Giving People The iPhone 11 IF They Shave Their Head...


  1. Big Daddy

    Big Daddy2 phút trước

    I will shave my hair for the iPhone 11

  2. Ernesto Rivera

    Ernesto Rivera5 phút trước

    I have a 11 so nah

  3. Lolgamefabrizio 9

    Lolgamefabrizio 9Giờ trước


  4. Nick Savage

    Nick SavageGiờ trước


  5. •ItzWolfiJ•

    •ItzWolfiJ•Giờ trước

    My hair grows fast but i still love it plus i am a girl

  6. Soccer - Skill Andrew

    Soccer - Skill AndrewGiờ trước


  7. Angelo Wilson

    Angelo WilsonGiờ trước

    I would do 20 dares for iPhone 11 and AirPods

  8. The insane family !!

    The insane family !!Giờ trước

    Still not undersandin this logic a im back and im better i want u bad as ever

  9. Edward Martinez

    Edward MartinezGiờ trước

    I will cuz I got the iPhone 6 lol

  10. dare bear

    dare bear2 giờ trước

    Black licrsh ok.

  11. Gamer123 Yt

    Gamer123 Yt2 giờ trước

    I would shave head for iphone 11

  12. Evan Johnson

    Evan Johnson2 giờ trước


  13. SKYPIERCE 34766639

    SKYPIERCE 347666392 giờ trước

    I would totally let you see my head one iPhone 11

  14. Tyanna Trotter

    Tyanna Trotter3 giờ trước

    Heck no

  15. Phtm Alex

    Phtm Alex3 giờ trước

    Black licorice fire y’all trippin

  16. SRS_faze Richards

    SRS_faze Richards3 giờ trước


  17. Nelly Amaya

    Nelly Amaya3 giờ trước

    The guy on 11:54 is cute random thought lol sorry

  18. Isabel Garcia

    Isabel Garcia3 giờ trước

    4:12 it say the country's

  19. Chineseaznboy Vlogs

    Chineseaznboy Vlogs3 giờ trước

    why will you do this to people dislike i hate this vid

  20. VUnknown

    VUnknown3 giờ trước

    i love your videos iam a big fan

  21. George Montes

    George Montes4 giờ trước

    I kinda like black licorice


    GABRIEL SABELLA5 giờ trước


  23. Dexter Brigg

    Dexter Brigg5 giờ trước

    I would

  24. Brittney Vandermeer

    Brittney Vandermeer5 giờ trước

    Not me my hair is my life

  25. CamBam InYoFace

    CamBam InYoFace5 giờ trước


  26. Walt ,

    Walt ,5 giờ trước

    Love it

  27. G money Nation

    G money Nation5 giờ trước

    Please do this video more i love you & you are very smart and i will let you my head to get an iPhone 11

  28. Bacon Noob games

    Bacon Noob games5 giờ trước


  29. Hasnat

    Hasnat6 giờ trước

    Guy he gave the yeezys to Nah I don’t have yeezys I have Adidas Me:🥴

  30. Tyler Hilderbrand

    Tyler Hilderbrand6 giờ trước


  31. It’s Ls Playz

    It’s Ls Playz6 giờ trước

    Siomon Cowell Is My Man! U Set One Hans On Him I Am Going To Be MAD!

  32. A rahman Amlak

    A rahman Amlak6 giờ trước

    I would

  33. Daniel Kirschman

    Daniel Kirschman7 giờ trước

    You could shave my head any day for an iPhone 11 I would even do it for an iPhone 8 my phone mike doesn’t work so I always have to call on speaker and it low key sucks lol

  34. Antonio DeMaio

    Antonio DeMaio7 giờ trước

    I like it

  35. jadecohorn

    jadecohorn9 giờ trước

    I hate i phones

  36. Halima Shah

    Halima Shah9 giờ trước

    i hate black liquerish


    C4 CREATIVE9 giờ trước

    Faze rug I'm 12 and your saying that v.card think you don't know kids also watch your video .🙈🙈👏👏👏😹😹..mama rug I have a complaint about faze ......

  38. Erik Moratin

    Erik Moratin10 giờ trước

    You should come to Delaware

  39. Mario Plays

    Mario Plays13 giờ trước

    9:40 when u try find ur fans

  40. Mig selv

    Mig selv13 giờ trước

    I wiil di it

  41. Devin Maddox

    Devin Maddox14 giờ trước

    I will

  42. Jayb33_4l1f3

    Jayb33_4l1f314 giờ trước


  43. Cameron Kennedy gaming

    Cameron Kennedy gaming15 giờ trước

    i wouldn’t because i have an 11 pro max

  44. MilliTalk Support Hi

    MilliTalk Support Hi16 giờ trước



    SOUR STRAPS18 giờ trước


  46. Kai Sell-Mitchell

    Kai Sell-Mitchell19 giờ trước

    I would even tho I love it so much but it grows back love ur vids

  47. Nizzy

    Nizzy19 giờ trước

    The dude that cut his hair off looks like faze blaze

  48. David Martinez

    David Martinez20 giờ trước

    18.04 “yea maybe I’ll shave my pubes with it “

  49. MILq

    MILq20 giờ trước

    Good video rug keep it up

  50. DnG Asta

    DnG Asta21 giờ trước

    This video is funny af

  51. Anna Lou

    Anna Lou22 giờ trước


  52. Blur Guap

    Blur Guap23 giờ trước

    15:22 is when they start to get someone to shave it

  53. Glymph

    Glymph23 giờ trước

    Gamora : did u do it? Thanos: yes Gamora: What did it cost? Thanos: my hair...

  54. Ernesto Aguilar

    Ernesto AguilarNgày trước

    I would let you shave my head for a new phone

  55. Riftz

    RiftzNgày trước

    justein bebier Really

  56. Isaiah Pryor

    Isaiah PryorNgày trước

    I would let Rug shave my head for an iPhone 11, but he would have to shave the whole thing.

  57. Davidson Willson

    Davidson WillsonNgày trước

    Me nigga

  58. Gabrielle Monica

    Gabrielle MonicaNgày trước

    I wish I had a I phone I only have a iPhone 6 everyone in my school have I phone 10s and 11s

  59. Funny Clips

    Funny ClipsNgày trước

    I love black li

  60. Sarah Frierdich

    Sarah FrierdichNgày trước

    I love blacklikerihs