Hi Sisters


  1. Nikola 2008

    Nikola 200833 phút trước

    James could make some makeup challanges next!

  2. Ally Campbell

    Ally Campbell33 phút trước

    This video is so good 😊

  3. Macy Johnston

    Macy Johnston33 phút trước

    Got the palate for my birthday on the 16th of June morphy brushes and your hoody xx

  4. Aaleen Ahmed

    Aaleen Ahmed33 phút trước

    Love this jamesss

  5. Pranto Munna

    Pranto Munna34 phút trước


  6. Paris Lovers

    Paris Lovers34 phút trước

    Omg finally I miss you James

  7. aidyn flynn

    aidyn flynn34 phút trước

    YAY HE’s back

  8. Sana HASHIMI

    Sana HASHIMI34 phút trước

    finallyyyyyyyyy! you're back !!!!!!!!!!

  9. Gwn fay

    Gwn fay34 phút trước


  10. Manuel Moreno

    Manuel Moreno34 phút trước

    So happy yourback missed u so much and your makeup looks and good that u let nun take u down u come back up and happy and clean from drama"This is my dads account but still i love u"💞

  11. INFINT

    INFINT34 phút trước

    Додик ну нах ваши тренды

  12. Sarah dolley

    Sarah dolley34 phút trước

    I love you James your the best when I’m sad I watch your videos all the time

  13. Haley Anne Burch

    Haley Anne Burch34 phút trước


  14. Nazlim Tesfaye

    Nazlim Tesfaye35 phút trước

    I love u

  15. ZigZagger 107

    ZigZagger 10735 phút trước

    pApErClIp earring- I can't-

  16. Irina Zeiser

    Irina Zeiser35 phút trước

    Ist hier ein deutscher außer ich

  17. Potato Playz

    Potato Playz35 phút trước

    I love how James already says that his look turns out amazing when he hasn’t even rlly started yet😂😂 2:36 Great self confidence

  18. BradoO

    BradoO35 phút trước

    Nobody: James Charles: hIIiiIiiIiI SiSTeRS!!!!

  19. Tiara (Lexi) Gabourel

    Tiara (Lexi) Gabourel35 phút trước

    Don’t worry your NOT OLD!

  20. Tiara (Lexi) Gabourel

    Tiara (Lexi) Gabourel35 phút trước

    Happy Belated Birthday James! 🎁 🎂

  21. Mobile Gaming

    Mobile Gaming36 phút trước

    Oh God😒 you came back on VIreporter


    PAOLO SUICO36 phút trước

    i love you james

  23. Lillie Rose

    Lillie Rose36 phút trước

    6:00 who else hears it

  24. Ada Sofie Sørensen

    Ada Sofie Sørensen36 phút trước

    Haha you're not getting old😂 20 is the best age to be😘😘😘

  25. Подборки Вайнов

    Подборки Вайнов36 phút trước

    Стоп, что я тут делаю?

  26. 1TaPz

    1TaPz36 phút trước

    Nigga shouldve died rather then X

  27. Juste Youssra

    Juste Youssra37 phút trước

    Tu parles trop vite je comprends rien 😂 ou sinon j’adore ton makeup comme dab 😍

  28. Milagros Essentials

    Milagros Essentials37 phút trước

    #1 on Trending 👍 PS: small beauty channel here!! (eye swatches - tutorials)

  29. Clara Wall

    Clara Wall38 phút trước

    did anyone else see the engagement ring on his hand

  30. nadine nona

    nadine nona39 phút trước

    We love you James ❤️❤️

  31. 10000 subscribers with a videos

    10000 subscribers with a videos39 phút trước

    Taylor Swift:OMG #1 on trending James Charles:Hold my makeup

  32. Lyes et Layna Fartas

    Lyes et Layna Fartas39 phút trước

    James isBACKKKKK

  33. Nasim Rai

    Nasim Rai40 phút trước

    Omg u are an artist.....love it so much wanna try....

