Halsey - Graveyard (Time-lapse)


  1. Vanessa Dawson

    Vanessa Dawson2 giờ trước

    She is an artist😊😊😊

  2. Jennifer&Khila stay good hearted

    Jennifer&Khila stay good hearted2 giờ trước

    Halsey: gonna sing song 2 Halsey NO I HELP

  3. Ansley Murphy

    Ansley Murphy8 giờ trước

    That is amazing

  4. Anthony Vargas

    Anthony Vargas9 giờ trước

    It sounds amazing in speed 1.25

  5. Christian Faßbender

    Christian Faßbender13 giờ trước

    sehr kreativ diese musik video finde ich echt sehr gut:)!

  6. His Heart Smile

    His Heart Smile20 giờ trước

    how didn't i realise before that the painting background is the bisexual flag...

  7. Zuzanna Rygzmska

    Zuzanna Rygzmska21 giờ trước

    I love your pateg halsey

  8. Venice Esteban

    Venice EstebanNgày trước

    Sana all

  9. Shae M

    Shae MNgày trước

    This is amazing! Someone here in comments land said that all this was talent, but talent doesn’t take you this far. Hard work does though. Great job.

  10. McMackle

    McMackleNgày trước

    anyone know if the painting is for sale??

  11. SonamyGamer4 Like-Ever

    SonamyGamer4 Like-EverNgày trước

    2:30 My fav part (This is just for me to replay because I like it, but people can use it -^-)

  12. Kelly Agyeman

    Kelly AgyemanNgày trước

    She out here drawing master pieces and I'm still drawing stick figures

  13. Emma Dewhurst

    Emma DewhurstNgày trước

    Is it just me who noticed she painted the pansexual pride flag in the hair???



    I love it song halsey

  15. Katsnkittins

    KatsnkittinsNgày trước

    God damn she an ARTÍST

  16. xVickyyx3

    xVickyyx3Ngày trước

    I love Halsey so much

  17. hector francisco velazquez fitch

    hector francisco velazquez fitchNgày trước

    nice :v

  18. S98Y KO9820J

    S98Y KO9820JNgày trước

    Wow halsey

  19. Yrene

    YreneNgày trước

    *Jungkook would love this*

  20. Juan Pablo Doña Adones

    Juan Pablo Doña AdonesNgày trước

    fea la wea penca, por mucha perspectiva que tiene se notan varios detalles, tanto show para un dibujo mal hecho? contraten una profesional de verdad

  21. FUN LIFE

    FUN LIFENgày trước


  22. Dany Guerrero

    Dany GuerreroNgày trước

    Lo que para nosotros le tomó tres minutos para ella le tomó horas

  23. Amal Borhot

    Amal BorhotNgày trước

    I started seeing the head at 15 secs

  24. aze pizza gimming

    aze pizza gimmingNgày trước

    2013: my dad 2017: lil peep 2018: xxxtentacion 2019: cameron boyce 2020: me pls 😓😓

  25. JustFallingApart ;-;

    JustFallingApart ;-;Ngày trước

    I don't know how or why, but Halsey made me feel body positive. And I also understand my sexuality better, thanks to her. 🏳️‍🌈

  26. RealJoshTv

    RealJoshTvNgày trước

    nobody: Comments: You will become a billionaire like to activate.

  27. Itz Aperson

    Itz Aperson19 giờ trước

    i wish

  28. Bryan Galvez

    Bryan GalvezNgày trước

    Ilove bts❤❤❤❤❤😘😘😍😍😍😍😍👄👄👄👄😯

  29. YouTube Kullanıcısı

    YouTube KullanıcısıNgày trước

    Wait i always hear that song so is that hayley's song now i love more that

  30. Sub Rosa

    Sub RosaNgày trước

    halsey = queen

  31. Luna Akari

    Luna AkariNgày trước

    The colors in her hair are the colors of the pansexual flag

  32. I feel so vintage

    I feel so vintageNgày trước

    Halsey in Hawaii

  33. Gahana Nagireddy

    Gahana NagireddyNgày trước

    this is amazing halsey, youre so talented omgg

  34. TheReal Nesh Mhumble

    TheReal Nesh MhumbleNgày trước

    I prefer listening to Halsey than looking at her, i look into the heart

  35. Om Shakya

    Om ShakyaNgày trước

    Today i listen that song its very nice and i like it very much that singer and as well as song

  36. Whitewalker 2001

    Whitewalker 2001Ngày trước

    Nice Picture!!!

  37. Kostyfoq

    KostyfoqNgày trước


  38. melissa santonastaso

    melissa santonastasoNgày trước

    Her hair😍 LGBT(?)

  39. Emerson Schneider

    Emerson SchneiderNgày trước


  40. yeetus fleetus

    yeetus fleetusNgày trước

    Such a cool idea for a music video 🔥

  41. Salma Rahmy

    Salma RahmyNgày trước

    Wow (・ัω・ั)◉‿◉

  42. Semir Zekjiri

    Semir ZekjiriNgày trước

    Gays won XD the ships was the best part

  43. mckaronie

    mckaronieNgày trước

    i dont understand how someone could be so damn talented

  44. pragathi k

    pragathi kNgày trước

    who else skipped to last just to see that picture

  45. Jhonnatan lipa

    Jhonnatan lipaNgày trước


  46. Maria Matthews

    Maria MatthewsNgày trước

    What an amazing woman.... fabulous to be able to appreciate your talent, Halsey xxx

  47. Music Lover

    Music LoverNgày trước

    *Halsey teach me your drawing skills*

  48. XxxLolina FushionxxX

    XxxLolina FushionxxXNgày trước

    That looked liked great fun and it came out so perfect

  49. Ivana Zivotic

    Ivana ZivoticNgày trước

    ARTIST-one word that describes Ashley perfectly

  50. STICKYArt Channel

    STICKYArt ChannelNgày trước

    This song speaks to me! I’m trying to make it as a professional artist! You are an inspiration!

  51. J-HOPE's JAM

    J-HOPE's JAMNgày trước

    Halsey a singer,song writer, she made her songs and also a painter... Such a talented angel😍

  52. nathalhices

    nathalhicesNgày trước

    Wooooowowowow does she painta????? I loved that

  53. kazi sari han sapura

    kazi sari han sapuraNgày trước

    Is woman drawing halsey???

  54. Anita Rai

    Anita RaiNgày trước

    She can paint? Now tell me what she can not do!!!!!

  55. Sid M

    Sid M2 ngày trước

    Looks like a painting of a human head that got paint dumped on it. Would explain the blue eye (instead of a black eye?) and the odd hair.

  56. fenandobshwuan ferreira

    fenandobshwuan ferreira2 ngày trước

    Graveyard = free fire map

  57. Denki Kaminari

    Denki Kaminari2 ngày trước

    One question, why does this video have dislikes?

  58. Carrie DeLane

    Carrie DeLane2 ngày trước

    anyone else realize the background is the bisexual pride flag? (bg of the painting)

  59. Trina Logan

    Trina Logan2 ngày trước

    This is my joint!

  60. TOASTY BOi

    TOASTY BOi2 ngày trước

    Producers: So Halsey tell us....what are some of your talents? Halsey: You name it.

  61. Stephy Bernard

    Stephy Bernard2 ngày trước

    Is there anything this woman can´t do? OMG