'GoT' Director Defends 'Too Dark' Battle Of Winterfell Episode Against Complaints | PeopleTV

  • 30 Th04, 2019
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  1. Just me

    Just me9 ngày trước

    I adjusted my TV settings and nothing worked!! I literally fast forwarded to the bright scenes just to be able to watch something

  2. Daniel Jon

    Daniel Jon12 ngày trước

    Had to literally turn off all the lights and increase the brightness to 100%

  3. Ethan Micallef

    Ethan Micallef17 ngày trước

    I have yet to see a clip of that episode without noticing pixels more than facial expressions

  4. Steven Huynh

    Steven HuynhTháng trước

    Wtf lady

  5. Eliazar Valentine

    Eliazar ValentineTháng trước

    This will not happen if they shot it on a Sony A7S II That camera can see in the dark yo!

  6. Black Mormon

    Black MormonTháng trước

    Adjust my TV settings? So it's my fault? Blaming the victim Fabian. I guess we shouldn't talk back you you might smack us right? We had it coming. It's our fault?

  7. Zylice Liddell

    Zylice LiddellTháng trước

    She didn’t know that you could change the TVs’ settings. 🤦‍♀️

  8. Moto New York

    Moto New YorkTháng trước

    *it was dark and that why it’s good. Gave a very realistic feeling of being in that battle and difficulty to see some places, just like the people in that movie. Great experience and decision by Director. Why make another battle scene that we already saw a thousand times.*

  9. Lidia Alonso Santos

    Lidia Alonso SantosTháng trước

    I agree with you. I didn't have any problems watching it, I didn't even think about it. I was so anxious watching the fights, not being sure about who was winning or losing; I enjoyed that feeling, I do believe it was intentional and if it was, I loved it.

  10. Andrew Pollock

    Andrew PollockTháng trước

    Just because it looked right on whatever device the cinematographer watched it does not mean he did his job right. He should have tested it by watching an HBO compressed version and brightened it up to compensate. This is akin to producing a driverless car that doesn't drive safely and blaming it on the roads. Luckily the results aren't as life threatening.

  11. StuntmanFab

    StuntmanFabTháng trước

    i know it was too dark because i watched it.

  12. Ирелледракс

    ИрелледраксTháng trước

    The only problem was not in "too dark" but in the senseless defending strategy. You dont need to be Sun tzu to see there was "something wrong" and that is what destroyed faith in the leaders of the living. There are no words to describe how bad and stupid these castle defenders were shown by the creator. I'll just leave some links of an example how this battle should be played with full realism: vireporter.net/v/video-EA5mJRFaI8c.html or vireporter.net/v/video-jY2jAnV5Fa4.html

  13. Eddie Mack

    Eddie MackTháng trước

    That a boy, just as I figured, you defend a 55 night time filming that no one can see. Don't give us credit knowing that it was at night, we know that, and personally, a little light on the set would just sit fine with me. Waited around 8 years for this and I saw nothing.

  14. Marc Stevens

    Marc StevensTháng trước

    I'm so tired of these guys blaming their mistakes on everything but themselves.

  15. Ross Martinez III

    Ross Martinez IIITháng trước

    It wasn't even that it was too dark. It's that the writing was _too lazy._ For YEARS all we've heard is how the Knight King is the true enemy. How the long night could be the end of man. How the army of the dead was unstoppable. Then: the army of the dead was stopped in hours. The Night King was killed by a tween. And, now Cerci Lannister is the "true enemy." What? The battle of Winterfell, should have been two episodes of non-stop battle. Paced but, non-stop. And the death of the Night King should have been a concentrated attack by Arya, the last dragon and men--all at once. Not that: one-at-a-time few seconds in the spotlight everyone got. His death was f'ing cheap and lazy.

