1. MollieMae

    MollieMae13 giờ trước

    I love lexis laugh it is amazing

  2. Sabi mommy

    Sabi mommy15 giờ trước

    Thumbnail... EXPOSED Lexi has the same socks as Brent😂

  3. Lana

    Lana23 giờ trước

    I love this video

  4. 776 Gymnastics

    776 Gymnastics2 ngày trước


  5. Ruche Rossouw

    Ruche Rossouw2 ngày trước

    Like for how math times Lexi lavgh

  6. Fardosa Quorane

    Fardosa Quorane2 ngày trước


  7. Moon PlaysXx

    Moon PlaysXx3 ngày trước

    Just to say I ship Brent with lexi hensler

  8. Elizabeth Morrison

    Elizabeth Morrison4 ngày trước

    They need SOME wrk2

  9. Kali Halferty

    Kali Halferty6 ngày trước

    Ben was so funny

  10. It's Rachel

    It's Rachel9 ngày trước

    This is how Lexi lagged all the time

  11. ryleighs chanell

    ryleighs chanell9 ngày trước

    Ben and the cubes match

  12. Kacie Izuhara

    Kacie Izuhara10 ngày trước

    I used to go here! But then I move out of state.

  13. Freya Brown

    Freya Brown11 ngày trước

    I thought Nicollet should have been one of the demonstrators



    Wait Ben and Lexi got matching socks in the thumbnail Lexi has black and white socks like Ben #couplegoals HEHE

  15. 장미블랙 핑크

    장미블랙 핑크12 ngày trước

    If you see Ben at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo Japan doing gymnastics, you know why😂

  16. Madeline Bunyasaranand

    Madeline Bunyasaranand13 ngày trước

    You made them do the level 3 rourine??!!??!!

  17. Linda Troxel

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  18. Linda Troxel

    Linda Troxel13 ngày trước

    how was the warm-up I mean like Brian hey guys it's me Eric adame said staying here is my husband Brian Donley so today me and Brian are about to be doing a challenge that we call Never Have I Ever Had The Reason how this challenge works as somebody makes up a statement which is my cameraman and Bryce Damon who makes up a statement and we both have to answer the question by saying we have or we haven't so let's get started as kind of like Ben Ben and Brent Rivera's video and Lexi Rivera because they did a video similar to this and Caleb attended but Caleb Burton dead

  19. Linda Troxel

    Linda Troxel13 ngày trước

    it's crazy that is totally Fetch and crazy I am Staffing hi your name is Erica Donley I just graduated nice to meet you Miss Donnelly nice to meet you to Stefan Salvatore it's not Salvatore it's salad or my brother Damon he's my oldest brother that I had better than my dad I'm sorry for your dad dying and show and Paul Wesley how to make fan noise I don't have any fans I'm the first fan that ever walked up to you and asked you will you please take autograph it will be my pleasure to so I can get to know you a little bit better you have a boyfriend who married I'm married who who's the lucky guy who's Brian he's my fiance and he proposed to me September 20th Downton Abbey the movie comes out I need to go talk near me

  20. Crafty Sali

    Crafty Sali13 ngày trước

    I think that Ben looks like at shown mendes

  21. Xlr8 Gymnastics

    Xlr8 Gymnastics14 ngày trước

    What level did she get to? I’m a level 7 gymnast

  22. Malik Rockstars gaming lists

    Malik Rockstars gaming lists14 ngày trước

    I’m like nine years old and I can do it easily

  23. PinkyShoes 994

    PinkyShoes 99415 ngày trước

    Ben blended into the fome

  24. Yahya Kujabi

    Yahya Kujabi15 ngày trước

    i hate you

  25. Tajda Hvala

    Tajda Hvala15 ngày trước

    Lexi you're so amazing at gymnastics! I love you! ❤️❤️❤️

  26. nathan lane

    nathan lane15 ngày trước

    I love you guys I am suscribed

  27. Malia Gaming Girl

    Malia Gaming Girl15 ngày trước

    I know why lexi and the other girls know how to do gymnastics.........They are small and short. And skinny

