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Gorillaz - Tranz (Official Video)


  1. joaoesdra ribeirobraga

    joaoesdra ribeirobraga36 phút trước

    Show adoro esses caras

  2. the painter killer

    the painter killer2 giờ trước

    Okey....why is russel so ok and happy with Ace in the band

  3. Pau :v

    Pau :v2 giờ trước

    biutifuuulll :v

  4. তীর্থক fan page

    তীর্থক fan page5 giờ trước

    ⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘

  5. তীর্থক fan page

    তীর্থক fan page5 giờ trước

    I bet Buttercup will now really have a thing for Ace!

  6. Евгений Зю

    Евгений Зю6 giờ trước

    На нас 30-летних песня, ёптыть.

  7. Broly Elon

    Broly Elon6 giờ trước

    Russel is TOOOOO happy..... Stoned?🤣

  8. Tee Luv

    Tee Luv8 giờ trước

    2-D looks so irritated playing the piano. Maybe he doesn't like Ace

  9. Кот Мордор

    Кот Мордор10 giờ trước

    Бля тот кто заменил рассела похож на фейса когда у него ещё волосы были


    1 SUBSCRIBER CHALLENGE11 giờ trước

    Can you please stop asking me questions 2d

  11. mangamostr

    mangamostr11 giờ trước

    2d finaly got that eye sugery murdoc got that face sugery

  12. Mighty Guy

    Mighty Guy17 giờ trước

    Defiantly ace look at the decal on the guitar

  13. They Call Me C4

    They Call Me C418 giờ trước

    ok still is no one gonna talk about how this took so many hours, work, and love

  14. Arth3r L33

    Arth3r L3319 giờ trước

    2:29 Nobody: Me when I here a new gorillaz song is out:

  15. Oscar Urrutia

    Oscar Urrutia20 giờ trước

    Osea 2d tiene ojos blancos o negros

  16. Cecilia Vallejos

    Cecilia Vallejos23 giờ trước

    Is the best song

  17. Ricky Sweet

    Ricky Sweet23 giờ trước

    I just figured out that their on drugs. I just thought that the creators were.

  18. joaquin gomez

    joaquin gomezNgày trước

    What happened with old gorillaz, was better

  19. SarQa Games

    SarQa GamesNgày trước

    I wonder where Noodle is staring

  20. madison knight\ Decayed knight.

    madison knight\ Decayed knight.Ngày trước

    I miss 2-ds black eyes



    just bla

  22. Jazmin Alderete

    Jazmin AldereteNgày trước

    M justo

  23. JP Truth

    JP TruthNgày trước

    I thought Ace was murdock with a new hairstyle lol. Noodle grew up into a hottie lol. 2-D dressed like Cousin Eddie from National Lampoons vacation.

  24. Heavy Weapons Guy

    Heavy Weapons GuyNgày trước

    Who is that guy with black shades and in that unusual get up

  25. Egg White Popcorn

    Egg White PopcornNgày trước

    _sponsered by don't hug me, I'm scared_

  26. 丸井

    丸井Ngày trước


  27. Бабкевич Андрей

    Бабкевич АндрейNgày trước

    Producer: what king of drugs did you take? 2-d: yes

  28. CHiMEiD050

    CHiMEiD050Ngày trước

    I think they became the opposites of their personalities.

  29. _NukePlay _

    _NukePlay _Ngày trước

    1:50 Казалось бы, при чём тут Россия?🤔

  30. angery boi

    angery boiNgày trước

    Me when I overdosed once

  31. Leo Craft

    Leo CraftNgày trước

    What happend to noodle did she leave?

  32. Out_Of_Order

    Out_Of_OrderNgày trước

    2Ds legs are higher then my grades. Now thats got to be telling me somthing

  33. Obtuse Wolf

    Obtuse Wolf2 ngày trước

    1: Noodle is BLOND 2: Murdock is a hecking goblin 3: 2D is part flashlight

  34. Obtuse Wolf

    Obtuse Wolf2 ngày trước

    Don’t hug me I’m scared material right there at the end

  35. berdugo12

    berdugo122 ngày trước

    Why 2D have white eyes?

