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Gorillaz - Tranz (Official Video)


  1. Gloomy Tunes

    Gloomy TunesGiờ trước

    gorillaz becomes an anime

  2. Periguine

    PeriguineGiờ trước

    is that the fuckin green nigga from ppg?? gang green guy or whatever the fuck edit: HOLY SHIT IT IS

  3. Korosy Тян

    Korosy ТянGiờ trước

    Что за пиздец происходит?

  4. Smert Turt

    Smert TurtGiờ trước


  5. Tramaine Terrance

    Tramaine TerranceGiờ trước

    Hello, Humans. I walk this Earth alone. I'm constantly surrounded by humans, but never connected with them. Aside from trivial shit, I'm unable to connect with these creatures. The fire burns my soul, to increase my rage and strength. Nothing can ever ever stop a real fire or the rage that burns within. Pain calms my mind. As my blood drips on the ground, I stare at my on dead body on the ground. TERRANCE OUT

  6. tk. theresaa

    tk. theresaaGiờ trước

    I’ve listened to this so many times I can watch the video without the sound and know all the beats, words, and cues

  7. VictoriaAnimate's

    VictoriaAnimate'sGiờ trước

    I want merdoc back!!!!!


    ROBODUDEGiờ trước

    when did 2d's eyes go white?

  9. Matthew Cioffi

    Matthew CioffiGiờ trước

    Noodle looks different.

  10. Princessquaqua18

    Princessquaqua182 giờ trước


  11. Massix LH

    Massix LH2 giờ trước


  12. Akuryo

    Akuryo2 giờ trước

    I find myself weirdly attracted to Ace. I don't know if it's the way he's dressed or the way he sways to the beat..

  13. Filvamos 12

    Filvamos 122 giờ trước

    :v como cuando apenas conoces a gorrillas y no sabes casi nada de la historia y no saves que DIABLOS HACE UN VILLANO DE LAS CHICAS SUPERPODEROSAS HAY

  14. Nestor Monzon

    Nestor Monzon2 giờ trước

    1:29 que es eso!!!! Pobre murdoc

  15. CeroneGames Go

    CeroneGames Go2 giờ trước


  16. Nastia Kossiak

    Nastia Kossiak2 giờ trước

    Love this part 0:54

  17. Shark Man

    Shark Man2 giờ trước

    Why are 2-d's eyes white are they not black

  18. John Ogle

    John Ogle2 giờ trước

    2-D has fucking one of his front teeth back man gorrilaz has changed

  19. annyi le mo bu

    annyi le mo bu2 giờ trước

    I see many people here thinking y is is about trans gender people or transformation... Maybe... But the real meaning is drugs. Most like love taken as a drug. That's why the verse "cupid's slave" its a concept....

  20. Lucas Chananeco

    Lucas Chananeco2 giờ trước

    sou o único brasileiro:(

  21. John Ogle

    John Ogle2 giờ trước

    they did drugs for this video

  22. José Di Lorenzo

    José Di Lorenzo2 giờ trước

    Una mejor que la otra ✌️😎

  23. Đəmønîç

    Đəmønîç2 giờ trước

    estan re duros los personajes XD

  24. John Ogle

    John Ogle2 giờ trước

    wait do we have another cyborg on our hands cyborg 2-D

  25. Mogwai Cowabunga

    Mogwai Cowabunga2 giờ trước

    I'm sad because Ace is not in the band anymore because the asshole is back

  26. Meme Bean

    Meme Bean2 giờ trước

    Ace and Russel are havin a great time

  27. bruno! CoderCh!

    bruno! CoderCh!2 giờ trước

    Lee Hardcastle xD

  28. Mike Engelberg

    Mike Engelberg2 giờ trước

    noodles has grown up.. hentai time

  29. jamo90

    jamo902 giờ trước

    So what happened to murdoc?

  30. AkuBaku

    AkuBaku2 giờ trước

    Complete! !