  16. vaibhav

    vaibhavTháng trước

    I watched it on my Galaxy s9 with full brightness because it was way too dark on my Tv

  17. JCO2002

    JCO2002Tháng trước

    I didn't stream it. I dl'd a 4 GB copy with bittorent, watched it with VLC on a good Dell HD monitor, and to see anything had to crank the brightness and contrast ridiculously high. And then it was just murky and washed out. What were they thinking?! The big battle everyone's been waiting for, and then it looks like crap? SMH

  18. Daz Mayes

    Daz MayesTháng trước

    Too dark m8 simple as.

  19. Marc JustMarc

    Marc JustMarcTháng trước

    oh yeah, compression and pixelation is also notorious for causing extreme quick cuts, shaky cam, and bad shot composition. everyone knows that. duh!

  20. rk 4391

    rk 4391Tháng trước

    Fans' complaint is not that the episode was dark and full of terrors. Fans' complaint is that the episode was dark and full of errors.

  21. Kabr D1

    Kabr D1Tháng trước

    Bruh yall tripping, this episode was awesome af. Ppl complaining about the way the NK died but I think people are forgetting aryan was beat while blind folded for a whole season, of course she could kill him without much struggle like almost any other character. #2 If John had a 1 on 1 with the NK the fight would have been 20 seconds MAX lol if you wanna be realistic, dont forget he is among the best swords man if not THEY best. A 1v1 would also be impossible to be uninterrupted as well because of the amount of whites there were. Not many characters died you say? THESE ARE THE BEST fighters and most experienced you can find. Especially 30lb idiots that cant take a single hit with valarian steel or dragon glass and realistically it would be highly unlikely for them to actually die if they are in a defendable position and don't get overwhelmed. This episode was great but all these bandwagoners riding the dicks of the minority who didn't like the episode smh

  22. Jupiter Z

    Jupiter ZTháng trước

    shit lighting for a shit story

  23. Senovio Rodriguez

    Senovio RodriguezTháng trước

    I blame the Night King... and winter came... so... okay, wth...

  24. Cisco Leon

    Cisco LeonTháng trước

    I watched it with my eyes closed. Same results.

  25. Michael Fowler

    Michael FowlerTháng trước

    It streamed just fine for me and wasn't too dark. My goodness, no one can ever be satisfied...

  26. Padma Lakshmi

    Padma LakshmiTháng trước

    Stupid has the raw files ask him to send the bright version

  27. Reo Taylor

    Reo TaylorTháng trước

    People complain about anything.

  28. The NIONX

    The NIONXTháng trước

    My TV adjusted just fine.

  29. Carlos Meza

    Carlos MezaTháng trước

    There was literally no lights on in the living room and it was already dark outside. You cannot see anything... Just was able to see the ending...

  30. Genre Online

    Genre OnlineTháng trước

    She did not know the TV settings could be adjusted?

  31. sharron roe

    sharron roeTháng trước

    I watched in a dark room & tried to adjust tv settings. COMPLETELY USELESS. I was watching a black screen with occasional pieces of firelit dark clothing. I had no idea who was on screen or WTF was happening. Totally pointless. I get the idea of aesthetic, & going for giving the message of "the world without Light" & "Endless Night", but that's a beat. You show it & then move on to ALLOW your VIEWERS to ACTUALLY SEE. IT IS A VISUAL PLATFORM. If YOUR AUDIENCE CAN'T SEE ANYTHING...WHAT'S THE POINT OF SHOOTING IT?!!! They didn't even have decent dialogue to carry the darkness. I truly had NO IDEA what was going on. My internet was just fine, & it was on my huge screen TV. Waste of time.

  32. KiTT FOXXE

    KiTT FOXXETháng trước


  33. Cincin 07

    Cincin 07Tháng trước

    So many people bootleg the show HBO thought they might as well just show it as a bootleg

  34. Josh Miller

    Josh MillerTháng trước

    Are these 2 talking actually getting paid? Hope you never have to operate a DVD player.lol

  35. Mr. Natural

    Mr. NaturalTháng trước

    The crap lighting is just a metaphor for the crap storyline for the battle. Not a single white walker fought! Not a single major character outside of Jorah and Theon (who both should have died in previous season). The feared Dothraki who Denaerys has been dragging along since season 1 and who finally made the trek across the narrow sea all got wiped out in 15 seconds! Ghost, who we haven’t seen for like 2 full seasons, likely died with the Dothraki (I really hope he comes back). The battle plan was crap, and we only saw a single giant! This was supposed to be the battle of all battles! We’ve been waiting for this since the first 5 minutes of episode 1 of the entire show! Idk, hope the rest of the season is better, but this was a huge disappointment


    WORKOUT MADNESSTháng trước

    These two are dumb as hell.

