Girls' Generation-Oh!GG 소녀시대-Oh!GG '몰랐니 (Lil' Touch)' MV


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    41.743...m +254k in 7 hours

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    Oanh Trần9 phút trước 50M before 25 days !!!!!!

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    Sunny ❤❤

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    42M before 6pm kst 🔥🔥🔥

  7. Thúy Lê

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    Nadya Dheanty fight

  8. Alex Yoonito Yong

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    41M💗💗 1.5M Likes💗 The queen Girls Generation 💗 😭😭😭Next Comeback 😭😭😭 Dance cover 👇

  9. Alex Yoonito Yong

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    Comeback 😭😭😭

  10. love myself

    love myself13 phút trước

    Snsd is love Snsd is life😍😍😍😍😍

  11. dedi hariyanto

    dedi hariyanto13 phút trước

    SM.. Please give us dance practice for this song!!!!

  12. Call me Dear

    Call me Dear13 phút trước

    01:36 *Snake is 👉SM* 😂 *RIGHT?*

  13. Luckyna Megu

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    41 million view😀😍😍💜💖

  14. Aesthetic Nayeon

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    Taeyeon and Hyoyeon is my bias now

  15. asm door

    asm door15 phút trước

    lets vote snsd for AAA

  16. NegativeSin

    NegativeSin16 phút trước

    More! More to come!

  17. Noor Shyemah

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  18. Thuy Chung

    Thuy Chung21 phút trước

    sunny' voice so good

  19. Budi Hantoro

    Budi Hantoro21 phút trước

    Yoona ❤❤❤

  20. Fakhri Armansyah Ali

    Fakhri Armansyah Ali22 phút trước

    I'm a proud SONE.

  21. บังทัน ที่เเท้ทรู

    บังทัน ที่เเท้ทรู22 phút trước

    0:12 Rosé

  22. Geetha Pinto

    Geetha Pinto23 phút trước

    the views are slow now

  23. Galih Ramadhan

    Galih Ramadhan23 phút trước

    awesome 😍😍😍


    REVELUV BLINK24 phút trước

    okay today we got more than 1m views ❤️🙏🏻

  25. SoShi SNSD

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  26. Thuy Chung

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    i love yoona

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  28. Nannaphat Yutthanarong.

    Nannaphat Yutthanarong.28 phút trước


  29. Nannaphat Yutthanarong.

    Nannaphat Yutthanarong.28 phút trước


  30. Salbiah Nahzeri

    Salbiah Nahzeri30 phút trước

    사랑해 Girls' Generation❤

  31. Yoona Lim

    Yoona Lim31 phút trước

    Streaming everyday, i love thiss☺💗who streaming's?

  32. Yoona Lim

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    +Thúy Lê yashhh💓🔥

  33. Thúy Lê

    Thúy Lê28 phút trước

    Yoona Lim me , keep stream

  34. Ashi Mizu

    Ashi Mizu32 phút trước

    Oh my help me..😘😘i'm dying even at taeyeon intro😘😘😘

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  36. luvia laleen

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    yoona is so tall 🔥

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  38. Noor Shyemah

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    Vote SNSD on AAA !!!!

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    Let's 50M Sone!!

  40. Araceli Mendoza Nuñez

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    I loves this song. Sone forever...

  41. Elza M

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    this song really gv me a good vibes to start my day 😍 cant stop listening to this!

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  43. Thúy Lê

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  44. Noor Shyemah

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  45. Geetha Pinto

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    18k + now

  46. JG

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    *Keep streaming and voting SNSD on Asia Artist Awards website!* Please focus first on singer category -

  47. Kris Hardiyanto

    Kris Hardiyanto40 phút trước

    42 M before at 4pm. ??? Can we get It Sone???

  48. Rana Kamilah

    Rana Kamilah42 phút trước

    I need this in live :

  49. quang nguyen

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  50. Sone Soshi

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  51. OhGee Baby

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    Soshi my energy 😍😘💗

  52. %수민

    %수민44 phút trước

    소녀시대가 아니라 여신시대 아님? ㅎㅎ

  53. Tiktok 抖音

    Tiktok 抖音45 phút trước

    Do you see full dance pratice?😭

  54. Theory Smeraldo

    Theory Smeraldo46 phút trước

    I like this song very much Lalalalala...

  55. Dionita Landig

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    Next goal:50,000,000 views😘😍 Keep on streaming guyssss😊

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  57. naly thana

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  58. Seohyun forever

    Seohyun forever51 phút trước

    Streaming everyday in hope that one day my lovely bias Seohyun comes back💕💕💕💕

  59. riffgroove

    riffgroove24 phút trước

    +Seohyun forever Did you see when she appeared onstage at Taeyeon's Christmas Concert last year? It was pretty special.

  60. Seohyun forever

    Seohyun forever37 phút trước

    JG she is not in this video I want her in every video of Snsd

  61. JG

    JG41 phút trước

    Where did she go?