  31. John Ogle

    John Ogle2 giờ trước

    why do i want to go play bioshock now anyone else no just me

  32. John Ogle

    John Ogle2 giờ trước


  33. Bushy Bush

    Bushy Bush2 giờ trước

    *Thicc eyebrows*

  34. John Ogle

    John Ogle2 giờ trước

    fukin oct16 is my birthday

  35. RhythmGrizz

    RhythmGrizz2 giờ trước

    not in love with it. Feels weak.

  36. yume tea

    yume tea2 giờ trước

    Poor noodle :(

  37. Jason lps TV

    Jason lps TV2 giờ trước

    Which one is ? Caravan Palace or Gorillaz? Gorillaz for sure but thats only my opinion lol

  38. Synyster Indra

    Synyster Indra2 giờ trước

    Anyone else noticing the other members acting odd with ace there instead of murdoc?

  39. kevin vega

    kevin vega3 giờ trước

    Regresa Murdoc :(


    PUDSIMA3 giờ trước

    02:04 2-D smoke cigarettes right now, wow, he is super high. ;-;

  41. franklin Gaston

    franklin Gaston3 giờ trước

    What a good song.I missed the classic Gorillaz.

  42. Clustern xx

    Clustern xx3 giờ trước

    Why can't we just keep ace, huh

  43. KennEH

    KennEH3 giờ trước

    What happened to Murdoc? Midlife crisis?

  44. pale ore hunter27

    pale ore hunter273 giờ trước

    murdoc has won. oh no!

  45. Breatheable

    Breatheable3 giờ trước

    I LOVE THIS!!!

  46. cesia ruiz

    cesia ruiz3 giờ trước

    Q verga q paso con murdoc

  47. cesia ruiz

    cesia ruiz2 giờ trước

    Ya gracias

  48. Kevin Mejia

    Kevin Mejia3 giờ trước

    Estaba en la cárcel, y pusieron a Ace en reemplazo mientras lograban sacarlo por escape, revisa la red social de ellos ahí está la historia

  49. John Morse

    John Morse3 giờ trước

    What people see when they are high

  50. DeeGay

    DeeGay3 giờ trước

    Wait, 2D has one of his two front teeth back?

  51. Jay Kay

    Jay Kay3 giờ trước

    Forever 80s ❤

  52. David Sanches

    David Sanches3 giờ trước

    Es la peor canción del mundo quien quiere ver esta porquería 😠😠😠

  53. RhuiPH

    RhuiPH3 giờ trước

    Why's it like i already heard it before? And its very nostalgic.

  54. Daziryx

    Daziryx3 giờ trước

    This reminds me to Randy Cunningham

  55. eripmav

    eripmav3 giờ trước

    Who else is in love with noodle

  56. eripmav

    eripmav3 giờ trước

    +Jonathan Castro im druunk so i love her.

  57. Jonathan Castro

    Jonathan Castro3 giờ trước

    She is kind of death in this video

  58. Jonathan Castro

    Jonathan Castro3 giờ trước

    eripmav idk

  59. Captain Kefler

    Captain Kefler3 giờ trước

    I love how much fun Rustle is having while Noodle looks miserable.

  60. Harold

    Harold3 giờ trước


  61. Captain Kefler

    Captain Kefler3 giờ trước

    Nice seeing Ace doing some honest work.

  62. chicken lover 95

    chicken lover 953 giờ trước

    murdocs back motherfuckers

  63. YURIKO TIGER ユリコタイガー

    YURIKO TIGER ユリコタイガー3 giờ trước

    Absolutely fantastic!! I love the new style of Noodle

  64. Jano el sabelotodo

    Jano el sabelotodo4 giờ trước

    0:55 este soy yo cuando paso de año sin reprobar ni una matería

  65. Jano el sabelotodo

    Jano el sabelotodo2 giờ trước

    when alguien te contesta un comentario y sigues escribiendo para seguir hablando but nadie responde:c

  66. Jano el sabelotodo

    Jano el sabelotodo3 giờ trước

    0:55 When para tu cumpleaños te dan la playstation 4

  67. Jonathan Joseph

    Jonathan Joseph4 giờ trước

    Me: *Looking at memes till 3 am* *My girl wakes up and sees memes on my phone* Her : "OH my God how long are you going to look at memes!?" Me : 0:57

  68. Jonathan Castro

    Jonathan Castro3 giờ trước

    Jonathan Joseph FOREVER

  69. Eduardo perez

    Eduardo perez4 giờ trước

    Los mejores.