  34. Emily Skerritt

    Emily Skerritt40 phút trước


  35. Dolan Fam

    Dolan Fam40 phút trước

    The Kween is back😭😭🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😁😁😁

  36. 10k with vids challenge

    10k with vids challenge40 phút trước

    This is jerry 🐢 he loves the ☕️ keep him at the top so he can hear it.

  37. opblock

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  38. Felix

    Felix40 phút trước

    welcome back, darling

  39. tadds

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  40. It’s the KPOP LIFE

    It’s the KPOP LIFE40 phút trước


  41. Taylor Knapp

    Taylor Knapp40 phút trước

    Lmao stole #1 from tswift

  42. Rosanna Pansino

    Rosanna Pansino41 phút trước

    Guess who´s back, back again, Sister´s back, tell a freind... Guess who´s back,Guess who´s back,Guess who´s back...

  43. Manoo Chashmish

    Manoo Chashmish41 phút trước


  44. FastMonkey - Music & Gaming

    FastMonkey - Music & Gaming41 phút trước

    6:53 The Girl: You have got to be joking thanos

  45. 43pence

    43pence41 phút trước

    Welcome back beautiful x

  46. 9 year old

    9 year old42 phút trước


  47. ImExpyGeming

    ImExpyGeming42 phút trước

    Hi Brofist 😂

  48. Святослав Лавс

    Святослав Лавс42 phút trước

    Wtf is this?

  49. ThisisAva

    ThisisAva42 phút trước

    Hi Sister!

  50. Alex Eldridge

    Alex Eldridge42 phút trước

    i love you James, but i feel like the eyelashes hide all the beauty behind xx

  51. Iqra Abuji

    Iqra Abuji42 phút trước


  52. Rebecca Staats

    Rebecca Staats42 phút trước

    I missed your Eeeeeeeee! Glad to see you again. I hope your family is well. 😻🌈❤️💗

  53. kryssie

    kryssie43 phút trước

    I love you james!!

  54. Jess D

    Jess D44 phút trước

    taylor: Number one trending james: hold my scancals sis

  55. Natalie and Friends

    Natalie and Friends44 phút trước

    Still bye EX Sister 💔💔

  56. no one

    no one44 phút trước

    james is prettier than the girls at my school

  57. Santa Martinez

    Santa Martinez44 phút trước

    I just turned 21 yesterday so tbh 😭😭😭😭

  58. sandra elliott

    sandra elliott44 phút trước

    Welcome back you have been missed!

  59. That blue Boy

    That blue Boy45 phút trước

    Who else is glad James is back! 👇🏻

  60. Kitten Is trash lol

    Kitten Is trash lol43 phút trước

    That blue Boy no

  61. L K

    L K45 phút trước

    is it just me or am i noticing abit of a moustache there....a nice touch sister

  62. XxTheArt& BTS SistersxX

    XxTheArt& BTS SistersxX46 phút trước

    Taylor swift: omg I’m no.1 on the charts? James Charles: hold my pinkity drinkity

  63. Taebeoki

    Taebeoki46 phút trước

    miss you sis 😭❤

  64. Bri Fox

    Bri Fox46 phút trước

    I miss you

  65. Neonbluerocks 14

    Neonbluerocks 1446 phút trước

    yayz we misss u

  66. Salehah Afzal

    Salehah Afzal46 phút trước

    Taylor Swift : YeS OmG I’m On TrEnDiNg James Charles: *where is my camera*

  67. Kylie TeKani

    Kylie TeKani46 phút trước

    Yay!!! I’m excited to see you again 😊😊.

  68. Hudan LoveMayflower

    Hudan LoveMayflower46 phút trước

    Wow i came when its 7 min ago and its alr have 3.2mill views

  69. Tanishqa Robinson

    Tanishqa Robinson46 phút trước

    Yay the old James is back😊😊😊

  70. Jorja Damen

    Jorja Damen46 phút trước

    Every comment- James Charles: #1 trending Taylor Swift: You need to come down. Me: I really don’t care.

  71. CFAS_Zoe Abela

    CFAS_Zoe Abela46 phút trước

    Yayyyyyy your posting again 😁😁😁😁 If you see this how do you do your intro thing ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❤️🧡💛💚💙💜 -Zoe Xx

  72. Natasha Walker

    Natasha Walker46 phút trước

    I also hate to shave, James.