  37. Bell Ringer

    Bell RingerTháng trước

    A failed artistic statement . It happens .

  38. Refried BeanDip

    Refried BeanDipTháng trước

    It was garbage.

  39. Ed

    EdTháng trước

    There were high tech safety wires that could not be hidden if it was any brighter.

  40. Coretta Hattereaux

    Coretta HattereauxTháng trước

    I’m glad I didn’t pay hbo fees for this dusky mess. I can just stare at a black wall and know as much as everyone who watched it

  41. Gardening in Gnome town

    Gardening in Gnome townTháng trước

    Boycott the freedom hating traitors in Hollywood now!

  42. Brittney Kashiwa

    Brittney KashiwaTháng trước

    Yea this guy is full of crap . I was in the darkest room . How does this chick not know you can adjust your TV holy shit, how have you survived up till this point lol. Geez.

  43. james owan

    james owanTháng trước

    Defend all you want, it was to dark period.....

  44. C C

    C CTháng trước


  45. Mard STARK

    Mard STARKTháng trước

    @C C actually! I set my Tv for better bright screen and it fuckin worked! And really I've no complain for darkness of that ep! But of script writing!

  46. C C

    C CTháng trước

    Dr Ft - by all means. Insert a stupid cliché comment that literally is irrelevant as this wasn’t an opinion but fact. The episode was too damn dark.

  47. Dr Ft

    Dr FtTháng trước

    opinions are like butt holes. everyone has one and they all smell.

  48. RS

    RSTháng trước

    That will be time when we will see Blank screen for half an hour show ........They will say it was intentionally dark So No One will Able to see Except Director....

  49. Nahtual Fekar

    Nahtual FekarTháng trước

    I dont watch game of thrones Just not my thing also im not catching up to season 9 thousand any time soon nor do i feel like it

  50. Acac

    AcacTháng trước

    So dark it may as well have been an audio book

  51. sharron roe

    sharron roeTháng trước

    An audiobook would have been better

  52. tommy audio

    tommy audioTháng trước

    the entire damn series has been too dark. why is it suddenly a thing. it's like....their brand 🤣

  53. Josh Miller

    Josh MillerTháng trước

    Don't commit too much for entertainment. The shows are all fake anyway.

  54. Fintan

    FintanTháng trước

    Yeah "the long night" should have been set at dawn.... Great input...

  55. Jam Tart

    Jam TartTháng trước

    The whole episode was too dark but to complain here where no one views anyway has wasted my time

  56. C C

    C CTháng trước

    Overpriced 65 inch 4K ultra hdtv, adjusted brightness and still couldn’t see anything but blurry images with a now white castover due to the excess brightness turned all the way up. I’m sure it was a great episode, I just wish I was able to see it.

  57. pretend amnesia

    pretend amnesiaTháng trước

    You did it to save money and because it was cheap. You compromised your art so OWN IT BABY.

  58. tkegal

    tkegalTháng trước

    It was too dark. I could barely see anything. And I was watching with all the lights off and I still couldn't see anything!

  59. CakeBoi

    CakeBoiTháng trước

    You goin blind

  60. Dan Ogier

    Dan OgierTháng trước

    I think people are missing the point... it was meant to be dark. It was a battle at night in the middle of a winter storm. What were people expecting? Electric street lamps every where?

  61. KyOs 84

    KyOs 84Tháng trước

    Excuses...watched in my living room lights off. Hate to say it this episode kinda sucked. 11 weeks for this? Shame, shame, shame. I don't have some cheap 300 dollar tv, and I do know how to change the settings and I don't stream.

