HALLOWEEN Series Explained: The Complete History of Michael Myers


  1. The Stovetop Ninja

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    Your shirt 😍

  2. fashi0nFREAK1

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    I love how the sequels start just denying the previous films. Like all of that stuff in the film before this one? Nope don’t worry about any of it cause in this one that never happened🤣

  3. Tony bubonic

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    Being that time probably works different in hell micheal had time to make a deal with the devil and resurrect as undead before hitting the ground. Which is why he was human in part 1 yet supernatural in the sequels.

  4. Zak Landman

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    Chefs knife not butcher knife similar knifes in appearance but different uses.

  5. I Wallaby I

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    "michael myers head gets ripped off" *only a minor inconvenience*

  6. The Lion Squad

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    Just unleash the entire swat force on him and get the scp foundation to keep his body locked up in case he's he comes back alive.

  7. Christopher Bell

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    Halloween 2018 was great I can't wait for the sequel. Nice video man.

  8. Hefty Alan

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    I had a lot of tests when younger as I empathised with villains more than heroes but case in point who doesn't want Michael Myers to win out in the end. Oh just me then :) At least they didn't send him into space. Also I might have dreamt this but seem to remember Paul Rudd started his career in Halloween.

  9. Aiden Frost

    Aiden Frost4 ngày trước

    Fun fact Halloween is connected to the Friday the 13 films its found out in the Friday the 13 game were Tommy Jarvis went to the same place Michael went to

  10. Aiden Frost

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    @CherryIsTrash I know but it's interesting to hear it

  11. CherryIsTrash

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    The game isn't canon.

  12. KillerCaitie

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    I just think teaching Michael to drive must have been the oddest thing.

  13. Sam Sharpie

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    _Damnet Lumos_

  14. Latino young boy David

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    When Paul Rudd/ ant man, could’ve went up Micheals ass😤

  15. shadow55409

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    From prodcuer’s cut

  16. Adah BombDon

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    Michael officially turns into beast mode in 4

  17. Adah BombDon

    Adah BombDon9 ngày trước

    That poor dude in Halloween 2 dressed as Michael. Always gets a good laugh lol just walking like why is everyone yelling...OH FUCK

  18. ARS

    ARS11 ngày trước

    I thought he just stole Judith’s gravestone not her body?

  19. Spitz

    Spitz9 ngày trước

    Yeah, it was her gravestone.

  20. Dutch Van Der Linde

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    9:00 First of all why would the dumbasses try saving him.

  21. nick givent

    nick givent12 ngày trước

    All the Halloween movies are fun. They're not all great, but they are all fun. I liked them all, some more than others, but I do like them all. Problem is, purists get pissy... Screw them. 4 is my favorite, I always found the first one a bit slow tbh. But all the movies are good. I'd go 4, original 1, new 1, zombie 1, original 2, 5, and maybe 6. The rest don't rate for me, I like them, but they are all the same at the end of my list. Lol. Anyway... 🙃 No one asked, but there is my opinion..

  22. R Honeytree

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    The biggest face reveal would be Michael of course

  23. 1 and a half nerds

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    How to defeat Micheal Myers Just surround your house with picket fences

  24. Troy Pollaris

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    Judith's body was unearthed???

  25. Christion Pulliam

    Christion Pulliam19 ngày trước

    Has anyone thought that maybe micheal actually is dead but he has some way of passing his Spirt to others like maybe micheal Myers isn’t a person maybe he’s a idea a philosophy maybe micheal is more then one person

  26. Martin Meers

    Martin Meers19 ngày trước

    A moment of silence for the loss of the great Benjamin Treymor. Bastard cop should be flayed and burned for killing such a great man.

  27. Ron S

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    I don't wanna be that guy, but that's a chef knife. Great vid as always. Been subscribed since 6 thousand subs. Keep it up. You and Dead Meat are the best bro

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    MTV ruined America

  29. Freeman Pennington

    Freeman Pennington21 ngày trước

    Actually Michael Myers doesn't use a butcher knife he uses a large chef's knife

  30. Tyler P.

    Tyler P.22 ngày trước

    I’m sorry did you just say he shot him S E V E N T I M E S

  31. Tonii Riverá

    Tonii Riverá22 ngày trước

    Loved it.