  36. :3 x3 :3 x3 :3 x3 :3

    :3 x3 :3 x3 :3 x3 :32 ngày trước


  37. Nicholas King

    Nicholas King2 ngày trước

    What is wrong with you guys

  38. Cassable •

    Cassable •2 ngày trước

    That piano sounds like club penguin .

  39. Eugene Skripkin

    Eugene Skripkin2 ngày trước


  40. mmdfreak 1410

    mmdfreak 14102 ngày trước

    i wonder if murdoc is just sitting there like "that's my band!!"

  41. Ксения Агафонова

    Ксения Агафонова2 ngày trước

    Гориллаз стареют .....

  42. Killer Neimos

    Killer Neimos2 ngày trước

    Gorillaz wondeful music

  43. AppleCider

    AppleCider2 ngày trước

    2:48 and then 2d gave up on life...

  44. The bester

    The bester2 ngày trước

    Too much drugs man I knew I shouldn't overtake

  45. Explosion Boy

    Explosion Boy2 ngày trước

    Those weren't regular brownies huh?

  46. jhon alexander cordoba lamprea

    jhon alexander cordoba lamprea2 ngày trước

    And Murdoc?

  47. mother russia 2

    mother russia 22 ngày trước

    i think the camera toke lsd

  48. Nick C.

    Nick C.2 ngày trước

    0:56 when you discover an icecream box in the freezer 1:06 but it had beans inside

  49. Ashly Velasquez

    Ashly Velasquez2 ngày trước

    Q pedo con el hair de noodles

  50. Izza sanchez

    Izza sanchez2 ngày trước

    I want the old noodle and murdoc 🙃

  51. BoLe511

    BoLe5112 ngày trước

    Noodle is hot. Hot as fire.

  52. luskinha play

    luskinha play2 ngày trước

    br ?

  53. JFT :D

    JFT :D2 ngày trước


  54. sans alcool

    sans alcool3 ngày trước

    -LYR. Oscillate yourself tonight When you're in your bed Assimilate the dopamine Passing through your head When you get back on a Saturday night And your head is caving in Do you look like me, do you feel like me Do you turn into your effigy? Do you dance like this? Forever See yourself with cupid's flame Chipped in your head Pay them a cake, the satellites Passing by the edge When you get back on a Saturday night And your head is caving in Do you look like me, do you feel like me Do you turn into your effigy? Do you dance like this? Forever Do…

  55. Abby Way Or Shay

    Abby Way Or Shay3 ngày trước

    We need some 2019 hits from the fam bois!

  56. CIP

    CIP3 ngày trước

    aahh. so this is what acid feels like.

  57. Steven A

    Steven A3 ngày trước

    1:07 free water guyZ

  58. Emilio Muñoz Rojas

    Emilio Muñoz Rojas3 ngày trước

    powercum girls boi there palyin the saxofoun beach wiling peutron dick boi boi oib bio iob voi blow my deck 2:30

  59. michael gomez

    michael gomez3 ngày trước

    For some unknown reason I think of Friday the 13th

  60. xX Lone Lobo Xx

    xX Lone Lobo Xx3 ngày trước

    Every single one of these Gorillaz music videos are like the visual representation of an acid trip and it’s awesome.

  61. They Call Me C4

    They Call Me C43 ngày trước

    i still don't get how this band is British lol , oh wait i forgot.....

  62. They Call Me C4

    They Call Me C43 ngày trước

    who keeps giving me a like? everytime i comment

  63. dahitmann

    dahitmann3 ngày trước

    Ace looks so happy. But I'd be too if I was rocking out with the coolest animated band and NOT getting kicked around by a bunch of girls spouting awful memes and _twerking_.

  64. Lexi

    Lexi3 ngày trước

    Now I see why Buttercup had a crush on Ace 😉



    Uni yea

  66. Savana Brakefield

    Savana Brakefield3 ngày trước

    I miss Ace.

  67. Skippy

    Skippy3 ngày trước

    Gorrilaz but on acid

  68. Anna Zaburnyagina

    Anna Zaburnyagina3 ngày trước

    Я русская 😂❤❤

  69. Drex Hargreaves

    Drex Hargreaves3 ngày trước

    2d that was not weed

  70. Leo Craft

    Leo Craft3 ngày trước

    I like the part at the end when 2D get flexible and goes at the floor

  71. JDM • IS • LIFE

    JDM • IS • LIFE3 ngày trước

    I like how 2D is 40 and I don't know it...