  62. Dark Wizard

    Dark WizardTháng trước

    I didn't have problem watching it despite the dark scenery. Of course watching it in dark room is recommendable but this is not the case. The truth is than only a few scenes are hard to follow and specifically those after the initial charge of the undead. But the reason is not only the darkness but the fast pacing of camera shots. Actually this happens in many battle scenes from TV shows and epic-fantasy movies where the initial contact of belligerents is depicted with fast pacing scenes. From the moment the undead climbed the walls of Winterfell all scenes were clear. Fast but clear. The fire was illuminating the rest of the scenes. You could see who was attacking each undead on the crenels and inside the castle yard. You could see most of the character-centered fights such as the attack of the giant and Lyanna's death, Jorah and Theon's last stands, Jon Snow solo inside the castle corridors, Arya's solo and the assistance she got from Hound and Beric. All these scenes were clear through an expected dark environment. It would be unrealistic to expect more lighting to a fight during a dark, snowy and foggy night. All in all, it was a great episode with many epic and emotional moments, combining successfully elements of epic fantasy, action, drama and claustrophobic survival horror. The music was also exciting and intensified the suspense and drama the right moments. For me this episode has changed TV-series history with that richness of good elements along with a few more GOT episodes.

  63. Stephen Devane

    Stephen DevaneTháng trước

    It was still to dark and unviewable in may scenes in a completely dark room

  64. Tomas Palacios

    Tomas PalaciosTháng trước

    ok... these journalists.... no the best fitting to talk about the subject. Pretty halfwit comments from them. To get a girl who doesn't even knows how to calibrate the tv color to talk about cinematographic intentions... "not too bright" for me.

  65. Monster Mash

    Monster MashTháng trước

    you didnt know you coudl adjust your tv settings... are you fuckign serious? you vapid bitch

  66. Severian Wintermute

    Severian WintermuteTháng trước

    I watched it on my LG OLED with my gamma up ar 2.2 and it still looked way too dark. It's compression yes. But I watched it on cable right off fucking HBO. I'm sure it will look lovely on 4k....but then aint no one buying this shitty season.

  67. Kevin Squibben

    Kevin SquibbenTháng trước

    I couldn't really tell what was going on...

  68. w5monkey

    w5monkeyTháng trước

    RR isn't writing and it showed.. the stupid "little girl defeats the giant" is so cliche the story was in the Bible 2000 years ago... No new ideas since then?! Otherwise... loved it.

  69. campos3452

    campos3452Tháng trước

    That’s some sweet HDR 😂

  70. Darrion Mickles

    Darrion MicklesTháng trước

    This is news, over a to dark screen . Wow!

  71. everything is nothing

    everything is nothingTháng trước

    Absolute Piss Weak Episode.. If it was too dark then you downloaded a 360p torrent? Try 720 next week...

  72. Stephen Simon

    Stephen SimonTháng trước

    You didn't know you could adjust your TV Settings?! LMAO

  73. C C

    C CTháng trước

    Stephen Simon - that didn’t help, genius. Obviously.

  74. Ana

    AnaTháng trước

    The episode was epic...go away naysayers....you're like an annoying fly...go watch friends and blog about that

  75. Ana

    AnaTháng trước

    I loved that character too, but I'm sure you'll say "pooh she was soooooo gray and she screamed soooooo loud when The Mountain climbed her slopes, gosh, I wish the director would turn on some lights...in the dungeon."

  76. Severian Wintermute

    Severian WintermuteTháng trước

    Shame! Shame! Shame!

  77. Judd Austin

    Judd AustinTháng trước

    it was too dark. the biggest problem for me was my set didn't know what to do with the color palete, deciding to show blobs and looking washed out in some scenes, like I was watching at too great an angle. I could have fixed that by adjusting but thats going down a rabbit hole, plaus it works fine on every other UHD show I watch.