  73. Mariel Aparra

    Mariel Aparra47 phút trước

    i didn’t notice he was gone in the first place-

  74. Dark Miracle

    Dark Miracle47 phút trước

    Although I have First Certificate, I'm from Poland and sometimes I don't understand what you say, but I have to admit that it's sooo cute

  75. Hunter Holbrook

    Hunter Holbrook47 phút trước

    So we really just letting him back with open arms huh? Y’all wild lmao

  76. Caitlyn Minnaar

    Caitlyn Minnaar47 phút trước

    Omgosh I’ve missed you sooooo much well done for getting through everything us sisters that stuck by you this whole time want you to know that we appreciate you glad to have you back sis ❤️

  77. I AM ADAM

    I AM ADAM47 phút trước


  78. Liza Kisa_TV

    Liza Kisa_TV47 phút trước

    Лайк если нравиться это видео Ну а теперь го ко мне на канал ?

  79. Marija Boskovska

    Marija Boskovska47 phút trước

    Jameess your trending #1 in Macedonia 🇲🇰 I’m so happy your back I’m sorry I’m late but yes i still watch your old vids since I missed you ilysmmm idol 🤩

  80. Omid Afrooz

    Omid Afrooz47 phút trước

    All of jews and satanism work for trying change the gender of people ...they are satan and satan dont know how they work

  81. Lotta

    Lotta39 phút trước

    and whats the harm?

  82. Lola Miller

    Lola Miller48 phút trước

    welcome back.

  83. Lil broomstickOG

    Lil broomstickOG48 phút trước

    Y is he back at 15 mill?

  84. Millie McCarthy

    Millie McCarthy48 phút trước

    Turned 20 3 days ago I feel you sis 👵🏻

  85. Grace Lee

    Grace Lee48 phút trước

    “Just gonna grab a little bit more” or “just gonna grab a little bit of the....” are the most common sentences in this video.

  86. Kira Anastasia Andersen

    Kira Anastasia Andersen48 phút trước

    He put on a little good weight which makes him glowww, looking good James!!

  87. Anoobis

    Anoobis48 phút trước


  88. Elizabeth Raymond

    Elizabeth Raymond48 phút trước

    Am I still a sister..... HELL YASSS🥰🥰

  89. reuna sherika

    reuna sherika49 phút trước

    OMG..!! im happy your came back charles..💖💖

  90. Giulia Cassar

    Giulia Cassar49 phút trước

    love this

  91. Demon Asta

    Demon Asta49 phút trước

    James Charles:Hi Sisters Me:Bye Sisters

  92. Ashley arita

    Ashley arita50 phút trước

    # chappped lips

  93. X.yeyos.X Kkk

    X.yeyos.X Kkk50 phút trước

    Faggit Like if you agree

  94. Zatrix 11

    Zatrix 1150 phút trước

    I'm sorry for your parents

  95. Casual _ Isaiah

    Casual _ Isaiah50 phút trước

    Came too dislike

  96. Tay Tay

    Tay Tay50 phút trước

    Welcome back love ❤️

  97. Patricia O'Malley

    Patricia O'Malley50 phút trước

    YESS KITTY GURL IS BACK❤️🙌🏻 Great to know your having a great time without the drama 😊😌🙌🏻💕

  98. India Trooster

    India Trooster51 phút trước

    Where is the sister squad?? 😊😊 Like if you mis the sister squad ❤️❤️🥰💕

  99. Rhiannon Eastick

    Rhiannon Eastick51 phút trước

    James Charles: TRENDING #1 Taylor Swift: *hold my red lipstick*

  100. Spc Doley

    Spc Doley51 phút trước

    I went kn my brothers acc and tablet to watch this and say once a sister always a SiStEr💗💗💗😍

  101. CVCC

    CVCC52 phút trước

    Beautiful look! So clever 🔥

  102. dragonrider

    dragonrider52 phút trước

    Shut up fraget