Girls' Generation-Oh!GG 소녀시대-Oh!GG '몰랐니 (Lil' Touch)' MV


  1. sisa kaka

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  2. Decika Cindy

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    Bali lalalala bali

  3. 西藤クリス

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    Please have a comeback this year i really miss them 😭😭😭😭😭

  4. Ken Lee

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    不虧是少女時代 👍👍

  5. مهسا تبافر

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    Esto merece más likes

  7. هدوء البحر

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    2019 ؟؟؟

  10. Алима Осмонова

    Алима Осмонова8 giờ trước

    Guys, if you want more Yuri's and Hyoyeon's singing watch their live performance with Henry. Song calls I am - 2013.

  11. Me Ma

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    Keep strea+ming

  12. Me Ma

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  13. kim yumi

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    Did you guys missed Jessica or still following her?

  14. daniel270108

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    106,827,867 To Oh just 11.M remain Congrats 100M ❤❤💚💚💜💜💙💙💛💛 just 7months shortest term to 100M in SNSD history 6th number of youtube view Exceeds party 201905 Gee 231M The boys 220M and goddess taeyeon I 174M I got a boy 220M Taxi 141M Oh 117M

  15. SONE for GG

    SONE for GG9 giờ trước

    This is a SONE chat group, we can discuss about the target to do for SNSD (ex. Views), beside VIreporter things, we also can talk anything about SNSD, everyone are welcomed, see you there

  16. Chantal Bellefeuille

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    How did this song not get a full debut?

  17. Me Ma

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  18. Blackbllxx Lim

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    Miss you all ❤️

  19. Rei Dokusen

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    Yoona is still pretty, whats her age now?


    SNSD S_SONE11 giờ trước

    i love snsd😍😍😍😍

  21. Nabam Sompa

    Nabam Sompa12 giờ trước

    Actually Idc about other boy/girl groups. We the fans who have known K-pop industry since 1 decade ago know that EXO(boy band) and SNSD(girl band) did worldwide domination. And still our heart flutters watching their videos. These two bands would always rule in our hearts💕

  22. kuroba kaito

    kuroba kaito12 giờ trước

    Still hoping they make a dance practice video

  23. Shekayna Palagtiw

    Shekayna Palagtiw13 giờ trước

    I love this song

  24. Somination India

    Somination India14 giờ trước

    I miss my babies 😩💗💗please we need comeback

  25. Shining Crush

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    Thanks 44k dislike, people who contributed more views to mv! =))

  26. 김정인

    김정인14 giờ trước

    Mollatni means You didnt know??

  27. Yuuto

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  28. Toro Lee

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    05/24: 106.720.317 *05/25: 106.792.923* 6pm kst +72.606💪

  29. Dani Elep

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    Toro Lee fighting 💪 we can do better tomorrow

  30. SoraChiiy

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    i heard this song before somewhere and well i finally found it~ it so so good i love it

  31. jen Isna

    jen Isna16 giờ trước

    Comback duungss

  32. Theduy Buile

    Theduy Buile16 giờ trước

    Don't drop streaming guys. We can make this to 150 and 200M right? Can it get to 150M within a year? Will we have another Girls Generation OhGG comeback this year?

  33. Алима Осмонова

    Алима Осмонова10 giờ trước

    I think yes. Because SM in first half of this year promoted only NCT. So another groups will be in fight in second half of 2019.😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 We should support all artists of SM, especially OH!GG or GG. And I have question : In 'Google play music's more by Hyo I saw single belief 2019. It means she would release it.....?

  34. GG4EVA

    GG4EVA16 giờ trước

    Tiffany Young would be release another new EP & new coming , this coming july , we need to get to 110m before tiffany new EP

  35. Алима Осмонова

    Алима Осмонова10 giờ trước

    Thank you for the great news!😘😘😘😘😘😘

  36. ma E

    ma E16 giờ trước

    so cool!!!!!Sexy and Beautiful is the best words for Girls'generation

  37. vidia amalia tunnisa

    vidia amalia tunnisa17 giờ trước

    damn hit 100 million views without promotion😮, the power of oh gg! i cant imagine if their do promotion for this maybe the views gonna hit 400 mx??? i hopee..., fighting my first bias on kpop🔥🔥👍🏻

  38. Ayu Anggraini

    Ayu Anggraini17 giờ trước

    live concert any?

