Helping the Police Find a Gun Underwater to Solve a Criminal Case! (Metal Detecting Underwater)



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    Drop a thumbs up if you guys want us to team back up with the Columbus, GA Detective Unit on future videos! This was awesome!! haha (Wow! This video is currently #3 Trending on VIreporter. This is crazy!! Thanks guys!)

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    DALLMYD did you guys go back? Did you find the weapon/gun??👀👀

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    Damn, someone remind me to NEVER go swimming in Bibb pond in Columbus Georgia. I might get lockjaw, athletes foot, and lead poisoning all at the same time..............HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

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    Keep supporting the law enforcement! There are not many people with our skills so your expertise is definitely needed and appreciated!

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    Happy 6 million subs. I'm one of them

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    Where dah gun??!!!

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    Did u check under the bridge

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    Lesson for today, don't throw trash, especially BATTERIES into our lakes. It is so bad for the environment.

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    I’d throw the rifle in and then come back later to throw everyone off.

  10. Jerad Buckley

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    Be safe out there I stayed on the south side of Columbus for a while, its gotta be dangerous to keep on turning in weapons possibly linked to murders. Them boys dont play out there. Videos are dope subscribed.

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    Who's lookingv through the comments to see if they found it? XD

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    Why is the logo covered up on the PFD? 1/3 guys didn't get the message lol

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    It is cool the way you find the guns and give them to the cops because most people would keep it.

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    Detective made up that story, she just wanted to hit on you.

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    I Love how some People just can't understand that theres this good People in this world, i mean, some little hate that he gets, but dude, he is a good person, and some people just.. I ques, dont get it Edit: i just sound like a dumb White girl, what i am... XD

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    Did you find it yet?

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    Did you find what yet.

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    WhOs WatChInG IN 1945?

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    DaNiKzz me

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    DaNiKzz I am lol!

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    whos watching in 2019

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    You'll shoot your eye out

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    mini kitty I think its called Christmas Story...maybe

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    Christmas carol reference?

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    My name is Brandon too.

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    idiot throwing a car battery into a body of water... glad these guys found it

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    Please disslile my video

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    What type of metal detector do you use?

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    why do i find this so relaxing? like his voice is so nice to listen to...

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    Yeah it's nice


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    6:17 that is a glock barrel

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    kintoni cats it’s a top on a staperler you prob already knew dat doe

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    kintoni cats its not a glock barrel

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    +Corey Faehrmann wat

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    +Fire Pheonix X90 wot

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    They could’ve just taken a large rock and thrown it off the bridge to trick the person running after them

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    Jiggin with Jordan faund that gun

  43. Kameron hoveys new and awesome crafting /rc channel

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    I found that gun already and threw it away

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    Pics or it didn't happen

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    Kameron hoveys new and awesome crafting /rc channel don’t shoot me

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    your not only finding a weapon you are also cleaning the pond or a lake

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    lol i just realized that this was posted 3 days after my b-day

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    That was a sketchy milk jug

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    You guys have inspired me to take my first step into getting certified. Hope to see you on the water one day!

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    Found a stapler. BEST TIME YET!

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    10:47 it’s a part of a door of a car

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    9:08 “best find yet” 👍🏻 🐄

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    Yes it is

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    6:17 that looks like the TOP casing of a real gun (flock,or colt 45)

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    Came here to see if anyone else thought this too

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    did you find it

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    Police suker

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    J J you mean Merguez69 Chipo

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    No more tortillas Pedro

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    Right on for cleaning up as you search man.

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    That is the back of a radio

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    A oversiszed one

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    Can you guys make more videos like this when you find cool things I hope you guys can help the polices find the gun that they need to use. Please make more videos.

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    Who else was just like....ohhh did he find it nope...wait..nope

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    I do not get it first you find a gun and then the cops ask you guys to find a gun for a case but you never find it

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    Can you do more videos I watched all of them

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    Superhero BIG BOY helping the police you just keep doing superhero stuff there BIG BOY Keep up the good work don't give up you can do it!

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    He need some milk!

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    I love watching y’all swim.

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    Good job guys!

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    That is a dandy little metal detector. What is the brand?

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    MetDet NC agreed

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    that is so cool!!! i actually live in columbus ga!!

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    Nah you're lying

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    I was born in columbus georgia

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    the top of a fish tank

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    I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Fiji🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯

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    I love your videos 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉

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    the probably found it and they all like i didnt see nothing i aint no snitch

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    No idiot

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    That plastic thing is the back of a Boombox (portable stereo/radio)

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    Surprise you guys don't also use those magnets that Magnet fisherman use.

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    A GUN

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    Oh hah! I just wrote that you guys should have used a metal detector on Brandon's video. Well all righty then. Never mind. :) It was really cool you got to do this for the police. Maybe now Officer Dawson will leave you guys the hell ALONE. haha

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    The gun looks like a Rifle or a Pistol

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    I used to dive my self. It's crazy how much junk people trow into lakes, ponds, swimming areas. I noticed u found a car battery. That's crazy.

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    Только не оружие и прах=)

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    Привет Джейкаб мне очень нравится твой канал=) Смотрю с удовольствием. Сможешь прислать что нибудь из находок на память: например пробку или блесну или то что сам решишь нужным.

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    that is a pelet gun

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    It look like a the back of a boom box

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    Home depot with a licour store.

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    7:24 his teeth are brighter than my future

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    What y'all called a piece of a A/C unit lookalike a cover to an Atari video game set.

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    Good job guys !!!

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