HALLOWEEN Series Explained: The Complete History of Michael Myers


  1. Just call me daddy

    Just call me daddy2 giờ trước

    I'm ngl, Micheal Myers is a fucking stupid killer. There's nothing supernatural about this mf, but he can still get shot, blown up, and set on fire without dying? That's stupid as shit

  2. Darius Brooks

    Darius Brooks8 ngày trước

    Unpopular opinion: Season of the Witch is easily my favorite Halloween

  3. Not a Trap rapper

    Not a Trap rapper10 ngày trước

    This movie is why I hate horror movies. They never make the killer die. I get it you’re trying to milk the series but there’s a point where it’s just overdone. Typical bs of how someone in an explosion doesn’t die. He got shot in both eyes and still doesn’t die. He gets impaled but wait it wasn’t him. Shit gets really old.

  4. korey vortex

    korey vortex10 ngày trước

    The shape

  5. Maher Gamer303

    Maher Gamer30311 ngày trước

    He will died at movie no. 1000000000 😂😂😂😂

  6. Donn Tmv

    Donn Tmv11 ngày trước

    Imagine pissing laurie off and she says that she’s going to go get her big brother

  7. SONG

    SONG4 ngày trước

    Donn Tmv lmao 🤣 classic 😂

  8. Lorna Ginette Harrison

    Lorna Ginette Harrison13 ngày trước

    Don’t you just *HATE* it when "making an elaborate latte" conveniently makes you miss a *totally blatant murder* occurring right in full screen on a monitor in your peripheral vision, "Tyra"?!!

  9. Theresaman Behindyou

    Theresaman Behindyou14 ngày trước

    I didn’t know Haddonfield, Illinois was a fictional town, however I live right next to Haddonfiel, NJ & it’s a real town

  10. TheAangzoe

    TheAangzoe17 ngày trước

    Why can't he die?

  11. Montez Demarrco

    Montez Demarrco18 ngày trước

    So is he a actual human or no🤔

  12. vinceretnoctem -

    vinceretnoctem -21 ngày trước

    These movies are so fucking stupid

  13. MariSan88

    MariSan8822 ngày trước

    1. The Halloween movies are my absolute favorite series and my go-to movies to get the spooky season started every year. 2. When he said, "Rachel's friend" @ 11:09 my immediate thought was, "that skank wasn't Rachel's friend, she got what she deserved." Lol. Sorry but she was trash. 3. I'm genuinely enjoying binge watching these videos and I subscribed a few vids in. Keep up the awesome work. ❤

  14. Brandon Allison

    Brandon Allison23 ngày trước

    Poor blonde Michael

  15. Tapeworms Inmytummy

    Tapeworms Inmytummy24 ngày trước

    Okay, when it comes to halloween h20, they don't get rid of Jamie. Jamie still existed. Laurie changed her name to Keri after her death was faked. Bam

  16. GHOSTCC101

    GHOSTCC10125 ngày trước

    He wields a kitchen knife and he isn't a serial killer he is a immortal family killing no use crackhead on steriods

  17. GHOSTCC101

    GHOSTCC10125 ngày trước

    This guy know fuck all a butcher knive weilding killer

  18. GHOSTCC101

    GHOSTCC10125 ngày trước


  19. S0lstice

    S0lstice27 ngày trước

    Your little lines of humor interjected here and there are great

  20. Sandra Mariano

    Sandra Mariano29 ngày trước

    Sorry but I don't acknowledge any Halloween sequels after Jamie Lynn Curtis.

  21. Edward Espinoza

    Edward EspinozaTháng trước

    I think you guys should make the last movie in Thornton colorado I know we have lots of movie parts made out here but it would be better to have one for our town that's. My wish

  22. Fortnite man

    Fortnite manTháng trước

    Hes a immortal monster

  23. • 69 years ago

    • 69 years agoTháng trước

    Yo!! Nice shirt man! Love it ❤

  24. Mr. E 3103

    Mr. E 3103Tháng trước

    New timeline will be Halloween 1978, Halloween 2018, Halloween Kills, & Halloween Ends.

  25. MAGA Supporter

    MAGA SupporterTháng trước

    Hallow Part I has an excellent story. Thereafter is all insane murder - no story at all.

  26. Tierra R.

    Tierra R.Tháng trước

    I've never seen any of the Halloween movies and problaby never will but this was very ... informative and satisfying to watch. I get what commenters mean about his voice.

  27. William Cozart

    William CozartTháng trước

    Michael Myers pokes people in the face to death.

  28. Gears of War

    Gears of WarTháng trước

    There go's the hospital, might I add the Joker in The Dark Knight was the better way to get rid of a hospital.

  29. bre memes

    bre memesTháng trước

    6 times, he shoots him 6 times

  30. Donna Jean Smith

    Donna Jean SmithTháng trước

    It's a classic to me and my boys! Keith & Adam Smith my name is Donna Smith he's my all Hallows fav.

  31. Marshalsify

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  32. Marshalsify

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  33. Marshalsify

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  34. Cherise W

    Cherise WTháng trước

    Xzibitkilled Michael Everyone listen xzibitnow bich

  35. Cherise W

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  36. Mark Angelo Valdejueza

    Mark Angelo ValdejuezaTháng trước

    Prodcuer's Cut

  37. yeet Lol

    yeet LolTháng trước

    Damn michael was cute tho

  38. Zharia Neighbors

    Zharia NeighborsTháng trước

    So this video only confirms what I already knew, this series makes no damn sense 😐

  39. Jean Taylor

    Jean TaylorTháng trước

    Or maybe ur just stupid

  40. DJ Tech12zz

    DJ Tech12zzTháng trước

    That conversation that Dr Loomis and sheriff Braket had inside the Myers house at the midpoint of Halloween part 1 (1978) really shows off exactly how amazing the acting skills that Donald Pleasence brought to the table are. And especially the very last shot of part one when Dr Loomis realizes that Michael got up and Walked away. That expression on Donald Pleasence’s face says it all no words are needed.

  41. Wiktoria Jandura

    Wiktoria JanduraTháng trước


  42. Brandon Lira

    Brandon LiraTháng trước

    in order to keep the continuity, it would’ve been cool if the new halloween actually happened years after halloween 6 instead of completely wiping 2-6

  43. Mokki GO

    Mokki GOTháng trước

    Okaaaay so this is including a bunch of crap that doesn't matter. I just wanted to know what led to the most recent halloween