  39. zulvan vano

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  40. syahrizan ijan

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    Make this 110M before 1year! New record : 106M Congrats 107M soon Check Out Yoona New song Summer Night 300K comment soon Focus on Twinkle and Mr Mr too almost 100M And vote snsd in oh music awards

  41. Trinh Nguyễn

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    comeback please

  43. Inayla Syaqira3

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    Comeback Comeback Comeback

  44. sarah mac

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    Great song

  45. derpy.doopie

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    Who has been with Girls Generation since you were 6 years old

  46. GG4EVA

    GG4EVA22 giờ trước

    Director : Do you want to play hide & seek at first part of mv Oh!GG : yes .. let sone find us

  47. twice fanss

    twice fanss23 giờ trước

    Yoona 😍😍

  48. Yova Y

    Yova Y23 giờ trước

    We need FULL SNSD COMEBACK!!!!! Please....

  49. slayyy slayyy

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  50. Snsd ngg

    Snsd nggNgày trước

    Hii sone I missed you. Kpop is such a dark place rn

  51. Meyng Eing

    Meyng EingNgày trước

    I still love her ❤️😊alway support you start 2010😚❤️

  52. Ba - Bloop

    Ba - BloopNgày trước

    i feel bad for the new Kpop fans that don’t know about the legends known as 2NE1 Girls’ Generation BIGBANG

  53. C M

    C MNgày trước

    Okas, thanks sunny, you're so beautiful I think I'm leasbian now

  54. suzy bae

    suzy baeNgày trước

    Pleaaaase, sm please, por favor, ارجوكم ,jaibal ,s'il vous plait , give as an ot8 comeback im dying of wating 😢😢

  55. Yayaya Blabla

    Yayaya BlablaNgày trước

    2 M likes oh my god girls generation is nation girl grub and best girl grub in world!

  56. Jackie XxX

    Jackie XxXNgày trước

    A lot of support from a Blackjack😭 I hope they will never disband because it hurts a lot and I hope they still close to former members 😭😭😭 Snsd & Sone good luck in everything 💪 I wish you the best...

  57. Jackie XxX

    Jackie XxX21 giờ trước

    Snsd ngg I really hope😭🙏

  58. Snsd ngg

    Snsd nggNgày trước

    Jackie XxX they will never and thank you =)

  59. Binibi Rona

    Binibi RonaNgày trước

    comeback please 😭😭😭

  60. royal clark

    royal clarkNgày trước

    If you are watching this and you are new to Girls’ Generation, please make an effort to stream their other videos!!!! Thank You, SONE4EVA

  61. Qayyum Kamil

    Qayyum KamilNgày trước

    Let's reach 106,805,000 before today (25 June) 6PM KST

  62. od2ne1

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    lets do it

  63. Mohamad Husaini

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    44k dis like👎 2m like👍 Yes they are sones😏

  65. Moon Lixght

    Moon LixghtNgày trước

    0:50 Taeyeon!

  66. 해는127도에서

    해는127도에서Ngày trước

    쌉간지 언니들ㅠ

  67. Yi-Hsin Chuang

    Yi-Hsin ChuangNgày trước

    Jessica ~~~

  68. Алима Осмонова

    Алима Осмонова4 giờ trước

    I think solo concept fits her better. She is shining now in her own way. I'm glad to see it. Because SM can't normally care about their artists. So sad....

  69. كوريا Tv

    كوريا TvNgày trước

    Miss her 😭😭 I am sure she will slay this concept

  70. Noussaiba Haiker

    Noussaiba HaikerNgày trước

    I'm still in love with the song😍😍😍 actually i'm in love with all SM songs😍😍😍

  71. Oi Iu

    Oi IuNgày trước

    Were sone please like

  72. Nurfiqah Aqilah

    Nurfiqah AqilahNgày trước

    Teayeon in red look like jessica

  73. Kong Lion

    Kong LionNgày trước

    死要面子 美國隊長唔識你就去鬧佢扮野 勁黑暗

  74. Peter Bellic

    Peter BellicNgày trước

    Зачепи јеби

  75. TaeYeon fanBrazil

    TaeYeon fanBrazilNgày trước

    Sunny debut solo? 👇

  76. Toro Lee

    Toro LeeNgày trước

    06/23: 106.642.300 *05/24: 106.720.317* 6pm kst +78.017💪

  77. Dani Elep

    Dani Elep19 giờ trước

    Toro Lee keep streaming fams 💪

  78. 피드

    피드Ngày trước

    댓글에 한국어가 안보이넹 내가 한귝어 1빠?

  79. collins pocket

    collins pocketNgày trước

    Oh GG! Please come back this year.

