1. official Björk fan club

    official Björk fan clubNgày trước

    She hit that james Charles runway walk at 0:19 😳😳😍😍💀👌🏻👌🏻

  2. Julie Anna

    Julie Anna3 ngày trước

    its more fun not funner!!!!!!!!! Emma, I'm disappointed

  3. insane skilzzz 200

    insane skilzzz 2003 ngày trước

    No one: Literally no one: Not one soul: Emma gets honked at 4 times

  4. مدير كبير!

    مدير كبير!3 ngày trước

    First video I've ever watch for you 😍

  5. Siggy idk idc

    Siggy idk idc5 ngày trước

    you shouldn't be lonely. you should have a boyfriend. that loves you. and you could. btw. if you wanted.

  6. Alyssa Freeman

    Alyssa Freeman5 ngày trước

    I just don’t get how when she does absolutely nothing it’s still entertaining

  7. Nicole S

    Nicole S5 ngày trước

    I stayed at that hotel lmao

  8. Mary Claire Feimster

    Mary Claire Feimster6 ngày trước

    Emma getting paranoid whenever ANYONE honks is the most relatable thing I’ve ever seen

  9. olivia rose

    olivia rose6 ngày trước

    ur mom is gonna buy u a puppy like to activate ⬇️

  10. Sentoria Potato

    Sentoria Potato4 giờ trước

    *activated* time est. 4 years ago

  11. Shannon Clements

    Shannon Clements6 ngày trước

    @emmachamberlain Truthfully I prefer a Jacuzzi.

  12. Shannon Clements

    Shannon Clements6 ngày trước

    @emmachamberlain That tub is bigger than the ones I'm used to. The ines I get I cram into with my knees stitcking up out the water. To rinse off I gott turn over & go down onto my elbows with my feet dangling in the air. Then I'm like fuck it. Just stand up & shower the soap off me. 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  13. Alex Heath

    Alex Heath6 ngày trước

    Oh my God I just paused and saw her shirt

  14. Kaťule

    Kaťule8 ngày trước

    some car in Ethiopia: honked emma: *oMg* *was* *that* *on* *me?!*

  15. Taylor Rose

    Taylor Rose10 ngày trước

    “Those are my sthings... my stuff that I brought” THE WAY SHE SAID THAT HAHA

  16. Valesca Cortez

    Valesca Cortez10 ngày trước

    Go to Las Vegas with the sister squad again

  17. itz_meh _Alex

    itz_meh _Alex10 ngày trước

    If u said that this video is boring.......why the fuck does it have 9 million views? I mean bitch im not complaining

  18. ATOMICO Χατζηφωτιου

    ATOMICO Χατζηφωτιου10 ngày trước

    Emma being sad and lonely for 19 minutes and 2 seconds straight is me every day😂😂😂

  19. Coco Content

    Coco Content11 ngày trước

    Emma really loves facials

  20. jessica dot com

    jessica dot com12 ngày trước

    gummy bears suck love that

  21. Alyssa Leilani

    Alyssa Leilani12 ngày trước

    im so sad i was there jun 27 ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  22. Alyssa Leilani

    Alyssa Leilani12 ngày trước


  23. Kyla Briggs

    Kyla Briggs13 ngày trước

    16:37 "sabra gives u all ur daily nutrients.. Like 0 grams of trans fat and OH MY GOD CHOLESTEROL

  24. VineetTheGamer555

    VineetTheGamer55513 ngày trước

    Emma= Says self this many times ⬇️. Then she shares this with all of us... 🙄... Me= Huh?

  25. Isabel McNeill

    Isabel McNeill13 ngày trước

    at 7:20 I thought Emma was about to crash

  26. Anna Xiang Jensen

    Anna Xiang Jensen13 ngày trước

    Emma being in a hot tub alone with a party in the background. Is a fucking mood.

  27. Lennia 2601

    Lennia 260113 ngày trước

    Woah okay that’s so weird I‘m 14 and drink alcohol (well not much) but i‘m germany it’s legal with 16 hahahah but no one cares 😂

  28. Brandon Sanders

    Brandon Sanders14 ngày trước

    The dreaded hair bun☹️🥔

  29. Brandon Sanders

    Brandon Sanders14 ngày trước

    The dreaded hair bun☹️🥔

  30. Emily Ruth

    Emily Ruth15 ngày trước

    Emma’s mom is the best

  31. Michael Lopez

    Michael Lopez15 ngày trước

    What is the tune at 6:36?