  62. Noor Shyemah

    Noor Shyemah51 phút trước


  63. JG

    JG51 phút trước

    YT is increasing the views by tens now LMAO 🐍

  64. Budi Hantoro

    Budi Hantoro53 phút trước

    Taeyeon ❤❤

  65. Sone Soshi

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  66. 무미친

    무미친57 phút trước

    1:55 너무 좋다 진짜 "마지막 기회야" 할 때ㅠㅠㅠ

  67. JG

    JG57 phút trước

    Shitty YT being shitty again

  68. Halilintar Boys

    Halilintar Boys57 phút trước

    Beku ga si ini

  69. Kayne santos

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    41,688,000+ VIEWS!

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    45M let 's go SONES

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    SUNNY NUNAAA ❤ 🔥❤ ❤

  72. Halilintar Boys

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  73. Thúy Lê

    Thúy LêGiờ trước

    41.9m before 6pm kst

  74. Halilintar Boys

    Halilintar BoysGiờ trước

    YURII NUNAAA ❤🔥 ❤ ❤

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    rexy fullGiờ trước

    Don't skip add Sowon 🤗🤗🤗

  76. Halilintar Boys

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  77. Thúy Lê

    Thúy LêGiờ trước

    Views slow, work harder Sone :(((

  78. JG

    JGGiờ trước

    ⚠️ *Please focus only in SNSD on AAA for a while* ⚠️

  79. Halilintar Boys

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  80. Halilintar Boys

    Halilintar BoysGiờ trước


  81. Halilintar Boys

    Halilintar BoysGiờ trước


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    Next Goal: 50M Views!💓 KEEP STREAMING, SONES.

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    Mawimawii SoNeGiờ trước

    41,688,198 M ❤

  85. denisse alvarado

    denisse alvaradoGiờ trước

    pinche plagio de hate de 4minute, no es por ser hater amo el kpop pero es la pura verdad. NIEGUEN LO :V

  86. Michael Clarke

    Michael ClarkeGiờ trước

    Ahh i love the song

  87. Juko Official

    Juko OfficialGiờ trước


  88. olive Idayani

    olive IdayaniGiờ trước


  89. Như Quỳnh A.R.M.Y

    Như Quỳnh A.R.M.YGiờ trước

    Cố lên SONE đạt 50M ARMY ủng hộ GG và SONE

  90. em vo

    em vo56 phút trước

    TaeYeon Kim ❤

  91. TaeYeon Kim

    TaeYeon KimGiờ trước

    Thank you😘

  92. em vo

    em voGiờ trước

    Như Quỳnh A.R.M.Y cảm mơn Mình ngàu nào cũng stream cho SNSD và BTS bài Idol..

  93. mark🌸

    mark🌸Giờ trước

    Idunno but the views are increasing quickly compare to the other MVs. I hope this MV will reach 100 million views! Fighting SONEs!!

  94. Halilintar Boys

    Halilintar BoysGiờ trước

    BACK AGAIN 🔥🔥🔥

  95. Soshi Soshi

    Soshi SoshiGiờ trước

    Don't forget vote yoona and snsd at AAA 2018

  96. arm ysp

    arm yspGiờ trước

    41.7m next!!!!

  97. Sol Kim

    Sol KimGiờ trước

    I came here wondering if there were any hate comments about how SNSD dwindled down to only a couple members but wow nope not a single one that I've found yet! Proud of yall 😁

  98. riffgroove

    riffgroove23 phút trước

    There have been a couple by people saying they miss the other girls, but no hate.

  99. SONE 4EVER

    SONE 4EVERGiờ trước

    MOST VIEWED VIreporter MUSIC VIDEO TODAY (09/22 ~ 23:31) 189. Girls’ Generation-Oh!GG Lil’ Touch = 1,176,140 views [-16] Current views: 41,640,291 The views are going down please continue to stream. 🙏

  100. JG

    JGGiờ trước

    Let's reach atleast 41.9m views before 6pm kst!

  101. amal Matahir

    amal MatahirGiờ trước

    May i know why they didnt perform any live performance for this comeback?

  102. Mawimawii SoNe

    Mawimawii SoNeGiờ trước

    amal Matahir they are busy with thier individual schedule

  103. just me

    just meGiờ trước

    Please vote the girls on AAA SNSD & Taeyeon for Artist category Yuri, Yoona & Seohyun for Actress category

  104. Aljon Jhay Carino

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    *_Who's streaming?_*

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    Aljon Jhay Carino me

  106. Halilintar Boys

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  107. just me

    just meGiờ trước

    are we slow or youtube is really testing our patience? Only a bit over 100k was added in 5 hours 😩

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    Noor Qila 👑

  110. Noor Qila

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    sunny time!

  112. Arab nctzen exol army once blink and much more

    Arab nctzen exol army once blink and much moreGiờ trước

    Today is my first day of school😢😢

  113. Halilintar Boys

    Halilintar BoysGiờ trước

    Fighting 🔥

  114. kim taeyeon

    kim taeyeonGiờ trước

  115. em vo

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    kim taeyeon 💋❤

  116. em vo

    em voGiờ trước

    42M gogo

  117. rexy full

    rexy fullGiờ trước

    SM really something suck