  78. Killcycle

    KillcycleTháng trước

    The darkness weren't the problem it was the motion blur with all the fast paced scenes put together making it hard to look at. But regardless of that, in my opinion they ruined this show, having the NK die like that with no twists or plots.. After 7 seasons of hype, I honestly thought he was gonna exchange words with bran and there was a Deeping meaning to being the 3 eyed raven. But apparently not 🤦‍♂️

  79. StMarc77

    StMarc77Tháng trước

    Most action scenes were shot with a fast shutter speed (90° angle instead of the traditional 180° angle, 23.98 fps), so there was no motion blur, maybe your tv tried to make up for it ?

  80. Steven Bills

    Steven BillsTháng trước

    There's still three episodes left

  81. snafujag100

    snafujag100Tháng trước

    Ridiculous, I was reduced to standing 12” from the screen, trying to decipher what was happening by the audio and the moving shadows.

  82. Samarr

    SamarrTháng trước

    People who can't afford amoled panel phone

  83. Vishnu Alcyone

    Vishnu AlcyoneTháng trước


  84. Tomas Palacios

    Tomas PalaciosTháng trước

    yeap.... and the got her to comment about a cinematographic rhetorical resource.

  85. B M

    B MTháng trước

    Get a better TV....

  86. wyaldkingdom

    wyaldkingdomTháng trước

    The argument that it's your TV makes no sense. Every other episode of this show was fine as far as brightness. Every other movie or TV show I watch is fine. All of a sudden with this one episode my TV is wrong. Yeah right, GTFOH. You messed up for whatever reason, just admit it and move on.

  87. C C

    C CTháng trước

    wyaldkingdom - right. His ego and pride won’t let him admit he ruined one of the most important episodes of the final season.

  88. john hunst

    john hunstTháng trước

    Season 8 sucks. Episode 3 was a tragedy. Ruined the whole show. Plot , intelligence, and light just wasnt in the budget. Here's a idea. Scrap the rest of the season. Fire these directors. Hire much better ones. No not Ryan Johnson. Re do all the work. Give these fake directors the bill. Due to it being there fault of ruining the show. Run the new season in 2 more years when you get it right. Interested in this show since it came out and boom lost me here. The shows over for me . Season 8 was just trash.

  89. Platinum Paunch

    Platinum PaunchTháng trước

    I'd rather hear a defense of the shitty writing.

  90. C.S Shrike

    C.S ShrikeTháng trước

    It was so dark, they might as well be using Lego props

  91. bigboy786

    bigboy786Tháng trước

    Ppl struggle to flip a switch... get an eye test

  92. EYEoftheneedle

    EYEoftheneedleTháng trước

    I had to adjust the actual video file brightness because I couldn’t see anything.

  93. fj73 crusier

    fj73 crusierTháng trước

    dark to save money on cgi cost

  94. Captain Spaulding

    Captain SpauldingTháng trước

    I'm blind,and it looked fine to me!

  95. President Donald J Trump

    President Donald J TrumpTháng trước

    Watch Helm's Deep. I can see it even in the middle of the day.

  96. Dark Wizard

    Dark WizardTháng trước

    @Tomas Palacios I agree. The night was too "blue" in Helm's Deep, obviously to satisfy the viewers.

  97. Tomas Palacios

    Tomas PalaciosTháng trước

    ok... that scene is ...a bit to washed out - honest. Should be a bit darker.

  98. djjlc

    djjlcTháng trước

    The makers of the show are trying to focus on this issue so they don’t have to deal with the real fact that they no nothing about this world after 8 seasons!!

  99. Trent Wolodko

    Trent WolodkoTháng trước

    I watched this on a 130” screen in 4K HDR in a pitch black room. Compression my ass. It was too dark.

  100. Tushar Agarwal

    Tushar AgarwalTháng trước

    Cersei wasn't even that much of a threat, the creators messed up the whole 7 seasons build up by making this episode!

  101. J.J G

    J.J GTháng trước

    I couldn't see shit. How can we enjoy it if we couldnt see anything . N I have 4k ultra HD 70" TV. And adjusted tv setting..nothing...I had to rewatch it on my cell phone to actually see what's going on the damn show..