  32. Mr.Drizzleofthehizzle

    Mr.Drizzleofthehizzle15 ngày trước

    this video gave me depression, thank you very much

  33. Holly Fraser

    Holly Fraser16 ngày trước

    I fucking broke my phone...😩😐😬

  34. Arafat Hossain

    Arafat Hossain16 ngày trước

    I am 12.

  35. maryammm

    maryammm17 ngày trước

    go to dubai the shopping malls close at 12 at night some shops close at 11

  36. Our Life

    Our Life17 ngày trước

    Unpopular opinion I fucking love peanut mnms

  37. Mad Hatterette

    Mad Hatterette17 ngày trước

    Check out my youtube account, I just posted my first video, and I'd appreciate some support

  38. Ebony Flores

    Ebony Flores19 ngày trước

    This is how many times she got honked at 👇🏼

  39. jenna lotus

    jenna lotus19 ngày trước

    “You think your life is hard. I’m a highschool junior wearing size 13 Nike’s. men’s size 13 Nike’s. beat that” Emma- I’m by myself in Laguna beach and have nothing to do

  40. Gah May Ho

    Gah May Ho20 ngày trước

    She kinda reminds me of that balloon from spongebob 🤔

  41. Mohammad Saeed Mughal

    Mohammad Saeed Mughal20 ngày trước

    1 girl chilling in the hot tube all by herself cuz she’s a loner

  42. Audrey Daigre

    Audrey Daigre21 ngày trước

    What hotel is this ?

  43. Sophie Ward

    Sophie Ward22 ngày trước

    This is how many people lovveee you everyone subscribe 🌷!!!

  44. Sophie Ward

    Sophie Ward22 ngày trước


  45. Tia Johnston

    Tia Johnston23 ngày trước

    Imagine having to be 21 to drink

  46. Sweet Corn

    Sweet Corn23 ngày trước

    👍🏿 creativity at it's finest

  47. Hailey Demartino

    Hailey Demartino25 ngày trước


  48. Serena Ally

    Serena Ally25 ngày trước

    Hey I’ve been to Laguna beach a couple times! Lots of vegan options there, and I go there to surf so it’s fun even if I’m alone 😂 good video!

  49. Chloe Haudenschild

    Chloe Haudenschild26 ngày trước

    you should do 24 hours without drinking coffee

  50. Aurora D

    Aurora D27 ngày trước


  51. Cookie Universe

    Cookie Universe27 ngày trước

    if u do this aging u should knock on doors and run away do it with the sister squad that would be a good vid

  52. Emma ksksdkksjdksjdkskskdksksjd

    Emma ksksdkksjdksjdkskskdksksjd28 ngày trước

    I would've joined emma

  53. Vivian Provo

    Vivian Provo28 ngày trước

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. im allergic to peas and sesame so i cant eat humus

  54. Jenna Fryar

    Jenna Fryar28 ngày trước

    Does she realize she is getting honked at because she’s famous not bc she did anything wrong 🤷‍♀️

  55. savageskiing ee-tee-wee-tee

    savageskiing ee-tee-wee-tee29 ngày trước

    Erm Emma, HOM-OS, not HUM-US okay. I am Lebanese, I know how to pronounce it.

  56. Caitlin

    CaitlinTháng trước

    14:27 I literally burst out laughing 😂😂😂😂and 16:34😂😂😂😂

  57. Caitlin

    CaitlinTháng trước

    Woah that hotel room is awesome!!

  58. Lau ra

    Lau raTháng trước

    nobody judges a person eating by him/herself. I just think they're independent enough.

  59. Noah Taube

    Noah TaubeTháng trước

    Ughhh I wish I could be friends with her. We have the same birthday, she loves hummus, and we both make jokes about our sadness and loneliness😂💜 Hell yeah brother.

  60. Caitlin

    CaitlinTháng trước

    Noah Taube weird flex but ok

  61. Lindsay van Schieveen

    Lindsay van SchieveenTháng trước

    im so sorry to say huis but you are pretty ungrateful because you are 18 you are going to a big ass hotel with roomsevice and all that stuff you know and saying you are fucking lonely this and that but like you could’ve relaxed in the hottop and not dit in there for not even 5 minutes and go back and do nothing and you could go like citys and stuff there are so mandy things to do by yourself and you are saying ugh this sucks and im fucking lonely… but okay

  62. xJqvian

    xJqvianTháng trước

    it hurt sometimes being lonely but a the same time u ok by yourself.

  63. Guilt tea sisterz

    Guilt tea sisterzTháng trước

    Who is here before the video gets demonetized