  70. Jano el sabelotodo

    Jano el sabelotodo4 giờ trước

    0:55 When repruebas el año but tu jefesita no te pega con la chancla

  71. Александр Правый

    Александр Правый4 giờ trước

    Какая то хуетень по моему

  72. Payton Cady

    Payton Cady4 giờ trước

    The piano in 2x at 1:00 holy

  73. Foil767

    Foil7674 giờ trước

    Lyrics for the hungry Oscillate yourself tonight when you're in your bed Assimilate the dopamine passing through your head When you get back on a Saturday night And the room is caving in Do you look like me? Do you feel like me? Do you turn into your effigy? Do you dance like this? Forever See yourself in Cupid's lake Chipped in your head Do you indicate to the satellites Passing by the edge? When you get back on a Saturday night And the room is caving in Do you look like me? Do you feel like me? Do you turn into your effigy? Do you dance like this? Forever Do you dance like this? Forever Do you look like me? Do you burn like me? Do you look like me? Do you burn like me? Do you look like me? Do you burn like me? Do you turn into your effigy? Do you dance like this? Forever Do you dance like this? Forever Do you dance? Do you dance? Do you dance? Do you dance?

  74. Mark Bowers

    Mark Bowers4 giờ trước

    Beat is good but wtf happened to Murdock

  75. Kevin Mejia

    Kevin MejiaGiờ trước

    Was replaced by Ace (from Powerpuff girls) while he scaped prison

  76. Jonathan Castro

    Jonathan Castro3 giờ trước

    Mark Bowers he was in prison

  77. Makayla The Grammatically Human

    Makayla The Grammatically Human4 giờ trước

    I write fanfiction to this

  78. Jonathan Castro

    Jonathan Castro3 giờ trước

    Makayla The Grammatically Human please dont do that

  79. SIR_person 11

    SIR_person 114 giờ trước

    Does this have an epilepsy thing or is it ok


    ΡĄΩĊĄĶĖ4 giờ trước

    I have it, but can still drive. It takes more for it to be triggered. As in, everyone's sensitivity varies. If railroad flashing lights don't bother you, then this possibly won't either.

  81. SIR_person 11

    SIR_person 114 giờ trước

    I honestly thought there was only one type of epilepsy


    ΡĄΩĊĄĶĖ4 giờ trước

    I guess it would depend on how sensitive one was that triggers their epilepsy. I'd be careful if it's bad enough that it makes you unable to drive.

  83. ARG

    ARG4 giờ trước

    Jewish Murdoch

  84. Paradox Asma

    Paradox Asma4 giờ trước

    Wow enother top piece of music from them fav after clint east and feel good.

  85. GageMedia

    GageMedia4 giờ trước

    Ace plays a mean bass. they need to keep him on as at least backup bassist.

  86. Vannia Araneda

    Vannia Araneda4 giờ trước

    Me encanta gorillaz Besitos a todos😘😘😘😘

  87. Amanda Modesto

    Amanda Modesto4 giờ trước

    Que pedo y la morra?

  88. NaMeLess Elite

    NaMeLess Elite4 giờ trước

    This music is badass I love it anyone else ??

  89. Brandon William

    Brandon William4 giờ trước

    god they've gotten so bad


    ESTEVENY4 giờ trước

    2:05 ala bestia las drogas empezaron a ha ser efecto

  91. Jenni Valentine

    Jenni Valentine4 giờ trước

    ace > murdoc

  92. 13th protector

    13th protector4 giờ trước

    The sound is outstanding, the music is good.... but deep down the songs the Gorillaz have always put out have been fairly political. Back to their furthest point. Seems like being in the Now Now, they're willing to defend the folk in Hollywood and push an agenda of the Tranz. I'm for neither of these. Before they opposed the meaningless wars that dirtied the ideals across the world, they fought the plastic washed up on the beach.... but now, they push the message of those who wish to bend the world under their will. Listen and see what messages they push under the guise of the siren song.

