Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop - JonTron


  1. happy nightmare monster

    happy nightmare monster2 giờ trước

    At 8:58, jon looks so sad

  2. Nia Black

    Nia Black4 giờ trước

    I thought JonTron lost his touch for a moment but naw. He is back and I am back.

  3. SkateBoard_Kun OwO

    SkateBoard_Kun OwO10 giờ trước

    They had and I quote they had a "BULLETPROOF OXYGEN BAR"

  4. grape163electric

    grape163electric12 giờ trước


  5. May Baker

    May Baker12 giờ trước

    His face at 9:00 after he popped the ball

  6. Leonardo Silva

    Leonardo Silva12 giờ trước

    you are great dude, ahha you are great!

  7. [fąte] mstank13

    [fąte] mstank1313 giờ trước

    Why was there a bag of sugar where the guy dropped the light

  8. charlie wiechert

    charlie wiechert13 giờ trước

    all the big companies have 2 os in their names. oople microsooft, amazoon, poonhub...

  9. Confession Guy

    Confession Guy13 giờ trước

    1:50 wait is that Skyrim

  10. YouTube User

    YouTube User14 giờ trước

    пришел сюда от САШКИНСа

  11. Solomonthefool

    Solomonthefool14 giờ trước

    ever heard of HEINZZZZZZ

  12. Miguel Silva

    Miguel Silva14 giờ trước

    it 2am and im laughing rly hard... jon, u r the best new thing i have found on yt

  13. Trent Garrison

    Trent Garrison15 giờ trước

    Just gonna gloss over between the sheets huh Jon

  14. twiggie watson

    twiggie watson16 giờ trước

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  15. Kitten Bursworthy

    Kitten Bursworthy6 giờ trước

    So... a blogger?

  16. White knight

    White knight16 giờ trước

    how is 8:22 not a meme

  17. White knight

    White knight16 giờ trước

    why'd he put a third o in microsoft. microsooft im dead

  18. Lewis Edwards

    Lewis Edwards20 giờ trước

    Gwyneth Paltrow and GOOP is a scam, but oxygen bars are fricking amazing.

  19. ESP PupsnKits

    ESP PupsnKits15 giờ trước

    Lewis Edwards I’ve always been curious about that

  20. heckicus doomicus wizardus

    heckicus doomicus wizardus21 giờ trước


  21. QueenZiaBoss

    QueenZiaBoss23 giờ trước

    8:18 when you fail the vibe check

  22. Garry The Gopnik

    Garry The GopnikNgày trước

    me: *walks into goop health summit* Yall niggas selling big macs or do I gotta go down the street?

  23. Drago Freez

    Drago FreezNgày trước


  24. The Official Carson King YouTube Channel

    The Official Carson King YouTube ChannelNgày trước

    Now it’s called Fart club

  25. Ethan Campbell

    Ethan CampbellNgày trước

    Gwyneth Paltrow: Starred in the biggest film of 2019 and of all time Avengers: endgame Also Gwyneth Paltrow: Trying Goop glow was the most exciting day of 2019

  26. Matt Petty

    Matt PettyNgày trước

    That was a SLAMMIN' doom reference

  27. MR. GOONCH

    MR. GOONCH17 giờ trước

    Matt Petty don’t you mean a TEARIN’ doom reference?!

  28. Kosuke Katano

    Kosuke KatanoNgày trước

    Please make a video on Marie Kondo’s junk shop.

  29. goobee

    goobeeNgày trước

    linkara running in the crystal ball is the funniest shit

  30. Steven Oman

    Steven OmanNgày trước

    10:33 best

  31. Xavier Romero

    Xavier RomeroNgày trước

    3:31 “don’t curse”

  32. Xavier Romero

    Xavier RomeroNgày trước

    3:31 I wonder if he had a bad experience with trains

  33. Aaron Norman

    Aaron NormanNgày trước

    "Which is 600 DOLLARS BY THE WAY" *Pulls one out*

  34. A Jar of Nutella

    A Jar of NutellaNgày trước

    need i remind you this is the same ass woman who named her kid apple

  35. Axolotl

    AxolotlNgày trước

    How have I not watched this guy before now?? This is great

  36. Some Retard Named Steve

    Some Retard Named SteveNgày trước

    She said nothing that’s natural can hurt us. The Bubonic Plague was pretty natural and that killed a third of Europe.