  102. Jack Lupino

    Jack LupinoTháng trước

    @Riter Winkler exactly !

  103. Riter Winkler

    Riter WinklerTháng trước

    J.J.G What does the size of your TV have to do with the color-contrast ?! And how shitty must your TV be, to not be able to change the color-tone ? Here is just a secret hint : You go to your TV-settings, you choose contrast or background-brightness and THERE you go. :) Jeez, some people arent even able to wipe their own ass......

  104. Ana

    AnaTháng trước

    I super enjoyed it and I have astigmatism, ergo, the "we" is not mua.

  105. B M

    B MTháng trước

    4K 65" Vizio and it looked great...my wife watched it earlier on her IPhone 10 and could not see anything....I think the streaming explanation makes sense...

  106. R MT

    R MTTháng trước

    Wtf Again f this show.

  107. Ogie Cruz

    Ogie CruzTháng trước

    Ok make the next episodes even more darker, alright ?!! So the fans will be even more furious

  108. Glenn Cordova

    Glenn CordovaTháng trước

    This episode may have been a good pod cast. Take their advice and listen to it in the dark. Ooh!

  109. Glenn Cordova

    Glenn CordovaTháng trước

    The emotional impact of this episode was annoyance, disappointment, anger and confusion. Most people don't have 4K and OLED TVs. I guess this episode wasn't meant for the average viewer.

  110. Alex Martinez

    Alex MartinezTháng trước

    The last thing about this episode that I care about it's the darkness. The real problem was the script. There should have been a better battle, for this, that was supposedly the greatest battle in the show.

  111. Ross Martinez III

    Ross Martinez IIITháng trước

    100% Death of the Night King was cheap and lazy. Period. They f'ed that completely up.

  112. sharron roe

    sharron roeTháng trước

    @Tomas Palacios I can't complain about content I couldn't see.

  113. Tomas Palacios

    Tomas PalaciosTháng trước

    Finally someone complaining about content and not picture. Alex, you are a good person, congrats for that. I don't think "it ruined the show" like some are saying around here, but it had its misses: some main characters should have died. Survival of Brienne, both Lanister brothers, all (remaining) Starks... was pushing it a bit too far, even being it a fantasy show. Not believable so many survived such raid. Hope they use next episodes to REALLY explain consequences of all that happened, and how not all came "okay-hooraaaay!". I'll be really pissed about the show if that is effectively the end of the night walkers forever - I'm still hoping its not.

  114. 420 420

    420 420Tháng trước

    who cares? its a fuckin tv show... smh

  115. Siana M-erson

    Siana M-ersonTháng trước

    Game of Thrones wants you to know your TV is shit.

  116. Alice Delgado

    Alice DelgadoTháng trước

    fuck you, Wagner. you were building up this battle to be bigger than Helm's Deep. Peter Jackson filmed at night for 2 months in a row, but we were able to see that battle just fine!

  117. Man O'Neal

    Man O'NealTháng trước

    I don't know. I have a pretty nice TV and it looked fine to me. But the story line was horrible and for that I am annoyed.

  118. Gray Frank

    Gray FrankTháng trước

    I know let’s not let them see the action

  119. Gray Frank

    Gray FrankTháng trước

    He’s totally right I saw dragon fire what else was shown ?🤣🤣🤣🤣they fucked it up so bad

  120. Q C

    Q CTháng trước

    What can a psychopath watched that on their phone?!

  121. Woosa X

    Woosa XTháng trước

    Can he defend 8 seasons of night king hype just for him to die in his first fight?

  122. Linda Mullin

    Linda MullinTháng trước

    he only filmed it, he's not a writer so that's not on him.

  123. CircularPrune

    CircularPruneTháng trước

    When isn’t got dark?

  124. PT

    PTTháng trước

    Idk how some of you watched is, but I have a 4k TV, had the lights off, and adjusted the settings... and it was still too pixelated. I heard something that HBO condensed the quality for broadcasting. Not that big of a deal really, just watch it again.