  32. Tarryl Benedetto

    Tarryl Benedetto23 ngày trước

    2:43 Michael stole his sister's gravestone, not her body. It appears later in the film.

  33. PuppetTrickz

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    Thank god im not a girl

  34. Duan Torruellas

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    Not this idiot the other Michael Myers.

  35. Manuel Garcia

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    That was the missing headstone, not the grave empty.

  36. ML Anderson

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    I had gadget parents. We had a RCA Video Disc Player in ‘82 for . Unit cost $500. Movie discs about $20, and Halloween 🎃 was my favorite.

  37. the Celtic Crone

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    The “Thorn” tattoo, is actually a Rune. It’s also known as Thurisaz and it means Brute Force. It can be Good or Evil, it all depends on the Person. Oh and Samhain is pronounced Sow-wen or Sow-vahn...depending on whether or not you’re Irish/Welsh or Scottish. In case you wanted to know. The other stuff....especially about the Druids is utter BS.

  38. Mass.Shadows

    Mass.ShadowsTháng trước

    The night He came home.

  39. Shania Mccoy

    Shania MccoyTháng trước

    Michael just doesn’t know when to bounce 😂

  40. Freddy Myers

    Freddy MyersTháng trước

    I'm in a big minority as a fan of the thorn storyline (I have a tattoo). But I'm not at all upset they abandoned it. As long as Michael Myers is killing, I'm watching.

  41. idontexist In this world

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    2.1k people like Jason too much

  42. Dec. gyrrl

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    I'm glad he "killed Annie and Linda. " Annie's whiney voice was "totally" annoying & Lynda, was totally silly. Totally😎😉🤓.

  43. Memest Memester

    Memest MemesterTháng trước

    He Takes judith's Tombstone Not Her Body

  44. Wilson

    WilsonTháng trước

    2:42 Michael didn’t exhume her body; he took her headstone which we later see in the 3rd act when Laurie discovers Annie dead upstairs. Good timeline and video though.

  45. Craig Jones

    Craig JonesTháng trước

    6 times, not 7. It was 7 in the beginning of H2, and that was only because of an editing error.

  46. gjh

    gjhTháng trước

    many people like mice and rats

  47. gjh

    gjhTháng trước

    laurie's doll is abaabelle

  48. HexagonBright

    HexagonBrightTháng trước

    Her body wasn't unearthed, Micheal Myers took The Grave Stone, you pointed out yourself that he put a Girls body by the Grave stone Dumb Ass ! 😦😄

  49. GeorgeCostanzaTheMovie2: TheGeorgeCostanza-ing

    GeorgeCostanzaTheMovie2: TheGeorgeCostanza-ingTháng trước

    I love Myers, he seems weirdly smart and subtle compared to the others

  50. D. Anthony Franco

    D. Anthony FrancoTháng trước

    It starts in 1963, NOT 1978! Duh!

  51. Craig Jones

    Craig JonesTháng trước

    He got so much wrong.

  52. Shucks

    ShucksTháng trước

    So he gets shot in both eyes? And not affected by it at all? I’ve never seen these dumbass movies and never will. Fucking stupid as hell

  53. Spitz

    Spitz9 ngày trước

    @Craig Jones *"but he was meant to be immortal in that movie"* WRONG. Michael was never supposed to be immortal. He was actually supposed to die at the end of H2.

  54. Craig Jones

    Craig JonesTháng trước

    Come on, there's worse things in Horror movies. Yes, he was shot in both eyes, but he was meant to be immortal in that movie, the second one. The first one is not so far-fetched. In fact, your statement "Stupid as Hell", could be said about almost every movie, because shit happens in movies that doesn't in real life, correct? I fucking love Halloween, and I am sure you love something too, lol.