  37. Blooky Stormblade

    Blooky StormbladeNgày trước

    Microsoft already had two O's in it

  38. Trash King

    Trash KingNgày trước

    vibe check

  39. TheGreatPurpleBlade

    TheGreatPurpleBladeNgày trước

    every minecraft ore is a ingredient

  40. Reydianno Augustave

    Reydianno AugustaveNgày trước


  41. Wartrix

    WartrixNgày trước

    Why am I getting ads for Oklahoma? I don't want to buy Oklahoma

  42. TaterThoughts

    TaterThoughtsNgày trước

    I’m honestly surprised he didn’t bring up the 24-karat gold dildo.

  43. Matthew Hodge

    Matthew HodgeNgày trước

    CallMeCarson, Ted Nivison, CScoop, jschlatt, Slimecicle, Jawsh, Altrive: ahaha let's name our company goop because we have an inside joke around the word literal multimillionaire scam artist and actress Gwyneth Paltrow: oh i dont think so buster

  44. BerlinWallNeverFall 1991

    BerlinWallNeverFall 1991Ngày trước

    Give me JonTrons vibes

  45. OG Kakarotto

    OG KakarottoNgày trước

    Oh jonny the body spheres to unblock all your poo poos so you dont look like a bloated fat bitch... i mean slighyly fluffy lady Im so goopy right now how about you? I wanna get so goopy with you jon

  46. OG Kakarotto

    OG KakarottoNgày trước

    Yo like at 5:20 you know CORDYCEPS is that ant fungus that takes over their bodies and kills em right from "The last of us" Gwyneth why doeth you wanteth us all tk be-eth ant zombiiiiiiiies!¿

  47. OG Kakarotto

    OG KakarottoNgày trước

    Jonny Tronathononian christmas special?¿

  48. Emperor Pizza

    Emperor Pizza2 ngày trước

    8:59 when the condom rips

  49. Ben Henderson

    Ben Henderson2 ngày trước

    8:09 *Vibe Check*

  50. Hamilton S.

    Hamilton S.2 ngày trước

    *C O S M I C H E A L T H*

  51. Dankster

    Dankster2 ngày trước

    Mr. Tron: There's a new entrepreneur in town Ad: *HI BILLY MAYS HERE!*

  52. gdlk

    gdlk2 ngày trước

    Thank you jontron, i'm now selling Positive Vibes stickers on ebay and have my first buyer. Jumpstarting business you know.

  53. Glorious Waifu 89

    Glorious Waifu 892 ngày trước


  54. Bear Bear Swag

    Bear Bear Swag2 ngày trước

    8:13 *vibe check*

  55. Amy Cooper

    Amy Cooper2 ngày trước

    White diamond be in the thumbnail

  56. Torin Andrews

    Torin Andrews2 ngày trước

    I don't think that ball can withstand a man child rolling on it

  57. Raylene Weston

    Raylene Weston2 ngày trước

    I only just now noticed that he used Skyrim music for reading the twitter quotes, lol.

  58. Cole Allen

    Cole Allen3 ngày trước

    After this video I hope Gwyneth explodes

  59. Cole Allen

    Cole Allen3 ngày trước

    1:50 Skyrim music❤️

  60. Ryan Penrod

    Ryan Penrod3 ngày trước

    That shot scrolling all the bad things was the best part. Your face!

  61. Gibbs Deus

    Gibbs Deus3 ngày trước

    Can we get a men version of this called poop?

  62. Gibbs Deus

    Gibbs Deus3 ngày trước

    Minus the cult and other random crap

  63. Ayush Kunbi

    Ayush Kunbi3 ngày trước

    i just thought he removed a drill machine(9:23)

  64. striderzer0

    striderzer03 ngày trước

    oh god she just took her initials, GP, and put two O's in it

  65. Alex Benson

    Alex Benson13 giờ trước

    Can't wait for Jon to open Joot!

  66. DickleRick -_-

    DickleRick -_-Ngày trước

    Gweneth Paltrow, oo!