  93. adalaza

    adalazaGiờ trước

    +13th protector Friend, that's quite the stretch. You're not the first to come to that conclusion, but 'tranz' is trance, not trans. But if that's what ruins Gorillaz for you, fine. Shame though.

  94. 13th protector

    13th protector2 giờ trước

    +adalaza trans agenda. The push for transgender, transhumanism, transracial, etc. The push against the natural normal people. Identity politics, the bane of our current society.

  95. adalaza

    adalaza3 giờ trước

    the trance agenda?

  96. trumsito el mejor presidentito

    trumsito el mejor presidentito4 giờ trước

    Gorillaz in drugs

  97. trumsito el mejor presidentito

    trumsito el mejor presidentito4 giờ trước

    0:55 2D becomes a lamp

  98. Brenda Marquez

    Brenda Marquez5 giờ trước

    2:15 2:16 when you eat only 3 of gummy medicine gummys

  99. Jesus Gallardo

    Jesus Gallardo5 giờ trước

    this sounds in the hills of México !! 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽 fuma marihuana perro!!

  100. KingofxFire

    KingofxFire5 giờ trước

    Im not fw gorillaz murdoc is back.

  101. Anthony Hernandez

    Anthony Hernandez5 giờ trước

    I love this style they went for in this song, what is this retro-ish style called?

  102. Oskar RC

    Oskar RC5 giờ trước

    Russell looks so happy to be there

  103. eripmav

    eripmav5 giờ trước

    Im drunks

  104. Evan A

    Evan A5 giờ trước

    Wow they still make music

  105. Rodrigo Barria

    Rodrigo Barria5 giờ trước

    Alguie que hable español?

  106. Guarionex Batista

    Guarionex Batista5 giờ trước


  107. HorizonofOsiris

    HorizonofOsiris5 giờ trước

    This is the gorillaz I fucking want

  108. Jack Vaughn

    Jack Vaughn5 giờ trước

    Noodles new hair? And Wait Ace is leaving?

  109. Ryo Asuka

    Ryo Asuka5 giờ trước

    another awesome song of GORILLAZ

  110. Michael Dornelas

    Michael Dornelas5 giờ trước


  111. bastian arcos

    bastian arcos5 giờ trước

    No la paró de escuchar

  112. Nathan Bezerra

    Nathan Bezerra5 giờ trước


  113. Black Rose

    Black Rose5 giờ trước

    1:05 that one finger tho 😂

  114. Gabriela Gabi1234

    Gabriela Gabi12345 giờ trước

    Hey 2D are u gay? 1:51 haha comedy😐

  115. Guarionex Batista

    Guarionex Batista5 giờ trước


  116. Louis Zamora

    Louis Zamora5 giờ trước

    I dont know i think i expect much more from the video

  117. Đức Minh Nguyễn

    Đức Minh Nguyễn5 giờ trước

    2D tripped and fell! Get it? Because this is trippy and he fell at the end! Uuh....guys! 😅

  118. draculasboy

    draculasboy5 giờ trước

    i haven't listened to any new gorillaz songs in years and haven't kept up with the lore so i have no idea what's going on with this band but the tunes are jammin so yanno

  119. draculasboy

    draculasboy5 giờ trước

    +Fonewearl Jones ahh yeah I just watched the humility video and the part at the end where his eyes change back...I see

  120. Fonewearl Jones

    Fonewearl Jones5 giờ trước

    +draculasboy that's what's being rumored

  121. draculasboy

    draculasboy5 giờ trước

    +Fonewearl Jones I saw about ace but I thought it might be deeper than that. is 2d possessed cuz his eyes are white instead of black now??

  122. Fonewearl Jones

    Fonewearl Jones5 giờ trước

    atm the main story is Murdoch is in jail and dude from power puff girls is taking his place for now and 2D is possibly possessed

  123. Shino

    Shino5 giờ trước

    does this add to the story/ lore of the gorillaz universe? does this mean they are doing drugs? come on ace, they weren't doing drugs before you came in bro.