1. Kristina Reed

    Kristina Reed2 giờ trước

    Oh my god be my best friend thooooooo. I also just went on a solo trip recently because I have no fucking friends and I feel like we'd really get along and fuck shit up together. Like, doubt you'd ever see this but let's hangout one day. I'm a lonely outcast weirdo too bro so this could totally work. Spontaneous terrible dance party on the beach let's GOOOOO I feel like that would be good and fresh :3

  2. Siana Reynolds

    Siana Reynolds3 giờ trước

    I’ve never tasted humus ( idk how to spell it ) and also I’m a picky eater so idk if I would like it

  3. Abir

    Abir3 giờ trước

    I made a peanut butter banana smoothie before and it was the worst thing I’ve ever created


    ALPHA ASHLEY153 giờ trước

    For anyone watching this late did you notice when she was doing the room tour and she showed the bathroom the toilet seat was up and when she was in the car she only showed her seat and not the other seat. I think she was with Ethan

  5. melany montes

    melany montes11 giờ trước

    13:13 LMAOOO

  6. XxgachaL_alh C:

    XxgachaL_alh C:12 giờ trước

    I feel so bad for u sister

  7. Nicola Collins

    Nicola Collins12 giờ trước

    when emma literally wasted all of her money

  8. Sangita Gajbe

    Sangita Gajbe13 giờ trước

    Watch the road BABY!!!!!!

  9. Ciara

    Ciara14 giờ trước

    I’m antisocial alittle and even I’m not that lonely…yeah guys 🥴

  10. kayla Hastings

    kayla Hastings16 giờ trước

    So were not gonna talk about her sweatshirt 😂

  11. Kaylena Vo

    Kaylena Vo16 giờ trước

    Nobody: Emma: “iM gOiNg tO lagOoNa”

  12. BTS Fan

    BTS Fan17 giờ trước

    I would love to go to a hotel by myself

  13. kurt cobain

    kurt cobain17 giờ trước

    alllll byyyy myyyssseeelllfffff

  14. Yoo Jeongyeon unnie

    Yoo Jeongyeon unnie18 giờ trước

    Emma is the cutest Edit:like if its true

  15. leronarndo/meh the best wolfy in the world

    leronarndo/meh the best wolfy in the world19 giờ trước

    Im loney because it summer.

  16. Saquila Syko

    Saquila Syko19 giờ trước

    I feel like such a loser😩 21 and i'm never do anything or go anywhere by myself bc i'm too afraid to do that lol😂😅

  17. TheWeirdPerson MSP

    TheWeirdPerson MSP21 giờ trước

    omg you're such a mood 😂❤️ 17:11 and 13:08 like honestly i love your videos 💗

  18. Debra Wilson

    Debra Wilson22 giờ trước

    emma please take more breaks. you deserve them. we love you and promise a vacation won’t effect how much we love you. never put your mental health or personal life on hold for our entertainment. ❤️.

  19. Debra Wilson

    Debra Wilson22 giờ trước

    3:31 mood

  20. Paige hauler

    Paige hauler22 giờ trước

    Emma something is really wrong with me and I know that!

  21. Paige hauler

    Paige hauler22 giờ trước

    I would so watch a movie in the hot tub

  22. melisa isikman

    melisa isikman22 giờ trước

    No one: Every car in the entire world at Emma: *HONK*

  23. gawkins

    gawkinsNgày trước

    7:25 look behind Emma and just stare at the car... it was behind her for a really long time..

  24. Steven Teixeira’s life

    Steven Teixeira’s lifeNgày trước

    *Gets honked at three times*

  25. Steven Teixeira’s life

    Steven Teixeira’s lifeNgày trước

    Miss Chamberlain, so professional

  26. Evangeline Waterfield

    Evangeline WaterfieldNgày trước

    This is one of my favourite videos of hers, she’s just really relatable! 👌

  27. KhaleyBeanzz

    KhaleyBeanzzNgày trước

    its currently 3:31 am

  28. Codie Wagers

    Codie WagersNgày trước

    Why was Emma’s mom the funniest part lol

  29. EditwStyle -A

    EditwStyle -ANgày trước

    Emma is lonely BUT she is so rich to do those things and I’M BROKE. I can’t relate:/

  30. I have Memes for breakfast

    I have Memes for breakfastNgày trước

    My mom went on vacation alone multiple times and enjoyed it....meanwhile I can’t get into a pool alone because everybody is gonna think I’m a fucking loner and A weirdo...so I’m just thinking how my mom did that.

  31. Malak Eltom

    Malak EltomNgày trước

    Imagine, being 17 and owning a Mercedes suv

  32. elisabeth holland

    elisabeth hollandNgày trước

    i just want to be friends with you.

  33. elisabeth holland

    elisabeth hollandNgày trước

    i just wanna be friends with you.

  34. Hannah Reid

    Hannah ReidNgày trước

    when u went in the hot tub i was fr creasing looool

  35. Eric Juarez

    Eric JuarezNgày trước

    Trail mix gummy’s anddddddd cashews are LITERALLY my fav.

  36. Elena Reimer

    Elena ReimerNgày trước

    This makes me feel so fucked up!

  37. Pamela Barnes

    Pamela BarnesNgày trước

    Emma - learn to be the kind of person who is not lonely when you are by yourself. Enjoy it. AND BTW, you are never alone because you have your camera and your followers.

  38. Kat • M

    Kat • MNgày trước

    *Emma’s coffee makes me want her coffee even though I’m drinking coffee already.*

  39. Cam Cordell

    Cam CordellNgày trước

    When I get my license and etc I wanna go in a trip alone

  40. vita well

    vita wellNgày trước


  41. Ice Cream

    Ice CreamNgày trước

    this video was the funniest of them all lmfao

  42. Maddie Luce

    Maddie LuceNgày trước

    No sister squad SINCE WHEN

  43. lil Slippy

    lil SlippyNgày trước

    Im middle eastern Its impossible to not like humus

  44. unknown

    unknownNgày trước


  45. unknown

    unknownNgày trước


  46. Buddha Bopp Bopp

    Buddha Bopp Bopp2 ngày trước

    16:28 peaceful music then I'M SO FUCKING EXCITED

  47. Lambutty

    Lambutty2 ngày trước

    Its awesome ur so happy about gettin a facial

  48. Persia Nazar

    Persia Nazar2 ngày trước

    oh my god I LIVE IN LAGUNA BEACH

  49. Junshook Girl

    Junshook Girl2 ngày trước

    I wonder how many times Emma got honked at 😂😂😂

  50. Brøøklyn Jønes

    Brøøklyn Jønes2 ngày trước

    Love how she says fuck in every sentance

  51. Brøøklyn Jønes

    Brøøklyn Jønes2 ngày trước