  28. Taylor Worlds

    Taylor Worlds16 ngày trước

    This is the level 3 gymnastics floor routine

  29. ukti jawdekar

    ukti jawdekar16 ngày trước

    Brent is literally me all those who are like me like

  30. Fortnite Pro

    Fortnite Pro16 ngày trước

    This is how many times Lexi laughed

  31. Ardella Ovuede

    Ardella Ovuede17 ngày trước

    Can u do a room tour

  32. LivAndSophie

    LivAndSophie17 ngày trước

    Did you notice Brent in the thumbnail had lexis legs

  33. Zaira mudasser

    Zaira mudasser17 ngày trước

    At 5:41 pause did anyone else notice that Ben’s shirt matches exactly with the colour of the foam cubes?

  34. Annette Harrison

    Annette Harrison16 ngày trước

    Zaira mudasser yea

  35. Talia Awada

    Talia Awada17 ngày trước

    This is how many times Ben and Brent got hurt 👇🏼

  36. Modesta Castaneda

    Modesta Castaneda18 ngày trước

    On the Clip bate lexie sock

  37. John Barber

    John Barber18 ngày trước

    Lol Ben said oh oh instead on oh NO

  38. Patty Dotson

    Patty Dotson18 ngày trước

    I am a girl and i can't do a spleat without sreaming it is painful to me

  39. Albert Murry

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  40. Yumna Manzoor

    Yumna Manzoor18 ngày trước

    I literally laughed throughout the whole vdo....😂😂

  41. Andrea Anchieta

    Andrea Anchieta18 ngày trước

    Ha ha ha lol 😂😂😂😂

  42. AnnaLeigh Spencer

    AnnaLeigh Spencer18 ngày trước

    Brent is so cute 😍❤️

  43. Cenaida Ortiz

    Cenaida Ortiz19 ngày trước

    Did anyone one notice that instead of back handsprings they did back walkovers

  44. Crylophosaurus Lover

    Crylophosaurus Lover19 ngày trước

    Lol I’m a boy and I know how to do the splits and I’m not in anything

  45. Jeremiah Stellish

    Jeremiah Stellish19 ngày trước

    3:09 I laughed soooo hard! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  46. iLLmYx3d Is doodoo

    iLLmYx3d Is doodoo19 ngày trước

    ben did a Cong that a parkour move

  47. Maria 123

    Maria 12320 ngày trước

    Brent you suck

  48. nfaalau

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  49. cacti cato

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  50. Fashion pugs

    Fashion pugs20 ngày trước

    Your the best Lexi Brent is weird and Ben your Hallarios

  51. dragon bot

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  52. Makiya Glanton

    Makiya Glanton20 ngày trước

    Are you more flexible than him

  53. Princess Kalani Tube

    Princess Kalani Tube20 ngày trước

    i love is your voice can i be in one ☝️

  54. joy insigne

    joy insigne20 ngày trước

    Brent is so bad

  55. Julia Gallimore

    Julia Gallimore21 ngày trước

    ben how r u so good?!?!

  56. Phil Collard

    Phil Collard21 ngày trước

    You are so funny brett

  57. Luho Boutique

    Luho Boutique21 ngày trước

    Hi lexi

  58. brikleckn

    brikleckn21 ngày trước

    Ben looks like a guy I met when I went camping

  59. احمد

    احمد21 ngày trước

    علم السعوديه ليه ماهو موجود

  60. Daphne Miesmer

    Daphne Miesmer21 ngày trước

    Omg that was so dang hilarious I couldn’t stop laughing!🤣🤣🤣🤣 Don’t worry Brent and Ben you will get the hang of it someday 😁

  61. Chilling _selena

    Chilling _selena21 ngày trước

    10/10 boys you guys are amazing