  80. Yatno Yatno

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  81. od2ne1

    od2ne1Ngày trước

    we neeeed a comeback

  82. slayyy slayyy

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  83. SONE 4EVA

    SONE 4EVANgày trước

    Please GG comeback even OHGG !😭

  84. syahrizan ijan

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    Make this 110M before 1year! New record : 106M Congrats 107M soon Check Out Yoona New song Summer Night 300K comment soon Focus on Twinkle and Mr Mr too almost 100M And vote snsd in oh music awards

  85. Indubala Lourembam

    Indubala LourembamNgày trước

    They r the real Queens😘

  86. od2ne1

    od2ne1Ngày trước

    107M before July SONEs !!! Streamstream !!!

  87. eu amo a minju

    eu amo a minjuNgày trước


  88. chae on mi

    chae on miNgày trước

    i hope sm preparing for OH!GG album now:')

  89. Jukkarin Arsa

    Jukkarin ArsaNgày trước

    Miss you

  90. Taelovestep SS

    Taelovestep SSNgày trước

    i miss Girls gen 💗💗💗

  91. Stanford Leeham

    Stanford Leeham2 ngày trước

    나는 별로

  92. Me Ma

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  93. Me Ma

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  94. Me Ma

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  95. Me Ma

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  96. 陳柏翰

    陳柏翰2 ngày trước

    그녀들은 매우 매혹적이다😍❤

  97. peachy จูบ

    peachy จูบ2 ngày trước

    kim taeyeon you did not have to attack me like this

  98. Treadstone Operative

    Treadstone Operative2 ngày trước

    *SNSD MV Views Projects As Of 24 June 2019:* *Let's try to complete even more milestone projects listed below for the beautiful growth of SNSD! Fighting!* *SNSD 11th 100M MV Project:* TTS Twinkle 84,320,895 views (15.7M to 100M milestone) SNSD Mr Mr 81,484,660 views (18.6M to 100M milestone) *SNSD Group MVs:* SNSD All My Love Is For You 29,991,774 views (9k to 30M milestone)

  99. Алима Осмонова

    Алима Осмонова2 ngày trước

    I found this information today and wanted to share with you: Most viewed K-pop artists on VIreporter, and number of videos on their channel: 1. BTS- 9,50B ( 221) 2. PSY- 7,28B (89) 3. BLACKPINK - 6,60B(239) 4. BIGBANG - 6,06B(729) 5. TWICE- 4,28B(296) 6. EXO- 4,03(342) *7. SNSD- 3,50B(233)* 8. 2NE1- 2,27B(317) 9. GOT7- 2,09B(418) 10. SUJU- 1,58.(188)

  100. Jeongseokpark Jiminhoseok

    Jeongseokpark Jiminhoseok2 ngày trước

    Where's Tiffany? Sorry I don't know

  101. od2ne1

    od2ne1Ngày trước

    she left SM, Girls' Generation's company back in 2017, however she's still in the group but this is a sub unit, hence their name Oh!GG ~~

  102. 陳柏翰

    陳柏翰2 ngày trước

    She is not in this MV


    KPOP FANBOY2 ngày trước

    Me: "Try putting it in 0.75 speed" Listen to it... DAMN ITS STILL GOOD.

  104. Josh R

    Josh R2 ngày trước

    Let's get the views past OH!!!

  105. Me Ma

    Me Ma2 ngày trước

    Keep strea*ming

  106. melody91089

    melody910892 ngày trước

    Why didnt they perform this on music shows??

  107. Josh R

    Josh R2 ngày trước

    They were all so busy with their own schedule. Apparently they only have choreography for the chorus hahaha

  108. GG4EVA

    GG4EVA2 ngày trước

    Sone streaming playlist Lil touch to 110m & 2.1m likes Voice to 5m & 300k likes Summer Night to 5m & 350k likes Mr Mr to 100m & 500k likes Twinkle to 100m & 500k likes Happy streaming sone , have a nice day

  109. od2ne1

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  110. Me Ma

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  112. Toro Lee

    Toro Lee2 ngày trước

    06/22: 106.557.867 *06/23: 106.642.300* 6pm kst +84.433💪

  113. Dani Elep

    Dani Elep2 ngày trước

    Toro Lee yash

  114. S0NE_ OT9

    S0NE_ OT92 ngày trước

    First kpop group sub unit ever to reach likes 2M 😆🤣🤣

  115. Ricky Saninmode

    Ricky Saninmode2 ngày trước

    Pali lalalalala~