! I'm from the UK where I've never seen General Tso's on a menu so was very excited to try it. I made it for the family and it was absolutely fantastic and loved by all. Took a little longer than 45 mins but I'm sure I'll get the time down with practice. It has been added to my main menu for 'Random Wednesdays' and am wondering if I can get away with making it two weeks in a row. Anyway, can't wait to get your book when it comes out, peace and love from across the pond! GD