Giving McDonald's Employees $1000 If They Spell My Name Right!


  1. Ivanita Lomeli

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    Ivanita Lomeli the donuts you love are my favorite donuts too 😋

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    Your name is spelled ivanita lomeli

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    Hi Ivan your supper cool 😎 I like your channel😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

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    Ivanita Lomeli love you

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    @Diego Perdomo ok

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    Lvanita lomeli

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    Ivanita Lomeli

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    I wish you did my name, It's Yaleiny Ramos

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    Hi l am Bill love you not as a fan so l Love you

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    Ivanita lomeli

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    I live in Lexington NC street is 301 lram Avenue

  14. Sa'mierra Macklin

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    I know how to spell your name lvanita lomeli

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  16. zaina mgaza

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    Im sister can spell name

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    I V A N I T A

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    I can spell her name Ivanita Lomeli

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    Ivanita lomeli

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    I love your vedio

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    I am your biggest fan

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    You're name is ivanita lomeli

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    Ivanita Lomeli❤️ i think you are very beautiful and have a great personality and your are so a loving and caring person and you are so nice and i really like you and I really wanne meet you someday 🌺 i just wanne say i think you are a great person and you are so sweet and kind and yiu are always making friends with your "sister in laws" i like your videos alot and i just also wanne say you and Lucas are a really great and sweet couple ❤️love you guys alot ❤️🌺

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    Why not go to Starbucks

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    Your voice is so much good ❤️

  30. Alexandra Rodriguez

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    The only reason I know how to spell her name is because you spell it how it sounds and I know Spanish “ivanita” but I don’t know how to spell her last name in Spanish


    CHRISTOPHER LEE2 ngày trước

    I can’t think of something so stupid $1000 is a lot of money someone doesn’t understand the value money and has to much money and very board

  32. Doreen Pratt

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    The second guy was really checking out Ivanita Lomeli . 🤯

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    Ivanita lomeli

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    Omg I love your vids

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    Ivanita lomeli

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    This video is dumb she acts awkward

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    This is how you spell your name: Ivanita lomeli

  48. Bella adams vlogs

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  49. Cupid_LyLy

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    i think the girl already knew who you were or she searched you up XD She was too obvious XD

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    and your last name is lomeli

  51. hit girl

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    I think your name spells is Ivanita

  52. its jojo2begood

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    Same donut that u like 🍩 that’s the donut i like 🍩

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    Me doubling tapping thinking its tiktok *me realizing this is VIreporter not tiktok *

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    Ivanita lemile

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    It looked like they were hitting on you,at the first McDonald's