  55. Javier Vargas

    Javier VargasTháng trước

    I Remember When I Was A Kid And Waited All Day For That Halloween Season Of The Witch To Come On And Michael Myers Wasn’t Even In It 😭

  56. Hastur King

    Hastur KingTháng trước

    Here is how I would do this series. Michael would die at the end of the first movie, and his little sister would end up taking up the mental, but she does not know its going on as her older brother's spirit, mainly his rage. Of course she is not fully possessed till she has a Child. Near the end of THAT movie she ends up taking her own life but sadly the rage of Michael flows into the baby. Of course during these movies we see snippets of a cult starting to form, starting with fan girls, and copy cat killers, and finally people claiming Michael is the face of god's wrath. In the next the baby, now grown up, in a sense Michael reincarnated, goes on a killing rampage when he once more returns home. Of course he runs into a cult, who some how knew this was the day of his return. The cult finding the last husk of Michael and eating it, feeling his power course into their very souls. Then they took many of their numbers and drained them of blood, placing the bags among the many at a blood bank. Of course Michael reacts to the cultists as he would react to any one, killing them as if they were nothing. Of course this ends with Michael being killed once more as he was after the doctor from the first movie. But upon his death an event happens in which three children who yes needed blood transfusions, suddenly open their eyes. The next one would be about the children after they had grown up. Terrorizing the town, hunting each other. As a sort of survival of the fittest sort of way. As one dies the other two become more attuned with the spirit that is Michael, and when there is only one, well it walks back into town demonstrating that it had managed to master the various talents of the other two.

  57. Spitz

    Spitz9 ngày trước

    They weren't supposed to be siblings in the first movie.

  58. ASMRRosa Lilly

    ASMRRosa LillyTháng trước

    This should have so many likes

  59. David Stigberg

    David StigbergTháng trước

    I don't mean to be a pest but he said a theory about the 1st film on why Michael stalked Laurie 2:25-2:35 is what the narrator said. Not trying to cause a ruckus but there was something Loomis said that made total perfect sense and that "no reason, no conscience, no understanding in even the most rudimentary sense of life or death, of good or evil, right or wrong." Yes that can be applied to when he killed his sister but also it can be applied to with Laurie too. With what Loomis said and what John Carpenter said about Michael makes the best sense and the best theory I've heard. He's not human. He's a force of nature. Pure evil incarnate that cannot be reasoned with and doesn't understand whats right or wrong. I always liked that theory with the first one and the 2018 because that is what made Michael so terrifying in my opinion. The theory that the narrator said does make sense but doesn't sit with what John Carpenter and Dr. Loomis said about Michael. Still a good theory from the narrator.

  60. Jarid

    JaridTháng trước

    Paul Rudd was in clueless before Halloween

  61. Jaime Perez

    Jaime PerezTháng trước

    The only Halloween movies you aren't going to cover are the Rob Zombie ones but you choose to make the thumbnail a snapshot of his mask from one of the Rob Zombie movies. And yeah i know its the same mask. But there are subtle differences between the look of it and the old one.

  62. Noob Dingbot

    Noob DingbotTháng trước

    i bet his jumpsuit gives him power it looks lit

  63. Mingle Dingle

    Mingle DingleTháng trước

    Micheal Myers jumps on a tiny tricycle and just hauls ass after his victims

  64. Rafael Hernandez

    Rafael HernandezTháng trước

    Should have just killed him as a boy


    MERKIIN_U_ALLTháng trước

    Please do season of the witch in another video that id like to kbow what happened to the bad guy and all that good stuff

  66. Big Dussy

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    damn , i came here for the season of the witch

  67. Kawaii Onee-chan

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    I always laugh so hard at this scene 4:32. He just shoots him so fast

  68. Electric Cosmo

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    Nice stranger things shirt

  69. Izhar Lorenzo Cruz

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    is there any explanation about how he learn to drive a car?