  72. Pcwiz

    Pcwiz3 ngày trước

    I dont remember who introduced me into Gorillaz but goddamn it Im glad I listened to them.

  73. Friccnoodles

    Friccnoodles3 ngày trước

    This video is the equivalent to acif

  74. Friccnoodles

    Friccnoodles3 ngày trước

    I got high It was epic

  75. The Ice Virus

    The Ice Virus3 ngày trước

    1:06 when the sleeping powder stops working

  76. Xarcht

    Xarcht3 ngày trước

    Who is the red headed lady? Not Noodles!

  77. noodle z

    noodle z3 ngày trước

    It’s Noodle.


    THE CATCH & THE RELEASE3 ngày trước

    2d looks so much happier without Murdoch but I can't believe they added a power puff girls character to the band 😂

  79. Aaron Swanson

    Aaron Swanson3 ngày trước

    I'm getting the 60s vibe

  80. constance

    constance4 ngày trước

    they were on some hard shit when producing this

  81. Cäłł Mê Käÿ

    Cäłł Mê Käÿ4 ngày trước

    Y’all Russel and 2d are much more happier since Murdoc was imprisoned 💀

  82. 2 - D

    2 - D4 ngày trước

    Russel Is freaking me out

  83. Leon Watkins

    Leon Watkins4 ngày trước


  84. Jeremy Smith

    Jeremy Smith4 ngày trước

    What the hell did you put in these brownies

  85. Local Mike

    Local Mike4 ngày trước

    I am reminded once again why I love this band. Its truly unique👍

  86. sadtimes_chr

    sadtimes_chr4 ngày trước

    2D has nice shoes.

  87. That1SnowGirl

    That1SnowGirl4 ngày trước

    The whole time I was listening I wondered, "what are they on?"

  88. Gabe. Cagle UNDERGROUNDZ

    Gabe. Cagle UNDERGROUNDZ4 ngày trước

    Im pretty sure 2d just shoved sketchers in his eyes

  89. mother Russia

    mother Russia4 ngày trước

    Odd but good

  90. That1SnowGirl

    That1SnowGirl4 ngày trước

    2:48 2d has left the chat

  91. That1SnowGirl

    That1SnowGirl4 ngày trước

    Producers: what effects do you want? Gorillaz: drugs Producers: umm excuse m- Gorillaz: yes

  92. Siphy

    Siphy4 ngày trước

    I will always love that a fucking powerpuff villain joined the Gorillaz band

  93. Tori Chagnon

    Tori Chagnon4 ngày trước

    Where us murdoc? °•°

  94. Tori Chagnon

    Tori Chagnon2 ngày trước


  95. noodle z

    noodle z3 ngày trước

    He was in Prison, but hes back

  96. Hank Wimbleton

    Hank Wimbleton4 ngày trước


  97. Rosie Clarke

    Rosie Clarke4 ngày trước

    Trans rights babey

  98. Princess Peachy

    Princess Peachy4 ngày trước

    Ace is having a grand old time, I must say

  99. Izzu D

    Izzu D4 ngày trước

    Noodle looks *Fine*

  100. Δreamer

    Δreamer4 ngày trước

    Is Murdoc really dead or in prison? im confused Edit: thanks for the answers

  101. noodle z

    noodle z3 ngày trước

    Yup, he was in prison. And like @Aj Jauqson said, he’s back

  102. Aj Jauqson

    Aj Jauqson4 ngày trước

    Δreamer he was in prison. He’s back now though.

  103. Даниил

    Даниил4 ngày trước

    Ah my epilepsy. That I just got out of the blue!!

  104. Shawn Lorenz Lucero

    Shawn Lorenz Lucero4 ngày trước

    This is cool ya know

  105. claudio caro

    claudio caro4 ngày trước

    free murdoc

  106. King STAZE

    King STAZE4 ngày trước

    What happens in my head in class and after cramming 25 metric tons of LSD down my throat.