  70. Salvadore Cruz

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    Part 2 in the best one

  71. Swishajay

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    I keep em going for the L-O

  72. P_Duyd

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    how to beat myers WALK can't slip over you're feat you're at a same pase as him. or just give not live in hattingfield

  73. P_Duyd

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    @Tom DaDon hattingfield*

  74. Tom DaDon

    Tom DaDon22 ngày trước


  75. Christopher Cruz

    Christopher CruzTháng trước

    There is more comments stealing for like in comment section below.

  76. Christopher Cruz

    Christopher CruzTháng trước

    I think it's a chef knife

  77. Mickelle Morgan

    Mickelle MorganTháng trước

    So are we ever going to find out what happened to John and Steven?

  78. Phoenix Rayne

    Phoenix RayneTháng trước

    I found Resurrection hilarious. Didn't hate it but clearly the worst.

  79. Phoenix Rayne

    Phoenix RayneTháng trước

    Wait... I didn't think Jamie and Steven were cut out in H20... I thought Laurie had 2 kids and in the end Mike had to kill John and Steven to complete his ritual. I'm still thinking that cause I like that idea in my head. It makes me happy cause Jamie is one of my favorite movie heroines.

  80. Spitz

    Spitz9 ngày trước

    H20 erased H4-H6 from continuity. I thought that was obvious. lol There is a specific set of lines that cracks (not outright breaks, but certainly puts a dent in) the connection between H20 and H4-H6. During the investigation of the murders that took place at the beginning of H20, there is a dialogue: White cop: "You don't think... Michael Myers..?" Black cop: "Never found his body." White cop: "Yeah, but that was like twenty years ago." Now, if H6 happened, it would have been roughly three years maximum. There is no way they would have not known about the significant tragedies that unveiled between the events of 4-6. No way. Michael also does not outright die in H6. In the P-Cut, he straight-up escapes, while Dr. Loomis is marked with the curse to be his destined caretaker/leader. In the T-Cut, Myers' mask is lying on the floor and we hear Loomis yell, either because he's shocked that Michael has escaped yet again, was attacked by Michael, but didn't die, or was killed by Michael. Given the epic bloodbath at the hospital, and the rather public corpse of the radio personality (among other dead bodies at the Strode/Myers house), the police would be far more likely to react with haste. They'd be on edge. If, however, only H1 and H2 happened in this movie's timeline, it's been twenty years since the last time anything bad happened and the more relaxed attitudes would be in line with what we see in H20.

  81. Savanna Arguelles

    Savanna ArguellesTháng trước

    24:51 Is room 237 a shout out to the shining? You know the cursed room where we have the terrifying and weird naked old lady scene which is also where that guy killed his wife and two daughters essentially setting up the entire plot to the movie? Did anyone else catch that? Can anyone confirm if the creators of halloween The curse of michael myers intentionally did this?

  82. Alexis Vazquez

    Alexis VazquezTháng trước

    Idk if its just me being from Chicago but him pronouncing the s in Illinois pisses me off😡

  83. Billy Bruner III

    Billy Bruner IIITháng trước

    I started the video and if you're referring to the first time he says it. There is a word that starts with "s" right after.

  84. Mr k

    Mr kTháng trước

    I am done with this franchise. More like a rubber band effect now.

  85. Julian Hernandez

    Julian HernandezTháng trước

    He knows all the good shortcuts

  86. Damaris Gyger

    Damaris GygerTháng trước

    I just love you

  87. xjaykoz

    xjaykozTháng trước

    when he was like "and the main heroine was gone" i was like "mmm, no she ain't!"

  88. Frankenseuss

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    Oxygen, the “explosive” gas... hahaha XD

  89. Ashley Finch

    Ashley Finch5 ngày trước

    Technically pure oxygen is explosive though I don’t know how realistic that scene was

  90. ajc brum

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    Halloween is a rip of black Christmas

  91. S B

    S B2 tháng trước

    *on several oxygen tanks* .... *shows lumis opening ethen tank*

  92. Dark Knight

    Dark Knight2 tháng trước

    It a kitchen knife

  93. Dec. gyrrl

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    He shot him 6 times, not 7 as u said. But I won't hold that against ya. My favs of the series, beside #1, were 2, 4 and H2o.